lamontScottK: adare dies randomly.  lucid hates ppc.  karmic hates ppc, just differently.00:44
lamontI'm thinking I'll upgrade ross to lucid, too00:44
lamontjust not this weekend00:45
lamontso... file-roller_2.31.91-0ubuntu100:49
lamontand welcome back, adare00:49
lamontpretty sure gutenprint would build faster (esp on armel) if it weren't doing -j16 regardless of CPU count00:50
ScottKMight make sense to have a cap for armel.01:32
lamontamd64 didn't like it either01:45
lamontthe machines whine at me when they do things like that01:45
* ScottK wonders if policy has anything to say about not using ridiculous values of -j.01:49
ScottK(not enough to actually look it up though)01:49
ScottKlamont: I got bored/impatient and mashed retry on a large stack of packages.  I think I got them all so don't be suprised if your script doesn't pick up much when you run it.06:00
Laneycjwatson: Would you be able to run some syncs out-of-band for me, please? We've a few new source/binary packages to get into Maverick for Banshee by default on UNE and it's really rather pressing now18:10
LaneyScottK: alternatively, do you have some free cycles to NEW some stuff if we upload them manually?18:13
ScottKLaney: If it's a no change sync from Debian, yes.19:00
LaneyScottK: they are, thanks19:01
LaneyI'll ping you when they are in the queue19:01
LaneyScottK: gtk-sharp-beans gio-sharp gudev-sharp-1.0 in NEW19:37
ScottKOK.  I'll try to have a look in a bit.19:38
cjwatsonsorry, was too late20:21
Laneyno worries20:21
Laneyfeeling the time pressure on this one. :)20:22
cjwatsonactually, I see at least gtk-sharp-beans and gudev-sharp-1.0 are still in NEW20:22
cjwatsonmind if I reject those and sync them?  that way I can process them without having to think20:22
Laneygio is only binary NEW20:22
Laneyyes, please do20:23
Laney. o O ( these all belong in the cli-mono packageset too )20:23
cjwatsonLaney: from unstable?20:23
cjwatsonoh, and remind me of your LP id20:23
LaneyI think they all were20:23
Laneygtk-sharp-beans might have been exp20:24
cjwatsonnot even seeing it in experimental20:24
Laneyprobably awaits dinstall20:25
Laneyit was NEWed this afternoon20:26
cjwatsondone gudev-sharp-1.020:26
cjwatsonand done gtk-sharp-beans20:29
Laneythanks so much20:30
LaneyI think those are the only source NEW, there's gio-sharp in binary NEW and libgpod to come also to binary NEW soon (but that's main so I can't upload it)20:31
Laneycjwatson: I'll mail you regarding the packageset changes, there's no urgency on those20:33
slangasekogra: there don't appear to be package list files accompanying the preinstalled images; could you fix that?20:44
slangasekogra: (would make it easier to triage bug #630825, since I don't know offhand which uboot is on the omap image)20:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 630825 in ubuntu-cdimage "Preinstalled Maverick netbook image won't boot on Gumstix Overo (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63082520:44
slangaseklooks like it's probably u-boot-omap3, though :)20:45
cjwatsonwould simplify some of the cdimage scripts if there were a list file, too :)20:45
cjwatsonI didn't have time to whine about that on Thursday when I was Just Making It Work Damnit20:47
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* ScottK2 fell asleep on the couch instead of doing Laney's New.21:45
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LaneyScottK: I think you picked the right option21:45
Laneythere's still some binary new available if you want it21:45
ScottKPerhaps in a bit.  Need to go pick up one of the kids.21:46
stgrabercjwatson: Hello, did you get that e-mail I sent you on Wednesday about the edubuntu gfxboot splash being 24bit instead of 8bit (and so, not showing up at all) ? (just checking, no rush ;))21:48
cjwatsonoh, yeah, I did, remind me tomorrow21:59
stgraberok, thanks22:06

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