vishdoctormo: whats wrong with your site.. i cant seem to access it :(08:18
czajkowskiduanedesign: I did in the end10:13
czajkowskibut still havn't been able to get it to show all my old mail10:13
czajkowskiwhich does exist10:13
doctormohey czajkowski, not much going on today19:29
vishis anyone able to access doctormo's site?19:40
vishor is doctormo just blocking me! ;p19:40
doctormovish: Sorry about that, I can check with my ISP19:40
vishdoctormo: thanks.. :)19:41
doctormovish: Do you get a response from trying to contact doctormo.org?19:41
vishdoctormo: FF just lets me "The server at doctormo.org is taking too long to respond."19:42
vishthe usual connection timed out..19:42
* vish tries chrome19:43
vishnope that doesnt help either19:44
doctormovish: Can you use the command line? try and do a whois on doctormo.org and then try a wget.19:44
vish whois http://paste.ubuntu.com/488859/19:46
vishdoctormo: wget http://paste.ubuntu.com/488862/19:47
vishit keeps on retrying..19:47
doctormovish: OK so it's not a dns problem and it's going to the right place.19:48
vishdoctormo: yeah , i just noticed this happening since your last post about the wallpaper.. not sure when the last time i accessed your blog directly , might be a month ago.19:50
paultagIt's alive here.19:50
paultagMust be some kind of ISP issue19:50
doctormovish: Can you access left-click.org?19:50
vishdoctormo: nope , same retry loop19:51
paultagvish: `traceroute doctormo.org'19:52
vishpaultag: hmm , i tried using the nettools , its not able to trace past my local router19:55
* vish was lazy to install traceroute package ;p19:55
vish got a huge list of no reply19:56
vishsame, no go..19:59
paultagvish: well then it's not DNS. It's either ISP or doctormo's host's rules20:00
vishpaultag: traceroute for ya : http://paste.ubuntu.com/488871/20:00
paultagWell that's rough20:00
paultagThat looks like the ISP20:02
paultagNot sure, though20:02
paultagI'm no networking guru20:03
pleia2does traceroute to other places work? that's not even getting *to* your isp's gateway, which doesn't make sense20:10
pleia2anyway, sometimes routing on the internet breaks and you can't get certain places, it wasn't designed to be what it is ;)20:11
paultag+1 pleia220:15
paultagpleia2: We need to destroy the web asap20:15
paultag<-- Not kidding20:15
paultagThe stateless seven layer model is not working well20:16
pleia2honestly the more I learn about routing and "how the internet works" the more amazed I am that it works at all :)20:16
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doctormoMan I'm agitated that Collin Pruitt posted Chapter 07 of Ubunchu (in japanese) to the planet before we've even had chance to translate it. Most uncool.22:22
doctormonigelb: Apparently there is a block list coming from this site http://www.wizcrafts.net/chinese-iptables-blocklist.html can you check if this blocklist is involved?22:57

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