mostafaany budy here00:21
mostafaany one00:24
* phillw is lurking, 00:28
ubot2Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic00:28
phillwmostafa: you just need to ask a question, we do not bite :-)00:29
mostafai have ubuntu 10.400:30
mostafaand it begane to run very slowly00:30
mostafaand i don't know why?00:30
phillwmostafa: can you use one line to ask a question. One of the common things that can happen with ubuntu is after a kernel update, that should however only occur on the first re-boot.00:31
mostafai'm not professional00:31
mostafaevery ten mints every thing stops for a mint then comes back to normal status00:32
phillwmostafa: http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=91 has general details and a more in depth chat about it.00:32
nUboon2Agestlsaint: sorry for the delay.  So have you done a reinstall using a separate /boot directory?  How do you do it?00:33
phillwwhat is your sepecification of computer? (RAM being the important one). It could be a simple case of processing updates.00:33
nUboon2Agestlsaint: yes we talked about multiboot virtualbox test.00:42
stlsaintnUboon2Age: http://liveusb.info/dotclear/01:07
stlsaintnUboon2Age: with that instaled on my system i am able to drag and drop iso images for testing without setting up a whole vbox vm for it01:07
nUboon2Agestlsaint: yeah isn't it awesome! multiboot rocks.01:20
nUboon2Agestlsaint: i'm curious if you'd actually done a reinstall using a separate /boot directory and how you do it?01:21
VerminatorI have bee using freenode for a while, but only now registered, when I log on, it tells me the nick is already registered and to use "identify <password>".  why is this happening and how do i fix it?  I'm using Empathy as mu client.01:32
VerminatorBTW, when I use "identify <password>", all is well, so I'm pretty sure its a configuration issue01:33
zeroseven0183Hi Verminator, if there's a similar way in Empathy to save your password of your IRC account like in Pidgin, you can set it there.01:34
HoboSteauxhey, I have a removable hd with 3 brand new ext3 partitions and all of them are read only. does anyone know how to fix this?01:35
Verminatorzeroseven0183, yes, I found that option and typed in my pass and am still getting the msg01:35
stlsaintnUboon2Age: i erased entire harddrive and did a manual install of ubuntu making my three seperate partitions01:38
zeroseven0183Verminator: it might be that the password enter in Empathy is not the same with the one you use to identify <password>01:40
Verminatorzeroseven0183, true, trying to figure it out now01:41
HoboSteauxhey i have a removable hd with various partitions, MBR. however my router sees all of those an GUID partitions as well03:29
HoboSteauxgparted and disk utility do not see the extra partitions03:29
HoboSteauxbuy my router does03:29
HoboSteauxhow can i fix this?03:30
nUboon2Agedoes anyone here have experience with making a separate /boot partition and then doing a reinstall using it as stlsaint was discussing earlier?03:31
nUboon2AgeHoboSteaux: when i read you're note and then looked on wikipedia about guid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table03:35
nUboon2AgeHoboSteaux: it made me wonder how big your hd is?03:35
HoboSteauxi flattened the whole thing again nUboon2Age and the router sees nothing on it so well see what happens03:37
nUboon2AgeHoboSteaux: i'm wondering if there are some inherent limits of size or ??? that you're running into.03:37
HoboSteauxi think there was an old guid partition table that did not get fully erased under the mbr03:38
nUboon2AgeHoboSteaux: if gparted is capable it might be best to do the whole partitioning operation with it i'm thinking.  that way theoretically there shouldn't be partitions it can't see.03:39
HoboSteauxnUboon2Age: Im flattening it again just for saftey and doin exactly that :D03:40
nUboon2AgeHoboSteaux: makes sense to me.03:40
zkriesse_yo nUboon2Age03:44
nUboon2Agehey zkriesse03:44
zkriesse_how goes it my man03:44
nUboon2Agewell some good, some not so good.  we got the wifix v0.3 release out -- good.03:45
zkriesse_nUboon2Age: noticed you drifted from wiki to bugs/dev03:46
zkriesse_very cool03:46
nUboon2Agezkriesse_ i did an update (i think a week ago yesterday) that made my installation not able to boot to gnome. :(  and i've been trying to solve it since.03:46
zkriesse_nUboon2Age: Ouch03:47
zkriesse_not fun03:47
nUboon2Agezkriesse_ first i was thinking of how to rescue it.  then i did a second installation (which is where i'm typing from right now)  then i thought rather than that03:48
nUboon2Agezkriesse_ i'd do a reinstall, but make separate /home directory.  then i heard that a separate /boot might be a good idea too.  so i'm trying to find out about why that might be a good idea and see if anyone has tried it.03:49
zkriesse_nUboon2Age: ah03:49
zkriesse_nUboon2Age: well if ya wanna chat -team03:49
phillwnUboon2Age: making a sperate /home and a re-install is probably easier.03:50
nUboon2Agezkriesse_ i'd like to find out if anyone has actually used a separate /boot (as well as /home) and done a reinstall phillw03:50
phillwnUboon2Age: seperate /boot, /opt, /var etc. are only normally used for servers - they are not needed for desktop systems03:51
nUboon2Agei mean if anyone has actually had to use the reinstall to recover after something like what happened to me phillw, zkriesse_03:52
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phillwjust have a sperate /home. if you cannot boot then there are two solutions that do not even need a re-install that I would suggest 1st.03:53
phillwin fact, you can make that 3 ways around it :-)03:54
phillw1) re-install the kernel, 2) re-install GRUB, 3) install something like kubutnu / xubuntu  and remove gnome, then you can re-install gnome.03:56
nUboon2Agephillw: are you saying that based on already having a separate /home or even without it?03:58
phillwyou do not need a seperate /home to do any of those04:00
nUboon2Ageso far w/o a separate /home i tried  reinstalling the kernel, and reconfigured GRUB 2, and then did a second installation of Ubuntu, and tried reinstalling ubuntu-desktop.  without luck.04:02
phillw1) is covered at http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35  2) is covered at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%20204:02
nUboon2Agehaving the second Ubuntu install at least allowed me to semi-operate in the meantime though w/o some important functions04:03
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phillwif you need 3), it is not too difficult. it is covered in the psychocats area.04:04
nUboon2Agefor sure i'm saving those links. :)04:04
phillwnUboon2Age: to go via 3) http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce followed by http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome04:06
phillwig your gnome still does not work, then there is something in your /home area causing it to fail. for that you'd need a gnome person to assist.04:07
nUboon2Agefor a while now since i learned about Tomboy i use it and sync all these notes up using Ubuntu One so i don't lose them.  really great help.04:07
* phillw does not know what config files gnome stores in ~home04:07
phillwI'd really recommend you get a seperate /home which is covered at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving04:11
nUboon2Agephillw: yes i've been wanting that since i learned about it.04:12
* phillw used the psychocats version perfectly well, but aysiu now suggests people follow the community guide. the pyschocats one is at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:14
nUboon2Agecould you repeat that last line please phillw?04:17
nUboon2Agei'm using a different chat client than normal and i think i mistakenly just cleared the history/screen.04:19
phillwused the psychocats version perfectly well, but aysiu now suggests people follow the community guide. the pyschocats one is at http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:19
nUboon2Agethank you phillw. ;)04:23
phillwnUboon2Age: you are more than welcome.04:27
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bdogghow do you enable accelerated composting on chrome in ubuntu?07:16
zeroseven0183Hi bdogg07:30
zeroseven0183accelerated compositing for Chrome will be implemented on Chrome 707:30
zeroseven0183but I think you can add --enable-accelerated-compositing from the shortcut of Google Chrome07:32
dmdmdmhi, I've got a couple of questions (i've not used ubuntu before and have very, very limited experience with redhat many years ago) relating to 3 different requests for advice. 1. I have a toshiba tecra m7 tabletpc, does ubuntu support tablet input, or does it require lots of tinkering? ; 2. I have an asus t91 (multitouch) eepc, similar questions as found in 1 above ; 3. I have a08:05
dmdmdmcrashed HD on dell xps m1530, was planning on installing a new, larger HD (640GB) and thinking about dual boot with vista and wanted thoughts on partition size and whether I should have a windows os partition, a data partition and the linux partitions (my experience with redhat involved a "data drive") or other partitioning scheme.  Thanks for your feedback.08:05
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dmdmdmshould my questions be directed to a different channel?08:31
seidosdmdmdm, you can check to see if your the toshiba table pc has been used by anybody, and rated it at http://www.ubuntuhcl.org08:33
seidossame with the eeepc.  i've never tried installing ubuntu on an eeepc, but i know people are doing it08:34
dmdmdmthanks seidos, i looked on a webforum re:eeepc and it seems that install requires some know-how and still isn't perfect, I will check re:toshiba08:37
seidosdmdmdm, as far as partition sizes...i found this website:  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/partitioning.  but i haven't dual booted in ages, so i'm afraid i can't make a solid recommendation.  there may be users in here that do, so if you're patient, you could get a response from them perhaps.08:38
hobgoblindmdmdm: re partitioning - depends what you want to do and hwo much space you have to start with08:40
hobgoblinand how the partitions are set up at present ...08:40
dmdmdmright now 640GB on fresh drive - still slave to MS so must have - mostly want ubuntu to test out/learn and be able to complement if MS fails - was thinking 60GB vista, 60GB ubuntu and remainder as a data drive accessible from either08:44
dmdmdm@seidos - toshiba tecra m7 not listed with ubuntu08:45
seidosdmdmdm, then it's a risky endeavor.08:46
dmdmdmit would be either way with me installing08:47
hobgoblin60Gb for ubuntu would be more than sufficient08:49
seidoswell, you would be the pioneer on that hardware, apparently.  so, depends on how brave you are.08:49
dmdmdmahem, this is the "beginners" channel...it just seems to me that this older computer could be fairly snappy running linux, i would just hate to lose the tablet functionality (even though it sits unused)08:54
hobgoblindmdmdm: yep - this is the beginners channel - your point is?08:59
dmdmdmthanks hobgoblin, i was looking at the psychocats site seidos offered, it suggests windows as ntfs, /home partition as shared data as ext3, ubuntu sys as ext3 and swap - any implications as having /home partition as ext3 vs ntfs shared data since will be on windows most of the time?09:00
hobgoblinyou can download the iso and burn and then boot with it - check the toshiba - that's what the livecd is for - if it works install it - if it doesn't check the specific bit's that don't09:00
dmdmdmhobgoblin, my point before re:beginners channel referenced seidos' bravery comment09:01
hobgoblinpersonally I have /home within / and don't bother with the seperate home - all my data lives on other partitions09:01
hobgoblindmdmdm: aah see my previous then about trying it :)09:02
dmdmdmhmmm, that is a good plan hobgoblin, does the livecd carry wacom(?) capabilities then?09:02
dmdmdmhobgoblin, which other partitions, may I ask?09:03
hobgoblinI have to other data partitions, one for stuff and one for media ;)09:05
hobgoblinthe livecd might - I've never needed to know tbh - but you can install some things while using the livecd09:05
dmdmdmahh, i wasn't aware of that, i'm liking  the livecd testbed09:09
somethingintereshi, how can I set up Lucid so that in the Messaging Menu: Broadcast, Chat and Mail are all active on boot, like they have arrow next to them? Also how do I make sure that when closing evolution it stays active in the messaging menu? Thanks09:09
dmdmdmhobgoblin and seidos, thank you for your guidance, I will give the livecd a try on the toshiba tablet, skip eepc t91 for now and leave space for ubuntu on the fresh drive09:13
seidosdmdmdm, cool09:14
hobgoblingood luck then09:16
hobgoblinsomethinginteres: you're not being ignored - look like no-one is about to answer you - I would if I could but I remove all the 'me' stuff09:23
jemarkwhat's the question?09:25
somethingintereshobgoblin: that's alright, I figure if people know they'll pitch in :) jemark: my question is "how can I set up Lucid so that in the Messaging Menu: Broadcast, Chat and Mail are all active on boot, like they have arrow next to them? Also how do I make sure that when closing evolution it stays active in the messaging menu? Thanks"09:27
hobgoblinsomethinginteres: just making sure you knew so you didn't wander of muttering to yourself :)09:28
somethingintereshobgoblin: haha duly noted. :)09:29
somethinginteresperhaps all ask another while I wait. I currently have my box setup so /home is on a different partition. When I want to install Ubuntu 10.10 once it comes out (from a fresh install) will the install by default just leave my /home intact and just install the OS?09:31
jemarksomethinginteres, it's possible to startup those applications at boot. you can go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications. Then add the application that you want to start at boot up. As for as I know it's not possible to leave the Evolution program open when closing. There is a third party application called "close to tray" (you can google it) that will close appliations to tray but that option is not available in Evolution itself.09:31
jemarksomethinginteres, yes, you can leave the /home intact when you install 10.1009:32
somethinginteresjemark: will look into it. Thanks09:32
somethinginteresjemark: awesome.09:33
jemarksomethinginteres, I have skype for example start up at boot.09:33
jemarksomethinginteres, which chat program do you use?09:33
somethinginteresI think it's 'Empathy' I want to use it for Facebook chat and Google talk it's all setup golden but I just want it to be active in the msg menu on boot09:34
jemarksomethinginteres, ok, then you add empathy in the startup application, the same you do with evolution. I use pidgin for chat.09:35
somethinginteresjemark: right, no worries. Thanks for that09:36
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bdogghey, does anyone know how to use tags in chrome dev, to enable extra features?18:03
bdogglike in how you do in windows18:03
tdnSound is not working. It usually do. How to debug and fix this? I use Kubuntu Lucid.20:04
tdnFixed it: alsamixer: for some reason PCM was set to 0.20:06
smeag0lhttp://www.siliconvalley.com/ci_15990184 Fake chips threaten military21:09
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arespredatorwhat a quiet support channel:)21:24
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kosaidpohello guys23:38
kosaidpodoes anyone kno how to add a note on a facebook page ?? tnx23:38
aveilleuxkosaidpo: I'm sorry? I guess I don't understand the relevance of the question. What browser are you using?23:39
kosaidpoyou kno on facebook23:40
kosaidpowhen i try to publish this long status they say icant23:40
kosaidposo ineed to post it as note23:41
kosaidpoyou got me23:41
kosaidpobut dinot kno from where i can post one23:41
aveilleuxkosaidpo: I have that problem on Opera as well. I don't think the Facebook designers test on these browsers, so if there's a compatibility problem then they break.23:43
kosaidpouhm i gues you didnt get me23:43
aveilleuxkosaidpo: If you really need Notes, then all I've been able to do is install another browser.23:43
kosaidpoit has nethin to do with browser i guess23:43
kosaidpoto add note ??23:44
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Wait, what?23:44
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Oh, I understand what you're saying. By "note" you meant "comment".23:44
kosaidpobut its note23:44
kosaidpothat long text u post on ur fb23:45
kosaidpoas an entry23:45
kosaidpoyou kno abt sumthin you like or u lived23:45
kosaidposumthin like this23:45
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Wh- th-.... You mean your profile?23:45
kosaidpoaveilleux: you got me now :D23:46
aveilleuxkosaidpo: I'm not sure... I'm not having that issue with Chromium. Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?23:46
kosaidpofor ex23:48
kosaidpoyou wanna add a note23:48
kosaidpoon ur profile23:48
kosaidpowhee do u go23:48
kosaidpoi cant see any link to sdo so23:48
kosaidpoyou got me now23:48
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Uhm... View your Profile, then look at the top. There should be a tab labeled "notes". If there isn't, then you can click the plus sign ( + ) to the right and add Notes to your profile.23:48
kosaidpoand how abt if i have a page23:48
kosaidpoof sumthin23:48
kosaidpolike product23:48
aveilleuxkosaidpo: If you 'Like' a Page, it's added to your Profile under Info23:49
kosaidpono i made a page23:49
kosaidpoand iwanna add anote to it23:49
kosaidpohow can i do it23:51
aveilleuxkosaidpo: Again, on the Page: Click the + on the right of the other tabs (next to Discussion) and click Notes.23:51
kosaidpoyeh i tyoed it but nethin showed up23:52
kosaidpoi guess i shud add it as pplaication but idk how23:52
kosaidpoi see23:53
kosaidpoits as an article23:53
kosaidpoi guess23:53
kosaidpo: D23:53
aveilleuxkosaidpo: I'm not familiar with the intricacies of Facebook, sorry.23:53

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