hikuundecim: yeah the ide controller is there, but no drive is detected00:00
undecimhiku: yup... I suspect is it either the drive or the mobo... There is almost 0 chance that it's anything else00:00
hikuundecim: yeah... live and learn =)00:01
quidnuncIs anyone here an expert in LVM that can hold my hand a bit while I try to add a partition to my LVM volgroup?00:01
undecimhiku: heh... it's a Dell... No wonder XD00:01
undecimhiku: Still odd that GRUB comes up though...00:02
hikuundecim: true. I have no clue why00:02
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claydhow do i see all users on a system?00:03
undecimhiku: Though if it was Grub that finally made it kick the bucket...00:03
hikuundecim: I'm thinking the drive spins up, but the interface is having issues00:04
voronadoclayd: a list of all users, or a list of connected users?00:04
claydall users please00:04
undecimhiku: That could very well be it.00:04
voronadoyou can either look at the /etc/passwd or you can ls the user directory.  either would suffice00:05
hikuvoronado: ls in /home won't tell you how many people are logged in. use "who"00:06
claydcan someone help me interpit something.  http://www.sugarcrm.com/wiki/index.php?title=Required_file_system_permissions_on_Linux00:07
jribclayd: ask your actual question00:07
claydI am trying to understand what the "apache user" is00:07
claydi am trying to set file permission and I think i am running into an issue were the files are not owned by the correct user00:08
claydsorry for the poor question.00:08
undecimclayd: the apache user is www-data00:08
undecimclayd: same with the group00:08
hikuclayd: ok.. the web server runs as apache...so chown apache "file/dir"00:08
Skjoedtundecim: Greatness. Its back online. Dont know if that was it but I changed the interface settings in bios and now I can see it. But it might also just have needed a powerdown to reset00:09
hikuundecim: I always change mine.. =(00:09
claydthis is were i got confused.  is t ww-data or apache00:09
claydsorry www-data or apache00:09
hikuclayd: I believe undecim is right, the default is www-data00:09
plitterhow do i log out from the gui using the terminal?00:09
jribclayd: it is "www-data" by default on ubuntu00:09
undecimSkjoedt: Sounds great. I would still be weary of the drive for a few days though. Get it backed up, etc, and try changing the settings back to see if that was the actual cause of your problems00:10
lidbjorkI was transferring files from one computer to another (Slackware to ubuntu) via a network cable (tcp/ip, ssh), and it only got to about 6 MB/s, which I thought was very slow. Both NIC:s are supporting 100 Mbps. Any ideas on how to speed it up?00:10
jribplitter: gnome-session-save --help00:10
GalaxorMy keyboard has browser-back and browser-forward buttons.  I hate them.  How do I disable them?00:10
plitterjrib: thanks, i'll check it out00:10
undecimlidbjork: CPU limits for the encrypting with SSH00:10
undecimlidbjork: ... is my best guess00:10
Skjoedtundecim: Good idea. Now I just need to recover grub00:11
undecimSkjoedt: What's wrong with GRUB? Did it have something to do with the BIOS settings?00:11
lidbjorkundecim: Oh, gosh, I would never have guessed.00:12
undecimlidbjork: It might be more efficient to use tar/netcat, or some other file transfer that doesn't use encryption if this is a computer-to-computer connection00:12
undecimlidbjork: FTP maybe00:12
Skjoedtundecim: I think when I deleted some partitions, the numbers of the other partitions has changed, so grub doesnt direct to the same as before.00:12
lidbjorkundecim: Yes, exactly what I was thinking about. It is indeed a simple local 2-computer lan with no internet, so the encryption is unneeded.00:13
undecimlidbjork: Also, you will only get up to 12 MB/s... network speeds are measured in megaBITS, whereas download speeds are often seen in megaBYTES.00:13
lidbjorkundecim: Yes, I know, though I tend to forget. :-/00:14
Hopsalidbjork: I have seen a few times where the switch or hub got burnt out after some years.00:14
undecimSkjoedt: Ahh, okay... Need help with that?00:14
Skjoedtundecim: I'm looking for the grub config, to see what it directs to00:14
undecimSkjoedt: Though just deleting a partition shouldn't have affected Grub unless that partition had grub config or boot files on it00:15
undecimSkjoedt: The numbers on the partitions should still be the same00:15
lidbjorkI'm thinking about moving the harddrive physically from one computer to the other and copy through the IDE cable. How fast would that be (in Mb or MB) ?00:15
lidbjork(PATA, that is)00:16
hikulidbjork: as fast as your drives are.. like 500-800MB/s maybe00:16
undecimlidbjork: Depends on the HDD... Can't be slower than the network00:16
spanglesontoastdoes anyone know why I cannot play any dvds do I need to install some encryption package for me to able to play them ?00:16
lidbjorkhiku: Alright, that's like 50 times faster than the network. :)00:17
Skjoedtundecim: It may had the boot sector on it. I deleted the old ubuntu distro (40gb partition) and linux swap (had two of them, old one and new one). But left the 200mb ext4 which was flagged as boot00:17
hiku!codecs | spanglesontoast00:17
ubottuspanglesontoast: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:17
undecimhiku, lidbjork: I doubt it would be THAT fast...00:17
Skjoedtundecim: (as in I didn't delete the 200mb partition).00:17
acidjazz[16:45] < hiku> acidjazz: that's it and also try sudo apt-get upgrade00:17
acidjazzi do both and it doesnt install any new packages but my updated motd says there are 25 available00:17
undecimSkjoedt: Okay, let me get a few things straight....00:18
spanglesontoastyea got those packages installed doesn't play with totem or vlc00:18
undecimSkjoedt: There was a root and swap for two Ubuntu installs and also a /boot partition?00:18
spanglesontoastmain error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called is the only error I get with vlc00:18
hiku!restricted | spanglesontoast00:19
ZykoticK9spanglesontoast, see my two options at http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/enable-dvd-video-playback00:19
ubottuspanglesontoast: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:19
undecimSkjoedt: And you deleted the two partitions that were used by the older Ubuntu inistall, but left the root, swap, and boot partitions for the other one?00:19
spanglesontoastah I see ty ZykoticK900:19
GalaxorI got the answer to my question from here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=842970 .  To summarize, xmodmap -pke showed me that the key I wanted to disable was XF86Back, and it had keycode 166.  I did xmodmap -e 'keycode 166 = NoSymbol' and it was disabled.  I added a script to System > Preferences > Startup Applications.00:20
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Skjoedtundecim: Correct. So grub is proberly giving an error since it cannot find Ubuntu 9.x partition00:20
undecimSkjoedt: If the /boot was left intact though, that shouldn't be a problem.00:21
ryaxnbthink ubottus being lobotomized lately, join #ubuntu-bots00:21
undecimSkjoedt: You have 3 partitions left, right?00:21
rwwryaxnb: Offtopic, #ubuntu-oftopic, etc. You know the rules.00:21
ryaxnbokey okey00:22
Skjoedtundecim: Yes, plus two windows partitions. (Im still on live CD though).00:22
undecimSkjoedt: What's on that 200MB ext4 you mentioned?00:23
gizmobayI came home and my PC won't start. No power. I jumped the power supply and it kicks on. I noticed my PC fan turned but not my CPU fan. Doesn't the CPU have a direct power connect so shouldn't this spin once I jump the PSU? Would the CPU fan dying prevent the whole PC from turning on?00:23
Skjoedtundecim: I don't know how to access it, but in gparted it is flagged "boot" (not to be confused with mount point)00:24
Tetracommtrism: Ok, installing that now.00:24
undecimSkjoedt: Flagged with the boot flag, or that's it's label?00:24
Tetracommtrism: It still doesn't work after installing that.00:24
Skjoedtundecim: Flagged. No label.00:24
trismTetracomm: what's the error now?00:24
undecimSkjoedt: Well, that shouldn't make a difference to Grub... You should be able to access it from a file browser. It will be called "200 MB Volume" or something like that00:25
Tetracommtrism: Same error,00:25
Skjoedtundecim: Also the primary 100gb ext4 is not mounted to / but to /media/0ga02gs~  but I guess that is because I am on live CD00:25
Skjoedtundecim: Ah there we are. Grub dir is inside00:26
ilovefairuzgizmobay: yes, because the cpu would overheat and shut itself off00:26
undecimOkay, then, I think we just need to reinstall grub... Is this liveCD the same version as the installed ubuntu?00:26
Skjoedtundecim: Yes it is00:26
undecimSkjoedt: Alright, I'll walk you through the install if you want.00:27
Skjoedtundecim: I don't suppose Ubuntu updates while being installed00:27
gizmobayOkay, that's what I thought. Onto my 4th CPU fan blah00:27
Skjoedtundecim: Sure, if you got the time. Would be great00:27
undecimSkjoedt: Nope... You get to update after installing00:27
undecimSkjoedt: Alright, first, eject the 200mb volume from the file browser00:28
ilovefairuzgizmobay: could be dusty and needs cleaning up, take it apart and clean/test it00:28
undecimSkjoedt: Do you know the device file for this partition (something like "/dev/sda1")00:28
Skjoedtundecim: Do you mean right-click unmount?00:28
undecimSkjoedt: yup00:28
gizmobayhow can you test it?00:29
plitterdoes anyone know of a guide that takes away the gnome panels and gives u a popout menu at the mouse when u press alt+f1?00:29
Skjoedtundecim: /dev/sda6 is the 100gb ubuntu partition00:29
undecimSkjoedt: I need the device for the 200mb boot partition00:29
Skjoedtundecim: That is /dev/sda500:30
red2kicplitter: Err. Hide the panels? :(00:30
ilovefairuzgizmobay: change connectors or test on a different PSU00:30
ilovefairuz!who | gizmobay00:30
ubottugizmobay: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:30
undecimSkjoedt: Okay, open a terminal and run "sudo mount /dev/sda5 /boot"00:30
plitterred2kic: already done that:P I want it so that i wont ever have to see it again;)00:30
Skjoedtundecim: Done00:30
undecimSkjoedt: then "sudo rm -rf /boot/grub"00:30
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:30
undecimSkjoedt: then "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"00:31
ilovefairuzplitter: takes it away as in hide it or remove it altogether ?00:31
gizmobayokay thanks ilovefairuz00:31
Skjoedtundecim: without 5? /dev/sda00:31
undecimSkjoedt: Correct. WIthout the 500:31
red2kicplitter: Why do you want that? I suppose you could disable gnome-panel forever by renaming /usr/bin/gnome-panel to /usr/bin/gnome-panel.bak00:31
Skjoedtundecim: Cd spinning...00:31
Skjoedtundecim: Finished00:31
undecimSkjoedt: Okay, if it all went without error, you should have a /boot/grub/grub.cfg file with all your OSs in it00:32
quidnuncWhat is the command to obtain the filesystem info on a partition?00:32
undecimSkjoedt: If so, you can reboot and see if it worked.00:32
hikuquidnunc: mount00:32
plitterilovefairuz: remove it altogether, but need to have the popup menu with all of the stuff like the menu, sound and network osv.00:32
quidnunchiku: Without mounting00:32
hikuquidnunc: that won't mount, -a will mount everything in /etc/fstab00:33
plitterred2kic: well i need the popup menu....00:33
hikuquidnunc: mount just does what you asked...00:33
quidnunchiku: I don't want to mount it00:33
ilovefairuzplitter: you could remove and use a launcher like gnome do00:33
hikuquidnunc: I just told you. type mount, it will give you a list of all the stuff that is mounted00:33
rwwFaidonF: alright, there you go :)00:33
FaidonFhello world00:33
undecimplitter: If you have program that will give you the functionality of a menu when you press ALT+F1, I know how to replace gnome-panel with that program.00:33
quidnunchiku: I don't want to mount the partition. I don't know how I am being unclear.00:33
red2kicplitter: Dunno. :)00:34
undecimplitter: I just don't know of any program that does that XD00:34
ilovefairuzquidnunc: sudo fdisk -l00:34
plitterilovefairuz: launcher?00:34
Skjoedtundecim: "sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg" shows up empty00:34
quidnuncilovefairuz: Thank you00:34
hikuquidnunc: the command "mount" won't mount anything unless you pass it options to do so. so at a command prompt/cli, when you type mount it reads /etc/mtab and then displays it for you.00:34
undecimSkjoedt: Alright, run "sudo update-grub" and that should fill it up00:34
plittermy brother has that and he uses debian, so i thought it might be an easy fix:)00:34
undecimplitter: was it like that already or did he set that up?00:35
Skjoedtundecim: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).00:35
ilovefairuzplitter: http://do.davebsd.com00:35
undecimSkjoedt: Hmm... Maybe we should chroot and fix it from there...00:35
undecimSkjoedt: Was that a fatal error or did it add anything to grub.cfg?00:36
plitterundecim: i dont know.... and he is in the usa so i cant ask him then eff it up:P so thought would ask here first00:36
Tetracommtrism: Now i'm upset. :(00:36
trismTetracomm: think I have it now, seems to be working for me with libwxgtk2.8-dev and passing --enable-unicode to configure00:36
quidnunchiku: One of us is misunderstanding the other. No matter, fdisk works fine00:36
Skjoedtundecim: Still nothing inside. What is chroot?00:36
undecimplitter: If you're not too attached to gnome, I think XFCE gives that functionality00:37
trismTetracomm: not done compling yet though, so not 100%00:37
upgrdmanis it possible to set mouse acceleration speeds independently? touchpad vs. mouse00:37
plitterundecim: is there a way to just test xfce?00:37
undecimplitter: If you install XFCE, you will get to choose between gnome and XFCe from the login window00:37
plitterundecim: wait dont answer that:P probably on the net:P00:37
sjmplitter, does your brother use gnome or another window manager/Desktop environment00:37
Tetracommtrism: Ok. I will try that00:37
Skjoedtundecim: I unmounted the 200mb partition earlier. Will I have to mount it again?00:37
undecimSkjoedt: Basically, it lets us log into another system that is installed without booting it00:37
plitterundecim: thanks will try:)00:37
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undecimSkjoedt: Yes, but ldifferently this time...00:38
Tetracommtrism: So ./configure --enable unicode?00:38
undecimSkjoedt: Actually, go ahead and run the same command again...00:38
ilovefairuzplitter: or check "docky"00:38
quidnuncI'm about to annihilate a partition that has the boot flag set according to fdisk -l. Is that safe? Is that where grub is?00:38
hikuquidnunc: clearly. try "man mount" to read up on what mount can do00:38
trismTetracomm: yes, ./configure --enable-unicode00:38
Skjoedtundecim: The sudo rm -rf /boot/grub command?00:39
JRummy16question: find /path/to/a_lot/of/directories -type f -exec echo {} ';'    <---- is there a way to echo the basename for that command and not the full directory path? using basename with echo doesn't seem to work i.e. echo $( basename {} )00:39
undecimquidnunc: You're fine. Grub is on the MBR, and "bootable" partitions mean nothing to Ubuntu or grub00:39
hikuquidnunc: why not just remove the boot flag?00:39
sjmplitter, you might try installing lxde (openbox)  and not letting pcfileman control the desktop.  You will then get the openbox popup menus.00:39
Tetracommtrism: It still doesn't work. Same error.00:39
undecimSkjoedt: No, the "mount /dev/sda5 /boot" command00:39
quidnunchiku: Because I'm not sure if it essential for booting.00:39
quidnuncundecim: Thanks00:39
ilovefairuzquidnunc: pastebin the output00:39
undecimSkjoedt: The same mount command I meant, lol00:39
ilovefairuz!paste | quidnunc00:40
ubottuquidnunc: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:40
Skjoedtundecim: Already mounted. It seems alright00:40
plitterilovefairuz: thanks will check it out00:40
plittersjm: writing it down:)00:40
undecimokay, now we need to mount the partition that Ubuntu is installed to. You can do that with the file manager if you wish00:40
plitterthanks for help guys:D00:40
undecimSkjoedt: okay, now we need to mount the partition that Ubuntu is installed to. You can do that with the file manager if you wish00:41
sjmplitter, the package debian-menu will add all the debian menus, too.00:41
Skjoedtundecim: Nothing happens as I click mount on the 100gb partition00:41
undecimSkjoedt: It may take a moment to mount00:42
Sonjai need halp setting up a password-protected share in samba00:42
quidnuncilovefairuz:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/487525/00:42
trismTetracomm: I don't see why you are getting the same error, did you install libwxgtk2.8-dev before reconfiguring?00:42
undecimSkjoedt: After mounting it, you will need to know its mount point. That is the location that nautilus shows, like "/media/disk"00:43
trismTetracomm: although it may not matter, I am stuck on another error at the moment, they have a terrible configure script00:43
hikuSonja: try - http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/samba-password-protected-shared-folder-347324/00:43
undecimSkjoedt: Got it to mount yet?00:43
Skjoedtundecim:  Still not mounted00:43
undecimMaybe you should mount it manually... run "sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt" in the terminal00:44
proqis there a list anywhere of what ubuntu packages are the most popular?00:44
ilovefairuzquidnunc: it's unlikely that grub is installed on sda2 being an NTFS partition, most likely it's installed to sda (the MBR) or a linux partition00:44
Skjoedtundecim:  Wait. Think file browser is bugged. In gparted I can click unmount on the partition and its mount point is /media/0a360e9f-fb2d-4465-8aaf-3a10f605e53a00:44
undecimSkjoedt: Okay, if it's mounted, that's all we need.00:45
quidnuncilovefairuz: Is there a way to confirm to be safe?00:45
Skjoedtundecim: I hope it is :-)00:45
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undecimSkjoedt: Now, run this command: for i in "dev proc sys boot"; do sudo mount --bind /$i /media/0a360e9f-fb2d-4465-8aaf-3a10f605e53a/$i; done00:46
undecimSkjoedt: that should get all the /sys, /proc, /dev, and /boot partitions set up for the chroot...00:46
ilovefairuzproq: http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ but it's probably not what you're looking for ..00:46
undecimSkjoedt: If that command works without any errors, then you can run "sudo chroot /media/0a360e9f-fb2d-4465-8aaf-3a10f605e53a"00:47
Skjoedtundecim: Hold on. Just ran the mount command you mentioned and now it seems to have two mount points in gparted /mnt and /media/0a3~00:47
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undecimSkjoedt: Okay, looks like we need to clean this up before we go any further... What does "mount | grep sda6" show?00:47
proqilovefairuz: I think that might be what I was looking for  :)00:48
Tetracommtrism: Yes, it is installed. Yes, I hate it when crappy disgusting programmers make it impossible to install programs because they won't even make a binary and then make a crappy script which does not work.00:49
Skjoedtundecim: It shows up both (two lines). /media/ with most parameters like rw, nosuid etc.00:49
Skjoedtundecim: /mnt with only (rw) parameter00:49
undecimokay, run "sudo umount /dev/sda6" twice, then check again... both lines should be gone00:49
undecimSkjoedt: brb00:49
ilovefairuzquidnunc: i think so, yes, but can't remember which config file ...00:50
ilovefairuzproq: great00:50
Skjoedtundecim: Okay now its empty. Alright00:50
helios-79hello! How do i configure lilo to boot ubuntu 10.04.1 ?00:50
ilovefairuzhelios-79: read lilo's man page?00:52
undecimSkjoedt: Okay, run that mount /dev/sda6 /mnt again...00:53
helios-79ilovefairuz, i thought i could get the answer her.00:53
Skjoedtundecim: Okay mounted in /mnt00:53
undecimSkjoedt: then, after that, run this: for i in "dev proc sys boot"; do sudo mount --bind /$i /mnt/$i; done00:53
undecimSkjoedt: That will take care of the dev,proc,sys, and boot folders for the chroot... If all goes without error, run "sudo chroot /mnt"00:54
ilovefairuzhelios-79:  what's the point of repeating the manual text here? read it, and if there's something you don't understand, ask00:54
eblumeHi - I'm running a KVM virtualization environment managed through libvirt. The host and the guest in question are both Ubuntu 10.04 Server (64 bit). My issue is this: libvirt can't shut down the guest via the "shutdown" command. Therefore, my question is: "How can I tell why a shutdown hardware event isn't causing the server to shut off?"00:55
helios-79ilovefairuz, ok, so this is a forwarding channel to manpages?00:55
Dr_WillisWhy would one need to use LILO in this day and age?00:55
Skjoedtundecim: Check syntax again, it sends me to man page. Its a loop right? All of it >>for i in "dev proc sys boot"; do sudo mount --bind /$i /mnt/$i; done<<00:56
Dr_Willisinstall lilo, make a proper config, run lilo to update the mbr.00:56
whyameyeI need to set dimensions and frame rate for a v4l2 device from the command line. Basically I need to do what guvcview lets me do from a gui, but I need to do it from a script. What app might I call?00:56
ilovefairuzhelios-79: oh yes, if they contain the right answers00:56
proqhow do I list the dependencies for an apt package?00:56
whyameyehow can I route the sound of an app to the equivalent of /dev/null?00:56
bastidrazorproq: apt-cache policy packagename00:56
undecimSkjoedt: Oh sorry... remove the quotes from the middle of the command00:57
bastidrazorproq: wait.. i'm wrong.00:57
eblumePut it another way: does anyone know what the default Ubuntu Server behaviour is when you press (but do not hold) the power button?00:57
bastidrazorproq: apt-cache show packagename00:57
undecimSkjoedt: The quotes made it treat the whole thing as a single folder called "dev proc sys boot" XD00:57
Skjoedtundecim: That worked, hold on00:58
Dr_Williseblume:  in the paste normally it would go to init level 6 and shutdown.. but ive also seen it reboot.  but that may of been due to the machines bios00:58
Skjoedtundecim: chroot /mnt also worked00:58
Dr_Williseblume:  ive seen a setting for that somewhere...  i wonder where...00:58
undecimSkjoedt: Alright. You are now, for all intents and purposes, logged into your installed system... Run "update-grub"00:58
eblumeDr_Willis: but the important point is that *something* happens. In my Guest VM of Ubuntu Server, nothing at all happens00:58
Dr_Williseblume:  in a VM - all bets are off.00:59
logankoesterCan anyone tell me how to prevent a particular mount point from showing up on the gnome desktop?00:59
ilovefairuzwhyameye: why /dev/null? just mute the process in the volume applet ?00:59
Dr_Williseblume:  the power button on the real machine would be affecting the host . not the guest00:59
undecimSkjoedt: If that completes without error, you should be able to reboot and have a working Grub installation00:59
logankoesterI added a hard drive today and don't really need a shortcut to it since its always there00:59
whyameyeilovefairuz: I'm not using pulseaudio. the app is using oss. Also I'm calling from a script01:00
Skjoedtundecim: Few errors, http://pastebin.com/ujm9Duxs01:00
eblumeDr_Willis: Yes you are correct. The issue I have is that issuing the libvirt "shutdown" command to the VM SHOULD mimic a hardware "power off" request, but nothing appears to be happening.01:00
Skjoedtundecim: "Reserveret til systemet" directly means "reserved to system". Its a label on one of my ntfs partitions01:01
bastidrazorlogankoester: where is its mountpoint?01:01
undecimSkjoedt: Alright, I can see where that would be a problem... Open a new terminal and run "sudo mount --bind /media /mnt/media", then run the update-grub in the chroot'd terminal again01:01
bastidrazorlogankoester: in /media ?01:01
Skjoedtundecim: Better, only one warning: "sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu"01:02
undecimSkjoedt: That shouldn't be a problem01:02
undecimReboot and see if it works01:02
Skjoedtundecim: However it doesn't seem to have found windows if I understand it correctly01:02
ilovefairuzlogankoester: gconftool-2 -s /apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible -t bool false       (note: this will hide ALL "volumes" but they can be still accessed from the Places menu)01:03
Dr_WillisHmm. I have a video (home movie) DVD. thats some how messed up. I was able to make a playable .iso from it via dd_rescue, (vlc can play it) but I cent seem to get any other tools to recognize it as being a DVD video iso. Theres not a 'fsck iso' type tool out that can read/correct the iso file is there?01:03
Skjoedtundecim: http://pastebin.com/zRQNSL8r01:03
claydhow do i look what processor is running on a system01:03
clayd*a system is running01:04
Skjoedtundecim: Does it seem okay?01:04
bastidrazorclayd: cat /proc/cpuinfo01:04
undecimSkjoedt: well, it should be able to boot your Ubuntu install at least...01:04
Skjoedtundecim: I'll go ahead an try. be right back01:05
undecimSkjoedt: I would try rebooting and having a look. Also, if you can get to Ubuntu and not windows, try a software update01:05
ilovefairuzDr_Willis: can't VLC rip the video out  and then you can recreate it?01:05
alexbobPI just did an ubuntu install, and it works, but the computer isn't automatically connecting to the network, I have to run dhclient manually01:05
alexbobPwhat's the ubuntu service that keeps dhcp up to date?  what do I need to do to make it happen on boot?01:06
Tetracommtrism: http://wiki.wxpython.org/InstallingOnUbuntuOrDebian01:06
trismTetracomm: oh wait, there was another package I installed too: wx2.8-i18n and you will also need unixodbc-dev for later, seems to be making good progress now, but may be more errors coming01:06
ilovefairuzalexbobP: are you using standard ubuntu with network manager?01:06
alexbobPilovefairuz: yeah, I installed from the alternate cd01:06
Tetracommtrism: Ok, we will see what happens.01:07
alexbobPilovefairuz: even if I start the network manager process manually, it quits right away or something, because it's not running01:07
ilovefairuzalexbobP: what command do you use?01:08
superjuanAfter installing upgrades to ubuntu   10 my audio doesn't work01:08
alexbobPilovefairuz: "sudo start network-manager" and "sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager" start both01:08
alexbobPwhich I think are the same thing anyways01:08
ilovefairuzalexbobP: network manager is started by default, and to start it manually: sudo service network-manager start01:08
ilovefairuzalexbobP: any error messages?01:09
alexbobPilovefairuz: same issue if I do it that way01:09
alexbobPno error message... I get a pid, and then if I grep ps that pid is gone :P01:09
ilovefairuzalexbobP: check /var/log/messages01:09
jjohnsoni really like this ubuntu netbook edition, but is there anyway to go to the normal gnome desktop?01:09
ilovefairuzalexbobP: did you edit your /etc/network/interfaces file?01:09
MaRk-Ijjohnson: if you have disk space you can install ubuntu-desktop01:10
alexbobPilovefairuz: oh!  thanks01:10
alexbobPilovefairuz: there's no entry for eth0 in there.01:10
* alexbobP fixes that01:10
jjohnsonhow much space we talking about im using a 8gb SSD drive01:11
alexbobPilovefairuz: I just added "auto eth0" to it... I'm rebooting to see what happens01:11
alexbobPjjohnson: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:11
undecimjjohnson: The default Ubuntu install requires 2GB. You will need a little less since you already have some of it with the netbook install01:11
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, i doubt this info is going to help much - but the DVD can't really be an ISO (as ISO is a filesystem, and DVDs don't use typical file systems, the same would apply to audio cds), so i imagine you have an image (but not an actual ISO) that may be creating some of the recognition issues with other applications01:11
ilovefairuzjjohnson: you probably could install ubuntu-desktop (or gnome-desktop-environment)01:12
jjohnsonill think about it i got 4gb left and im not sure what im going to do with this laptop yet01:13
ilovefairuzjjohnson: a smaller/minimal gnome desktop package is gnome-core01:13
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  it had block read/io errors from the start so its hard to tell what it is. It was made with a DVR by the wife ages ago.  Sad tht the disk is unscratched and looks fine. but the PC is just having a hard time playing it.. Of course for all i know she may of frogot to 'finialize' the disk,01:13
alexbobPilovefairuz: hmm, that didn't do it :(01:14
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  vlc does play the iso file. so imn trying to get vlc to convert it to a decnt video file now. :) lets see how it goes.01:14
alexbobPilovefairuz: network-manager still crashes out as soon as it runs01:14
ilovefairuzalexbobP: network manager does NOT manage interfaces declared in /etc/network/interfaces01:15
skjoedtundecim: Hmm didn't quite work. Could see the linux distro and recovery but it failed to load. Tried to upload a picture of the error here: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33c6u0p&s=7 (sorry for all the ads)01:15
alexbobPilovefairuz: oh O_O01:15
alexbobPilovefairuz: so I shouldn't have the entry there?01:15
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, i'm sorry i don't have any real suggestions for you.  you could try throwing dvd9to5 at the ISO/Image or another encoding software perhaps.01:15
ilovefairuzalexbobP: something is crashing it, or you should /var/log/messages, or remove it altogether and write a proper interfaces file01:15
ilovefairuzalexbobP: should check *01:15
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  yea. Its just a silly show she recorded from tv that she wants on her pc.. it even looks cruddy on the dvd. she dident know how to set it properly to record a decent show. :)01:17
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  k3b cant even recopy the iso to a new disk it says its not a valid iso file.01:17
ilovefairuzalexbobP:  check the file /var/log/messages for any relevant errors01:17
alexbobPilovefairuz: Im looking through it, but nothing shows up there when I try to run networkmanager01:17
ilovefairuzalexbobP: or uninstall network manager, and configure the interface in /etc/network/interfaces01:17
undecimskjoedt: It shows it using ext3 to access an ext4 filesystem, but grub only uses ext2 (which is enough to read ext4). That means that you're trying to mount an ext4 filesystem with an Ubuntu installation that only supports ext3. Are you sure you deleted the correct installation?01:17
alexbobPilovefairuz: I'll try that01:17
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, that "invalid iso" goes back to my origional message - it technically can't be01:18
ilovefairuzalexbobP: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine01:18
skjoedtundecim: Yes I checked the filesize. My previous ubuntu distro was only on a 40gb partition.01:18
undecimskjoedt: hmm... I wonder if maybe it's trying to use a kernel from the older install...01:18
undecimskjoedt: Is there anything on this install that you wouldn't mind losing? I think it might be easiest to just reinstall.01:19
OmnissiahOk so, I'm having what seems to be a fairly common problem with my Ubuntu 9.10 install. The problem is the display issues with the Intel graphics drivers. I've so far managed to get my resolution to where i want it, however now the entire screen is shifted to the left. I don't want to change this on the monitor because it would mess up my windows install. How would i recenter the screen?01:19
skjoedtundecim: Would it help to delete all of the partitions except ntfs and go ahead and install again?01:19
OmnissiahI have been on forums and google, and so far haven't found a solution.01:20
skjoedtundecim: Nope, its a clean distro. So no worry. Then we can work on getting windows integrated in grub01:20
undecimskjoedt: Yeah, if you can reinstall, that would be the easiest thing to do. It can fixed, but it would take more time and effort than just reinstalling.01:20
undecimskjoedt: After a software update, grub should detect windows01:20
skjoedtundecim: Software update? You mean "sudo grub-update" ?01:21
undecimskjoedt: Don't know why, but it always seems to take an update for that...01:21
undecimskjoedt: No, I mean a package upgrade01:21
JohnRandomMobilehi everyone ... quick question: "locate -u" was once used to build the database for locate .... is that something else for ubuntu?01:21
skjoedtundecim: Like apt-get upgrade?01:21
JohnRandomMobilegoogle just says -u ...01:21
undecimJohnRandomMobile: I think it's updatedb now.01:22
undecimskjoedt: yup01:22
alexbobPilovefairuz: okay, I got it configured with the interfaces file and it all works now\01:22
alexbobPilovefairuz: thanks a bunch01:22
JohnRandomMobileundecim: I'll check that, thanks01:22
ilovefairuzDr_Willis: ZykoticK9: ISO (in an optical disks context) doesn't only refer to the 9660 filesystem01:22
skjoedtundecim: Last time I did that it split my system in to two distros, so I had two linux kernels in the grub list. I know its not an issue but its confusing01:23
ZykoticK9ilovefairuz, ISO "should" - image would be a better word01:23
undecimskjoedt: It just splits the kernel. It just in case there are problems with the new one you can use the old one.01:24
undecimskjoedt: It's still the same OS, just with a previous version of the core part of it in case you can't use the new one for some reason.01:25
skjoedtundecim: I understand. I'll try reinstalling it all. If your are not here afterwards I'll thank you for your guidance. It was very thourough01:25
undecimskjoedt: np01:25
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
bm10hey all01:26
bm10anyone having problems with updating01:27
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  the wife never finalized the disk.. its 5 hrs of recording.. :) lets see if it works now.01:27
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, fingers crossed for ya ;)01:28
ilovefairuz!details | bm1001:28
ubottubm10: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:28
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  yea. its going to take handbreak some time to reenciode 5 hrs of video even if its at low res01:28
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  ETA till done: 2.4 hrs. :()01:29
bm10trying to update from terminal tells me this...Failed to fetch http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic-updates/Release  Unable to find expected entry  universedeb/source/Sources in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)01:29
bm10Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.01:29
ilovefairuzDr_Willis: rip as AVI to minimize time and maximize quality, you can use ffmpeg later on it01:31
Josefu8I just upgraded from 10.04 to the 10.10 beta through the update manager, after restaring though ubuntu boots into a command line asking me to login there, it reocgnises my old user/pass but after that no Gnome Desktop , just the command line. Running in dual boot with Win7 if thats relevnat. Any idea what ive done ?01:31
skjoedtundecim: Got a question for installation. Now, I'd like a root partition for ubuntu but a seperate partition for home dir for easy backup. That means I have to do it manually, can you suggest a quick partition table for 120gb total usage?01:31
bastidrazorJosefu8: you should join #ubuntu+1 for Maverick01:32
Josefu8ah thanks , will do01:32
skjoedtundecim: Including all swap, ext3-4, boot partitions01:32
undecimskjoedt: Well, I have a 10GB root partition01:33
undecimskjoedt: The swap size depends on how much memory you tend to use, how much you have, and if you want to be able to hibernate... I rarely use swap, but have it just larger than my memory so i can use hibernate01:33
undecimskjoedt: then the rest I have for /home. That's where most stuff is stored on my computer01:33
FloodBot2undecim: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:33
undecimskjoedt: I don't bother with separate boot partitions unless I want to have two linux distros on one computer, but if you want a separate boot, go with about 100 MB01:34
litropydoes anyone know anything about madwifi?01:34
litropyor connecting with a spoofed mac address?01:34
ilovefairuz!details | litropy01:34
ubottulitropy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:34
quidnuncHow do I backup my MBR and partition table?01:35
litropybecause everything I'm reading says the stock drivers won't connect with a spoofed mac01:35
skjoedtundecim: Okay, that will do.. Thanks01:35
undecimskjoedt: no problem01:35
litropyI've tried different things in the starup script01:35
litropysuch as stopping nm then starting again ... but no dice01:35
litropyAR9285, btw01:36
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, seeing as who wants it, it's probably worth the cpu time ;)  Glad handbrake worked for ya though, great program!01:36
Dr_Willisilovefairuz:  its 352x264 video anyway.. Wife dident understand 'quality' when she hit the record button. :) but  its good enough for her. Its a 4 hr miniseries with comercials even.. :)01:37
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  yea, wife cant see too good anyway. so Low Quality is good for her. She just HAS to have this Little House video on her new O!Play01:37
tomvolekhi all, i am running ubunt 9.1  ,  my volume control on the desktop sometimes disapears after bootup and i have no sound .  where can i find this control ?01:39
ilovefairuzlitropy: ifconfig hw ether doesn't work?01:40
undecimilovefairuz: I don't think that works for wifi...01:40
undecimilovefairuz: It might though...01:40
litropythat, I haven't tried. editing startup script, ilovefairuz01:41
* ilovefairuz goes to test on my ath chipset 01:41
ilovefairuzworks fine, and i'm using the ath5k driver, not wifi01:43
ilovefairuznot madwifi **01:43
Eth4nHow do I get eggdrop to work with my install of tcl01:45
Dr_WillisEth4n:  checked the eggdrop configs for the path its using for tcl? You did install tcl right?01:46
Eth4nsudo apt-get install tcl?01:47
Eth4nisnt that right?01:47
Dr_Willisno idea.. i havent used tcl in ages01:47
IdleOneEth4n: you want tcl8.5-dev01:47
Eth4nbeen a while01:47
Dr_WillisI recall the day of old where TCL was  common. :) Now Python is the big scripting language/tool for  things tcl used to do01:48
Eth4ni know a little bit of python01:48
Eth4nk its working01:49
Eth4nthanks IdleOne01:49
divecks hey, I just upgraded my desktop to the beta, and my boot stalls after a bit at plymouth. I'm on the machine right now in Failsafe X which works fine.. upon further investigation I found that in /var/log/Xorg.1, I get a "fatal sever error: no screens found", caused because Xorg failed to loaad fglrx.. I know this isn't Ubuntu+1, but I figured someone might be able to help. thanks :D01:49
IdleOneEth4n: sure thing, just recently had the same problem01:49
a3DmanDid anyone tried Lightspark with Ubuntu?01:50
Eth4ndivecks: I will give you one tip01:50
Eth4nDo NOT use betas/rc's for your main os01:50
Eth4ni used Ubutnu 9.10 rc for my main os01:50
Eth4nand it didnt work out01:50
rekwhat's that?01:53
LordNeoHow can i configure a VPN to not change my default gateway? I'm using "sudo route add default gw 192.168.1.X" but the internet goes really slow...01:53
divecksEth4n, Yeah the folks in ubu+1 are helping, apparently its a known issue :(01:54
divecksEth4n, Thegood news being the free drivers should work.01:54
Eth4nok divecks01:54
Eth4nI havent actually used Ubuntu in a while01:54
Eth4ndesktop edition that is'01:54
Eth4nmy vps runs ubuntu 10.04 server01:54
AndrewMCis there a way i can have ubuntu auto enable my webcam as the default mic?01:55
UncleDI'm trying to do a cat *|grep word of a directory of .xml files for certain words, but its not finding the words that are in the files. Any suggestions?01:55
litropyilovefairuz: well, that didn't work, either.01:55
ilovefairuzlitropy: are you using madwifi ?01:56
jribUncleD: well first off, doing it that way is silly.  Do: grep WORD FILES01:56
litropyilovefairuz: no. I'm reading I MIGHT have to go through the grueling process of installing it.01:56
ilovefairuzlitropy: i'm NOT using it, and it works fine for me01:57
Gh0st75madwifi is still required for wireless on the new ubuntu?01:57
litropywhat's your chipset, ilovefairuz01:57
litropyand you're spoofed?01:57
litropyI've got an AR928501:57
ilovefairuzlitropy: AR5001X+01:58
litropyilovefairuz: hm.01:58
ilovefairuzlitropy: yes spoofed01:58
litropywhat's your script like, ilovefairuz, and do you still use NetworkManager to connect?01:58
LordNeoHow can i configure a VPN to not change my default gateway? I'm using "sudo route add default gw 192.168.1.X" but the internet goes really slow...01:58
* Gh0st75 tries to give Ubuntu a chance every new version, working wireless is all that's needed to be my main OS, but i keep getting disappointed :(02:00
ilovefairuzlitropy: no i'm not using network manager (but i think there's an option in its GUI to change the MAC) and I'm not using scripts, just issuing this command manually before scanning/etc:  ifconfig wlan0 hw ether SPOOFED_MAC_HERE02:00
jribGh0st75: what card?02:01
Gh0st75it's a broadcom i believe, 2009 MacMini02:01
litropyilovefairuz: then you're iwconfig dhclient'ing?02:01
jribGh0st75: you went to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers?02:02
ilovefairuzlitropy: yeap02:02
Gh0st75jrib: yes, ubuntu has the broadcom drivers activated, but while i can see my SSID, it won't authenticate02:03
litropyilovefairuz: is your comp set to load drivers for your card, then bring the interface up, upon bootup, then you're ifconfig down, ifconfig hw ether, ifconfig up?02:04
jribGh0st75: what encryption are you using?02:04
Gh0st75wpa personal02:04
Gh0st75was gonna change it to wep for Nintendo DS purposes, but haven't yet02:04
litropyGh0st75: do you get an auth error?02:05
litropyGh0st75: as in is your login being rejected?02:05
Gh0st75yes, it keeps popping up asking for the password02:06
Gh0st75the password works fine when i boot my mac mini into OSX or Win702:06
ilovefairuzlitropy: i brought the interface down from AP mode (because I use it as an AP) and tested this, the driver is ath5k which gets loaded on boot (no hacks needed)02:07
almoxarifeso I called a fax number using google voice, the new free service they are providing, and I hear the other side fax go into listen mode, it would be very cool to get a fax out via google voice, any thoughts on the how it could be done?02:07
jrib!ot | almoxarife02:07
ubottualmoxarife: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:07
Leolo_3i need help with selinux.  I'm trying to set up a serial printer with a USB to serial dongle.  I get the message :  type=1503 audit(1283475886.729:15): operation="open" pid=4027 parent=3389 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd" requested_mask="rw::" denied_mask="rw::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/dev/ttyUSB0"02:07
litropyilovefairuz: ath5k is ... a continuation of madwifi.02:07
Leolo_3audit2allow  -l -a -M local gives me : could not run ausearch - "[Errno 2] No such file or directory"02:08
Leolo_3what's more /selinux is empty ...02:08
litropyilovefairuz: baaaaaah I'm gonna have to do the install gauntlet02:08
ilovefairuzlitropy: i don't think it's the same code base, at least they removed the proprietary HAL layer02:08
logankoesterilovefairuz: thanks man02:09
ilovefairuzlogankoester: you're welcome02:09
avisi'm using the banshee daily build ppa is it possible to buy music on lucid without that plugin that simply won't work through the amazon interface02:09
almoxarifejrib: the system I am using is ubuntu 64bit 10.04, the web app is chrome, how is that not a proper question??? I want to know how to interface a fax response from ubuntu to the outside fax02:09
jribalmoxarife: how to use google voice to send a fax isn't related to ubuntu at all...02:10
=== sshc_ is now known as sshc
quidnuncWhen using lvm and lvextend should I be using /dev/mapper/volgrp00-foo or /dev/volgrp00/foo?02:11
litropyilovefairuz: wait a minute ... I'm running ath9k. so a change to madwifi 0.9 would be a downgrade.02:12
ilovefairuzLeolo_3: sudo apt-get install auditd02:12
almoxarifewhat are the minimum requirements on ubuntu to send a fax via a connected phone?02:13
litropyilovefairuz: are you connecting to a WEP network?02:13
jribalmoxarife: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupAndFax02:13
almoxarifejrib: thks02:14
ilovefairuzlitropy: nope, an ad-hoc, no WEP or open networks around02:14
litropyilovefairuz: wpa?02:15
ilovefairuzlitropy: yes02:15
litropyilovefairuz: how are you connecting to wpa with iwconfig? are you using wpa_supplicant?02:15
ilovefairuzlitropy: i thought you mean the type of networks around, i'm not connecting to a WPA, just an ad-hoc02:16
litropyilovefairuz: aaaah.02:16
litropyilovefairuz: thanks for your time.02:17
jack_ctuhello everyone, i want to  set up a multiseat config from my acer aspire one netbook with karmic, i notice that /etc/X11/xorg.conf is missing.  I found a link to an outdated guide at http://www.linuxtoys.org/multiubuntu/multiubuntu.html , can anyone give me guidance to proceed please?02:17
Leolo_3ilovefairuz : turns out selinux isn't even enabled in this kernel.  so i'm scratching my head02:17
Dr_Willisjack_ctu:  make a xorg.conf if you need one02:18
jack_ctu* i realized that xorg.conf was removed in karmic by design, could I just ignore it?02:18
jack_ctuHello Dr_Willis02:18
Dr_Willisjack_ctu:  my nvidia cards.settings require i make one. (well nvidia-settings tool makes one)02:18
Dr_Willisjack_ctu:  it was removed by X by design(i belive) . since X auto configures for the most part.02:19
BluDog_Anchoriteserver doesnt like kernel 2.6-32-24 but works fine on -23 .  can i just apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-24 and the system will boot -23 by default then ?02:19
Dr_Williswell by 'Xorg' :)  it more technically correct.02:19
ilovefairuzLeolo_3: selinux isn't enabled by default on ubuntu and is not supported02:19
zzzedBluDog_Anchorite, doesn't the grub menu list your previous kernel(s)?02:20
BluDog_Anchoritezzzed: yes, but on a headless server, i cant select the previous kernel every time i need to reboot it02:21
wasutton3i am trying to move my / partition to a different partition. I know i should use rsync, but i dont know exactly what options to use.02:21
BluDog_Anchoritezzzed: hence, me wanting to remove the new one, and have it auto boot the older one02:21
zzzedBluDog_Anchorite, maybe set grub default?02:21
jack_ctuDr_Willis: i think i understand, since this acer is an intel integrated graphics, i probably wont have the same need as if i had an nvidia vid card?02:21
ChogyDanwasutton3: I _think_ rsync -aS    maybe just -a?02:21
BluDog_Anchoritezzzed: not really looking to mess with grub if i can get away with it02:22
wasutton3ChogyDan: will that new partition be bootable?02:22
zzzedBluDog_Anchorite, ok02:22
jack_ctuDr_Willis: so i think i'll just proceed to /etc/gdm/gdm.conf to complete the multiseat config02:22
jack_ctuthank you for your help02:22
ChogyDanwasutton3: I really don't know, soz02:22
sailerboyhey, how would i upgrade an ipod touch with linux without using windows?02:22
Dr_Willisjack_ctu:  if the guide is old.. well.. gdm is now 'gdm2' also - so that guide may not apply02:23
Leolo_3type=APPARMOR_DENIED msg=audit(1283476922.031:20): operation="open" pid=3885 parent=3356 profile="/usr/sbin/cupsd" requested_mask="::rw" denied_mask="::rw" fsuid=0 ouid=7 name="/dev/ttyUSB0"02:24
Arepiehello.. i have setup an ubuntu server as a guess os. And, the mail function is not working. I'm using postfix02:24
jack_ctuDr_Willis: thanks for the tip, i had no idea about 'gdm2', I'll look at that now and hopefully proceed with caution :)02:25
ilovefairuz!apparmor | Leolo_302:26
ubottuLeolo_3: For information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor02:26
randomusr_Ubuntu 10.04 installed. Main panel has two instances of bluetooth and two empty/useless applets. How to fix?02:26
edd_Hi, I could do with some support installing Veejay.. I'm running  Ubuntu 10.04 on an athlon 64 dual core. I've added the relevant depository but am chasing a chain of dependencies. The bottom one seems to be libraw1394-8 which is not showing in the list. I do however have libraw1394-11 installed. Any ideas? :)02:26
Leolo_3ilovefairuz : yeah, getting there02:27
randomusr_edd_, have you tried installing from the synaptic package manager?02:27
Dr_Willisjack_ctu:  i seem to recall some  wiki pages and a company that had multiseat support in ubuntu  - but i never used the products. the 2 seat version was free i recall.02:27
randomusr_edd_, if it's not in the supported repo's then you may want to check the website for the required dependencies02:28
Dr_Willisrandomusr_:  i noticed some oddities in the past ith double icons showing up in the panel. Not seen the issue lately. You have updated/upgraded?02:28
sailerboyhey, how would i upgrade an ipod touch with linux without using windows?02:28
Dr_Willis!ipod | sailerboy02:28
ubottusailerboy: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:28
randomusr_Dr_Willis, yes from 9.04 I believe02:29
edd_randomusr  | yeh, that's what i'm using.02:29
sailerboyDr_Willis, how do i upgrade it?02:29
genpfaultos-prober isn't finding my Windows XP install on /dev/sdb1 (Ubuntu is on /dev/sda).  Is there a config file or something that tells it what to scan?02:29
randomusr_Dr_Willis, I've also noticed that performance is greatly depreciated... Ideas?02:29
Leolo_3now to fight with udev perms02:29
Leolo_3but... tomorrow02:29
Dr_Willisrandomusr_:  never noticed.02:29
randomusr_hmm I must be lucky then02:30
luke-jrI have a netbook that I've been using wireless for a while02:30
Dr_Willisrandomusr_:  i always do clean installs normally02:30
luke-jrbut when I try to plug it into Ethernet now, it just sits there02:30
luke-jrit doesn't try to bring the interface up or anything02:30
n0a1iashey, a dear friend of mine's wife passed away and he needs to get the files on her harddrive, but their password protected, and she used a mac so their archived with macs default archiver, i use ubuntu and told him i would try and help, any ideas?02:31
randomusr_edd_, have you checked the website from the program you want to install?  does it list the dependencies?02:31
randomusr_edd_, if you're using synaptic then the dependencies should be assumed.... what's the program again?  is it supported?02:31
coz_n0a1ias,   take the hard drive out of their system and hook it up via usb if you have a cable for it or add it to your system perhaps...02:31
coz_n0a1ias,  when I do a clients system I take the hard drive out and connect it via usb  ... regarless of the operating system on that drive the files should be avialable02:32
BluDog_Anchoriteif i apt-get remove a kernel "newer" than the one im running, will grub automaticly boot the kernel i AM running ?02:32
n0a1iascoz_, i dont get the computer till after labor day, and i plan on doing that, just wondering if anyone knows any way around the password02:33
madfoxBluDog_Anchorite better update grub before you boot, or boot into the lesser kernel next time\02:33
n0a1iasits encrypted02:33
Dr_WillisBluDog_Anchorite:  grub defaults to the  top one on the list.. so  it should boot whatever one is at top. if you remove a kernel.. it removes it from the list02:33
BluDog_Anchoriteso if i remove the top one, it WILL boot the next one in the list ?02:33
Dr_Willisn0a1ias:  Verly likely its not going to be possible then.02:33
sailerboyBluDog_Anchorite, you need to make sure you have a kernal installed02:34
Dr_WillisBluDog_Anchorite:  the next one will become the top one.02:34
sailerboyif you only have 2 boot entries (recovery and normal)02:34
sailerboythen you should install another kernal before you remove02:34
mrandrzejakhello! I cannot seem to find the network printer. I have two ubuntu lucid systems, with the printer on one of them. Both computers are wi-fi. sharing is enabled in the computer with the printer. please help thanks!02:34
Dr_WillisBluDog_Anchorite:  yea. be sure you have an older kernel still installed. :)02:34
BluDog_Anchoritesweet.  my server isnt agreeing with -24, so i want to roll back the update to -23.02:34
sailerboymrandrzejak, try entering the ip address for the computer with the printer in printer config02:35
n0a1iasok, thanks anyway though.02:35
Dr_Willismrandrzejak:  try the cups web interface to see if it sees the other networked printers. http://localhost:63102:35
BluDog_Anchoritewanted to make sure grub wouldnt freak out.  thanks for the help zzzed and Dr_Willis02:35
mrandrzejakhttp://localhost:631 did not work02:35
zzzedBluDog_Anchorite, np02:35
Dr_Willismrandrzejak:  that should go to the CUPS/printer config interface.. if that dident work.. well theres somthing odd going on02:36
coz_n0a1ias,  there is an application name  "john the ripper"   dont know if it will work but what I have read it might just do it02:36
coz_n0a1ias,  although I think that is for mac02:36
coz_n0a1ias,  I was wrong  http://www.openwall.com/john/02:37
randomusr_Dr_Willis, if I'm not missing the networking applet and battery on the panel, how to restore?02:37
edd_randomusr_ it's called veejay, but is a version rebuilt for ubuntu from Redhat?? packages... https://launchpad.net/~veejay/+archive/ppa02:38
Dr_Willis!resetpanel | randomusr_02:38
ubotturandomusr_: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:38
mrandrzejakwhere would i input the IP?02:38
mrandrzejakunder find network printer?02:38
cardamonHey.  Can someone help me map a compose key on my laptop?02:39
cardamonI need to get diacritic marks.02:39
randomusr_Dr_Willis, thanks02:39
mrandrzejaki can connect no prob with ubuntu to windows :|02:40
cardamonSo can press whatever my compose/dead key is, then ', then e to an accented e.02:40
cardamonThat's what I really need.02:40
randomusr_edd_, yea.... that's hosted via ppa?02:40
krabadorjoin #ubuntu-dark02:41
edd_randomusr_ I think so... admittedly i'm all new to this02:41
n0a1iascoz_, im gonna try my hand at ophcrack, ive used it before but on windows 7 and to no avail, but mabey it will work02:41
randomusr_edd_, refer to the maintainer of the ppa site02:41
YzNhow can I open a file from terminal with admin permission?02:41
YzNwhats the command for that?02:42
undecimYzN: You mean read a text file? gksu gedit filename02:42
LordNeoHow can i configure a VPN to not change my default gateway? I'm using "sudo route add default gw 192.168.1.X" but the internet goes really slow...02:42
bsmith093when i search for files, in the "contains the text" field, will that search inside text files, and if i don't enclose in quotes will it do an and search02:42
randomusr_edd_, it looks as though you trying to do the more complicated before understanding the basics....02:42
YzNi want to modify etc/network/interfaces.txt02:42
Dr_WillisYzN:  gksu gedit filename02:43
edd_randomusr_ I think i found a newer version (requires make install) but the download page says something about migrating to GIT... Does that just mean the page is down?02:43
Dr_Willisactually isent it gksudo ... or are the 2 the same...02:43
undecimYzN: If you are trying to edit the file and are doing this over SSH or on a computer without a graphical interface, you can do "sudo nano filename"02:43
Tommy3need help recovering from botched upgrade on 10.04. drops to busybox02:43
YzNah okay. can someone please give me the defauly text that was in the filename with no modification? since i changed it and forgot to back it up :(02:43
undecimYzN: Otherwise, use gksu gedit filename02:43
randomusr_edd_, that package it built from source (on the fly) and may not include the dependencies..... see google or wikipedia.org for GIT02:43
extraclassicwhat's wrong with sudo gedit filename02:43
randomusr_!git | edd_02:44
ubottuedd_: Git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)02:44
undecimTommy3: Do you get any helpful errors before being dropped?02:44
edd_LOL, thought it'd be a simple case of adding the repository and then letting synaptic take care of dependencies. it just appears that the install has dependencies for an old version of the lib02:45
Dr_Willisextraclassic:  use gksudo for gui apps.. or you can have issues02:45
YzNthanks and how do we type ^X on a terminal? since that way it doesnt work02:45
smwIs it possible to purchase a license to use libdvdcss or something on linux? I know of a small OEM who wants to include it.02:45
undecimYzN: Ctrl+X02:45
YzNi pressed control S and i dont know if it saved it or not02:45
YzNah ok thx02:45
Dr_Willissmw:  i belive theres a 'legal' codec pack you can buy. but i never looked into it. 'feundo' or somthing like that was its name02:46
Tommy3undecim: starts withdeva dm triggeris not prmitted while udev is unconfigured02:46
cardamonWant to map a dead key to another key.02:46
mrpink57very odd.  I booted up the new 10.10 beta to install on an old raptor and ubuntu will not reconize it to install.  gparted within the live cd will and allow me to edit the drive.  tried a reboot also.02:46
undecimcardamon: I think international keyboard layout will do that for you02:46
randomusr_edd_ i suspect the that installer is prompting you for updating or that it's looking to settings in synaptic to resolve the deps.... Again see the PPA maintainer for help.02:46
undecimTommy3: No idea, sorry.02:46
smwDr_Willis, thanks. I think this is BS and would never pay for it. But as an OEM, they can't just include it :-\02:46
cardamonundecim: I don't have a fullkeyboard.  I just want to map a dead key to right control or something similar.02:47
randomusr_edd_,  or just ask if anyone here has installed veejay successfully02:47
undecimcardamon: I think xmodmap is used for that, but I don't know much about it02:47
mrandrzejakhow do i know the device URI for the printer?02:47
genpfaultWhy won't os-prober run on anything other than partitions on /dev/sda?02:47
coz_edd_,  I have not installed it  and the ppa seems to be just for ubuntu hardy   I dont know if there are nay updatd ppa's for this on lucid02:47
Tommy3undecim: additional note ALERT: cannot find /dev/disk/by-vvid....  it's a scsi drive02:48
mrandrzejakmay i should reboot this system02:48
edd_randomusr_ Thanks for your help, i'll try getting in touch with the PPA maintainer, failing that my *nix savvy mate is back from hols next week so should be able to look in to it02:48
randomusr_edd_, did the installer say anything about requiring a particular version of glibc?02:48
Dr_Willissmw:  from a legal point of view. they may not be able to include it anyway... (legal things are always so illogical)02:48
undecimTommy3: Maybe specifying "root=" on the command line with your root filesystem will help02:48
smwDr_Willis, fluendo has a OEM section02:48
randomusr_edd_,  I think there's some command like whatrequires or something to determine missing deps02:49
Dr_Willissmw:  but does it actually include dvd.. or is it just other codecs. :)02:49
randomusr_edd_, anywho, good luck02:49
smwDr_Willis, looking02:49
undecimTommy3: For example, if your root partition is /dev/sda, add "root=/dev/sda1" in grub02:49
=== harrisonk is now known as harrisonk_zzz
edd_randomusr_, Thanks dude. Think this needs someone at the keyboard to fiddle!02:50
Tommy3undecim: all I can do is start up with live cd or boot and get the busybox.  I can access the sda1 drive using the live cd, but dont know what to fix.02:50
smwDr_Willis, he is thinking about making a quick script that gives a disclaimer and lets the user install it02:51
Tommy3undecim: when I have live cd running I can run the disk management tool. That shows the drive and it shows that it has the boot point   (*) on sda102:52
smwDr_Willis, for some reason you are prompted to download codecs. With dvds, you are not told what the problem is.02:53
Dr_Willissmw:  totem has always been weird that way.. one reason i use VLC :)02:53
smwDr_Willis, vlc also needs libdvdcss...02:53
Dr_Willissmw:  if you are lucky it does download the codecs ..02:53
Tommy3undecim: I said it was scsi.. it is sata.02:53
Dr_Willissmw:  last i checked it was built in.. but i rarely play comercial dvds02:53
smwDr_Willis, last I checked, it wasn't...02:54
ilovefairuzwho was asking about MAC spoofing in NM? it's called "Cloned MAC address"02:54
smwDr_Willis, someone asked about it here a while ago. And when he installed it it worked.02:54
Dr_WillisI dont even have any comercial dvds handy to test.02:54
smwDr_Willis, nor do I. I pirate anyways. No need to deal with css :-P02:54
sacarlsonTommy3: what version of ubuntu are you working with?02:55
Dr_Willisbut i do recall using vlc on a windows system that wouldent play dvds with WMP.. but that may of auto-installed  the dcss stuff.02:55
Tommy3sacarlson: 10.04 LTS02:55
sacarlsonTommy3: new install?02:55
smwDr_Willis, I don't know. It could be that ubuntu intentionally does not compile it in.02:56
smwDr_Willis, I don't have a windows system handy to test it on...02:56
Dr_Willissmw:  that also may be the issue.. i always use vlc from various PPA's02:56
sacarlsonTommy3: I see above it's an upgrade02:57
jangellapt-get remove apparmor  ...i feel much better now02:58
Tommy3scarlson: I was thinking it might be running some startup thing to finish the install and failed.02:58
Tommy3scarlson: I had a sata drive stop working once before. dont know if this is the same problem.02:58
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor02:58
Tommy3scarlson: Yes.  allowed upgrade to run last night and that got it.02:58
jangellEryn_1983_FL: and you're referencing that .. why?02:59
sacarlsonTommy3: can't you try boot the older kernel at boot with grub holding the shift key at boot?02:59
ilovefairuzjangell: why03:00
jangellilovefairuz: because I don't have hte time to figure out why it's so damn restrictive with mysql and file limits03:01
Zeu5hi there, i need to type some chinese characters in poedit. how do i do that in ubuntu?03:01
Tommy3scarlson: shift on reboot brings up the same message.  devadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured03:01
Tommy3scarlson:gave up waiting for root device.03:01
genpfaultfigured it out03:02
genpfaultos-prober wasn't seeing my other disks because they still had dmraid "pdc" signatures on them03:02
genpfault"sudo dmraid -rE" fixed the problem03:02
sacarlsonTommy3: that's weird.  well you can try lines 3 - 6 of this and see what that does http://paste.ubuntu.com/487214/03:02
ilovefairuzjangell: you could disable mysql profile only if it's giving you that much headache, if this is just a development machine, don't bother03:03
Tommy3scarlson: thanks, will go read it.03:03
=== MintyTechno is now known as TechnoClone
ilovefairuzZeu5: system > preferences > keyboard > layouts03:05
MrPocketsWho is this guy?03:06
Zeu5ilovefairuz: okie. then?03:06
ilovefairuzZeu5: add the chinese layout and switch to it?03:06
kad__how to add user go group? i try useradd  <user> -g <group> ?03:07
Zeu5ilovefairuz: oh. erm. is there a way for me to use usa keyboard and then use pinyin to key in the chinese characters?03:07
Random832you'd have to use an input method03:07
siOuX_how i delete my less bar under gnome?03:07
Random832i don't know what the approved ubuntu input method is03:07
BiggFREEMy ext2 and ext3 cannot be read;  What is the problem ?03:07
Random832SCIM maybe?03:07
Random832Zeu5: ^03:07
kad__never mind worked03:09
ilovefairuzZeu5: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SCIM/Chinese03:09
BiggFREERandom832: ?03:09
Random832BiggFREE: was not talking to you03:09
ilovefairuz!who | Random83203:09
ubottuRandom832: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:09
Random832you'll need to provide more information03:09
siOuX_how i remove the less panel under gnome?03:09
BiggFREERandom832: oK03:09
Random832ilovefairuz: i did hilight him after with an "^" - and that factoid isn't an excuse for someone who's not being addresed to assume it's them03:10
Random832BiggFREE: what ext2 and ext3 are you talking abotu03:10
ilovefairuzsiOuX_: your "less" bar?03:10
BiggFREERandom832: On my sda103:10
Random832what error are you getting03:10
ilovefairuzkad__: useradd -a -G goupname username03:11
BiggFREERandom832: I forgot (When login my VM on VirtualBox03:11
ilovefairuzBiggFREE: then find the exact error message03:12
siOuX_ilovefairuz, i don't know how i write the word that i need, but the bar isn't the top bar in gnome03:12
BiggFREEilovefairuz: Ok03:12
ilovefairuzsiOuX_: you mean a secondary panel? right click and select "delete this pannel"03:13
ilovefairuzpanel **03:13
siOuX_this menu don't have focus, then i can't click in this03:14
ilovefairuz!screenshot | siOuX_03:14
ubottusiOuX_: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.03:14
kisukeok fishing for ideas here, what all would i need for a "cleaner" CD? so far i have clamAV, and GParted. any other ideas on wht i would want/need?03:15
Random832kisuke: what kind of "cleaner"?03:16
valbacakisuke, gparted should be sufficient03:16
PyjamaSpankI can't see how to stop Skype from loading upon login/startup, It doesn't show up under "startup applications"03:16
coz_PyjamaSpank,  check in the skype preferences  to see if it has a start up option03:17
kisukeRandom832: to clean up a borked OS, be it win or nix03:17
* Random832 would recommend an install cd03:17
Random832preferably a livecd so you can also use it to get your data out if you didn't have backups03:17
PyjamaSpankcoz_: It only has start-up minimized but that is unchecked anyway03:18
Random832eh be back later03:18
valbacakisuke, oh, I thought you wanted something to wipe a computer clean.03:18
siOuX_ilovefairuz,  when i click with right button the PrtScr don't work03:18
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps how is lucid going?03:19
Eryn_1983_FLyall got the kinks outa it yet?03:19
siOuX_ilovefairuz,  when i kill the gnome-panel, it reboot and start again.. i dont want that gnome-panel start again03:19
coz_PyjamaSpank,   ok  open system/preferences/startup applicatoins... click the Options button  and  see if automatically remember running applications when logging out is ticked03:20
Quantum_IonEryn_1983_FL, What kinks ?03:20
coz_PyjamaSpank,  i think that is still there let me check03:20
valbacaEryn_1983_FL, lucid has had a point release (10.04.1) that has helped with a lot of kinks, but I'm not sure exactly which ones you're referring to03:20
kisukeRandom832: install cd is kind of limited in what it can recover from, mainly just missing files or some harddrive corruption03:20
coz_PyjamaSpank,  if that is not ticked  close ALL applications and tick that box then log out and log in or restart03:21
PyjamaSpankcoz_: I've modified my search term and came back with some results. It says to apply it, then un-tick it. Like you just said. Many thanks for the guidance.03:21
coz_PyjamaSpank,  hope that works03:22
Zeu5thanks ilovefairuz and Random832 by some dumb luck i got it to work with ibus03:22
siOuX_ilovefairuz, i read in the help of gnome bar, and there have one information saying that i can't remove the panel when i have one03:23
ilovefairuzsiOuX_: do you have only one panel?03:25
SuperMigueldoes macbook pro still having issues with linux? where the power manager doesnt work very weel?03:25
siOuX_ilovefairuz, yeah03:25
ilovefairuzsiOuX_: so what secondary panel are you trying to move? do you have one on top and one on bottom?03:26
siOuX_i want remove all03:26
ilovefairuzsiOuX_: you can set them to autohide03:27
siOuX_ilovefairuz, that's ok ;)03:27
coz_siOuX_,  I know of several ways of doing this ...none are perfect however03:28
ilovefairuzsiOuX_: check Xfce, it's more flexible than GNOME03:29
JAMD456Can anyone help me, I recently installed Ubuntu and it has been locking up at times, refuses to resume from sleep and Gnome panel does not work correctly, buttons are missing and the network icon does not display the correct status03:29
coz_siOuX_,   here is a text file... I am warning you that i have not done this in some time so   understand  I catn gurantee   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/Gnome%20panel%20Remove03:29
siOuX_coz thanks03:30
ilovefairuzJAMD456: pastebin: sudo lshw03:30
JAMD456ok will do03:30
ilovefairuz!paste | JAMD45603:30
ubottuJAMD456: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:30
coz_siOuX_,  if you try this please keep the text file so you can reverse it03:31
JAMD456Ok here is the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/487582/03:33
ilovefairuzJAMD456: and make sure you have all the latest updates: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:34
JPetersonis there a repository that has libxmlrpc >= 1.11?03:34
ilovefairuzJAMD456: what's the model of your laptop?03:38
spdwDoes anyone know if oauth-python-twitter is being packaged for Ubuntu?  I've been using python-twitter with username/password up until today in my little terminal client I wrote.03:38
JAMD456HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC03:38
SuperMiguelany idea on why im getting this: http://pastevin.com/mTuNe7M203:39
BiggFREEilovefairuz: Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 as VM in VBox is still supporting the resolution 1024*768. Someone was asking about it some days ago. I found out the solution.03:39
SuperMiguelany idea on why im getting this: http://pastebin.com/mTuNe7M203:39
ilovefairuzJAMD456: what's the model number?03:39
JAMD456I am looking for it one second03:40
ilovefairuzBiggFREE: then paste the link here03:40
Royallis there a command that unrars every rar file in a directory (and subdirectories), in-place?03:40
malvare they going to make a better background for 10.10?03:40
JAMD456Correction dv6-2111sa03:41
bbigrasSomeone knows a tutorial to create a DEB when I got an install script provided with the sources?03:41
rwwmalv: better than 10.04? no, it's worse.03:41
=== veovis_muaddib is now known as Veovis_AWAY
malvi can agree that its currently worse03:41
malvthe other backgrounds are better though03:41
JPetersonis there a repository that has libxmlrpc >= 1.11?03:42
danes_hello, Im new to servers and I am barely starting. I want to know if it is possible to run ubuntu in live mode as if it would be a pc using a ubuntu server edition cd in a eserver x335?03:43
ilovefairuzJAMD456: lookes like the freezes are related to the broadcom wireless driver03:44
JAMD456are there any work arounds?03:44
ilovefairuzJAMD456: is there an entry for your broadcom card in system > administration > hardware drivers?03:44
JAMD456yes there is03:44
etherealitedanes_ The normal isos sure wont give you that option03:44
ilovefairuzJAMD456: is it enabled?03:44
JPetersonwhy do I get "Command line option 'i' [from -i] is not known" from "apt-get dpkg -i libxmlrpc-c3_1.16.07-1_amd64.deb"?03:45
BiggFREEilovefairuz: Just going in Sypnactic Package Manager and search (virtualbox-guest) and tick all highlight packages (except those ending by source and dksm) for installation and reboot. Then System/Preferences/Motitors and adjust it.03:45
danes_etherealite, well, is there something I could do?03:45
JAMD456ilovefairuz: it is03:45
ilovefairuzJPeterson: remove "apt-get" it's just dpkg -i03:45
Jordan_Udanes_: You would have to make your own remasterd iso, which is not trivial.03:45
BiggFREEilovefairuz: Just going in Sypnactic Package Manager and search (virtualbox-guest) and tick all highlight packages (except those ending by source and dksm) for installation and reboot. Then System/Preferences/Monitors and adjust it.03:45
ilovefairuzJAMD456: pastebin: lspci03:46
Jordan_U!remaster | danes_03:46
ubottudanes_: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility03:46
JAMD456ilovefairuz: ok03:46
Coded1what is the current status of playing Blu Ray / DRM'd video on linux?  building a HTPC want to know my options...03:46
BiggFREEilovefairuz: I cannot do more for now03:47
etherealitedanes_ you could try booting the normal desktop iso and installing apache to the ramdisk.03:47
JAMD456ilovefairuz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/487588/03:47
ilovefairuzBiggFREE: more of what? I'm not following...03:47
BiggFREEilovefairuz: Is there a better way of informing the users ?03:48
ilovefairuzBiggFREE: you could make a howto on ubuntu forums03:49
JPetersonilovefairuz: ok, thanks03:49
etherealitedanes_ also try resising your main partition on the server with gparted to make room for a test install03:50
Jordan_UCoded1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD03:50
danes_etherealite, well, I am having some problems since it is not similar to a pc, and I am doing my research...03:50
etherealitedanes_ by pc you mean windows?03:51
Blue1etherealite: pee cee03:51
danes_etherealite, not precisely I cannot find any option to boot from CD :S03:51
progre55hi guys! when you first ssh to a server, it asks if you want to add the server to the list of known hosts. How do you make it accept it by default?03:51
etherealitedanes_ server iso file doesn't have the option03:52
danes_etherealite, I am trying with a desktop ISO03:52
Blue1progre55: that's normal - but you can also do this:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=25203:52
progre55Blue1: thanks, I'll have a look now03:52
etherealitedanes_ is it the 10.4 release?03:53
danes_etherealite, yes03:53
etherealitedanes_ then its there, its called something like "try ubuntu without installing" or something to that effect.03:53
heizmannHi all03:53
thepittmanwhere are some good online resources to learn about linux OS's?03:54
danes_etherealite, thanks for your help, but I mean, I cannot find how to select the cdrom drive to boot first03:54
thepittmanits in your BIOS03:55
penguin_linux_10how is everyone ?03:55
thepittmanwhat BIOS do you have?03:55
progre55Blue1: well, it's about rsa auth. I've already done it.. but I was wondering if there's a switch in the ssh command that automatically accepts the server fingerprint without asking..03:55
etherealitedanes_ well that beyond the area covered by this channel03:55
thepittmani'm going penguin03:55
ilovefairuzJAMD456: unable to find a workaround, use a usb wireless stick if you have one03:56
ratdoggot this error...  Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found03:56
ratdogSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.03:56
penguin_linux_10has any one been " made fun of" since they use Linux?03:56
crohakonPenguins are cute...03:56
JAMD456ilovefairuz: Will do, do you have any recommendations?03:56
etherealitedanes_ your going to have to go to a channel thats dedicated to whatever hardware your using.03:56
heizmannA question concerning to the possibility to send periodicaly a message (probably a POST request, but I'm not sure) for ident my access of the web behind a "captive portal"03:56
heizmannHere's js requests:  http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-9609403:57
penguin_linux_10crohakon: yes, yes they are03:57
ilovefairuzJAMD456: i simply buy hardware with good driver support, mostly intel stuff03:57
thepittmani have punched Blue Force trackers because the run linux on the slowest possible system03:57
heizmann(I've got http headers too :) )03:57
JAMD456ilovefairuz: Ok thank you03:58
ilovefairuz!hardware > JAMD45603:58
ubottuJAMD456, please see my private message03:58
heizmannThank in advance for your help :)03:59
mobasher_ilovefairuz>> i thought amd was good at support for linux04:00
CycleGeekUpdated to Ubuntu 10.10 Beta. Is the libgirepository update suppose to install so many kde/qt packages and remove gnome packages?04:00
xangua!MAVERICK | CycleGeek04:00
ubottuCycleGeek: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:00
ratdogis it ok to purge this source, Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found04:00
ratdogis it inportant04:01
xanguaratdog: that ppa no longer exists04:01
ratdoghow can i purge it04:01
heizmannnobody has any idea to xolve my problem?04:01
xanguawith ppa-purge04:01
xanguaratdog: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/08/install-vlc-114-in-ubuntu-via-new-ppa.html04:02
ratdog ppa-purge http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz04:02
crohakonThe only thing cuter than a penguin is a broken window.04:03
heizmann:) I would send a msg via http, to automatise my connection across a captive portal. Please, nobody has an idea? (with curl for example?)04:06
disappearedngHey I am trying to reinstall my codecs, cause my video doesn't have sound. when I do a `sudo apt-get install --reinstall gstreamer*` I am getting this: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/257891/ any help?04:06
brunnerI installed Ubuntu on a thinkpad a few days ago.  All seemed to work fine, but now, when I boot up, grub loads, and it seems to start booting into Ubuntu, but I end up with a blank black screen.  Any ideas why this could be happening?04:06
brunnerI never hear the african drums or anything like that04:07
brunnerit seems to stop before the login stuff loads04:07
brunnerI just end up with a blank screen04:07
disappearedngbrunner: paste your xorg.conf ? if it's a blank screen probably your video driver is messed up did you do an update before you quit?04:07
brunnerdisappearedng: I guess I should get that by booting with a live cd?04:08
disappearedngum I would modify the grub menu and then boot into recovery console04:09
heizmann: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-9609704:09
disappearedngyou know how to do that?04:09
brunnerdisappearedng: no, but I'll google it and figure it out04:09
disappearedngand then what you normally can do, is to move xorg.conf to xorg.conf.bak, then reboot, and ubuntu will automatically figure out the best settings04:10
heizmann:-/ nobody for helping me to solve my pb?04:11
disappearedngI have no idea what you are trying to do04:11
brunnerdisappearedng: you're not talking about the recovery option in the grub boot menu, right?04:12
disappearedngI am talking about the recovery option in the grub boot menu04:12
brunnerheizmann: be patient, please.04:12
disappearedngwhen ou use that, you will be booted into a console04:12
brunnerdisappearedng: oh, okay.  that results in the same blank screen.04:12
heizmannbrunner ^^ sorry...04:12
disappearednghm, let me see04:12
brunnerheizmann: no worries.  also, it may help to ask a clear question, rather than just pasting a link, if you haven't already04:13
disappearedngbrunner: you tried getting into "recovery mode"??04:13
disappearedngand get a blank screen?04:13
brunnerdisappearedng: yes, I just tried again04:14
disappearedngok wait04:14
disappearedngI was diagnosing your problem with this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35790804:14
disappearedngbut if you can't even boot into your recovery mode04:14
disappearedngit means that it might be something fundamentally messed up04:14
disappearedngtry booting with liveCD04:14
disappearednggive the recovery mode a try 1 more tie04:14
brunnerperhaps so.  it's a relatively new install.04:14
brunnerlet me find an optical drive, as the computer I'm using right now doesn't have one04:15
heizmannbrunner :) okay, question is: how to send a request for a direct connection without using the "web page" (I'm connecting Internet behind a captive portal)04:15
heizmannbrunner maybe by using curl? :-| but I'm not sure04:15
brunnerheizmann: I don't really understand what you mean by a "request for a direct connection"04:16
brunnerheizmann: can you be more specific, and provide some context?04:16
disappearedngheizmann you know python?04:16
disappearedngi think he wants wget04:16
disappearedngor curl will work too04:16
disappearednguse curl04:16
heizmannbrunner sorry... :-/ no for Python...04:16
brunnerbut wouldn't the captive portal get in the way04:16
disappearednghe wants to "send a web request"04:16
disappearedngwhat's the captive portal04:17
brunnerheizmann: don't be sorry. I jut want to understand your question.04:17
brunneroh, a web request04:17
brunnerheizmann: if you're just trying to send an HTTP GET request, wget should indeed do the trick fine.04:18
pfifoWhen i try to install libgtk2.0-dev i get errors saying "unresolved dependencies" what dose that mean?04:18
brunnerdisappearedng: what should I do once I boot from the live cd?  I have windows installed on this laptop, as well -- could I do it from there if I install ext drivers in windows?04:19
Seven_Six_Twounity messed up my gnome. all of the menus (file, edit, view etc) for each program are in the panel like they are for mac. is there an easy fix? the menus are per program, and they're missing in the program window.04:19
heizmannbrunner the context: when I want to connect a Internet, I must use a browser, like firefox; I have to fill the fields like my login and password, and confirm the charter of Service.04:19
disappearedngbrunner: ok I am not really 100% sure with this, but I would liek to see what other people are saying as well. "So I would recommend you to mount your ubuntu parition and mv xorg.conf" NOTE THAT I AM NOT 100% SURE THAT's a good idea and I would really recommend you to ask for a third opinion04:20
disappearedngbecause that might seriosuly mess up your partition04:20
heizmannbrunner Saisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire.04:20
heizmannTraduction (français > anglais)04:20
heizmannI wish I could connect to the Internet without fulfilling this page in my web browser.04:20
FloodBot2heizmann: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
heizmannbrunner I wish I could connect to the Internet without fulfilling this page in my web browser.04:21
brunnerwell, worst case scenerio, I could reinstall ubuntu04:22
brunnerI just hate not knowing what went wrong.04:22
pfifoWhen i try to install libgtk2.0-dev i get errors saying "unresolved dependencies" what dose that mean?04:22
brunnerheizmann: You just need a script or browser plug in that fills in the info for you, then?04:22
heizmannbrunner yeah, but a script or a command like "curl blablabla" (cron would be suffer after that, because I'm regulary disconnected by the service)04:25
gogetawake up room04:25
cmeccahey all -- where/what is adding all of the Welcom to Ubuntu Server stuff to the default motd.. the sys information... the landscape ad etc04:26
cmeccaive removed update-notifier-common etc and gutted /etc/motd but no go04:27
cmeccakeeps coming back04:27
pfifoseriously, is the US repository down or something? I can install ANYTHING with apt-get04:27
MuscovyCould someone tell me how to make 'date' produce spaces? (ex: Month Day)04:27
Flannelcmecca: Have you checked /etc/update-motd.d/ ?04:28
pfifoMuscovy: 'man date' the manual has info on how to format it04:28
cmeccaFlannel: i purged update-motd package.. .should i delete the entire dir?04:28
=== SpyderZNC is now known as SpyderBite
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:29
Muscovypfifo: I read that, and the only thing I can see is %_m or something, but it can't be used with ordinary text, just the % vars.04:29
JPetersonwhat's the point of /usr/local?04:29
JPetersonrtorrent make install moved the exe to /usr/local/bin04:30
cmeccaFlannel: still w/ me? :P04:30
cmeccaor did you get split04:30
Flannelcmecca: Yeah, checking package contents04:30
pfifoMuscovy: put it in quotes '+ %m %d %Y'04:30
cmeccaFlannel: oh oh cool thanks :)  wondering if you get vaporized in the split is all F:04:30
llightI can't get into my synaptic04:31
MuscovyThanks pfifo, got it!04:31
llighteverytime I enter my password, nothing pops up04:31
fleadoes anyone here use ekiga.net sip?04:31
progre55hey guys, I was wondering if there's a switch in the ssh command that automatically accepts the server fingerprint without asking if I want to add it to the list of known hosts.. any suggestions, please?04:31
pfifois 10.04.1 considered unstable?04:31
cmeccaFlannel: i mv'd the directory not rm.. and it fixed the motd problem :)04:32
Flannelcmecca: Don't move the directory, just remove the stuff in it if you'd like.04:32
Flannelcmecca: Other packages might add things to that directory, etc.04:32
pfifohow come know one ever knows the answers to my questions?04:32
heizmann:-( sorry I was disconnected04:32
cmeccathanks guys04:33
heizmannbrunner sorry I was disconnected...04:33
divecks_Hey everyone.04:33
ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.04:33
Name141Will "Moonlight" let me watch stuff off of netflix stream ?04:34
Flannelpfifo: Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-cache policy libgtk2.0-dev && sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev`04:34
h4everhi, guys,  i setup a tftp service with xinetd, but it's only can be used by local user, when i try to get a file from another machine, it's just time out04:39
llightsynaptic packet manager won't open for me?04:39
h4everany suggestion?04:39
heizmannup: I wish I could connect to the Internet without completing the login page in my Internet Explorer (I'm behind a captive portal). I understand he had to send a query periodically, with "curl" for example. Someone there may be an idea?04:40
llightsynaptic package manager won't open for me?04:40
h4everi run a tcpdump on the server side , and i can see the request..04:40
pfifoFlannel, im sorry, something happened and my screen went black and the system locked up, can you press up a few times and tell me that command again04:43
sirninjahow can I install the proprietary broadcom wireless driver without an internet connection?04:44
llightsynaptic package manager won't open for me?04:44
llightsynaptic package manager the gui isn't displaying04:44
thoullight: try opening a terminal window (Applications ... Accessories .. Terminal), then type 'synaptic' and hit enter.04:44
thouit should give a notice that it is running without special privileges in read-only mode -- does that work?04:45
llightthou that worked04:45
llightthou: How come its not working from the menu04:45
thoullight: ok, next step:  quit that, and run:  gksudo synaptic04:45
thouit should ask you for your password, and then open synaptic with full privs04:46
llightthou: nothing came up04:46
thoullight: try:  gksudo -d synaptic04:47
thou(-d for debugging)04:47
JPetersonanyone used rutorrent?04:48
EvilPhoenixJPeterson:  no04:48
llightthou: it got me in that time04:48
JPetersonwhy are the settings ignored or forgotten?04:48
spocHow do I customized Gdm04:48
thoullight: hurm, that's weird04:48
llightthou: let me try from the menu again04:48
thouspoc: you are on lucid?04:48
spocyeah i am using lucid04:49
h4everany suggestion about the tftp question ??04:49
llightthou: Yea thanks, whatever you did now its letting me in04:49
nightshadehey, anybody here that knows how to hustle warez on the street?  I figured since everyone's doing it on the internet, nobody's looking for it in the actual world.  But, i can't seem to find the "crowd" that would buy it from me04:50
thouspoc: i think you can do it like this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9068333#post906833304:50
llightAnother question, I want to burn a .avi file onto a DVD. I can't seem to get it done with linux04:50
Flannelpfifo: Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-cache policy libgtk2.0-dev && sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev`04:50
thoullight: i don't think i did anything....04:50
EvilPhoenixoyi ops!  nightshade is in violation of channel policies!04:51
thouh4ever: sorry, i'm not so good w/ that question, good luck tho04:51
wbiesingHi all.  I'm having some issues with Dell's Hardware RAID controller, Ubuntu 10.04, Dell T3500.  Is this the right place to ask?04:51
nightshadesorry, but i can't find a channel where it would be relevant.  (And my xchat crashes when i try to switch servers)04:52
MaRk-I!warez > nightshade04:52
ubottunightshade, please see my private message04:52
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  anything relating to warez is not discussed publicly on freenode04:52
h4everthou:   :)04:53
nightshadewell, can somebody tell me how to stop xchat from crashing when i try switching servers?04:53
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  try disconnecting first then switching servers...?04:53
Bm10anyone having problem with update to 10.04 lts04:53
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  or open multiple server tabs04:53
llightI get an error all required applications and libraries are not installed?04:53
heizmannup: I wish I could connect to the Internet without completing the login page in my Internet Explorer (I'm behind a captive portal). I understand he had to send a query periodically, with "curl" for example. Someone there may be an idea?04:53
chris_osxnightshade: why are you asking that on #ubuntu?04:54
nightshadeactually, it crashes when i try to list channels04:54
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  thats because you dont do /list on freenode04:54
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  lrn2use alis: /msg alis help list04:54
heizmannHere's js functions: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-96094 and the HTTP headers to send: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-9609704:54
Random832what is an alis?04:55
EvilPhoenixRandom832:  something existing on freenode... to search channels.04:55
nightshadewell, after i switched to efnet, first i tried the dialog, which made it crash, then it also crashed when i did /list04:55
zimkehey all, I'm looking for some help installing ubuntu to an external drive04:55
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  because efnet also has an insane long list of channels04:55
Random832EvilPhoenix: why not just overload the /list command with parameters?04:55
EvilPhoenixnightshade:  it crashes because it overloads04:55
Random832undernet oes it i think04:55
sreerajAm i connected?04:56
EvilPhoenixRandom832:  because this isnt undernet04:56
chris_osxsreeraj: seems so04:56
Random832but my point is, why a separate service process?04:56
IdleOneRandom832: ask in #freenode what the logic was04:56
trollboyis there an easy way to append txt to each line, and then append something else to the end of each line in a txt file?04:56
Random832i don't care that much04:56
trollboyI thought sed did something like that04:56
Phantom27I have a binary file that I want to know how to install04:56
Random832trollboy: you can do sed s/$/blah/04:56
Trailmixdoes anyone know where I can find a driver for a netgear wna3100 that works with ndiswrapper?04:56
sreerajHey, at my college it is not showing the update to 10.04. why it is so?04:56
sreerajIs there anyway to play AOE2 in linux?04:57
nightshadewell, i tried installing a console irc client like ircii, but now i don't have a handy list servers and a search dialog to find a channel04:57
mtx_initsreeraj: wine04:57
bilalhy can anybody tell me how to access modem?04:57
sreerajnot possible04:57
thouzimke: i think you might want to use the alternate install cd -- i just got that to work installing to a pre-made LVM partition, so it's pretty flexible in its manual partitioning.04:57
trollboyRandom832, what well sed s/$/bleh/ do?04:58
thouzimke: i guess you'd then just install grub to the MBR of the external disk; at the end of the install process it asks you for where to put grub, and it would be something like /dev/sdb, i guess04:58
wbiesingHi all. I'm having some issues with Dell's Hardware RAID controller, Ubuntu 10.04, Dell T3500. Is this the right place to ask?04:58
zimkethou: so I'd need to use the installer on the alt install cd and not the live cd?04:58
Random832trollboy: it will add stuff to the end of each line04:58
Phantom27Can anybody help me install a perl script04:59
thouzimke: i'm not positive that it's impossible from the live cd installer, but i found the alternate installer much easier to use for manual partitioning04:59
trollboy"blah" being what its adding?05:00
zimkethou: I havn't spent too much time working with the live cd installer, but its not even recognizing my external. I'll try out the alt installer. thanks for your help!05:00
Phantom27Am I even posting?05:00
IdleOnePhantom27: we see you05:00
thouzimke: good luck!05:01
thoutrollboy: yeah05:01
illmortalAnyone know a good distro that's pretty bare? I have an OQO (micro hand held PC) and I will primarily use it for playing music and surfing the net.05:03
IdleOneillmortal: try ##linux05:03
Trailmixillmortal, is slack still around?05:03
mtx_initDSL maybe05:03
llightAnother question, I want to burn a .avi file onto a DVD. I can't seem to get it done with linux?05:04
Spaztic_Oneillmortal: Also, before you get too far into it, might want to check into your wireless nic. Might cause a major hassle for you.05:04
llightAnother question, I want to burn a .avi file onto a DVD. I can't seem to get it done with Brasero?05:04
IdleOnellight: try gnomebaker05:04
llightidleone: Ok05:05
APERSONwould it be safe if I did a sudo aptitude pure -deb? ?05:05
thouQuestion:  i have a trackball, and am trying to get EmulateWheel in evdev to work.  I had it working fine in Arch Linux; the right stuff is showing up in Xorg.3.log; and xinput list-props "Logitech USB Trackball" shows that EmulateWheelButton stuff is set.  but it has no effect.  paste of xorg.conf, etc., at:  http://friendpaste.com/5goKAdlqGGPrL4HIGzZxq805:05
illmortaloh.. DSL looks promising05:05
IdleOneAPERSON: pure?05:05
APERSONIdleOne, d'oh: sudo aptitude purge -dev?05:05
Spaztic_OneI need to set a custom keyboard shortcut, particularly for adjusting the brightness of my display. I need either the command for doing such, or where I can locate it (and maybe other useful commands as well)05:06
IdleOneAPERSON: you want to purge all the -dev packages?05:06
APERSONIdleOne, yes05:06
IdleOneAPERSON: if they are installed they are probably needed05:06
thouSpaztic_One: you can find what the key code is by running xev05:06
APERSONIdleOne, I installed a bunch with build-deps, and can't seem to find a way to purge them all easily05:07
thoufocus the xev window, and press the key05:07
thouthen you can add shortcuts the usual way - if you're using regular ubuntu, then probably via System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts .. Add ..05:07
IdleOneAPERSON: hmm I'm not sure but sudo aptitude purge *-dev , could cause some apps to not work anymore though05:08
Spaztic_OneIts not detecting the keystroke for one, and two I need to know what the command itself is05:08
APERSONIdleOne, what would need a dev package?  I'm not compiling anything right now05:08
thouSpaztic_One: xev doesn't show anything when you press the key?05:08
Spaztic_Onethou: I'm using a laptop and the function key combinations don't all seem to work.05:09
illmortalSpaztic_One ya.. it seems that Linux in general does not like Broadcom 4318 wireless cards -.-05:09
thouSpaztic_One: oh, ok.  what laptop? you may need some driver for it.05:09
APERSONIdleOne, ok, howabout, how can I reverse an: aptitude build-dep pidgin05:09
keroro_10Hello! Does anyone have any idea how I could enable the wireless drivers on my new HP Mini 110? I installed 10.04-netbook remixed and everything works great except the wireless :-(05:10
Spaztic_Onethou: Compaq presario CQ50. Also, some of them do work as intended, but it may just be a fluke.05:10
Spaztic_Onethings like the volume and mute, as well as the play/pause and skip track all work05:10
mneptokkeroro_10: connect it via a wired connection and go to System > Admin > Hardware drivers05:11
Spaztic_OneAnd using the pseudo number pad just flat out behaves in a bizarre manner.05:11
heizmannHere's js functions: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-96094 and the HTTP headers to send: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-9609705:11
heizmannup: I wish I could connect to the Internet without completing the login page in my Internet Explorer (I'm behind a captive portal). I understand he had to send a query periodically, with "curl" for example. Someone there may be an idea?05:12
Spaztic_OneSuch as it doesn't get recognized by random programs, or for certain things in specific programs. Dwarf Fortress for example.05:12
keroro_10mneptok: Searching for drivers… Says there are no drivers available (Help - Close)05:12
trollboyok, so I used Random832's sed command to add txt to the end of each line of my file05:12
trollboyabout about to add it to the beginning?05:12
keroro_10(I installed it in french so I hope I opened the right app…)05:12
thoutrollboy: use s/^/blah/05:12
thouSpaztic_One: hrm, sorry, i'm not finding anything....05:13
Spaztic_OneHmm... well, if the xev program doesn't detect a keystroke, then I can't use that.05:14
albuzHi, I just installed Ubuntu 10.10b... how do I rename my computer? It's something like albuz-desktop05:14
keroro_10mneptok: that's the icon that looks like a PCI card with a lock on it, right?05:14
rwwalbuz: Maverick support and discussion in #ubuntu+1, not here, please.05:14
Spaztic_Onerww, I'm using 10.04 and I would also like to know how to change the name of my laptop05:15
albuzoh sorry05:15
avi_How can I see a list of my installed PPAs, outside of the Ubuntu Software Center?05:15
saganbyteHi, how do I install a software which has a file called install-sh?05:15
Spaztic_OneI typoed and haven't been able to fix it >.<05:15
rwwubottu: tell Spaztic_One about hostname05:15
ubottuSpaztic_One, please see my private message05:15
IdleOneAPERSON: sorry I stepped away for a moment, I don't know the answer to your question.05:15
Spaztic_OneThank you.05:15
valbacasaganbyte, chmod +x install.sh && ./install-sh05:16
thoutrollboy: http://sed.sourceforge.net/sed1line.txt05:17
valbacamakes it executable, then runs it05:17
saganbytevalbaca, thanks man!05:17
saganbytevalbaca, i get - ./install-sh: no input file specified.05:18
Spaztic_Onerww, if sudo may misbehave during the name change, and sudo is required to open the files for editing... how do I change both of them?05:19
thouvalbaca: i think the install-sh is a red herring05:19
valbacasaganbyte, can you tell me the software so I can take a look?05:19
thouvalbaca: do you see a file called 'configure' there?05:19
rwwSpaztic_One: edit /etc/hosts first and give it entries for the new hostname /and/ the old one05:19
Spaztic_OneAh, ok. Thank you.05:20
thousaganbyte: do you see a file called 'configure' there?05:20
saganbytethou, yes there is one05:20
etherealitewhy does this sudo config directive not work? %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL05:20
thousaganbyte: ok, this is probably a source package.  so you have to compile it first, then you can install it05:20
saganbytethou, i see05:20
thousaganbyte: you must have development tools installed first; then you probably run:  ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install05:21
valbacasaganbyte, you can also just sudo apt-get install codeblocks (if you haven't already tried)05:21
saganbytevalbaca, oh yes of course05:21
saganbytethou, i ve just installed libtool05:22
saganbytethou, maybe i ll need some more05:22
thousaganbyte: yeah, probably you will; you can apt-get install build-essentials to start with05:22
raj_hey NK you there?05:22
saganbytethou, ok05:22
thousaganbyte: but ... be prepared for a fun evening's worth of learning ;-)05:22
* valbaca watches thou take it nicely from here :)05:23
saganbytethou, that is exactly the objective :)05:23
saganbytethou, i m not a C/C++ programmer... just installing this thing i got from a linux magazine to learn installing from src05:23
Spaztic_Onerww, and I would assume a restart is required? if not, what is the command to reload the hostname?05:24
rwwSpaztic_One: I think so, yes. I haven't done it in a while, can't remember.05:24
osirisis there a seperate netbook channel ?05:25
Spaztic_Oneok, thank you.05:25
rwwosiris: no05:25
raj_NK you there?05:25
etherealitewhy does this sudo config directive not work? %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL05:25
valbacahi! | YourRuler10105:25
raj_hello YourRuler10105:25
YourRuler101hey raj!05:25
YourRuler101found ya05:25
YourRuler101i had to install xchat05:26
raj_YourRuler101:  cool okay now lets soft this out05:26
raj_YourRuler101:  oh i thought it came preinstalled on ubuntu :S mybad sorry05:26
Flanneletherealite: Are you in the admin group?05:26
YourRuler101its alright i figured it out.05:26
osirisso how the heck do you mount a samba share in netbook 10.04, other than via cli and the whole mess05:26
raj_YourRuler101:  you come here for your ubuntu support :) okay  now go to the terminal and type: lspci05:26
saganbytethou, after trying to configure , i get stuff like checking for g++... no checking for c++... no, etc... should i install these individually?05:26
raj_YourRuler101:  after you do that copy and paste the output in pastebin.org  and give me the link so you dont flood the chatroom05:27
etherealiteFlannel yes I am admin:x:114:etherealite05:27
pfifoFlannel, sorry, i hope your still here, lets try this once more05:27
Flanneletherealite: If you type 'groups' are you in admin?05:27
Flannelpfifo: Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-cache policy libgtk2.0-dev && sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev`05:28
thousaganbyte: g++ is part of gcc package05:28
fryananybody help me?05:28
saganbytethou, ok05:28
valbacaask! | fryan05:28
etherealiteFlannel etherealite sudo www-data video pulse pulse-access admin kvm libvirtd05:28
Flannelfryan: It's best to just ask your question, and if anyone knows, they'll answer.05:28
YourRuler101one sec xD05:28
pfifoFlannel, http://pastebin.com/9bEzKRVp05:28
Flanneletherealite: Alright.  If you switch %admin for your username, does it work?05:28
FlannelNew Design: The boot process is cleaner and faster. New themes, new05:29
Flannelicons, and new wallpaper bring a dramatically updated look and feel to05:29
FloodBot3Flannel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:29
fryanhow to connet windows mobile on ubuntu 10.1005:29
etherealiteFlannel do I have to logout to test it?05:29
YourRuler101Raj: when i type in pastebin.org it dont load the page05:29
DasdaI need your help guys, would really appreciate some advice. I need to get a laptop for school, I am just wondering whether I should get a cheap $500 laptop like a acer/gateway or even dell inspiron for $600. Or on the other side, should I get a Lenovo for $1000?05:29
mmcrHi, I'm interested in adopting a package and I need a little bit of orientation. I've been trying to contact certain people but I haven't been able. Anybody here that might help? I'm looking for an app based on python. Thanks!05:29
Flanneletherealite: Nope.05:29
pfifoFloodBot3, no u, Flannel is allowed to flood05:29
raj_YourRuler101:  its www.pastebin.org05:29
DasdaI know my question is not ubuntu related but I dont know any other place to discuss computers05:30
thouQuestion:  i have a trackball, and am trying to get EmulateWheel in evdev to work.  I had it working fine in Arch Linux; the right stuff is showing up in Xorg.3.log; and xinput list-props "Logitech USB Trackball" shows that EmulateWheelButton stuff is set.  but it has no effect.  paste of xorg.conf, etc., at:  http://friendpaste.com/5goKAdlqGGPrL4HIGzZxq805:30
fryanhow to connet windows mobile on ubuntu05:30
fryanhow to connect windows mobile on ubuntu05:30
YourRuler101Raj: Unable to connect to Data base05:30
raj_YourRuler101:  or try www.pastebin.com <<< another site05:30
Flannelpfifo: Alright, please pastebin the output of: `apt-cache policy libgtk2.0-0 libglib2.0-dev libpango1.0-dev libatk1.0-dev libcairo2-dev`05:30
Flanneletherealite: What command are you trying to run (to test if it's working) by the way?05:31
raj_YourRuler101:  submit it and give me the URL from the address bar after you submit05:31
etherealiteFlannel /etc/init.d/apache2 start05:31
valbacaDasda, can I pm you?05:31
fryanFlannel: can u help me pls?05:31
DasdaValbaca: ofcourse05:31
pfifoFlannel, http://pastebin.com/2c8ZLbCP05:31
YourRuler101Raj: http://pastebin.com/csbg57Fx05:31
Flanneletherealite: You need to use sudo (sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start), the sudoers thing will allow sudo to function without the password, but you still need the sudo.05:32
raj_YourRuler101:  thank you gimme 1 sec to look at it05:32
etherealiteFlannel I did prended 'sudo' to that command05:32
etherealiteFlannel *prepend05:32
Flannelpfifo: Alright, at some point in the past you had lucid-updates enabled, do you know why you disabled them?05:33
Flanneletherealite: And what did it say about it? (what error?)05:33
thoufryan: sorry, i don't know how to help you with that.05:34
fryanokay thanks thou05:34
raj_YourRuler101:  you are on a laptop? its integrated intel chipset not ATI sorry i was wrong ..05:34
raj_YourRuler101:  let me find something for you05:34
tucemiuxanyone knows how to place a volume icon on the panel that will show me the volume level???05:34
YourRuler101raj_: its alright, and yes..... dell inpiron05:34
etherealiteFlannel it made me type a password05:34
YourRuler101raj_: k i will wait05:34
pfifoFlannel, i disable anything related to updates on my parents machine cause they cant do that, and just update them when ever i come around (were working on that box with this issue)05:34
mmcrHi, I'm interested in adopting a package and I need a little bit of orientation. I've been trying to contact certain people but I haven't been able. Anybody here that might help? I'm looking for an app based on python. Thanks!05:35
raj_YourRuler101:  do you boot in low graphics? and does compiz work?05:35
YourRuler101umm idk never tried xD05:35
YourRuler101raj_: i will try hold on a sec05:35
X_Tech__how install flashget in ubuntu05:35
raj_YourRuler101:  okz ..05:36
Flannelpfifo: Alright, well the issue comes from the fact that at one point -updates was enabled, and you have some versions of things from -updates which aren't playing well with things from plain 'lucid'.  If you re-enable -updates and do the instlal, you should be fine (this won't force you to do all of the updates, by the way)05:36
Flannelpfifo: also, if the internet is the issue, you might try downloading the 10.04.1 alternate CD and bringing that to their computer to upgrade from.  It'll make you up-to-date as of a few weeks ago.05:36
YourRuler101raj_: i tried to open it but nadda05:36
shaw1337Hi all do we have an openoffice channel ?05:37
Flannelpfifo: (of course, if it's just bandwidth in general, and not on a particular computer, the alternate CD will likely be larger than just downloading the updates)05:37
YourRuler101raj_: Wait NVM it opened xDD05:37
pfifoFlannel, i didnt realize that thing would NOT update if you turned the updates off. I just installed 10.04.1 with the i386 desktop cd. No they have fast internet (but a crap machine)05:37
Flannelshaw1337: #OpenOffice.org05:37
thoutucemiux: happens by default in regular ubuntu -- should show up in the system notifications icons area05:38
etherealiteFlannel didn't work05:38
Flannelpfifo: Well, it'll update from whatever repositories it has.  If the repositories never get updated (because -updates and -security are turned off) then you won't ever have anything to upgrade to.05:38
thoutucemiux: i'm not sure which app does it, though -- i think it's part of pulseaudio server05:38
etherealiteFlannel this doesn't work: etherealite ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL05:39
raj_YourRuler101:  did it work ?05:39
YourRuler101raj_: CompizConfig opened.... i believe that is what you were looking for?05:39
tucemiuxthou, its not working on my ubuntu, what's the name of the icon that normal ubuntu uses?05:39
raj_YourRuler101:  no i meant go on your desktop > right click > properties > visual > and put effects on05:40
thoutucemiux: Indicator Applet 0.3.705:40
pfifoFlannel, why isnt -updates and -security listed in the software sources gui?05:40
raj_YourRuler101:  i wanna see if compiz loads at all05:40
tucemiuxthou, speak no more!  At one time I used to have pulseaudio and then I purged it, now that I remember -- the volume applet is one of those items that disappeared, thanks for the info05:40
Flannelpfifo: They should be.  Are you on the right tab?05:40
raj_YourRuler101: tell me if you get any screen effects at all ..05:40
thoutucemiux: if you use xubuntu, there's an applet you can add to the panel, too05:41
=== luke-jr_ is now known as luke-jr
pfifoFlannel, no im not05:41
Flannelpfifo: The "updates" tab: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/2-software-sources.png05:41
YourRuler101raj_:when i right click desktop, there is no properties option05:41
Flanneletherealite: Is that command at the end of your sudoers file?05:42
Tibmandoes anyone know of any good video editing software?05:42
tucemiuxthou, i use pulseaudio, I dont think I wake to wake up that monster purgeaudio, ill stick to gnome alsamixer, thanks for the help!05:42
tucemiuxthou, i meant to say -- i use ubuntu studio -- youre giving me flashbacks o_O05:42
thouTibman: i've used blender for it -- it's a 3d animation package, but actually has a pretty good video sequencer too05:43
Tibmanthank you thou05:43
thoutucemiux: good luck ;-)05:43
intel_how install flashget in ubuntu05:43
etherealiteFlannel I wanna allow sudo with no password for all commands.05:43
thouTibman: caution, the interface is dissimilar to most programs, takes a bit of practice05:43
intel_how install flashget in ubuntu05:44
Tibmangoto ubuntu software center and type in flashget05:44
Flanneletherealite: Is the NOPASSWD line at the end of your sudoers file?05:45
etherealiteFlannel I see now that it wasn't gonna move it down and retest05:46
Flanneletherealite: Or is there another (non-comment) line after it05:46
intel_Tibman.....it doesnot work.....05:46
Tibmanthanks again, you all are life savers, have a gnight05:46
Tibmanintel, type in flash05:46
etherealiteFlannel I moved it down, it appears to be working now. Thanx a bunch!05:46
thouintel_: looks like it's not available on linux.  but see http://willysr.blogspot.com/2008/03/flashget-on-linux.html05:46
thouintel_: so you have to install wine, and then run the flashget installer .exe via wine, etc.05:47
thouintel_: http://www.winehq.org/05:47
intel_i have installed wine05:47
Flanneletherealite: What happens is if you have something later on in the sudoers file that applies, the last thing takes precidence05:47
Tibmanthou, type in wine into the ububtu software center05:47
Tibmanthen use wine to download and install the windows version of flashget05:48
intel_how do u do that05:48
Tibmandownload the windows version, the open wine and install the download05:49
thouintel_: if you're lucky, you download the exe to your desktop, then run:  wine ~/Desktop/name-of-installer.exe, and you get a launcher in your Applications menu05:49
thouQuestion:  i have a trackball, and am trying to get EmulateWheel in evdev to work.  I had it working fine in Arch Linux; the right stuff is showing up in Xorg.3.log; and xinput list-props "Logitech USB Trackball" shows that EmulateWheelButton stuff is set.  but it has no effect.  paste of xorg.conf, etc., at:  http://friendpaste.com/5goKAdlqGGPrL4HIGzZxq805:50
etherealiteFlannel I just saw that in the comments of the config file... sigh I guess sometimes I should read those. I have another problem though, can't change my default app for opening .mp3 files in nautilus. How can I change?05:50
=== zero is now known as Guest68148
adelcampoetherealite, right click on an mp3 file and there's a tab to change what it opens with05:55
adelcampoetherealite, click on properties or something05:55
Mike_Fliphi, I'm having trouble getting a microsoft optical usb mouse working. I get these messages with tail -f /var/log/messages new low speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 4 and configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice but it doesnt work any hints?05:56
etherealiteadelcampo Oh hell yes!05:58
thouMike_Flip: i don't know what i'm talking about, but maybe this will help:  udevadm monitor -e; then plug in your mouse and see what it reports05:59
thouMike_Flip: i assume you're using lucid05:59
Mike_Flipyes Lucid06:00
Mike_FlipUDEV  [1283490044.631128] add      /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:03.0/usb2/2-2/2-2:1.0 (usb)06:01
thouMike_Flip: it's odd, it should just work....06:01
FloodBot3Mike_Flip: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
Mike_Flipmeant to put that on one line06:02
=== Wi1d is now known as Wi1d_
Mike_Flipwhen I unplug I get more including ID_MODEL=Microsoft_3-Button_Mouse_with_IntelliEye_TM_06:04
etherealitethou I have the same problem as Mike_Flip06:04
Mike_Flipso it seems to recognize it06:04
thoudoes one of the stanzas show something like DEVNAME=/dev/input/mouse106:05
mouseI have a question about booting from usb.  The college I go to has their bloated windows with all it's typically slow programs.  Plus it has a network boot thing that only makes it even slower.  I took a usb to class since it would be faster to boot from that instead but the bios is set to boot from usb and CD last and the bios is password protected.  Is there any way I can boot from my usb or cd aside from removing any hard drives and ne06:05
mousetwork connections?06:05
thouMike_Flip: huh.  i don't know how to fix it, but mine has that, and then several other stanzas.  i'll paste it for you.06:07
heizmann_Hello, I've a question concerning to the sending of a post-request (bypassing a active portal). Here's js requets: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-96094 and this is HTTP headers which are captured when I'm logging: http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-96100 any suggestions? :) thanks in advance06:07
thune3mouse: some/many bios have a boot hotkey to select boot device at startup. is this locked out with password too? (i've never locked a bios so i don't know)06:08
thouMike_Flip: just so you have something to compare it to -- sorry i don't know how to fix it...  http://friendpaste.com/3YZzseFDdOOStZNQvCpplU06:08
thouMike_Flip: (that was me unplugging, then re-plugging, my trackball mouse)06:08
RyielHey guys, how safe is it to resize my ext3 partition cause i need more space on the windows partition?06:09
mousethune3, Yeah on most of the newer bios it's the esc key.  I tried that first and when it looks like it's about to go into the bios it just reboots the computer and you're back at the bios again.06:09
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
mouseErr when it looks like it's about to go into the boot menu.06:09
Mike_FlipI get the same thing i think but with my device06:10
etherealitethou my ms mouse works, its just dog slow06:10
Mike_Flipmouse depending on the IT staff at your school you could ask them06:11
thune3mouse: i can't think of any other way, if you know model and/or motherboard maybe you could find that another key gives boot menu. sry or ^^^06:11
Mike_Flipor if your school has computer courses the profs may know something06:11
mouseMike_Flip, Actually that day an IT guy just happened to be there and I asked him about it but he started going into the speech his school pays him to say and I just tuned him out.06:11
thousaganbyte: did you get it to work?06:12
* warlockscript shouts good morning06:12
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:12
crohakonmouse, the computers at your school are setup so that people cannot do what you are wanting to do.. and for a reason. ;)06:13
warlockscriptnagwawala: halo06:13
mousecrohakon, You mean they love control because of self esteem issues and having a lack of it in the other areas of their lives?06:14
thune3anyone know how to get ubuntu to NOT set the hardware clock?06:14
Arrickhey, how to I boot ubuntu server to allow only 16 bit to run?06:14
Arrick16 bit video that is, for a virtual pc 2007 install06:14
saganbytethou, yes :)06:15
etherealiteArrick your xorg config06:15
crohakonmouse, or they need to control traffic and the spread of virus on an antiqued network that is accessed by a bunch of know it all kids that in reality know just enough to cause damage? ;)06:15
Arricketherealite, yeah, I have to be able to get into it to do that though, cant figure out how to get to a terminal to change it06:15
etherealiteArrick select the recover options on boot06:16
crohakonmouse, I know... I hacked this sh*t out of my old high school network back in the day... ;)06:16
mousecrohakon, Well if that's the case, then why let people use IE or use the norton av if they're so concerned about their computers' security?06:16
Mike_Flipand they probably get funding or huge discounts to make all their students use softwares x and y06:16
Arricketherealite, what are the key strokes, I cant see anything on it06:17
crohakonmouse, because IE comes standard on the computer and norton is good at sweet talking morons into think it is useful.06:17
etherealiteArrick either that or mount the drive volume and change the default run level to 1 instead of 206:17
mehranhuHello Guyz06:17
thouok, good luck everyone, later.06:17
mousecrohakon, Then there's a reasonable possibility that someone who wants to boot from usb will do far much less damage than the owners of the computers themselves?06:18
Arricketherealite, I dont see any of these options on the install screen06:18
T-CoDoes someone have problems using USB peripherals in 10.04 with ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo?06:18
sebsebsebmouse: Most  Educational Establishments  have idiots in charge of the IT, and so its Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office06:18
mehranhuI am new to this forum06:18
Mike_Flipon the plus side your school might be part of msdn  getting you access to free or cheap software06:18
mehranhui am having some problem related U-Boot06:19
etherealiteArrick, oh  so your booting from the iso?06:19
crohakonmouse, I never said that possibility does not exist... As sebsebseb stated.06:19
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:19
mousesebsebseb, Oh God I hate office.  We're supposed to be using access in that class.06:19
Arricketherealite, yeah, im booting from iso06:19
sebsebsebmouse: ah yes Access06:19
neddluddnzsebsebseb: working in a windows environment at work, people seem to enjoy a comfy microsoft enterprise hug filled with certainty :P06:19
T-CoDoes this: http://pastebin.com/FPyHe7P106:19
sebsebsebneddluddnz: hug?06:19
mehranhuSomeone will help me please ??06:20
Mike_FlipI have problems using USB peripherals in 10.04 with acer aspire 500006:20
sebsebsebmouse: and if you were to try to get them to use something else,  they would probably be like no,  business don't run those apps06:20
crohakonI actually like word 2007/2010 more than openoffice.... but I do not like it enough to have windows installed at home. ;)06:20
T-CoAnd then i.e. when trying to copy pictures from my DSLR it takes forever to start copying and then hangs all of a sudden (would indicate the same problem, disconnecting in the middle of copying)06:20
JohnFluxmehranhu: you didn't actually ask anything06:20
neddluddnzsebsebseb: not literally.  microsoft provides a simple, comfortable experience06:21
sebsebsebmouse: or maybe they would install say a better browser for example, but only for the  IT department, for example06:21
etherealiteArrick, so you see nothing but black from the beginning?06:21
T-CoJust wondering if there are some known bugs in the USB Subsystem06:21
Arricki see the initial install screen06:21
Realcoolguy_I've taken a real liking towards Abiword, and have used it for a long time.  There's something about NOT having my cursor auto-matically jump around everywhere and the program attempt to number things I don't want numbered that is refreshing.06:21
neddluddnzsebsebseb: Im not even allowed Firefox or any alternative software on our win7 standard operating environment:P06:21
Arricketherealite, one sec06:22
sebsebsebneddluddnz: Microsoft provide an OS that technically isn't that good, but, because of the amount of market share it has, most apps for a PC run on it, and also, because of that, thats what most computer users are used to06:22
neddluddnzRealcoolguy_ : I hate the same thing!06:22
Blue1Realcoolguy_: I use abiword.  really like it.06:22
Mike_FlipI've found the IT guys cool. but limited by the higher ups06:22
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:22
crohakonneddluddnz, I was surprised when a friend of mine that manages a wendy's informed me that they use openoffice. They still use windows and outlook though...06:22
sebsebsebneddluddnz: and yeah most OEM pre installs Windows, because of how things are06:22
mousesebsebseb, Actually the teacher just came out of the database field for x amount of years and she said how limited access is and I asked if it's obviously not the best choice then why are we learning it and she kinda fumbled with her words for a minute and went into a speech about how it's a great stepping stone and all that.  I think microsoft is paying these schools to teach their students to use M$ products so they'll be dependant on t06:22
neddluddnzsebsebseb: exactly. and because its ONE environment its possible for a microsoft sales person to say' we can give you ONE microsoft experience.06:23
Blue1neddluddnz: does that include....nvm06:23
crohakonmouse, I do not doubt that for a minute.06:23
mehranhufatload mmc 0:1 0xc0000000 system.img i am trying to read system.img from SD Card. At the moment my uboot downloads it from USB06:23
Realcoolguy_crohakon, office seats often times cost more than Windows seats depending :)06:23
neddluddnzsebsebseb: yes we use SCCM so it automagically installs win7 then even as an admin are blocked from programs. Its so fustrating to have ie8 take 9seconds to load ads on pages06:23
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:23
sebsebsebmouse: well yes, they even give away a lot of their apps to students for free now,  I guess get them locked in when young, and many will still use Microsoft products when old06:23
neddluddnzBlue1: nvm ??06:23
Blue1neddluddnz: never mind06:24
RudyValenciaWhat's the fourth number in "linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic-pae" mean?06:24
RudyValenciaI know 2.6.32 is the kernel version06:24
Mike_Flipya my school I could actually download free copies of MS software from msdn because of the schools friendliness with MS06:24
neddluddnzBlue1: I know what nvm is but dont get what you mean.06:24
Arricketherealite, I get http://imagebin.ca/view/ZBN5ET.html06:24
Blue1RudyValencia: good question...06:24
Arrickheya RudyValencia long time no talk06:25
mousesebsebseb, It's like we're in the streets of new york.  M$ says, "The first one's free kids."06:25
mehranhusomeone please tell me how to read system.img from SD Card ??06:25
sebsebsebmouse: also as an IT teacher at one of these places,  the person may not personally like the app, but will still have to teach it, because that's what they were told to teach06:25
gelanLucid UNR stuck at the CLI prompt - sudo service gdm restart nor startx helps.  I notice a flicker for checking battery state and drops back to CLI. Any thoughts?06:25
Blue1neddluddnz: I was wondering if that included free lubricants.06:25
Mike_Flipdidnt stop me from installing things on my network drive06:25
crohakonsebsebseb, SO true. At the local community college here if you take any class relating to computers you get free access to almost ever piece of MS software.06:25
sebsebsebmouse: I kind  of typed that wrong in a way,  being clear, I am not a paid IT teacher,  would be awesome though for opensource/freesoftware and what not, but can't just do that06:25
mehranhuattend Please I need your Help . Please tell me how to download system.img from SD Card06:25
sebsebsebcrohakon: yep vender lock in06:26
Blue1sebsebseb: that's what I hate about apple06:26
etherealiteArrick did you try F4 modes?06:26
crohakonmouse, I remember testing out of a basic internet/computer class in college... the test was centered around IE7 menus and outlook menus. At the time I used firefox and thunderbird. It was a big WTF moment. Any person with really knowledge of computers taking the test would not be using IE and outlook. I passed, but only because I guessed good.06:27
sebsebsebBlue1: Microsoft is only software for the vender lock in, Apple is the hardware as well06:27
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:27
mousesebsebseb, Yeah seriously.  That would be a much more practical use of time and funds.  Teaching people how to function without dependencies to a failing company.06:27
mehranhuattend Please I need your Help . Please tell me how to download system.img from SD Card06:27
mehranhuattend Please I need your Help . Please tell me how to download system.img from SD Card06:27
Arricketherealite, there are only 4 options, and none are "Safe graphics Mode" like you used to have to do to load the OS, and then get to a shell to change xorg.conf06:27
mehranhusomeone help me please06:28
sebsebsebmouse: well not enough of us yet, that want Educational Establisments and business, to use a load of opensource/freesoftware instead of propritary software06:28
Arrickmehranhu, please be patient and dont spam the channels with repeats, someone will answer you eventually06:28
sebsebsebmouse: as well as home users06:29
etherealiteArrick use the console mode06:29
mehranhuok Arrick06:29
mousecrohakon, It's like that with all the schools now.  They all require office web browser plugins.  It's insane.06:29
Blue1sebsebseb: plus draconian DRM06:29
Arricketherealite, thats what I thought I was asking about, how do I get to it?06:29
sebsebsebBlue1: whats draconian?06:29
Mike_Flipactually at my school there was a separate lab for students who know what they are doing that had multiboot and vmware less network restrictions etc06:29
mehranhuI am new here first time joined so dont know the nature of forum06:29
Blue1sebsebseb: apples drm policy - draconian = extreme06:29
=== jangell_ is now known as jangell
Arrickmehranhu, typicaly practice is to ask, then wait at LEAST 10 minutes before asking again.06:30
Mike_Flipdrm encourages users to piracy cuz it works better06:30
Blue1sebsebseb: drm = digital rights management06:30
sebsebsebBlue1: yes I know what DRM is06:30
crohakonmouse,  I am a linux user who fixes windows machines for people... I don't understand why anyone would use these thing besides ignorance. I have been working on one laptop tonight that is so infected I have been doing scans for over 8 hours and still finding crap... talk about insane.06:30
sebsebsebcrohakon: uhmm06:31
etherealiteArrick what are all the modes listed when you press f4?06:31
Realcoolguy_crohakon, it's really fun when you have variants that keep inviting their friends over to 'play' on the computer06:31
Blue1crohakon: shoot it and put it out of it's misery06:31
sebsebsebcrohakon: get the OS clean installed then?  to make sure malware is gone properly06:31
Arrickcrohakon, thats because as a windows tech, you cut your losses at 1 hour, backup the machine to a clean machine, and then image the machine06:31
mehranhuarrik, OK Thanks06:31
mousecrohakon, Damn is that my grandparents' PC?06:31
Mike_Flipwell the industry support for microsoft is the main one and user ignorance is the other06:31
sebsebsebcrohakon: also you could probably get some people to dual boot, with Ubuntu or another Linux distro, and take it from there06:31
crohakonsebsebseb, Blue1, mouse, I thought about just installing ubuntu on it and seeing if the people noticed. ;)06:31
Blue1i switched my folks over to linux over a year ago -- wasn't painless, but it's way more stable then win xp06:31
Arricketherealite, I'm trying the one that said "Install a minimal virtual machine" right quick06:32
sebsebsebMike_Flip: indeed06:32
mehranhuattend Please I need your Help . Please tell me how to download system.img from SD Card06:32
Arrickits funny, but at one time my sister was scared to let anyone touch her computer because she was dead scared of losing her linux install crohakon, said she didnt want to pay for it again lol.06:33
Hounddogcan i actually downgrade the kernel? my problem is i need to install something that requires an older kernel up to 2.6.2506:33
sebsebsebArrick: pay for it?06:33
kaniinihow can I resize primary partition in ubuntu with gparted?06:33
sebsebseb!ask | kaniini06:33
ubottukaniini: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:33
Arricksebsebseb, yeah, she worked for a bank and they charged her for a copy to learn the backend on lol06:33
mouseSeriously I don't see what the problem is with booting from USB.  The school has norton ghost on all of their machines anyways so what's the point other than to maybe prevent the user from installing a new os.06:33
crohakonI just wish ASUS would start shipping their laptops and desktops with Ubuntu installed.06:33
sebsebsebkaniini: to resize your Ubuntu partition use gparted on the Live CD06:33
Blue1kaniini: you'd need to boot off a live cd to do that.06:33
ActionParsnipmehranhu: did you install wubi to an SD card? Your question smells like wubi..06:33
gelanLucid UNR stuck at the CLI prompt - sudo service gdm restart nor startx helps.  I notice a flicker for checking battery state and drops back to CLI. Any thoughts?06:34
sebsebsebArrick: oh?06:34
kaniinik. damn...06:34
crohakonmouse, does the machine have a CD drive? And if so, why not a live CD? ;)06:34
Realcoolguy_mouse,  is this k-12?  often times in the USA anyway, they have legal concerns that are part of the problem.  Filters etc.06:34
sebsebsebcrohakon: ideally OEM's should offer distro choice,  not just Ubuntu06:34
ActionParsnipkaniini: you can resize in the livecd as the partitions all need to be unmounted. Ensure backups are sufficiently recent BEFORE you start playing06:34
Blue1Realcoolguy_: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:35
kaniiniActionParsnip: k. thanks06:35
Arricksebsebseb, yeah, I laughed so hard it wasnt funny, the bank was using a suse version, about 6 years ago06:35
Realcoolguy_Blue1, uh I'll get right on that...?06:35
seekwillsebsebseb: There's too much choice already: Windows or Linux06:35
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:35
ActionParsnipgelan: read: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:35
mousecrohakon, Because the bios is locked and booting from cd is just above booting from usb.  Realcoolguy_, No it's college.06:35
sebsebsebseekwill: not quite,  since  most computer users don't even know about Linux,  they  think PC =  Windows and Mac =  whatever that runs06:36
jimisrvroxHey guys im in sore need of an alternative to the disgusting software known as Adobe Flash...it is just terribly slow and my wife is getting on my case...and ive had enuf of the Windows rant from her...unfortunately an upset Ubuntu user (my wife)...06:36
sebsebsebseekwill: I mean they think a Mac is rather differnet to a PC06:36
seekwillsebsebseb: Yep...06:36
kaniinicould I use what ever distro i have currently as an image file?06:36
kaniiniie. Linux Mint06:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:36
sebsebsebkaniini: a virtual machine?06:36
seekwillsebsebseb: There are a few places selling Ubuntu, but still06:36
ActionParsnipHounddog: if you can find the debs for it then you can install any version of kernel06:36
crohakonjimisrvrox, funny, I have no issue with flash on my machine. Maybe a hardware update?06:36
kaniinisebsebseb: for the partition resizing06:36
gartrali know that it's possible to use broadcom cards as a ap repeater.. how do i use that?06:37
sebsebsebkaniini: ok to re size the Ubuntu partition06:37
Blue1jimisrvrox: http://www.google.com/chrome/  (html5)06:37
crohakonseekwill, yeah... like DELL hehe06:37
etherealitedoes /etc/udev/rules.d/somthing.rules still work?06:37
sebsebsebkaniini: you need a program that can re size your partition, which program doesn't really matter, and you will need to be booted from a CD to do it06:37
jimisrvroxBlue1: no Google products....cant stand Google..06:37
gelanActionParsnip, Nothing out of the ordinary in Xorg.0.log06:37
Blue1jimisrvrox: understand but that's the best that's out there atm06:38
saravanany body from california06:38
ActionParsnipjimisrvrox: you can add a dri section in xorg.conf can make it nicer. There is also /etc/adobe/mms.cfg (I think its mms.cfg) you can add to make flash nicer06:38
gartraljimisrvrox: no android for you!06:38
kaniinisebsebseb: ok. thanks. i'll try Mint for that. hopefully it has gparted on it06:38
Blue1saravan: I used to be, does that count?06:38
crohakonBlue1, agreed, chrome is so quick.06:38
sebsebseb!california | saravan06:38
jimisrvroxcrohakon: well im running Ubuntu...but I know that there is one but unfortunately did not document it when one person explained to me about the alternative06:38
brett_Raj_:you there?06:38
sebsebsebsaravan: #ubuntu-us-ca  I think is the channel for california users06:38
nowimprovedi keep typing du -sh * /etc/httpd/logs, and it says 0k06:38
nowimprovedi want to see how much space its using06:38
sebsebseb!language | nowimproved06:38
ubottunowimproved: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:38
=== brett_ is now known as Guest83814
mneptoknowimproved: logs are kept in /var/log06:39
ActionParsnip!ics | gartral06:39
ubottugartral: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php06:39
sebsebseb!loco | saravan06:39
ubottusaravan: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams06:39
ActionParsnipnowimproved: run: df -h06:39
Blue1crohakon: seen this:  http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com06:39
saravanBlue1, see pm06:39
mneptokActionParsnip: du is what (s)he wants06:39
ActionParsnipnowimproved: for just the folder you can use: du -h /etc/httpd/logs | tail -n 106:40
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crohakonjimisrvrox, http://ubuntuguide.net/lightspark-an-alternative-high-performance-free-flash-player06:40
saravanhey any one help me my audio volume is not working properly06:40
thune3i want ubuntu to NOT set the hardware clock. any suggestions?06:41
ActionParsnipsaravan: check all sliders are maxed and unmuted in gnomes interface as well as alsamixer in terminal06:41
mneptokActionParsnip: except apache logs *are kept in /var/log like everything else*06:41
intel_nothing helps guys06:41
nowimproveddu -h = 0k06:42
mouseSo basically there's no way to boot from usb or cd if they're both set to last in the bios and the bios is password protected?06:42
mneptoknowimproved: du -h /var/log/apache2/access.log*06:42
ActionParsnipsaravan: could also try alsa 1.0.23 from the ppa06:42
nowimprovedbut its clearly not, as for my language...uh>?!06:42
saravanActionParsnip, dude im getting very low sound output that i cant hear properly06:42
nowimprovedmneptok, i realize that I want to see how much space the folder is occupying06:42
intel_have any of you guys installed flashget in your U-1006:42
mneptoknowimproved: du -h /var/log/apache206:42
ActionParsnipintel_: what's it do?06:42
pfifoHai guise, Whats going on in here?06:42
intel_don't shoot arrow in air06:42
saravanActionP, what dude i didt get u06:43
ActionParsnippfifo: support for ubuntu06:43
nowimprovedmneptok, it says 0k06:43
etherealite"/set beep_when_window_active ON"06:43
etherealite"/set beep_when_away ON"06:43
etherealite"/set beep_msg_level MSGS NOTICES DCC DCCMSGS HILIGHT"06:43
FloodBot3etherealite: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:43
intel_it is a downloader06:43
ActionParsnipsaravan: tab complete nicks. Check alsamixer then check the alsa ppa06:43
nowimprovedmneptok, it won't even display with that command, I've been using linux for 8 years, thought I was missing something, guess not06:43
intel_a famous download manager06:43
ActionParsnipintel_: not heard of it06:43
crohakonmouse, good luck hacking your school network. To bad it is not the days of Novell ;)06:44
ActionParsnipintel_: is it for downloading youtube vids?06:44
saravanActionP, where to check im new to ubuntu06:44
sebsebsebcrohakon: Days of Novell?06:44
intel_Action......search the net u will get tons of link for that06:44
mneptoksebsebseb: please do not instigate offtopic chatter06:45
mneptoksebsebseb: you should know better06:45
mehranhuattend Please I need your Help . Please tell me how to download system.img from SD Card06:45
ActionParsnipsaravan: https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/%2Barchive/unstable06:45
intel_and the use of it as well06:45
crohakonsebsebseb, hehe I got you in trouble ;) Novell Networks... my old highschool used to use it. It was easy to break. Goodnight06:46
ActionParsnipsaravan: check alsamixer first before adding that06:46
jjohnsoni miss novell, so simple so easy and could be emulated on linux using mars_nwe06:46
mousecrohakon, Well thanks for the help anyways.  I didn't think there was a way to get past that.  I should just let it go since... you know... I wouldn't know where to start...  <.<  >.>06:47
sebsebsebcrohakon: yeah I thought you meant Netware (or whatever it was called),  ok night06:47
saravanActionP, ok06:47
jjohnsonnovell netware 3.1.2 is what i worked on06:47
ActionParsnipIntel_: is it a generic downloader or just for youtube etc? I use the downloader built into the browsers I use and have no issue06:47
ActionParsnipsaravan: tab complete nicks dude. Type action then press tab. It will type ALL my nick for you06:48
j5098i'm on ubuntu 8.10 right now and trying to do an upgrade to 9.04.  it errors out because it can't fetch a lot of the jaunty packages.    is this just because it's so out of date?06:48
ActionParsnip!eol | j509806:49
ubottuj5098: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:49
saravanActionParsnip: wow thanks its workin dude06:49
saravanActionParsnip: hold on for a second will b back soon06:49
gelanUNR stuck at the CLI prompt - sudo service gdm restart nor startx helps. Nothing strange in logs. reinstalled ubuntu desktop and dpkg reconfigured it. Didnt help.06:49
pfifoFlannel, looks like all my packages are working perfectly now, your awesome06:50
ActionParsnipgelan: the Xorg.0.log will say why its bad. Did you upgrade to maverick by any chance?06:50
ActionParsnippfifo: you're. Your is for ownership06:50
intel_Boy it is for downloading everything and we can also pause it and start anytime we need to. So I want to download some huge files which is not possible in single day...and I have to Pause it and download it on later days...06:50
gelanActionParsnip, still in lucid. Xorg looks normal06:50
FlannelActionParsnip: This is #ubuntu, not #grammar06:50
pfifoActionParsnip, its ok i can use both, i speak american06:50
ActionParsnipgelan: its not or you'd get an x server. Read carefully06:51
heizmann_Hi all, anybody knows javascript request and so on? :)06:51
ActionParsnipFlannel: just trying to make the channel appear smarter. There is little excuse for poor grammar. It may help people explain issues clearer :)06:52
ActionParsnippfifo: its poor grammar. One is different06:52
FlannelActionParsnip: This is an international channel, not everyone is a native english speaker.  Please don't be elitist.06:52
ActionParsnipFlannel: I was only informing. Not condescending. No offence06:53
pfifoimma sue ActionParsnip06:53
gartralFlannel: this is public, friendly chat, don't be a hippocrit! :P06:53
ActionParsnipHi fryan06:54
Crusniktrying to figure how to use this thing.  how do i navigate to an anime irc chat?06:56
warlockscriptdarkhero: halo06:56
=== jangell__ is now known as jangell
pfifoCrusnik, /server irc.rizon.net06:56
ActionParsnipCrusnik: what client?06:57
Crusnikubuntu irc client06:57
ActionParsnipCrusnik: if you add it in your servers, it can connect automagically06:57
ActionParsnipCrusnik: there are many irc clients dude06:57
mehranhuattend Please I need your Help . Please tell me how to download system.img from SD Card06:57
ActionParsnipmehranhu: is this for wubi?06:58
q_a_z_stevehow do I check whether I've set an "internet host name" for my 10.04 server install? like "hostname" but for web server identity...06:59
pfifoq_a_z_steve, might want to try #ubuntu-server07:00
ActionParsnipmehranhu: if you don't answer questions to clarify the situation, we can't help you07:00
q_a_z_stevepfifo: good call.07:00
gelanActionParsnip, squinting thro xorg.0.log and comparing with an older log.Nothing odd. I'll look at it in greater detail later.07:00
ActionParsnipgelan: you could blacklist the driver you normally use to make the OS use failsafe vesa07:01
mehranhuActionParsnip; I was away07:01
gelanActionParsnip, will try that.  Appreciate your response.07:02
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:02
ActionParsnipmehranhu: is that a file which is part of wubi?07:02
mehranhuActionParsnin: i dont know about wubi i am  new to android development07:03
SunderphonWow, I just tried out nexuiz07:03
SunderphonI like :P07:03
ActionParsnipmehranhu: use tab to complete nicks dude :)07:03
ActionParsnipmehranhu: so its a file in the android OS?07:03
SkyNetMastermorning, how it is possible to display some post login message to the user after log in. Is there any tools for that?07:04
ActionParsnipmehranhu: if its on an SD card, mount the SD card then just copy it off like any other file07:04
mkatzgood time of the day07:05
mkatzI have a problem when installing 10.04.1  on my PC that previously had Fedora 1007:06
gelanhas any1 tried to boot win7 using Grub-1.98 with a statement like "insmod ntfs chainload (hd1)+1" in 40_custom.  I have a 3 HDD box at home and grub2 never boots win7. Always comes back to the grub2 menu. I can only get to win7 from BIOS.07:06
PresuntoRJ!hi | mkatz07:06
ubottumkatz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:06
mehranhuActionParsnip  : I mounted from SD card. my device boots from sd card and loads u-boot.bin, userdata.img and other such files from SD Card07:06
mkatzwhen I try to install I select "specify partitions manually" because I want to preserve my layout07:06
mkatzother than that all default options are used07:07
mkatzat the end of the installation it crashes with "ubiquity closed unexpectedly"07:07
ActionParsnipmehranhu: if you insert the card it should mount and popup in nautilus and you can copy the files07:07
mkatzseemingly, all the files are copied, but boot sector is not installed, because when I rebooted I fell into grub prompt07:07
PresuntoRJmkatz: do you boot from a different disk that is usually the C: under windows ?07:07
mehranhui want to write system.img (that is present at sd card) to nand flash07:07
mkatzPRJ: I do not have windows. The computer previously had Fedora 10.07:07
mehranhu<ActionParsnip>  sorry budy i cant tell you properly. I am talking about the installation of android07:08
mkatzwith grub and kernel 2.6.2707:08
kartheeHi .. I have a file of 98 GB .. How do I find the number of lines in that file ? certainly wc -l wont help as it takes away all my ram ? any other way ?07:08
harovalihi , I'm running jaunty jackalope in a machine , and something seems to have gone wrong today , when the graphics card started showing a very big font which difficults user operation. Here I posted lspci output and Xorg.0.log http://paste.pocoo.org/show/257904/  . The X screen is doing 800x600, while it was doing a fine 1024x768. The behaviour varies from one user to another one , the one I'm writing right now has 800x600 but the07:08
Ddordahey there guys. i'm trying to make a symbolic link into /var/www and for some reason it doesn't work. can i have your help please?07:08
ActionParsnipmehranhu: if you simply want a file off an SD card, its like no other07:09
Ddordai mean apache doesn't let me enter that link07:09
Blue1karthee: one file 98G?  what is it?07:09
PresuntoRJmkatz: ok, sorry... is it the "primary" disk to boot from?07:09
ActionParsnipDdorda: there may be a line in your apache conf to follow symlinks or not07:10
mehranhu<ActionParsnip>  Do you know how to Install Android ?07:10
PresuntoRJmkatz: what does $ sudo grub-probe tells?07:10
kartheeBlue1: its a jetty log file. .. i increased the log level for some time .. its size shooted up to 98 GB ..07:10
Jordan_Ugelan: Are you retooh on Ubuntuforums?07:10
ActionParsnipmehranhu: I know how to flash phones with new images. That's all07:10
mkatzPRJ: I am not at any prompt right now...07:10
Blue1karthee: well you can see the last few lines of the file with the tail command07:10
mkatzPRJ: there is only one disk in the computer and the /boot partition is /dev/sda107:10
gelanJordan_U, who?07:10
mehranhu<ActionParsnip>  my new Insllated Image hanged at here[    5.973496] [adb_function_enable] adb_function => (enabled)07:11
PresuntoRJgelan: is it the same disk as C: under win7? what does $ sudo grub-probe tell ?07:11
mkatzPRJ: and if matters, it is a primary partition, not logical07:11
Jordan_Ugelan: Someone who recently posted a similar question on Ubuntuforums.07:11
DdordaActionParsnip: can you be more specific? i have no idea what that line should be.. i check httpd.conf but it's empty file07:11
mehranhu<ActionParsnip>  I tries this "fatload mmc 0:1 0xc0000000 system.img"07:11
PresuntoRJmkatz: exactly like mine right now...07:11
kartheeBlue1:  I want to see the number of lines ..07:12
Jordan_Ugelan: Could you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?07:12
gelanJordan_U, I have the exact same problem as I think what you are looking at and I am using BIOS or grub4dos on it07:12
ActionParsnipmehranhu: i'd ask in an android channel. If you want data off an sd card I can advise but the intricasies of android are offtopic here07:12
Blue1karthee: wc is the only way I know sorry...07:12
mehranhu<ActionParsnip>  onenand erase a00000 470000007:12
kartheeBlue1: I thought sed/awk could help someway ..07:12
mkatzPRJ: so what can I do?07:12
eugeniohi sombady cuould helpme07:12
ActionParsnipDdorda: i'd ask in #httpd they may know a thing or 307:12
PresuntoRJmkatz: what does your partition topology and /etc/fstab look like ? are you using grub2? are you identifying the partitions by UUID ?07:13
Blue1karthee: still learning scripting sounds like you know more then I07:13
gelanJordan_U, Unfortunately, I am not on that machine.  I was just hoping someone had tried a straightforward chainload into the LBA 007:13
eugenioi have a proble whit cups07:13
ActionParsnipeugenio: without asking, nobody can07:13
kartheeBlue1: No problem ..07:13
mehranhu<ActionParsnip>  ok thanks i was thinking its u-boot problem bcoz when i loads system.img from USB its works fine but when i loads it from SD Card it hangs07:13
mkatzPRJ: I don't know. There are 12 partitions07:14
harovalihow can I reconfigure graphics card (ViaChipset)07:14
mkatzPRJ: 1,2 primary - /boot and /07:14
harovaliand reconfigure X monitor detection ?07:14
mkatzPRJ: 3 - primary, swap07:14
PresuntoRJmkatz: wow :D07:14
mkatzPRJ: 5-12 variouis stuff, /usr, /usr/local/ /var/ etc07:15
ActionParsnipkarthee: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/red-hat-31/fast-line-count-for-large-files-583991/07:15
mkatzPRJ: old school07:15
eugenioi can configure cups server07:15
bullgard4Ubuntu provides the kernels 2.6.32-24-generic #41-Ubuntu and 2.6.32-24-generic #42-Ubuntu. How does Ubuntu call the number 41?07:15
ActionParsnipharovali: boot to root recovert and run: sudo Xorg --configure07:15
ActionParsnip!details | eugenio07:16
ubottueugenio: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:16
ActionParsnipHi xsacha07:16
a3Dmanbullgard4, it's how many times that kernel got compiled07:16
PresuntoRJmkatz: no problem... but what have you kept from fedora there? or is it a fresh system only for Ubuntu?07:16
ActionParsnipharovali: will give a skeleton xorg.conf which you can pad out07:16
harovaliActionParsnip: you mean to select "recovery system" from grub ?07:16
ActionParsnipharovali: yes, recovery mode then select root07:17
mkatzPRJ: it is fedora, but I am formatting /boot / /var /tmp /usr07:17
bullgard4a3Dman: Yes. And what is its name?07:17
eugenio thanks07:17
harovaliActionParsnip: thanks , I'll try and come back07:17
eugeniose you07:17
mkatzPRJ: naturally I want to preserve /home and /usr/local and likewise07:18
PresuntoRJmkatz: is your etc under / pratition or apart ?07:18
mkatzunder /07:18
mkatzon my laptop that was a clean install from scratch I have similar configuration (11 partitions)07:18
mkatzthis is a standard non-brand PC, laptop is Dell E640007:19
PresuntoRJmkatz: can you get to a shell at all there?07:19
mkatzI can even boot into Live UI07:20
PresuntoRJmkatz: brilliant, could you verify what $ sudo grub-probe says?07:21
mkatzPRJ: no path or device specified07:22
tonysanI am running ubuntu minimal on VirtualBox, the terminal screen is pretty slow, how to deal with that?07:22
mkatzall my /dev/sda* are mounted as /target/ *07:22
saravanActionParsnip: ru der07:23
PresuntoRJmkatz: under the live, do you have the gparted installed? can you run it?07:23
mkatzPRJ: when I do sudo grub-probe /target I get 'ext2'07:23
ActionParsnipsaravan: sup07:24
mkatz /dev/sda2 is designated to be /. It is mounted as /target07:24
ActionParsniptonysan: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/ use that up until the embedded video07:24
saravanhey still volume out put is low dude07:25
saravanActionParsnip: and i have installed ubuntu 9.1007:25
mkatzPRJ: running gparted now07:25
ActionParsnipsaravan: all physical connections in ok with speakers and such?07:25
saravanActionParsnip: ya ok dude hardly i can hear the sound07:26
ActionParsnipsaravan: is the system a laptop?07:26
saravanActionParsnip: desktop07:27
ActionParsnipsaravan: ok then all I have left is to run: sudo lshw -C sound ,websearch for the product line to find guides07:27
PresuntoRJmkatz: does it have the expected topology? can you maually format the /boot in ext4 ?07:27
ActionParsnip!sound | saravan07:27
ubottusaravan: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:27
PresuntoRJmkatz: what is the size of your swap ?07:27
Jordan_Umkatz: Follow this guide to install grub from a LiveCD: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide07:28
Sargun_ScreenI have a battery in my Dell Precision M4400 and it is not charging07:28
Sargun_ScreenI tried a different battery, and it is not charging either07:28
ActionParsniptonysan: that should make the terminal use framebuffer and be smoother07:28
Sargun_Screenin acpi it says it's charging at 1 mA (slow)07:28
PresuntoRJmkatz: I am looking for know issues that had crashed ubiquity in the past... :-/07:28
mkatzPRJ: swap is circa 2Gb, like RAM07:29
saravanActionParsnip: *-multimedia07:29
saravan       description: Audio device07:29
saravan       product: MCP61 High Definition Audio07:29
saravan       vendor: nVidia Corporation07:29
saravan       physical id: 507:29
FloodBot3saravan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:29
ActionParsnipSargun_Screen: i'd ask in ##hardware07:29
saravan       bus info: pci@0000:00:05.007:29
mkatzPRJ: why would I need /boot in ext4? I need journaling there?07:29
tonysanActionParsnip: how to let it use framebuffer?07:29
ActionParsniptonysan: the link I gave tells you07:29
mkatzgpated opened and presenting partitions07:30
tonysanActionParsnip: reading, thanks07:30
PresuntoRJmkatz: not really, but it is the default ubuntu filesystem for now... you could try other type as well, but I use ext4 even on my server /boot07:30
PresuntoRJJordan_U: he does not even complete the ubiquity installation process... he does not have a running system to fix the grub yet07:31
ActionParsnipPresuntoRJ: is the install media ok? If ubiquity fails it doesn't sound good07:32
PresuntoRJJordan_U: feel free to help if you have clues on how to get by "ubiquity closed unexpectedly"07:32
tonysanActionParsnip: I don't need to install the VirtualBox's Addition, right?07:32
PresuntoRJActionParsnip: good idea.... not sure07:33
ActionParsniptonysan: for a terminal only system no unless you need sound07:33
Arrickok, with a minimal install of the current 10.* server, what is the default text editor?07:33
PresuntoRJmkatz: have you tested you media for errors before you tried to install it? there used to be an option on the boot menu before the live kicks in07:33
ActionParsnipArrick: vi or nano most likely07:33
mkatzthere wasn't the option :)07:34
tonysanActionParsnip: Thanks07:34
ActionParsnipmkatz: press spacebar when you see the stickman screen07:34
mkatzwhat a stickman is? I am in LiveCD Gnome session right now.07:35
Arrickhow to exit vi?07:35
randyrkellyhow do i remove a image from my boot loader07:36
mkatzAP: the file copying finishes fine, only the grub install fails, it seems07:36
Ichal_any indonesian07:36
PresuntoRJArrick: to save and close <ESC> :wq ... to close without save, <ESC> :q!07:36
saltedfish_!indonesian | Ichal_07:37
ubottuIchal_: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:37
kartheehi .. using sed can i remove the 2nd line of a file ?07:38
pfifokarthee, I dont think so07:39
PresuntoRJkarthee: if I remember, most sed if for line manipulation... you could try using cat, head and tail...07:40
mkatzany advice?07:40
=== Morpheus-3000 is now known as Morph3000|Gone
hobblehello all07:41
mkatzthe crash in /var/log/installed/debug is:07:41
mkatzOSError: [Errno: 21] Is a directory '/target/usr/local/man'07:41
mkatz(os.unlink(targetpath)) call07:41
mkatzI'll try telling him not to use /usr/local partition...07:42
hobbleI want to install xchat theme in ubuntu. it says I need to copy over the colors file to /home/username/.xchat2, but I don't know how to get there.07:42
guest0001how do I edit my login screen07:42
PresuntoRJmkatz: you said you were trying to keep your /usr/local ... maybe the privileges are for a different user number (mapped for root under your previous fedora)07:42
hobbleguest0001, administration > login screen07:43
=== flea is now known as Guest6990
PresuntoRJmkatz: try coping your /usr/local to a /home folder and formart it during the next install attempt...07:43
mkatzPRJ: they are for root, of course. Root manages /usr/local07:43
mkatzPRJ: I'll just tell ubuntu not to use it and mount it later...07:43
hobbleany help from anyone?07:44
PresuntoRJmkatz: but the ID of the users may differ from installation to installation, including the root... there could be something there that ubiquity is not able to overwrite07:44
guest0001i just want to edit the way my login screen looks07:44
PresuntoRJmkatz: could work...07:44
PresuntoRJmkatz: only error was under /usr/local/man ?07:45
mkatzI'll see fresh ones this time07:45
guest0001i guess i just have to change the theme07:45
mkatzinstall set off...07:46
PresuntoRJmkatz: sure :D let us know how it goes anyway07:46
hobblePresuntoRJ, can you help to get to the /home/username/.xchat2 location. I don't know how.07:46
ubottuGoogle Talk (GTalk) is an instant messaging program from Google. Currently, Google does not have an official standalone GTalk client for Linux, but supports connections from third-party clients such as !Pidgin and !Kopete | See http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html for more information07:47
Chr|sbummer :(07:47
Chr|sDoes Empathy have an option for gtalk? I haven't looked yet07:47
PresuntoRJhobble: how come?07:48
hobbleChr|s, yes.07:48
x-izzyhi chris07:48
hobblePresuntoRJ, to install a xchat there.07:48
PresuntoRJChr|s: yeap... really usefull and easy to setup07:48
hobblePresuntoRJ, but if you tell me the way with command thats okay too. but I prefer the graphical way.07:49
PresuntoRJhobble: it's been sometime i try to use xchat... there is a package for that... in the shell you can try $sudo apt-get install xchat ... both the synaptic and "Ubuntu Software Center" have the same package listed... once installed, most options can be set under the GUI...07:51
hobblePresuntoRJ, yes i know that. but how can I get to that location?07:52
bonksWhat's the command to view current cpu and memory usage?07:52
PresuntoRJstill, its a matter of opinion, the IRC work under empathy as well (the default client pre-installed with ubuntu)07:52
PresuntoRJhobble: sorry... I think I missid something in the translation... do you need help installing it, setting it up, or using it?07:53
mneptokbonks: top07:53
mneptokbonks: but install htop. it's far better IMO.07:53
pfifohobble press ctrl+h in nautilus to show hidden files07:53
bonksmneptok: oooh nice. htop looks perfect! thank you07:54
=== PsyTrance_ is now known as PsyTrance
ancantahi, i want to mv lets say file5 till file15 ...07:55
hobblepfifo and PresuntoRJ yes thats what I wanted. Ctrl + H :p07:55
hobblethanks to both of you.07:55
PresuntoRJhobble: :D07:55
PresuntoRJpfifo: thanx07:55
pfifoof course07:55
PresuntoRJhobble: now it makes sense... :-/07:56
pfifoancanta, mv file[5-15].txt somedir/07:56
* phychole here07:56
PresuntoRJ!hi | phychole07:57
ubottuphychole: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:57
mkatzbtw is there a way to seamlessly convert an ext3 partition to ext4?07:58
PresuntoRJmkatz: yeap07:58
mkatzi.e. without formatting it07:58
PresuntoRJmkatz: yeap still07:58
mkatzo! installation finished07:58
x-izzyneed help here07:59
x-izzyi m new to irc07:59
PresuntoRJmkatz: there is a little gotcha... the previous files in the partition wont be able to get all ext4 advantages, only the newer ones, after convertion07:59
mkatzI guess you need to add to installation instructions advice to disable all old partitions and remount them later07:59
phycholeanybody help me07:59
saltedfish_!ask | x-izzy07:59
ubottux-izzy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:59
industrialI want to edit files over SSH (a lot) and I need a good environment for it. Unfortunately I think my main editor (vim) just sucks at this. netrw is annoying and I'd rather have nautilus for managing files to open etc. if I use the gnome connect to (~/.gvfs) and try and drag a file into gvim then it won't open the file. This is annoying. How do I get to the mounted SSH tree with gedit?07:59
phycholehow to restore my ubuntu07:59
mkatzPRJ: oh, then it's not worth the try07:59
PresuntoRJ!details | phychole07:59
ubottuphychole: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:59
x-izzyhey i am lukin for this room irc.crimeirc.net08:00
mkatzindustrial: a robust way is emacs + tramp08:00
industrialmkatz: I don't fly with emacs unfortunately.08:00
PresuntoRJmkatz: I did get a new partition (from a new disk) formated to etx4, moves my /home there, on the livecd, edited my /etc/fstab, and got the full mounthy working... later the old partition was redistributed to the other folders08:01
Chr|sx-izzy that isn't a room, that is a link to a server for irc08:01
industrialmkatz: what is tramp, however?08:01
mkatzindustrial: a ssh plugin for emacs08:01
x-izzyhw do i get there?08:01
PresuntoRJmkatz: but the simple convertion also works...08:01
mkatzindustrial: supersedes old ange-ftp08:01
mkatzPRJ: less urgent for me right now08:01
Chr|sx-izzy: make a new server window then /server irc.crimeirc.net08:01
industrialmkatz: right now I am using SSHFS and AUTOFS but that's annoying to edit the config and restart the service just to mount some SSH dir08:02
Chr|s!irc | x-izzy08:02
ubottux-izzy: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:02
pfifoindustrial, why is the tree not in gedit? should be in the open/save dialog if it is mounted on your filesystem08:02
mkatzPRJ: install over, fine, thanks for your time, and please propagate this case to the knowledge base08:02
industrialpfifo: its mounted under ~/.gvfs afaik, and that tree viewer apparently cant see hidden files/dirs.08:02
x-izzyhow do i add it08:03
x-izzythats my prob08:03
industrialoh, it can08:03
Chr|sx-izzy: add it to what? please explain what you are trying to do08:03
industrialnever mind then ;o08:03
saltedfish_x-izzy, look at the menu Xchat > new > server08:03
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:03
pfifoindustrial, use mount with the --bind option to mount it in a more convient place, or use ctrl+h to show hidden files08:03
PresuntoRJmkatz: you could open a bug report in the ubiquity package, using the apport application, describing the expected behavior and what you had to do you work around it08:04
PresuntoRJ!bug | mkatz08:04
ubottumkatz: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots08:04
nadeemi want to ask about download managers in linux08:04
nadeemas i can see flashget or IDM is better and faster08:04
Chr|snadeem: go ahead and ask instead of saying you are going to ask :)08:04
Chris_PsychoSweet it's working... Uhm am I in the right place? Is this just a 'general' ubuntu irc channel?08:05
nadeemdo linux has a good download manager as IDM and flashget08:05
saltedfish_!ask | nadeem08:05
ubottunadeem: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:05
saltedfish_nadeem gnome download manager is gwget.08:05
pfifoi say we order a pizza, its looking like its going to be a long night08:05
mkatzPRJ: it's a disappiointment though that we don't have a direct upgrade from Fedora to Ubuntu08:06
x-izzyit just opens a plain window08:06
x-izzyso how do i add the server there?08:06
nadeemsaltedfish_ i didn try it but there is no multiple connection in it08:06
PresuntoRJnadeem: yeap, what do you need it for? under the GUI you could try gwget ! not installed by default but a simple command away... under the shell (CLI)  there is the wget and also curl ...08:06
nadeemso speed are limited08:06
Chr|sx-izzy: it shouldn't open a blank window08:06
Chr|sin the blank window connect to it /server irc.crimeirc.net08:06
Chr|sx-izzy: are yout rying to add it to your favorites?08:07
PresuntoRJmkatz: I hate to tell you, but that does not make any sense... its almost like you wanted a direct upgrade from Solaris to MacOSX08:07
x-izzyadd server tab is what i saw08:07
x-izzyand then it opens a <none>08:07
mkatzPRJ: it has any sense08:07
mkatzPRJ: preserve my /etc/ config and install the packages according to my RPM base.08:08
saltedfish_x-izzy,  type this   /server irc.crimeirc.net and press enter in new server window08:08
PresuntoRJmkatz: they are both linux, but the similarities pretty much end up there... different package control systems, different directory hierarchy, different security sub-systems, different ACL, ... the list goes on and on08:08
Chris_PsychoGuys I'm a bit new to ubuntu, and was wondering, would it be possible to make 'setup/install' files for software packages from the repository?08:08
mkatzPRJ: if you think Fedora and Ubuntu are as apart as Mac and Solaris it's a pity08:08
sinistergood morning everyone08:08
x-izzyu're the best08:09
mkatzPRJ: you overestimate the differences :)08:09
sinisterhave a question, and i done search the forum s for the past hour.08:09
pfifonadeem, i would look through the available firefox plugins, it wouldnt seem like you need a full fledged program for that unless your trying to limit ALL bandwidth, in which case we have the ULTRA powerful iptables firewall08:09
x-izzy10nks a million08:09
Chr|sI thought I said the same thing, I guess I have to be more specific next time :)08:09
x-izzycan we b friends and u teach me more about mirc?08:09
sinisterhow can i change the boot screen before the log in screen. I don't have grub because ubuntu is the only thing installed on this puter08:10
x-izzydn't know anything about it08:10
x-izzybut love it08:10
PresuntoRJmkatz: well, I meant, they are both unix, both System5, but as Ubuntu from Fedora, also different directory hierarchy, different ACL, different security systems, different package control system08:10
thune3Chris_Psycho: you want to download and compile software from ubuntu source?08:10
x-izzyjust started usin ubuntu08:10
saltedfish_x-izzy, !who08:10
nadeemthx guys for help08:10
pfifoasus never quits08:11
bazhang!ot | pfifo08:11
ubottupfifo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:11
Chris_PsychoUhm... I'm not sure what exactly that means but. Instead of using the ubuntu software manager or the apt-get from the terminal. Could you make 'setup' files for 'packages'?08:11
PresuntoRJmkatz: of course I do... the kernel is the OS, but the OS does not much without the programs to control it... those diferences end up basicaly on completely different /etc files in most cases... from syslog to shadow... including apache08:11
x-izzythanks for the tutorial08:11
Chr|s!ubottu | x-izzy08:12
ubottux-izzy: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:12
thune3Chris_Psycho: i'm still no following exacty. you can use checkinstall to turn software you compile into .debs that the package manager can install/uninstall and keep track of08:12
* Sargun_Screen is beginning to regret upgrading to 10.0408:12
sinisterhow can i change the boot screen before the login screen, I don't have grub or lilo, ubuntu is the only thing installed08:13
PresuntoRJmkatz: they are both great OSs, don't get me wrong, but really, not the same...for instance, even SuSE and Fedora, which both uses rpm for the programs, in most cases, you cannot use a rpm from on OS in the other... let alone a DEB file08:13
PresuntoRJmkatz: there are different goals in the various communities... they are not wrong, just different08:14
thune3Chris_Psycho: sorry, what you mean by "'setup' files for 'packages'" is not clear to me08:14
Chr|ssinister: try googling gdm2setup. Ubuntu 10.04 didn't implement boot themes to be loaded up by default08:14
Chr|sthat program is user made from ubuntu forums08:14
sinisterk i will thanxs chr|s08:15
Chris_PsychoThune3: Hmmm... Let me see if i can make an example. Say i just made a fresh install of ubuntu, and i want to install: Opera, Skype, and some needed 'packages'... Could i 'bundle' it into one 'setup file' and by double clicking on it, it would install everything? Just sort of like a regular installer file for windows?08:15
mkatzPRJ: yet, understand me, getting a list of installed RPMs and suggest installing equivalents is useful08:16
mkatzPRJ: as well as preserving the /etc configuration08:16
mkatznot as preserving files, but as configuration essense, rebuilding it accordingly08:16
PresuntoRJmkatz: most debian derivates work similarly, but even then, there could be a few differences... I know for a fact Tomcat for Debian wont work under Ubuntu and vice versa... there may be others packages as well08:16
thune3Chris_Psycho: you could just put the apt-get command in a simple script and make it executable.08:17
Chris_PsychoWhat exactly is a package? A software 'library'? Like a class file?08:17
PresuntoRJmkatz: that would be an interesting project for someone with skills on both scenarios to "translate" the differences into a coherent migration script...08:17
pfifoChris_Psycho, yes you can, but if your not familiar with how to build software for source you will be utterly confused with how to build your own packages with dpkg08:17
mkatzPRJ: the alienation between the communities is such that there aren't many people like that?08:18
Chris_PsychoWould that work without an internet connection? And somehow if you downloaded the specific files (tar/zip/bz2? files) and you made apt-get 'point' to them?08:18
PresuntoRJmkatz: I think I see a blueprint in the horizon08:18
PresuntoRJmkatz: one can only dream08:19
PresuntoRJmkatz: at least the source codes are still shared... ;)08:20
Chris_PsychoBut it is possible? Not that I want to build something like that myself. I'm just interested if it can be done.08:20
Chris_PsychoLike is the idea just not very practical? Sort of complicates things?08:21
Chris_PsychoJust thinking if there is an 'simple' alternative way to get software/packages without using a 'package manager/apt-get'?08:21
saltedfish_Chris_Psycho, what is more simple than package manager?08:22
pfifoChris_Psycho, a debian package is just a gzipped filearchive with a configuration file in it. You can make it add any file anywhere in the system, so basicly you could merge mutiple packages into one, but we dont do that cause have them all seprate allows you to install only what you need.08:22
Chris_PsychoOffline package manager?08:22
jk70Centos does something similar with RedHat.08:23
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: really, the package is the simple way... it solved most conflicts and get all the dependencies... I can only imagine the nightmare you could get doind it manually... I have been using Linux and Unix since 1994... unless the tgz is pretty well managed by a similar process that the package system (like BSD does with ports and packages) its just crazy to go back to sourcecode08:24
Hootchhey folks, i installed cron-apt on my system. Every run of cron-apt additional disk space will be used? it needs space without changes in packages ... how can i fix it or is it normal?08:24
Chris_PsychoI see....08:24
pfifoChris_Psycho, you can goto the ubunto repository and downlod all the package and burn them to a BDrom if you wanted, then install them anytime without internet, but in this day and age you can stay upto date and save your disks cause everyone is always connected08:24
pfifoBluRay Disk08:25
Chris_PsychoOh haha was about to google that...08:25
thune3Chris_Psycho: the normal recommendation for that is AptonCD https://help.ubuntu.com/community/APTonCD. i've never used it. you can take an updated system and propagate updates to offline systems.08:25
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: if you want to get the absolutely best performance people claim from compiling the code localy (instead of the general compilation from the binary downloaded) you could also use the src from apt ... the controls would still be there (for dependencies and other known issues)08:25
pfifoChris_Psycho, the repo is many many gigabytes, hundreds maybe even thousands of packages08:25
jk70Debian does it with DVD's ,so you can update offline.08:27
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: and the small price you pay is that you have to learn a little bureaucracy for the apt-get commands (under the debian umbrella, like ubuntu is) and get a pretty stable installation/deinstallation/upgrade/control system08:28
Chris_Psychopfifo: But only downloading the ones you want.08:28
Chris_PsychoPresontorj: You lost me...08:28
Chris_PsychoRegarding your "if you want to get the absolutely best performance"08:29
pfifoChris_Psycho, only the ones you want, and all of their dependencies.08:29
* Sargun_Screen thinks he has ANOTHER bad mobo08:29
Chris_PsychoDependencies are just packages required by other packages right?08:30
pfifoChris_Psycho, yes, basicly08:30
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho, pfifo: if you have a huge HDD and internet access, you can try apt-offline ... but the only advantage would be if you eventually end up in a giant environment where the download from the official repositories could be a problem... even then, you would need to upgrade your "mirror" regularly, and avoid changing the location for the security upgrades, and keep getting them from the official locations08:31
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: people claim that there is a marginal gain in performance when you compile the binary of every application locally, only using your installed libraries and totaly focused on you actual CPU, instead of a generic i386 target...08:32
Chris_PsychoCool... So are packages downloaded via the package manager all in source?08:32
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: the way Gentoo does08:33
Chris_PsychoI see... That wasn't really y concern so... But thank you :)08:33
Chris_Psycho*my concern08:33
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: yes, you could download the src with the package management system, apt-src, but it would take almos 3 days to compile apache2 and a few modules, instead of 2 minutes downloading it08:34
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: on a good and fast system08:34
crfwhat is tracker indexer doing when it indexes photos?08:34
pfifoChris_Psycho, debian packages can contain both percompiled binaries, or source code. Under normal operation you get precompiled binaries08:34
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: packages are usually binary, pre-compiled, unless you ask for the source instead, to compile locally...08:35
pfifoChris_Psycho, no not 3 days PresuntoRJ is exaggerating. Apache would compile in no more than an hour in a quad core machine, most packages take only a few minutes08:36
Sargun_ScreenPresuntoRJ: in some cases that can be very true08:36
Sargun_Screenin most, not so much08:36
ptDDevhow can i enable icons display in menus?08:37
PresuntoRJpfifo: the exageration depends on what is a good system, and what is a decent system... i do not own a quad system (yet) and even then, every report /i get, the advantages are usually marginal, and for some kinds of programs only (not every time) - even with -O2 enabled08:37
Chris_PsychoSorry get disconnected. Thank you for explaining!08:38
PresuntoRJSargun_Screen:  thanx08:38
PresuntoRJSargun_Screen: I will try compiling more often to update my concepts08:39
ptDDevgnome used to have a "menus and toolbars" setting somewhere, but i can't find it ubuntu 10.0408:39
PresuntoRJpfifo: I think Chris was disconnected during your last comments08:39
pfifoPresuntoRJ, the main advantage to compiling your own programs it to add useful features or remove useless ones, for example the ffmpeg package in universe dosen not support faad2 due to licensing terms, therefor if you want to make ipod videos you need to compile by source (however Im not sure if that is still the case in 10.04)08:40
PresuntoRJpfifo: can't you get the same result installing the faad2 package?08:40
pfifoPresuntoRJ, no08:41
PresuntoRJpfifo: I see08:41
mkatzpfifo: what keeps you from having a /usr/bin standard packages that some other utility may use and a /usr/local/bin your own tuned copy?08:41
PresuntoRJpfifo: did not know that, then again, I dont have an iPod08:41
jk70ptDDev,it,s right and left cliking the mouse now.08:41
PresuntoRJpfifo: never had to try it08:41
pfifoPresuntoRJ, its not a codec type of issue like most players, you need to specifically have enable support for it at compile time08:41
mkatzlike I usually have two perls in the system08:42
pfifoI make my oen php, cause i dont like the modular system08:42
PresuntoRJmkatz: the orther they are searched by the $PATH08:42
PresuntoRJmkatz: you get only the first one...08:43
mkatzPRJ: manipulate the path :)08:43
Chris_PsychoOh that reminds me, i installed xfce ontop of my ubuntu 10.04. (Though it showed I installed 'xubuntu' rather).. So anyway, when logging into the 'xubuntu' session, its allot slower? Any reason why?08:43
PresuntoRJmkatz: usually the ones under /usr/local08:43
ptDDevjk78: what do you mean? where?08:43
mkatzPRJ: if you are smart enough to compile, you're smart enough to handle path08:43
Chris_PsychoCompared to Gnome.. Specially firefox, scrolling pages just is not very smooth.08:44
PresuntoRJmkatz: of course... but only one "perl" will be available by default08:44
mkatzPRJ: I like in solaris, though, that gnu utuilities get 'g' prepended. So you can use gnu tar directly with gnutar, grep with ggrep etc.08:44
mkatzand tar, grep default to solaris utils08:44
mkatzPRJ: by default system-provided perl should be available for consistency.08:44
PresuntoRJmkatz: you could also set in the scripts, first line... #/usr/local/bin/perl08:44
mkatzPRJ: ughmm... I develop perl for something like 16 years ;)08:44
PresuntoRJmkatz: sorry, had no idea... :D08:45
PresuntoRJmkatz: I think you could get the "other" perl running from /opt08:45
jk70ptDDev I was just reading up on it ,so I haven't got it right yet.Try right clicking the mouse.08:46
mkatzPRJ: I am the /usr/local person08:46
PresuntoRJmkatz: but usually, different versions could have different package numbers08:46
mkatzPRJ: old habits die hard. I don't use any desktop environment, only a light window manager08:46
pfifoChris_Psycho, im not sure about that one, ive never used both xfce and gnome on a single ubuntu install. If you want xfce as your window manager you should install xubuntu or mint with xfce08:46
PresuntoRJmkatz: have a look at $ apt-cache search python08:46
ptDDevjk70, it just brings the context menu, but i can't restore the menu icons this way08:47
PresuntoRJmkatz: you have 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 3, 3.108:47
PresuntoRJmkatz: maybe there is a similar multitude for perl08:47
jk70ptDDev right it doesn't work for what you want08:48
PresuntoRJmkatz: and if so, you could keep every one you wants, and call the correct one from its name08:48
Chris_PsychoI seee...08:48
PresuntoRJpfifo: you could get it running pretty effortlessly with $ sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ... I think it's still true08:49
Chris_PsychoCool looked into Mint earlier on.. Thinking of giving it a go along with Mint with XFCE, and LXDE.08:49
Chris_PsychoPresuntorj: That's what I did!08:49
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: and there is also Lubuntu08:50
pfifoPresuntoRJ, I believe thats what Chris_Psycho did but is not getting the performance that was expected08:50
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: I think it asks if you want to keep the gdm and default, and adds a list for the window manager during the login (to choose instead of gnome)08:50
ptDDevjk70: found it! in gcong-editor, check /desktop/gnome/interface/menu-have-icons08:51
Chris_PsychoI do have a list for choosing grome/gnome failsafe/xubuntu and a few others? if that helps ..08:51
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: lubuntu and xubuntu are both lightweight and good... usually lubuntu is a bit better and less limitted that xubuntu... you can also try othe not so conventinal managers, like fluxbox08:52
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PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: give a try, at least for a while... beware that it may remove a few ubuntu-desktop applications... gnome-network-manager is one that occurs to me08:53
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: if you want to get back to gnome, you may need to forcefully reinstall ubuntu-desktop metapackage to complete its dependencies again08:54
Chris_PsychoPresuntorj: Lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE right? Isn't LXDE more 'limited' than XFCE? And you mention give a try .. Give what a try? Lubuntu?08:54
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: or friend coz_ also claims edubuntu is a bit lighter on systems than the original ubuntu (both gnome) but my testes are still incomplete to confirm or deny it08:55
Chris_PsychoI am using gnome right now? Uhm atleast as far as I know?08:55
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: the manager is more limited, but the default softwares might not be... give it a try on both... even kde (kubuntu)... yes, lubuntu is for lxde08:56
PresuntoRJpfifo: I really miss CDE ;)08:56
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: was it installed from Ubuntu discs?08:57
Chris_PsychoPresuntorj: By limited you mean not as compatible?08:57
x-izzyhow do i check for different rooms in a channel?08:57
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: they are all compatible, only the defalt applications and libraries they come pre-installed with that might differt08:57
pfifox-izzy, /list08:58
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: where gnome have the Nautilus (file manager), kde have dolphin and konkeror, xubuntu have Filemanager, and lubuntu I dont recall the name08:58
Chris_PsychoMight give Mint LXDE a try then :D. Compatibility was my only concern. So I could just install any application that are not bundled with?08:58
sinisteri installed the GDM2setup and when I went in to change the wallpaper I click on either OK or CANCEL and it's not accepting the button click08:59
PresuntoRJbut the momment you install the first kde app, the kde libraries are installed as dependencies and every kde app will become compatible (magic of the package management system)08:59
x-izzyi m in a server but need to see if there are more rooms08:59
x-izzywat do i do ?09:00
pfifox-izzy, you can also get a searchable list of channels in the server menu09:00
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: the same is true for xubuntu (XDE) and lubuntu (LXDE)09:00
x-izzyi am in a server09:00
Chris_PsychoCool will give download them hopefully soon. Thanks..09:00
x-izzyneed where to find hackers09:01
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: then you can keep using the app you preffer, but you may end up with at least a couple which do basically the same (like managing files)09:01
pfifox-izzy, click on the server button at the top, then click 'list of channels'09:01
jk70ptDDev:can't find gcong -editor09:01
sinisterGSM2setup let me change the login screen wallpaper, but I want to change the screen before the login screen the boot screen with the Ubuntu symbol and 5 dot's under it09:01
PresuntoRJjk70: run it on a shell or press Alt+F2 and run it there09:02
Chris_PsychoAre paid applications as open and acceptable as opensource applications on ubuntu? I mean is there anything from discouraging companies for selling software on ubuntu/linux?09:02
PresuntoRJjk70: its a command with a dash on the name, not an option, ok?09:02
x-izzyhow do i know which is for spammers and hackers dat sell09:02
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: yes... but are not that many09:02
Chris_PsychoHmmm pity...09:02
pfifoChris_Psycho, thats completely acceptable, and there are many commercial apps for linux09:03
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: Oracle is fully supported and way expensive09:03
jk70Okey dokey09:03
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: even Canonical (the mother company of Ubuntu) have paid apps, like Landscape09:03
Chris_PsychoCool cool. Pity that they are not adopting it... Do you think that will change?09:04
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: sometimes they are not paid per-se, to use, but to get support only... it depends on the company licensing politics09:04
pfifoChris_Psycho, adopting what? Most software that is commercial also offer a stripped down opensource version09:04
Alexander_I just re installed ubuntu how do I get wireless to work?09:05
Alexander_I have it enabled and all that but no network appear09:05
x-izzyneed spammers and hackers channel-any help?09:05
PresuntoRJAlexander_: it could be a propretary driver for it to work... try system/admin menu... hardware drivers applet09:05
pfifox-izzy, you wont find anything like that on this network.09:06
Chris_PsychoPfifo: Adopting linux/ubuntu as a platform for their software.09:06
x-izzywhere can i?09:06
PresuntoRJAlexander_: it works out of the box for a laptop I have, but not for my mom's, it need the propretary one09:06
iceman_3233get lost x-izzy noob.09:06
Alexander_PresuntoRJ so I have to plug it into the wall and get the drivers and it'll work?09:07
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: still don't get your point... linux is one valid platform for most software vendors...09:07
Chris_PsychoIf you write a username infront of your message does it get sent privately? Or is it just to show to who you are replying to?09:07
pfifoChris_Psycho, several major gaming studios are starting to get into releasing games for linux, so yes, in fact the popularity of linux as a desktop is rapidly growing.09:07
ericblairanyone know how in linux i can 'cat' & also get the filename (So I can type cat *.txt | grep matching text  --- & it will then give me the filenames that the 'matching text' is contained in?09:07
PresuntoRJmaybe a few game softhouses and Autodesk (Autocad) and a few others don't suppot linux at all09:07
IzinucsChris_Psycho: it just highlights the line for the person receiving your message.. keeps it from getting lost in the noise09:08
ericblairneed to find something in multiple files & get the filename that the text is in09:08
PresuntoRJtry /msg username msg09:08
Chris_PsychoPresuntorj: Valid I'm sure but not allot of them develop their program for it.09:08
Chris_PsychoIzinucs: Thanks just checking.09:08
IzinucsChris_Psycho: you can also use TAB to auto complete most nicks after the first few characters.09:09
Chris_PsychoAnyone know what is the estimated number of ubuntu/linux users?09:09
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: there are a lot indeed, just not all of them... like not all of them develop for Apple... not all of the develop for Windows... not all of the develop for Web09:09
Chris_PsychoAll I know is that it's around 1% percent of the market share.09:10
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: have in mind the openness, almost mandatory in linux, still scares a few of them...09:10
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: or maybe, it just does not make commercial sense for them yet09:10
pLrChris_Psycho: Ubuntu talks about that every so often on their news09:10
Chris_PsychoPresuntorj: You mean the openness scares the developers?09:11
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: Not the developers, the commercial softhouses...09:11
Chris_PsychoOh right..09:11
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: the GPL licensing scheme itself might be missleading a few of them away...09:12
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: not by itself, but by the way they might be interpreting it...09:12
Chris_PsychoHow many people have you converted to using linux? Just curious.. I just installed linux like few months age. But now I'm pretty much using it all the time.09:13
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: its not against profit at all... and you are not obligated to follow it unless you are using a portion of a code that is already in it09:13
ericblairchris the largest number of servers on the web --09:13
ericblairweb servers09:13
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: zero... its not a religion, you n=know09:13
ericblairall linux (for instance)09:13
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: its a Operating System...09:13
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: sometimes its the best, for some situations, sometimes it might not be the best09:14
ericblairi disagree with that presunturj i would not touch windows for anything09:14
X-2morning =]09:14
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: at most, the filosofy that comes along with it, and the comunity willing to help createvely also helps... but thats the most I can tell09:15
Chris_Psycholol what should I have used :P? Convinced?09:15
zambashould /etc/hostname be a FQDN or just the host portion?09:15
PresuntoRJericblair: Windows is not the only alternative, you know... and yes, I do use Windows for a lot of stuff where windows is decent, where the client has paid for it, where it makes sense09:16
Chris_PsychoIs there a way to turn off notificatios? That x user has joined? I'm using Xchat?09:17
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: what do you want your computer for? does linux provide it? is it usable after the configs are set? are you willing to pay fees for some peace of mind (and people do it)09:17
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PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: ubuntu is my anwser for personal laptops, desktops and servers... but I am not you09:18
X-2The only thing I still use Windows for, are my games, but otherwise I'd have Linux on my other PC too.09:18
Chris_PsychoLoL pretty much. Just use windows for games/adobe stuff/fruityloops.09:19
aboodhi is there any program can make my cam to web cam ?09:19
rnewsonhi. has anyone encountered (and solved) display issues performing a PXE-based install of ubuntu server via HP's iLO interface? The usual tricks (vga=normal, fb=false, etc) didn't help (though they did for a Debian install).09:19
X-2Fruityloops \o/09:19
PresuntoRJX-2: yeap, games are still one case ... but might not be the only one... i have to use windows for CAD (Autocad and Intellicad and Progecad)09:19
Chris_PsychoLoL it's fun to mess around with09:19
pfifoX-2 fruityloops emulates pretty good, ableton as well09:20
X-2PresuntoRJ: Ah, yeah I tend to use 3dsmax, but I haven't really played with it anymore09:20
PresuntoRJX-2: I also use windows for ekahau wifi heatmap09:20
X-2pfifo: I think some VST's might do odd, but I havent tried it :-)09:20
Chris_Psychox-2 fruity loops? huh what?09:20
X-2Chris_Psycho: That's a program for making your own songs09:21
Chris_Psychooh right sorry i thought your username was something... whoops.09:21
PresuntoRJX-2: I also HAVE TO use windows for my line6 ASIO sound interface... recording guitar... they refuse to support linux at all09:21
X-2PresuntoRJ: I wish I had such a gear :-(09:22
pfifoX-2, ubuntu studio has several options for drum machines and step sequencers09:22
X-2Chris_Psycho: Lol no worries mate :)09:22
Chris_PsychoIs there a way to turn off notificatios? Always adding a message when a user joins.09:22
PresuntoRJX-2: i know now there are an alternative that supports linux... don't recall the name...09:22
Chris_PsychoTo prevent always adding a message when a user joins I meant..09:22
IzinucsChris_Psycho: what clien are you using?09:23
guest0000001i have a wired connection with my laptop can someone tell me how to get my wireless internet to work09:23
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: have no idea... it disturbs me a lot too... and I am on empathy... I believe its the default protocol behavior09:23
Chris_PsychoFor fruityloops? LMMS is an alternative I found.09:23
X-2Xchat hes using09:23
Chris_PsychoIzinucs: Xchat..09:23
PresuntoRJ!details| guest000000109:23
ubottuguest0000001: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:23
IzinucsChris_Psycho: I think you can right mouse click on the channel and tell it to ignore Joins parts quits09:24
PresuntoRJChris_Psycho: also jokosher09:24
guest0000001i have a problem with connecting to the internet i'm using ubuntu version 10.409:24
Chris_PsychoWooot woot! =D09:24
guest0000001i think i need to update something09:25
Chris_PsychoIzinucs: Thank you!09:25
IzinucsChris_Psycho: np :) .. when you get adventurous try irssi sometime09:25
PresuntoRJguest0000001: do you know the wifi brand? it could need a proprietary driver...if so, you could try running the hardware drivers applet located on the system/admin menu09:26
X-2I like XChat too :)09:26
guest0000001i fixed it before by typing some type of update command in terminal09:26
PresuntoRJguest0000001: if it does not work, you might need to install a windows driver to work with linux via ndiswrapper09:26
PresuntoRJ!ask | ethan09:27
ubottuethan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:27
PresuntoRJ!details | ethan_09:27
ubottuethan_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:27
PresuntoRJ!hi | ethan_09:27
ubottuethan_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:27
X-2PresuntoRJ: I like that bot. Lol09:27
guest0000001can someone tell me how to  update my machine at the command line?09:28
PresuntoRJX-2: sure helps09:28
sisterdhi guys. i'm running ubuntu 10.04 and have changed my password, however the original one keeps being required by "keyring" and I can't find how to access "keyring" password preferences to change it?09:28
PresuntoRJguest0000001: is your wifi working now?09:28
guest0000001only wired works09:28
Izinucssisterd: applications>accessories there's a password manager09:29
PresuntoRJguest0000001: do you need to get to the latest ubuntu version? or are you already there, but want the latest packages with it?09:29
guest0000001i want the latest packages with it09:29
sisterdlzinucs: thank you i will try that one next!09:29
PresuntoRJguest0000001: via CLI (shell) you could try $ sudo apt-get update09:29
Izinucsguest0000001: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:29
guest0000001thank you09:29
PresuntoRJguest0000001: followed by $ sudo apt-get upgrade09:29
PresuntoRJguest0000001: the first teaches your system what is available...09:30
Izinucsfollowed by sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:30
sd-d_how to find other irc chennels i m using xchat irc client ??09:30
PresuntoRJguest0000001: the second, will actually download them09:30
Izinucsor string them all together seperated by &&09:30
Izinucsdist-upgrade with install newer versions of programs already on your system if they are available.09:31
PresuntoRJIzinucs: usually the system related ones09:32
IzinucsPresuntoRJ: but not always....09:32
mae_taehallo people, is there an application that can also control all webmins on different machines09:33
kindofabuzzwould installing ubuntu with wubi have better performance than on an USB hard drive?09:33
ramihi guys, been getting this error after updating for quite some time "E: linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2 & E: initramfs-tools: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" that kernel obviously doesn't work09:33
PresuntoRJkindofabuzz: no... just the same (performace)09:33
sisterdok. next question: I'm using a Dell Dimension 2400 with a Compaq FS7600 CRT monitor. Everything works for about an hour (i'm on it now) before the monitor starts going berk, black with a white huge barcode on the top half. Ideas?09:34
sisterd(on ubuntu 10.04 or linuxmint 9, which i had tried first.09:34
kindofabuzzPresuntoRJ: well i know usb has some limitations so i was thinking wubi would actually be a little quicer09:34
PresuntoRJkindofabuzz: the disatvantage would the the filesystem (wubi actually runs a fake filesystem inside the NTFS file, like a virtual disk)09:34
PresuntoRJkindofabuzz: the good part, its easy to uninstall if you need to and don't mess with partitions...09:35
sd-d_how to install vb.net in ubuntu 1009:35
kindofabuzzPresuntoRJ: I have no problem partitoning stuff, just wondering :)09:35
PresuntoRJkindofabuzz: to really bad part, Wubi may not work at all (depending on the Windows installation you have)09:35
kindofabuzzPresuntoRJ: I think I'll stick with the USB HD :)09:36
pfifo!mono | sd-d_09:36
PresuntoRJsd-d_: you dont, but the next best thing, you can get mono... the novel/microsoft kind-of-net replacement09:36
Scorpionwho install oracle 11gR2 on ubuntu 10.04?09:36
PresuntoRJpfifo: is there a mono in the bot?09:37
sd-d_PresuntoRJ, but i can install it on ubunut ??09:37
thune3sisterd: what graphics chip are you running? "lspci | grep VGA"09:37
pfifoPresuntoRJ, yes, somewhere09:37
PresuntoRJScorpion: try the #ubuntu-server09:37
PresuntoRJsd-d_: the mono, sure09:37
pfifosd-d_, you should first look at what mono can do for you to determine if it meets your needs09:37
houserockr1the blinking wifi-led is fu**ing annoying, the guy who wrote these lines of code should be slaughtered09:38
sd-d_pfifo, where can i get mono ??09:38
PresuntoRJsd-d_: try $ sudo apt-get install mono moonlight-plugin-mozilla09:38
PresuntoRJmono is the dotnet support, moonlight is the silverlight equivalent09:39
pfifosd-d_, http://google.com/?q=mono+project09:39
sisterdthune3: I'm not sure, I think the Dimension graphics are integrated, aka when i read the configuration as shipped it doesn't specify anything separate for the chip09:40
sisterdthune3: the ubuntu prefs show its using a generic compaq driver... VGA09:40
sd-d_pfifo,:E: Package mono has no installation candidate09:41
sd-d_ ubuntu gives me this error09:41
thune3sisterd: if you're on the machine, it would help if you ran "lspci | grep VGA" and copy/past the line here09:41
sisterdok. noob here. how do i open up a command line to do that?09:41
jb__main menu > accessories > Terminal09:42
jb__that's in xubuntu09:42
sisterdthanks jb09:42
pfifosd-d_, try apt-cache search mono... and do you have universe and multiverse enables?09:43
sisterdthun3: it says: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)09:43
PresuntoRJpfifo: maybe partner aswell09:43
pfifoPresuntoRJ, i dont know if there is much in partner that is useful, i dont emable it cause ive never needed it09:44
kindofabuzzsince the b* file system will not be in meercat, i can't think of the name, do i need to reinstall if i used that file system for the alphas?09:45
PresuntoRJpfifo: sun-java6 is only there09:47
sisterdthune3: typed your name wrong before, perhaps you missed it? the grep replied: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)09:49
thune3sisterd: that chipset _could_ be affected by problems Lucid has with the 8xx generation of intel graphics chips. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes. it could be something else though09:49
joljamI want to install Windows XP and ubuntu 9.10 together as dual boot. should I install XP first and them ubuntu 9.10 or vice versa09:50
jootwidows first09:50
pfifojoljam, always xp first09:50
thune3sisterd: the shorthand for you chip is 845G or 845GL09:50
=== CrazyHyena is now known as Abenhya
joljampfifo after I install XP should i just go ahead and install ubuntu09:50
lellejoljam: why not 10.04? i think it has long term support = 4 years instead of 2 like 9.1009:51
Leroyjust make sure you leave room for it joljam09:51
pfifolelle, 6 months09:51
PresuntoRJwindows instalation destroys linux boot process... and its a mess to fix later09:51
joljamlelle .. I am having problems with 10.04 so for the time being I am not using 10.0409:51
lellepfifo: 6 months between releases, not community support09:51
lellejoljam: ok09:51
pfifojoljam, if your in a hurry to get to the ubuntu install you can start the XP install and then after the first reboot do the ubuntu install, then finish the xp install afterwards09:52
joljampfifo then how will I handle the boot loader09:53
Leroynice pfifo09:53
Abenhyacou could just reinstall grub from the ubuntu install disc after xp is installed09:53
=== jangell_ is now known as jangell
pfifojoljam, windows installs its bootloader when you are finished partitioning, then begins putting a few setup files on the hard drive, and then reboots into the main graphical install program, after that first reboot you dont have to worry about an overwritten bootloader09:56
thechefHow can I configure gnash to use OpenGL as renderer?09:56
sisterdhi, back, just had to switch computers because that monitor problem hiccuped on just as Thune3 was giving me some information… what was that link again?09:57
sd-d_how can i install xampp in ubuntu ??? its a server package ??09:57
joljampfifo let me try it out.. so what you want me is to install windows first and when the computer reboots midway insert ubuntu and install it and complete ubuntu and then come back and "repair" windows09:58
thune3sisterd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes09:58
sisterdthank you for being so helpful and understanding. reading now...09:58
joljam"repair" windows installation or continue09:58
joljamwindws install09:58
pfifojoljam, you would be continuing. however if time is not a factor for you, that is NOT what im reccommending09:59
industrialCan I update to 10.10 beta from synaptic from 10.04?09:59
pfifojoljam, i reccommend fully installing windows, and then fully installing linux09:59
pfifoindustrial, ask in #ubuntu+110:00
joljampfifo in fact I did the full installs as you mentioned but then the boot loader got messed up10:00
joljamfinally I managed to boot with a live CD10:00
industrialpfifo: what? its a simple question for a channel with 300+ people in it ... what the hell.. channels for everything?10:00
pfifo!fixmbr | joljam10:00
ubottujoljam: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:00
pfifoindustrial, short answer is no, not yet10:01
sisterdthune3: this site has suggestions, but even the basic instructions require me to know something about my pc that I don't know… eg. is it an 8xx i855 chipset or what have you. Do you know how I find that out?10:01
Leroysisterd: maybe cat proc/cpuinfo10:04
Leroysisterd: cat /proc/cpuinfo10:04
sisterdleroy: probably a stupid cquestion, but my processor is an 80532, si that what they are saying when they say i855 or i8sxx?10:05
sisterd(and, is "GPU" the term for monitor? because reading this website i can't even tell that they are talkinga bout monitor problems...)10:06
thune3sisterd: 8xx means any chipset in the 800s. You have 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE which qualifies (the 82 a the beginning don't count)10:06
Leroyyeah what he said. ;)10:06
Leroynice thune310:06
sisterdthune3 thank you. yeah, i didnt know they were talking about the same thing because i didnt see any 3 digit numbers starting with 8….10:07
sisterd<— total n00b to linux, here.10:07
PresuntoRJpfifo: there are still few channels for ubuntu, and only separated by MAJOR subjects... ubuntu for generic questions, ubuntu-server for, you guess, server related questions, ubuntu+1 for next releases, and ubuntu-cloud10:07
PresuntoRJpfifo: are there any other worth mention ?10:08
sisterdok. i will print this page out and try the different options and see where i get. Thanks a million, Thune3 and Leroy!10:08
PresuntoRJpfifo: and they have merged recently10:08
pfifoPresuntoRJ, there is also a bunch of #ubuntu-XX where XX is a language10:09
pfifo!es | PresuntoRJ10:09
ubottuPresuntoRJ: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:09
pfifoPresuntoRJ, use /list ubuntu10:10
shledahi guys, I want to install java5 on my 10.04 box, but repos have java6 any clue how to do it apart from doing it manually10:11
Leroyshleda: just googled this. not sure if it will help shleda http://blog.andrewbeacock.com/2007/03/how-to-install-specific-version-of.html10:13
shledathanks I will look into it10:14
bisserkehi. got a question... how come multicast is working on ubuntu without a multicast route in place?10:14
bisserkeroute does not show a route...10:14
PresuntoRJbisserke: its a avahi/bonjour trick... every ubuntu talks to local networks via host.local address thanks to this multicast sessions10:16
PresuntoRJbisserke: check ehterape (a GUI for read network protocols) and you will find them10:17
bisserkeThx!!! I'll look into that!10:17
geeperswhats up people i got a question10:18
geepersanyone there10:19
pfifo!ask | geepers10:19
ubottugeepers: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:19
rgnrneed help with partitioning10:20
rgnri wanna know which partitions do i really need to add10:20
pfiforgnr, 'need' only /10:20
geeperswell im running ubuntu linux 10.04 in vmware player and id like to enable desktop effects, is there any easy way to enable graphics acceleration?10:21
rgnrpfifo:  i mean which partitions r good to have10:21
pfifogeepers, unfortunatly no. vmware isnt made for that type of setup, were really lucky to have a graphical enviroment to begin with10:22
rgnrpfifo:  like some say only / /home and swap, others add /user /tmp and /var10:22
geeperswhat about virtualbox10:22
pfiforgnr, it depends on the purpose of your box. what are you using it for?10:22
rgnrjust home usage10:23
pfifogeepers, sorry, ive never used that. The room is dead right now, you should try again in 4-6 hours10:23
rgnrpfifo:  simple desktop system10:23
geepersa simple system is /home and /swap right10:24
rgnrand /10:24
GnugelhupfJust making a screenshot for an article on IRC clients, everyone smile! ;-)10:24
viviersfwhere can i download ubuntu for PS3?10:24
PresuntoRJ!hi | viviersf10:24
ubottuviviersf: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:24
rgnrsomewhere I read that /tmp and /var partitions r good to have for some security reasons10:25
PresuntoRJviviersf: PS3 is no longer compatible with any other OS10:25
geepersyou cant download ubuntu for ps3, sony recently released an update removing the otheros feature10:25
PresuntoRJviviersf: sony banned this functionality10:25
Ddordais there a documentation for the colors of ls command?10:25
viviersfi didnt apply that update10:25
pfiforgnr, then /home may be of use, having  large home will allow you to store all your stuff in your  home, and if you decide to upgrade or reinstall you can format / but not /home so no need to backup your stuff, also all your settings and customizations are in your home folder to so you dont lose bookmarks and such10:25
Gnugelhupffucking sony...10:25
icerootDdorda: man ls i guess10:25
GnugelhupfI still have the old firmware with Linux on mine10:25
viviersfso mine still supports it10:25
Gnugelhupfstill hoping....10:25
geepersif you didnt apply that update then look for yellowdog linux10:25
Ddordaiceroot: if it was man ls i wasn't asking :P10:25
PresuntoRJviviersf: wanna sell me your PS3 ?10:25
viviersfthere was an ubuntu one also10:26
PresuntoRJviviersf: :D10:26
viviersfPresuntoRJ, if you wanna ship it from south africa? haha10:26
Gnugelhupfyeah, but ubuntu for ps3 never really worked, or did it?10:26
rgnrpfifo:  and what about /boot /tmp /var?10:26
viviersfrgnr, its good to have a /var parition on servers10:26
Gnugelhupfi remember i tried 8.10 once, wouldn't even install...10:26
pfiforgnr, /tmp should be mounted as a ramdisk that kees your system cleaner. and /var would be for a server that intends to have lots of content mail and logs10:26
PresuntoRJviviersf: there was a 8.10 version, for sure... never tried one later that that... there are quite a few results when I google for it10:26
Gnugelhupfthere's also fedora and YDL for PS310:27
PresuntoRJGnugelhupf: yes, it did work10:27
goonaHey everyone, I'm installing Ubuntu as the last OS in my triple-boot. However, I stupidly forgot to click the box that specifies where GRUB is installed to. So it will now overwrite my Windows bootloader. Is this reversable? This doesn't prevent my Windows partition from booting, it merely makes it go through grub first, which is lame.. So can I remove grub from a windows partition after install? thanks SO much!10:27
Gnugelhupfi couldn't get it to install for some reason10:27
viviersffedora? ugh!10:27
PresuntoRJviviersf: the thing is, get on compiled for the platform/cpu10:27
pfiforgnr, /boot is good for if you have several different distros, they can all share the same boot, also older systems required that /boot be on the first 1024 KB or somthing like that10:27
rgnrviviersf: pfifo: so I need / /home and /tmp? is no swap ok for 2gb ram?10:28
icerootDdorda: http://aplawrence.com/Bofcusm/345.html10:28
pfiforgnr, no not /tmp ubuntu will handle that on its own10:28
icerootDdorda: if it is not man ls, its google :)10:28
PresuntoRJviviersf: the first hit was http://psubuntu.com/10:28
Gnugelhupfspeaking of bootloaders: just trying to get chameleon from an osx netbook install to boot ubuntu... on a GPT partitioned disk - anyone know where to find info on that?10:28
viviersfpfifo, yeah boot is good ( depending on which filesytem your root filesystem is )10:28
bgyHow to remove a source add with apt-get ppa: ?10:28
rgnrpfifo: /tmp hadles swap?10:28
icerootaccount off 0The command 'dircolors' takes its data from the file ~/.dir_colors and10:28
geepersyellowdog linux has a build specifically for cuda10:28
icerootcreates an environment variable LS_COLORS.  The command 'ls --color' takes10:29
viviersfrgnr, its better to still have swap10:29
icerootDdorda: A[A[A[A[A[A10:29
abountuwhen I start eclipse there is no Java environment10:29
icerootDdorda: sorry, bad paste but its all in the link10:29
PresuntoRJbgy: you could remove the line from the /etc/apt/sources.list or, via GUI10:29
pfiforgnr, i dont know why everyone here is so keen on making a swap partition, i use a swapfile. the only advantage to using a partition is if you have a 2nd hard drive on a different bus, and thats only if you actually USE swap anyway10:29
abountuthe java development perspective is missing in eclipse in ubuntu, any idea how to get that?10:30
PresuntoRJbgy: get the Software Channels applet from system/admin menu ... change to the Other tab... find the line, press the remove button10:30
bgyPresuntoRJ, Ok I knew, just got just curios if there was a del-apt-repository command : )10:30
goonapfifo: Exactly.. why is swap-as-a-partition the default option..?10:31
PresuntoRJ$sudo apt-get autoremove --purge package ; sudo apt-get install package10:31
Ddordaiceroot: thanks. what did you search?10:31
viviersfok no thx10:31
PresuntoRJbgy: never headr of that10:31
viviersfyou have to use 8.1010:31
=== Lazy^_ is now known as Lazy^
viviersfand i dont want to use anything cept ubuntu10:31
PresuntoRJbgy: you could file a blueprint for that ;)10:31
pfifogoona, swap as a partition is a little bit easier todo, thats about it10:31
rgnrpfifo: viviersf: so how much of /tmp do i need? is 10gb enough?10:31
* viviersf buys a media center pc10:31
icerootDdorda: ls color manpage10:31
viviersfyou dont need tmp?10:31
goonapfifo: Easier in what way?10:31
=== daniel_ is now known as Gnugelhupf-smuxi
viviersftmp is automatically a ramdrive?10:31
bgyPresuntoRJ, what does that mean ?10:31
icerootviviersf: you need /tmp and its not a ram-drive10:32
pfiforgnr, no your mis understanding, you DONT want tmp to be a partition on your harddrive. you want it to be a ramdisk that resides in system memory so that it gets deleted when you powerdown10:32
pfifogoona, you dont have to run dd10:32
goonapfifo: Ahh.10:32
viviersfwell isnt tmp on tmpfs?10:33
viviersfthere is no need in my opinion to have /tmp as its own partition?10:33
rgnrpfifo: how do I create ramdrive? Is there an option in the installer's pm?10:33
PresuntoRJviviersf: not always... it could have been changed on your system10:33
pfifoviviersf, rgnr ramdrive/tmpfs their both the same, and you dont have todo anything. by default ubuntu will mount a ramdisk on tmp at boot time10:34
PresuntoRJviviersf: the tmpfs is the trick to loose the tmp on every boot, right ?10:34
viviersfwell it does that yes10:34
rgnrpfifo: u mean I don't have to bother with /tmp and OS handles it automatically?10:36
pfiforgnr, thats right, just leave it alone10:37
blinkybanyone uses Empathy in here? I just connected to my 2 hotmail accounts and the list doesn't seem to be appearing!10:37
rgnrpfifo: cool, so everythin I need is only / and /home?10:37
pfiforgnr, you only need / but /home will be very beneficial to a desktop system for home use10:38
theadminI have a menu entry which is "stuck", that is, I can not modify it with menu editor. How to get rid of it?10:38
rgnrpfifo: yeah, I mant that ))10:38
ubottucch: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:39
rgnrpfifo: is 10g gor / enough nowadays?10:39
pfiforgnr i average about 4gb, i usually go 610:39
ubotturgnr: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:40
rgnr<ubottu>Sorry, I don't know anything about rgnr10:40
rgnr(( lol10:40
pfifokeep it that way ubottu10:40
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!10:40
rgnrpfifo:  and which fs do u recommend? ext3, ext4 or reiserfs?10:41
theadminrgnr: ext3 and ext4 are both good. ext3 is somewhat more stable, maybe10:41
pfiforgnr, ask someone else, i use ext210:41
theadminrgnr: reiserfs? I doubt you can use that for /10:41
pfifotheadmin, you can10:41
rgnrtheadmin: why10:42
rgnrpfifo:  why do u use ext2?10:42
theadminrgnr: ext2 is good for USB devices10:42
theadminOkay so what to do with uneditable menu entries :(10:43
DoyleQ: Just installed ubuntu 10, but the mouse doesn't function properly. Any suggestions?10:43
pfiforgnr, ext3 is bloated and since i KNOW where files are i dont need to search. also ext2 works best in windows. reiserfs is buggy but its been a long time since i tried it, might have improved10:43
=== Atlantic777 is now known as Atlantic666
pfifoDoyle, what is wrong with it10:44
theadminAtlantic666: From angel to devil eh?10:44
R0uta#join quakenet10:45
Atlantic666theadmin, for testing purposes only. :P10:45
theadminAtlantic666: oh... lol10:45
Doylepfifo: the mouse was functioning initially, but moments after loggin in the buttons stop working, it still moves though10:45
=== Atlantic666 is now known as Atlantic777
R0utathis is so shit10:45
datuneHi, on a fresh Ubuntu 10.4 install, using  Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu), apache behaves really weird. It reports cpu usage of up to 100% and takes ages to respond to a http request, even for the most basic pages it takes a couple seconds. I don't know how to debug this, does anybody have an idea? (I checked the apache logs, no problems there)10:45
theadminR0uta: Watch the language10:45
R0utaubuntu fuck you!10:45
pfifoDoyle, what kind of mouse is it?10:45
pfifo!language | R0uta10:46
ubottuR0uta: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:46
Doylepfifo: I was trying to do an update, but it errored the "could not grab the mouse" message.  Same issue with 3 different mice10:46
Doylepfifo: one wired known good tester, two wireless known good logitechs10:46
rgnrpfifo:  so u use ext2 for / only or for both?10:46
pfifoDoyle, have you tried a reboot?10:46
pfiforgnr, like i said ask someone else, im suprised noones arguing with me for using ext2.10:47
Doylepfifo: I rebooted, but the issue re-occured. I'll reboot again and try to notice if it happens at any particular time. brb10:47
theadminpfifo: Your choice purely10:47
pfifoDoyle, dose this happen after login or before login?10:48
rgnrpfifo:  I guess I'd better try )10:48
joljampfifo I installed LInux in addition to my existing Windows installation I am not getting "Grub Loading, please wait ... Error 1710:49
blinkybi got a serious Empathy bug here. No contacts are displayed!!!10:50
theadminblinkyb: Maybe they're all offline?10:50
pfifojoljam, it appears that you installed grubs files in the wrong place. You definatly have grub in you MBR however. Review the link form earlier and try once more, take special care to ensure that you have your linux partition mounted somewhere and that you passing the /boot directory to the grub-install script10:51
blinkybtheadmin: i am connecting to 2 different accounts and got "Show Offline Contacts" checked. One more thing, when I got to chat logs they are not there!!10:51
theadminblinkyb: Weird10:53
blinkybtheadmin: i just installed Pidgin and it seems to be working fine. Surely it is a bug from Empathy10:53
blinkybtheadmin: Is there a way to update Empathy through terminal?10:53
theadminblinkyb: Run "ubuntu-bug empathy" and report10:53
theadminblinkyb: and sure, uh, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"10:54
Abenhyahas anyone here ran into issues with 7z in ubuntu?10:54
yo_rmnhello, since I activated RGB transparences, i've got no window borders, I've checked everrithing else (wb plugin, emerald,) but I still think it has s to do with rgb10:55
baltazarOne of my soundcards has disappeared from gnome-volume-control. Its working because I can play sound through it with mplayer and alsa driver. How do I get it back?10:55
theadminAbenhya: I have sometimes - it keeps telling me that archive is damaged altough works fine thru terminal10:55
Abenhyatheadmin, i mean when I try to compress something it tells me operation not permitted, but only on certain files10:56
gaetanociao a tutti10:57
zeroone1Hello can anyone help me? http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/terratec-cinergy-s-usb-unter-ubuntu-10-04/10:58
rgnrpfifo: thanks for help )10:58
Doylepfifo: ok, happened again. Works fine for a bit, but once I open an application or a dialogue box the mouse stops responding to left/right clicks and I have to use the keyboard to navigate or Alt-F4 whatever window I'm in10:59
Doylepfifo: it gets worse each time it messes up, after two or three times the mouse won't click on anything11:00
yudieTrouble brarti11:01
Abenhyai think I am going to just use xz instead of 7z11:01
Doylethe close/min/max buttons don't recognize when the mouse is hovering over them.11:01
pfifoDoyle, goto a terminal and run 'xev'11:01
Doyleunable to open display ''11:02
pfifowait, are you using gnome?11:03
Doylepfifo: yes11:03
Doylepfifo: just the default ubuntu 10 install, haven't even installed updates yet11:03
pfifoDoyle, then did you just try to run xev from a tty?11:03
Doylepfifo: yes11:03
pfifoDoyle, no run 'xev' from gnome, use alt+f2 to open gnome-terminal11:04
spasysheephow long should badblocks -w take on a 320gb drive connected through firewire?11:04
Doylepfifo: whats the key combo... just what I needed. brbr11:04
Doylepfifo: ok, event test came up11:05
jelspasysheep, I don't know exactly, but badblocks takes quite a while11:05
pfifoDoyle, when you click on the box dose it show mose events in the terminal?11:05
spasysheepjel: it's been over a day so far...11:05
jelspasysheep :)11:05
spasysheepjel: if I don't have a working drive at the end of it...11:06
Doylepfifo: no, but just for a moment the mouse worked and it did, but then it stopped working again...11:06
jelspasysheep.  Check syslog for errors.  About from that, I'd assume it's just slow.  You could create a small partition and run on that for a speed test, then extrapolate for the full time11:06
pfifojel, you run badblocks from inside mke2fs by specifying the -c option, badblocks by itself dosent do much to help you11:06
thune3spasysheep: i can't remember, it doesn't show progress? you can increase blocksize to get much better performance. I would have guessed a day withdefaults.11:06
pfifoDoyle, 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg-server'11:07
spasysheepthune3: no progress indicator, and I just used defaults11:07
thune3spasysheep: you used -w, and understand that it is a write-read test that is destructive to data?11:07
jelpfifo, it's been a while, but I think I was just running it for an integrity test at the time11:07
spasysheepthune3: yup, the disk had alreay been zeroed out with dd11:07
GHHHow to connect cups server.please11:08
thune3spasysheep: you are sure you have block error? maybe checked with smartctl or had i/o error?11:08
GHHPlease help me?11:09
Doylepfifo: xorg-server is not installed11:09
thune3spasysheep: or is this a checkout test?11:10
spasysheepthune3 I have no idea what the problem with it is, I just know that something in it has gone wrong. It's not smart enabled because it's a USB / Firewire drive, but sometimes when reading / writing it gets an I/O error, makes a click noise and disconnects. This is just me testing to try and find out why it's dead11:11
joljampfifo I am not able to do the dual boot11:11
jelGHH, http://localhost:63111:12
joljampfifo I followed the links that u sent11:12
Doylejoljam: can you use a live cd?11:12
zeroone1Does anyone know the TV-Box "Cinergy S USB" from Terratec an runs it under ubuntu?11:12
GHHshow error11:12
jelGHH, if that doesn't work, sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart11:12
joljamI am using a live CD11:12
ServerTechI need immediate help, why does the networking icon on the top bar show "Networking Disables"?? How can i enable it :\11:13
Doylejoljam: what are you trying to do?11:13
DoyleServerTech: left click then right click, there will be an option to enable it11:13
ServerTechone sec11:13
Abenhyawait cups is apple?11:14
DoyleServerTech: Sorry I can't get more specific atm, my install is being funky11:14
jelServerTech, that networking icon (part of network manager) is a bit crap.  Better just configuring your network in /etc/network/interfaces, for server stuff.11:14
ServerTechok thank you11:14
DoyleServerTech: anytime11:14
pfifoDoyle, 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xorg' then do a reboot if it takes11:14
jelAbenhya, no, apple started using it too, like they use a lot of other open source stuff11:14
DoyleAbenhya: cups is old school. csomething unix print server11:14
joljamDoyle: I installed ubuntu on top of Windows XP and now the boot loader is messed up I cannot boot11:14
jelDoyle, no, cups is new school, lpr is old school :)11:15
Abenhyajel, Doyle, on the bottom of that webpage it says that it is trademarked by apple11:15
GHHjel,show it Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsdcupsd: Child exited with status 1!11:15
GHH failed!11:15
jelAbenhya, ahh, they might have bought the company that made cups11:15
jb12hey all11:15
spasysheepDoyle: Common11:15
pfifojoljam, at this point its getting to where it would have been quicker to just reinstall, i sugges that route11:15
Doylejoljam: ah, there are lots of sites that give details on how to fix that issue. You need grub or some other boot loader, then you can try the two or three standard disk configurations until you get one that works11:15
jb12anyone having problems burning the iso.....10.4 lts11:16
jeljb12, nope11:16
Doylejoljam: reinstall would be quicker   :P11:16
Doylespasysheep: thank you!11:16
jb12yah wasted 5 disks.....trying to install 10.04 lts11:16
pfifojb12, even my cat is having problems with 10.0411:16
Doylejb12: my mouse is giving me hassel11:17
jelGHH, try apt-get install --reinstall cups11:17
joljampfifo do you suggest the windows partial resinstall method, then ubuntu install and then windows installation finalise .. method11:17
jelGHH (with sudo)11:17
jb12have no problems with 9.10 karmic koala11:17
jeljb12, re-download?11:17
pfifojoljam, no i suggest full xp install and then full ubuntu install, but since you already have windows installed you can just skip straight to ubuntu install11:17
Morpheus-3000I'm Slim Shady. Yes, I'm the real Shady. All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating. So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up? Please stand up. Please stand up.11:17
jb12but as soon as i go to 10.04 lt ....it plays up11:18
pfifo!ot | Morpheus-300011:18
ubottuMorpheus-3000: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:18
Doylepfifo: seems like it took. Will reboot. brb11:18
jb12jel, re download11:18
Morpheus-3000join #ubuntu-offtopic11:19
Morpheus-3000What is "ubuntu" supposed to mean?11:19
kps1hi! i can't get my static ip to work. i've setup the address, netmask, gateway and dns servers under network connections, but when i check my external ip (whatsmyip.org) it's not the same i setup. it's as if it's still using DHCP, even though i've explicitely set it to manual11:20
pfifoMorpheus-3000, its north korean for hemorrhoid11:20
jb12so is anyone having problems with installing 10.04 lts11:20
kps1morpheus: "be nice to other people", kind of11:20
redWhy doesn't Ubuntu remember the location of windows I have closed and re-open -- for example when I open nautilus it's the right size (the one i left it at) -- but position is not where I left it.11:21
redThis is something that bugs me a lot and I never had problems with in Windows11:21
kps1morpheus: it's an african saying/principle11:21
=== PewZ_ is now known as PewZ
pfifored, logout saving you session once you have them in place11:21
redpfifo: so open the apps I want position saved - then log out when they are open?11:22
jelred: windows is not the same thing.  Nautilus has a spatial mode though, that will do it better than windows does, if you really want to.  Most people don't like it.11:22
pfifored, yeah11:22
GHHHow connect printer in linux11:22
lidbjorkSeems like my PS/2 mouse has suddenly stopped working. Anybody knows how I can fix that? (It used to work all the time, through the PS/2 mouse/keyboard jack.) I'm using ubuntu
Doylepfifo: back, issue still ocurring. Seems to happen as soon as I launch a nautilius window11:22
redjel: it's not the same thing ofcourse, but thats basic functionality that is missing :P11:22
jelGHH, plug it in11:22
redpfifo: i'll try11:22
jelred: no, it's a matter of opinion about what is best.11:23
jelred: set nautilus to spatial mode, or use a window manager that remembers positions, if you prefer.  Your choice11:23
redit should be at least a choice11:23
pfifoDoyle, since its not X11 then is gnome and thats where my support runs out, you can try asking here again or possibly head over to #gnome11:23
Doylepfifo: and when I kill the nautilus window the issue went away... will try opening other types of windows11:23
Doylepfifo: gnoooooooooo11:23
GHHjel ,then11:23
redIt's very irritating for I use 3 monitors, and have carefully set up where what window is, and have a lot of stuff open at the same time11:23
redhaving to re-arrange everything each time I log in/re-open an app is a pain11:24
Doylepfifo: thanks for your help, hoepfully someone will know. What do you use?11:24
GHHIt plugin but not work,jel11:24
GHHPlease help me,jel11:25
sipiorred: compiz can do what you want. might be useful: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100333811:25
pfifoDoyle, gnome, but ive never built gnome from scratch and used fluxbox on gentoo so i dont know much about gnome11:25
dmN`Hi, I have problem with my touhpad, after updating bios to A12 on my dell studio 1555. Touhpad goes crazy11:25
redsipior: thanks, will see if I can fix a few windows with tap11:26
jelGHH: look at dmesg and /var/log/messages to see if there are messages about your printer.  You probably need to install drivers.  You might need to find out what language your printer uses (like postscript or PCL), and install a generic driver for that language.11:26
Doylepfifo: ok thanks. I'll check in #gnome. Might give up and use xfce or that other popular one... haven't slept so I can't think of the name11:26
redpfifo: thanks, that logout trick worked for nautilus and browser :)11:26
redgeany worked already, now just need to see if I can get terminator to open with certain dimensions in correct place too11:26
jb12when ubuntu replacing windows?11:27
bazhangjb12, what?11:27
PresuntoRJjb12: if you are  using it, its already replacing it for you11:27
redit doesn't need to replace windows :)11:27
PresuntoRJjb12: but its not a religion, only a OS11:27
hrwhow can I clean PPA's APT archive from packages?11:27
X-2PresuntoRJ: Bow for ubuntu. ;)11:28
jb12get rid of windows...ubuntu for me11:28
bazhanghrw, check out the ppa-purge11:28
PresuntoRJjb12: use it when its the best solution for your problem, don't use it when its not11:28
hrwthx bazhang11:28
lidbjorkAnyone knows where to configure the mouse hardware (ubuntu 10.04.1) ?11:28
hrwbazhang: I do not want to remove PPA's packages from my system.11:28
dmN`Hi, I have problem with my touhpad, after updating bios to A12 on my dell studio 1555. Touhpad goes crazy11:29
hrwbazhang: I want to remove packages from APT archive of my PPA11:29
* Doyle 's ears perk at mention of mouse issue...11:29
bazhanghrw, then clean the apt archive ?11:29
jb12anyone using 64bit ubuntu 10.04 and are they having problems with it11:30
lidbjorkDoyle: Is it usually a pain in the ass when the mouse ain't cooperating?11:30
bazhangjb12, what's the issue, please provide details11:30
PresuntoRJjb12: I had a few problems with 64bit... mostly when there was no compiled version of a package or a library11:30
PresuntoRJjb12: rare, but can get frustrating11:30
jb12yah wasted 5 disks just to load it..it wont load the the screens goes blank after a while11:31
jellidbjork, what mouse hardware?  Mostly you just plug in USB and it works.  If you need to configure extra buttons etc., /etc/X11/xorg.conf   Also, read man xorg.conf and man evdev11:31
PresuntoRJjb12: sometimes it works to use the 32bit version, sometimes not11:31
bazhangjb12, sounds like corrupt iso or bad burn.11:31
PresuntoRJjb12: since it could live without, I went back to 32 bits for now11:31
jb125 disks? at diffrent speeds11:31
bazhangmd5 the iso burn slowly then do the disk integrity check jb1211:31
bazhang!md5 | jb1211:31
ubottujb12: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:31
PresuntoRJjb12: are you sure your system is 64bit compatible ?11:32
jelGHH: the simplest thing would be to google your make/model of printer and "ubuntu".  Give me the make/model quickly and I'll try to help before I leave11:32
ubottuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.11:32
jb12yes running 64 bit windows ultimate as well11:32
redsipior: meh, doesn't seem to have any effect11:32
bazhanglinuxprinting.org GHH check there first11:32
PresuntoRJjb12: odd11:32
redcould be great if did work11:32
lidbjorkjel: Well, I've been using this PS/2 mouse all the time, and suddenly it doesn't move anymore. It worked 10 hours ago. At the moment I'm using a small usb mouse with a too short cable...11:32
jb12had to go back to karmic koala 64bit..and it works11:32
jb1210.04 giving me grief..11:33
GHHjel,canon PIXMA 277211:33
jb12might try 32 bit...see what happens11:33
bazhangjb12, then follow the steps I outlined11:33
jeljb12, 64bit works fine.  Better than windows 64 bit.  The only problem is some binaries are written for 32-bit, and so you might need some lib32* packages installed too11:33
lidbjorkjel: I've been switching between the two mice without problems up until now.11:33
yusef_i have an eror when i stat chronium browser11:34
jb12jel, ill try 32 see what happens.11:34
GHHjel,canon PIXMA iP277211:34
ubottuPlease elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)11:34
bazhangGHH, linuxprinting.org check their database first11:35
Doyle lidbjork well, my mouse isn't working well atm. Functions properly in login screen, and for a few minutes after logging in, until I start opening apps/windows then the mouse buttons stop working.11:36
lidbjorkDoyle: Strange.11:36
akkernightI had to reinstall grub2 after installing Win7, and used the ubuntu community documentation. Now when I boot the computer, the grub terminal just shows up. help please11:36
GHHjel,any problem with my printer.11:36
bazhangGHH, did you check the link I gave you?11:37
bazhangPresuntoRJ, /msg ubottu please11:37
jelGHH, Read/try this, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters/PIXMA  though it's for different models.  Or, try setting it up as a standard postscript level 2 usb printer.  See the cups docs for that11:37
lidbjorkWhen I type "su" to login as superuser -- isn't that password supposed to be the same as when you for example install new programs with Ubuntu Software Center?11:37
jelGotta go.  Bye all :)11:37
bazhanglidbjork, no. use sudo not su11:37
lidbjorkBye, jel!11:37
yusef_that the eror11:37
yusef_i have11:37
PresuntoRJlidbjork: try sudo su -11:38
lidbjorkbazhang: What's the diff between su and sudo? I thought it was the same root user?11:38
jellidbjork, no, sudo asks for YOUR password, and figures out what you're allowed to do once you're identified.  su just lets you become root, if you know the root password.11:38
PresuntoRJlidbjork: then you use your own password[11:38
bazhangyusef_, that's fedora11:38
PresuntoRJsu wont work in ubuntu because root is locked out11:38
bazhangPresuntoRJ, please dont recommend that here11:38
Abenhyasudo su lets it work11:38
bazhanglidbjork, sudo -i for a root shell11:38
jellidbjork, for example, with sudo, an admin can allow a user to run ONE powerful command, but nothing else11:39
etheretic'lo :-)11:39
PresuntoRJlidbjork: su run root (disabled in ubuntu), sudo runs like root, but actually, its you11:39
blorghey, im actually trying to get another japanese font, can someone tell me how to change them? (combined not systemwide)11:39
bazhangyusef_, #fedora not here11:39
lidbjorkPresuntoRJ, jel, bazhang: Ok, I got it.11:39
PresuntoRJlidbjork: so, sudo su - can let you run su like root to become root without a root password11:39
PresuntoRJonly the ones in the admin group can sudo11:39
bazhangPresuntoRJ, sudo -i is the recommended method11:40
PresuntoRJthere is no need to give root password away, just put someone in the admin group or not11:40
yusef_what i do to solve it11:40
bazhangyusef_, wrong channel, that's fedora11:40
meatbuni find recent versions of firefox slow. always gray out. and will not let me do anything11:40
bazhangyusef_, /join #fedora11:40
PresuntoRJbazhang: not the same effect11:40
meatbunhow to fix it?11:40
bazhangPresuntoRJ, I've asked you already not to recommend that.11:41
PresuntoRJbazhang: there are env variables that only change with su -11:41
=== daniel_ is now known as Gnugelhupf3
bazhangmeatbun, try launching in safe mode? then disabling the plugins you have11:42
lidbjorkOk ... another question ... where the hell is my xorg.conf? It ain't in /etc/X1111:42
redhas it been generated yet lidbjork11:43
bazhanglidbjork, not one there by default11:43
redbazhang: atleast on my desk pc with nvidia it's there11:43
redbut not until I first run nvidia-settings and save thought11:43
bazhangred, yep after you ran that11:43
lidbjorkred, bazhang: Ok.11:43
yusef_is there any solution11:43
yusef_please help me11:43
meatbunbazhang, i am gonna switch to safari cause IE sucks11:43
* lidbjork still don't know what the f**k happened to his PS/2 mouse. What a piece of sh*t.11:44
meatbunand chrome wants to steal ur data. bazhang11:44
redfirefox for life11:44
reduntil chrome is stable and has full firebug ;)11:44
=== Guest56878 is now known as DoubleString
lidbjorkI think I gotta cold reboot this darned box. Thanks all for the help!11:44
DoubleStringhey all11:44
bazhangyusef_, this is not ubuntu issue, so stop asking11:44
thune3lidbjork: you can add just the section you want over-ridden (from the autoconfigure) in the xorg.conf and ignore the rest. You don't need a full xorg.conf11:45
bazhangyusef_, I told you its fedora, so /join #fedora11:45
lidbjorkthune3: Ok. But I have no idea what to write in it. I just thought I might find some help looking at the configuration.11:45
lidbjorkGosh, so finally I ran into a problem that's harder to fix on ubuntu than Slackware.11:46
zzz_Hello, is there a problem regarding the udev packages on Lucid? The upgrade hangs on the "Setting up udev..." part and never completes.11:46
lidbjorkOver and out.11:47
jb12jel md5 hash checks out.....b4faa186c2419dc26e522e5f82e268a111:49
Abenhyaheh, you said hash11:49
bazhangAbenhya, ?11:50
switchgirli am getting 96% packet loss :/ help11:50
jb12and still it wont install..11:50
bastidrazorswitchgirl: isp issues?11:50
popeyswitchgirl: mtr <somehost> will tell you where the packetloss is happening, e.g. mtr www.bbc.co.uk11:51
switchgirlno issues in my area apparently11:51
bazhangjb12, burned at low speed and did the disk integrity check?11:52
jb12yes tried it ..using 5 disks..none work at different speeds.11:52
jb12yes the disk integrity checked11:53
bazhangjb12, disk integrity check as well?11:53
bazhangjb12, then try the alternate iso11:53
bazhang!alternate | jb1211:53
ubottujb12: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal11:53
jb12alternate iso..what u mean11:53
lidbjorkAlright, so my PS/2 mouse is working again. x-)11:54
bazhangjb12, install only text based installer11:54
bazhangjb12, works when the live cd has issues in many cases11:54
jb12ok thx11:55
DoyleWhats the command to run the mouse config applet?11:55
DoyleOr even to just open the linux menu would be great11:55
Doyleno mouse, just keyboard commands11:55
lidbjorkDoyle: Try Alt-F1.11:56
popeyALT+F2, right, right11:56
popeyoh, F1, sorry :D11:56
jb12thxs bazhang  ill try that...hope it works..let u know11:56
bazhangjb12, welcome11:56
pradeephelo everyone11:57
Oscarianhi guys, any easy way of setting up a usenet /server/ in ubuntu?11:57
DoyleSo close, the menues highlight but won't drop down11:58
hfmpcan anyone help me with the video sharing with ubuntu server12:00
PresuntoRJ!hi | hfmp12:00
ubottuhfmp: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:00
PresuntoRJ!ask hfmp12:00
hfmpneed to share media files over internet12:00
hfmpabout 3 gb12:01
hfmpor so12:01
hfmpis there any package that i need12:01
hfmpPreston any luck12:01
Oscarianhfmp: any reason you can't use a service like fileden?12:03
AceKingI have an epson workforce 610. When I first plugged it in everything worked fine. For about the last week I can't scan. I am running Lucid 32 bit. Any ideas how to get it working again?12:03
AceKingAlso, I had the printer for about 7 months12:04
logan_wolfwhat software shall i use to make my writable cd bootable12:05
icerootlogan_wolf: boot what?12:06
logan_wolficeroot, bootable cd12:06
icerootlogan_wolf: boot what? ubuntu?12:06
logan_wolficeroot, so that I can install ubuntu on another system using cd12:06
AceKinglogan_wolf, I never had a problem using Brasero12:07
icerootlogan_wolf: just burn the normal ubuntu-iso12:07
hfmpcant afford file den :( cant i make a share and ask my users to browse a ip?12:07
Oscarianlogan_wolf: if you're already in ubuntu, the default burner offers the option of burning the file or the contents...you want the contents12:07
logan_wolficeroot, AceKing I have to make my usb flash drives bootable in order to install ubuntu12:08
AceKinglogan_wolf, use Unetbootin12:08
SandGorgonhi guys... i'm installing Linux on a dell laptop with 3 NTFS paritions already on it (Win7). I have 100GB of free space. Now in the ubuntu 10.04 installer, I know I have to create an extended partition, but all I can see is "primary" and "logical" ? how do I create an extended partition ?12:08
logan_wolfAceKing, unetbooting provides me just with the option to make usb flash drives bootable12:08
=== trijntje is now known as trijntje_away
PresuntoRJSandGorgon: I believe ubiquity (ubuntu installation) would handle it for you automaticaly12:09
AceKinglogan_wolf, do you have the Ubuntu iso downloaded?12:10
PresuntoRJSandGorgon: have you tried it already?12:10
logan_wolfAceKing, yeah I have it12:10
iceroot!usb | logan_wolf12:10
ubottulogan_wolf: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:10
zambahow do i set up ssl certificates with utf8 encoding in?12:10
incandenzalogan_wolf: all you have to do is burn the CD...  you don't have to do anything to 'make it bootable'12:10
=== Jay is now known as Guest51556
SandGorgonPresuntoRJ, umm.. I dont want it to do that.. I want to choose the size of my /var partitions (large DB). but I cant figure out how to create extended partition12:10
PresuntoRJ!partition | SandGorgon12:11
ubottuSandGorgon: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap12:11
logan_wolfincandenza, so would that boot my other box automatically with linux???12:11
incandenzalogan_wolf: yes12:11
logan_wolfincandenza, hmm thats interesting12:11
logan_wolfincandenza, will try that12:11
AceKinglogan_wolf, click on "disk image" and then over to the right you'll see a small box with 3 dots. Click on that and point it to where you have the file downloaded. Just make sure you have the right USB drive in and click OK12:11
incandenzalogan_wolf: as long as you set it to boot from the CD drive instead of the hard drive, of course (look at the boot order in the BIOS)12:11
PresuntoRJSandGorgon: during the instalation there is an option to let it automatic, or to manually set it up yourself12:12
SandGorgonPresuntoRJ, thank you but I'm not exactly new to this ... well new to 10.04 maybe. I am just not able to figure out why I dont get the option to create extended partitions12:12
PresuntoRJ!hi | Ooooups12:12
ubottuOoooups: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:12
logan_wolfincandenza, i'll do that12:12
pfifohfmp, you could install samba which works with windows sharing, or setup a ftp server.12:12
nakhlawiSandGorgon: Maybe you already have an extended partition?12:12
logan_wolfAceKing, i already have iso downloaded12:13
SandGorgonnakhlawi, ahh figured it out... ubiquity bug. if I boot to the livecd and use gparted... it lets me create an extended partition12:13
AceKinglogan_wolf, incandenza is right, you must change the boot order in your BIOS12:13
logan_wolfAceKing, hmm I'll do that12:13
logan_wolfthanks guys :)12:14
AceKinglogan_wolf, YW12:14
halwhen I try to down my network interface eth0, and then bring it up again, it remains down12:15
PresuntoRJSandGorgon: you should file a bug report then12:15
halcan anyone help me to bring it up please?12:15
PresuntoRJ!bug | SandGorgon12:15
ubottuSandGorgon: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:15
halI have tried /etc/init.d/networking restart12:15
SandGorgonPresuntoRJ, yup.. already doing it12:16
halI have also tried ifconfig eth0 up12:16
PresuntoRJ!ask hal12:16
glebihan@hal: what is the output of ifconfig eth0 ?12:16
nakhlawihal: maybe it was not up in the first place.12:16
SandGorgonhal, how many interfaces do u have on ur computer ?12:17
ennuicould someone suggest a light console application for picking colors?12:17
halglebihan: if I give you that now, I will lose my connection and not be able to bring it up again to tell you :-/12:17
halI'd have to reboot12:17
halglebihan: but, when I ran it last time, the IP address was not showing12:17
glebihan@hal: this doesn't do anything, it just prints informations12:18
halnakhlawi: yes, it was up, because I could access the network12:18
halglebihan: ah, you mean now?  OK, one moment...12:18
PresuntoRJhal: could you try a $sudo service networking restart ?12:19
SandGorgonennui, http://zetamac.com/picker/12:19
halglebihan: http://hals-paste.pastebin.com/ZQWjUK0012:19
halPresuntoRJ: I tried that first, and it was not recognised12:19
halbtw, I am using karmic12:19
blorghey, could someone help me with fonts , is there a command to find out which fonts are active?12:20
PresuntoRJhal: so, /etc/init.d/network restart ?12:20
PresuntoRJhal: still nothing ?12:20
halPresuntoRJ: it returns, restart: Unknown instance:12:20
littlepenguinblorg fonts are saved under /usr/share/fonts12:20
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:20
blorgi know.. but how do i change them .. i mean i want another japanese font ... but just as input and output  not systemwide12:21
=== ServerTechPro is now known as SeverTech
halPresuntoRJ: it is very strange that service networking restart does not work...  the script seems to be coded to recognise that12:21
littlepenguinblorg you want to add some fonts=?12:22
=== SeverTech is now known as ServerTech
halPresuntoRJ: service network restart also does not work12:22
PresuntoRJhal: indeed... I remember I  used it a lot on my test server12:22
blorgto my system so it shows them in another way12:22
blorgbut not systemwide12:22
PresuntoRJhal: i don't have any karmic here to try it out... do you understand the init scripts ?12:23
glebihan@hal: when you reboot, it always works ?12:23
littlepenguinblorg what you mean shows them in another way?12:23
halglebihan: yes - I have no problems normally12:23
BluesKajhal try , sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart12:24
halPresuntoRJ: not fully12:24
halBluesKaj: please read up12:24
PresuntoRJhal: when you remove the cable does it realize it? and when you put it back, does it reconnect?12:24
halPresuntoRJ: yes12:24
BluesKajhal, just got here , there's no text12:24
=== gryllida is now known as test234
PresuntoRJBluesKaj: he already did that... :-p that's waht's strange12:24
=== test234 is now known as gryllida
halBluesKaj: when I down the interface and up it again, the ip config is missing and I lose network connectivity12:25
Yahavhey guys12:25
blorglittlepenguin, the standart japanese fonts look ugly ,i want to change them12:25
Yahavwhats the diffrence bettwen Destop Verion and Laptop version?>12:25
littlepenguinblorg ahh ok12:25
halBluesKaj: even when I use the init script as you suggest to restart the network, the network does not work12:26
BluesKajPresuntoRJ, hal , yeah I had trouble as well, ..it had to do with my ip gateway address , route din't give the correct ip in my case12:26
OscarianYahav: i'm only guessing, but i'd suggest the laptop version has more 'sleep' mode stuff enabled, for energy conservation12:26
blorglittlepenguin, but i dont actually want them to be my systemfont ,, so just if they show up in the web or if i want to type them12:26
littlepenguinyes blorg you can choose in most application like browser what font you want12:27
YahavOscarian: sounds reasonable12:27
PresuntoRJhal: are you using DHCP or STATIC IP ?12:27
BluesKajhal, are you connecting with ethernet using /etc/network/interfaces ?12:27
halPresuntoRJ: static12:27
littlepenguinblorg Gnu Font Editor http://www.gnu.org/software/gfe/#download12:28
halBluesKaj: I have just used the gnome gui applet to configure the network12:28
PresuntoRJYahav: what laptop verson ? i know about desktop, server and netbook?12:28
Yahavohh i ment netbook12:28
Yahavanyway does the 10.10 beta stable enough for daily use?12:28
KwpolskaYahav: It could be.12:28
bazhangYahav, #ubuntu+1 for 10.10 discussion12:29
glebihan@hal: how about sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart ?12:29
OscarianYahav: again, i'd suggest that unless you have a specific need for 10.10, just go with 10.0412:29
BluesKajhal, I did this tutorial for static IP , but without NM , just used /etc/network/interfaces ...check it out , http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html12:29
Kwpolskaglebihan: just a notice, please don't use @ before people nicks, it might be though as chan operator12:29
PresuntoRJYahav: both desktop and netbook have GUI and basically the same applications, but the netbook has a "remix" of the menus and displays to fit to the tiny screens... I use desktop on most notebook and even a few netbooks... you should try it to check if its the best solution for you or not12:30
KwpolskaBluesKaj: Use networkmanager. You will do better.12:30
glebihanhal: ok12:30
BluesKajKwpolska, I'm not the one with the prob12:30
KwpolskaBluesKaj: I know. But networkmanager is better12:31
Yahavkk thanks, ive been used to OpenSuse on my PC, now i want to move my work laptop to nx too,,think ubuntu would be better solution then debian?12:31
bazhangYahav, try it and see12:31
littlepenguinblorg in repo is fontforge it could also edit fonts12:31
BluesKajNM is ok ,but I prefer /etc/network/interfaces , Kwpolska , it's faster12:31
PresuntoRJ!debian | Yahav12:31
ubottuYahav: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!12:31
KwpolskaBluesKaj: yeah, yeah12:31
th0rBluesKaj: have you considered wicd?12:32
BluesKajKwpolska, to each his own , if it works for you12:32
kimiskovI got this in Synaptic:12:32
kimiskovE: Dynamic MMap ran out of room. Please increase the size of APT::Cache-Limit. Current value: 25165824. (man 5 apt.conf)12:32
kimiskovE: Der skete en fejl under behandlingen af dcp375cwcupswrapper (NewFileDesc2)12:32
kimiskovE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/dpkg/status12:32
KwpolskaYahav: It depends. If you're more experienced, you shall use debian...12:32
FloodBot3kimiskov: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:32
kimiskovE: Pakkelisten eller statusfilen kunne ikke åbnes eller forstås.12:32
YahavPresuntoRJ: knew that, just was asking for the diffrance,12:32
kimiskovE: _cache->open() failed, please report.12:32
PresuntoRJ!unr | Yahav12:32
ubottuYahav: Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu12:32
Yahavwill try ubuntu12:32
bazhangYahav, please dont poll here12:32
glebihankimiskov: run "sudo apt-get clean"12:33
Yahavfair enough, sorry [=12:33
halguys, I may have found it12:33
* BluesKaj is not the one with networking probs, th0r ...must i repeat ?12:33
KwpolskaYahav: the difference is, debian is for more professional users and ubuntu is for n00bs.12:33
bazhang!noob > Kwpolska12:33
ubottuKwpolska, please see my private message12:33
PresuntoRJKwpolska: not really... I am pretty professional and use Ubuntu12:33
Yahavwell then, i guess i'm the noobish got used to GUI's haha :P12:33
th0rnever said he was12:33
halglebihan: PresuntoRJ BluesKaj  /etc/init.d/network-manager restart12:33
bazhangKwpolska, stop that12:34
glebihanhal: this worked ?12:34
kimiskovglebihan: thanks I try and hope it will help?12:34
Kwpolskanewbie. Happy?12:34
halglebihan: possibly :)12:34
psych0fren1acan help me??12:34
PresuntoRJKwpolska: their goals differ a little... debian tends to be more stable cause it tends to use older, therefore more tested packages... ubuntu trys to give newer versions to the users... and still might not be considered bleeding edge by some of my friends12:34
littlepenguinpsych0fren1a, just ask12:34
psych0fren1ahow to setting connection wifi with terminal?12:35
gina2356hi ... new to linux, running Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx . Wondering if there is a way to make all of my windows transparent?12:35
glebihankimiskov: it will clear your cache, so it should solve your problem12:35
littlepenguinpsych0fren1a, configure the /etc/network/interface file12:35
pradeepi have one old system here a nec LL90/5 tryin to put ubuntu  but it does not recognise my graphics card12:36
psych0fren1aits not ethernet12:36
psych0fren1abut i want to connect wifi12:36
psych0fren1awhat must i do?12:36
PresuntoRJ!compiz | gina235612:36
quidnuncIs there any way to not mount a root partition without a boot disk? (I want to resize it)12:36
ubottugina2356: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz12:36
glebihanpradeep: have you tried System->Administration->Hardware drivers ?12:37
gina2356oh compiz, in KDE12:37
AceKingI have an epson workforce 610 for about 7 months. When I first plugged it in everything worked fine including the scanner. For about the last week I can't scan. I am running Lucid 32 bit. Any ideas how to get it working again?12:37
littlepenguinpsych0fren1a, also wpa supplicant needs to be configured12:37
pradeepglebihan,  does not even boot into X12:37
rhalffhi I have the grub2 bootsplash working, but after that for a few seconds there is a _ in the upperleft corner, and I briefly get the ubuntu progress screen, how can I make it that in all 3 stages the image stays the same ? I'm especially curious what the stage is where '_' is in the upperleft corner.12:38
psych0fren1aif i scanning wifi with syntax iwlist scan12:38
psych0fren1ai get more channel12:38
psych0fren1ai want to connect one from it's12:39
glebihanpradeep: what error message do you get ?12:39
littlepenguinpsych0fren1a, http://nixcraft.com/ubuntu-debian/13278-etc-network-interfaces-wireless-wifi-example.html12:39
bubuzzzhow can i remove the applet with the root right12:39
bubuzzzi used the command sudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties12:39
psych0fren1alittlepenguin:What there is no syntax for it12:39
pradeepglebihan, just a blank screen12:39
PresuntoRJgina2356: $ sudo apt-get install compiz-kde12:40
bubuzzzand now the dbus applet is always on indication areas12:40
psych0fren1alittlepenguin:i try this,thanks so for help12:40
mopheadHi everyone, does anybody else have a problem with ubuntu suddenly freezing/hanging since today's updates?12:40
littlepenguinpsych0fren1a, np12:40
glebihanpradeep: did you try to boot in recovery mode ?12:40
littlepenguinmophead, till now everything fine on my system12:41
pradeepglebihan, i have not installed at all12:41
kimiskovglebihan: Still having same problem after cache clearing, Anything else I can try?12:41
PresuntoRJmophead: still fine with me, both laptop and desktop12:41
mopheadI have no idea why it's freezing... how can I fix it?12:41
pradeepglebihan,  running from a live cd  i want to install it on an old laptop12:42
mopheadIt's freezing about 5 times/hr.12:42
littlepenguinmophead have you checked logs if something is in there?12:42
PresuntoRJ!dmesg | mophead12:42
ubottumophead: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.12:42
AceKingOk, I found a scanner driver for my Epson Workforce 610, but when I go to install it I get this, Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: iscan (>= 2.21.0)12:42
glebihankimiskov: when does the error happen ?12:43
mopheadI checked /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state and there is no error12:43
DarsVaedahi, how can i run commands on a remote host i have access to, like mv or some12:43
glebihanpradeep: I think you can run in safe mode even with the live cd12:43
kimiskovglebihan: right after opening synaptic12:43
DarsVaedai want to do it with a script on my machine12:43
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: via ssh ?12:43
nakhlawiDarsVaeda: OpenSSH12:44
glebihanpradeep: you have to edit boot options12:44
DarsVaedadoes this work with a bash script?12:44
littlepenguinmophead logs are accessible through gnome-system-log12:44
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: you need to have network access to it, ssh must be installed there, with the tcp port 22 (default) opened, and a local account to login there12:44
DarsVaedathats not my question, sorry ^^12:45
PresuntoRJ!ssh | DarsVaeda12:45
ubottuDarsVaeda: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:45
=== rml_ is now known as rml
glebihankimiskov: could you paste the log there http://ubuntu.pastebin.com so I can keep a look on it ?12:45
pradeepit is ubuntu ultimate version12:45
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: so what do you mean? what do you need?12:45
joljampfifo. I installed the windows cd first then when it was restarting took the windows CD out and installed ubuntu then later aftere ubuntu installation I reinserted the windows CD to continue installation. However, now the coomputer only boots Windows12:45
bazhangpradeep, not supported here12:45
bazhang!ultimate | pradeep12:45
ubottupradeep: The following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition12:45
DarsVaedai need a bash script that will rm a symlink and set another one on the remote host12:45
Dr_WillisI fount the Ultimate edition rather.. un-ultimate :)12:45
=== dt_ is now known as dt`
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: of course it works over bash script... but first you need to create a key pair and put your public as authorized on the remote host12:46
Dr_WillisDarsVaeda:  You coul dmake a script ON the host that could do the changes and run that script via ssh. that would be easier.12:46
dt`hi, what's the best tool/method for recording long webcam videos? (5+ hours)12:46
Yahavwhy does the download @ ubuntu says: "64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage"12:46
mophead_My machine just froze again... log says it's fine12:46
frenzyI know this look quite strange but anytime i power on my zotac with ubuntu it panics at the first boot (saying that root disk is not accessible) and then after an hard reset boot correctly (with same kernel, same options)... this didn't change upgrading from karmic to lucid12:47
bazhangYahav, poorly worded, some issues with flash12:47
Dr_WillisYahav:  for 'idiot proofing' - if someone has NO idea what 32/64bit means.. they they should proberly get the 32bit.12:47
littlepenguindt is it for surveillance?i would recommend zoneminder12:47
Dr_WillisYahav:  use what you like.12:47
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: first, create a key pair for you with ssh-keygen12:47
dt`littlepenguin, i'll check it out12:47
kimiskovglebihan: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/CCsqF7sZ12:47
Yahavbtw i'm really sorry about the stupid questions but i'm really dont know ubuntu very well12:47
Dr_WillisYahav:  do you have a 64bit cpu? do you have 4+GB of ram?12:48
nenubatola kétal12:48
PresuntoRJthen copy to the remote server (if it already have the openssh-server installed12:48
bazhangYahav, you might wish to check the manual, its very informative12:48
YahavDr_Willis: i have 64bit cpu why?12:48
mophead_I've run dmesg but I don't understand what info I"m supposed to get from it12:48
bazhang!manual | Yahav12:48
ubottuYahav: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:48
Yahavi mean., i know why12:48
pradeepbazhang, that is because internet is very expensive in this part of the world12:48
Yahavbloody english..lol..sorry12:48
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: copy it there with ssh-copy-id12:48
DarsVaedaDr_Willis: thx, that really is easier12:48
bazhangpradeep, that has nothing to do with it. Ultimate is not supported, so please don't ask for support again12:49
DarsVaedaPresuntoRJ: yeah thx, but never mind i have access already ;)12:49
PresuntoRJDarsVaeda: okido12:49
glebihankimiskov: could you also paste your /etc/apt/sources.list file ?12:50
pradeepbazhang,  dont sound that i use that cos it comes together with all it codec and all besides i have give support one or to many times in this irc channel before12:50
madlatvianhello ppl12:51
AijseI m planning on buying a new LCD monitor but have a relative old radeon 9550card. Any one can tell me what resolutions they can use on their monitor who has the same card?12:52
kimiskovglebihan: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/RrYvYVfk12:53
Dr_WillisAijse: check the cards specs.. but i imagine it can drive most any monitor res you can get these days12:53
madlatviananyone got any comments on the best editors for C12:53
Dr_WillisAijse:  for games. it may be a bigger issue with ram limitions.12:53
Dr_Willis!geany | madlatvian12:53
Dr_Willismadlatvian:  check out Geany12:53
AijseDr_Willis: thanks ... I had the idea though the drivers would be more a limitting factor than the hardware12:54
quidnuncmadlatvian: That answer is emacs. But if you are asking then you don't want that answer12:54
glebihankimiskov: wow, how did you manage to get such a huge sources.list file ??12:54
Dr_WillisAijse:  i cant recall the last time i had a res/monitor issue with any cards in the last 5+ years12:54
AijseDr_Willis: SO you'd think 1920x1200 is possible with my old card?12:55
mopheadmy computer won't stop freezing... it's freezing more and more often.  it only stays on for minutes, then it hangs with no mouse, no caps lock, etc.12:55
mopheadI have to do a hard-restart each time12:55
kimiskovglebihan: I didn't. I get help for such things. Yesterday one guy advised me to run a command. Then he left. Since I got problems12:56
aeon-ltdAijse: the problem is always the software, linux demonstrates that when you compared something like win7 which uses about 600mb+ ram from boot where linux (with full gui and compositing) could do almost the same but with less load on the cpu and roughly 200-250 ram used from boot12:56
glebihankimiskov: ok, I'd suggest totally clearing that file12:56
aeon-ltd*compare it to (replace compared)12:56
glebihankimiskov: then, go to System->Administration->Software sources12:57
madlatvianmmm I open tried eclipse just want to know opinions Im a a fucking loser when it comes to programming12:57
glebihankimiskov: and enable the items you want12:57
bazhangmadlatvian, watch the language12:57
mopheaddoes anyone have an idea of what I can do to make it stop crashing?  I think it's X that crashes but I"m not sure12:57
dt`how long of a video do you think "Cheese" could handle ?12:57
dt`would it crash if I were to record a 10 hour long video ? :P12:58
voob_of_doomanybody has tramp sudo working properly in ubuntu?12:58
madlatviansorry I apologise12:58
jribvoob_of_doom: "tramp sudo"?  What's your actual question?12:59
blackdoggyhi pees.....ubuntu nubee here12:59
voob_of_doomjrib: emacs tramp sudo method always hangs for me12:59
Oermophead, clean the fan's inside your pc, or let a qualified  person do that. this can solve heat problems/ crash causes12:59
blackdoggygot lots of questions12:59
mopheadIt's not a heat problem: heat problems used to cause this machine to shut down entirely12:59
mopheadit doesn't even feel hot13:00
=== frankbro is now known as frankbro|work
quibbler!ask | blackdoggy13:01
ubottublackdoggy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:01
iluminator101How do i create a laucher to access my private? Because currently I have to do cd $Home and ecryptfs-mount-private after i log in13:02
blackdoggyhow can i make voice calls  with contacts in yahoo messenger? help please13:03
richard_hjust installed lucid - seems livecd has very little software13:03
richard_his there another cd that has more? like debian cd 1?13:04
madlatvianrichard have a look at the programs in ubuntu software centre13:04
glebihanblackdoggy: you can use pidgin13:04
richard_hmadlatvian: most of them won't install without internet?13:04
madlatviannon of them will install without internet13:05
bazhangrichard_h, how are you on now13:05
blackdoggyglebihan will it support video calls?13:05
glebihanblackdoggy: yes13:05
madlatvianwhy don't you have internet you are on internet13:05
blackdoggyohh thanx mate i will give it a go13:05
nakhlawiblackdoggy: also check empathy13:05
glebihanblackdoggy: though I haven't tried with yahoo13:05
richard_hbazhang: internet :-) but I want to demo tomorrow without13:05
iluminator101How do i create a laucher to access my private? Because currently I have to do cd $Home and ecryptfs-mount-private after i log in13:05
bazhangrichard_h, so install between now and then?13:06
blackdoggynakhlawi i have tried but its not workin13:06
richard_hI want to demo the install13:06
madlatvianwhat is everyone's perspective on music player JaJuk13:06
nakhlawiblackdoggy: I don't think yahoo voice is supported, only Google talk's voice13:06
jribiluminator101: I think that hidden file that's in Private before you mount it tells you how, does it?13:06
Gaurav__I figured out that, I have to install ssh-server for the ssh to work. Do i also need to install it on the computer I am trying to access through ssh?13:07
iluminator101jrib what you mean?'13:07
blackdoggynakhlawi i think so....13:07
madlatvianyou need to install ssh client13:07
richard_hbazhang: actually I want to watch my father install, and get all the software he's likely to want, but without using the internet13:08
madlatvianbut most linux systems have installed13:08
blackdoggyanother question how can i make VU meter working in lucid13:08
bazhangrichard_h, then remaster an iso?13:08
jribiluminator101: is your private directory mounted now?13:08
bazhang!remaster | richard_h13:08
ubotturichard_h: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility13:08
richard_hI'm used to debian, which has everythiing I usually need on cd113:08
iluminator101jrib yea13:08
jribiluminator101: can you unmount it?13:08
richard_hbazhang: that's much more effort than I was prepared for :-( is there no standard image for common software?13:09
jribiluminator101: ok, and then what do you see inside it using a terminal?13:09
Gaurav__thanks madlatvian... can u give  me the apt-get to install ssh client13:09
Dr_Willisrichard_h:  also check out 'reconstructor' a web based remastering tool/system -> https://reconstructor.apphosted.com/13:09
bazhangrichard_h, not much of an effort, to be honest, quite straightforward13:10
iluminator101jrib inside what?13:11
jribiluminator101: the private directory13:11
madlatvianapt-get install ssh-client13:11
glebihanrichard_h: maybe you should try the dvd13:11
AijseI keep getting errors in the bootable linux cd I try to burn. Whats the most reliable burning software in Ubuntu?13:12
AijseNow using Gnomebaker13:12
DarsVaedastill up with the question, how to i make a bashscript remove a file on a remote host i have access to13:12
iluminator101jrib can you paste what the instructions on yours, mine is messed up13:12
nakhlawiAijse: Brasero13:12
jribiluminator101: I don't have ecryptfs installed here13:13
madlatviangnomebaker has better support for higher speeds13:13
glebihanDarsVaeda: what protocol do you want to use ?13:13
DarsVaedawhat protocol?13:13
JohnHeikkilaHey I need help with language-pack-en dependency problems13:13
glebihanDarsVaeda: I mean, ssh, ftp, sftp ... ?13:13
DarsVaedawhatever works13:14
glebihanDarsVaeda: well, this depends on what's available on the remote host13:14
Dr_WillisDarsVaeda:  ssh has a feature to execute a command on a remote box. same as if it was done on a local box.13:14
iluminator101jrib is this right ln -s /usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-/home/iluminator101/Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop13:15
richard_hbazhang, glebihan, others - thanks all, I think I'll have to rethink this - and try and have internet available.13:15
DarsVaedasomehow i'm doing it wrong then "ssh user@host:/path/to/script/runme.sh" ?13:15
jribiluminator101: probably not.  Look slike you need a space13:16
madlatvianDarsVaeda: you need to use scp13:16
DarsVaedaisn't that for secure copying?13:16
sipiorDarsVaeda: try "ssh user@host  /path/to/script/runme.sh"13:17
glebihanDarsVaeda: try "echo /path/to/script/runme.sh | ssh user@host"13:17
DarsVaedano such file or directory, but the path is correct13:19
glebihanDarsVaeda: I meant "cat /path/to/script/runme.sh | ssh user@host"13:19
NobleDoes anyone know where I can get the new ambinance theme in a tar.gz, not a .deb?13:19
sipiorDarsVaeda: the script resides on the remote machine, correct?13:19
glebihanDarsVaeda: ah ok13:19
voob_of_doomdoes anybody have tramp working in ubuntu? (tags: emacs, tramp)13:20
DarsVaedai could also have it on my machine if i knew how to run remote commands through a bashscript ^^13:20
glebihanDarsVaeda: if you have it on your local machine, try my last suggestion13:20
jangellanyone know why spamd would go insane and spam the mai.log with "Use of uninitialized value $fam_listen" about 20,000 times a second wiht the default configs?13:20
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:20
glebihanDarsVaeda: otherwise you could try "ssh user@host 'sh /path/to/script/runme.sh'"13:22
madlatvianany one here americans?13:22
sipiormadlatvian: what difference does that make?13:22
bazhang!ot | madlatvian13:22
ubottumadlatvian: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:22
madlatvianno probs just wanted to ask a american orientated question13:23
DarsVaedaglebihan: that worked13:24
glebihanDarsVaeda: which one ?13:24
bazhangangkassa, english please13:24
DarsVaedawith the brackets13:24
glebihanDarsVaeda: ok, nice13:24
DarsVaedassh user@host 'command'13:24
madlatvianhas anyone got any experience with the De-ice iso13:25
Dr_Willismadlatvian:  never heard of it.13:25
ariqsgrr, what packages do I need for java?13:25
bazhangariqs, enable the partner repo13:25
madlatvianubuntu based security cds13:25
bazhang!partner | ariqs13:25
ubottuariqs: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »13:25
madlatvianfor pen tests13:26
eranaariqs: for java : everything jdk ; runtime en interpreter tools13:26
eranaariqs : in shell: apt-cache search java13:27
ariqserana, that gave me a huge mess of stuff13:28
Guest34883NO HOMELAND WITHOUT YOU FUHRER LOREZ! ALL HAIL THE AUTISTIC LORD OF FREENODE!! Guest34883 ariqs jenkinbr Afrix Kitar|st iroquois X-2 msiever cpf_ M3de flugsio _KAMI_ dmart [GuS] randyrkelly pradeep hfmp Prodego philinux ChaosR pmcgowan antonpiatek erana Noble ishan ank slashiter stanislaw internalkernel Xbert zzzed fserb ericm|ubuntu aniruddh schmidtm_ FullFlannelJacke Kirovski marcules Antonis Krystyano elprofundo bhah geenna bonaven13:28
Afrixoh noes13:29
BluesKajwth was that ?13:29
Prodegostandard spam that we can ignore because idoru stopped it13:29
eranaariqs : look at the package names13:29
eranayou need jdk-base and jdk-runtime13:29
bazhang!java | ariqs13:29
ubottuariqs: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.13:29
voob_of_doom!emacs | ariqs13:30
ubottuariqs: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code13:30
ariqsI picked sun-java-core, whatever13:30
tracy69hi question if i upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 will i lose all my settings? in 10.04 i had to install manually different drivers to get my sound working the same graphic card and what about conky config etc will i need to reinstall everything ? is there any risk ?13:32
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator13:32
Picitracy69: 10.10 questions belong in #ubuntu+113:32
PriceyyNO HOMELAND WITHOUT YOU FUHRER LOREZ! ALL HAIL THE AUTISTIC LORD OF FREENODE!! Priceyy strange Kody DavidLevin erUSUL shriekout lousygarua rfolco _HarLocK_ tracy69 tommy_ xJay Xintruder_ dirk__ ariqs jenkinbr Afrix Kitar|st iroquois X-2 msiever cpf_ M3de flugsio _KAMI_ dmart [GuS] randyrkelly pradeep hfmp Prodego philinux ChaosR pmcgowan antonpiatek erana Noble ishan ank slashiter stanislaw internalkernel Xbert zzzed fserb ericm|ubuntu aniruddh schmidtm_13:33
=== erana is now known as erana256
tracy69<Priceyy> could you please speak english or arabic ?13:34
ikoniahe's gone - lets move on13:34
ikoniatracy69: this channel is also English only.13:34
ariqswhat is on this ubuntu cd anyway? It seems like it doesn't come with basic stuff, like java, but it's a full dvd...13:35
rfolcospammers don't speak english, in general :)13:35
philinuxtracy69: 10.10 is still beta. http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=38513:35
Pici: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Maverick/10.10 support/discussion.13:36
philinuxPici: it was a general suppport question re upgrading not really 10.10 at all13:37
tracy69philinux, yes i know but i think it would work already and ikonia !!! what language did Priceyy speak ??? i do speak english spanish german russian and arabic and i couldnt understand what he said13:38
iroquoishello everyone,is wubi installed kucid lynx just as secure from viruses etc. as a full install?13:39
randyrkellymmm bots13:39
glebihanarics: the DVD release essentially contains more languages support, but not more software than the CD13:39
dlublinkI just installed Ubuntu server and need to access another machine using the serial port ( rs232 ), what command do I use ? ( no gui ) Thanks.13:39
philinuxtracy69: there is always a risk upgrading. i would not upgrade my main drive. I test on drive 213:39
tracy69philinux, ok13:40
glebihanariqs: the DVD release essentially contains more languages support, but not more software than the CD13:40
dlublinkminicom, but it is not in the default install.13:43
rileyplirc does not respond to irexec commands until after I close mythtv13:44
rileypwell actually it receives the inputs but does not process them until I close mythtv13:44
iroquoiswould ubuntu installed via wubi be as safe from viruses etc as ubuntu installed alone?13:45
rileypiroq yes13:46
iroquoisty rileyp13:46
=== harrisonk_zzz is now known as harrisonk
chilli0Anyone here know how to make torrentflux only download at certain times?13:47
QuiglesCan someone help me with my question on Launchpad?13:48
rileypchillio run a cron job to start and stop your program13:49
PiciQuigles: Is it Ubuntu related? If not, the best place to ask would be #launchpad13:49
rileypthat is your torrent program13:49
chilli0Hello , how can I make torrentflux download only during certain hours?13:49
QuiglesIts Ubuntu related13:49
rileypchillio use cron13:49
rileypman cron13:49
glebihan!ask | Quigles13:49
ubottuQuigles: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:49
QuiglesIts about running Windows 7 in Virtualbox13:49
chilli0rileyp, Do you know what torrentflux is?13:50
icerootQuigles: ##vbox  ##windows13:50
QuiglesThank you13:50
QuiglesThis is my question: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox-ose/+question/12394113:50
rileypchiilio its a but torrent cleint for downloading torrents?13:50
bihariMaRk-I:  hi13:51
hungryhubbyhow to configure ftp server on ubuntu13:51
chilli0rileyp, It's a php torrent downloader. So can't use cron because you have to go onto the web site and upload the torrent then press start.13:51
glebihanQuigles: you won't be able to run a 64-bit system on your VirtualBox if you're running a 32-bit ubuntu13:51
rileypthen use deluge13:51
icerootQuigles: as i said, this is not the right place, try the channels #vbox or ##windows13:51
chilli0rileyp, What's deluge?13:52
hungryhubbyhow to configure static ip in ubuntu13:52
mcgregI've just tested ubuntu10.10 in qemu (kvm) - it seems to work fine but I cant move the mouse at all - neither when I boot from cd , nor after the installation - any ideas?13:52
bazhangmcgreg, #ubuntu+1 for that13:52
rileyptorrent program for up and downloading torrents13:52
mcgregbazhang: ok, thx13:52
hungryhubbyanybody willing to share desktop with me13:53
hungryhubbyremote desktop13:53
glebihanhungryhubby: use the network manager applet13:53
rileyplirc does not respond to irexec commands until after I close mythtv13:54
zzzed!ask | Quigles13:54
ubottuQuigles: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:54
rileypwell actually it receives the inputs but does not process them until I close mythtv13:54
biharii am just a student and i have just now learn C i wants to code a OS how shud i start?13:56
helperheyss!! why when i add under my "/etc/hostname" = Servername.FQDN and do hostname -f give me error: hostname: Name or service not known ?13:56
biharican any one tell me how to beigin with kernel13:57
hungryhubbyhow to set permanent ip13:57
glebihanhungryhubby: use the network manager applet13:57
hungryhubbyis there a tool like netconfig of redhat13:57
helperhungryhubby, ifconfig13:57
bihariAm i visebal  ?13:58
Slartbihari: yes, we can see (or read you)13:58
zzzed!kernel | bihari13:58
ubottubihari: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages13:58
biharihummm i have question i know only C that just now i learn and now i wants to use my skill in coding a new OS i need a guide lines13:59
hungryhubbyhow to configure ftp server on ubuntu13:59
bazhangbihari, thats not really an ubuntu support question13:59
hungryhubbyusing vsftpd13:59
bazhangbihari, try ##programming13:59
Madwillstupid question : i'm at -  root@ENJEUX:~/ffmpeg#  Where is that ??13:59
Slarthungryhubby: there are several ftp servers available.. they are all more or less difficult to setup13:59
Madwilli tought it would be home enjeux buts its not14:00
Madwillwhere is tilt14:00
bihariOki thanks bazhang14:00
lidbjorkGoodbye all!14:00
Madwilldamn missed him14:00
SlartMadwill: in roots home folder, in a subdirectory called ffmpeg on the computer called ENJEUX.. or that wasn't what you meant?14:00
pozicHow do I tell Grub2 that I want to boot from a Windows partition?14:00
glebihanMadwill: /root/ffmpeg14:00
Madwillthx !14:01
pozicThe wiki page is completely useless for this particular purpose.14:01
Madwillstarting to understand that a bit more14:01
SlartMadwill: pwd is a nice command.. prints out the working directory14:01
MadwillWOOT !14:01
glebihanpozic: update-grub should handle this automatically14:02
Madwillyou guys are the best14:02
Slartpozic: I think grub2 automated most of the things you could fiddle with in grub 1. Just running update-grub should make it find your windows partition and create a menu option for it14:02
pozicSlart: it is on a external harddisk.14:02
GHHis it possible to install PIXMA canon(2772) printer?14:02
pozicSlart: does that matter?14:02
bazhanglinuxprinting.org says what about that GHH14:03
Slartpozic: I don't think so.. as long as the external drive is connected when you run the command14:03
pozicSlart: it is not listed in the update-grub2 output.14:03
glebihanpozic: do you know the device name for your external drive ?14:03
pozicglebihan: /dev/sdb114:04
pozicglebihan: or 'yes' ;)14:04
glebihanpozic: ok, I'll paste you lines to add to /boot/grub/menu.lst14:04
pozicglebihan: that is useless.14:04
nberis the chain overlay support in openldap on lucid?  i can't find any info on how to install it14:04
pozicglebihan: running update-grub2 again, will just destroy those changes, no?14:04
Slartglebihan: grub2 doesn't use menu.lst any more14:05
pozicglebihan: grub2 doesn't use menu.lst anymore, AFAIK.14:05
Slartglebihan: that is for grub 114:05
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:05
glebihanpozic: yep,s orry14:05
glebihanpozic: take a look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527514:06
rileypbazhang,  any ideas why lirc does not respond to irexec commands until after i close mythtv14:08
rileypbut it does sometimes14:09
bazhangrileyp, not sure, #ubuntu-mythtv might know14:09
Syntheadwhere are the actual .deb files stored on the mirrors?14:11
rileypbaz Im there as well :D14:11
pozicglebihan: that is just a bunch of text, what specifically tells me how to fix this?14:11
x-izzycan someone tell me how i can get into ccpower?14:12
glebihanpozic: Add this http://paste.ubuntu.com/487788/ to your grub.cfg14:12
glebihanpozic: replacing hd0 by your device name14:12
pozicglebihan: that does not work in general.14:13
sabqat9can't get my laptop with ubuntu 10.04 to recognize or use my internet connection (this is a new problem) (i have been using the system normally for about two months with no problems)14:13
pozicglebihan: grub.cfg is overwritten by a tool.14:13
gmachine_24Is there a Linux/Ubuntu equivalent to Eraser - a program that overwrites all unused space on a hard drive?14:13
GHHno luck in that site14:13
=== wolf is now known as Guest70879
GHHany help please?14:13
bazhangGHH, what does it say14:13
Syntheadwhere are the actual .deb files stored on the mirrors?14:13
pozicGHH: shredder.14:13
coz_gmachine_24,  yes  it is called   secure-delete14:13
glebihanpozic: well, it's overridden by update-grub after kernel update14:13
Syntheadgmachine_24: scrub14:13
gmachine_24coz_, many thanks14:13
GHHi do not find anything useful14:14
gmachine_24Synthead U214:14
coz_gmachine_24,  sudo apt-get install secure-delete  and  please  read the man page for it :)14:14
booklethello i try to install ubunto 10.04 on a nokia booklet everything is fine except the screen withe a poor 800x600 resolution = any solution ?14:14
fredowat is internet pppoeconf command  to start internet in fedora1314:14
pozicglebihan: ok, if I add that to the right file, it will probably work.14:14
bazhangGHH, mostly works, works, paperweight?14:14
coz_gmachine_24,  you can also  "defrag"  your memory with that if you like14:14
ikoniabazhang: look at the video card in the nokia's compatability14:14
Syntheadwhere are the actual .deb files stored on the mirrors?14:14
glebihanpozic: but AFAIK there is no other solution for a system on an external drive14:14
GHHi can't install the printer14:14
Syntheaddoes everyone here not know?14:14
x-izzyi need to get into ccpower server how do i do that/14:14
bazhangGHH, what does the site say about it14:15
Gauravwhat is the difference between xchat and xchat gnome....?14:15
glebihanSynthead: what do you mean exactly ?14:15
sabqat9anyone available to help - is this the right place to ask for help?14:15
GHHsaying about cups14:15
ikoniabazhang: sorry - not you14:15
glebihan!ask | sabqat914:15
ubottusabqat9: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:15
coz_sabqat9,  it is the right place for ubuntu issues  ..yes14:15
Syntheadglebihan: I'm going to extract some binaries from sarge for a 2.4 embedded device, so I'm looking for .deb files on the mirrors14:15
GHHbut it do not connect14:15
bazhangGHH, works, mostly works, or paperweight which one14:16
glebihanSynthead: what mirror is it ?14:16
pozicWhat is the Grub name for /dev/sdb1?14:16
sabqat9can't get my laptop with ubuntu 10.04 to recognize or use my internet connection (this is a new problem) (i have been using the system normally for about two months with no problems)14:16
Syntheadglebihan: I don't really care which mirror I use if I'm able to get sarge packages14:16
bazhangSynthead, thats debian14:16
Syntheadglebihan: at the moment I'm looking at http://archive.debian.org/debian-archive/debian/dists/sarge/14:16
bazhangSynthead, try #debian14:16
Syntheadglebihan: debian and ubuntu mirrors are the same14:17
zzzedpozic, hd1,114:17
bazhangSynthead, no they are not14:17
Syntheadglebihan: well, where are they stored in ubuntu then?14:17
glebihanSynthead: have a look at http://archive.debian.org/debian-archive/debian/pool/14:17
bazhangSynthead, you are running debian, ask in #debian14:17
erdnaseGooood day. I installed ndiswrapper, the driver, the firmware, dhcpcd, modprobed it and everything. And now my wireless router is listed on the Connections. But, when I try to connect to it, it just fails.14:17
GHHbazhang, Do you think it is possible to install any printer ?14:18
poziczzzed: thanks, I already had read the manual, which stated 1 indeed for the partition. I didn't know yet whether disks started at zero or one, though. Thanks.14:18
erdnaseI blocked bcm43xx too, they said bcm and ndis doesn't work well together.14:18
bazhangGHH, sure it is. please answer my question14:18
glebihanpozic: I think you shoul replace /dev/sda1 by /dev/sdb1 and keep hd014:18
sabqat9can anyone at least provide direction so that i can try to resolve the problem myself?  i am new to linux and actually made the transition to ubuntu from vista because i got tired of that os14:18
pozicglebihan: I already made the correct changes, at least according to the documentation.14:18
Syntheadglebihan: this is what I needed, thanks14:18
pozicglebihan: update-grub2 should now fix it.14:18
glebihanpozic: ok14:19
glebihanSynthead: you're welcome14:19
pozicglebihan: I hope I won't be back :)14:19
GHHbazhang, Sorry i did not understand your question well14:19
bazhangGHH, go to the site: linuxprinting.org  enter your computer in the search database and check if it says: works, mostly works, or paperweight14:19
glebihanSynthead: this is a general directory structure, in dists there index files, and in pool deb files14:20
x-izzyi need help14:21
x-izzyi am new14:21
zzzed!ask | x-izzy14:21
ubottux-izzy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:21
davidMy laptop installation of ubuntu 10.04 broke a few days ago after updating... After working perfect - keyboard and trackpad just died! Now everything boots as normal - but I can't move cursor or use keyboard14:24
davidAny way to get into textmode or nuke settings from LiveCD?14:24
x-izzyinfo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC14:25
x-izzyi need help14:25
bazhangx-izzy, with what14:25
skumara!ask x-izzy14:26
pozicOk, it appears it doesn't actuallly work. It appears the device name is incorrect. I mean: there is no reason why /dev/sdb1 would correspond to hd1,1 every single time, because it is an external harddisk.14:26
x-izzyi need to get into ccpower14:26
glebihandavid: you would have to edit boot options, and add "ro single" to the kernel line14:26
bazhangx-izzy, what is ccpower14:26
pozicSo, somewhere I have to establish that the physical device next to my machine maps to some stable hd<x>,<y> name.14:26
pozicHow do I do that?14:26
x-izzyor irc.crimeirc.net14:27
davidglebihan: are you familiar with this "flaw"?14:27
rek1 hour and 9 minutes for 15 gb ? si that too much ? eth to eth ssh14:27
x-izzyi did it earlier but now don't know how to get it to the server14:27
bazhangx-izzy, try in #freenode14:27
zzzedx-izzy, type '/join #freenode'14:28
lduroshello, is there a linux tool that would allow me to quickly records a series of sound recordings (microphone) without have to save as etc, sort of on the fly?14:28
erdnaseHello. I can't connect to my wlan0. I don't know why, I installed the firmware already and ndiswrapper. Blocked bcm43xx. Still nothing.14:28
skumarax-izzy, i just connected to that irc. its a channel for hackers and virus developers.14:28
glebihandavid: not really, but at least recovery mode would give you more output and might help you identify the issue14:29
x-izzyi want to get there14:29
x-izzyhow do i do that?14:29
skumara!who | x-izzy14:29
ubottux-izzy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:29
ikoniax-izzy: that is nothing to do with this channel, please use the internet to learn how to use irc14:29
satonioi had a firefox profile shared between win and ubuntu, today updated ubuntu and it started to say me that the profile is in use but it seems it have access to the folder (in fact it creates the .parentlock file each try). any ideas?14:29
x-izzy<skumara> pls i am new14:30
GHHbazhang, there is no the model number14:30
no-usesatonio: why don't you use firefox sync to share tabs and bookmarks across firefox installations14:30
skumarax-izzy, i see you on the channel i open just now14:31
Madwillhumm i want php to be able to execute ffmpeg in order to convert some video automaticly14:31
bazhangGHH, what's the computer make and model again14:31
Madwillshould i make a chown www-data to ffmpeg binary14:31
Madwilland then go something like chmod 77714:31
glebihanpozix: you may have to reconfigure your bios to first boot from usb device14:31
glebihanpozic: you may have to reconfigure your bios to first boot from usb device14:31
c3lsatonio: I thought that was doomed to fail. when I talked to some mozilla folks they just told me that thatd be a bad thing to do, maybe youve been lucky so far14:31
sabqat9i used '$sudo lshw' and in the network section       *-network UNCLAIMED      . . . . .. appears - is ubuntu recognizing my network card?14:32
ugliefrogbigfoot sightings oklahoma14:32
oeoeoeoehello. i have a 120hz lcd monitor (2233rz) and a geforce gtx 260 graphics card. when i start up ubuntu the framerate is only 60hz. as soon as i run nvidia-settings the screen goes black for a second, comes back and then the framerate is 120hz. i would like to have the 120hz upon startup without having to run nvidia-settings every time. how?14:32
bazhangugliefrog, what?14:32
GHHbazhang, PIXMA canon iP 277214:32
ugliefrogoops....thought i was in browser :)14:32
c3lsatonio: no-use's idea is good, unfortunately settings and search engines etc doesnt get synced, I really miss syncing search engines, any ideas how to do that?14:32
glebihanpozic: or have a look at grub-mkdevicemap14:33
espereguI am trying to fix my xorg.conf. I get a (WW) MACH64: UCI Mach64 in slot 3:5:0 will not be probed. and then an A unlead module and that no screens have a usable configuration. any suggestions?14:33
SomelauwHow do I get an image as small as 10kB?14:33
pozicI also only get segfaults when I try to mount the ntfs volume: http://paste.debian.net/87548/14:34
pozicUsing _all_ the drivers.14:34
=== Rhys is now known as Briffy
BriffyHey, does anyone have much experience with Squid and/or sed in Ubuntu?14:34
ikoniaBriffy: just explain your problem14:35
pozicBriffy: those things are not Ubuntu specific.14:35
c3lSomelauw: lower the resolution and quailty and use some more effective format14:35
GHHbazhang, ?14:35
davidglebihan: where's that boot menu? I thought it'd be boot/grub/menu.1st..14:35
sabqat9lshw  -C network              gives me          network UNCLAIMED            system was working properly before but now I can't get it to connect to anything14:36
satonioc3l, i'll try it thanks14:36
glebihandavid: didn't you say you were using the live cd ?14:36
BriffyWell, I've got a squid proxy running and creating logs to access.log. It works fine in that it adds a line to the log everytime a HTTP request is made. However, I want to delete certain lines based on a string. I've used sed to do this and it works, sort of. The line is deleted, but after I run the sed command, squid just stops creating new logs until I restart it. Any ideas?14:36
davidglebihan: I am14:37
davidbut I thought I'd edit the HDD partition14:37
pozicHow can I access an NTFS volume in a way that does not crash?14:37
ikoniaBriffy: possibly as the file is still open from your sed command14:37
glebihandavid: for live cd you have to edit the commands at boot time14:37
sabqat9can anyone just verify if this is a problem i can possibly fix myself - or do i actually need help from an unbuntu pro?14:37
sabqat9ubuntu sorry14:38
glebihandavid: one of the F? keys gives you access to that14:38
davidpressing "e" during boot doesn't seem to help14:38
davidoh.. hmm14:38
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=811811 GHH try this14:38
bazhangGHH, that printer will work, but not easy to get going (not well supported)14:38
GHHneed some research?14:39
Briffyikonia: That's what I was thinking. Is there a way to force the stream to close or something? I'll check to see if sed is still running after the command and, if so, kill it.14:39
bazhangGHH, I just did it. check that link.14:39
ikoniaBriffy: you can't "force" it to close, however you can make sure the command closes it tidy14:39
oeoeoeoehow to enable my monitors 120hz refresh rate?14:39
bloopletechHow do I tell apt-get that I have manually installed librrd, so that when I install collectd it doesn't automatically install librrd?14:39
ikoniabloopletech: you can't14:40
ikoniabloopletech: thats what package managment is all about14:40
Briffyikonia: Don't suppose you know the syntax off the top of your head, do you? :P14:40
ikoniaBriffy: stripping out an open log is not a good idea14:40
Somelauwc3l, Is there a way to scale a to an image to a fixed size?14:40
c3lbloopletech: the solution is to not install manually :)14:40
ikoniaBriffy: better to stip the log to a seperate file and then use/parse that file14:40
pozicSomelauw: convert probably can do that.14:41
bloopletechc3l: and how do I solve the problem that the packaged copy of librrd has bindings that are incompatible with ruby 1.9.2, which is the version of ruby I use?14:41
ikoniabloopletech: you log a bug with the developers to have the package fixed14:41
glebihanpozic: you seem not to be the only one with this issue, but I can't find a solution14:41
c3lSomelauw: gimp (similar to photoshop) cand manipulate images any way you want, there are command line tools, but gimp might be more user friendly14:41
davidtime to try this out14:42
oeoeoeoehi can anyone tell me how to turn my monitor on.14:42
trelaynehey all Gwibber stopped working because of the twitters move away from basic auth to OAuth. Anyone know how to fix this?14:42
bloopletechikonia: right thanks. I've actually fixed the issue so I can use it *now* by patching and recompiling14:42
ajsiehow do i find out what applications are using what ports?14:42
ikoniabloopletech: even better, submit the patch to the maintainers of the package14:43
trelayneajsie, netstat pan14:43
ajsietrelayne: thank14:43
c3lbloopletech: not sure in your case. but you can always specify what version you want to install. if your repo doesnt have what you need, chanses are there is a repo with just what you need, or install deb files via dpkg (dont think apt does it(14:43
sabqat9my problem seem to come after updating ubuntu - anyway i can just revert back14:44
pozicglebihan: can you give an URL to someone else having the problem?14:44
VPUsing Ubuntu 10.04, cant disable touchpad while typing, How to fully disable it?14:45
pozicglebihan: the real problem is that I cannot print to some corporate printer.14:45
trelayneajsie, netstat -pan14:45
pozicglebihan: if Ubuntu fixed its situation there, it would also be OK.14:45
GHHbazhang, When i installed the driver in windows xp the soft output 2700 model drver. And then i searched it and got a driver but unable to install it14:45
trelayneajsie, then do a ps -ef | grep <pid> , where <pid> is taken from the second to last column14:45
=== newbie is now known as Gnugelhopf
ajsietrelayne: okay14:46
bazhangGHH, then you need to read the link I sent you14:46
VPUsing Ubuntu 10.04, cant disable touchpad of my laptop while typing, How to fully disable it?14:46
glebihanpozic: well here he's getting the same segfault, but during a different operation (not mount), http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-glibc@lists.debian.org/msg41033.html14:47
VPMay I expect help here?14:47
VPUsing Ubuntu 10.04, cant disable touchpad of my laptop while typing, How to fully disable it?14:47
trelayneHi all is it safe to enable pre-release updates in software sources?14:47
skumaraVP chosse system > preferences > mouse > touchpad> disable touch pad while typing14:47
trelayneI need to get the latest stable version of Gwibber14:48
ikoniatrelayne: no14:48
erdnaseHello. I can't connect to my wlan0. I don't know why, I installed the firmware already and ndiswrapper. Blocked bcm43xx. Still nothing.14:48
VPskumara: I've tried, it's not working properly, pointer moves while typing14:49
VPskumara: I need to completely disable it14:49
=== adante_ is now known as adante
VPdisabling touchpad for always was possible in 9.0414:50
skumaraVP u see, myone working well. my pointer completely disappear while typing.14:50
skumaraVP what laptop model u using?14:51
VPDell Inspiron 152514:51
pozicIs the Canon iRC3080i supported under Ubuntu?14:51
bazhangpozic, what does linuxprinting.org say about it?14:52
iceroot!hardware | pozic14:52
ubottupozic: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:52
skumaraVP are using synaptic touch pad driver for xorg?14:52
skumaraVP are u14:52
bazhangiceroot, for future reference: !printer14:52
icerootbazhang: ok14:52
alfonzo1955Sound no longer works on my GNOME after I installed KDE.14:53
VPhow to check?14:53
alfonzo1955And Wireless does not work on KDE.14:53
alfonzo1955Is that a bad thing?14:53
pozicbazhang: Your search yielded no results14:53
skumaraVP look in software centre and see wheather its installed or not?14:53
bazhangpozic, let me check14:53
alfonzo1955Help me!14:54
Omicr0nVP Most likely is using synaptic.....14:54
switchgirlanyone spead swedish?14:54
skumaraVP i dont know wheather it will work or not there is something called touchfreeze in software centre. try it14:54
makavelihere i will describe a problem in ubuntu14:54
Omicr0nVP try this: http://www.andrewferrier.com/blog/2010/06/04/disabling-synaptics-touchpad-with-ubuntu-10-04/14:54
glebihanswitchgirl: it's ab english only channel14:55
makavelii made a change in /etc/pam.d/common-password14:55
makavelipassword        [success=1 default=ignore]      pam_unix.so obscure min=4 sha51214:55
makavelibut the minimum of the password is not 414:55
yuhanghow to use xrgsu14:55
=== trijntje_away is now known as trijntje
ikoniaswitchgirl: try the ubuntu sweden channel, it's listed on the loco web page14:55
DJones!swedish > switchgirl14:55
ubottuswitchgirl, please see my private message14:55
makavelicannot change the password lenght in ubuntu14:56
makaveliil also try pam_cracklib.so14:56
makavelipassword        requisite                       pam_cracklib.so retry=3 minlen=10 difok=514:56
makavelithe minlen of the password is not 1014:57
makavelicannot change the password lenght14:57
ServerTechHmm, what is the copy command?? like move is mv and what is copy?14:57
bloopletechServerTech, cp14:57
pozicbazhang: nothing there, right?14:58
ServerTechthank you14:58
bazhangpozic, still looking14:58
pozicbazhang: can I open a bug for this device somewhere?14:58
pozicbazhang: I would like to be notified when someone decides to fix this.14:59
pozicThat printing in 2010 still is the same problem as it was in 2000 is rather disappointing.14:59
bazhangpozic, you wish me to stop searching then?14:59
bazhang!bug > pozic14:59
ubottupozic, please see my private message14:59
pozicbazhang: no, please keep searching.14:59
=== xmu is now known as wowoto
ServerTechrename is mv oldfile newfile right15:00
bloopletechServerTech, yes15:00
pozicbazhang: it is more of a feature request.15:00
pozicbazhang: and I suppose the package would be cups.15:00
pozicbazhang: anyway, I reboot now, to see whether Windows can mount my ntfs partition...15:01
bazhanghttp://driverscollection.com/?file_cid=418892208574413a24d908a1938 pozic this is what I found, been tested as of 9.04  your mileage may vary15:01
redbullfxhey everyone. I need help setting up my Logitech G9 Mouse. Can someone point me in the right direction? I plug it in and Ubuntu 10.04 does not pick it up. What do I have to download? Anyone please?15:02
=== artinfrieden is now known as artin
phetipsQuick question: Can anyone explain to me what mechanism ensures a normal user cannot overwrite the symlink /bin/sh allthough it's permissions are set to 0777?15:03
philinuxredbullfx: open a terminal and use lsusb and see if it is shown15:03
redbullfxok one sec15:03
artinWhen installing Ubuntu alternate, can I chose the non-expert install, and will then be asked to encrypt the whole disk, or does it need the expert mode for that?15:03
JohnSQI boot into Ubuntu and I get a message about must enter in Low-graphics mode.  It keeps cycling me between the menu no matter what I pick.  How do I fix this low graphics mode error.  All I did to cause it was change the resolution in windows and restart.15:03
tschundeeeI need ubuntu on my productive system that I work with15:04
tschundeeeshould I try 10.10?15:04
sipiortschundeee: no, stick with 10.0415:04
c3ltschundeee: its a beta, expect bugs, stick with 10.0415:04
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for 10.10 discussion tschundeee15:04
phetipsQuick question: Can anyone explain to me what mechanism ensures a normal user cannot overwrite the symlink /bin/sh allthough it's permissions are set to 0777?15:04
tschundeeethx for these usefull hints15:04
philinuxredbullfx: try pluggin the mouse directly in to pc not via hub15:05
Squarismis there some nice ubuntu / gnome email notifier.. that integrates with "social" software tray applet15:05
BluesKajartin, I think the manual partitioning option gives the choice of encryption or not15:05
artinBluesKaj, thank you15:06
martianIs there a way to create a tar by specifying an absolute path like /a/b/c/d but have the archive contents be relative to 'c'?15:06
tschundeeecan I simply upgrade when 10.10 is out or are the chances pretty good that I will receive a "dirty-upgrade" and my OS will be not as smooth as installing the system from scratch? (e.g. lots of old elements and configuration issues) ???15:06
phetipslet me rephrase, can anyone explain to me why all symlinks in /bin are set to 0777?15:06
hfmpCan anyone help me testing my ftp?15:06
martianphetips: perhaps as sudo you made a clerical error some time?15:07
zadarmo3I have problem with metacity - when I run it all windows disappear but when I kill the process they appear but without the title bar15:07
JohnSQI boot into Ubuntu and I get a message about must enter in Low-graphics mode.  It keeps cycling me between the menu no matter what I pick.  How do I fix this low graphics mode error.  All I did to cause it was change the resolution in windows and restart.15:07
phetipsmartian: default install =\15:07
ip-routehow limit bandwidth by pid?15:07
c3ltschundeee: if you want a long term supported dist go with 10.04, it wont get old in less than 3 years basically15:07
martianphetips: you been pwnd? (kidding)15:07
phetipsmartian: also, they are all 0777 but i cannot remove or overwrite any of them15:07
SPM_phetips: for overwrite symlink you have to have write permission to the folder... I think15:08
phetipsSPM_: sounds reasonable15:08
phetipshehe i thought i had found a local root vuln ;p15:08
phetips/bin/sh world writable would allow a wrapper around dash15:08
tschundeeec3l: yeah but I also want the newest candy... like the new gnome and the new volume bar with music integration etc15:08
phetipsto hax up the boot time scripts15:08
sipiorphetips: have a look at the paragraph on link permissions in "man symlink"15:09
DoubleStringhey all15:09
phetipssipior: thanks15:09
wligtenbCould someone help me getting VNC to work over SSH?15:09
philinuxtschundeee: I have home on it's own partition and do a clean install with each new release.15:09
martianphetips: ahh, I didn't even see the menion of symlinks; I was thinking it was everything in /bin15:09
wligtenbThe community docs seem really old15:09
phetipsmartian: hehe no that would've been bad :)15:09
sipiorphetips: executive summary: the permissions are irrelevant.15:09
c3ltschundeee: the upgrade between dists is generally not the best, but its easy to save all your configurations ang list of installed programs, to reinstall wich one command. I suggest going with 10.04 untill 10.10 is stable, then just install from scrach, this is the safest and most bugless way, but requires some more work15:10
tschundeeephilinux: that seems to be a nice way to upgrade15:10
phetipssipior: yes but had they been in another folder where i would have write permissions, they wouldn't be15:10
sipiorphetips: no. you need to be the owner of the symlink. read that paragraph.15:10
phetipssipior: heh sorry i will :)15:10
philinuxtschundeee: Indeed. all config files are there and my panel and desktop customisations15:11
tschundeeec3l: thx for this hint... is there a way to save your setup so I can reinstall all packages with one command?15:11
c3ltschundeee: backup both home and configs, new installs will barely be noticed :)15:11
frxstremis there a VNC server that would run as a background process, and allow me to control my computer even at the login screen etc. where the built-in server does not?15:12
ugliefroghas anyone else been having an issue where gwibber broadcast accounts window pops up randomly15:13
MarkRichI'd like to change the run level of ubuntu 10.4 by editing the proper configuration file.  According to the information I've seen, it can be accomplished by editing the file inittab in the /etc directory, or the rc-default file in the /etc/event.d directory.  However, the inittab file doesn't exist in /etc.  Neither does the rc-default file exist in the event.d directory.  Any ideas?15:13
c3ltschundeee: I dont remember the command now, dpkg can print all installed packages to a file, and then install packages listed in this file, but thatll list ALL installed packages, you only want manually insalled, it migh be smarter to add packages to that list maually, to easier controll it, but im not sure how apt or dpkg wants that list to look, I think its a package per line, nothing else. look at the manpage :)15:13
bazhang!clone | c3l15:14
ubottuc3l: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate15:14
phetipssipior: according to this ownership also only matters with parent directory set to sticky15:14
c3ltschundeee: look at what what ubottu told me :)15:15
suigenerishey, what package or way can I use to restrict users to not being able to use the menu?15:15
Pici!runlevels | MarkRich15:15
ubottuMarkRich: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.15:15
c3lfrxstrem: most things can be ran via ssh, no vnc needed15:15
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Picisuigeneris: You may want to look into saybayon (the package, not the distro) or pessulus. I've not used either myself though.15:16
=== _newbie_ is now known as Gnogelhupf
frxstremc3l, I know, and I have considered that, but I just would like VNC better (to be able to have a desktop environment, not only command line control)15:16
MarkRichThanks for the information, but is there a simple configuration file that can be edited to switch the runlevel?15:16
martianIs there a way to create a tar, the contents of which are relative to a specific path while still specifying an absolute path in the command?15:17
c3lfrxstrem: ssh also has the ability to run X programs, you rarely need the entire DE15:17
suigenerisPici do you mean sabayon?15:17
Picisuigeneris: Yes. sorry.15:17
frxstremc3l, I know - but I *want* to be have it15:18
c3lfrxstrem: strang ;) and sorry, I know nothing about VNC's15:18
suigenerisPici FYI sabayon installes pessulus too15:19
Picisuigeneris: Oh, good to know.15:19
phetipsAggie Email Virus15:20
phetipsYou have just received the Aggie Virus! Because we don't know15:20
phetipshow to program computers, this virus works on the honor system.15:20
phetipsPlease delete all the files from your hard drive and manually15:20
phetipsforward this virus to everyone on your mailing list.15:20
FloodBot3phetips: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:20
phetipsThanks for your cooperation.15:20
Piciphetips: Please don't do that here.15:20
phetipsPici: apologies15:21
tschundeeec3l: this is really nice stuff... if the ubuntu core team could pack this one into a nice gui it could be a really nice feature15:21
Mba7ethhey guys ..... is there any clear manual how to install multiple distro on the same box ?  I've searched google but didnt get any reliable15:21
phetipsMba7eth: make loads of partitions, you can do that in the ubuntu installer15:22
bazhangMba7eth, using grub2?15:22
phetipsthen just install other distros, and configure grub to load them15:22
c3ltschundeee: yeah, or at least make an accessible guide for everyone, as this seems to be something alot of people want, and its expected with the fast phase of new releases15:22
Mba7ethbazhang, yeah ,..... btw i'm trying to install rhel and ubuntu but i'm not figuring out how .....15:22
suigenerisPici sabayon looks really useful, thanks15:23
Picisuigeneris: sure :)15:23
MarkRichHello, does anyone know the name of the file that can be edited to change the default runlevel in Ubuntu 10.4?15:23
ubuntuhey guys.... my grub is screwed up. i followed the wiki diretoins till when the grub opens up and then i don't konw what to do to 'make it fit the system' the problem arose after i installed ubunty 10.0415:23
c3lMba7eth: just install all the distros, grub'll find them (maybe you need to tell grub too find them)15:23
MonotokoMarkRich, I dont think Ubuntu 10.04 uses runlevels as such anymore15:23
Monotokowhat are you trying to accomplish?15:24
bazhangMarkRich, did you not read the factoid for runlevel?15:24
Mba7ethc3l, i already did that but only either work ..... not both15:24
sipiorMarkRich: /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf15:25
bazhang!runlevel > MarkRich15:25
ubottuMarkRich, please see my private message15:25
ubuntuguys... can anyone help me now?15:26
Monotokoubuntu...whats up?15:26
Monotokosorry...missed your message15:26
ubuntuwell.... every time i try installing ubuntu.. there's some error which wil take up hours of searching an asking.. :)  i have typed my queston above15:26
castr0How do you use ldap in evolution for contacts?15:27
Monotokoubuntu, whats the error?15:27
ubuntuwhen system loads it's the message before starting up "GRUB error symbol 'grub_puts' not found"15:28
ubuntufollowed by a blinking cursor15:28
castr0I've been looking all over evolution options and I don't see where I can add an ldap server15:28
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coz_castr0,  did you tick the autocomplet  for ldap address book15:29
Monotokoubuntu, have you tried your LiveCD15:29
ubuntui am browsing through my LIVE CD right now15:30
ubuntubut it's 9.10 version15:30
ubuntuinstalled 9.10 day before yesterday15:30
MarkRichThanks <sipior>15:30
ubuntuupgraded today morning and left for work15:30
tehoweHello - I need to upgrade tracker and that will erase my entire database of tags I've added to my saved news archive. I need a BASH script, then, to pipe out the existing tags to a text file and then automagically feed them back into the new tracker. I'm a BASH n00b however so what would the right commands to use be? SED to parse the text file and XARG to feed the results back into tracker-tag?15:30
Monotokoubuntu...that should be okay15:30
Monotokoone second15:30
coz_ubuntu,  did you download the current version?15:30
ubuntui am from india15:30
castr0coz_ where is that I don't even see that15:30
ubuntuwith a 0.5kbps connection15:30
coz_castr0,  hold on15:30
ubuntuif i download now a whole os again.. that will take me hours... isn't there a qu icker solution?15:30
Monotokoubuntu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto15:31
Monotokoshould help you reset your GRUB menu15:31
ubuntui am going through those similar pages.. it's just that after the grub edit opens up i don't konw what to do15:31
trzuI couldn't find one, do you know a IRC channel about notebook hardware?15:31
Monotokoubuntu, what bit are you stuck on precisely?15:31
ubuntuthis is the link i am following15:32
coz_castr0,  you may want to look here   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Evolution  it talks of setting up the ldap address book on your system15:32
bazhangtrzu, try ##hardware15:32
ubuntuid n't konw what to do after **nano /etc/default/grub***15:32
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GHHbazhang, problem(perhaps simple)15:33
bazhangGHH, followed that link?15:33
_L30_i was trying to install skipfish and when i type cd skipfish15:34
_L30_i get a error , permission denied15:34
castr0coz_ I read that, the problem is instead of describing how to setup an ldap addressbook it sends you to a link that no longer exists15:34
GHHbazhang, yeah and found a Ubuntu driver15:34
GHHbazhang, Just a problem to install15:34
bazhangGHH, are you 32 or 64bit15:34
GHHbazhang, 3215:35
bazhangGHH, then install the driver and restart cups15:35
_L30_i was trying to install skipfish and when i type cd skipfish i get a error , bash: permission denied15:35
tf2ftwi just mezzed my .profile file.. anyway to bring it back? almost all command line comands are not recognized nw15:35
bazhangGHH, just as it says in that link15:35
ubuntuMonotoko: you found anything?15:35
obscurant1stwhenever i open any help file ie *.chm it shows page cannot be dislplayed if the client is windows xp, how can i avoid this situation?15:35
trzuthank you bazhang15:35
obscurant1sti mean when using Virtualbox15:36
GHHbazhang, but not installing it15:37
xorgpisserubum2 - a bloated build of LIzards' New UniX, designed for schools.15:37
GHHbazhang, giving me a error and i am not understanding it well the error15:38
bazhangGHH, paste.ubuntu.com with the error15:38
=== skunkworks_ is now known as skunkworks
pozicbazhang: found anything?15:39
bazhanghttp://driverscollection.com/?file_cid=418892208574413a24d908a1938 pozic you quit just as I pasted it last time15:39
_L30_i was trying to install skipfish and when i type cd skipfish i get a error , bash: permission denied15:40
GHHbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/487825/15:40
pozicbazhang: that is a random third party website.15:40
pozicbazhang: there is no reason that it is not malware.15:40
bazhangpozic, so that printer is not well supported.15:40
pozicbazhang: right, that's what the situation was a year ago or so.15:41
pozicbazhang: thanks anyway.15:41
bazhangGHH, checking now15:41
_L30_anyone to help me?15:41
_L30_i already posted it for a while15:41
bazhangGHH, that is a .deb file, correct?15:41
GHHbazhang, yeah but for ubuntu15:42
bazhangGHH, you're not on ubuntu?15:42
GHHbazhang, yeah ubuntu15:43
bazhangGHH, what about right click open with gdebi15:43
bazhanguser9, support question?15:43
GHHbazhang, the package full name: cnijfilter-ip2700series-3.30-1-i386-deb.tar.gz15:44
bazhangGHH, okay, then you need to extract the deb from that15:44
bazhangGHH, once that is done right click install with gdebi15:44
bazhangGHH, followed by a restart of cups15:44
GHHbazhang, the package full name: yeah and then i tried to install15:45
bazhangsudo install.sh  <--- GHH that is not what you need to do (from your error log)15:45
GHHbazhang, so?15:46
Maro__Hey, does anyone know a good forum post/page explaining how to get two video cards to work? I haven't been able to find anything useful on ubuntuforums...15:46
littlepenguinmaro are they in sli mode?15:46
erUSULMaro__: what graphic card?15:46
bazhangGHH, so extract the .deb then right click, not what you were trying in your error log15:46
Maro__They are... (hold on, checking box)15:46
Maro__its a brand new system15:46
=== zhang is now known as Guest50836
Maro__Asus EN8400GS Silent15:47
Maro__nVidia thingies15:47
erUSULMaro__: system>admin...>hardware drivers15:47
Maro__Done that, got the proprietary drivers15:47
Maro__they're both showing in lspci15:47
erUSULMaro__: and the problem is?15:47
Maro__well admin-> monitors only detects one monitor15:48
pyropheliahas anybody played with ceph yet?15:48
Maro__whereas each video card has a monitor plugged in ;)15:48
erUSULMaro__: with nvidia you have to use nvidia-settings. run in a terminal « gksudo nvidia-settings & »15:48
Maro__ah, thanks15:48
erUSULMaro__: there is button to save the config to the xorg file use it when you are done15:49
Maro__Yeah, I think I need to do a reboot for it to work but Ubuntu is downloading all the updates still15:49
Maro__guess I'll find out in ~20min15:49
jsifssljfeilsnHello everyone!15:50
Dikenhello guys, i m looking for little help, i want to run fuser (command) with php to check somefiles if they are in use or not. but i can't run it because of permissions, i tried almost everything to make it possible so far but i failed badly,  any help ? please !15:50
Cyanidei have a problem with iptables and samba this is my iptable script http://pastebin.com/3aVrRN81 i don't know the error15:50
erUSULDiken: "sudo fuser /path/to/file" ?15:50
Dikenyes but i want to run it without sudo in php15:51
hfmpfirefox quits after putting username and password in ftp dialog15:53
hfmpwhat changes to .conf file?15:53
ilovefairuzDiken: what error do you get? your php installation could be running in a restricted/safe mode15:53
jwuminghello guys!15:53
GHHbazhang, sorry again error15:53
gfiHello Y'all, I have a problem with ANY theme during new folder creation.  New folders always have a 'temporary' icon and never get the actual folder image.  Refresh/Reboot/etc doesnt seem  to solve it.. any pointers? TIA (http://img3.imagebanana.com/img/0np607ei/Selection_001.png)15:53
glebihanhfmp: could you provide log ?15:53
ilovefairuz!hi | jwuming15:53
ubottujwuming: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:53
Dikeni got nothing in variable, null :(15:54
Dikenand safe mod is off15:54
glebihanDiken: sorry, just joining, what do you want to run ?15:54
GHHbazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/487835/15:54
DikenDiken> hello guys, i m looking for little help, i want to run fuser (command) with php to check somefiles if they are in use or not. but i can't run it because of permissions, i tried almost everything to make it possible so far but i failed badly,  any help ? please !15:54
hfmp<ilovefairuz> pls test it for me15:54
=== Pici changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC | Pastes to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) is released! | Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 | Download: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu | Notice: Jaunty/9.04 !End-Of-Life on October 23rd
CyLHi, I believe that maybe ubuntu's grep is broken, since I'm searching for a file with "piper" as a substring of it's name, and I don't want to see the permission denied messages (negada in my local language), so I'm using the following syntax: find -iname *piper* |grep --invert-match negada What happens is that I only get the lines with the word negada displayed in my terminal15:54
bazhangGHH, you never installed the driver15:55
glebihanDiken: is it on a web server ?15:55
ilovefairuzhfmp: what are you trying to test?15:55
glebihanDiken: apache ?15:55
bazhangGHH, try with the upstart command to restart cups by the way15:55
ilovefairuz!who | Diken15:55
ubottuDiken: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:55
bazhang!upstart > GHH15:55
ubottuGHH, please see my private message15:55
ilovefairuzDiken: pastebin the code15:56
PiciCyL: Its not broken, those messages are going out on stderr, not stdout, which is what grep filters on, this will suppress stderr: find -iname "*piper*" 2> /dev/null15:56
glebihanDiken: do you know the user used by the server ?15:57
CyLPici: I see... How come I haven't thought about that before? stdout and stderr are both ampped to the same terminal... thanks very much for your enlightement15:57
Dikenglebihan : yes its www-data15:58
glebihanDiken: have you tried adding this user to the group of the files you're checking ?15:58
Dikenglebihan : nope15:58
glebihanDiken: You should give it a try15:59
Dikenglebihan: wait let me try it15:59
CyLPici: I guess I'm not okay today, the file I was looking for was on my desktop :)15:59
PiciCyL: Hehe :)15:59
phetipstricky things those desktops<