markie-I have a midi controller keyboard (evolution) and would like to use it with linux, just wondering what's the best application for that?00:25
holsteinmarkie-: lots of applications00:27
holsteindoes it work?00:27
* holstein phone00:27
markie-holstein: so i need a synthesizer, but which one will make my midi controller into all different kinds of instruments?00:29
holsteindoes the controller work?00:30
holsteinwhat it is?00:30
markie-yea usb00:30
holsteinis it recognized by linux?00:30
holsteindo you run JACK?00:30
markie-well going to00:31
holsteinafter getting JACK running00:31
holsteinits easy to JACK you USB controller to whatever you want00:31
markie-alright then i shall use JACK for that00:32
holstein^^ a friends stie00:32
holstein[lsd] over in #opensroucemusicians00:32
holstein[lsd] over in #opensourcemusicians **00:33
markie-ah cool00:33
markie-i shall take a gander at it00:33
holsteinhe makes all the music on that site in linux00:33
markie-so what synthesizer do you think is best in your opinion?00:34
holsteinwith soft synths00:34
holsteinor his external module with a soft sequencer00:34
holsteinmarkie-: they are all different00:34
holsteinyou just gotta start getting into them and see00:35
markie-how do they differ00:35
holsteinyoshimi or zynaddsubfx00:35
holsteinmarkie-: they differ in everyway00:35
holsteinsounds they make00:35
holsteinthe way they look00:35
holsteinthe platform00:35
holsteinyou name it00:35
markie-and play all different kinds of instruments?00:37
holsteinyou mean sounds?00:37
markie-yea i guess you can say that00:38
holsteinsay what?00:38
markie-refer to it as sounds rather instruments00:38
markie-what's the latency like?00:38
holsteinits sounds00:39
holsteinyour not acutally playing different instruments ;)00:39
holsteinthe call them patches i beleive00:39
holsteinmarkie-: latency depends on your sytems00:39
markie-tell me more about that00:39
holsteini can get around 1.200:39
holsteinfor that application00:40
holsteini can get 2.4 or so stable though usually doing whatever i want00:40
holsteinif i need to really push things, i can run it at 5.800:40
markie-and that's good00:40
holsteinor 11 for that matter00:40
holsteinif your not playing a soft synth00:41
holsteinor doing live effects processing00:41
holsteinit really doesnt matter00:41
holsteinthe latency*00:41
markie-tbh i just wonna play tetris on my midicontroller00:41
markie-I was running Reason 4 on win7 via virtual machince, and the latency is horrible00:42
holsteinwell, linux aint magic00:42
holsteinyou might need to buy an interface00:42
markie-what do you mean?00:42
holsteinor check out your system00:42
markie-im unfamilar with all this music on linux00:43
holsteinits the same as in windows really00:43
holsteinjust that linux tends to be more lean00:43
holsteinand light weight00:43
holsteinmarkie-: you'll find out when you start trouble shooting JACK00:44
holsteinwhat your latency will be00:44
markie-alright cool00:44
markie-i'll see how it goes, thanks00:44
holsteinwhat audio interface?00:44
holsteinyeah, which audio interface are you using?00:45
holsteinthe internal sound card?00:46
holsteinif so, look at this ^^00:46
holsteinits dirty cheap00:46
holsteinand has nice latency in linux im told00:46
holsteinplug and play00:47
holsteinthe only issue is the unbalanced inputs and outputs00:47
holsteinbut you cant get balanced ins and outs for that price :)00:47
markie-ah right i see00:48
terrenceHi all. tvtime says no signal when I plug in my dstv point08:52
terrenceany settings that I should change?08:52
terrenceHi -= Anybody to help - TV Card settings for DSTV08:58

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