RazicanIs there a solution?00:25
RazicanHello, I have a problem with Wake On Lan in Ubuntu Server 10.04. When I shutdown the computer, it doesn't keep the interfaces on. In ethtool it says wake-on: g00:25
qman__Razican, I don't know about the ubuntu side of it, but you have to enable said feature in the BIOS first00:26
qman__if the BIOS does not support wake on LAN, you will not be able to shut down, only sleep to RAM00:27
qman__though pretty much anything 2002 or newer should support it00:28
RazicanI have in BIOS ACPI shutdown: S3 | S5: enabled | Wake on LAN: enabled00:29
LowValueTargetis this proper cron syntax ( the minutes designation ).... i know it can be done easier, just trying to solve an argument00:58
LowValueTarget0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * *    ( cd /usr/wp ; ./admin wpcron ) 2>&1 > /dev/null00:58
JasonMSP1as a sudoer how do I ssh-keygen and output that for a different user?00:59
LowValueTargetJasonMSP1: you'll want to `su - username` then run it01:00
JasonMSP1ah!  thx!01:00
LowValueTargetthen you can type exit to un-su01:00
JasonMSP1wait what if the user doesn't have sudo?01:00
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LowValueTargetyou are user1.... you are in the sudoers file..... you want to generate user2's ssh-keys01:02
LowValueTargetsu - && su - user2 && ssh-keygen && exit && exit01:03
JasonMSP1ok thanks!01:03
LowValueTargetThat will sudo you to root01:03
LowValueTargetthen you sudo to the other user01:03
LowValueTargetcreate their keys as if you were them01:03
LowValueTargetyou could use sudo too01:03
LowValueTargeti just always work as root01:03
JanCyou could just sudo to the other user, of course...01:05
JanC(and su doesn't work by default)01:06
LowValueTargetJanC: knows more than me ;)01:07
JasonMSP1how bout sudo -i?01:07
LowValueTarget0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * *    ( cd /usr/wp ; ./admin wpcron ) 2>&1 > /dev/null01:08
LowValueTargetIs that minute designation correct?01:08
LowValueTargeti know you can specify */501:08
LowValueTargetbut otherwise, is that correct?01:08
JasonMSP1su - user2 says, "this account is currently not available"  Is it because shell is set /usr/sbin/nologin???01:09
JanCJasonMSP1: sudo -i runs the default shell for that user, so if there isn't a real shell available...  ;)01:10
JasonMSP1sudo -i works to get me to root.  su - user2 is coming up account not available.01:11
JanCJasonMSP1: try "sudo -i -u <user> -s /bin/bash" or "sudo -i -u <user> ssh-keygen" or some such (or just create a key and copy it over and set the ownership & permissions correctly)01:16
* JanC goes to sleep (have to promote Ubuntu tomorrow at a computer fair ;) )01:18
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RudyValenciaOK, I accidentally entered the wrong partition specifier to format when doing mke2fs, I canceled it during the first part of the process (creating tables). Is there a chance I can still recover data from the partition?01:43
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JasonMSP1im setting up sftp.  I have a group for ssh logins and that is the only group listed in AllowGroups in sshd_config.  For SFTP access does my FTP user group need to be added to that?  I do not want these users to have shell access.  What do I do?02:04
maddhat1Hi all, i have 3 hard drives (shared through SMB) but id like to create just one share and have the files show up in one master list. is there a way to do this?  i was thinking symlinks but wasnt sure how to get it to update when files are added/deleted from one of the drives02:50
qman__maddhat, symlinks are by their very definition dynamic03:03
qman__and therefore always up to date03:04
qman__you will, however, need to enable wide links in samba on that share03:04
qman__which, if the share is writable, is a security risk03:04
qman__if that's a problem, you can mount them within a shared directory instead03:06
maddhatqman__: thanks for the additional info.!03:28
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wildemWhere does this command download the files to? scp -r user@host:/home/user/directory /04:49
wildemNote the space before the slash04:49
ChmEarlnowhere  since you don't use sudo05:07
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intel352anyone know of a good hosted service for load testing a server?06:27
intel352distributed hosted service ideally, so multiple different points hitting the server06:27
joschiintel352: amazon ec2 with VMs in different country zones are be practical for that purpose06:30
intel352joschi, i'm looking for something hosted that will provide stats, graphs, etc, and allow to compare servers06:31
intel352not manual :-)06:31
jjk9looks quite here but I'l ask anyway: for samba 3.4.7 on 10.04 LTS server, to do AD authentication using LDAP do I need LDAPSAM to get ACLs working from windows or is it enough to use another passwd db and install LDAP locally to store the daya from the central LDAP?07:16
oracleanyone here?07:18
jjk9oracle:  I think Iit's just u and me07:24
oracleslow channel07:24
jjk9oracle: do u know: for samba 3.4.7 on 10.04 LTS server, to do AD authentication using LDAP do I need LDAPSAM to get ACLs working from windows or is it enough to use another passwd db and install LDAP locally to store the daya from the central LDAP?07:24
oraclenever messed with that07:26
oracle##linux guys may know07:27
jjk9oracle:  ahhh maybe I try there, but it is realy ubuntu specific as it seems ubuntu samba does not have ldapsam compiled in07:27
masshuuI am missing the postgres script in /etc/init.d/   Is there a way to restore this?07:30
jjk9masshuu:  I think I may have a copy on one of my servers if u want07:31
masshuuwhy not07:32
jjk9masshuu:  wait one while I go copy and pastbin...07:33
masshuuyay! i love copypasta07:33
jjk9masshuu:  arrgh mind muddle: dont have postgres sorry... :(07:34
WinstonSmithmasshuu, look here : http://pastebin.com/3bRGqY2d07:36
loganlhphello, does anyone know how to find my machine's INTERNET IP address under ubuntu server? the kind of result you would get going to www.whatismyip.com,08:36
joschiloganlhp: wget -qO - http://icanhazip.com/08:38
joschiloganlhp: or just visit www.whatsmyip.com with wget/curl/...08:38
loganlhphmm...its showing the same exact address my macbook is showing doing it on that..is that normal?08:39
joschiloganlhp: or `dig +short @ myip.opendns.com`08:39
joschiloganlhp: if you have the same public ip address, sure08:40
joschiloganlhp: ie. use the same dialup account through a router08:40
loganlhpok, so if i wanted to use that address for dyndns.com it would work?08:41
joschiloganlhp: depends on what you want to achieve.08:41
joschiloganlhp: that's your public ip address, so if you wanted to know that, it'll work08:41
loganlhpweb serving..from home without having to go through static ip08:41
joschibut you could simply use a dyndns client which will automatically update your settings08:42
joschino need to do that manually08:42
loganlhpim still required to signup through dyndns though, correct?08:43
loganlhpok i got my dyndns account and ddclient running, however when i access my dyndns url in a browser, it gets the default index.html page from my mac and not my ubuntu server..how do i get it to point only to the server and not any other device on using the same public ip address on my network?08:56
yaboo_trying to rebuild my raid array getting the message no superblock, how do I overcome this???08:58
joschiloganlhp: configure port forwarding on your router09:07
joschiloganlhp: but that's not ubuntu related at all ;)09:07
loganlhpport 80?09:08
loganlhpis someone willing to test me web server setup for me really quick and just tell me if they see the index.html i put on there?10:09
loganlhptest my*10:09
alex_joniwithout a link surely no-one will try10:15
loganlhptell me what the first line says10:16
yabooany raid guru10:17
yaboorebooted my machine and got inactive md0 now10:17
yabooget superblock errors10:18
yabooany reason why10:18
alex_joniloganlhp: Uhhh hey baby huhuh10:25
loganlhphaha good it works10:25
scar__my server rebooted a few hours ago, I did not tell it to do so, when I checked "last -d reboot" it shows "reboot   system boot          Sun Sep  5..." how do I find out what caused it to reboot?10:57
PupenoI can run the program bundler as pupeno, and as root, but when I do sudo bundler I get command not found. Any ideas why?11:16
joschiPupeno: wrong $PATH when running `sudo`. try using the complete path to `bundler`11:26
Pupenojoschi: I cannot modify the command line.11:26
joschiPupeno: the modify $PATH for the user you try to run bundler with (probably root?)11:27
Pupenojoschi: well, as I said, the path was correct for both my user and root, I can run bundler as both, just not using sudo. This works: sudo -i  and then bundler11:28
joschiPupeno: does the message say `bundler` not found or does bundler call an executable which can't be found.11:29
PupenoIt says:  bundler: command not found11:31
joschiPupeno: what's the output of `which bundler` and `sudo which bundler`11:32
Pupenojoschi: at the moment I'm reinstalling it... just a second.11:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #630747 in backuppc (main) "package backuppc 3.1.0-9ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63074711:41
RoyKscar__: check the logs11:46
RoyKscar__: /var/log/messages is a good start11:46
scar__will do thanks11:48
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scar__looks like someone has been trying to hack me through ebox11:53
scar__not entirely sure, could also be ebox itself going crazy. I'll firewall it for now and see how it goes11:55
RoyKscar__: can you pastebin some of the logs?12:10
RoyKif someone has tried to get in there - run chkrootkit on it to see if that finds anything - download it from http://www.chkrootkit.org/ directly instead of using apt-get in case that's been tampered with12:11
scar__ran krhunter right after reboot12:14
scar__it didn't find anything :)12:14
RoyKtry chkrootkit, fresh install12:16
RoyKrkhunter may have been tampered with....12:16
* RoyK is just paranoid, but paranoia can help sometimes12:17
scar__yeah rather safe...12:17
scar__at lest the box is here it home, though it's only been running for a few days publicly and it's already being tested12:18
RoyKthis lists a few tools :) http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-check-linux-rootkist-with-detectors-software/12:18
scar__sshd[833]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=184-106-198-140.static.cloud-ips.com  user=root12:19
scar__got a few of those lines, seems it's time to disable text logins12:19
RoyKjust install fail2ban or denyhosts12:20
RoyKboth scans logs to stop intruders12:21
RoyKfail2ban can use iptables or hosts.deny and can be configured to scan for intrusion on other services than ssh, whereas AFAIK denyhosts only (currently) work for ssh, but then, it can use a distributed list of denied hosts12:22
RoyKdenyhosts uses hosts.deny12:22
RoyKsshd reads that12:23
scar__I'll try the denyhosts think that was the simple one12:24
RoyKthey're both quite simple to setup12:24
RoyKjust remember to enable synchronisation with denyhosts - it's disabled by default12:25
scar__I'll also monitor the connections via the firewall, it should be really easy since there's only 2 people using this box12:27
RoyKstill, that's manual work - fail2ban/denyhosts will work automatically, and ssh attacks rarely succeed in the first few attempts unless you have bogus passwords12:29
scar__awesome thanks RoyK, denyhosts is already doing it's job :) by the way the reason why I'm putting rules in place on the firewall is to check if my server tries to send out spam or tries to attack other hosts12:46
RoyKscar__: nice12:52
RoyKscar__: you might want to change denyhosts' settings - it normally bans IPs for some days, whereas the defaults in fail2ban is an hour or so. A ban for days may be bad if something goes wrong somewhere12:53
scar__I'll maybe set the ban longer, since there's always someone close to the box. If push comes to shove, I've got static ips at work that I can add to hosts.allow.13:00
scar__made sure that allow has higher priority than deny, so it's all good :)13:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #630810 in apache2 (main) "package apache2.2-common 2.2.14-5ubuntu8 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63081013:41
touch-ehi all13:49
touch-ei need help about tomcat and ssl activation13:49
touch-eplease :)13:50
touch-e(i have read the doc and do as the quick step, but i seems not be activate)13:50
touch-eit seems*13:50
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incorrectother than chkrootkit what else can i use to see if my system was compromised?14:04
joschiincorrect: rkhunter for example14:18
joschiincorrect: but if you need them check your system, it's already too late actually.14:19
joschiincorrect: a proper IDS and IPS from the start would have been useful then14:19
incorrectjoschi, i am not too sure how far they got14:20
joschiincorrect: you should check your binaries with `debsums` and a clean package db14:21
incorrectnothing adverse has happened, the account they got into didn't have sudo14:22
incorrectweird chkroot kit thinks my /sbin/init has been compromised14:33
yaboook, how do I fix a raid5 array14:34
incorrectyaboo, mdadm?14:35
yabooincorrect: done this to no avail, getting superblock errors14:35
incorrecti just used sfdisk and dumped my partition table from another disk, then used --force to copy it onto the new disk14:37
incorrectthen added the new partitions back into the array14:37
yabooah ok14:37
incorrectwasn't a big deal14:37
incorrecti guess your partitions are the wrong size or something14:38
yabooincorrect: power failure, rebooted, and array went from md0 to md_d014:38
incorrectcheck your config14:38
yaboogot a inactive sdd1[2](s) in proc/mdstat14:39
incorrectmaybe udev got screwed14:39
incorrectthis is weird /sbin/init still reports and infected even if i copy over one from a system that isn't infected14:40
yabooincorrect: can I just use fdisk instead of sfdisk14:44
incorrectyaboo, depends if you want to spend 10 seconds copying over the partition table14:45
yabooincorrect: ok14:46
yabooincorrect: getting permission denied with sfdisk14:47
yaboosfdisk -d /dev/sdb | /dev/sdd14:48
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incorrecti must admit i did put it to a file first14:50
incorrectwow this guy really tried to get into my system14:53
yaboomdadm -A -f /dev/md0 /devsd[bcd]114:53
yaboomdadm: cannot open device /devsd[bcd]1: No such file or directory14:53
yaboomdadm: /devsd[bcd]1 has no superblock - assembly aborted14:53
yabooincorrect: is there a fix to this14:53
incorrecti've not had this problem14:53
yaboosetup the correct partition in the sdd14:53
incorrecthmm, i wonder why chkrootkit thinks /sbin/init is compromised14:54
incorrectah its a bug in ckrootkit, others have it too14:58
incorrectmaybe i should leave a VM running outside of my internal network14:59
incorrectam i still here?15:05
yaboocan't find a answer to fix my raid array15:22
yabooincorrect: you about15:30
SpaceBasshey folks15:52
SpaceBassrank amateur question - but how do I find out which /dev/ a pic card is assigned to?15:52
SpaceBassI see it when I do an lspci - v15:53
keesSpaceBass: I always look in /sys, but i bet there is a better way16:00
SpaceBasskees, thats where I started too...in /sts16:00
oxiI'm having huge trouble with my neworking setup which I've been trying to solve for hours16:09
oxiI would very much appreciate if anyone could help16:10
oxiat the moment I have inbound traffic working but not outbound16:10
oxithis is my routing setup: http://pastebin.com/faHK6Htq16:11
oxiI can't ping or wget the outside from it16:14
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SpaceBassoxi openvpn?16:22
oxi_SpaceBass: yes16:23
SpaceBassoxi_, can you pastebin your ovpn config?16:23
oxi_SpaceBass: thank you very much!16:23
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SpaceBassdont think me yet - blind leading the blind here :D16:25
SpaceBassoxi, is your local IP?16:25
oxithat's my vps16:26
oxiSpaceBass: here: http://pastebin.com/99ZTMmV216:26
oxithe exact same "proplay.conf" config file is working on osx and windows for outbound traffic (ping google.com/traceroute google.com/wget googl.com/...)16:27
savidAnyone know how to get mod_vhost_alias installed on apache?  I can't find the package, and a2enmod says it's not found.16:27
SpaceBassoxi, looking now...16:28
oxiSpaceBass: I've been trying for hours to figure out what's wrong on my ubuntu server, why I can't achieve it there16:28
SpaceBassoxi, can you pastebin the ovpn logs?16:29
oxiSpaceBass: where do I find those? :-)16:29
oxiSpaceBass: from the client or from the server?16:29
SpaceBassoxi, not entirely sure... I use OpenVPN on BSD :D ...try /var/logs/openvpn16:29
SpaceBassoxi, both would be helpful, but lets start with the client16:30
SpaceBasssavid, apt-cache search <keyword>16:31
SpaceBasssavid, also: sudo apt-file search <filename>16:31
savidSpaceBass, yeah, that's what I did first :-P16:31
SpaceBasssavid, then you are ahead of me :D16:32
savidSpaceBass,  That's what I meant when I said I couldn't find the package16:32
coderhi, is there any 10.04 sparc tftp image out there? I can't find it16:33
oxiSpaceBass: client: http://pastebin.com/bgGvfm3E16:35
oxiSpaceBass: server: http://pastebin.com/DfAKkSiJ16:38
SpaceBassoxi, did you manually adjust the routing table?16:38
coderno tftp image for sparc? really?16:38
oxiSpaceBass: are you using OVPN on FreeBSD?16:38
SpaceBassoxi, yeah, and osx16:39
oxiSpaceBass: yes16:39
SpaceBassoxi, mostly I use it b/t two BSD routers, for a site-to-site vpn16:39
oxivery nice16:39
oxiI'm trying to have an ubuntu box route to a vps16:40
oxiSpaceBass: I can give you ssh access if that helps16:40
SpaceBassoxi, your problem is clearly in the routing table - what happens if you don't adjust it yourself? clean reboot?16:40
oxiSpaceBass: the routing table of my client or my server?16:40
SpaceBassoxi, thanks for the vote of trust :D but I wouldn't go around offering SSH access to internet people ;)16:41
SpaceBassI had a buddy do that in college, long story short, he still has an FBI record b/c of what the guy did once he was in the network16:41
oxiSpaceBass: it's only a sandboxed VM :-)16:41
SpaceBassah :D16:41
SpaceBassoxi, so the server is trying to push the route options to the client (which is standard ovpn) and the client is saying that the route command failed due to conflict16:42
oxiSpaceBass: @buddy: hehe! ... :-)16:42
SpaceBassmy guess is that conflict is b/c you altered the routing table... which doesn't look right to begin with...gateways are all wrong16:42
oxiSpaceBass: ah!!!!16:42
oxiSpaceBass: that is extremely helpfull16:42
oxinow at least I realize what I'm facing16:43
SpaceBassin the sever logs, see lines 870 and  87116:43
oxiI can't believe I was stepping into the wrong direction for so long!16:43
oxiI'll reboot my client16:43
SpaceBasson the client logs look at 2414-241716:43
oxiSpaceBass: I did a fresh reboot. Does that seem wrong?: http://pastebin.com/FWxJJ0V316:46
SpaceBassoxi, can you ping the outside world now from that box?16:47
SpaceBassoxi, if it is a VM, is the networking setup as nat or bridged?16:47
oxiyes, bridged16:47
SpaceBasswhew! nat would be a nightmare16:48
oxibut I have a windows bux using the exact same bridged vmware adapter and using the exact same openvpn config in the same network ... which is working16:48
oxiSpaceBass: yeah, NAT would be a real nightmare!16:48
SpaceBasstry to bring up the ovpn client now16:49
oxiSpaceBass: the traceroute seems weird to me: http://pastebin.com/Me5tq8f616:54
oxiI'll fire up ovpn16:54
SpaceBasswhat seems odd? that the traceroute failed?16:55
SpaceBasswhats the IP of the host that is running the VM?16:56
oxiSpaceBass: http://pastebin.com/frq9SPuW17:00
oxiSpaceBass: @traceroute: yeah, it seemed odd that it failed, but I think it doesn't have much to do with my trouble17:00
oxiSpaceBass: the VM Host has ip
SpaceBass ok, so the tunnel is up/open - can you ping across it?17:03
SpaceBassso you can reach the server?17:03
oxibut I can't ping the outside from it17:03
oxiI can get in, but not out :-)17:04
SpaceBassok... one-way routing :D17:05
oxihehe, yep17:05
oxiI trying to figure out how I can find out more about the iptables config push collision17:05
SpaceBassoxi, can you pastebin the openvpn config file from the server?17:06
oxiSpaceBass: sure, hold on :-)17:07
oxiSpaceBass: there's not much kungfu in there: http://pastebin.com/kdRcBxFG17:09
SpaceBassoxi, there are some clues, like "push redirect-gateway"17:10
SpaceBasswhats the lan IP of the server?17:12
oxiSpaceBass: there's also some other iptables lines on the vps server:17:12
oxithe server has ip and and for my vm which has and
oxithe config works for openvpn in windows and in osx17:14
SpaceBasstry this - comment out the line server
oxiI guess there's something special about my ubuntu box, even though I picked a default install from a fresh iso17:15
SpaceBassIm not so sure it is with the ubuntu client ... windows openvpn does some stuff on the networking stack differently than linux17:15
SpaceBasswhat client are you using on osx?17:15
SpaceBassgreat app!17:16
oxiyeah, it's cool :-)17:16
SpaceBassits interesting, the tun0 is getting the right info on the client17:18
SpaceBasshang on, I'm setting up a new server and client similar to yours to test17:20
oxiI took out that line17:20
oxiit didn't work17:20
oxiSpaceBass: I'm using http://www.turnkeylinux.org/blog/core-lucid-beta17:21
oxiI wanted something very small and widespread supported :-)17:21
SpaceBasssorry, that line was correct :D17:21
oxithe server is also ubuntu, but an openvz template running in a computational centre :-)17:22
oxinevermind, I'll kick that line in again :-)17:22
SpaceBasshummm I'm afraid I'm running out of ideas :(17:27
SpaceBasshave you tried in #openvpn?17:28
oxiSpaceBass: here's a successfull connect from OS X, to the same server: http://pastebin.com/e1fcT4jb17:31
oxiSpaceBass: yeah, also tried #openvpn17:31
oxime too - I have no idea what's going on17:32
bjaanesHey, i was wondering: I got my DHCP/DNS server going now with ddns-update (updating the DNS every time i give out a lease). But now that I have reserved an IP in the DHCP - why won't it update the DNS with that info? Is that something i have to do manually, or can it be done with some configuration?17:36
oxiSpaceBass: I rebooted the server and it worked!18:21
SpaceBassoh wow!18:22
SpaceBassthats great news oxi18:22
SpaceBasswonder what changed?18:22
oxiit seems that there was an old iptables rule present which kept it from working18:22
oxithat rule was probably present from previous tries18:22
oxiI prabably had a typo and therefore routed ougoing traffic with the wrong rewrite18:23
oxiI assumed that when I enter a iptables rule again it would overreide18:24
oxiI guess it ne18:24
oxiver overr18:24
oxiI guess it never overrided18:24
oxihow do I list all present iptables rules?18:24
oxiSpaceBass: what's your paypal account? :-)18:25
SpaceBassoxi, glad it is working!18:25
SpaceBassI know how fustrating VPN issues can be!18:25
oxiyeah, I was tapping in myany wrong directions - it just seems that I was uncareful somewhere, but the configuration was fine18:26
oxiit had nothing to do with the client :-)18:26
oxiand I debugged the client for hours .-)18:27
MrUrbanitydisablind X in 10.04 anyone?  Or converting a Desktop install to a Server install ?18:38
MrUrbanitydisablind = disable.18:40
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Pici!nox | MrUrbanity18:49
ubottuMrUrbanity: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode18:49
MrUrbanityah ok.. well too late, i ripped gdm, xserver-xorg out via aptitude and rebooted, all works as I expected.18:59
Patrickdkall you have to do is a apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop :)19:15
Patrickdkor maybe even an: apt-get remove .*-desktop19:16
MrUrbanityno that didnt do it all, i did that first.  Must of been a while since I messed with this because 10.04 has some weird stuff going on.  I was update-rc.d -f gdm remove and it was still booting.  had to try and read about the new startup stuff but not a lot on it around.19:19
MrUrbanityeventual had to do ubuntu-desktop, gdm and xserver-xorg to get all the junk to stop from starting..19:19
Patrickdkwell, that marks them all as unneeded19:20
Patrickdkthen a apt-get autoremove will clean them up19:20
MrUrbanityah ok.19:20
Patrickdkunless you marked something for forced install19:20
MrUrbanitynah, pretty much a default fresh instlal.. just didnt have a server disk handy.19:20
Patrickdkthen you would have to do a forced uninstall19:20
PatrickdkI install everything as a generic, barebone install19:21
Patrickdkthen install ubuntu-desktop, or server stuff19:21
MrUrbanityyeah I should have too but it is a low PC and it took about 15 minutes just to get to the install screen.19:21
Patrickdkthat is cause you used desktop :)19:21
MrUrbanitylol.. yep.19:21
Patrickdkthe netbook/minimalcd/servercd is much much faster19:21
Patrickdknetbook/network :)19:22
MrUrbanityyeah.. last time i did this (ie used the wrong disk) was a while back and i could just swap between them.. but that has been removed.19:22
MrUrbanityi had a 8.10 server disk sitting there.. might have been faster to use that and upgrade. lol19:23
PupenoI have this content http://gist.github.com/566218 in /etc/cron.d/projectx and it seems it's not being run. Any ideas how to find out why?19:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #631040 in samba (main) "samba share on windows: ":" bug is back/still here" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63104019:51
silentwater77_hi i ran into trouble upgrading mountal on lucid minimal. could someone pls be so kind and explain me http://paste.ubuntu.com/488861/19:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #631064 in apache2 (main) "connection "forbidden" on localhost after wireless connected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63106420:25
Aisonhello, I have got 4 ubuntu servers, now I installed an 5th older server that should run as backup server. So all 4 server should backup their system and defined user data to the backup server nightly20:33
Aisonis there some good backup software or do I have to create my own scripts with rsync or so?20:34
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silentwater77_Hello there, is anyone willing to help me with my problem with not loading daemons after reboot?22:11
RudyValenciaWhat's the easiest way to back up everything on an internal drive mounted at /srv to an external USB hard drive mounted at /media/backup ?22:13
stgraberRudyValencia: "sudo rsync --delete -avP /srv/ /media/backup/" that's going to copy everything that's in /srv and not in /media/backup and remove anything that's in /media/backup and not /srv (so they are going to be exact copies with anything that was only in /media/backup being removed)22:15
RudyValenciaCan I cron that?22:15
RudyValencia(add it to crontab as a root job done every... maybe 48 hours?)22:15
stgraberyep, you should then trop the -v so it won't show you progress information (not so useful when runnning from cron)22:16
RudyValencia...and also got to do something about automounting the USB drive.22:16
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jjk9_silentwater77_:  which daemons?22:27

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