xGrindxubuntu 10.10 beta?02:00
charlie-tcamore in #ubuntu+1 for development version02:08
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DeMaisHi :) I'm trying to mount a direcory from my mac on xubuntu using sftp. ssh from the terminal works fine, ftp works fine but sftp = no go. Anybody got clues?02:45
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shootmeplzhey anyone active tonight?06:04
shootmeplzI need a quick answer for my preseedfile..06:04
shootmeplzhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo????????????? :)06:05
shootmeplzeither this is broke or everyonesout parting tongiht06:06
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nikolamI wonder where "switch user option is gone i xubuntu/xfce. I found out that it is present only when unlocking locked machine with ctrl-alt-del. AndEven with that I needed to install gnome-screensaver, because in Xubuntu 10.04.64bit, xscreensaver is just reporting an error when trying to do "switch user" if desktop is locked.08:21
Sysinikolam: you can add button in panel for that08:25
zoredacheIs it possible to load an alternate configuration with a command line option for with xfce4-panel instead of ~/.config/xfce4/panel?08:25
Sysizoredache: may i ask why?08:26
nikolamSysi, but I think I also need to report that xscreensaver switch bug. I would like button for "switch user" is present as one of options in default shutdown/logout window (like, i think it was there before?)08:26
Sysiseems there isn't anymore, even if was earlier (i don't remember there would have, but i still don't need it)08:28
nikolamSeems like another bug/wishlist to post.08:28
zoredacheSysi: so I have my desktop with the pannels configured one way, but I also leave a VNC sesession running that I connect to from remotely...08:29
zoredacheI also occasionally will ssh in from another machine with X11 forwarded.  I want to startup a small pannel with a couple launchers that is just the set of tools I use remotely08:30
zoredacheor as an alternative, is there a way to specify what panels I want loaded from the command line?08:30
Sysii don't think xfce supports that, but you could try #xfce08:32
Sysiusing different user is maybe (bad) workaround08:32
zoredacheWhat I could do, but really don't want to is simply create a seperate account...08:33
zoredacheYeah, right08:33
Sysiis that you want the miniman panel loaded or you don't want the other loaded?08:34
zoredacheI just want the minimal panel loaded and not all the others08:34
zoredacheand I don't mind if it shows up on my desktop08:34
Sysianother bad workaround with hiding panels08:35
Sysibut setting that on and off would be irritating though08:36
Sysii wonder if that could somehow be used08:38
zoredacheThat may be exactly what I need.  if xfce4-panel respects me setting the 'XDG_CONFIG_HOME' variable then Everything is great08:39
zoredacheWell it didn't work in my remote test.  I am going to have to play more with those variables when I am at the console...  Thanks for the help08:50
nikolamseems like a lot of apps went broken into 10.04 release actually. I now witness not only mousepad not willing to close for a half a minute, and pcmanfm broken and stopping opening folders, to amarok, using 100% cpu on every other starting, etc etc09:07
nikolamSeems I will take 10.10 testing more seriously but its also a shame if people need to live few years on Lts with some of such packages09:08
Sysinikolam: it's shame some people have peroblems (and others don't)09:22
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XbertTheSheep, thanks for your help with my bluetooth issues yesterday everything you said helped, the issues was with my device firmware, updated and it works fine13:14
TheSheepXbert: that's great13:15
knomehey, how do i install a network printer in xubuntu?14:55
Sysihave you seen printer instructions?14:56
knomeno, i am asking without googling:P14:56
Sysii ment the paper one14:56
knomei have.14:56
knomenot in paper14:57
knomebut in pdf14:57
knomeseems to work ootb:P14:57
knomeat least xubuntu found the printer immediately14:57
Sysitoo easy14:57
Sysicups ♥14:59
knomethe big, clumsy cups15:00
knomeanyway bbl15:00
* likemindead is downloading Xubuntu 10.10 Beta. :D15:03
emveegot the beta maverick ... sound worked fine until i shut down. the shutdown process seemed to mute the sound and the next login i unmuted it but it still isn't working?15:48
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:48
emveeah ok thanks. anyone here knows msg me (it might be to do with using padsp to run .ogg files?)15:49
charlie-tcaemvee: bug 61305415:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 613054 in xfce4-mixer (Ubuntu) "xfce4-mixer muted on login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61305415:57
charlie-tcaincludes a workaround15:57
knomehey charlie-tca, you there?16:06
charlie-tcaHello, knome16:06
knomecharlie-tca, will lucid work with 512 ram well?16:07
knomeany notable difference to 8.04 ?16:07
charlie-tcaI think lucid might be a little bit faster than 8.0416:07
knomethen i'll upgrade16:08
charlie-tcaNot a big difference, though16:08
knomeas long as it's not notably slower...16:08
charlie-tca9.10 was slower16:08
knomei'll boot now16:08
knomethen upgrade16:08
knomeokay, i'm back and upgrading16:13
knomecharlie-tca, anything i should know?16:16
charlie-tcathe mixer in lucid does not mute every restart. but it might disappear during the upgrade and you have to add it back after the second or third restart16:21
charlie-tcanetwork manager applet goes away too, I think16:21
charlie-tcaand, the mixer will mute again in maverick at every startup16:22
charlie-tcathose are the only ones I can think of now16:23
Sysiit has never muted for me16:24
charlie-tcaoh, one more. In 8.04, you had to tell it to upgrade things. You still have to in lucid, but the update manager will run automatically within a minute or two of login only16:25
charlie-tcaIf you suspend, I don't think it runs again. You have to do it manually16:25
charlie-tcaI might be wrong about update-manager running again, but it is definitely a big change from 8.0416:27
charlie-tcaSysi: that's cheating then16:28
charlie-tcawhat are you doing different?16:28
Sysicould be removing pulseaudio16:29
Sysibut it worked with that too..16:29
charlie-tcaso back to the question? What are you doing different then? ;-)16:30
charlie-tcaLucid is the only release I did not have to keep unmuting my mixer16:31
Sysikarmic was only one doing it16:32
Sysiadding it being slow, i did not like karmic16:32
charlie-tcaOh, that explains it. You are using lucid16:32
Sysimaverick on netbook16:33
charlie-tcajaunty did it, intrepid did it, maverick does it16:33
charlie-tcaand maverick doesn't mute for you?16:33
Sysiit does not16:33
charlie-tcaGot to be the pulse audio removed thing, then. It didn't do it at first, but one of the changes caused it to start happening again16:34
Sysii'm thinking removing it from this desktop too, i think pulse is resetting alsamixer settings16:35
charlie-tcaI don't know enough about audio to say, so I just put up with it and report it as a bug16:36
misttun francais ici20:37
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:39
misttty charlie-tca20:40
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:40
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Mano_Chaosalve galera!22:30
xGrindMan; salve \o22:30
xGrindMan: salve \o22:30
xGrindMano_Chao; salve \o22:31
xGrindagora sim \o/22:31
Mano_Chaoagora sim22:31
xGrindMano_Chao; é de onde parcero?22:31
Mano_Chaoe vc22:31
xGrindaparecida sp22:31
Mano_Chaomas esse canal aqui eh gringo neh22:31
Mano_Chaoo xunbuntu-br nem existe22:31
xGrindvamo criar? :D22:32
knomeMano_Chao, xGrind: please, this is english only channel.22:32
Mano_Chaotah veno... kkkk22:32
xGrindok man22:32
knomeyou can use #ubuntu-br, they'll give support for xubuntu as well as much as they can22:33

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