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lamontsigh.. what's the new gthumb?01:35
lamontor is gthumb supposed to still be installable (looks like it)01:36
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lamontGLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.Evince.Default' is not installed03:00
lamont^^ wtf is that about?03:00
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Laneydid something break w/gcc-4.4/ppc? libgcc_s.so seems to have gone away09:40
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cjwatsonLaney: ScottK and slangasek have been looking into that10:06
Laneycjwatson: ah yes I missed the chat in #-release, thanks10:07
slangasekcjwatson, Laney: so I haven't managed to get a test build done yet because I forgot to set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck (I've done so now, it's faster to build it all again than it is to let the testsuite run on davis); I was waiting for that to finish before pushing to the archive, given that lamont isn't around to restart the buildds anyway10:21
Laneyslangasek: the buildds appear to be on (at least that's how I found out about it, through FTBFS mails)10:21
slangasekLaney: hmm, how recent was the last one?10:22
LaneyDate: Sat, 04 Sep 2010 08:55:50 -000010:22
slangasekmy understanding was lamont put the buildds to manual10:22
slangasekok, perhaps I should just upload this then10:23
slangasekhar; except that in the meantime, gcc-4.4 has been upgraded in the davis chroot, so now it can't bootstrap10:25
slangasekwell, that answers /that/ question10:25
ogra_cmpcslangasek, does linaro do any tegra2 work ? i just found out that the toshiba AC100 (tegra2, 512M, 8G SATA SSD) is sold around the corner here (for 380 euro which is a bit expensive but given you can do arm work on the go ...)10:54
slangasekogra_cmpc: nope, not on the roadmap10:55
ogra_cmpchmm, sad10:55
ogra_cmpcjust FYI it seems that on armel most packages FTBFS too with "C compiler cant create executables"11:03
slangasekogra_cmpc: gcc-4.4 breakage; I've just uploaded the fix, but I guess someone is need to going to have to re-bootstrap it by hand since gcc-4.4 itself now FTBFS on these archs11:03
ogra_cmpcslangasek, ah, good, i was assuming someone already noticed it, just wanted to point it out in case :)11:04
ogra_cmpc(since the above conversation seems to refer to ppc)11:05
slangasekyeah, I had just noticed the armel breakage11:05
LaneyI since got some FTBFS from that too on armel11:09
Laneysuch fun. :)11:09
slangasekcjwatson, lamont: can you sort out from here what needs to happen to rebootstrap gcc-4.4?  I'm thinking about sleeping11:21
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lamontslangasek: I did put them on manual... looks like someone else put them back on auto...13:30
lamontso... are we expecting these gcc builds now running to be what we need?13:37
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nigelbjames_w`: ping? we both are supposed to coordinate package training for this month - just fyi13:51
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ScottKlamont, slangasek, Laney, and cjwatson: Looks like the same problem eventually affected armel too.15:31
lamontScottK: that was the scrollback from about 5 hours ago15:31
ScottKlamont: OK.  Missed it.15:31
lamontwaiting for 4.4 13ubuntu1 to finish building15:31
ScottKAh, yes.  scanned over that part.15:31
dupondjedo we have plans for NFS over IPv6 support ?15:51
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jonasfai would like to develop something to let Android-devices owners to use it as a multi-touch trackpad16:53
jonasfawhere can i find any info on how to do that?16:53
faganhmmm interesting16:54
faganyou should wait till monday and ask on #ubuntu-x16:54
faganthey can help16:54
jonasfaok :) i'll start the android stuff, then ask for help on monday, as you said16:55
faganor tuesday since its a us holiday16:58
fagansince monday is a us holiday rather16:58
Hobbsee /quit18:16
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MattJHmm, for some reason it seems expat_2.0.1.orig.tar.gz in lucid is corrupted - it fails to extract here20:43
MattJ(trying apt-get source libexpat1)20:43
MattJsigh - same with the real upstream tarball it seems20:45
MattJand there are bugs for it20:46
* MattJ pretends he was never here20:46
apparlewhere is the package gcc322:12
faganits just gcc22:12
faganthere is no other package22:13
apparleI want the old version22:13
faganyou can grab that from packages.ubuntu.com22:13
faganbut you shouldnt use the old versions22:14
apparlethere isn't any on packages.ubuntu.com22:14
apparleat least for lucid22:14
apparleand can't I keep them side by side as in hardy22:14
faganthere is but you need to go to previous versions of ubuntu22:14
faganits not in the archive for a long time22:15
apparleand why has it been removed in the latest repos22:15
faganbecause its old22:15
faganits been updated22:15
faganwe always have the most recent compliers22:15
apparle*still it was not hurting anyone. now it is hurting me :(22:15
jolanwhat is the problem you're trying to solve by using gcc3?22:16
faganit takes effort to maintain packages22:16
apparleand the concerned software is old really old22:16
fagananyway this is off topic for this IRC channel really22:16
apparlethis topic-> the concerned software or gcc version?22:17
faganthats not what this channel is for22:17
faganthis is the channel for developing ubuntu22:18
apparleok sorry guys... bye22:18
faganbut its quiet at the moment so we can continue22:18
faganits fine22:18
apparlecan I setup chroot to build using gcc322:18
apparleor are there any flags so that, gcc4 will build like gcc322:19
faganwhy does it not build with the current gcc?22:19
faganhave you tried just building it and see what it says?22:19
faganif you really need gcc 3 you should go to the last version of ubuntu that shipped it22:21
faganstick it in a vm or set up a dual boot with the old version22:21
apparlefagan: check the software ponyprog. it is old very very old22:21
faganbut have you tried to build it anyway22:22
faganit doesnt matter how old it still might build22:22
apparlefagan: it uses some really old gui library .... and many other things... which generate so many errors22:22
faganah ok22:22
faganwell then your a bit stuck22:22
faganthe only thing I could suggest is do it in a vm22:23
apparlefagan: it pretty much depends on nothing, so I want to make a deb for it and use it.22:23
faganwell then a vm is the best option22:23
faganmake the deb in the vm and then it should work away22:24
apparleokay, will try on hardy. thanks22:25
ScottKfagan: We have versioned gcc packages, such as gcc-4.4 and gcc4.5 with one being the default.22:33
faganyeah but not as old as 3 though22:33
fagani actually thought we just had one but I saw that we had 4.4 and 4.522:34
ScottKapparle: There's a gcc-3.3 in Maverick that should be relatively backportable if you need libstdc++5.22:34
ScottKfagan: We have bits of 3.3 back in maverick because lots of people need libstdc++5 to run popular closed source software.22:35
faganI didnt know that22:35
ScottKapparle: If you can test building gcc-3.3 from maverick on lucid, I can see about getting an official backport done.22:35
ScottKGotta run.22:35
apparleScottK: so in maverick I should be able to compile it.22:35
apparleScottK: I'll try in beta22:36
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