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lfaraoneBug 617805 has a fairly trivial cosmetic fix. Should I push for it to get accepted in Upstream before applying the patch in Ubuntu?03:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 617805 in sugar-0.88 (Ubuntu) "Bar at the bottom of the window displays 'xephyr on' instead of sugar" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61780503:39
ScottKlfaraone: At this point in the release cycle go ahead and fix it and then push upstream in parallel04:08
lfaraoneScottK: okay, somebody put a debdiff on LP. So I should just ask t hem to submit it, and commit their changes in the interim?04:09
ScottKlfaraone: Yes or given your association with upstream it might be easier for you to do it.04:09
ScottKEither way, please follow up so we don't maintain the diff indefinitely.04:09
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Rhondaiulian: Well, as part of ubuntu-release it would be surprising if *you* would use -e ;)08:32
bilalakhtarIt appears that requestsync isn't filing bugs :(08:49
bilalakhtarI ran it around 19 hours ago and still no bug :( Ran it again half-an-hour ago, and still no bug :( what's going on?08:50
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: time to switch to --lp ? :)08:51
* bilalakhtar checks08:51
bilalakhtartumbleweed: BTW, I missed your session day-before yesterday. It was about what?08:51
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: sponsorship tools08:52
bilalakhtarfor sponsors or sponsorees?08:52
bilalakhtartumbleweed: manage-credentials fails for me08:54
bilalakhtarNo REFERER: header found08:54
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: did you run it exactly as it says in the requestsync manpage?08:55
bilalakhtartumbleweed: yes I did08:55
tumbleweedno clue. #launchpad?08:56
bilalakhtarI am already there :)08:56
bilalakhtartumbleweed: working ! I was using the wrong method and not oauth08:58
tumbleweedis the manpage out of date? (in trunk, I assume you are on lucid)08:59
bilalakhtartumbleweed: maverick08:59
bilalakhtartumbleweed: actually, it was my fault, don't worry08:59
tumbleweedaah, cool09:00
bilalakhtartumbleweed: I was using the method as described in the manage-credentials manpage09:00
bilalakhtarand the 'hack' method there09:00
bilalakhtarwhich no longer works09:00
tumbleweedwell, if that's wrong, it's still wrong :)09:00
tumbleweedglad to see you running maverick - far too many patches I see are targeted at lucid by mistake :)09:01
bilalakhtartumbleweed:  I moved a week ago09:01
bilalakhtartumbleweed: hey, --lp is cool! bug #63004009:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630040 in gkdebconf (Ubuntu) "Sync gkdebconf 1.2.66 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63004009:04
tumbleweedyup :)09:04
tumbleweedsorry, can't look at it right now09:06
bilalakhtartumbleweed: no need, I just wanted to show the bug to you ;)09:06
AnAntpersia: ping09:16
AnAnttumbleweed: when will there be a new release of ubuntu-dev-tools09:17
Laneyanyone can make a release09:17
bilalakhtarAnAnt: branch from lp:ubuntu-dev-tools09:19
AnAntbilalakhtar: what's cool about --lp ?09:23
bilalakhtarAnAnt: --lp argument to requestsync allows you to use the lplib api rather than the e-mail api and is quick09:24
bilalakhtarAnAnt: I actually filed a sync request bug yesterday but it didn't get 'filed' so had to use --lp09:24
LaneyI had some emails go missing too09:28
bilalakhtarLaney: The e-mail interface of lp isn't working at all!09:32
bilalakhtarI just commented on a bug using the e-mail thing, and the comment didn't come!09:32
* bilalakhtar reports on #launchpad09:32
bilalakhtarbdrung: back from vacation?10:58
bdrungbilalakhtar: yes, but i will away soon again11:08
bilalakhtarbdrung: could you endorse my MOTU application at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BilalAkhtar/MOTUApplication ?11:08
bdrungbilalakhtar: i will before i leave again. sorry for burying it in my todo list11:10
bilalakhtarbdrung: no problem at all :D Atleast you are going to do, that's what matters11:11
hyperairDktrKranz: directhex has just uploaded gtk-sharp-beans to debian which is needed for the new version of banshee. could you take a look at it please? it's in the NEW queue at the moment.12:26
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DktrKranzhyperair: we're preparing point release, so you'll have to wait a bit :)13:08
hyperairDktrKranz: okay sure13:15
DktrKranzhyperair: releasing will take a bit, so if you can remind me tomorrow... :)=15:55
hyperairDktrKranz: sure.15:59
* RainCT wonders why his LP account has an oauth token for "ubuntufontbetatesting"16:01
RainCT(ah, for the bug report website)16:01
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* RainCT plays with the idea of a dh_make replacement for ubuntu-dev-tools, where you could do stuff like "foo copyright" to get a new copyright file, "foo control" to get a control file, etc.19:47
RainCTmaybe also with different versions of the files, so you can use "foo control dh7"/"foo control old". WDYT?19:48
bdrungRainCT: you could create a library that does it and add a command line wrapper around the library (to make it possible to have a gui for it)20:00
RhondaWhat tool is the one that is used for online telefone conferences?20:33
RhondaAnd is the pidgin voice chat compatible with it?20:33
RhondaWas that empathy?20:34
shadeslayerRhonda: ekiga, kopete, empathy22:10
shadeslayerskype... loads of them22:10
RhondaDoes pidgin work for that, too?22:11
shadeslayerif it supports telepathy, id say yes22:11
shadeslayertelepathy is the only protocol which properly supports most video/call stuff22:11
* shadeslayer sent 3 hours trying to solve a problem in a app, when the problem was in launchpad ....22:12
shadeslayerRhonda: ekiga is like the OSS alternative to skype22:13
shadeslayeryou just need to get a SIP account for free22:13
Rhondashadeslayer: So ekiga doesn't work on my powerpc notebook neither? :P22:15
shadeslayerekiga doesnt work? ive never tried it myself, but from what i heard its OK22:15
Rhondaskype doesn't ;)22:15
shadeslayerwell...skype is skype22:15
RhondaYou compared it. :)22:16
shadeslayeroh :P22:16
shadeslayeri meant that it should work in ubuntu22:16
RhondaRight, just teasing. :)22:16
shadeslayerskype is now actually in maverick repos22:16
shadeslayerwhich is neat22:16
Rhonda… not for powerpc. :)22:17
shadeslayercant you force it to install?22:17
shadeslayeryou can download the bin directly from skype as well btw22:18
shadeslayerit has a static and dynamic version, just untar the tarball and place contents appropriately22:19

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