persiaNice job holstein!  Great coordination with all the teams.00:07
holsteinyeah, it really came together there nicely :)00:07
ScottLgood job holstein !  thank you much :)00:31
astraljavare: bug 622583, this is very confusing. At times there is talk about including -rt under the support of UKT, and now they're being removed completely. Huh?09:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 622583 in linux-meta-rt (Ubuntu) "Remove the linux-meta-rt packages" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62258309:01
ScottLthis may seem like a bad situation but i think this may have an advantage for us13:27
ScottLsince we cannot control when the -rt kernel are available (meaning when a new one will come out)13:28
ScottLand there is pressure even from within the studio team to keep the kernel (studio vs desktop) aligned13:29
ScottLand i believe UKT hasn't really been directly support the -rt kernel, it's really been abogani13:29
ScottLit makes sense to remove it from the archives13:29
ScottLBUT that means we can host it in ppa without messing around with UKT13:30
ScottLthat means we have *complete* control over and without having to interface with someone else about it :)13:30
ScottLwe just have to let users know where it is13:30
ScottLlike with abogani's ppa13:31
ScottLtouche abogani 13:31
* abogani sorry for have removed -rt from official archives but there isn't a better way to handle *this* situation.13:32
* abogani hopes in you understanding13:32
aboganiMy English is getting worse rapidly... :-(13:37
aboganiScottL: I agreed with you expect that I have preferred have -lowlatency kernel into official archives and used as default kernel in Studio. That because it is a PREEMPT (not PREEMPT-RT) kernel but is always better than -generic.13:39
* ScottL was taking daughter out to school bus13:39
ScottLabogani, i absolutely understand removing -rt kernel from the archives and completely support it13:39
ScottLi believe that including it in the first place was probably a misstep given that we can't control when it would be released and the UKT reasonable constraint of aligning kernels between studio and desktop13:40
ScottLfurthermore i agree with you abogani that we should probably move towards including the -lowlatency kernel in the archives as our official kernel for both i386 and amd6413:41
ScottLi've delayed (and quite honest forgotten about) it because work has been sooo busy and intense for the past couple of day, but i hope today to talk to JFo more about that later13:42
* ScottL is off this Friday workday :)13:43
aboganiScottL, :-)13:43
aboganiScottL, FYI: The -lowlatency kernel maintenance is very *trivial* and *everyone* could do it but benefit are interesting.13:45
ScottLabogani, why do you say "interesting"14:06
aboganiScottL: Effort is minimal (because for very low cost of -lowlatency maintenance) but improving respect -generic is really interesting (so with a very good results from a latency/jitter technical view). The -lowlatency is a full preempatble kernel after all!14:09
aboganiIn short we can improve a lot with a minimal effort.14:09
* abogani think that when -lowlatency will be into official archives a lot of people will start to use if. All applications seems more fast and all system is more reactive.14:11
ScottLhi quadrispro 14:13
quadrisprociao ScottL !14:13
ScottLabogani, i thought by "interesting" you meant it had some strange or unexpected benefits14:19
aboganiScottL, ... some really good (expected) benefits.14:20
ScottLhi JFo , you got a minute ?14:29
JFoScottL, sure14:29
ScottLsorry, for not getting back to you a couple of days ago14:30
ScottLbut what i would like to talk about is the possibility of getting the -lowlatency kernel into the archives14:30
ScottLsince the -rt kernel has been removed from the archives, this would be a very good kernel to have in a ubuntu studio installation by default14:31
JFono problem, let me ask the team if that is possible. 14:32
JFoI think the consensus was that if there was an -rt kernel, then a -preempt one would be extra work14:32
aboganiJFo, I would want let you notice that -lowlatency offers good latency/jitter performance meanwhile it have a very low maintenance costs (and It could be version aligned with -generic one).14:35
ScottLJFo, if the -lowlatency kernel was included in the archives would the UKT support it directly by creating and uploading?14:37
ScottLor would it be community (i.e. studio and abogani ) maintained?  if this is the case it would be nice to designate a point of contact for abogani for uploading14:38
JFoScottL, I think that is a conversation that needs to happen between abogani and the team. The -rt stuff is something that is before my time here.14:38
JFoas all I have been told 14:38
JFois that there would be duplication of effort to have a -rt and a -preempt14:39
JFobut I will ask14:39
aboganiJFo, I understand. In any case please take a look of simple configuration differences between -generic and -lowlatency at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=abogani/ubuntu-lowlatency-maverick.git;a=blob;f=debian.lowlatency/README.Debian;h=102b656fb3f26e30b3094fc91705ee5f3e0ccac8;hb=refs/heads/lowlatency14:39
aboganiJFo, Thanks for all.14:40
JFoabogani, no problem :)14:40
ScottLJFo, definite thanks for helping coordinate this :)14:40
JFoScottL, my pleasure14:41
JFoI just don't know how much help I will be :)14:41
JFolots of things flying around at the moment :)14:41
ScottLJFo, completely understandable, and this isn't something that needs to be resolved right at this moment14:41
ScottLbut i would like to find a well thought out path forward where everyone understand the expectations which functions well for our uses :)14:42
JFoScottL, maybe it is worthwhile to get you together with some of the team to discuss14:43
JFoI'll see what I can do about that14:43
JFolooks like the people I would ask are off today14:43
JFoso may be Monday before I have anything solid14:43
ScottLJFo, that would be outstanding, i'll be off (US holiday) on monday so that looks very promising :)14:47
JFosame here14:47
JFobut I'll still see what I can do14:47
JFoso let's plan to discuss Tuesday14:47
ScottLJFo, that sound good14:49
* JFo pencils that in :)14:49
astraljavaabogani1: I see your reasoning, and understand that better now. Thanks for the explanation! :)15:29
abogani1astraljava: :-)15:30

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