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prpplagueogra_cmpc: hey bud02:28
prpplagueanyone if there is a laptop/netbook compatibility page somewhere?02:29
wocaoerror: implicit declaration of function '__cpu_to_be16'09:57
ograprpplague, like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks ?10:37
wocaoerror: implicit declaration of function '__cpu_to_be16'10:52
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dcordesogra: It will be nice to add such a compatibility page for ARM boards14:15
dcordesrsalveti: Why not installing maverick on your zaurus ? :)14:17
dcordesOh sorry rsalveti that was supposed to go to rsavoye who's offline14:17
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armin76hi Martyn15:11
Martynmorning armin15:36
* Martyn is happy .. we got the kernel up and running in RTL simulation for our new processor last week.15:37
armin76Martyn: which proc? :D15:37
Martynarmin76 : The smooth-stone processor .. for servers15:38
Martyncan't say much more than that... but having the kernel running on the real hardware, in full RTL simulation (even if it's running 1 million times slower than the actual chip would) .. is gratifying15:39
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cburnerwould Lucid (based on ARMv7) be backwards compatible with pogoplug (ARMv5)15:53
armin76cburner: no15:54
cburnerarmin76: thanks for the quick reply15:55
armin76cburner: it only works the other way around15:55
cburnerarmin76: thanks15:57
Martynarmin76 : Did you see the announcement of v7A?16:09
Martynwith the memory width extension?16:09
Martyn(40 bit)16:09
Martynand added virtualization hooks!16:09
kblinif cburner was still around I'd have pointed him at pluglinux, which isn't too bad either16:38
prpplagueogra / ogra_cmpc thanks for the url, i've been a life long redhat/fedora users so i'm still getting used to where info can be found for ubuntu16:40
prpplagueogra / ogra_cmpc ended up purchasing one of these - http://www.compusa.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=6361951&CatId=494917:54
rsavoye1it'll suck batteries...17:58
armin76yuck, acer17:59
prpplaguersavoye1: yea i needed something with a little more horse power than the atom based ones17:59
rsavoye1I have the same basic machine, cause I also needed a portable workstation18:02
rsavoye1I get 1.5hrs max18:02
rsavoye1kindof a pain on airplanes18:02
rsavoye1now the TSA limits how many spare batteries yo can carry on too18:02
armin76prpplague: the touchbook!18:02
rsavoye1or the smartbook18:03
rsavoye1roughly same config I think18:03
prpplaguehmm, ubuntu hangs when it gets to the login for x18:03
rsavoye1sometimes you want an entry in /etc/hosts with a default IP18:05
prpplaguehmm, locks up the whole system18:07
* prpplague can't seem to get grub to give me a prompt18:07
rsavoye1sounds like a driver problem18:07
* prpplague grubmles18:17
prpplaguei can't seem to get grub to give me a prompt18:17
* armin76 points prpplague to #ubuntu :D18:34
prpplaguearmin76: yea, i'll head over there, just talking out loud18:35
hrw|goneprpplague: go for intel culv laptops. up to 10h on battery18:59
* robclark thinks prpplague should have transplanted a panda brain into touchbook body :-19:00
armin76Hostname: tegra-ubuntu - OS: Linux - Distro: Ubuntu 9.04 - CPU: ARMv7 rev 0 (v7l) - Processes: 93 - Uptime: 13m - Users: 3 - Load Average: 2.46 - Memory Usage: 45.59MB/882.04MB (5.17%) - Disk Usage: 0.00GB/0.86GB (0.00%)19:08
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* hrw|gone wants armv7 with 1GB or real ram...19:19
armin76hrw|gone: get a panda :P19:20
hrw|gonearmin76: push TI to make release19:20
* armin76 pushes prpplague 19:21
armin76is that enough?19:21
hrw|goneprpplague falls down19:21
hrw|gonearmin76: I hope to get fedex courier visit in ~week after release.19:22
hrw|gonebut before it is all just set of protos...19:22
armin76i'm getting one too? :D19:22
hrw|goneno idea19:23
armin76i'm getting yours?19:23
hrw|goneok, see you tomorrow19:25
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