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Andre_GondimHi, I am using Ubuntu 10.10 Beta, How may I add my pc to use Ubuntu One?05:53
jamaltaAndre_Gondim: Under System > Preferences, there is an Ubuntu One application you can launch to start.05:54
Andre_Gondimok I click on Connectoin and shows my Syncing in progress and then Off-line05:56
jamaltaAndre_Gondim: Ah, sorry I don't know how to be more helpful. Don't know much about troubleshooting U1.05:58
duanedesignAndre_Gondim: does your computer name show up under Devices06:05
duanedesignor does it say <Local Machine>?06:05
jamaltaduanedesign: i believe it always says local machine for your machine06:06
jamaltaand it will list other computers by name, that are authenticated with u106:06
Andre_Gondimduanedesign, no06:06
duanedesignjamalta: no local machine means it is not connected06:06
jamaltaduanedesign: oh :X06:06
duanedesignsometimes it will show local machine for a few seconds when you first start up06:07
jamaltathen i must be having issues too!06:07
Andre_Gondimduanedesign, how may I add my pc?06:07
duanedesignjamalta: can you run the command:  u1sdtool -s06:07
duanedesignAndre_Gondim: what version of Ubuntu?06:07
jamaltaauth failed, hm..06:08
duanedesignjamalta: are you on Maverick?06:08
jamaltaduanedesign: yeah06:08
jamaltahow can i retry the authentication process?06:08
Andre_Gondimduanedesign, Maverick06:08
duanedesignjamalta: yeah their is a server side bug06:08
duanedesigncausing auth to fail on Maverick06:08
duanedesigntheir is a workaround06:08
* duanedesign goes to find the script06:09
jamaltaduanedesign: ah thanks :)06:11
duanedesignSystem > Preferences > Password and Encryption Keys06:11
* jamalta recalls doing this before!06:11
duanedesignsee if you have an Ubuntu One Token. Right-click and delete it06:11
jamaltait uses our launchpad login, right06:12
Andre_Gondimjamalta, yeah06:12
jamaltableh, auth failed again :(06:12
duanedesignthen checkGo to https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/06:12
duanedesignand select your machine, click remove from list06:13
duanedesignnow that you have a clean slate..06:13
duanedesignopen a Terminal and run06:13
duanedesignwget http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-old-auth.py06:14
duanedesignthen the command06:14
duanedesignpython ubuntuone-old-auth.py06:14
duanedesignthat should open the broser and prompt you to add your computer06:15
duanedesignthat should work for both of you. I had to do the same process this morning. I am running Maverick as well06:15
Andre_Gondimlet me try06:16
Andre_Gondimhmmmm I thing it's ok now, thanks duanedesign06:18
duanedesignAndre_Gondim: sure thing06:19
jamaltaduanedesign: hm.. i keep getting Invalid request token from the python script06:27
duanedesignjamalta: can you check System > Preferences > Password and Encryption and make sure it deleted the 'Ubuntu One Token'06:32
jamaltaduanedesign: well, i had deleted it06:33
jamaltabut the python script added it again, i think06:33
* jamalta is trying again06:33
jamaltahm.. it keeps giving me the same exception06:34
duanedesignjamalta: and you removed the machine from https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/  careful not to delete one of your other machines :)06:37
jamaltaduanedesign: i deleted all, i don't use the machine that had previously been synced with u106:38
duanedesignjamalta: if it is creating a token, even with the error message try and connect and see if you get an AUTH_FAILED ?06:43
jamaltaduanedesign: u1sdtool still reports AUTH_FAILED06:45
duanedesignjamalta: ok06:47
duanedesigntry opening a terminal06:47
duanedesignand run the command:  u1sdtool -q06:47
jamaltathat did the trick06:47
jamaltastarted it back up and status is now READY :)06:47
jamaltaduanedesign: thanks! :)06:48
duanedesignjamalta: no problem :)06:48
jamaltaduanedesign: is the u1 music store working in maverick?06:49
jamaltait won't list in rhythmbox even though the plugin is enabled06:49
duanedesigni have not tried it yet,06:49
jamaltamaybe i should wait until the sync is done to test that06:49
duanedesignlet me see if it works for me...06:49
duanedesignjamalta: yeah i dont see it06:50
jamaltaduanedesign: it's no biggie, i was just curious how it has evolved since it first was launched06:51
jamaltai'll wait :)06:51
pfifoi tried to sign up ealier but kept getting an error message, will it work now?07:02
duanedesignpfifo: you were having trouble adding your computer to your Ubuntu One account?07:04
pfifono i was having trouble creating an account07:08
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om26eris ubuntuone sync active in maverick yet?09:53
om26eri cannot sync09:56
lalejandHi all. I think got a bug.12:46
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lalejandI synced to big zips, then published them. For the first one everything ok I can copy the link and download it from the web. For the 2nd one, the U1 options on right click are unavailables. Both have the green mark on it, and u1sdtool is in "idle" state.12:49
lalejand"two big zips"12:49
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lalejandif I look in my U1 account on the web, the 2nd one is not published12:50
lalejandIt'like the right click > publish action on the 2nd zip had no effect and U1 is stuck with this zip, I can't do anything via right click on it12:51
lalejandI have several lines with ERROR in the log : http://pastebin.com/hKAb3NF412:54
ryelalejand, looking12:55
lalejandrye > I restarted U1 via preference window to see if things become ok12:56
ryelalejand, could you please paste complete log and syncdaemon-exceptions too?12:56
lalejandrye > exceptions --> empty file12:58
lalejandrye > complete log --> http://pastebin.com/XxkaZW8X12:59
ryelalejand, hm, it looks like syncdaemon was restarted but it is not connected13:02
ryelalejand, could you please connect it via ubuntuone-preferences ?13:02
lalejandrye > ok done13:03
lalejandrye > now it's performing server rescan13:03
lalejandrye > if I restart U1 via pref window, It doesn't connect automatically ?13:04
ryelalejand, no, it does not though that does not look right13:04
lalejandrye > U1 is idle now. U1 options on right click on my 2nd zip are still not available13:05
lalejandrye > should I restart nautilus ?13:06
ryelalejand, so there are no clickable options at all, right? looks like nautilus sent the signal, added that to pending but did not receive the success signal thus blocking the publishing...13:07
ryelalejand, you can also publish using u1sdtool --publish cli13:07
ryelalejand, hm, that's actually a good test case, let me try to reproduce that with maverick client13:08
lalejandrye > I see two gray unavailable options : copy public url, and stop sync13:08
lalejandrye > do you want me to try to publish with u1sdtool --publish ?13:09
ryelalejand, yes, i want to see whether nautilus re-enables that option once cli utility succeeds13:10
lalejandrye > I just write u1sdtool --publish cli13:12
ryelalejand, u1sdtool --publish /full/path/to/the/file/to/publish13:12
ryein maverick full path will not be required ^_^13:12
lalejandrye > ah ok13:12
lalejandrye > it returns me File is published at http://ubuntuone.com/p/Enw/13:13
ryelalejand, ok, does nautilus provide the "copy url" menu item now?13:14
lalejandrye > and U1 options via right click on the zip file are ok now13:14
lalejandrye > yes13:14
ryelalejand, ok, that's what I thought; well, this is not really a correct behavior for syncdaemon , i will try to reproduce it and file a bug report13:15
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lalejandrye > I just published the two 80Mo zips one just after the other via right click, then did right click on the first, copied the url, did right click on the 2nd -> no available option. If that can help ...13:16
lalejandrye > thx for you precious help13:17
ryelalejand, yup, syncdaemon seems to have encountered some kind of an error and failed to deliver the signal about published file13:17
mkarnickihi all, good to be back on-line :F13:35
mkarnickiaquarius: what's up :)? sync app on the Market? :)13:40
mkarnickiyea, there it is :)13:41
aquariusmkarnicki, hey! did you have fun?13:42
mkarnickiaquarius: not really, there's always so much to do. that in the end I turned on my laptop twice during ~2 weeks and coded almost nothing :(13:43
mkarnickiaquarius: but I plan to get back to good stuff now :)13:43
aquariusthat's the idea of being on holiday!13:43
aquariusgood work :)13:43
mkarnickiaquarius: you know, it would look differently if I were a guest -- and my family owns that camp site, so that's a serious issue xD13:43
mkarnickiheheh :)13:43
aquariusyes indeed, we have the contacts sync app in the market, woo :)13:43
mkarnickiaquarius: I'll install the contacts sync in a sec :)13:44
mkarnickiawesome \o/13:44
mkarnickihahah aquarius, the fist comment says "bla bla blah. Dropbox is better" -- does dropbox has contacts sync? heh..13:45
mkarnickiaquarius: oh, somebody said it doesn't work on HTC Hero, good I'm here!13:45
mkarnickinice icon there :)13:46
aquariusdesign team did the icon; we're planning on having all the different apps have similar-but-different icons, if you see what I mean. So there's a common theme13:47
mkarnickiyes sure, good idea :)13:48
mkarnicki*uninstalls old client*13:48
mkarnickiaquarius: change Wi-Fi state, read/write calendar data -- we could try removing those13:57
* mkarnicki installs13:58
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mkarnickiaquarius: looks good on HTC Hero :) I let it import, so it's working.14:07
aquariuscool. does syncing work?14:07
mkarnickiI'll let you know, it's "importing contats" and it's at 23%14:08
mkarnicki110 out of 48114:08
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mkarnicki"481 contacts imported successfully. You may now sync" -- ok!14:23
mkarnickilooks fine, sends few contacts per second14:23
mkarnickiaquarius: first it imported, then it sent them, now it's receiving some, probably the rest, not present locally (222). I also created a contact in the cloud to see if it will appear on the phone. I'll let you know after I have my lunch and it finishes processing :)14:44
mkarnickiaquarius: confirmed :) contacts sync works on HTC Hero. /me leaves to walk the dog15:13
duanedesign'lo all15:49
mkarnickihi duanedesign :)15:50
duanedesignhey mkarnicki !15:56
duanedesignmkarnicki: some friends visited from out of town. They alll had Android phones and I showed them your app :) They loved it. Great work!15:58
mkarnickiduanedesign: hahaha, awesome ^___^15:58
mkarnickiduanedesign: thank you ! ^ ^15:59
mkarnickiduanedesign: I was off-line for 2+ weeks, working away from the computer, so I should get back to AndroidU1 soon, still lots to do =)15:59
duanedesignmkarnicki: nice to get away from the computer sometimes. Did you have fun? Or were you working?16:04
duanedesignI can not remember what causes:     raise ValueError("No pairing record for ubuntuone.")16:05
duanedesignValueError: No pairing record for ubuntuone.16:05
mkarnickiduanedesign: working physically on my parents camp site. maintanance, ground works, etc. so I'll be having some rest in the following weeks, before academic year starts16:05
duanedesignmkarnicki:oh now neat, your folks have a camp site.16:11
duanedesignmkarnicki: I am slowly but steadily learning C. Something i have wanted to do for awhile.16:12
mkarnickiduanedesign: neat! :)16:13
mkarnickiduanedesign: once I heard a cool comparison of languages, where C/C++ was described as "so powerful, that gives you possibility to shoot yourself in the foot"16:13
mkarnickiduanedesign: cplusplus.com is a good reference, although you might find someting else for a good *lecture*16:19
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duanedesignmkarnicki: harvard college has some good lectures online for their  beginners C class16:22
mkarnickiduanedesign: sounds great :)16:22
mkarnickiI didn't know about that.16:22
duanedesignmkarnicki: i was asking a friend some questions about pointers and he gave me the link to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvoHwFvAvQE16:25
dobeyeh, it's easy to shoot yourself in the foot with any language really16:27
mkarnickiduanedesign: hahhahahah, that looks freaking funny :D I'll watch later this evening, when I'll have more time :D!16:27
duanedesignmkarnicki: yes it is16:28
duanedesigndobey: i am working on some bugs. What causes the ValueError: No pairing record for ubuntuone.16:30
dobeyduanedesign: i would suspect that the pairing record for ubuntuone in desktopcouch was not set up, and you're trying to access it16:31
dobeyor something is trying to access it, anyway16:33
dobeybut right now, i need to get me some lunch :)16:33
dobeyor well, almost. stupid crisis :)17:14
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mkarnickiduanedesign: that Pointers with Binky is indeed a good clip :)18:07
duanedesignmkarnicki: heh, yeah it made me smile18:27
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mkarnickibeuno: hi beuno, how are things? I've been off-line for a while wondering how you guys are doing. anything new apart from contact sync on the Android Market?19:52
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beunohey mkarnicki20:12
beunowelcome back!20:12
mkarnickihi beuno :) good to be back20:12
mkarnickihow's ubuntuone-android-client ?20:13
mkarnickianything new happening?20:13
mkarnickiI didn't have time to work on AU1, but since I'm back to the living, I plan to start my work again in matter of few days. I was just prescribed some drugs for my throat uhh.20:14
beunomkarnicki, so, the second app is going to be ubuntu one music20:17
beunoa streaming client20:17
beunothat is moving forward very quickly20:17
beunowe should have an apk build soon20:17
beunoalthough we still haven't gotten the server up yet20:17
mkarnickioh, awesome. I read you mentioned that on twitter20:17
mkarnicki:O an apk? that's fast20:17
mkarnickihow's the server-side progress?20:18
beunopretty good20:18
beunoit's all working in our dev environment20:18
beunowe did a few deployment tests20:18
mkarnickiverterok: hi there =) ! how's the delta thingy coming along :) ?20:18
mkarnickibeuno: aha :)20:18
beunoand now we need to do a final deployment to go into beta testing20:18
verterokmkarnicki: hi20:19
mkarnickigreat :) I'm impressed it's coming so fast20:19
mkarnickiverterok: hi there :)20:19
verterokmkarnicki: pretty much stalled, but the plan is to work on it as soon I get some spare time20:19
mkarnickibeuno: can't wait to see that, I must say music streaming sounds really good :)20:19
mkarnickiverterok: oh, I see20:19
verterokmkarnicki: the protocol support should be pretty easy to do, the main issue is the client logic20:19
mkarnickiverterok: you must have been busy with other stuff then! :)20:19
verterokmkarnicki: indeed20:20
* mkarnicki nods in agreement20:20
mkarnickiI see20:20
verterokmkarnicki: no more Query commands, so a lot of changes in the client20:20
mkarnickioh, that's new20:20
mkarnickiverterok: you think you guys will manage to pull that before 10.10 ?20:20
verterokmkarnicki: to pull what? :)20:21
mkarnickiverterok: I meant implementing delta and shipping it with 10.1020:21
verterokmkarnicki: the desktop client is already using deltas (a.k.a generations)20:21
verterokmkarnicki: so, it's a matter of adding support to the java storage protocol20:21
* mkarnicki hits his head on the wall of excitement :D20:22
mkarnickiverterok: freaking awesome verterok :D20:22
mkarnickiverterok: I would like to (and we'll see how it goes) to understand the python protocol handling implementation better, so that I might be able to help you with java implementation in the near future20:23
verterokmkarnicki: as soon I get the java bits done, I'll push that and deprecate the query stuff20:23
mkarnickiverterok: cool, you'll fill me in what takes place of the query then :D20:24
verterokmkarnicki: the idea is that each "volume" has a generation, isntead of doing a full rescan on startup, the client request to the server the delta from the last known generation20:24
mkarnickiverterok: sounds good :)20:25
verterokmkarnicki: the client get the list of deltas, and apply those changes to the filesystem20:25
mkarnickiI really like that, verterok20:25
verterokmkarnicki: and then updates the local metadata of the volume to the last "synced" generation20:25
mkarnickiright. awesome =) !20:26
mkarnickiI was off-line for ~2 weeks, and now I know music streaming is coming soon and the desktop client is already using delta's :D20:27
mkarnickiyou hard working guys! that's great20:27
mkarnickiI hope to catch up with all that20:27
mkarnickiall that goodies :D20:27
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econdudeawesomeANyway to get ubuntuone to sync folders with lubuntu?22:14
dobeyyou can use the u1sdtool command from a terminal (or use nautilus to do it)22:20
econdudeawesomedobey I tried using nautilus, but the option was missing22:25
dobeyecondudeawesome: did you also have ubuntuone-client-gnome installed?22:26
econdudeawesomehang on, maybe i need to restart the session22:28
econdudeawesomeokay it appears my problem wasn't quite what I thought. The files I share are on a separate partition, but one that I set up to mount automatically. Anyway to sync these via ubuntuone?22:30
duanedesignecondudeawesome: Ubuntu One will sync only folders/files in your $HOME22:41
econdudeawesomeduanedesign: anyway around that?22:41
duanedesignecondudeawesome: not that I am aware of. However I will defer to dobey as he is much more an authority than I on the subject.22:44
econdudeawesomeThanks duanedesign :-) What are your thoughts dobey? The only other alternative I can think of would be to mount the parition under the $HOME directory... but I'm not sure I want to do that. Any chance?22:45
dobeymount the partition under your $HOME22:45
dobeyor just move the files under $HOME22:45
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econdudeawesomehey dobey duanedesign and others, last question: I'm not finding anything on how to set up autosync on startup?22:57
dobeywhat is lubuntu exactly, since i presume it's not gnome or kde23:03
duanedesigndobey: it is LXDE. Uses Open box as window manager and PCMan as file manager23:19
dobeywell, ubuntuone-client installs an autostart .desktop file to launch the syncdaemon at log-in, IF you've associated the computer with your U1 account. i don't know what the status of it is in maverick though.23:39
dobeygiven the auth changes it /might/ be broken23:39
dobeybut it should be running at log-in (seems to be doing so for me, anyway)23:40
dobeyanyway, i really shouldn't be on the computer any more23:40
dobeylater :)23:40

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