akgranerit's time - :-)00:00
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 23:00. The chair is akgraner.00:00
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akgranerwho is here for the ubuntu-news meeting?00:00
holsteinhey akgraner :)00:01
akgranerhey holstein00:01
akgranerThe agenda can be found on this page  - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Meetings00:01
akgranerhowever this is just a very informal meeting00:01
akgraneranyone else here for the meeting???00:02
holsteinzkriesse just joined00:02
holsteininternalkernel too00:02
akgranerhighvoltage, internalkernel nigelb Pendulum pleia2 scott_ev any of you all around for the meeting00:03
akgranerholstein, hmmm looks like it's just us :-)00:04
akgranerSo as promised short sweet and to the point -00:04
akgraner[Topic] - The Fridge00:04
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - The Fridge00:04
akgranerthe new Fridge is in the final stages of development and almost ready to send to the editors to try out and give opinions on etc00:05
akgranerpopey is working on migrating the old Fridge data00:05
internalkernelakgraner: Im here, Im just really sick... so I'll log it...00:05
holsteininternalkernel: :/00:05
internalkerneland look over after...00:05
akgranerinternalkernel, I hope you feel better soon!00:06
internalkernelyou and me both... thanks00:06
akgraneryou're health is more important!00:06
akgranerso we are in the home stretch with the Fridge00:06
holsteinim not sure about the fridge akgraner , but you know where i am if i can do anything :)00:07
akgranerthanks to pleia2 nhandler nick ali newz elky and popey and of course stas (if I left someone out sorry)00:07
akgranerholstein, oh I will when the time comes :-)00:07
akgraner[Topic] - UWN00:08
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - UWN00:08
akgranerI am not publishing UWN on Mondays00:08
holsteinfine with me00:08
holsteinwhen will it publish?00:08
akgranercrap I mean I am now publishing on Mondays00:09
akgranerNOT Sundays00:09
holsteinAH, gotcha00:09
holsteinyeah, that seems to work better anyways00:09
holsteingives all the other folk the full weekend to finish up00:09
akgranerEveryone who as expressed interest in various sections of UWN should have gotten an email with all the links to the working docs and dates everything needs to be ready00:10
akgranerholstein, yes but we need it done before Monday still b/c no one wants to be working on it all day Monday  - most of all me :-)00:10
holsteini hear you00:11
* holstein starred that email so it can be found easily00:11
akgranerso if looks like your section won't be done before Monday just give me a heads up so I can plan my Mondays00:11
akgranerIssue 209 has a lot added already - please take a look at your sections and see what is left todo please00:12
akgranernhandler, will do the team reports on Sundays, but all team reports need to be in by Saturday - so I don't expect to see the Team reports before noon on Sunday00:12
holsteinand the ietherpad has been movedd to http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN00:13
holstein** for the logs00:13
akgraneryep :-)00:13
akgranerthanks for adding that00:13
akgranerHere is the link for 209 as it is right now - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue20900:13
akgranerI've been spending about 2 hours daily reading through RSS feeds and adding things as I see them00:14
akgranerall information as of noon today has been added to the wiki from all the working docs00:14
akgranerDoes anyone have questions about UWN?00:15
holsteinso thats where the summarizations occur now-a-days then00:15
akgranernope that's just where I put them - you can put yours where ever you are most comfortable00:17
akgranerI just ask if you are going to add them directly to the wiki that it is done before date of publication if not by then I'll move them over for you so I can avoid edit conflicts00:17
akgraneras I am in and out of the wiki a million times on publication days00:18
holsteini think we should all be out of there anyways by monday00:18
holsteinlike you said00:18
holsteinunless you need something done00:18
akgranerwell just wanted everyone to know why I asked for people to do it that way00:19
akgranerany other questions about UWN?00:19
akgranerI think everyone is doing an awesome job and I appreciate every contribution from everyone!!!00:20
akgranerI would lose my mind if you all weren't so terrific!00:20
akgranerso thanks!00:20
akgraneranything else from anyone?00:21
* holstein is good00:21
akgraner[Topic] - Other00:22
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - Other00:22
* holstein thanks everyone for their efforts too :)00:22
akgranerWiki pages - once the new fridge is in place  - the wikis will need some updating00:22
akgranerzkriesse, has volunteered to help as well00:22
akgranerand chan has been helping update the wikis as well00:23
holsteinif thats something i can help with, again, let me know00:23
akgranerso thanks to everyone who is helping with those - it's not always exciting to work on wikis but if we get them organized correctly people will use them more :-)00:23
* holstein is getting better at the wiki fu00:24
akgranerholstein, thank you - remember when you get a todo list as long as your are to help with wikis you asked for it00:24
akgraneranything else?00:24
holsteinas long as its not an urgent list, and i can handle it, count me in :)00:25
akgranerholstein, great!00:25
akgranerif there is nothing else from anyone then00:25
akgraner[topic] - next meeting00:25
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  - next meeting00:25
akgranerOctober 7th, 2010 - 2300 UTC00:26
holsteini heard a shout out for help on the ubuntu UK podcast00:26
holsteinthat was great00:26
holsteina call for volunteers00:26
holsteinthanks for that00:27
akgranerUbuntu UK Podcast is awesome! - popey ^^^00:27
akgranerThanks for that Popey!!!00:27
akgranerand Daviey00:27
akgraneranything else???00:27
akgranernope - thanks again :-)00:28
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 23:28.00:28
akgranerOnce I get the beta announcement added to the Fridge I'll get the meeting info out to the list00:28
zkriesse_I did not just miss the meeting did I?!?!?00:32
* highvoltage should really take better note of meeting times00:45
highvoltage(and also what day of the week it is currently)00:45
nhandlerAh, you beat me to the beta akgraner (/me just got home)01:35
akgranernhandler, I found some broken links01:36
akgranerso I am verifying all the mirror links right quick01:36
akgranerdo you want to look over it and finish publishing it?01:37
nhandlerakgraner: I could. What links were broken?01:39
akgranermaking a list now - so far I have found 4 of them01:40
akgranerone was just listed as 10.00 instead of 10.10 and I fixed that one on the announcement on the Fridge01:40
akgranernhandler, ok there seems to be way more than 4 :-/01:49
akgranerStill going through them01:50
akgranernhandler,  there are some of the links that aren't showing up as hotlinks and I can't figure out why the <a href=" ... all looks right to me :-/02:03
akgranerhmm he's not around - pleia2 ping are you around?02:03
pleia2akgraner: yep, looking now02:05
zkriesseakgraner: what did I volunteer for?02:06
akgranerzkriesse, wikis :-)02:06
akgranerpleia2, thanks02:07
zkriesseakgraner: ah ok...02:07
akgranerpleia2, 2 are in the Europe list and the ones in North America02:07
pleia2akgraner: want me to fix?02:07
akgraneryes please02:07
pleia2I see the problems, but probably eaiser for me to just fix02:07
pleia2k :)02:08
akgranercan you tell me how I broke them once you fix them ?02:08
akgranerpleia2, there are 10 mirrors that aren't working02:08
akgranerI asked in -release who I need to tell but no one has responded02:09
akgranerI fixed 2 of them02:09
pleia2the Iceland tag wasn't closed so it ate the Ireland one, and in Americas it was a=href instead of a href=02:09
pleia2saved, look now?02:09
akgranerbut I am linking I should pull the ones that are broken02:09
akgranerahhh ok02:09
akgranerI looked at it a million times it seems and never saw those errors02:10
pleia2oops, one more americas one I missed02:10
pleia2they do kinda blur together after staring at them :)02:10
pleia2ok, fixed the last one02:10
akgranerThank you?02:10
akgranerWhat do you think about pulling the mirrors that aren't working from the list - I tried to ping various people about it but I think they have all gone for the day02:11
akgranerI'm talking to rick spencer about it now02:13
nhandlerakgraner: My guess is they just haven't populated yet02:17
nhandlerI would leave them (they will probably be up within the next day)02:18
nhandlerI'll poke jpds about it (he is usually pretty up-to-date about how the mirror work)02:18
akgranerI got Rick now - it says not found when I try the links02:18
nhandlerakgraner: Yeah, because the mirrors haven't updated yet.02:19
akgranernhandler, sure on some but not the ones listed as .00 or .0402:20
akgranerI fixed those02:20
akgranerI'll leave them :-)02:21
akgranernhandler, I didn't publish it yet  - you want to go ahead and do that?02:25
akgranerpleia2, fixed the links02:25
nhandlerakgraner: Let me look now02:28
nhandlerakgraner: Which one am I reviewing? I see 2 in the queue02:28
nhandlerlol, looks like I was pretty spot on with my guesses (based on -release)02:29
akgranerone sec yeah the window closed on me before I submitted it02:29
akgranerand I couldn't get it back I didn't know it saved it02:30
akgranernhandler, http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/212302:30
akgranernhandler, yeppers you were02:30
akgranerare you doing the  - "Bam! I was right" dance now :-P02:31
nhandlerakgraner: Nope. I'm doing the I-procrastinated-and-need-to-write-an-essay-the-night-before-it-is-due dance ;)02:32
akgranerrut roh02:33
nhandlerakgraner: My only comment is that you /could/ replace the *s with a <ul> and <li>'s (but not necessary)02:34
akgranerI thought about it but when I got through with all the mirrors  I was like ugh02:35
akgranerI need to just created me a template like I did with the bug days and UWN posts02:36
nhandlerakgraner: Yeah, I know what you mean. The trick is to utilize Find and Replace for that one section to replace the *s with <li> tags and then manually add teh <ul> and </ul> tags02:36
akgraneror have you already go one02:36
nhandlerakgraner: Nope. I just go by the email (since the info and mirrors change)02:36
akgranerI was just thinking for the headers and the start of the mirrors list02:37
akgranerbut anywho02:38
akgranerI have to finish my talk for OLF slides are due to them tomorrow and you have a paper to write  - did you publish or do you want me to?02:39
nhandlerakgraner: Let me quickly do a find/replace on the list and I'll publish02:39
akgranernhandler, thanks!02:39
nhandlerakgraner: Published02:51
akgraner:-) thanks!02:51
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