MTecknologynewz2000: You care if I assign a bug to you?16:01
MTecknologyI'll do it and you can yell at me otherwise - it's just a bug marked critical - so no release unless it's marked fixed - only licensing stuff16:05
MTecknologystas: hi23:04
stasMTecknology: ping23:04
MTecknologyhow's it going?23:05
stasnow a bit busy23:06
stasbut i starting with next week I will start coding some awesome stuff :)23:06
stasMTecknology: what about you? :)23:06
MTecknologypretty swamped - starting classes again23:07
MTecknologyoverall good though23:07
stasyeah, same here in about half month23:08
stasprobably will get ubuntu.ro moved to wp until then :)23:09
stashope so23:09
stas_sorry i have to use my neighbours wifi untill my isp comes, and it sucks23:17

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