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ShinkaWhat is a good alternative to Ubuntu One for Kubuntu ?01:22
collabraone sec.... i'll see if i can help.01:24
collabrasudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client-gnome <----- this is the graphical version,.... it should work in kubuntu01:26
collabraShinka: you there?01:28
Shinkacollabra: yes, sorry. But if I understand correctly, this will load lot's of things in the background (related to GNOME), just to run ubunutuone ?01:29
collabrait will load the necessary modules to run UbuntuOne,... there are no alternatives....01:29
Shinkacollabra: I was wondering if I could find an alternative to Ubuntu one, something that would work well with KDE.01:30
collabraas far as i know there are no alternatives.... but, the above -will- only load the modules necessary to run ubuntu one.01:30
collabrait will not load alot of gnome extras,... i wouldn't worry about any of the gnome modules,... they are secure and safe.01:32
ShinkaI just heard of SpiderOak as an alternative, I'll have to take a look at it.01:32
Shinkacollabra: I'm more worried about performance, to be honest :P01:32
Shinkacollabra: Anyway, thanks for the help, I'll take a look at it (and spideroak)01:33
collabrathere won't be any noticable difference in performance,.... It's just a program,... if it isn't loaded,... there's no performance degredation01:33
collabracan i ask,... is spideroak part of the ubuntu or kubuntu repositories?01:34
Shinkacollabra: No01:35
Shinkacollabra, I think it's intergrated to OpenSuse, on the other hand. But it should be easy to install in Kubuntu if I want to.01:35
collabrahmm,.... i'd beware of any lesser known or unsupported third party software.01:36
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Dan_LNews:  windows 7 bites.  Not news:  I need help.01:37
Dan_LTrying to install kubuntu on a new lappy dual boot w/ win7 installed.01:37
Dan_Lusually, there's a "largest continuous free space" option in the installer01:37
Dan_Lthis seems to be gone with 10p401:37
Dan_LI already shrunk space from win7, so there's a big chunk of space available01:38
collabrayou mean 10.04?01:38
collabrado you have an ethernet connection?01:38
Dan_Luhhh?  I can if I need to.  why?01:39
collabrawell,... one sec,.. lemmy get the link.01:39
Dan_Li'm wified in live user mode now01:39
collabrahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD <---- try this,... it's a minimal cd,... about 20 mb.  It will allow you to do a network install,... as well as offering all supported desktops, including ubuntu, kubuntu, xbuntu... and such,... and when you are all finished with the install,... it's updated and current.01:42
collabrabut if you need partitioning help,... i can do that too...01:42
jmichaelxDan_L: is the free space you are speaking of formatted?01:43
Dan_Lno. It's just the space I shrunk from win7.  Do I need to format it now?01:43
Dan_L(I just assumed----because with 8 on it was just "largest section of free space", and click "go go go go" and poof you now have kde and you can have zen"01:44
jmichaelxDan_L:i would also think that the installer should see the free space. if you select manual partitioning, does it still see unable to see the free space?01:45
collabrahave you tried to manually partition the drive?01:45
Dan_Ljmichaelx, it recognizes the 'free' space, but refers to it as unusable.  I tried to use it, and the installer chokes on it.01:46
jmichaelxDan_L: even if you select the option to format it?01:46
Dan_Llemme peek01:46
collabrayeah,... youhave to format it before it becomes usable.01:46
collabrasorry,...  jmichaelx: i'll let you handle this.01:47
jmichaelxcollabra: no problem, i'm def not proprietary about this sort of thing :-D01:48
collabraoh,.. no,.. don't mind me,.. my track record with helping people isn't thatgreat anyway.... :)01:49
Dan_LIt doesn't seem to let me do anything with it.01:49
Dan_LI select the unusable partition01:49
Dan_Land all of the options grey out01:49
jmichaelxmine hasn't always been perfect either... but i learn more by trying to help than by any other way, i think01:49
collabrai hear ya.01:49
Dan_Lso how would I go about partitioning that free space01:50
jmichaelxDan_L: that does really seem strange. you should be able to select that partition, select something like 'create new partition', then select what fs to format it to01:50
collabrai would suggest going into windows and partitioning the unusable space as fat32 or even ntfs then run the kubuntu installer.01:51
collabrasounds like there may be some leading bits within the unusable space that is making the drive 'seem' unusable01:51
jmichaelxDan_L: i would also recommend downloading and burning either a Gparted Livr CD, or a Parted Magic CD... boot into one of those, and you should have all kinds of options01:52
Dan_Lerror message:  "no root file system detected".  "Please correct this from the partitioning menu"01:52
collabraif you can get a valid partition,... even a windows partition,... you can then set ubuntu up on it,... you'll just have to format it.01:52
jmichaelxDan_L: yeah, somehow you are missing the partitioning menu01:52
Dan_Lcan I format it from the live disk?01:54
Dan_Lor can I swap to windows01:54
Dan_Lformat the space there?01:54
Dan_L(i'm stuck on slow intertubez at the moment)01:54
jmichaelxDan_L: either way, although i highly recommend one or the other of the two HD partitioning distros i mentioned01:54
collabrayou should be able to format it from ubuntu,... maybe, you just arn't familiar with manually partitioning01:55
collabrait can be tricky if you haven't done it.01:55
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap01:55
jmichaelxDan_L: it looks like the gparted live CD image is about 121.4MB in size01:57
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jmichaelxDan_L: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/files/gparted-live-stable/0.6.2-2/gparted-live-0.6.2-2.iso/download just right click, and choose 'save link as', etc etc01:57
ubottuPartitionManager is a !KDE !GUI partitioning program. Use !KPackageKit, !Adept or !Synaptic to install or type « sudo apt-get install partitionmanager » in a !terminal01:58
jmichaelxDan_L: that would be ok, but you would need to have kubuntu already installed on the machine01:59
Dan_Lhmm.  aiight.  I'll reboot and download the gparted image02:01
collabrai think if you can get any active partition on the free space ,... you would then be able to partition it for kubuntu02:01
Dan_Li'll be back02:01
Dan_LI hope02:01
jmichaelxDan_L: also, partitionmanager should be on the kubuntu live CD02:01
jmichaelxtoo late... althoug that may be the program the installer was using, that was not working for him02:02
collabraa second too late,...02:02
collabrai've never come across a basic hardrive 'laptop' that it couldn't partition02:03
collabrai think win7 made it unusable,... tricking the ubuntu installer into thinking it's not02:03
collabrayou know,... those first few kilobytes of harddrive space are crucial,... i think it's win7's fault02:04
jmichaelxcould be, i am actually supposed to install win7 (from upgrade media, at that), and lucid for a friend on his laptop tonight02:04
collabra:) right on.02:05
jmichaelxi have never used win7, let alone installed it02:05
collabrai love helping out my friends02:05
collabramy lenovo came with vista,... and i hated it,... win 7 was better,... but ever since 10.04 kubuntu is where i stay02:05
collabrai love it02:06
jmichaelxi have vista ultimate in virtualbox on my desktop, which i have only used occasionally for work-related purposes02:06
collabrayeah,.. i've got xp in virtualbox,... which i use only for fulltiltpoker.net02:06
collabrai used to use wine,... but found it unstable.... virtualbox is much easier,... and i don't mind it if i need some windows prog...02:07
collabra90 percent of my time is within kubuntu02:08
collabramore like 95%,... lol.02:08
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jmichaelxi wish i could say i used linux 100% of the time... but it is fairly close. however, i will soon have to be managing a windows server at work... something which i have never done before, and know next to nothing about02:09
collabrai find it strange that i've taken so well to kubuntu,.... i've all but left microsoft behind me.02:10
jmichaelxthe other servers i manage are all running ubuntu, gentoo or 'nexentastor'02:10
collabrai'm just a basic comptech,... most hardware,... and minimal software skills02:11
jmichaelxi am definitely not whiz at gentoo, either... one of the gentoo servers is going to be retired, and the other is going to be replaced with an ubuntu installation later this year02:11
collabranice,... yeah, I'm still getting used to doing things with the command line,.... i remember the old days of dos.... comming back to the prompt on an exotic os, is hard.02:12
jmichaelxyeah, same here. i started out as a hobbyist about 5 years ago. my license wound up suspended for 90 days for an unpaid speeding ticket.... to combat boredom, i ordered a new PC, unboxed it, wiped the drive, and begain playing with ubuntu02:13
jmichaelxas of about a year now, i am making a (meager) living with what i learned02:13
collabrayeah,.. I used to work with a friend of mine who introduced me to debian 3.1,... i continued to use windows until recently 6or7 months ago02:14
collabrahe really tried to convince me of linux and it's capabilities,... i saw the genius of it,... but never really committed to using it.02:15
jmichaelxthis irc channel used to be fairly lively. it seems like over the last few years it has nearly died02:15
collabrayeah,... well, who are these 242 users,... bots....????? idunno02:16
jmichaelxyeah, i kind of dove in head first. i have been using mostly linux since the day i unboxed that PC... but i did have a rough start, and did switch back and forth a lot to do things in windows i had not yet learned to do in linux02:16
jmichaelxno idea02:16
jmichaelxi guess i don't see the 242 users.. where do you see them?02:17
collabrayeah,... i've flip-flopped myself,... linux is a hell of a learning curve.02:17
collabrai'm using quassel,... they're on the right hand side02:17
collabrawhat do you see.?02:18
* jmichaelx is clueless02:18
jmichaelxsorry, it didn't sink in immediately that you were referring to the number of users in the channel02:18
collabralol,... :)02:18
jmichaelxi think a number of people sort of stay logged into this and various other irc channels, even if they seldon interact in them02:19
collabrayeah,... i did that for months before i got my nerves up to try to help someone02:20
collabraso,.. where ya from?02:20
jmichaelxwell, i have lived in indiana all my life. am from southern indiana, but now live in northern indiana, near the MI border02:21
collabraright on,.. Portland Oregon,... here.02:21
jmichaelxwow, near the MS homeland02:22
jmichaelxok, wrong again, that is washington, isn't it?02:22
collabra'MS' .... ?02:22
elijahUsing Kubuntu 10.10 beta - "desktop effects have been suspended by another application"02:22
collabraahhh,... lol yup seattle,.... not too far away for us.02:22
jmichaelxelijah: what video adapter are you using?02:23
elijah"The following desktop effects could not be activated"02:23
collabraelijah,.... try your power settings02:23
elijahjmichaelx: Not sure, how do I identify? You mean video card?02:23
collabrawihin them is the option to turn off desktop effects02:24
collabrabased on time or power levels02:24
jmichaelxelijah: yes. open a terminal, and enter 'lspci'... you should see something in the list referring to your video card02:24
elijahcollabra: Okay, I see that option, it is unchecked for all profiles02:24
jmichaelxelijah: yeah, what collabra is mentioning would also be well worth checking out02:25
elijahGeforce 8400M GS02:25
collabraelijah,... is it only a few desktop effects,... or does it turn them all off02:25
elijahIt gives a laundry list of over 1002:25
elijahThen it cuts off the list at the bottom of the screen02:26
jmichaelxelijah: i assume you are using a live CD?02:26
collabrathat's normal,... some desktop effects are canceled by others02:26
elijahjmichaelx: no, disk install02:26
jmichaelxelijah: did you have desktop effects working originally, then have them stop on you?02:27
collabrayou can't enable all of the desktop effects, elijah.... some of them will be disabled because of others.02:27
collabrayou just have to play with the settings and find a middle ground02:27
elijahNo, I just installed Kubuntu 2 hours ago, I wanted the minimize to be slick.02:27
elijahUnder the general tab it says "Desktop effects are temporarily disabled"02:28
elijahIt has been that way since minute one02:28
collabrasounds like your graphics card may not be supported for compiz02:28
jmichaelxelijah: have you looked into installing your nvidia drivers?02:28
elijahjmichaelx: Not yet, how do I do that?02:29
collabrayeah,... that could work02:29
elijahI thought they came with Kubuntu... :)02:29
jmichaelxelijah: by default, your card will use free drivers that are not capable of supporting desktop effects02:29
collabraelijah: applications>system  <------------it should be near the top02:30
jmichaelxyes, then slect 'hardware drivers'02:30
elijahGot it02:30
collabrathis might be an easy fix,... i'll keep my fingers crossed02:30
collabraelijah: you may need to reboot02:31
jmichaelxelijah: it should recommend the nvidia 185 driver. select that, and it will take a few minutes. when it says it is finished, you'll need to reboot02:31
collabraif so,... you gotta come back and tell us how it went02:31
elijahactivating now02:31
collabrawhooo hoooo!02:31
collabraright on02:31
jmichaelxtotally. i keep waiting for dan_l to come back and say how things went for him02:31
elijahI will02:31
collabrajmichaelx: yeah,... huh.02:32
elijahI gotta show off the eye candy to my peeps ;)02:32
jmichaelxelijah: once the proprietary driver is installed, you should be ready to do. btw, i have nearly the same card in this PC02:33
elijahThat might make sense why my video wasn't playing back smooth before too in OpenShot!02:33
jmichaelxready to go*02:33
elijahjmichaelx: gtk02:33
elijahRestarting, I'll be back...02:33
collabrawell,... that was easy.02:34
collabrathat's the way i like em02:34
collabrasimple and to the point.02:34
jmichaelxthe FOSS 'nouveau' driver has really come a long way, though. it can't do 3D (yet), but for 2D, it has worked fairly well for me02:34
collabrai've got an intel POS in my lenovo,... but,,... i have to admint,... it get's me through well enought02:35
collabra3d is fairly smooth,... and 2d is fast enough02:36
jmichaelxyeah, i have intel on several laptops.... suits me just fine. desktop effects and everything work well02:36
collabrai'd rather have nvidia02:36
jmichaelxthis PC has an onboard intel GPU, but i've never used it02:36
collabrait was an option for me ,... but i went for the cheaper one.02:36
elijahIt's a workin'!02:37
collabraright on!02:37
collabraelijah: happy to help02:37
jmichaelxi have mixed feelings. i am not a purist (in practice at least) but i always resist installing proprietary software on my systems02:37
jmichaelxelijah: congrats!02:37
elijahLovin' the transparency on window moves too!02:37
elijahjmichaelx: I hear you there02:38
jmichaelxelijah: yeah, that card works great here, too02:38
collabrawhat's the cube?.... ctrl or alt f1102:38
jmichaelxi dunno, i only see the cube when i switch virtual desktops02:38
collabrai think its ctrl f1102:38
collabrayou can enable the cube02:39
elijahcollabra: ctrl + f11 but I want to make it super plus middle wheel click02:39
jmichaelxyep, ctl+f1102:39
elijahI used that combo 2 years agato but don't know how to get it back to th02:40
collabrago to system settings>desktop>desktop effects> all effects02:40
elijahYeah, I am there but it won't let me set it that way02:40
collabrathere will be little "wrenches" on the right,... you will be able to customize it there.02:40
elijahoh well02:41
collabratake your time,...02:41
jmichaelxelijah: i don't know whether or not this is what you mean, but if you just go to system settings>desktop, you can select 'dektop cube animation' as your effect for desktop switching02:41
collabrait took me something like 10 hours to completely customize my system02:41
jmichaelxelijah: then you'll see the cude when you scroll you mouse wheel on the desktop02:42
elijahjmichaelx: maybe close, how do you switch desktops again?02:42
jmichaelxi switch by mouse when scroll, or by clicking on the boxes in the pager in the panel02:42
jmichaelxmouse wheel scroll*02:43
* jmichaelx is a typo-king02:43
elijahHow do you switch by mouse?02:43
jmichaelxby following the steps i mentioned above02:43
elijah"i switch by mouse when scroll"02:46
elijahYou have to be ON the desktop02:47
elijahcumbersome, a bit02:47
elijahDo you know how to rearrange desktops so they are left and right not top and bottom02:48
collabrai'm back02:51
collabraelijah: i don't know,... never tried it before....but i'm sure there's a way,...02:52
collabrakde is so configurable.... Just keep lookin if there is a way i'm sure you'll find it02:53
jmichaelxback again. had a neighbor stop in02:54
collabrajmichaelx: do you know how to put the virtual desktop in a single row instead of two?02:55
elijahWow, this list is awesome! Too bad none of them work BUT this tells me there is a way! http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2010/05/05/compiz-keyboard-shortcuts-in-ubuntu-10-04/02:55
jmichaelxyou mean the pager? just right-click on the pager, and in the settings select 1 row instead of 202:55
elijahNice - Ctrl + f1002:55
collabrayup,... that's it alright.02:56
elijahjmichaelx: Thanks, that did the trick02:56
elijahctrl + f10 shows all windows in all workspaces!!!02:57
jmichaelxi believe ctl+f9 shows all on current desktop02:57
jmichaelxctl+f8 shows all the desktops at once02:57
elijahthose are very handy too!03:00
elijahNice, ctrl + f8 you can even drag windows to other workspaces from that screen03:01
jmichaelxctl-f12 brings the desktop (minus open windows) forward.... just learning this tonight, and i use kubuntu practically all day every day03:01
elijahvery nice too!03:01
elijahwhat is keyboard shortcut for show desktop03:01
jmichaelxthat is pretty cool, i honestly had no idea about some of these key combinations03:01
collabraisn't kde wonderful?.... i mean, the different configurations, and key strokes, and customization.... wow.03:02
elijahI am also looking for the effect that draws fire on the screen03:02
collabracan't get that in gnome03:02
jmichaelxelijah: not sure, i just use a panel icon to show desktop03:02
elijahI think gnome has a lot of this too, no?03:02
collabrawell,... yeah,.. but,... mainly compiz,... not the rest of the gui.03:02
jmichaelxelijah: well, it is probably more compiz than gnome, but yes, compiz has all of this, plus more03:03
collabrakde goes further with the ability to customize your system03:03
elijahHave you guys ever used that compiz effect to draw fire or sparkle stuff on the screen?03:03
jmichaelxyou can use compiz in kde, instead of kwin, but i have not done that since kde4 came out03:03
elijahIt dims out your screen and you press meta/super and draw?03:03
elijahAre these effects compiz or kwin?03:04
collabrai think that may come from additional compiz plugins03:04
jmichaelxelijah: these are kwin, although i am sure a lot of the code is actually from compiz, or based on it in some way03:04
collabrai haven't been able to find it with the default install,... but like i said, i'm sure it has the ability03:04
elijahcompiz doesn't come up in a package search03:08
elijahGuess I don't get my fire easily :(03:08
collabratry searching by description03:08
jmichaelxelijah: i am sure there are plenty of tutorials on the web for setting up kubuntu to use compiz instead of kwin by default03:09
elijahctrl + alt + d = show desktop on ubuntu03:09
jmichaelxelijah: compiz should come up in your package search, as well as a lot of other, related packed03:09
elijahk, I just tried compiz again03:10
elijahit worked this time03:10
jmichaelxelijah: there is even a package named 'compiz-kde'03:10
elijahnot sure what I did wrong but good!03:10
jmichaelxkwin does include a effect that puts snowflakes on your screen, but i do not have it enabled03:12
elijahINteresting discussion - http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1459538.html03:13
elijahhaha - I have snowflakes on right now!03:13
jmichaelxit's hard to believe how dead #kubuntu has become. if we weren't here, i'd not be surprised if there would have been nothing going on in here the last hour03:17
jmichaelxi wonder whether or not that is any kind of indication that the number of kubuntu users has declined03:18
jmichaelxcollabra: what version of KDE are you using?03:18
collabrajmichaelx: sorry,... im still on the phone03:18
jmichaelxcollabra: i mean your version of kde, not kubuntu03:20
jmichaelxi'm still using 4.4.5. have not moved to 4.5 yet03:20
jmichaelxi am tempted to go ahead and install kde 4.5.1 tonight, but it will involve a little bit of work03:22
jmichaelxeh, i think i'm going to back up .kde4 and go for it03:22
jmichaelxmake that '.kde'03:23
jmichaelxnevermind, not gonna do it. i guess i'll get 4.5.1when i move to maverick03:29
collabrajmichaelx: I've gotta go help move a friend.... I'll try to be back in two hours if you'll be here,... I will be.... anyway,... it's good to meet cha' indiana... and i'll talk to you later.03:36
jmichaelxtake care!03:37
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elijahHow do I auto logon in Compiz 10.10?03:42
elijahI mean Kubuntu03:42
elijahWhen I installed there was option for it plus one for protect home folder.03:43
elijahNevermind, found it03:48
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collabrajmichaelx: hey,.. sup?04:54
zak_in kubuntu10.4, how can i change the qtcurve theme in my gtk programs?04:56
collabrazak_ one sec04:58
zak_ok thanks, also i believe im in 10.04.1, not 10.4, if that makes a difference04:59
collabrayou  should go into system settings and choose the top left icon,... i'm not sure what it is,... you have to forgive me, i'm using kde 4.5.1,.... anyway choose that one,... it should have icon, color, and style settings,... but one of them is called gtk apperance,... i think that's the one you want05:01
collabraawww,... wait a minute,... are you trying to change your overall theme or what i said above ^05:03
zak_yeah im trying to change my overall theme. GTK is already set to qtcurve, but i downloaded a different .qtcurve file i want to use, but I dont know how to use it05:03
zak_also, im using kde 4.5.1 as well, i forgot to say that05:04
collabraoh,...well,... i just upgraded no more that 10 minutes ago,.. i know as much as you at this point... lol :)05:04
collabrano more than 10 minutes ago05:05
zak_oh lol, well thanks for your help though05:05
Chr|swow pretty dead in here05:30
dan_lworst.  linux.  install.  ever.05:48
dan_lthis install is done hosed05:53
collabraChr|s: what's up?05:55
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dan_lanybody around?06:31
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WolfcastleI'm trying to install kde 4.5.106:35
Wolfcastlebut after adding the ppa kubuntu backports the packages are blocked06:35
Wolfcastleany ideas?06:35
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johanpff since changed my diskname to usb0 :| amarok cannot read the files07:50
tweakedehHey, I;m trying to install Firestarter and I cant because of dependencies that "is not installable" What do I do about this?07:59
Tm_T!info firestarter08:00
ubottufirestarter (source: firestarter): gtk program for managing and observing your firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.3-7ubuntu5 (lucid), package size 406 kB, installed size 1968 kB08:00
Tm_Ttweakedeh: can you be more specific?08:00
tweakedehI've tried to download .deb files for them but I just keep getting more dependencies I need to install08:01
Tm_Ttweakedeh: what hapens if you try "sudo apt-get install libgnomeui-0" for example?08:04
tweakedehTim_T: E: Package libgnomeui-0 has no installation candidate08:05
Tm_Ttweakedeh: not tim, also sounds like your sources.list is in interesting state08:06
tweakedehTm_T: sorry and would you like to see it?08:07
tweakedehis /etc/apt/sources.list08:08
collabraur missing a bunch o repo's08:08
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:09
tweakedehYea, I seen a ton more in there before... I just google for the default repos?08:09
tweakedehThanks =]08:10
Tm_Tcollabra: hey can you guide tweakedeh thru rhis? I should be reading stories to my daughter (:08:10
collabranaw,... man,... please,.. help him out08:11
tweakedehIt's all good, If I only need the repos back I should have it08:11
collabrasounds good to me,...08:11
Tm_Ttweakedeh: yes that should be it08:11
tweakedehTm_T: Awesome, thanks!08:12
collabraTm_T i'm supposed to be in bed myself08:12
Tm_Tcollabra: I'll read a story to you too then08:14
collabraright on,man. I feel close to harry potter,... how bout' it?08:14
collabrago take care of your daugher08:15
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ginbuntuI am running ubuntu 10.10 beta, can I install kubuntu-desktop on it and use the latest version of KDE?09:34
jarleSuddenly my apt-get has started to segfault :( "apt-get[2532]: segfault at 7f9d7005f908 ip 00007f9d655439d1 sp 00007fffd54b8b00 error 4 in libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6.so.4.8.0[7f9d65506000+c5000]"10:08
glaucousI'm using KDE 4.5 (backend), and I recently got 179 blocked updates -  should I do something about this?10:54
rekhi i created a kubuntu startup usb disk my packardbell says harddisk fail what can i do?11:04
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mfraz74glaucous: do you have the backports ppa enabled?11:12
glaucousmfraz74: Yes11:12
mfraz74glaucous: have you tried updating from within konsole?11:12
glaucousmfraz74: Same but "The following packages have been kept back:"11:17
mfraz74glaucous: try doing aptitude dist-upgrade instead11:17
glaucousmfraz74: Weird, I have done that before, but now it wants all those 169 updates.11:18
otswimhi, i have a trojan/virus on windows and i can't even boot on it because i get a BSOD every time i try; can i fix it from my kubuntu dual boot?11:24
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rekanyone able to do net installs?11:36
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Peace-rek: why?11:40
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DexterFI want to upgrade a 9.04 machine to 10.0411:55
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DexterFshould I go via 9.10 or can I go to 10.04 directly? and, how can I tell the update-manager to use a DVD for updating, too?11:56
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.11:59
teagecan anyone tell me how to disable desktop switcher? i do not want my mouse scroll to switch for me.12:00
rekcan i install ubuntu x86 with a network install in my laptop using ubuntu amd6412:06
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mephistonhi guys, just a stupid rapid question12:50
mephistonis Kommander the default dialog application in kubuntu?12:51
mephistonthx cuznt12:58
upwardI'm trying to install kubuntu, I've tried the CD and the DVD but in both cases I get to a commandline, is there a graphical installer?12:59
cuzntthere is upward whichcd do you have?13:01
cuzntand neither should go to command line13:02
cuzntyou should be able to go into the install mode right from boot13:02
vinnie_how can i add a launcher for konsole next to my kicker button?13:03
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juliohmvinnie_: drag and drop13:04
juliohmvinnie_: certify that widget bar is unlocked13:04
vinnie_juliohm: so, i should add it to desktop first?13:04
upwardcuznt: It's the 32 desktop version13:05
cuzntare you trying to install from boot or the desktop?13:05
juliohmvinnie_: no, but if you want you can add. drag and drop to Desktop and after drag and drop to bar. ;)13:05
cuznti would reboot and try it from there13:05
upwardcuznt: from boot, if I "Try kubuntu without installing" I also get to a command prompt13:06
vinnie_juliohm: drag to the panel?13:06
juliohmvinnie_: yep13:06
vinnie_its not working13:07
juliohmvinnie_: certify it's unlocked13:07
juliohmvinnie_: unlock widgets13:07
cuznthave you tried testing the cd's integrity?13:07
vinnie_juliohm: they are13:07
cuznti have honestly never seen that13:07
upwardcuznt: could it be that my computer is too old and kde4 cant start?13:08
juliohmvinnie_: can you see a yellow icon on right corner?13:08
upwardcuznt: I'll try that right away13:08
vinnie_juliohm: it worked this time.. thanx so much for your help13:09
juliohmvinnie_: you can add a shortcut to Konsole, it's faster... here i press F613:09
juliohmand Konsole appears13:09
vinnie_juliohm: how do i do that?13:10
upwardcuznt: Must be a defective cd, I get "Connecting to plymouth: connection refused"13:10
juliohmvinnie_: you talk at Konversation or Quassel?13:10
juliohmif Konversation... type: /sysinfo13:11
vinnie_juliohm: xchat13:11
cuznti agree upward try rebooting and choose test cd. i have gotten plymouth errors before.13:11
juliohmvinnie_: KDE version?13:11
vinnie_juliohm: 4.4.513:12
upwardcuznt: plymouth error is when i choose test cd :) i've tried a few times, the cd drive i'm using is really old, i'll try another one13:13
upwardcuznt: thanks for your help, i'll be back :D13:13
juliohmvinnie_: maybe Settings->Input Actions->Examples->Run Konsole and select shortcut tab ;)13:14
juliohmnow i go... bye!13:14
jtheuerhi, I have flash in firefox but not in konqueror. what could be missing? thought konqueror uses the same plugin?13:15
Koliadoes someone manage to have transparency in yakuake ? (kubuntu lucid)13:16
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upwardHi, I'm trying to run the Kubuntu 10.04 LTS Live DVD and keep getting errors related to plymouth. When I "Check disk for errors" I get "Cannot connect to plymouth: connection refused" and when I "Try Kubuntu without installing" I get a Soft lockup in plymouthd13:47
upwardplymouthd:1220 to be precise13:49
James147upward: if the disk check failed then you will need to reburn (possibly redownload) the disk13:49
James147upward: I would do a md5sum check on the iso before you try to reburn the image13:50
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:50
upwardJames147: Alrighty, I'll do that right away13:50
upwardJames147: Thansk13:50
James147upward: also if the image is fine (it passed the md5 sum) then burning at a slower speed can help13:51
upwardJames147: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download doesn't list the md5 for the DVD, and it doesn't seem to be listed here eighter https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes13:57
James147upward: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/10.04/release/14:00
upwardJames147: great, that confirms the image, I'll burn slowly as suggested14:02
dan_lWould anybody here be a dual boot expert?  Because I done screwed up.  Big.14:29
dan_lMaybe it doesn't even require an expert.  Maybe I'm just stupid.14:29
dan_lBasically, I tried to install kubuntu like I used to.  Shrink the windows partition, use 'largest continuous free space'.  That option no longer exists in 10p04.14:31
dan_lSo I formatted the space in windoze.  Installed.14:31
dan_lEverything was going fine until....the install hangs at 94 percetn14:31
dan_lso I chucked the install..and surprisingly, kubuntuu works---except you just can't do anything with it.  So I need to reinstall.14:33
dan_lWhy would bootdisks just not work?14:40
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jtheuernot enabled in bios14:43
tjingboemwhere can i tell kubuntu to start up with a certain program?14:45
dan_ljttheuser:  it's enabled in the bios.  The boot disks just don't do anything.  I get the "ISO LINUX" splash, and then...nothing.14:45
turboxE: Αδύνατη η εύρεση του πακέτου sun-java5-jdk14:46
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James147tjingboem: system settings > advanced > autostart14:57
James147dan_l: it could be a crupt disk... try reburning it at a slower speed14:58
James147dan_l: also check the iso14:59
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:59
tjingboemjames147, thanks very much15:01
kostaskanas elinas15:09
kostasanyone greeek15:09
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napterk__Hi is there a way to get an 'mono' output from amarok or kmix?15:20
dan_lJames147:  the disk checks out.  Here's weird.  It does about the same thing from the windoze recovery disks too.15:26
dan_lgrub works as expected.  I wonder if I can just fix the busted up kde install15:26
dan_lbut that sounds like a whole lot of mess15:26
James147dan_l: its possible that the disk drive is faulty... would explain why the install hanged in the first place15:28
rekshould i open some ports on my router to do a net install ?15:29
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rethusi have installed openvpn vor knetwork-manager.15:37
rethusi have insert the crt, key and ca-file.15:37
rethusif i click on connect, i see "connection in progress" but got no result and no connection at all.15:38
rethushow can i debug this?15:38
rethusi have try to start knetworkmanager as user, but seems not to work... i got always Network deactivated15:42
kostaswow xaxaxa15:43
dan_lJames147:  It hung at 94%.  There was no further information.15:52
dan_lthis has actually been the most painful install ever15:56
dan_lw.  t.  f.15:56
dan_lit's totally weird.  If I put the k disk in the drive right now.  Windows chokes up.  If I put another disk in there.  Fine.  If I put the win recovery disks in the drive.  Windows chokes up.15:57
dan_lI've never seen a problem like this before.15:58
BluesKajdan_l, I don't quite understand , is kubuntu installed or are you trying to install it ?15:58
dan_lBlueskaj:  It's installed but horribly broken because I had to abort it when it hung at 94%15:59
dan_land now, I haz boot disk issues.15:59
dan_lI mean this bios is fuggin strange.  No doubt about it.16:00
dan_lI've never seen a bios like this.16:00
BluesKajok , kubuntu live cd or alternate install16:00
dan_lLive CD.16:00
dan_lIf I thought I could get away with it.....like I could reliabily boot from a disk, I would just burn the kubuntu partition, free some space, and use the 9p10 installer16:00
dan_lbut since I don't know that I can boot from a bootdisk16:01
BluesKajdan_l, I had problems with kubuntu live cd recognizing my HW so I used the alternate install, it takes abit longer but it fixed the issues I had with grub and the windows mbr16:01
dan_lHmmm.  Lemme see if I can make the boot disk work as it should16:02
dan_land I will give it a shot.16:02
BluesKajI used the manual partitioning16:02
dan_lSo did I.16:02
dan_looo oooo know what windows 7 does?  If you drag a window to a screen edge, it automatically sizes the window to that side of the screen.16:03
dan_lA little scarcasm never hurt anybody.....16:04
BluesKajdan_l, I really think the alternate install cd will work for you16:05
dan_lI'll give it a try16:06
dan_lI just need to make sure I can reliably boot from a disk16:07
dan_lbecause if I can't16:07
dan_lI would be totally taking myself to the woodshed.16:07
simulacrumWindows 7 copies everything from KDE as you may alread know16:07
simulacrumand sometimes viceversa16:07
simulacrumthat's technology16:07
dan_lsimulacrum:  I know.16:08
BluesKajsimulacrum, pls explain ...dunno whay you mean by "everything"16:08
simulacrummistyped word, not quite "everything" but some of it16:09
dan_lWell they copy everything.  Except the good.  :)16:09
BluesKajcopy to where16:09
dan_lbluekaj:  I think it's pretty clear that they incorporate certain style elements from KDE.  I'm not going to start osflaming, but I think there's something there.16:11
dan_li'm off to try a reboot16:12
dan_lsee you all if I don't brick my laptop!16:12
BluesKajok , graphics ..was wondering where this copy thing was going :) just window dressing anyway16:14
dan_lyeah.  I'm screwed.17:32
dan_li tried burning another disk17:32
dan_lit booted fine.17:32
BluesKajdan_l, maybe a clean install is in order with the alternate cd17:33
dan_lbut hung at 94 percent.  check this out:  it gets to 90%, goes through the grub install process, bounces back to 90%, continues to run through the detect keyboard, hardware phases, and then under "running dpkg" just hangs at 94%17:33
dan_lI'll download the alt17:33
dan_lwhat is dpkg?17:34
dan_lI mean I know what it is.  But what's it doing that's causing the bad?17:34
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dan_lbecause check this part out:  when I actually get into kubuntu----I can do everything except install/remove software.  Which sounds a lot like the stuff that dpkg does.17:35
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BluesKajdan_l, yup , for some reason it's not installing the repos , by the look of it , are you on wifi or ethernet ?17:37
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dan_lright now17:43
dan_lblueskaj:  wifi.  thing is, it's not the grub17:43
dan_lwhich surprises me17:43
BluesKajwondering if the wifi is failing at that point17:44
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sanoopcan i have different background in each desktop17:56
sanoopif so how17:56
sanoopcan anyone help17:57
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user1_any speak spanish?18:07
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user1_any speak spanish?18:08
user1_any help me18:10
elijahWhen I install Kubuntu it comes with a KDEuBLOG widget on the desktop, this widget does not seem to be resizeable. Is it? When I use with Twitter, the messages all need a horizontal scroller.18:11
sanoop_ can i have different background in each desktop18:14
dan_lelijah:  you can adjust it.  If you hover over this little toolbary thing shows up.  One has a little square with some arrows.  Use that to resize.18:14
dan_lblueskaj:  why would it look for wifi?18:14
sanoop_blueskaj: can i have different background in each desktop18:15
user1_any help me18:15
user1_any speak spanish?18:15
elijahdan_l: I get the square with arrows on normal windows but not the microblogging widget...?18:16
elijahI am wondering how to both vertically AND horizontally offset the second monitor. Currently It will only let me do one OR the other. ie. left OR top etc..18:17
elijahDifferent question...18:17
dan_lelijah:  That's very strange.  try pulling the widget down and putting it back up18:18
elijahdan_l: The home widget is the same too, no resize handles. I deleted and re-added the widget and no cigar.18:19
elijahThis is a fresh install (1 hour ago)18:19
dan_lright click on the desktop18:19
dan_ltell me what the context menu says18:19
elijahdan_l: run command, add widget.....18:20
dan_lkeep going....18:20
elijahadd panel, activities, lock widgets...18:20
elijahlock screen, leave, desktop settings.18:20
dan_lLIES!!  I was going to say it was because you had widgets locked.18:20
elijahdan_l: Haha, yeah I tried that18:20
elijahdan_l: So you can resize your widgets?18:21
elijahdan_l: None of my widgets are resizeable18:21
dan_lYeah.  I resize my widgets on a near daily basis.18:21
elijahThere is a toolbar popout that has a small square box as the first one and inside it are two arrows pointing to the lower left and upper right corner, when I click it nothing happens.18:22
elijahIt is above the reload and wrench icons18:22
dan_ldo you click and drag it, I assume?18:22
elijahdan_l: HAHA18:22
elijahdan_l: That is it18:22
elijahdan_l: Totally different than the rest of the system18:23
dan_lwait.  It worked?18:23
elijahdan_l: Yeah, that is how you resize the widgets, you click and drag that icon18:24
BluesKajdan_l, what i meant was are you on wifi when trying to install kubuntu18:24
dan_lBluesKaj:  Yes.18:24
dan_lI AM NOW UBUNTU LEVEL 2!18:25
elijahGo dan_l18:25
BluesKajthen I think it's getting turned off for some reason , that's whay the the repos aren't installing18:25
BluesKajI'd try it with a wired connection18:26
dan_lI don't remember ever having to install it with intertubez before18:27
BluesKajdan_l, did you use the alternate install cd , i forgot to ask :)18:32
dan_lNo.  I'm downloading it now.18:33
BluesKajok, I think you'll be fine if you use that one , it's better at recognizing hardware18:34
BluesKajit takes more attention to install with it tho ...more choices need to be made18:35
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BluesKajit's basically the old debian install prog adapted to (k)ubuntu18:36
dan_lblueskaj:  are you saying that the installers require a live internet connection?18:39
BluesKajnot on all , but the live cd and alternate do18:39
James147^^ didnt think it "required" an internet connection, but used one (to dl updates) if it was availble18:39
* James147 is sure he installed it from a live cd without internet before since he cannot be bothered to type in his netkey for his laptop18:40
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BluesKajJames147, his install is hanging at dpkg install , sounds like it's trying to find the repos on the net to me18:42
MamarokBluesKaj: no, only if you want to be able to update right after installation, else it is not requires at all18:42
MamarokI have made installations with the live CD without internet connection repeatedly18:43
dan_lSo what would dpkg do that would cause it to hang?18:43
James147BluesKaj: dpkg dosnt use the network... that apt  (dpkg just installs stuff)18:43
BluesKajMamarok, so what's your interpretation of the dpkg hang18:43
Mamarokno idea, bad CD?18:44
Mamarokwild guess18:44
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dan_lThis is weird.19:08
dan_lI'm going to try it with the 9p10 and see what happens19:08
vyrgozunqkhi guys, do you have any idea why the picture with uvc driver is so ugly :/19:13
vyrgozunqki have 1.3 Mpix webcam Bison NB pro19:14
elijahHow do I open dolphin with keyboard shortcut?19:14
elijahOn windows it was windows/super +E19:15
elijahWould like the same if possible19:15
vyrgozunqkyou have to make a shortcut, yourselv19:15
elijahvyrgozunqk: Where would that one be?19:15
James147elijah: you can add a shortcut to launch any program via kmenuedit (or by right clicking the kmenu > Edit Menu"19:16
elijahJames147: What is a Kmenu?19:18
James147elijah: the application lanucher widget19:18
elijahJames147: You mean alt + f2?19:19
James147elijah: no, the widget that acts like the windows start menu19:19
James147(but you can just launch kmenuedit with alt+f2 to bypass the widget)19:20
elijahk, so I am in menu editor19:20
James147elijah: find the program you want and click it then go to the advanced tab19:21
James147elijah: after you may need to enable KMenuEdit in the inputactions page of system settings (I think its under keyboard & mouse on kde 4.4.x)19:22
elijahJames147: Ok, it worked without that last step. Thanks!19:23
elijahI closed the information pane/column, how do I re-enable it?19:28
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elijahnevermind, found it19:29
elijahso many options :D19:30
dan_lOk.  Well.  I'm hosed.19:41
BluesKajdan_l, you must have a HW prob or the disks aren't burning correctly for some reason19:47
elijahWill it hurt if I install Nautilus in Kubuntu? (for Dropbox dependencies?)19:51
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BluesKajelijah, nope , nautilus will work fine , but it'll bring a whole lot of gtk libs etc with it19:54
elijahBluesKaj: gtk?19:54
elijahBluesKaj: Yeah, I wonder what gtk means though?19:56
elijahOkay, so if I want to use Dropbox on Kubuntu I have to install a bunch of Gnome dependencies too.19:57
BluesKajit will just bring them along with nautlilus automatically ...it won't hurt anything , just take up abit of space , elijah19:59
elijahBluesKaj: K, thanks20:00
elijahBluesKaj: So then, will nautilus conflict with dolphin in anyway?20:00
BluesKajit's just another file manager , like konqueror and dolphin20:00
BluesKajI used to run konqueror in gnome :)20:01
elijahBut I would then need to use Nautilus to see the contextual menu for Dropbox, correct?20:01
BluesKajelijah, you'l have the option of putting dropbox in the system tray20:02
elijahBluesKaj: k20:03
tdnSound is not working. It usually do. How to debug and fix this? I use Ludic.20:04
tdnFixed it: alsamixer: for some reason PCM was set to 0.20:06
James147elijah: I am sure there is a way to install it without the gtk dependencies20:07
elijahJames147: K20:09
James147elijah: http://dreadknight666.com/2009/07/dropbox-in-kde-linux/  and this might also be of intrest: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Dropbox+ServiceMenu?content=12441620:11
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NSsmileshey guys20:14
NSsmilesmy new printer works with linux...woohoo!!20:15
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BluesKajelijah, I just remembered there is a dropbox for kde , kdropbox20:31
=== macode|afk is now known as macode
elijahBluesKaj: Great, I see it now20:43
BluesKajelijah, jhope you didn't go too far , the regular dropbox is a pita to install20:44
elijahI didn't do anything yet20:44
BluesKajcool , then just download dropbox from sourceforge , the deb version will do an auto install if you choose "install with"20:46
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BluesKajerr "open with"20:46
elijahBluesKaj: This is what I am trying to do --> http://kdropbox.deuteros.es/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=53&Itemid=5320:46
elijahAlthough the wget is giving me a 40420:47
=== Guest66276 is now known as Eric68
BluesKajelijah, ok I was mistaken this is the site I used ,http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/Kdropbox-56036.shtml20:49
BluesKajeasier than the wget20:49
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elijahI got it, but where does wget save files?20:49
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BluesKajwget usually in /home/user20:50
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elijahBluesKaj: not there20:55
cykeo666could ne one help out a newbie kubuntu user install a instant messanger?20:59
James147cykeo666: why install one? kopete should already by installed and it supports many protocals21:00
cykeo666well how do i use it with my aim account21:00
James147cykeo666: in kopete: Settings > Configure > Accounts > Add acount > select 'AIM' > Next > i hope you can figure out the rest :)21:02
cykeo666yes i can ty for the point in the right direction21:03
cykeo666hooray no more windows vista!!!21:04
BluesKajelijah, it's there ,just click on the "download", http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/Kdropbox-56036.shtml21:11
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v3nd3tta``who does host FloodBot and where to get that Service? i Never saw him in other chan's21:14
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit21:16
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cykeo666_can any1 explain in a newbie way how to install tgz files?21:18
James147_cykeo666_: its an archive file (like zip) it highly depends on what you are trying to install as to what you do with it21:19
BluesKajcykeo666_, an all in one extractor app called unp works well just do ' unp /pathtofilename to extract the contents in /home/user , which is usually the default destination if you download from the net21:24
James147_cykeo666_: what are you trying to install anyway?21:25
cykeo666_wine for one21:25
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ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:26
cykeo666_yeh i know its a emu of windows and i want to use utorrent.21:27
cykeo666_instead of ktorrent cuz im not getting the 1Mb/s+ i usually get.21:27
James147_cykeo666_: readying the info on that link tells you how to install it21:28
DiegoGrezDoes anyone know where is the code of ubuntulo1 or who should I contact to get it?21:28
James147_cykeo666_: also, you probally been to configure ktorrent properly and you should be able to get the same speeds21:28
cykeo666_ive set the setting just like on utorrent n its still goting at 300-500Kb/s21:29
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vbgunzwhat is the command to check all of the options already on a disk? im sorry I forgot, hdparm -I is not what I need. its something that list my journal options etc21:30
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cykeo666_ahhh ha! ktorrent didnt have the uPNP pulgin enabled all good now21:34
cykeo666_now to figure out how to install vlc player21:35
vbgunzI assume cat /proc/mounts would probably suffice atm21:35
* James147_ prefures kaffeine to vlc :)21:38
BluesKajvlc is kind of arcane ...it's hard to figure out how things work altho it plays almost anything21:39
cykeo666_i know vlc like a crack whore knows how to suck dick21:40
James147cykeo666_: btw, to install vlc search for it in kpackagekit  or run: "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install vlc"21:42
BluesKajcykeo666_, we don't need lewd comments in here , I know it's tempting to become "explicit" in some ways ,but the COC should be followed.21:47
BluesKaj!COC | cykeo666_21:47
ubottucykeo666_: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .21:47
cykeo666_the coc should be fallowed n ppl shouldnt be so stuck up bout a freaking joke21:51
cykeo666_freedom of speach really has been burned n pissed on hasnt it.21:51
georgdo you know how to disable the window group feature?21:53
elijahWhat is keyboard shortcut for "show desktop"?21:53
elijahgeorg: Sort of21:53
georgwhere do i find that?21:54
elijahRight click on a window in the panel and "do not allow this program to be grouped"21:55
elijahThe bottom panel, specifically21:55
James147georg: its an option in oxygens configuration in system settings21:55
georgis there a way to disable it globaly21:56
xeeHi everyone, recently I was trying to fix a problem and I did a downgrade to latest official KDE(from KDE 4.5.1) then upgraded again to KDE 4.5.1, previously pidgin notifications used to appear through KDE but now they appear on their own in a different location... any idea how to fix that or where to look??21:56
James147georg: ignor that last one ^^ miss read what you want :)21:56
James147georg: you should be able to disable it in the task manager settings21:56
georgthats task grouping21:58
georgi am searching for window grouping21:58
georgif I open terminal two time there are tabs in at window level21:59
James147georg: :) o then see my first statement :)21:59
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James147(on kde 4.5 its at System Settings > Workspace Appearence > Window Decoration > Configure Decoration)22:01
georgwhoo whoo many thanks22:02
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James147elijah: there isnt one here :S but it can be set in kwins shortcuts (on the Global Keyboard Shortcuts section fo system settings)22:03
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georgdo you know if there is a way to get desktop effects running with fglrx smoothly (exept replacing the card with a nvidia card)?22:04
elijahDoes Kubuntu have a command for a "new folder"?22:08
georgelijah: mkdir :)22:09
elijahgeorg: Haha! You booger22:09
elijahgeorg: What I mean! Is does Dolphin have a "new folder" command!?22:10
v3nd3tta``you mean per gui or per commandline?22:11
James147elijah: what do you mean by command? dolphin can create new folders...  or you can do it via commandline with mkdir22:12
elijahJames147: I mean, while in Dolphin, I want to hit ctrl + N and have a new folder appear.22:12
James147elijah: F10 if i remember right22:12
elijahJames147: That worked! Thanks!22:13
James147elijah: or settings > configure shorcuts to change it :)22:13
elijahIt was odd that when I go to the menu, the shortcut was not next to the name.22:13
xeeI guess this qualifies for a papercut22:14
James147elijah: heh, not sure why it isnt :)22:14
elijahJames147: That is great! They even made it so you can make alternate shortcuts! Sweet!22:14
James147elijah: yup, most kde programs you can alter the shortcuts :)22:15
elijahJames147: Yeah, I would call it not being in the menu a bug.22:15
elijahIs it easy to submit bugs to KDE?22:15
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots22:16
georghave a nice evening.22:17
elijahJames147: That is pretty slick!22:18
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »22:24
elijahJames147: Submitted my first bug!22:24
MuzerNtbkI have the netbook remix. In Openoffice, when I tried to access help it told me I needed a package. So I installed openoffice.org-help-en-gb, but it's still asking for me to supply it.22:25
MuzerNtbkah, I had to change my language to en-GB (it wasn't for some reason) in OO.o.22:27
MuzerNtbkit's working now, thanks anyway for your time22:27
BajKhow do I prevent plasma netbook's panel to automatically hide?22:41
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James147BajK: click the cachew (the thig in the corner of the screen, probally on the opposite side to the panel) and option should apear above/below the panel to enable/disable auto hide (at least on kde 4.5)22:44
BajKJames147: that's what I have read, that it is now possible in KDE 4.5 but I didnt find it. mom, starting KDE 4.5.122:47
BajKJames147: if I click on the cashew, there opens a strip with "add mini programs", "add applications", "comnfigure search&run", "lock page" and the rest i cannot read because of the small screen width22:48
James147BajK: right click on the panel > unlock panel then try agaiun :)22:48
BajKJames147: aaah22:49
BajKthanks :)22:49
BajKworks the same way as in plasma desktop but I wasnt used to that^^22:49
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BajKWow, at trying KDE's plasma-netbook shell I relly wanna get a tablet pc :) I love it22:57
BajKJames147: it's simple and easy, one application at a time but not as shitty as on apples ipad :)22:58
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James147BajK: one? I have loads running when i use it :)22:58
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BajKJames147: of course (: but I love that fullscreen application thingie22:58
BajKand application switching is quick'n'easy22:58
James147BajK: :) they arnt really full screened... just boarderless when maximised22:59
BajK;) i know and you can restore them if you like22:59
BajKif I had an real good on screen keyboard that automatically pops up when a text field gets focus, it'd be perfectly suited for tabled pcs22:59
BajK(or is there?)22:59
James147BajK: and to switch you have alt+tab as we as clicking on the window widget thing23:00
BajKyes :)23:00
James147BajK: there is a keyboard widget23:00
BajKand I love those plasma "pages", it's not as cluttered or complicated as I consider the activities but still good23:00
James147dosnt auto popup, but its better then nothing :)23:00
James147BajK: those "pages" are activities :)23:01
BajKah nice23:01
BajKyes, but better "Packaged" :P23:01
James147its the first place activites are areally used in an intresting way23:01
BajKaaah, now i have set the keyboard widget to the already predefined "Tablet" option. Now the buttons are big as hell and no unneccessary ones, and switching between numbers and stuff :)23:02
BajKunfortunately, no question mark there23:02
BajKon the main page23:02
James147BajK: there is with shift23:03
BajKit'd be nice if I could add that keyboard widget to system tray rather than having an additional widgfet next to it which looks kinda weird23:04
BajKseems to havent been reported23:04
BajKJames147: can I also make the dfesktop containment scroll on plasma-desktop? I noticed that the "page one" containment (desktop) scrolls when I have more widgets than there is room for23:06
* James147 loves how powerful kde (and linux in general) can be once configued the right way :)23:07
BajKJames147: I do love how flexible that plasma stuff is. Activities can be "reused" as pages for organizing widgets on small screens, and stuff. Amarok does use plasma as well23:08
James147BajK: you can... the default desktop cannot, but if you have the plasma-netbook installed you can change the default desktop to the newpapaer activity to get the same behavious23:08
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BajKhow to remove or add new pages?23:08
BajKthe bar on the bottom is too wide23:09
BajKto see all options23:09
BajKvirtualbox only features 800x60023:09
BajKah ok context menu featrures those as well23:09
BajKJames147: ah yes, the newspaper activity features that23:09
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James147.. should be one of the options when you click the caschew... execpt its missing on the search and launch page23:10
James147and virtualbox should beablet o get higher res then that :)23:10
BajKhm, locking widgets should be an option on the "desktop" as well23:10
BajKnot only on the control pane23:11
BajKcontext menu but well its in the cashwe23:11
BajKmaybe they're planning   a plasma-tablet :P23:12
James147:) no, plasma-netbook should cover tables as well23:12
BajKso the only thing that is really annoying and making it useless for tablets is the missing "good" keyboard23:13
James147BajK: thats just one widget that needs to be improved :)23:13
James147BajK: ahh, the keyboard widget screwed up my actual keyboard :S23:15
BajKWhat I'd like to have concerning the keyboard widget: Have it automatically appear when an input field gets focus, keep focus on input field when triggering the keyboard widget (the search bar on the search and run panel loses focus when triggering the keyboard), make the keyboard be put into the system tray (and overhaul its icon!!!) and make the keyboard be able to float on screen rather than being sticked to the panel all the time23:17
BajK, as it often covers input fields that are naturally at the top of the screen23:17
James147BajK: there was also a keyboard program that ran in the systray... cant recal its name though23:19
BajKYeah there was/is23:20
James147^^ add to that list "do not change the keyboard alyout when started"...23:20
BajKBut I don't like that there are applications AND widgets serving the same purpose. Plasma widgets are so much more customizable and flexible than "tray applications" are23:20
BajKand it's kinda annoying that also confirmation windows such as "Are you sure to save changes" are automatically maximized23:22
BajKalso that search in kickoff menu and that search and run page is sometimes quite annoying. Type "kp" it finds nothing, type "kpa" it finds kpatience23:23
James147BajK: I think the program was created for kde3... and  just stuck around :) the widget is ment to replace it as far as I know23:23
BajKI'd like to see kmix and klipper being removed by widgets as well23:23
BajKespecially kmix23:23
James147BajK: yeah, I have starting manually applying window settings to each that should to stop them :)23:23
BajKaren't they a different "class" of window, like "dialog" or so?23:24
James147... there is, although I was doing to it various other windows as well :)23:24
BajKah kay23:24
James147and mostly made a mess of it :)_23:24
BajKI like kwin's customizability :D for example that you can put ANY window you like always on front or maximize it (espeically wine's virtual desktop)23:25
BajKAnd since KDE 4.4's window snap features I am really glad to have two monitors23:25
BajKand that menu widget is also nice, so you don't waste unneccessary space with menubars23:26
James147BajK: what version of kde are you using?23:26
BajKKDE 4.5.123:26
BajKon Kubuntu 10.04 and now messing around in virtualbox with 10.10. There you can switch between the netbook and desktop shell on the fly23:27
BajKwithout even having to restart or so23:27
James147BajK: you can do taht on lucid, you just need to install plasma-netbook23:27
James147(maverick just comes with both rather then one by default)23:27
BajKah, in 10.10 it is bundled automatically :)23:27
BajKunfortunately i didn't encounter an option in setup to choose which i'd like to have23:28
BajKI hate those stupid netbook or tabled operating systems with so few features, so plasma-netbook is an excellent compromise23:28
James147BajK: its ment to try to auto detect and let the user chane it after if they dont like it23:28
BajKhow should it auto-detect? if the user's screen size is low and hardware slow?^^23:29
BajKi really like 10.10's installer, it starts to install right after you set partitions, and then asks for timezone, username etc23:29
James147BajK: not entirly sure, but my guess is screen res is one thing they check :)23:29
BajK(but partition manager is still slow as hell)23:29
BajKIt took me about 20 minutes on my mother's pc (Pentium 4 2,8 GHz, 1GB ram) to set /boot, swap, / and /home23:30
BajKand another 20 minutes before that removing all windows partitions23:30
BajKand then the installer crashed :D23:30
James147:S shouldnt be taht slow23:30
BajKit took 2 minutes after clicking on OK till it was finished with "loading partition table" and "upadting" and bla23:30
James147i am gona need to relog, cant seem to change my keyboard back to the way it was :(23:30
BajKreally really reaaaally nice. Playing freecell on plasma-netbook. Having the menu widget, disabled status bar (as it just displays wheter you can win the game and how many cards you moved) and removing symbol bar as those features are available from the menu as well, it is really nice23:32
James147thats better :)23:33
BajKI hope in Kubuntu 10.10 that menu widget is placed in the panel automaically23:34
James147BajK: for netbook it will be i think23:34
BajKman, i was almost winning and then kpat hung23:35
BajKeh, how do I log out? :D23:36
DaijoubuHello :) how can i setup pppoe connection in KDE? I used the pppoeconf in terminal to get my internets working, is there a betetr way? When i create a DSL connection in network settings and chose auto connect nothing happens23:37
James147BajK: alt+f2: logout :)  there is also the logout widget on the panel (or should be)23:37
BajKno other way?23:37
elijahIn dolphin, is there a way to show the address/location bar PLUS the click-able breadcrumb trail? All I can see is one OR the other.23:38
James147BajK: what other way do you want?23:38
BajKa button just on the search and run page23:38
BajKanother widget in the panel, it's almost full^^23:38
BajKah oh, right click on desktop23:38
James147elijah: you mean display them one on top of the other?23:39
elijahJames147: Yes23:39
BajKhm, the Unlock Widgets button in Systemtray settings does not work, seems a bug related to the fact, there is no "desktop" but that other activity23:39
James147elijah: not as far as I know...23:39
Daijoubuany help o-o?23:39
James147elijah: why it a problem?23:39
James147^^ i tend to find it quick and easy to switch between them :)23:39
elijahJames147: It would be ideal23:40
James147Daijoubu: I would but I dont know much about pppoe connection :) and appeantly noone else that is currently watching seem to either23:40
DaijoubuJames147: how do ge the DSL conenction to activate? o-o23:41
Daijoubu*do you get23:41
Daijoubuoh gosh i can't type :)23:41
James147Daijoubu: I use ADSL and my router handles the conection to the outside world :)23:41
Daijoubui configured a DSL connection but how do you trigger it?23:41
BajKWhy are there THREE different things to lock?23:42
BajKI can lock pages, panels and widgets23:42
James147elijah: it wasnt designed that way as it takes up allot more space, and since you can click on it to change it to the editable mode and press the tick or <esc> to change it back it just seems a wate23:42
James147BajK: ... yeah, that does seem abit much23:43
BajKin order to change the widgets in systemtray, I had to rightclick the panel and then choose Unlock widgets23:43
BajKUnlocking "page" does not work which appears when rightclicking the "desktop"23:43
elijahJames147: Thanks for clarifying, I can live with that trick!23:43
James147elijah:  :)23:43
BajKI already submitted a bugreport23:44
BajK5 new bug reports concerning plasma-netbook..^^23:44
James147BajK: heh23:44
BajKand that (Un)lock widgets or panels result in the same, the widgets get unlock, and they both are doing the same and working the same23:45
BajKBut that page thing is still weird23:45
James147BajK: can you pm me the links? :)23:45
James147BajK: also you might want to consider joining #plasma23:46
* James147 is begning to see the benifit of teh new window tiling in 4.5... shame it still dosnt work for dualscreens in a suable way :(23:48
BajKany recommondations for a tablet than can run kde plasma netbook? :P23:51
BajKhow do i disable window dragging in an empty area of a window?23:55
James147BajK: system settings > workspace appearance > Window decoration > configure window decoration... somewher e in there if i remember correctly23:56
* James147 really needs to find something better to do then memorise all the settings locations :)23:56
BajKhm  i dont find it, there is in window behavior at tab "moving" but theres nothing about that, just "display content while dragging" etc23:58
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