Shadow__Xtgm4883: clearly people need to answer immediately00:18
tgm4883Shadow__X, clearly we need to have this channel fully staffed00:20
Shadow__Xall for free00:20
tgm4883we should probably all have been staring at the channel waiting patiently for him to arrive and grace us with his question00:21
zuixroDoes anyone know how I could get MythTV to record shows to one storage group, then move them to another after transcoding? I've been recording shows to a NAS, but I've had some problems with bottlenecking. I thought you could set a transcoder to output to a storage group, but I couldn't find that option.02:35
qwebirc78996hi@all sombody speak german?11:09
qwebirc78996technisat skystar usb plus work with mythbuntu?11:10
qwebirc78996habe eine alte technisat skystar usb plus und wuerde sie gerne mit mythbuntu laufen lassen, meine erste versuche wahren nicht so gut :(11:13
dustin_I am having trouble configuring my IR controller, I cant remember how to display the device in list, but I am wondering if there is a template I can use after I get the device "recognised" so that I can bind the keys to my liking15:05
mofuMy sound is not working in non-Myth applications, any suggestions on where check first?16:05
mofuSound is fine in Myth, using SPDIF16:09
Azelphurdoes anyone know how to make lirc send certain buttons for certain applications? I'm setting up MythGame with emulators and need to set back on the remote to Escape to exit the emulator :)17:03
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