aprilg1Muscovy: you around?01:42
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Muscovyaprilg: Around now.02:08
Muscovyaprilg: The branch isn't dead, don't worry.02:09
aprilgoh.. ok02:09
MuscovyThere's just weird history.02:09
aprilgi couldnt access it earlier tho02:10
aprilgmust be a problem with launchpad02:10
MuscovyFor a good 2 hours or so bazaar stuff was semi-down.02:10
aprilgre the history, can we change that back?02:11
MuscovyNo, but as far as I can tell, other than my lost credit, nothing disappeared.02:11
MuscovyNote that lp:~loonycookie/ubuntu-tour/april is a sort of side branch. Changes you commit to it don't show up in the main one. Good for unstable testing, but it looks like you were just syncing the pair.02:12
MuscovyNo problems with it, but your bzr life would be easier without doing that. ;D02:13
aprilg:) i push my stuff first on my own branch just to check if all of it works. hihihi02:13
MuscovyBy the way, thanks for getting us the domain. :D02:13
aprilgnot a problem :) glad to be of help02:14
OmegaGoing on the road for a while02:17
OmegaAnyone here?03:00
OmegaHave you ever used Ubuntu One?03:04
MuscovyYep. :D03:04
MuscovyUsed it since 9.04.03:04
OmegaHave you shared something and used the short urls?03:05
OmegaIn what form are they?03:05
MuscovyA few times. They're something like one.ubuntu.com/ekehtu03:05
MuscovyBasically tinurl-style.03:05
OmegaCan you right click on any file and share it with Ubuntu One?03:06
OmegaI ask, because I don't have Ubuntu One installed03:07
MuscovyI only used the right-click thing once, and it emailed something or other.03:07
MuscovyIt was a while ago, I'm sure it's changed.03:07
OmegaWell, what options does it give?03:08
OmegaI don't know if what I am asking for is an actual feature.03:09
MuscovySomething like http://ubuntuone.com/p/ExB/ from the desktop?03:09
MuscovyIt seems they removed the "Share this file" option.03:11
MuscovyIf you're wondering just about the shrunken URL thing, it's done from the U1 web page. There's an expand arrow by the files which will show the option.03:13
OmegaI wanted to suggest a feature.03:13
OmegaI'll paste it here.03:13
MuscovyOh, do you use Fedora?03:16
OmegaI just like their pasting thing.03:16
OmegaI'm on Mint right now.03:16
OmegaI'm going back to Ubuntu for 10.1003:17
OmegaBut my heart is with Ubuntu.03:17
MuscovyI treat other distros as holiday partitions.03:17
MuscovyFedora and Suse I quite like too, but the Ubutnu artwork I love the most.03:17
MuscovyDynamic DNS sounds neat.03:17
MuscovyMy friend and I run our VNCs like that through subdomains already, but making this easy for people would be awesome.03:18
MuscovyBy the "server with Ubuntu One" part, do you mean sync individual files, or just do a static upload?03:19
MuscovyAs of 10.04, U1 can sync custom folders.03:19
OmegaSorry was eating03:33
OmegaHave you used Opera Unite?03:34
OmegaLike that03:34
OmegaIt does dynamic dns and has a built in web server03:34
OmegaAnd I don't mean synch with U1, but let your friend download it straight from your PC, with no middle-man.03:35
MuscovyNever heard of Opera Unite.03:40
MuscovySo basically you mean a really friendly webserver?03:40
OmegaIt's built into Opera03:40
OmegaWell, have to go again03:40
MuscovyYou know, you've got me interested with that.03:50
MuscovyPortions of it would be fairly easy.03:50
MuscovyBig issue would be the firewall stuff, I have no idea how to automate port setup.03:50
MuscovyTheoretically it would be easy to add nautilus rightclick entries that make and break symlinks, for a start.03:58
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OmegaHey Muscovy16:58
MuscovyHello Omega.17:20
MuscovyOne of the little nuisances of Gnome 3 is you miss IRC alerts.17:20
OmegaI never have IRC alerts :P17:21
* Omega uses irssi17:21
OmegaMuscovy: http://hazetornado.omegalulz.operaunite.com/webserver/content/17:21
MuscovyDoes it actually set up the firewall stuff?17:22
OmegaI haven't seen their new stuffs easy, you just point it to a folder and it serves it.17:22
Muscovy...well, I had no idea things could set up ports.17:23
MuscovyThat's cool.17:23
OmegaThe problem I'm facing is that I'm not sure if I should suggest this.17:29
OmegaIt would kind of steal Opera Unite's thunder.17:29
OmegaI could just start with only suggesting the Dynamic DNS thing.17:30
MuscovyMaybe that would be best, since dynamic DNS is the core part.17:31
MuscovyAnd you could still do lots of cool things like easy VNCing.17:31
MuscovyI'll be back in a sec, moving to Maverick.17:32
OmegaMuscovy: ^17:54
MuscovyRead it, I was just thinking.17:54
MuscovyInterestingly, the DNS part would be pretty easy to set up through even a wget'd PHP file or something.17:55
MuscovyThe big problem would be setting up the router.17:56
MuscovyI think, at least.17:57
OmegaSubmitted there17:58
MuscovyI've got an idea sitting at #2 on brainstorm currently. :D18:01
OmegaWhich one :>18:04
MuscovyWhat exactly do you mean in idea 1?18:07
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OmegaMuscovy: Idea 1 isn't mine18:27
OmegaI'm Timothy18:27
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OmegaWill do22:17

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