MaWaLehi folks11:30
MaWaLei'm a newbie irc11:30
MaWaLeand i'm an op of a chan11:31
MaWaLehow can i acquire op mode on my chan?11:31
MaWaLei mean the command11:31
MamarokMaWaLe: try this command: /msg/ChanServ op #channelname MaWaLe11:41
Mamarokthen use deop once you are done11:41
MaWaLei've got it :)11:41
MaWaLethx anyway11:41
MamarokMaWaLe: also I strongly suggest you read the IRC HowTos on Freenode11:41
MaWaLethere isn't a complete doc for using IRC and specially for ops11:42
jussiMaWaLe: I do suggest you read this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorGuidelines11:43
MaWaLethx jussi11:44
MaWaLei'm on it11:44
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