dummkaufOk, I just downloaded the latest version of mythbuntu and am installing it on my media PC with an Nvidia GEFORCE 7300 video card.  I have had previous versions of mythbuntu working on this same hardware, but as soon as the installer loads, it shows everything but it just keeps scrolling by on the TV.00:47
dummkaufIs there a text based installer that would atleast get me to a command prompt where I could load the proprietary nvidia driver?00:48
dummkaufalso, the connection out to the TV is over the S-video cable00:48
dummkaufany help would be greatly appreciated00:48
Shadow__Xdummkauf: did you try another connection maybe vga or dvi01:42
dummkaufShadow_X:  not yet, will be lugging the box downstairs to a monitor in a bit.  I'm just a bit baffled as every version prior to 10 I've done the whole install and setup on this box over s-video01:56
Shadow__Xmaybe the drivers for the 7300 have been moved to legacy and its causing issues? i really dont know01:57
dummkaufhmmm.....if I were to load an older version and then upgrade with the update manager, that wouldn't replace the working driver would it?02:00
dummkaufpretty sure I still have some old CD's around here somewhere02:00
Shadow__Xtry connecting it to a monitor first02:01
dummkaufwill do02:01
baalsgatehello anyone alive here?09:38
baalsgate!help debug mythtv-setup09:39
Zinn!help debug mythtv-setup For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].09:40
baalsgatei am having a problem with mythtv-setup after upgrading to the lattest mythtv and ubuntu distro , the database is working have read 500 million web pages with no luck , just will not go into the setup the dialog box opens says a few things and closes then asks to run mythfilldatabase09:42
baalsgateI have reset the mythtv mysql password and still no luck , not sure what is causing it to bom out but is there any way to stop that dialog box from closing as it seems to havedebugging info in it09:44
baalsgateis there any point to looking for support in this channel ?10:39
baalsgateany info available on why I might be having an error in frontend like "Failed to query buttonlist state: selectactive "10:58
rileyplirc does not respond to irexec commands until after I close mythtv14:16
rileypIt works sometimes but not always14:16
baalsgateanyone seen  "Failed to query buttonlist state: selectactive "14:27
baalsgatethis is a great resource for wasting time14:31
rileyplirc does not respond to irexec commands until after I close mythtv14:52
tgm4883baalsgate, snide remarks won't get you far. You ask questions at 2:00 AM and expect answers right away? I doubt that will happen14:57
tgm4883you might try the forums as well14:57
baalsgatei asked a question 6hrs ago14:57
tgm4883yea, 6 hours ago was 1:00 AM for me14:58
rileypits midnight in au ;D14:58
baalsgate2am is subjective ??? its just midnight here in australia14:58
rileypgetting sleepy14:59
tgm4883rileyp, baalsgate as much as I try not to sound like the internet revolves around the US, a majority of the users here are from the US14:59
baalsgateyes very14:59
rileyptgm I agree14:59
tgm4883I suggest you go to the forums and ask there. There are more people on the forums and you don't have to wait around for an answer14:59
tgm4883baalsgate, as for your error, I haven't seen it, but what theme are you using?15:00
tgm4883that looks like a theme error15:00
tgm4883I'd try another theme perhaps15:00
tgm4883anyway, off to work15:00
baalsgatei have changed to different themes still get same problem15:01
baalsgateanyways im off too sleep i will try a forum thanks15:01
tracy69hi i want to ask what usb satellite card i could buy in pc world uk that willl work in ubuntu ?17:21
piper69howdy folks22:10
piper69can someone please take a look at my logs and tell me what is wrong...my mythbuntu keep freezing randomly http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/sRYrJdny22:10
qwebirc14869anyone can point me to a wiki for mythbuntu with ccam client please  ..22:53
tgm4883you ask about a forbidden topic23:03
tgm4883and wait 4 minutes before leaving23:03
tgm4883obviously you have standards23:03
zuixroHey I just installed a kernel update, and Mythbuntu is taking 15 minutes to reboot. Has anyone else had this problem?23:24
tgm4883zuixro, I haven't seen that happen23:25
tgm4883you just did that today?23:25
tgm4883Is it scanning the disk perhsps23:25
zuixroI dunno, I'm about to just do a hard shutdown.23:26
zuixroMythbackend crashed, and I couldn't get it to come back, so I rebooted, and it's just been spinning in the loading screen for 15 minutes23:26
zuixroOk, I powered off, powered back on and it came up immediately, must have just been a fluke or something.23:31

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