lfaraonedfarning: uh, I'm not able to reproduce bug 617813 … When I click register Sugar doens't freeze, I just get an error…00:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 617813 in sugar-0.88 (Ubuntu) "sugar freezes when register widget is clicked (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61781300:13
dfarninglfaraone, the bug is only trigger when attempting to connect to a jabber server that has frozen... which is pretty common00:15
lfaraonedfarning: okay. I'm at a cafe with another Ubuntu Developer, and we were scratching our heads as to how this would be needed.00:16
lfaraonedfarning: I'll add that to the bug description.00:16
dfarninglfaraone, thanks00:17
lfaraonedfarning: do you have a frozen jabber server I could test with? :)00:18
dfarninglfaraone, I am getting about a 10 second grey rectulangle when registering with xo1share.org then the error appears00:21
dfarninglfaraone, btw moon is ready for review:)00:21
lfaraonewill do.00:22
lfaraoneI found a way to reproduce it using "nc -l 8080" :)00:22
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berniedfarning: done09:16
berniedfarning: (TRAC_ADMIN, that is)09:16
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dfarningbernie_afk, thanks12:02
ankurhi dfarning ,good morning :)12:17
dfarninggood morning ankur12:17
dfarningankur, what bug number re you working on?12:18
ankurdfarning,  i was testing apport support for sugar-emulator . bug is 61782312:19
ankurbug 61782312:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 617823 in sugar-0.88 (Ubuntu) "Add apport bug reporting support in sugar (affects: 1) (heat: 221)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61782312:20
ankurdfarning,  what exactly will i add button in frame for?12:21
dfarningankur, currently to report a bug in USR, user must log into LP and file out a form by hand.  There is usally a bunch of missing information.12:23
ankurokay and what exactly will the button do? wont apport intercept in between when sugar crashes ?12:25
dfarningankur, the apport button is a hook to the apport bug reporting system... the apport system create the bug on LP and sends a bug of very useful information such as sugar version, ubuntu version, dependancies...12:25
dfarningankur, the button allows user to send  a non-crashing bug.12:26
ankurokay , i thought that we only want ro report crash only :)12:27
dfarningankur, ie they see something wrong and push the button. 90% on the work of reporing the bug in already done.12:27
dfarningankur, nah, at this time want to make it easy for testers to report high quality bugs.12:27
ankurso , if i add button , what will be the channel to report bug to launchpad.Will we using apport for that purpose as well or am i missing something here?12:29
ankuri mean when , what specifically will the button trigger ?12:29
dfarningankur, yes the button will trigger apport -> which will trigger an interactive bug reporting session.12:30
* ankur is looking into it . coming back in 5 min12:33
ankurdfarning,  i was not able to launch apport bug reporting session . is there any specific command to run it?\12:42
dfarningankur, I don't think you can launch an apport session by itself.  It must be triggered in a application via hooks.12:51
dfarningankur, 'ubuntu-bug sucrose-0.88' will trigger a apport from the command line.13:00
ankurdfarning,  we were just testing this command with sugar-emulator :) . if any bug gets filed accidentally , please ignore it .13:01
dfarningankur, ok are you working with neeraj?13:02
ankuryes :)13:03
dfarningankur, can you ask neeraj to try pushing LP#617582 upstream when he gets a chance?  I am now a SL trac moderator so I fix things if the bug gets stuck in moderation.13:06
* ankur si going for lunch13:25
dipankardfarning, good morning15:13
dfarningdipankar, good morning15:14
neerajdfarning: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2010-September/026553.html15:21
dfarningneeraj is there an open bug in SL?  all code review requests should point back to SL#bug for tracking purposes.15:24
neerajdfarning: I didn't mention the bug the ticket number. 228015:25
dfarningneeraj the commit message should also contain information about the problem the bug is attempting to solve.15:26
neerajdfarning: If needed then in future I will add the bug url in the description. btw, in the patch file, the bug ticket number is present :)15:26
neerajIn future I will add the url also :)15:27
dfarningneeraj ok great I just scanned body.15:27
dfarningneeraj can you try to attach the pacth to the bug report to make sure that your account at ls is working correctly.15:29
neerajdfarning: at present I am unable to see any option for uploading the patch15:32
dfarningneeraj ae you logged in. there should be an attach file button just below the bug description in the yellow box15:33
manusheeldfarning: Same issue that Kandarp faced.15:36
manusheeldfarning: I am able to upload the patches from my user or SEETA user.15:37
neerajdfarning: I am logged in. In yellow box, there is only an option of reply. Also a message that msg will route through moderation.15:37
* neeraj not sure whether assigning myself as owner of bug will solve the issue or not15:38
dfarningneeraj try it15:38
neerajrequest in moderation queue.15:39
neerajmessage on bugs.SL- Your submission has been routed to Sascha Silbe for approval15:41
dfarningneeraj ok I approved the moderation request... trying to figure out how to add you to the approved list15:42
neerajOk. it didn't solved the purpose.15:44
neerajstill unable to see an option for attaching file15:46
dfarningneeraj what is your user name on trac?15:47
dfarningneeraj please try in now I add neerag_gupta to the unmoderated group.15:50
neerajdfarning: Thanks. I can see the option now.15:52
dfarningneeraj great --- manusheel who else needs to be ad to the unmoderated list15:52
manusheeldfarning: Everyone at the SEETA team.15:57
manusheelI'll send you an e-mail soon.15:57
dfarningmanusheel, thanks15:57
dipankarlfaraone, ping15:59
* dipankar says hello to all16:10
dipankardfarning, Luke uploaded the register bug solution patch at bugs.sl.o: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/228916:11
dipankarsascha is recommending something else16:12
dfarningdipankar, he gave a good review and he stated the solution is better than nothing.16:14
dfarningdipankar, later we can work on the async registration... but that gets harder and likely won't be done for months if not years.16:15
dipankardfarning, ohk.16:16
dfarningdipankar, welcome to the world of peer code reviews by fellow hackers.... I can seem brutal but it is the single best practice for a) creating high quality code and b) learning.16:19
dfarningdipankar, FWIW it is not unusual for new kernel developers to spend weeks on their first patch:)16:20
dfarningdipankar, s/I/It/  While I guess I can seem brutal too:(16:21
dipankardfarning, ^^ not all. There is nothing brutal about it. :)16:22
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dipankardfarning, so the process of ansync is a difficult job as of now, I guess16:29
* dipankar off to dinner16:43
mukulhi alsroot16:51
alsrootmukul: hi16:52
mukulalsroot, Bug 2163 was solved previous commits. Thank you for your help. I'm currently working on sl #1520.16:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 2163 in realplayer (Ubuntu) "installs rp8 and not rp10 (dups: 1) (heat: 1)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/216316:53
mukulalsroot: The bug basically states that when a single window Journal is present,then Alt+Tab should do nothing. There are comments on the page which says that it is not a bug but a utility.16:55
alsrootmukul: can you still reproduce the issue? not sure if it was metacity or matchbox related16:57
mukulalsroot, I can't reproduce it on sugar-emulator16:58
mukulalsroot: I thought I would be able to once I boot into sugar directly.16:58
alsrootmukul: could you check it16:58
mukulalsroot: Ok, Sure16:59
ishanalsroot, hi17:05
alsrootishan: hi17:05
ishanalsroot, can you provide me with some pointers on how to reproduce the bug http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/30517:06
alsrootishan: no ideas, since we don't have chekboxes in black background17:12
ishanalsroot, no problem17:12
dipankarmukul, ping17:48
ishandipankar, , can you provide me with some pointers on how to reproduce the bug http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/30517:49
dipankarishan, I am not getting what the bug is actually menaing17:50
ishandipankar, sir that the problem i am facing17:51
dipankarishan, I am taking the mouse over any icon17:51
dipankarmukul, ping17:51
ishandipankar, didnt got your point17:51
mukuldipankar sir: Are you  able to reproduce the bug?17:51
dipankarishan, take the mouse over any icon, see if any box is forming17:51
mukulalsroot, I am not able to reproduce it17:52
dipankarmukul, nope.17:52
mukulalsroot, dipankar : Alt+ Tab does nothing17:52
ishandipankar, yes the box is being formed17:52
dipankarmukul, alsroot : Alt + Tab causes window switch for gnome17:52
dipankarno matter Sugar emulator is running or not17:53
mukuldipankar sir: Yes but that is not we want. Therefore I booted directly into sugar emulator17:53
ishandipankar, but in the bug it has some reference to check box17:53
mukuldipankar, and then I tried Alt+ Tab . It did nothing.No matter I had only the journal open or multiple activities.17:54
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.17:55
dipankarishan, btw, It's mentioned for SoaS17:55
alsrootdipankar: so, you can reproduce Alt+Tab issue? to make sugar, call in Terminal `metacity-message disable-keybindings` and try17:55
mukuldipankar sir: Did you read the comment at the sl.org . farn suggests that it is not a bug but a utility. The same thing happens in GNOME or Windows 7 for that matter. It didn't used to be the same in Windows XP,9x17:55
ishandipankar, yes sir17:55
dipankarmukul, so there also nothing happens?17:55
manusheelkandarp: Have you tested the patch on Ubuntu?17:56
alsrootdipankar: s/sugar/sure/17:56
dipankaralsroot, on it.17:56
ishanmanusheel, sir could you please re check  the bug assigned to me as its mentioned there for Saos and also i am not able to reproduce the bug on my system17:56
dipankarishan, just a minute17:56
mukuldipankar sir: Yes Nothing at all. Alt highlights and Tab does what it always does17:57
manusheelishan: If you read the last comment, you'll see it is for Sugar.17:57
manusheelishan: Someone mistakenly added SoaS over there.17:57
alsrootdipankar: try it in native sugar (i.e. w/o Xephyr)17:57
ishanmanusheel, oops just went through that17:57
dipankaralsroot, you mean to write the command in the sugar terminal then?17:58
dipankar* command => metacity message17:58
alsrootdipankar: yup17:58
manusheelishan: Are you a member of sugar-devel?18:00
ishanmanusheel, sir but i have still not understood how to reproduce the bug as mentioned in the ticket18:00
ishansir i joined it today18:00
ishanhave send the patch mail as well18:00
manusheelishan: Were you able to submit the patch?18:00
* dipankar is rebooting to sugar-session : be right back18:01
ishanmanusheel, yes sir18:01
ishani think you should have received the mail18:02
manusheelishan: Let me check.18:02
manusheelishan: So, you are unable to reproduce this issue, right?18:02
ishanmanusheel, right18:02
ishanif you check the same thing is written in the bug ticket as the feature which produced this bug has been changed18:03
manusheelishan: Ok, let me check it.18:03
ishanmanusheel, sure sir18:03
manusheelishan: It reads "This is not a current issue anymore as the checkbox has been removed. However we should fix this as we might run into it again."18:05
manusheelalsroot: It reads "This is not a current issue anymore as the checkbox has been removed. However we should fix this as we might run into it again."18:05
kandarpkmanusheel, alsroot, dfarning: after making changes in sugar-jhbuild/source/sugar how can I test the changes ?18:05
manusheelkandarpk: Run sugar-jhbuild again.18:05
ishanmanusheel, i read that sir but i not able to identify the bug until i am able to reproduce it18:05
manusheelishan: So, the bug was not reproducible, right?18:06
ishanmanusheel, yes sir18:06
manusheelishan: Fine. Can you send me an e-mail on what you tried, and that it is not reproducible.18:07
ishanmanusheel, sure sir18:07
dipankaralsroot, I am not able to reproduce the bug18:07
manusheelkandarpk: The bug should go away.18:07
manusheeldipankar: bug #1520?18:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1520 in launchpad-foundations "gpg CRC error in Validate your GPG Key email" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152018:08
* dipankar thinks reproducing bugs is getting tougher day by day18:08
manusheeldipankar: Is it SL #1520?18:08
dipankarmanusheel, no sir. ticket #1520 at bugs.sl.o : alt + tab18:09
dipankarmanusheel, sorry didn't see your last message18:09
manusheeldipankar: Ok, David wrote  a message on it -18:09
dipankarlooking into it18:09
manusheeldipankar: David: reading 5:13 AM  interesting bug. pretty easy. will need to log into sugar session to test. if in the emulator the lt-tab with get caught by the os and show the application switcher:) 5:14 AM  me: Ok, interesting. Great.18:10
manusheelkandarpk: Did it fix?18:10
dfarningkandarpk, try deleting some activities with and without them being marked as protected in gconf.18:10
dipankarmanusheel, sir : tried logging into sugar as said by alsroot too, nothing happened18:10
dfarningdipankar, which bug are you working on?18:11
dipankardfarning, ^^18:11
alsrootdfarning: you mean Alt+Tab doesn't reveal window switch popup?18:11
alsrootdipankar: sorry, dipankar ^18:11
ishanmanusheel, sir sent18:12
dipankaralsroot, no.18:12
dfarningdipankar, you will have to test that on an XO or as a sugar session in ubuntu.18:13
manusheelishan: Thank you.18:13
dipankardfarning, I did log into sugar-session :). alsroot told the same thing18:13
dipankaralsroot, dfarning: I opened two activities: browse and log18:14
dipankarthen tried Alt + Tab: nothing happened18:14
dfarningdipankar, what was the expected result?18:14
dipankaralso ran the command : metacity-message disable-keybindings18:14
dipankardfarning, I think Alt + Tab should switch between the activities18:15
dfarningdipankar, yes.  So would say that you are running into a second closely related bug that Alt+Tab does not work on ubuntu....18:16
alsrootdipankar: btw, did Alt+Tab show popup before executing "metacity-message disable-keybindings"?18:17
dipankardfarning, :? I think Alt + Tab works fine on Ubuntu.18:17
dipankaralsroot, no, nothing :(18:17
alsrootdipankar: so, bug was already fixed, from some point sugar shell calls "metacity-message disable-keybindings"18:18
dfarningdipankar, I thought you just said <dipankar> dfarning, I did log into sugar-session :). alsroot told the same thing18:18
dfarning alsroot, dfarning: I opened two activities: browse and log18:18
dfarning<dipankar> then tried Alt + Tab: nothing happened18:18
dipankardfarning, I meant gnome by ubuntu :)18:19
dipankardfarning, for Sugar on Ubuntu : Alt + tab doesn't work18:20
alsrootdipankar: that's bad (about not switcing between activities)18:20
dfarningdipankar, +118:20
ishandfarning, hi18:21
dipankaralsroot, dfarning : The alt + tab is a very universal shortcut for all OS (atleast of which i know)18:21
alsrootdipankar: metacity ones should be disabled by "metacity-message disable-keybindings"18:21
dfarningishan, hello18:21
dfarningishan, are you work on the check box bug18:22
ishandfarning, yes18:22
ishancan you provide me with some pointers18:22
alsrootdipankar: so it is a bug in sugar, sugar should use A+Tab for switching18:22
ishandfarning, i am not able to understand what the bug is about?18:23
dfarningishan, let's switch to #sugar-nebies aslroot and dipankar are working on another bug here18:24
ishandfarning, sure18:24
manusheelkandarpk: Did the change in sugar-jhbuild make it work?18:25
dipankaralsroot, the metacity-message command then should work on gnome?18:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I am not able to find the problem18:26
manusheelkandarpk: Can you elaborate?18:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir; I checked out master branch and then ran sugar emulator but got similar output18:27
alsrootdipankar: metacity-message just disables metacity shortcuts18:27
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, so re-starting sugar-jhbuild didn't change the code, right?18:27
dipankaralsroot, shall i try it on gnome env?18:27
manusheelkandarpk: code -> feature18:28
kandarpkmanusheel sir: http://paste.ubuntu.com/488841/18:28
kandarpkgot this on running sugar-jhbuild18:28
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, I don't have much idea on this.18:29
alsrootdipankar: if sugar's Alt+Tab doesn't work in session mode most likely it won't work in Xephyr as well18:29
manusheelkandarpk: Can you drop me an e-mail with this issue, and that the steps you tried.18:29
dipankaralsroot, the command doesn't work in ubuntu (gnome)18:29
manusheelkandarpk: Also, add these logs.18:29
kandarpkmanusheel sir: in line 8 it says /apps/metacity/general/num_workspaces is set to 018:29
dipankaralsroot, I ran the command, but still the OS alt + tab works18:30
kandarpkbut I checked its value and it was set as 218:30
manusheelkandarpk: There would be some issue with it. Add this in the e-mail.18:30
kandarpkmanusheel sir: OK.18:31
manusheelkandarpk: David suggested : [22:40] <kandarpk, try deleting some activities with and without them being marked as protected in gconf.18:31
alsrootdipankar: yup, there is not way to disable it becasue there are 2 metacities, one in your native X session and one in Xephyr (which was disabled), what is working is your native matacity18:31
dipankaralsroot, ohk18:31
manusheelkandarpk: Can you try this. If this doesn't work, add that part in the e-mail too.18:32
alsrootdipankar: I guess it will be very inpredictable if sugar-emulator will affect native env18:32
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I dont have much idea how to mark activities as protected in gconf18:32
manusheelkandarpk: Can you add this in the e-mail as a question. How to mark activities as protected in gconf?18:33
kandarpkmanusheel sir: ok.18:33
manusheelkandarpk: We'll take this up from there.18:33
kandarpkmanusheel sir: shall I send the e-mail to the sugar-devel mailing list ?18:34
manusheelkandarpk: You can send it to me.18:34
dipankaralsroot, then there is no way emulator can have the alt + tab func?18:34
kandarpkmanusheel sir: ok18:34
manusheelkandarpk: We'll circulate it internally to see if someone has an idea.18:34
manusheelkandarpk: Then escalate it to sugar-devel.18:35
alsrootdipankar: not sure how it(native-X-metacityi +i Xephyr) work, but looks like native X sessions' priority is higher then Xephyr's18:36
dipankaralsroot, ok18:37
dipankaralsroot, i think sugar emulator is detecting the alt and tab keys.18:41
dipankaralsroot, if somehow the combination is detected by emulator and switch of activities takes place18:41
dipankaralsroot, oops, forgot one thing: at the same time gnome switch window will be executed :(18:42
alsrootdipankar: well, I guess we have to disable Alt+Tab in sugar then, but ask sugar-devel@ maybe someone has better idea18:44
alsroot..disable in sugar-emulator mode18:45
dipankaralsroot, ok18:54
dipankarmanusheel, sir, who is handling the alt+tab bug?18:55
dipankarmanusheel, I think mukul is handling it but not sure18:55
manusheeldipankar: You and Mukul.18:55
manusheeldipankar: I think there was some major difficulty in understanding it.18:56
dipankarmanusheel, ohk sir, Then I will be sending the e-mail to sugar-devel18:57
manusheeldipankar: Sure. That would be great.18:57
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