LxndrMozilla Thunderbird is hanging and crashing every time it starts. How can I solve this problem?00:00
JohnSQWhat is going on when you see a service that has as its source and ITS destination?00:00
usr13chilli0: The MS Windows intall will overwrite the MBR and destroy grub.  You will just have to fix it afterwards. See the info the others have provided you with for instructions.00:00
usr13JohnSQ: It is using local host only00:01
Jordan_U_JohnSQ: There are two processes which are able to connect to each other over the network, but in this case both happen to be on the same machine.00:01
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tjubalubais the syslog message "Sep  5 00:50:37 karlw-laptop kernel: [ 6311.899471] intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: MCP power or thermal limit exceeded" normal?00:02
JohnSQIt is not a security problem?00:02
JohnSQI didn't do anything to make this happen though.  Why is it suddenly happening?  There are two of em.  Two different ports.00:02
Jordan_UJohnSQ: No, it's not.00:03
LxndrThunderbird hangs when I start it up. How can I make it stop hanging?00:03
JohnSQYes, but why twice on two different ports?  I don't understand00:03
Dr_Willistjubaluba:  i saw that message today on a 10.10 install.. but ive not noticed any issues.00:03
Jordan_UJohnSQ: What are the processes?00:03
usr13Lxndr: Don't  know.  Run from terminal and see if you can tell what is hanging it up.00:03
JohnSQNo program listed00:03
caldavienIm setting up an HTPC using ubuntu and XBMC, any suggestions on a wireless keyboard with builtin mouse functions?00:04
tjubalubaDr_Willis, ah okey.. good to know...00:04
JohnSQHow do I see the processes?00:04
Lxndrusr13, running 'thunderbird' from the terminal starts it normal, and no messages are reported00:05
Dr_Willistjubaluba:  this is on a 10,10 setup? or a 10.04 ?00:05
usr13JohnSQ: pa aux00:05
usr13Lxndr: Must be that the menu item is pointing to wrong thing....00:05
JohnSQI can't tell from that long list00:06
Lxndrusr13, But after the normal start, it still hangs.00:06
tjubalubaDr_Willis, im on 10.0400:06
jdawgOk, still getting blank screen after reboot with flashing cursor....ubuntu won't load...tried holding shift, and other key combo...00:06
usr13JohnSQ: pa aux |grep somehing00:06
tjubalubaDr_Willis, on a brand new dell laptop00:07
tjubalubaDr_Willis, untampered with00:07
usr13Lxndr: What does it say in the terminal?00:07
Dr_Willistjubaluba:  ive never noticed the message on my 10.04 setup on the same machine. I may look into it later if i reboot back to 10.0400:07
usr13Lxndr: Any errors...?00:07
JohnSQgrep --color=au00:07
JohnSQThat is the process00:07
arturo393is there an application to organize my music directory ??00:07
Dr_Willistjubaluba:  you could check the forums. there may be some info on it there00:07
tjubalubaDr_Willis, please tell me if you find something...00:07
JohnSQ--color=auto 5531700:07
tjubalubaDr_Willis, it hasnt posed any problems.. just curious00:08
Lxndrusr13, No errors. It's just quiet until I finally terminate it, at which point I just see 'terminated'00:08
duffydackarturo393, organise how00:08
usr13JohnSQ: pa aux |grep 5531700:08
JohnSQI did that00:08
JohnSQI got --color=auto 5531700:08
jdawgTo reiterate, after a fresh install of Lucid Lynx, and after the first reboot, I get a blank screen with flashing cursor, there are no other operating systems on this Intel system00:08
arturo393usr13: organize the folders00:08
arturo393usr13: by albums or artist00:09
usr13Lxndr: So did thunderibrd load up and function ok?00:09
Dr_Willisjdawg:  you may alwo want to state your video chipset. and cpu.  and if its a laptop the make/model00:09
Lxndrusr13, It functions for the first... 15 or so seconds, then it freezes.00:09
CkhiKuzadwhenever i boot up 10.04 and start gnome, the panel never loads.00:09
duffydackarturo393, rhythmbox?00:09
JohnSQI think I been hacked.  Hard drive acting funny after the two popped up00:09
JohnSQAll I did was run and close KlamAV00:10
arturo393duffydack: how ?00:10
duffydackarturo393, what do you want exactly.00:10
KerrickWhich group should I add my user to so that I can use the lsusb command without root privileges?00:10
usr13Lxndr: apt-get upgrade mozilla-thunderbird00:11
madmikeLxndr, what does the terminal say when it freezes?00:11
__cool__JohnSQ: where did you get that number 55317 from?00:11
duffydackarturo393, run the program Rhythmbox and import your music and it`ll sort it into artists/abum for you00:11
arturo393duffydack: i want to organize my folders like itunes does00:11
jdawgDr_Willis: ATI 9550 Radeon - Intel Pentium 5 CPU...Desktop, custom built00:11
Lxndrmadmike, The terminal says nothing. It is silent until I finally kill the frozen process, at which point it says 'terminated' and ends.00:11
Dr_WillisKerrick:  my user can run lsusb allready without root priv.00:11
JohnSQport number listed in active connections under Firestarter00:11
madmikehmmm, tough one00:11
__cool__JohnSQ: you wont find the port num in the ps list00:11
robsonkarlsguys,  is kubuntu the same thing as ubuntu?00:12
elitexrayNah i heard kubuntu costs monthly fee00:12
CkhiKuzadKubuntu uses the KDE environment00:12
KerrickDr_Willis, whoops, my bad, I was thinking of another command.00:12
Dr_Willisrobsonkarls:  Kubuntu = Ubuntu -gnome + kde00:12
__cool__JohnSQ: use something like 'sudo netstat -p | grep <number>'00:12
CkhiKuzadand no it does not cost anything.00:12
usr13Lxndr: Ctrl-c does nothing?00:12
JohnSQ127.0.0.1 source, destination.  No program listed.  Service unknown.  This entry exists twice.  Only the port is different00:12
robsonkarlsk go t it00:12
__cool__JohnSQ: then you get the PID... then grep for that in ps output00:12
Lxndrusr13, ctrl-c ends the process.00:13
usr13Lxndr: sudo apt-get upgrade mozilla-thunderbird00:13
JohnSQSays both are wineserver00:13
Lxndrusr13, As for the upgrade, "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."00:13
JohnSQOhhh...I didn't remove them from sources...*slaps head*00:13
Guest65824I'm messaging from my android. I am at the end of installation for kubuntu 10.10 beta and am getting "executing 'grub-install /dev/mmcblk0' failed. This is a fatal error.00:14
tjubalubais here some sort of gnome log? im having problems starting programs from the menues00:14
jdawgDr_Willis..It's an AGP ATI Radeon 9550 running on an INtel MB with Intel Pentium 5 CPU....could this have something to do with the system hanging at boot-up?00:14
__cool__JohnSQ: whatever. semms you hacked yourself?-)00:14
Dr_Willisrobsonkarls:  try them both out You can easially install both on the same install. use what you like.00:14
JohnSQThey still there and haven't vanished00:14
JohnSQBut netstat says ESTABLISHED 17456/wineserver00:15
JohnSQSo I guess it is cause of wine00:15
Dr_Willisjdawg:  with ATI video.. its hard to tell.. definatly sounds like a video card issue.00:15
Dr_Willisjdawg:  i got rid of all my ATI setups ages ago.00:15
usr13Lxndr: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=46185700:15
arturo393duffydack: or like songbird did00:15
JohnSQIs there a way to close both?00:16
JohnSQI don't use those ports anyways00:16
jdawgDr_Wilis: Is there a forum somewhere on ATI cards and Ubuntu issues?00:16
duffydackarturo393, never used it..00:17
usr13JohnSQ: Now here are you seeing this,  in netstat ?00:17
__cool__JohnSQ: dunno what your're talking about concerning 'remove them from sources'. apt-get remove wine? kill 17456 for the moment?00:17
tjubalubatalking about video cards.. where can i see what driver im using?00:17
DonSliceAll of a sudden, Guake isn't showing colors in ubuntu 10.10... :(00:17
arturo393duffydack: ok, thanks anyway00:17
__cool__usr13: yes pid/name is the clue here :)00:17
Guest65824Where should. Bootliadet be installed to?00:18
shaheeneryOMG I just broke Ubuntu, I looked on the wiki for etiquette, didn't see any do I just say what I did?00:18
Lxndrusr13, That helped! Looks like it was a theme thing.00:18
usr13Lxndr: aaaahhhh ok00:19
duffydackarturo393, for music players like that, there are rhythmbox, banshee, clemetine, amarok, exaile.. some others I cant remember00:19
Lxndrusr13, Hm, nevermind. It worked for a few seconds, and now is freezing again.00:20
RayArnoldhello, i hope anybody can help me. i'm looking for the easiest way to create a complete backup/image of an fully encrypted hdd (alternate install, 10.04), so i can restore this to a new hdd in case of a hdd failure (like trueimage on windows for example). i googled a long time but didn't find a simple solution, although this should be a pretty basic and simple task. of course the backup/image should be encrypted (truecrypt container?), too, otherwis00:21
duffydackRayArnold, clonezilla00:21
jigaRayArnold, dd?00:21
duffydackoh encrypted.. I dunno about that.00:21
DonSliceDoes clonezilla use dd? if it does, an encrypted drive shouldn't make much difference.00:22
duffydackto backup encrypted, to encrypted, I`d just rsync00:22
duffydackRayArnold, do you want to backup TO an encrypted destination ?00:23
Dr_Willisbacking Up a partition may be better then backing up the whole HD also..00:23
jigaif you need byte by byte copy, dd it obviously the best way to go, if you want to minimize the file say there are some tools for that too00:23
RayArnoldduffydack: yes, for example to a truecrypt container.00:23
shaheeneryI'm looking for a way to restore /var/lib after I accidentally renamed it /var/lkl .  Is this a "re-install" moment?00:24
Dr_Willis!info fsarchiver00:24
ubottufsarchiver (source: fsarchiver): file system archiver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.8-1ubuntu0.1 (lucid), package size 94 kB, installed size 280 kB00:24
Dr_Willisshaheenery:  boot live cd.  mount the / filesystem.. rename it back.. reboot00:24
Dr_Willisproberly doable without the live cd.. :) but  live cds are handy00:24
shaheenerythanks doc :)00:25
Dr_WillisI got a Boot entry in my GRUB to boot a Ubuntu.iso file for super-emergancies like that00:25
DonSliceAnyone having issues with Guake in 10.10, with regards to bashrc coloring?00:25
Dr_WillisDonSlice:  see #ubuntu+100:25
RayArnoldDr_Willis: but i want have a full backup i can restore  to a new hdd in case of a hdd failure.00:25
Dr_WillisRayArnold:  you can backup a partition easier often then you can a whole hd image.00:26
Dr_WillisRayArnold:  its a 'minor' differance . but often overlooked. :)00:26
intradershaheenery: would mv /var/lil /var/lib work?00:26
shaheeneryno because I wouldn't have permissions00:27
usr13RayArnold: You could just leave the extra drive in the machine and make ghost to it every once in a while.00:27
shaheeneryand I can't sudo because /var/lib is gone..... :/00:27
usr13shaheenery: Where did /var/lib  go?00:28
shaheeneryto /var/lkl00:28
RayArnoldDr_Willis: so you would use rsync for a complete system backup. does this work from a running system?00:28
sejwalHello everyone, don't know why this file "debug.log" pops in my home folder again and again, any way to silent it?00:28
RayArnoldusr13: it's a notebook00:28
usr13shaheenery: Did you  mv /var/lib /var/lkl   ?00:28
usr13RayArnold: Oh, ok.. well I dono00:29
shaheeneryI sure did00:29
usr13RayArnold: netbook install?00:29
sejwalthis is what is written in that file ---> [0904/211241:ERROR:o3d/core/cross/message_queue.cc(402)] Failed to send boolean response to client handle : Broken pipe00:29
intradershaheenery: I did not think of that. However if you use something like Knoppix 6, it can see your stuff and change the name.00:29
dendritegreetings. im using grub2 to boot into 10.04, and i also have another distro on a secondary drive. that distro uses grub legacy, and will not let me set a custom vga widescreen mode such as vga=365.  is this something grub2 handles? or am i missing the gfx driver in the 2nd distro?00:29
RayArnoldDr_Willis: no00:29
shaheeneryyeah, basically a livecd fix00:30
FoolishOwlRayArnold, you can use rsync to backup a running system, except that you can't backup .gvfs if someone is using GNOME. However, you don't want to back up .gvfs anyway.00:30
usr13RayArnold: Can't he just change it back to lib ?00:30
shaheenerythat's what doc thinks too00:30
castaway_hello guys i have just bought a new laptop copmaq presario cq62, having some issues with the wless network it just doesn't work00:30
castcastaway_: and what kind of wireless chip is it?00:31
tjubalubais here some sort of gnome log? im having problems starting programs from the menues00:31
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usr13cast: what does iwconfig say?00:31
ZombieI have an Odd AT Keyboard issue.00:31
FoolishOwlTake a look at rsnapshot, in the repository. It's based on rsync.00:31
ZombieA Keyboard of mind is sending control when it should be sending shift.00:31
castusr13: nothing! i don't have wireless ;)00:31
jigacastaway_, did you check for drivers00:31
usr13castaway_: lspci |grep -i wireless00:32
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usr13castaway_: So iwconfig says "No wireless extensions"    or...?00:32
castusr13: thatll miss some things, like '02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Device 002b (rev 01)00:32
castaway_nor lspci00:33
usr13castaway_: What  wireless chip is it?00:33
edbianExcellent security! :)00:33
RayArnoldhmm, i'm afraid there are no simple solution00:33
evansp01what's wrong with this: sudo chmod a+rwx -R /ect/X11/xorg.conf ? terminal returns "chmod: cannot access "path" no such file or directory00:33
castRayArnold: if you want to backup running systems take a snapshot00:34
edbianon KDE 4.3.5 if I have more than 1 monitor must I have more than one desktop activity thing?00:34
effjevansp01, I believe it's just a spelling error on IRC, but ect != etc.. could that be it? :)00:34
intradercastaway: do you get the applet with a list of network connections - also try System-->Administration-->Network Tools you should see a protocol list00:34
RayArnoldcast: can i do this to an encrypted external hdd?00:35
castaway_usr13, don't know for sure00:35
castRayArnold: sure, if you used LVM, or btrfs, or zfs00:35
usr13castaway_: What does lspci say?00:35
evansp01lemme check, might have just been a spelling error here00:35
PrometheusI just installed a fresh ubuntu server 10.04 and I am having a bit of trouble with accessing internet00:35
usr13castaway_: Bring up a terminal and type    lspci   and hit enter.00:35
PrometheusI'm using dhcp and the router assigns my computer an ip, but after that I can't seem to be accessing anything00:36
RayArnoldcast: and what would be the best way to restore such a snapshot?00:36
ProfessorBaconPrometheus: do you have an IP address?  can you ping the gateway?  how about the DNS server? are you able to resolve hostnames?00:36
usr13Prometheus: what is in /etc/resolv.conf   (after nameserver)00:36
castRayArnold: same way as normal00:36
PrometheusProfessorBacon: let me check00:37
PrometheusI have an ip address, I know that much00:37
usr13Prometheus: Open a terminal window and type    host av.com     and hit enter.00:37
castaway_3:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02)00:38
castaway_ usr1300:38
Prometheususr13: it can't resolve hosts00:38
Prometheustimes out00:38
FoolishOwlPrometheus, what's in /etc/resolv.conf ?00:38
ProfessorBaconso what are you using as a DNS server (refer to usr13's eariler question)00:39
Prometheususr13, FoolishOwl: resolve.conf looks like http://pastie.textmate.org/private/cngnlh027vy611adr21w00:39
Prometheusthe router00:39
castaway_Prometheus, edit your etc hosts file and change your current nameservers to , comment out the existing ones00:39
usr13castaway_: lsmod |grep 810100:39
honkyzghi, i have a script which edits a picture file which is set as my wallpaper, i cant figure out how to make this script run at the system startup and repeated every minute, any ideas? help?00:40
switz_cron job00:40
castaway_usr13, nothing00:40
usr13Prometheus: ping
usr13castaway_:  lsmod | egrep "r8|rtl8"00:41
switz_honkyzg search how to setup a cron job00:41
usr13Prometheus: Can you ping your router?   ping
Prometheususr13: hang on, restarted networking00:41
Prometheuspreviously I couldn't, anyway00:41
Prometheusoh, now Network is unreachable =P00:42
usr13Prometheus: ifconfig00:42
usr13Prometheus: route -n00:42
PrometheusI wish I could copypaste from the terminal window =P00:43
castaway_usr13,  lsmod |egrep "r8|rtl8"00:43
castaway_r8169                  34076  000:43
castaway_mii                     4381  1 r816900:43
strangeprometheus you can: ifconfig > file00:43
usr13castaway_: iwconfig00:43
igsenrunning intrepid and stucked w/ pdigin 2.5.2 , How can I get a newer version?00:43
strangeand pastebinit that file :)00:43
Prometheusstrange: except it's on an entirely different computer that I can't ssh onto00:43
Prometheusstrange: otherwise I would =)00:43
switz_Prometheus you could try a different terminal if that bothers you a lot.00:43
CkhiKuzadwhenever i log in, into gnome, the gnome-panel program doesn't start.00:43
strangePrometheus, pastbinit.00:43
castaway_no wless extensions usr1300:44
Prometheusstrange: I can't access the computer from my other computers, and that computer has no access to the internets00:44
Prometheusvery hard to pastebin it =)00:44
Prometheususr13: right, route -n gives me just empty table now00:44
FoolishOwlPrometheus, is anything else plugged in to the router, and successully networked?00:45
strangePrometheus, pastebinit is an app00:45
strangeapt-get install pastebinit00:45
usr13Prometheus: sudo route add default gw
strangethen "pastebinit filename"00:45
PrometheusFoolishOwl: yes00:45
strangeoh nm you have no internets00:45
Prometheusstrange: yes, that's the problem =)00:45
Prometheususr13: SIOCADDRT: no such process00:45
PrometheusFoolishOwl: all of my other machines are fine, just this one that I just freshly installed00:46
Prometheusthat doesn't work, that is00:46
Prometheusit worked in 9.1000:46
chilli0Hello , I'm worried about reinstalling grub2 I don't want to screw it up. Last time I try'd messing with grub I had to do a total reinstall. Is there any easy way just to make grub install?00:46
Prometheusbut it doesn't work in 10.0400:46
Prometheusshould I try setting up a static IP?00:47
igsenintrepid & pidgin 2.5.2, how can I install newer version of pidgin that can connect to yahoo?00:47
usr13castaway_: modprobe r810100:48
IanWizardcastaway_: realtek card?00:48
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IanWizardOk, so I'm on Ubuntu, but becoming very dissatisfied with the bloat, so I've decided to migrate to Debian.  But I'm on an encrypted partition, so I have to use a separate /boot partition.  What do I need to do to use the same partition as Ubuntu.  What do I need to do to keep the grub / kernel / initdisk from interfering.00:49
IanWizardIs it sufficient to just run update-grub to figure out the new kernels?  Or should I just configure the Debian (or Ubuntu) entries by hand?00:49
castaway_usr13, fatal module not found00:49
castaway_IanWizard, yes realtek00:49
FoolishOwlPrometheus, does your router have a log, and have you checked it?00:49
usr13Prometheus: ifconfig eth0   #What IP address does it show?00:49
jribcircumbendibus: no, here is where you ask questions00:50
Prometheususr13: apparently none now00:50
IanWizardcastaway_: what's your problem?  I've got a finicky realtek card,  maybe I can help00:50
Prometheususr13: it had one before I restarted networking, I'll boot the machine and see what happens =)00:50
PrometheusFoolishOwl: I haven't actually checked it, I'll have a look if it does00:50
Prometheusit's a Verizon FiOS box00:51
usr13Prometheus: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; sudo route add default gw
intraderIanWizard: I am also dissatisfied with the bloat as well as UI performance. However, I have tried suse, debian, fedora, mandriva and derivatives and see the same00:51
castaway_IanWizard, can't load wless iface00:51
castaway_hence no wless00:51
Prometheususr13: alright, I've some thing in route table now00:51
usr13Prometheus: ping
PrometheusDestionation Host Unreachable00:52
IanWizardintrader: I'm on opensuse right now, and I'm pretty satisfied.  But still not willing to give up debian.00:52
castintrader: then don't use KDE/GNOME ;)00:52
castintrader: my desktop is *very* fast and minimal :)00:52
usr13castaway_: Is this a laptop?00:53
castwith the exception of firefox, which is always a hog00:53
IanWizardcastaway_: make sure you have the driver from the realtek site,  and make sure it's the latest.  that's what it took to get mine working.00:53
circumbendibusok, so I just installed Lucid and it doesn't seem to auto-detect my monitor.  I would just change xorg.conf but that has been removed.  Xorg -configure won't work because I can't get the virtual terminals (ctrl-alt-[f1-f6]) to give me more than a blank screen. $service gdm stop does the same loopy thing and I have to restart.00:53
timewriteris there a cleaning tool for ubuntu , except gconf-cleaner ?00:53
Prometheususr13: I can see the machine on the router's network status screen00:53
Prometheusbut that's about it00:53
usr13Prometheus: ping   #can you ping it now?00:53
Prometheususr13: still unreachable00:53
castaway_IanWizard, nice00:54
castaway_let me check that00:54
usr13Prometheus: Go on and reboot, see what happens.00:55
Prometheususr13: that's odd, getting pings back now00:56
usr13Prometheus:  route -n00:56
intraderIanWizard: open suse 8.2 on Dell Inspiron 8200 worked superbly. Old machine that also runs XP perfectly. Troubles began with 9.10 (and then 10.04)00:56
Prometheusalthough funnily it froze amid pinging..00:56
Prometheusafter first 2 pings =)00:56
ProfessorBaconhave you tried pinging yet?00:57
PrometheusProfessorBacon: it answers to that00:57
usr13Prometheus: You must be getting some bogus DHCP info from your network.  Are you sure you have only one DHCP server running on your LAN?00:57
timewriterlets make a contest00:57
Prometheususr13: pretty sure00:57
IanWizardintrader: that's exactly right, that's when it started getting bad.  and I'm on openSuse 11.300:57
Prometheususr13: only the router should be doing dhcp00:57
intradercast: I have tried moving away from kde/gnome (xface). But still problems  remain. I think it is the kernel, or Xorg00:57
timewritergnome for the win00:58
IanWizardtimewriter: ok, first person to ping google wins00:58
Prometheususr13: weird, it does freeze every time I start pinging00:58
timewriteri win00:58
jrib!ot | timewriter00:58
ubottutimewriter: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:58
crohakon!ot | jrib00:58
ubottujrib: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:58
timewriteroh man , not even on sudays00:58
jribcrohakon: please do not abuse the bot00:58
IanWizardtimewriter: I was going to say that I keep a ping to google running, in a script, but you spoke before I could00:59
CkhiKuzad-.- come on. i've asked twice and googled it. whenever i start gnome, the panel never starts up. even with alt+f2+gnome-panel00:59
crohakon*gasps* I would never...00:59
timewriterwhy you need a script for that00:59
castintrader: seems unlikely, given that kernel/x ran pretty well back in the day with 400MHz/64MB ram00:59
jribCkhiKuzad: does it happen with a fresh new user?00:59
usr13Prometheus: Try restarting the network:  sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart00:59
CkhiKuzadyes, jrib00:59
archangelpetromaverick i sstill beta, right?00:59
jribarchangelpetro: yes00:59
IanWizardtimewriter: it's part of a bigger script00:59
timewriterok :)00:59
jribIanWizard, timewriter: take this elsewhere please00:59
timewriteri just use awn terminal00:59
usr13Prometheus: and then:  ifconfig eth0   And see what IP you have.01:00
timewriterjrib, why are you angry today01:00
IanWizardI gotta go anyway,   jrib: sorry01:00
jribtimewriter: I'm not?01:00
timewriteryoure different than i know you01:00
jribCkhiKuzad: run it from a terminal01:00
timewritercome on man , its sunday01:00
evanescentevery so often I boot and there are no frames on my windows (ubuntu 10.04)01:00
evanescentrebooting a few times fixes it01:00
intraderIanWizard: right: very responsive UI in all applications. Wrong: very slow UI. Started bad: I installed 9.10, then re-installed 9.04 and had the problems, went to 10.04 to remediate.01:00
evanescentbut it's irritating. thoughts?01:00
crohakontimewriter, saturday... it is saturday... move to the correct country... geez.01:00
CkhiKuzadI can start it in fluxbox jrib, but never in GNOMe01:01
timewritermaybe i am in the right country :)01:01
IdleOnetimewriter: take the offtopic chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic please01:01
jribCkhiKuzad: I have to go.  You should run it from a terminal and pastebin output01:01
timewriterok , sorry01:01
timewriterill get on topic01:01
timewriterhow do i solve the vertical sync issue01:01
panpanshhello ;) how many times for backup with backup-manager ?01:01
timewriterit seems that vsync doesnt work01:01
IdleOne!msgthebot > frobisher01:01
ubottufrobisher, please see my private message01:01
circumbendibusi asked my question a while ago, should i keep asking it, or will someone get to it?  it has to do with screen resolution01:02
jribcircumbendibus: just repeat ~10 minutes01:03
timewritercircumbendibus, can you ask it again please01:03
circumbendibusok, so I just installed Lucid and it doesn't seem to auto-detect my monitor.  I would just change xorg.conf but that has been removed.  Xorg -configure won't work because I can't get the virtual terminals (ctrl-alt-[f1-f6]) to give me more than a blank screen. $service gdm stop does the same loopy thing and I have to restart.  Thanks!01:03
Prometheususr13: just a minute, the computer isn't playing nice with me =)01:03
intradercast: should I list the problems I have with 10.04? 'IanWizard' went of leaving conversation hanging.01:03
PrometheusI might just have to kick up a VM image and install ubuntu on it01:03
timewritercircumbendibus, did you installed the video drivers ?01:04
timewriterits ctrl alt shift F7 , if you want to drop gdm and get to console01:05
circumbendibusmy card is s3 unichrome, i cant find if the driver is even available.  the via website didnt list anything for my comp+distro01:05
timewriterdamn the s3 :(01:05
nytek_is there anyway to enable 2 finger right click?01:05
timewriteri remember i had some problems on a IBM thinkpad T2301:05
nytek_is there anyway to enable 2 finger right click?01:05
timewriterbut i managed to install them01:05
b1ankhey there, i have Ubuntu booting off of a USB stick as persistent that i made using the Pendrive util. i'm trying to mount /home to a hard disk /dev/sda2, it mounts fine manually, but when i put a record in the fstab (as root) it reverts to the default (w/o this entry) every time after a reboot. any idea why this might be happening01:06
circumbendibusbut i still have the problem that C-A-f6 makes me have to reboot.  should it be C-A-S-f6?01:06
timewritersame chip01:06
timewritercircumbendibus, do you want to ctrl + alt + shift + F7 ?01:06
Prometheususr13: after restarting networking, ifconfig doesn't show an ip anymore01:07
Prometheususr13: I got a "No DHCPOFFERS received"01:07
timewriteroh , its ctrl + alt + shift + F101:07
timewriterctrl + alt + F8 to go back01:07
usr13Prometheus: sudo ifconfig eth0 ; sudo route add default gw
ralliasI'm trying to play something in wine, and the audio won't play. I am using 10.04.1, and volume is set at max. What do i need to do?01:07
circumbendibusi can try, but ill probably have to reboot.  will i be able to make an xorg.conf?  because i put the default one in myself, and then i couldnt login after the loading screen01:07
scott_inois multi-touch testing not using utouch package anymore, package doesn't seem to exist01:08
timewritercircumbendibus, you need to stop gdm01:08
timewriterthen reconfigure xorg01:08
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usr13Prometheus: host av.com01:10
Prometheususr13: still can't ping the router after that01:10
Prometheusand host just times out01:10
circumbendibusok, ill try that.  is there a website where i can plug in my hardware and it will tell you what distros are compatible?01:10
circumbendibuswhen i stop gdm, it freezez and i cant get back01:10
usr13Prometheus: ifconfig eth0   #What IP does it show to have now?01:10
timewritercircumbendibus, did you try Administration > Hardware drivers ?01:11
usr13Prometheus: ping
usr13Prometheus: ping
PrometheusI get an answer back01:11
Prometheus.1.1 is unreachable01:11
evanescentevery so often after I boot there are no frames on my windows. rebooting a coupel times fixes this. is this a known problem?01:12
usr13Prometheus: Check / Change network cable and / or port on router.01:12
castevanescent: next time just try restarted x :)01:12
edbianIs there something in linux that does this? http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2nDk1S/www.howtogeek.com/howto/12131/find-your-computers-location-with-windows-7-and-geosense/01:12
Prometheususr13: I'll do that, thanks01:12
evanescentthanks but that's not really a solution01:12
evanescenti want to stop it from happening01:13
castevanescent: find root cause -> fix problem. step 1 in finding cause, *isolate*01:13
castevanescent: but sure, do whatever you want ;)01:13
evanescentso supposing restarting X fixes it01:13
evanescentthen what01:13
toniHeey , i already have WIne on my computer , but i still cant get Msn Messenger on my computer ..01:14
strangejust use amsn or something?01:14
castyou said rebooting a couple of times...rather than just once, which is curious01:14
evanescentit happens a lot. i figured it was just chance01:15
evanescentsometimes once works01:15
evanescenti'd say there's between a 1/3 and 1/2 chance of it happening on any given boot01:15
evanescentirrespective of whether it happened immediately before01:16
evanescentbut thats just my guess01:16
Takeasyhi, how can i set a program to auto-run when start-up?01:16
remotei'm trying to install kubuntu-desktop and am receiving this error: Failed to fetch http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/a/amarok/amarok-utils_2.3.0-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb  Hash Sum mismatch01:16
castso how often does it happen with an x restart01:16
remotei tried to apt-get update --fix-missing but it doesn't solve the problem01:16
remotecan someone advise?01:16
Takeasyhi, how can i set a program to auto-run when start-up?01:17
toni Heey , i already have Wine on my computer , but i still cant get Msn Messenger on mky comptuer.. any one have awnsers ?01:17
remoteTakeasy, use an init script01:17
castremote: try a different mirror, hash sum mismatch is fairly clear01:17
remotecast, i'm using mirrors.kernel.org01:18
Takeasycan u explain more? i'm new to this remote01:18
evanescentunclear. i can check later01:18
castremote: i know.01:18
usr13Takeasy: Sessions -> Program Startup01:18
remoteright, can you suggest me another one?01:18
remoteTakeasy, be as specific as you can and try to describe precisely what you are wanting to do and why01:18
shaheeneryI'm trying to mount a partition but I'm getting "wrong fs type bad option bad superblock on"01:18
usr13Takeasy: System \ Preferences\ Sessions01:19
remoteshaheenery, what type of partition?01:19
casti could, but that would involve me opening up a browser, which i think you could do instead of me ;)01:19
shaheeneryit's either ext3 or 401:19
Takeasythx all, i found it01:19
shaheeneryit's ext something01:19
remotecast, try /exec -o grep ^http /etc/apt/source.list | head -101:19
Takeasyi thought i have to code some sudo things......01:19
castremote: sources.list, and that won't help you01:20
remotethat's where you configure the mirror(s) your system uses01:21
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:21
castremote: for a start the lines don't fit that format, furthermore they're not ubuntu mirrors and lastly, they're private mirrors01:21
remotewhat are you talking about?01:21
remoteyou said i should change mirror01:21
castyes. i did.01:22
castbut not to my mirror.01:22
remoteso that's where i change the mirror01:22
remotecast, where should i report my problem?01:22
casti don't know, but i imagine its one that resolves itself over time01:23
sleeppy777does anyone know much about using blacktrack?01:24
rwwsleeppy777: Backtrack Linux isn't supported here, try #backtrack-linux01:25
remotecast, removing amarok* in /var/cache/apt/... fixed the problem ...!01:26
sleeppy777thank you01:26
castremote: it may have been the mirror was syncing and you just hit it at the wrong time01:26
remotebad timing :)01:27
remoteok thanks!01:28
tjubalubahow to troubleshoot a gnome/ubuntu "programlauncher" menu item... nothing happens when i click it01:29
adversaryhello everyone :D01:30
intradertjubaluba, have you tried the item from the terminal?01:30
hiexpowhat app is it tjubaluba01:31
Dekonegagood night01:31
intradertjubaluba, other items are responding?01:31
hiexpotjubaluba, what application01:32
tjubalubaintrader, hiexpo: Yes, and the app is .sh script launching a ruby IDE ... that does require some of my accounts .bashrc env variables01:33
VerminatorI have bee using freenode for a while, but only now registered, when I log on, it tells me the nick is already registered and to use "identify <password>". why is this happening and how do i fix it? I'm using Empathy as mu client.01:33
VerminatorBTW, when I use "identify <password>", all is well, so I'm pretty sure its a configuration issue01:33
Jordan_UVerminator: It's a standard message, before you're identified you're just some person trying to use the nick "Verminator" and so you're being warned that it's registered (in case it's not actually you).01:35
intradertjubaluba, I assume you have tried the script from the terminal. The terminal is running as you, and may not have the variables the IDE expectsl01:36
tjubalubaintrader, yes.. tried in terminal01:36
AsterixDoes anyone know I'm getting an installation error when installing from the CD that file doesn't match source copy? I've done the integrity check when booting with it but there's no errors there.01:37
VerminatorJordan_U, so how do I automatically identify w/ each log in then, so as to log in as the real Verminator.01:37
tjubalubaintrader, so "program in terminal" would run .bashrc right?01:37
intraderVerminator, I had the same problem. What I had to do was have Staff reinstate my account.01:38
Verminatortjubaluba, that is a config file for the bach shell, you cant just run it, there is a command, which I cant think of, to parse it and apply changes, let me look for command01:38
intradertjubaluba, what is the first line of the script?01:39
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frobisherVerminator,you need to register an acount.01:39
tjubalubaintrader, #!/bin/sh01:40
Verminatorfrobisher, I did register the account and verified it, but when I log in it wants me to use "identify <password>".  I'm think I just need to somehow configure empathy to make sure I log on as the real Verminator.01:41
Jordan_UVerminator: It depends on your IRC client, which are you using?01:41
frobisherThe bot don't work.It tells you how to register(!why)01:41
VerminatorJordan_U, empathy 2.30.201:42
tjubalubaVerminator, oh okey.. so .bashrc isnt run from "Program in terminal" menu items?01:42
frobisherThis morning they where working on the system ,but maybe it's not all fixed yet.01:43
Verminatortjubaluba, no, it is run automatically when u log in, there is a command to reparse it, I'm trying to find it now, I forget what it is off the top o my head01:43
Jordan_UVerminator: http://library.gnome.org/users/empathy/stable/irc-nick-password.html.en01:43
Verminatorfrobisher, ok thx, I'll checxk that out01:43
purrdetasource .bashrc01:43
An_Ony_Moosemeh. SSH will connect to a server, scp won't work with it. Can anyone explain this? :/01:44
intradertjubaluba, Verminator Not necessarily By detault bash, but the first line actually could direct it to use another shell.01:44
denysoniqueAn_Ony_Moose, what is the error?01:44
An_Ony_Moosethe connection times out01:44
An_Ony_Moosessh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out01:44
Verminatorpurrdeta, yes thats it, tjubaluba, thATS what I wa sthinking of, thx purrdeta01:44
jdawgHere is my issue...After an installation of Lucid Lynx, I reboot, then I get a black screen with flashing cursor...It goes through POST but I don't think Grub is loading...holding down shift, e, or other key combos don't work...I also don't think it is my video card since this just happens after post, and before grub....an ideas? I've been pulling my hair out all day lol01:44
purrdetanp :D01:45
Verminatorintrader, thx for that extra info, I did not know that01:45
spacegravity4meum... i'm trying to get to the #xubuntu chat... anyone know how i do that?01:46
intraderVerminator, np01:46
Jordan_Ujdawg: Could you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?01:46
An_Ony_Moosespacegravity4me, type /j #xubuntu01:46
spacegravity4meokay, ty01:46
An_Ony_Moosenp :)01:46
elitexrayHas anyone been able to game on HP laptops running on ubuntu?01:46
crucialhoaxIs there still no fix for the Acer 532h netbook card reader?01:47
jdawgJordan_U: Should i do this through terminal from my Ubuntu live USB?01:48
RudyValenciaOK, I accidentally selected the wrong partition to format when doing mke2fs, I canceled it during the first part of the process (creating tables). Is there a chance I can still recover data from the partition?01:48
Jordan_Ujdawg: Yes.01:48
castRudyValencia: yes.01:48
RudyValenciahow? :)01:48
Verminatormy usb ports are all offline / dead, lsusb hangs and cant even be killed.  Any suggestions for getting USB back online w/o rebooting?01:48
Jordan_URudyValencia: What filesystem was there previously?01:49
castRudyValencia: well thats the tricky bit...01:49
jdawgJordan_U: I will do that first thing tomorrow.  I have my computer apart in pieces trying to single out the problem, lol01:49
karlwdamn... i pressed ctrl+alt+f2 which tossed me out of X/gnome and im now in console land01:49
RudyValenciaJordan_U: ext301:49
karlwhow do i get back?!01:49
karlwPLEASE.. very tiresome01:49
jdawgJordan_U: Thanks a bunch!01:49
Verminatorkarlw, u can get back w/ ctrl+alt+f701:49
Jordan_Ujdawg: You're welcome.01:49
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.01:49
RudyValenciaJordan_U: The drive had an ext3 filesystem.01:50
tjubalubaVerminator, thanx a handful01:50
Verminatortjubaluba, np01:50
tjubalubagot really scared there in monochrome land01:50
tjubalubagotto go01:50
castthere's at least 1 tool for recovery from ext3, i'd make  a snapshot of the fs and give it a whirl01:50
crucialhoaxIs there still no fix for the Acer 532h netbook card reader?01:51
Microman171Can somebody help out with a audio problem?01:51
jasbututwhat problem?01:51
castyou could try using a backup superblock01:52
Jordan_URudyValencia: No matter what happens you'll be able to get most of your files back with photorec, but I'd like to see if we can actually get the filesystem mountable again.01:52
Microman171In windows 7, I disabled front jeck detection to get them working, and they work fine.  In ubuntu, the headphone jack (front) works fine, but no microphone...01:52
Jordan_Ucast: You read my mind :)01:52
Microman171Is there something similar to jack detection I can disable?01:52
RudyValenciathe computer this drive is in is booted to a live CD01:52
VerminatorJordan_U, thx for the link, exactly what I was looking for, unfortunatly, thats what i did and still have the problem, thx anyway01:53
zzzedMicroman171, have you tried alsamixergui or gamix?01:53
Microman171zzzed: Tried alsamixer, and there is only one input showing up, the rear connector.  The rear works fine.01:54
Jordan_UVerminator: Are you actually not identified before you manually run "/msg nickserv identify foo"? You will get the message you mentioned earlier even when everything is setup correctly.01:54
RudyValenciaJordan_U: What do I do next?01:54
Microman171zzzed: Should I try gamix?01:54
zzzedMicroman171, why not give it a shot01:55
krabadorhi, i need a testdisk expert01:55
VerminatorJordan_U, yes, I have to manually identify each time I log in.01:55
umanHi, I often connect to a server at "lectura.cs.arizona.edu"01:56
umanIs there a way to set up my system so Ic an just type "ssh lectura" instead of typing the whole domain name01:56
castRudyValencia: have a read of http://planet.admon.org/howto/using-alternative-superblock-to-check-ext3/01:56
Jordan_URudyValencia: First run "sudo fsck -n /dev/sdXY" (where XY is replaced with the proper drive and partition) and pastebin the results. This will run fsck *without letting it attempt to repair*, don't try to actually repair with fsck yet.01:56
greezmunkeyuman: put an alias in your /etc/hosts file01:56
sync3timesuman,  a neat way to do it is in a config file in .ssh01:57
stoppokerhallo zusammen is hier jemand der auch 'nur' deutsch spricht?01:57
Jordan_U!de | stoppoker01:57
ubottustoppoker: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:57
sync3timesuman that way you can set other site specific things for ssh along with the full hostname01:57
Microman171zzzed: Nope.  I don't think the OS can see the front mic?  There is only one channel01:57
RudyValenciaJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/X6CWkTZH01:57
umansync3times: thanks01:57
casti was thinking if time isn't important, and there's not enough space to make an image of the drive, one could par2 the block device @ say 10% and be able to revert changes that way01:58
mobasherhow do you force kill a process..i can't get rid of something01:58
Microman171mobasher: There is a kill command, or a killall command01:58
zzzedMicroman171, what type of audio card?01:59
mobasheri have this process i want to kill "[ssh-agent] <defunct>01:59
RudyValenciacast: I haven't another hard disk that can hold the contents of this one01:59
sync3timesmobasher, zombies,  hard to kill01:59
Verminatormobasher, you need to first find the PID of the process01:59
mobashermoe       3629  3492  0 20:02 ?        00:00:00 [ssh-agent] <defunct>01:59
sync3timesmobasher, its a zombie process.  It failed to give its return code to its parent because its parent was dead.   Hard to kill02:00
mobasherdarn it02:00
Verminatormobasher, find PID by "ps aux |grep ssh"  this will list the processes running with "ssh" in description, one of the pieces of data will be PID02:00
mobasheri was playing around with openssh installation and i messed up so i removed it02:01
Verminatormobasher, then kill <PID>  and if that doesnt work kill -9 <PID>02:01
mobashermoe       3629  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Zs   20:02   0:00 [ssh-agent] <defunct>02:01
casthttp://linux.die.net/man/8/e2fsck describes how to get a list of alternative superblocks :), under -b02:01
mobasheri need to reboot i guess ?02:01
sync3timesmobasher, its probably not hurting anything02:02
RudyValenciaSomeone else suggested testdick02:02
VerminatorJordan_U, so if i understand um then I must "identify <pass>" each time I log in?02:02
RudyValenciaIt found one backup superblock02:02
mobasherk great..thanks guys apprecaite it02:02
Jordan_UVerminator: You shouldn't need to do that manually, no.02:02
jk_Verminator, if you're using xchat, it will do it for you automagically.02:03
RudyValenciaNow I can run e2fsck -n -b (that number) /dev/sdb1 to see if it will work (read-only, of course - we don't want to do anything until we're 100% sure!)02:03
VerminatorJordan_U, thx for the clarification, jk_, using empathy and I think i have it set correctly, but need to identify manually each time02:03
RudyValenciaOoh three backups so far02:03
pdkask empathy folks or look in docs to see if you can run commands on server connect02:03
RudyValenciaGood, I still have a chance02:03
RudyValencia...Ext2 superblock found at sector 89915392 (block=11239424, blocksize=4096)02:04
RudyValenciaExt2 superblock found at sector 163840000 (block=20480000, blocksize=4096)02:04
RudyValenciaExt2 superblock found at sector 191102976 (block=23887872, blocksize=4096)02:04
Verminatorpdk, good suggestions02:04
RudyValenciaI'm lucky02:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:05
pdkanyway i shouldve gotten to my problem already :p02:05
RudyValenciaI'm just... worried about my data02:05
pdktl;dr version sabrent pci-g802 not being detected right in 64 bit lucid it seems02:05
castRudyValencia: good thing for backups ;)02:05
RudyValenciaSo now if I point e2fsck at one of those it should fix things, right?02:06
pdklspci says "network controller: device 3fff:bfff", iwconfig doesnt find any wireless connection02:06
Microman171zzzed: Integrated Realtek02:06
jaysernI'm on a laptop with Lucid, and when I plug my 2nd monitor in and adjust the monitor preferences to the resolution and refresh rate recommended by the external monitor, the screen shows up but it's fuzzy and shaky. lspci shows that Ubuntu is picking up the right video drivers02:07
lnewlfeanyone with knowledge with setting up soundcards?02:08
sync3timesjaysern, what refresh are you trying,  is it vga or dvi02:08
TheMusicGuyI just performed a routine system update, but when I try to start Ubuntu with the latest kernel, the system drops into an (initramfs) prompt. I am now using the last kernel that was working before the update.02:08
sync3timesjaysern, good cable?02:08
jaysernas far as I know yes02:08
jaysern(by trying it on a different computer)02:09
sync3timesjaysern,  fast machine,  good video chipset?02:09
Verminatorthx all for the help, I'll be logging on and off for testing, thx again, much appreciated.02:09
jaysernyup, not a clunker02:09
sync3timesjaysern,  can you boot up with just the monitor, ie your laptop is closed and not trying to display video?   And using a ext. keyboard.   Is it still jump then?02:10
zzzedMicroman171, sorry, no can help02:10
lnewlfeI'm using 9.10 updated to as of 3 hours ago, cant get sound.  According to driver manager in Windows *Where im getting sound* the comp has a realtek (sp?) soundcard...P4 @server x series computer, built in soundcard02:11
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: press Esc when the system starts booting and see if you can discern any relevant error messages02:11
netbook_im having adobe flash problems02:12
jaysernsync3times: so it's not a driver problem, is it ?02:12
* jaysern trying to rule out problems02:12
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, "when the system starts booting"? When exactly? After I've selected the kernel from Grub?02:12
netbook_im not sre can you help02:12
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: yes02:12
netbook_how do i check my video card and update it in ubuntu02:13
lnewlfeany ideas on setting up my sound?02:13
EvilPhoenixnetbook_:  define update first02:13
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, there is actually an error message that said something about disk-by-id or something that comes up just before the prompt02:13
sync3timesjaysern, I would like to eliminate the chance that running two desktop is too much for the card.    You are extending the desktop onto the external right?   Is it nvidia btw?02:13
jaysernhmmmm ... okay. well, it works perfectly fine in Windows Vista02:14
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: what's the exact error?02:14
jaysernso the hardware can support it02:14
sync3timesjaysern, good to know.   What chipset?02:14
Microman171zzzed: Thanks anyway02:14
ilovefairuzjaysern: pastebin: sudo lshw -C multimedia02:14
lenswipe|debianhey guys02:14
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, I don't know. Its kind of long, and I'm not quite sure how to capture it for viewing in this channel because it appears at a time when I have little access to anything at all02:14
jaysernsync3times: actually the laptop's lcd has a problem - i can see the screen but it is very faint (i think the inverter broke) but that's a different story .. so I'm actually trying to mirror (not extend)02:15
jaysernit's a Radeon Xpress 125002:15
sync3timesjaysern, good to know that too.02:15
lenswipe|debianim having issues getting vlc to stream a DVD02:15
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: look in /var/log/messages starting bottom up02:15
RudyValenciacast, Jordan_U: thanks02:15
lenswipe|debianthe audio comes through not the video02:15
lenswipe|debiancan someone help?02:15
lenswipe|debiani can listen to the DVD but not watch it02:15
lenswipe|debianid really like to be able to watch this DVD by streaming02:16
lenswipe|debiancan someone help me with this problem?02:16
ilovefairuz!enter | lenswipe|debian02:16
ubottulenswipe|debian: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:16
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, I think it said something along the lines of "file not found: /dev/disk-by-id/some-numbers-and-stuff"02:16
EvilPhoenixnetbook_:  learn to write messages in channel rather than PMing users randomly02:16
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, maybe it was disk-by-uuid02:16
lenswipe|debianilovefairuz, do you know?02:16
crucialhoaxIs there still no fix for the Acer 532h netbook card reader?02:17
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo pastebinit /var/log/messages02:17
sacarlsonlenswipe|debian: did you try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats ?02:17
EvilPhoenixnetbook_:  software update... as in driver update for your graphics card?  already automatic usually02:17
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sync3timesjaysern, I know more about nvidia than radeon drivers.    sorry02:17
EvilPhoenixnetbook_:  as for checking the card... try looking through the output of lspci02:17
lenswipe|debiansacarlson, its not a problem with restritcted formats - the video isnt even being broadcast02:17
netbook_sorry about the messaging. i just install xbuntu02:17
ZykoticK9lenswipe|debian, in VLC try changing the Video Output to OpenGL or X11 in the options menu, see if either/or work02:17
lnewlfei have run sudo lshw -C multimedia, and im looking at what it is claiming to be my soundcard, and it claims to be all there,  but i dont get sound.02:18
lenswipe|debianits broadcasting from a windows machine to a linux machine02:18
tastyfishDoes anyone know how to make a custom color scheme for gedit? I've tried making one but all I get when I try to add it is "the selected color scheme cannot be installed"?02:18
lenswipe|debianif i connect on the windows machine using it produces no video02:18
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, its probably copy protection.02:18
ilovefairuz!paste | lnewlfe02:18
ubottulnewlfe: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:18
RudyValenciaIt mounted and I can see my files!02:18
lenswipe|debiansync3times, it is possible to stream DVDs - ive seen guides on it - i just cant get it to work02:18
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gaboxhi, when i start my ubuntu with the 2.6.32-24 kernel, i got this message: "/dev/disk/by-uuid/4a4.... does not exist. Droping to a shell!" That uuid refers to the partition were i have ubuntu installed. I first thought it was by hard disk, but i can boot fine with 2.6.32-23 kernel. Any ideas?? thanks02:19
jk_RudyValencia, time to back them up, in case it happens again!02:19
sync3timeslenswipe|debian,  vnc is working in all other respects, but it stops working when you are looking at a movie?02:19
jaysernilovefairuz: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/nAwq692m02:19
lnewlfehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/488535/ for info for soundcard02:19
jaysernsync3times: no worries i appreciate the help.02:19
lenswipe|debiansync3times, vlc*02:19
RudyValenciajk_: yeah, I will. But first I must (correctly) format the USB external drive.02:20
jaysernalso to test the cable, i plugged in another computer to this monitor - and it works. so the cable is ok02:20
tastyfishMan, this gedit thing is annoying. No results on google either.02:20
lenswipe|debiansync3times, not vnc02:20
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, whoops.  srry02:20
elitexrayubottu is actually really helpful02:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:20
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, I don't think that will work. The error occurs before any drives have even been mounted, so no errors could have been reported to /var/log/messages. But I will post it anyway:02:20
lenswipe|debiansync3times, its k :)02:21
lenswipe|debiansync3times, so any ideas about VLC02:21
lnewlfeany ideas?02:21
lenswipe|debianonly the audio is coming through02:21
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, is the firewall on the windows box down?02:21
tjubalubahmm... gnome menu "program launcher" doesnt seem to get variables set in .bashrc02:21
lenswipe|debiansync3times, yes - but it happens even if i run 2 instances of VLC on the windows box and connect one to the other with
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, well, you are getting audio, so its not connection....damn02:22
lenswipe|debiansync3times, infact if i select "Play locally" the audio plays locally but not the video02:22
lenswipe|debianwhen streaming i tell it to play it locally too02:22
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, oh, so it wont play at all02:22
lenswipe|debiansync3times, no it will play if i just watch the movie02:22
lenswipe|debianbut if i try and stream it and select play locally then it wont play the video even on the windows machine02:22
lenswipe|debiansync3times, when streaming you can have it so that it renders the stream on the local machine too02:23
lenswipe|debianand if i select that iti doesnt render the video02:23
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, got it.   I remember the feature now02:23
J381i have a question guys... i run a netgear wnr2000v2 router, how can i get this to run with ubuntu?02:23
lenswipe|debianJplug it in02:23
lenswipe|debianJ381, ethernet cable02:23
lenswipe|debianits all on the TCP/IP stack it its compatable02:24
Viking667hi all. How do I change mouse pointers on 10.04? I can't see it mentioned anywhere under settings.02:24
J381so i cannot use it as a wireless router?02:24
lenswipe|debiansync3times, on a side note have you ever worked with an exbox?02:24
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, can you get a video that is definitely not copy protected playing on vlc and try to stream it just to be sure?   Something public02:24
lenswipe|debiansync3times, xbox*02:24
lenswipe|debiansync3times, sure02:24
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, my minion fixes them .  I have not personally done so02:24
lenswipe|debiansync3times, i was over at my friends trying to get his XBOX to stop giving the "Nat configuration too strict" message02:24
lenswipe|debiansync3times, 3 words about XBOX after that02:24
lnewlfealright, how bout this, is there software similar to hardware manager in windows for gnome so that i can see the list of hardware/drivers?02:24
lenswipe|debianSpawn. Of. Satan.02:25
ilovefairuzjaysern: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6878453&postcount=302:25
lenswipe|debiansync3times, ^02:25
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, lol,  the xbox.   try a wii  its worse02:25
lenswipe|debiani wouldnt have thought it possible02:25
J381lenswipe|debian: ?02:25
ZykoticK9lnewlfe, check out gnome-device-manager for something very windows like ;)02:26
lenswipe|debianJ381, hook up the network cable - you sahould be good to go02:26
shaheeneryAfter I choose my option on from the GRUB menu, all I get is a blinking white underscore at the top left of my screen :(02:26
lnewlfeim just lookin to get my soundcard to work man lol02:26
lnewlfe...or woman...02:26
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, I'm going to try something. brb.02:26
sync3timeslenswipe|debian,  if you play music with your vlc, then the streaming works right?02:27
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: was there ever sound?02:27
J381so wait, connect the ethernet yellow cable to my laptop?02:27
lenswipe|debiansync3times, hang on02:27
lnewlfenot with hardy heron edition either, and my comp wont run 10.04 LTS02:27
lenswipe|debiansync3times, i only got audio going over02:27
jimi_How can i play xvidformat?02:27
lenswipe|debianoh no02:27
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: try and reboot: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic-generic02:27
lenswipe|debiansync3times, i got video going over if i try and stream a ffile02:28
lenswipe|debianlike an AVI or w/e02:28
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, that works?02:28
kalle_I used adduser to make a new user still the user is not listed with users, why ?02:28
lnewlfewhat does backports have to do with it?02:28
lenswipe|debiansync3times, sure02:28
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, but not a dvd02:28
lenswipe|debianstreaming a file works02:28
lenswipe|debianbut not a DVD02:28
shaheeneryHas anyone ever seen a case of a black screen with white curser, immediately following a choice from the GRUB menu?02:28
edbianlenswipe|debian, What's the lenswipe part of your name mean?02:28
Frijoliehey all, I have a Brother HL-2170w wifi printer which I've gotten to work pretty much without a hitch, however, it takes sometimes 2-3 minutes to spool the print job. Is there something that I've done wrong?02:29
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, still seems like drm02:29
lenswipe|debianedbian, long story02:29
lenswipe|debiansync3times, F***ING DRM02:29
lnewlfewhat is this backport modules?02:29
jaysernilovefairuz: gonna try that, but does that pply to me? sounds like that's a solution for a soundcard issue ?02:29
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, no, really you shouldnt hold in your feelings like that, its not good for you02:29
Frijolieif it's multiple pages it can take upwards of 5 minutes to print. I'm using the recommended driver from openprinting.org02:29
lenswipe|debiansync3times, i wont - ill go and write hate mail to RIAA02:30
edbianlenswipe|debian, ahhh02:30
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, best leave the bear alone.02:30
lnewlfeilovefairuz, how do you "reply" to a specific person like you are doing to me?02:30
BrianEIf my laptop lid is closed for more than about 2-5 minutes, it dies02:30
BrianEIE, not a standard shutdown, the power just cuts02:30
BrianEIt's not a hardware issue, as I can't replicate the behaviour in Vista02:31
BrianEAnyone got any ideas?02:31
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, can you try ripping the movie to a avi or something and then play/stream it?02:31
lenswipe|debiansync3times, idk how do i rip to AVI?02:31
ilovefairuzjaysern: you linked me to a soundcard pastebin so i assumed you have a sound issue!02:31
FrijolieBrianE, System > Preferences > Power Management > When lid is closed ...?02:31
ilovefairuz!tab | lnewlfe02:31
ubottulnewlfe: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:31
BrianEFrijolie: <BrianE> IE, not a standard shutdown, the power just cuts02:31
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, does vlc have the option?02:31
jaysernilovefairuz: lol .. you asked me for the lshw -C multimedia! ;)02:32
litropyHI, peeps. Is there a program out there that uses a notification engine like knotify to give me reminders for set dates?02:32
hiexpodid the repois ever fix the problem with pidgin / twitter messanger02:32
lenswipe|debiansync3times, the situation is this - my laptop has a DVD drive but the VGA out on it is broken, the machine connected to the nice HD monitor i want to play the movie on doesnt have a DVD drive - see the dilemma?02:32
lnewlfeim the one with the soundcard issues lol02:32
lenswipe|debiani cant shift them between machines because one is a laptop and the other is a Dell02:32
FrijolieBrianE, mine says "cut power" as an option :(02:32
jaysernsounds works fine for me .. it's my extended monitor that is fuzzy and shaky02:32
sync3timeslenswipe|debian, yes I see.02:32
ilovefairuzjaysern: my bad! it was for another person02:32
lenswipe|debiansync3times, The RIAA, Microsoft and Dell must die.02:32
BrianEFrijolie: Mine says "Blank Screen", "Do Nothing", "Suspend", "Hibernate" and "Shutdown"02:32
Frijolieno printer gurus out here?02:33
sync3timeslenswipe|debian,  ooooh, now the gods will be angered02:33
lnewlfeso i installed the backport modules, what did i change/can expect upon reboot ilovefairuz?02:33
lenswipe|debiansync3times, XD02:33
lenswipe|debianFrijolie, dont talk to me about printers >:{02:33
hiexpohola all02:33
sweetpilenswipe|debian: this doesnt answer your question. but you could share the dvd drive on your windows box and play through vlc on the other02:33
BrianElitropy: Search the Ubuntu Software Centre for "Alarm Clock", that should do the trick02:33
lenswipe|debianFrijolie, i hate the damn things02:33
litropydoing so, BrianE02:34
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, ive tried that and all i see are the files on the DVD02:34
Frijolielenswipe|debian, it's working..just sometimes annoying that it takes so long to spool the print job02:34
lenswipe|debiani cant actually *PLAY* the DVD02:34
BrianE!es | hiexpo02:34
ubottuhiexpo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:34
sync3timeslenswipe|debian,   there are tools to "back up" your dvds.  I suggest you look for one of those and try to get your dvd into a format that you can stream with vlc or file transfer to your other machine02:34
RudyValenciaOh great.02:34
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: reboot, run alsamixer, run something that makes sound and toggle controls around alsamixer to check their effect02:34
sweetpilenswipe|debian: vlc has the option to play dvd from a directory02:34
RudyValenciaI'm missing a directory02:34
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, i just see the folders like AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS02:34
hiexpoBrianE, get a grip02:34
* BrianE gets a grip02:34
lnewlfealrite bbs02:34
BrianEAlright, got one. Now what?02:34
lenswipe|debianSwedeMike, ive tried going to the DVD thing and then typing smb://machinename/D and it just throws an error02:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:35
sweetpilenswipe|debian: File > Open Directory and point it to the VIDEO_TS directory02:35
tjubalubawtf.. this must be standard procedure... running apps from gnome menues that rely on settings done in .bashrc... but .bashrc isnt run when launching apps from menues... not even with "run in terminal" option02:35
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, ok lets try it02:35
hiexpothe language in here today wow02:36
jribtjubaluba: what settings exactly?02:36
sweetpilenswipe|debian: s/File/Media/02:36
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, hmm02:36
IdleOnehiexpo: don't add to the scroll with commentary please02:36
hiexpoIdleOne, im not02:36
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, i cant select the remote DVD drive because VLC only lets me select local directories02:37
CkhiKuzadOk, yet again i really need help. I start my system up into GNOME, and it starts nautilus correctly, but no gnome panel starts. i really need help to get it configured to start.02:37
sweetpilenswipe|debian: mount the share then02:37
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, how?02:38
edbianCkhiKuzad, alt + F2 -> gnome-terminal -> gnome-panel&02:38
edbianCkhiKuzad, After that it should start every time automatically.02:38
CkhiKuzadok, why gnome-panel and an ampersand, is there a particular reason for that?02:39
* CkhiKuzad highlights: edbian ^02:39
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, ok its mounted and i still cant see it from VLC02:40
sweetpilenswipe|debian: been a while since ive mounted a share, something like mount -t smbfs //serverip/share /mount_point02:40
tjubalubawtf.. this must be standard procedure... running apps from gnome menues that rely on settings done in .bashrc... but .bashrc isnt run when launching apps from menues... not even with "run in terminal" option02:40
edbianCkhiKuzad, There is!  The & makes the process it's own instead of a child process of the gnome-terminal.  If you don't do the & then if you close the gnome-terminal window the panel will die.02:40
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, whats the mountpoint?02:40
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, ok, so the error message says the system "gave up waiting for the root device". It then lists possible reasons for that, the first of which said to check the boot command line, which I did.02:40
lenswipe|debiancan i make something up?02:40
sync3timestjubaluba, try .bash_profile02:41
CkhiKuzadalright edbian. is this possible to put in my startup applications as a failsafe?02:41
sweetpilenswipe|debian: where ever you want it, say /media/win_dvd, but you need to create the directory first and do this all from sudo02:41
edbianCkhiKuzad, sure.  Make a new entry in the System -02:41
skumarai'm connected to Internet via mobile broadband, how do i know whether i connected via hsdpa or gprs?02:41
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: looks like a bug in interaction with udev, please file a bug report, join #ubuntu-bugs for help with that02:42
CkhiKuzadthanks edbian02:42
edbianCkhiKuzad, Create an entry in System -> preferences -> startup  the command would be "gnome-panel" no need for the & If the X server dies you don't really care if gnome-panel dies too ;)02:42
edbianCkhiKuzad, Yep! :D02:42
tjubalubasync3times, nope.. didnt work02:42
RudyValenciaI just ran an fsck on a partition and a folder of mine is missing02:42
edbianI love linux!02:42
CkhiKuzadi've had it in startup for a while, it never workd02:42
skumaraTheMusicGuy, do 'ls /dev' and see your partition is listed or not02:43
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, robert@samba:~$ sudo mount -t smbfs // /media/win_dvd02:43
lenswipe|debianmount error: can not change directory into mount target /media/win_dvd02:43
edbianCkhiKuzad, That's very odd.  Did running it in the terminal work?02:43
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, I will try that.02:43
litropyhow do I check whcih windows manager I;m using? I get a kubuntu flashscreen, kubuntu cursor, but everything else looks like gdm.02:43
litropyugh, typos.02:43
TheMusicGuyilovefairuz, thx02:43
sweetpilenswipe|debian: sudo mkdir /media/win_dvd02:43
ilovefairuzTheMusicGuy: np02:43
edbianlitropy, ps -e will list every process on the system :)02:43
sync3timestjubaluba, can you wrap your application in a shell script that pulls in the variables you need?02:43
edbianlitropy, If metacity is the gnome window manager.02:43
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TheMusicGuyskumara, I was actually able to mount my root device (/dev/sda6) from the initramfs prompt02:44
tjubalubasync3times, yeah i could.. but it sortof feels wrong..02:44
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, ok i tried it - it doesnt play02:45
BrianEWhen I close my laptop lid for more than about 5 minutes, the laptop conks out. Not a standard shutdown, the laptop actually just powers off, like you'd expect if it had no battery and the power was cut. It's not a hardware issue as I can't replicate it under other OSs; has anyone got any ideas / suggestions?02:45
skumaraTheMusicGuy, than if u type 'exit' u should be able to log into ubuntu. right?02:45
lnewlfeYou still here ilovefairuz?02:45
sweetpilenswipe|debian: you can see the files in /media/win_dvd ?02:45
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, sure02:45
TheMusicGuyskumara, I didn't try that. I just used the grub menu to change the root device on the command line to the actual device name rather than the UUID.02:46
lenswipe|debiani just cant fkin access them >:{02:46
edbianBrianE, Is it suspending to disk?02:46
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: yes02:46
lnewlfestill nothing.02:46
sync3timestjubaluba,  well, in the old old days you could put variable in  /etc/profile   maybe there are still variables pulled from  /etc/bash_profile or something02:46
lnewlfeescept it changed my grub02:46
sweetpilenswipe|debian: you mean you dont have permissions?02:46
lenswipe|debiansweetpi, i can see the stuff in there i just cant get VLC to play the damn files02:47
BrianEedbian: No, it wouldn't have time to suspend to disk if it's just dying instantly, and the system doesn't 'wake' when it's turned on in any case =\02:47
edbianI made an amazing discovery today.  I have a wireless mouse.  I'm pretty sure the wires that all connect to the back of my system were messing with the radio signals.  Is there some way I can stop this?  What if I put foil around the other wires or something?02:47
sync3timestjubaluba, btw, if you do it wrong, you will bring your system to its knees the next time you boot02:47
edbianBrianE, You said it takes 5 minutes?02:48
skumaraTheMusicGuy, thats ok. I have same problem with my acer 4520. Every time i need to manuall mount my /dev/sda5 than when i exit i can boot my ubuntu. it is a bug that i am waiting for a patch from ubuntu.02:48
sweetpilenswipe|debian: if you did open directory > video_ts in vlc iirc it should play it. otherwise there is a main file in the video_ts that you could try to play. cant remember the name of it of the top of my head02:48
lnewlfeany additional info you can use from me to figure out this sound thing?02:48
tjubalubasync3times, yeah.. i got the impression it can dangerous to fiddle with these things =D02:48
tjubalubasync3times, i think ill have to ggl more02:48
edbianBrianE, Also, suspend to hdd appears to be off completely (no power is being consumed).  It checks for a suspend to disk image every time it turns on.  If it finds one it boots.  Many laptops are set to "hibernate" when the laptop lid is shut.02:48
litropyedbian: I see things like gdm-session-worker and gnome-session. but I also see things like kdeinit4 and klauncher, and mutter.02:49
BrianEedbian: It isn't a gradual process, the laptop is fine and normal if I open the lid before then - the 5 minutes is rough, as I've never actually timed it specifically02:49
litropyedbian: no metacity02:49
edbianlitropy, You have both running together some how for some reason.02:49
sweetpilenswipe|debian: other that that, the only thing i can think of is you dont have libdvdcss installed02:49
BrianEBut if I don't, it decides to instantly die for some reason, I'm fairly sure it's not suspending to disk. The option in "Power Management" is set to "Blank Screen", too02:49
edbianBrianE, So there is some cutoff point at which it suddenly shuts down as if the plug was suddenly pulled.02:50
litropyedbian, how do I switch to gdm yet still be able to open kde apps?02:50
BrianEedbian: Yes02:50
ilovemyherbzCan someone help me with an issue I am having with a USB drive?02:50
BrianEIE, a while ago I brought my laptop upstairs to brush my teeth with the lid closed, came back to it and it was dead again02:50
edbianlitropy, Well.  when you log in choose "gnome" in the sessions menu.  The KDE apps will still show up in your menu and they'll work.  You don't have to log into kde (or gnome) to use apps from kde (or gnome).02:51
BrianE(That's not what I'm basing it off, it's just another time it's happened - one of the ~15 times I've noticed it)02:51
edbianBrianE, That's a very strange problem.  I'm not sure! :P02:51
BrianEIsn't it just?02:51
TheMusicGuyskumara, I would like to edit my boot configuration so that the change I made to the boot line will be permanent, but it seems the old /boot/grub/menu.lst no longer exists...02:51
litropyedbian, the wm just logs in - no pulldown for sessions. How do I get it back?02:52
lnewlfeanyone else mind helpin out with my soundcard?02:52
jaysernhow do i upgrade xorg-macros in lucid? it says i have 1.5 but 18. is needed02:52
=== ipatrol_ is now known as ipatrol
lnewlfei haven o sound from install02:52
BrianEOf course, because it cuts dead immediately there are no log files or dumps, lol02:52
edbianBrianE, power management is actually a well known rats nest of problems.  When MS introduced the idea hardware manufacturers started implementing it in their systems.  Some cheaper ones started making buggy / crappy ones that worked any way because windows would alter their OS just to allow these hardware to work correctly.  Now for Linux, it's impossible to get it to work well for many machines because they're all different.02:53
ilovemyherbzWhen i boot ubuntu 10.04 up, it says it is waiting for my USB drive to mount, and I have to "Wait for it to continue" or press "S to skip", and it does this even without the USB drive plugged in, I have to press S to skip, or plug the drive in in order to start the laptop02:53
edbianlitropy, Do not have to put in your password / username at all?02:53
litropyedbian: correct.02:53
mrvdvhow do I make it so I can start my computer up but before it logs into ubuntu it needs a password instead of me locking the screen ?02:53
BrianEedbian: Is ACPI not standardised?02:54
lnewlfeany other suggestions ilovefairuz?02:54
edbianBrianE, It is but very poorly.  And like I said, many people simply don't follow it and Microsoft makes room for them.02:54
edbianlitropy, Are you in KDE now or gnome?02:55
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: what are you trying to test sound with? did you install restricted extras?02:55
BrianEedbian: The root of all evil, again!02:55
sync3timesmrvdv, preferences->login manager02:55
edbianBrianE, Ha ha.  Tell me about it.  Linus HATE acpi02:55
sync3timesmrvdv, system->login screen02:55
mrvdvok ty02:55
BrianEmrvdv: Go to System Preferences -> Login Manager, and click 'Unlock' in the dialog that comes up. Type your password, hit enter, then select "Show the screen for choosing who will login", and close the dialog02:56
litropyedbian: like I said, kde cursor, kde loadscreen, yet gnome-like look. UNR with Unity.02:56
lnewlfeilovefairuz, i havnt installed any restricted extracts, and i tried to test sound with alsamixer like you suggested, tweaking levels. I assume it would make a "ping" noise when changed...02:56
edbianlitropy, Do you have a gnome-panel or kde panel?02:56
BrianEI typed that out for no reason, heh02:56
krabadorhi, i need a testdisk expert02:56
BrianEedbian: Do you know him personally? :P02:56
litropyedbian: gnome02:56
tjubalubawhat is the equivalent to "source" in sh ?02:56
edbianlitropy, try this: "gksu gdmsetup"02:57
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: no it doesn't make any sounds by itself..02:57
lnewlfelol gotcha gimmie a sec02:57
edbianBrianE, No.  I wish.  I know from quotations from code comments and such.02:57
tjubaluba...or what is the "source" in bash  equivalent in sh ?02:57
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: told you to run something that makes sound like a music player, AND then tinker with alsamixer02:57
ldurdenhello world!02:58
edbianBrianE, http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Linus_Torvalds   there is one on their about acpi02:58
klatjubaluba, "."02:58
edbianldurden, hi :02:58
bazhang!ot | edbian BrianE02:58
ubottuedbian BrianE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:58
nextlayerHow can i get help with an issue with ubuntu 10.04?02:59
sync3timesldurden, howdy02:59
edbianbazhang, He is having a problem with acpi.  I'm just explaining to him how it's a mess.  What is off topic?02:59
litropyedbian: I get the pane, I click unlock, and nothing happens. All options are inactive.02:59
edbiannextlayer, You ask us :)02:59
arkaxowhello everyone. i have a problem with ubuntu crashing02:59
bazhangedbian, talking extensively about Linus Torvalds. please stay on topic02:59
ldurdenWhat is this room designated for? Main topics?02:59
TheMusicGuyHow do I find the UUID of my root drive?02:59
nextlayeri didnt know if I was visible to the chat, asked question but i didnt get an answer lol02:59
edbianlitropy, What?  Did you run "gksudo gdmsetup"02:59
litropyedbian: except close02:59
edbianbazhang, Linus is offtopic?  Ok, you're the op.03:00
litropyedbian: exactly.03:00
edbian!ask | ldurden03:00
ubottuldurden: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:00
nextlayerI need help with my USB drive, I unmounted it, and every reboot, it says i need to "Wait for the drive to be ready", "Press S to skip" even if the drive is not plugged in03:00
picard1400hey guys im looking for a way to tether my windows mobile phone to ubuntu 10.0403:00
tjubalubakla: So SH : ". ~/.bashrc" is the same as "source ~/.bashrc" ?03:00
sync3timesldurden, general ubuntu linux questions/answers03:00
edbianldurden, If anyone knows the answer...03:00
krabadorhi, i need a testdisk expert03:00
ipatrolwhy on god's green earth and stallman's undyed beard is Empathy the default chat client?03:00
picard1400anyone know how to setup tethering on ubuntu lucid03:00
ldurdengot it thank you03:01
arkaxowhas anyone had a problem with the ubuntu software center causing it to crash when you maximize it ?03:01
BrianEipatrol: Haha :P03:01
BrianEIs it not stable now?03:01
hiexpoipatrol, get pidgin   :)03:01
sync3timespicard1400, it just works.   Does your phone show up as a modem in network manager?03:01
picard1400no it does not have a full03:01
BrianEI think they finally fixed the 9001 showstopper bugs, so it should be fine if you run an update now03:01
krabadorhi, i need a testdisk expert03:01
picard1400ubuntu desktop its server edition03:01
klatjubaluba, i'm not sure which language you have in mind that has 'source' but assuming it includes the source of another file verbatim it should be it03:02
lnewlfeilovefairuz, no, still no sound, at least from youtube videos...03:02
picard1400sync3times if i just plug it in... and hit connect03:02
picard1400your saying it should work.. RDNIS is working03:02
krabadori mean the software "testdisk"03:02
sync3timespicard1400, worked for me out of the box, but I DID have to set my phone in modem mode rather than mass-storage mode03:02
rwwtjubaluba: yes, "source" and "." are identical.03:02
nextlayerno one has any suggestions? hate to wipe it because of small problem03:02
FlynsarmyMy laptops HDD has a few bad sectors on it that cause file corruption. What's the best way to backup a ubuntu install so that i can dump it onto a replacement HDD?03:03
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: unmute (M key) and max everything in alsamixer03:03
lnewlfeim not muted03:03
lnewlfeand i do have enything maxed03:03
jasbutut<Flynsarmy>: remastersys?03:04
Beliasi'm new to IRC, is there a room for offtopic chat?03:04
rwwBelias: #ubuntu-offtopic03:04
ipatrolwell, I switched to Xchat03:04
ipatrolgnome version03:04
tjubalubanw | kla: What if i wanna "." / source a bash script from a sh script? Possible?03:05
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: individual controls could be muted too03:05
ipatrolbut why did they ever mess with pidgin, it worked fine!03:05
rwwtjubaluba: "source" and "." are bash commands, not sh commands03:06
ipatrolmakes about as much sense as fried rocks03:06
sync3timesnot true03:06
Beliasrww: i made a Question there!03:06
nextlayerhow do i stop USB drive from wanting to mount on startup?03:06
rwwipatrol: then install pidgin, remove empathy, and live happily?03:06
tjubalubanw: so not possible to "source" a bash script from a sh script03:06
ipatrolnextlayer: /etc/fstab03:07
jaysernthanks all03:07
rwwtjubaluba: 1) my name is rww, 2) considering that the concept of sourcing something is a bashism, it obviously wouldn't work in a sh script.03:07
sync3timestjubaluba, the big problem is that it will try, but if you have bash specific stuff in your script, plain sh will abort the script.  .  interpret inside your existing script03:07
ipatrolrww: I know, but if baffles me as to why I had to do that03:07
lnewlfeI unmuted every channel and maxed every level and nothing ilovefairuz03:07
rwwipatrol: because your view of applications is not universally held, and is apparently not the same as the Desktop team's03:07
BrianEipatrol: Empathy has audo and video support, I guess Canonical thought that would please a lot of the users that boycotted Ubuntu because they couldn't use their webcam in chat03:07
ilovefairuzquentusrex: unless you explicitly call bash in the script: bash script.sh03:07
chris_osxhow do i encrypt my home directory with ubuntu?03:08
ilovefairuztjubaluba ^03:08
ipatrolBrianE: and that couldn't have been added to pidgin?03:08
krabadorhi, i need a testdisk expert03:08
krabadori mean the software "testdisk"03:08
BrianEipatrol: The Pidgin team have no interest in it, so no03:08
ipatrolchris_osx: that should have been done on install03:09
arkaxowwow this room is crowded is there another irc channel where I can get help ?03:09
sync3timeschris_osx,  you want to encrypt some files or run out of an encrypted filesystem?03:09
kartsI am having severe connection drop out and response time delay over ssh to my work place.. is there a ssh server to which I can connect to and possibly isolate the issue..03:09
kalle_I created a mysql user and added all priviliges but when logging in both as root and mysql i get  Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.03:09
BrianEchris_osx: You either use something like TrueCrypt, or try using an encrypted LVM (would require a reinstallation for the latter, though)03:09
ipatrol"require a password to log in and decrypt my home folder"03:09
edbianarkaxow, This is the only Ubuntu room.  The other rooms are specific versions (this language that language, kubuntu, etc etc)03:09
ipatrolwe should make subtopic rooms03:10
ldurdenIs anyone in here using two monitors? I have a second monitor but if I set the twin view and reboot it does not load the window manager. I then have the relaunch it manually. It loads but doesn't respond.03:10
ilovefairuzipatrol: usb pendrives are not mounted in fstab, they are mounted by nautilus, (gconf key /apps/nautilus/preferences/media_automount )03:10
BrianEarkaxow: This room is slightly crowded, yes, but mostly on-topic. If you want help, ask your question here. It's very likely you'll get an answer03:10
Verminatorin Lucid, w/ gnome desktop, does anyone else have all new windows start below existing windows?03:10
BrianE-> !ot | Verminator ?03:11
Viking667hey all. I've got question about mouse pointers - I can't find anywhere to change the mouse pointer.03:11
ipatrolso we sacrificed incalcuable chat features to the hopy god Webcam?03:11
Viking667Where do I find a place to change what mouse pointer I have?03:11
VerminatorBrianE, sorrry, I have no idea what that means03:11
ipatroland a seperate program wasn't enough to appese this deity?03:12
timewriterSystem - Preferences - Mouse03:12
arkaxowbrianE: I just installed ubuntu for the first time and was searching for commonly used applications. When I go to Ubuntu Software Center then maximize it, then it crashes.03:12
Viking667tried that. THere's no pointers tab.03:12
BrianEipatrol: Basically, yes. Empathy also looks more aesthetically pleasing than Pidgin - If it bloody worked, it'd be a better chat application for most people than Pidgin03:12
BrianEarkaxow: Are you using desktop effects?03:13
chris_osxoh, so i have to reinstall everything? ok03:13
ipatrolBrianE: hence the old FOSS adage not to reinvent the wheel03:13
timewriterSystem - Preferences - Appearence03:13
timewriterthen go Customize03:13
Viking667There's just a "General" and "Accessibility" tab.03:13
timewriterand you have Pointers03:13
BrianEchris_osx: No, read what other people said, too03:13
Viking667So _that_ is where they shifted to. Thank you.03:13
timewriteryeah :)03:13
timewriteryoure welcome03:14
ipatrolpidgin could have been forked and reworked it to taste03:14
Viking667Yup. That's it. Wife will be happy now, as long as it works.03:14
timewriteri wish i had a wife that uses ubuntu03:14
BrianETelepathy's not a new project, it's a fairly stable IM library...03:14
ipatrolI wish my spouse would03:14
krabadorhi, i need a testdisk expert03:15
krabadori mean the software "testdisk"03:15
timewriteri wish i had a wife03:15
Verminatorin Lucid, w/ gnome desktop, does anyone else have all new windows start below existing windows?03:15
timewriterkrabador, i used it today03:15
Viking667Only time she needs Windows is when she needs a Windows game running03:15
arkaxowBrianE: I don't think I'm doing any desktop effects. other than making a desktop background picture.03:15
ipatrolbut if I GOD FORBID touch the desktop computer, she gets angrier than at any other time03:15
Viking667ipatrol: huh?03:15
BrianEVerminator: Is that a support question or are you asking for opinions as a poll?03:15
Viking667Is it a work computer?03:16
BrianEarkaxow: Is the problem only with the Software Centre or does it happen with other applications, too?03:16
Viking667man, we got a rocking down here... 7.1 earthquake...03:16
chris_osxsync3times: i would like to have /home encrypted. so i guess i have to create a /home partition and have that encrypted on install right?03:16
ipatrolViking667: we only have two desktop computers, one is for my sons, the other my spouse uses for photography03:16
VerminatorBrianE, sorry guess I should have reworded the question, I'm asking for help or if anyone else has had and fixed the problrem03:16
=== first is now known as ossesso
Viking667ipatrol: ahhh. That explains it... She uses PhotoShop, right?03:17
ipatrolViking667: yes... and Lightroom03:17
arkaxowBrianE: I've barely used ubuntu, but so far it has only happened with Software Center and nothing else.03:17
Viking667Yup. I don't know if there's a decent Linux equivalent to both of those.03:17
timewriteri like lightroom , and photoshop too , but as long im not a photograph , i can live without them03:17
ipatrolViking667: GIMP and F-spot03:17
timewriteri dont have windows anymore03:18
Viking667ipatrol: gimp doesn't run some Photoshop plugins, what's f-spot?03:18
ldurdenhow do I mark an exe trusted so it will launch?03:18
Viking667I've heard _of_ it, but not what it does.03:18
ipatrolmy spouse is at the line between hobbyist and professional03:18
timewriterf-spot is a picture manager ?03:18
edbiantimewriter, It sure is!03:19
Viking667heh. And I'm at the line between newbie and hobbyist.03:19
extraclassicare f-spot and picasa similar03:19
BrianE"Modern PCs are horrible. ACPI  is a complete design disaster in every way. But we're kind of stuck with it. If any Intel people are listening to this and you had anything to do with ACPI, shoot yourself now, before you reproduce."03:19
bazhangBrianE, stay on topic03:19
edbianBrianE, yep!  But we're off topic :(03:19
Viking667I can use picasa, it's all right, so is the one that goes with flickr03:19
edbianBrianE, we can talk about this in ubuntu-offtopic03:19
ipatrolDSLRs, lenses galore, filters and tools, inordinate number of programs she bought with a NYIOP student discount, and enough lighting to blot out the moon03:20
timewriterf-spot is similar to lightroom i guess03:20
ipatrolor elements organizer, or bridge03:20
picard1400hey guys03:20
timewriteripatrol, tell her about Broncolor and Sinar P203:20
ipatrolnot after dropping 300$ on that suite03:21
picard1400i have ubuntu server installed with the sudo apt-get install gdm command (base GDM(.. im trying to tether my windows mobile phone ... it works fine in windows computers but i dont know what i have to do in ubuntu to get it to work.. do i need to install some RNDIS or something.. or what do i have to do.. i have ubuntu 10.04 lucid03:21
timewriterpicard1400, what do you want to do ?03:21
ipatrolpicard1400: sudo apt-get install wine03:22
ipatrolto start03:22
picard1400just tether03:22
bart_i just bought an ubuntu-dell xps 7100 with onboard ati 4200 hd - using the fglrx from ubuntu i guess - the video on this is a POS, like 3 frames a second, and no opengl.  hmmm i guess i need to get the latest one from ATI, right?03:22
picard1400for internet03:22
picard1400teimwriter literally just tehter my phone so i can use its internet... on the computer.. nothin fnacy03:23
sync3timesbart_, ati blows03:23
ipatrolwe also have free drivers03:23
timewriterpicard1400, ok03:23
lnewlfeilovefairuz, if i switch off jack detect i am now getting a slight hum from speakers, but that is it. I tried every combo of on/off and i cant get sound to work03:23
tjubalubawhy cant i export stuff in a bash script (A) and then utilize those vars in  a sh script (B) that i call from the bash script (A)03:23
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:23
Viking667ATI blows, NVidia sucks, and Intel is the devil spawn of them both...?03:23
=== Pilif12p is now known as durr
timewriterbart_, i always get the latest drivers from ATI and compiled them03:23
ipatrolpicard1400: you still need to tell the phone and the computer to do that03:23
timewriternever had a problem with ATI drivers03:23
ipatrolyou might need to hack the phone to get it to comply03:24
Viking667I'm peeved because the ATI drivers don't work for me - stupid thing doesn't see my Radeon 955003:24
gnomefreaklnewlfe: hum can be caused by speakers being close to monitor or anything else exltric03:24
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: are you running karmic or lucid?03:24
picard1400ipatrol it works fine on windows computers03:24
picard1400my point is there is some driver something in ubuntu i need or some program or something installed03:24
lnewlfe9.04, karmic03:24
delinquentmejust OOC has anyone used empathy to actually RUn FB chat without the FB interface??03:24
Viking667lnewlfe: that's not karmic... that's jaunty03:24
=== durr is now known as Pilif12p
picard1400right the [phone comes up with the connect thing03:25
chris_osxis it normal that i have a smp kernel on a single core machine?03:25
timewriterViking667, there are several guides online , about how to install ati drivers on ubuntu03:25
timewriterthey never failed me03:25
picard1400i tell it to do it through USB and it just idles and does not connect.. its something with ubuntu03:25
hiexpodelinquentme, pidginworks good for facebook chat i use it daily03:25
lnewlfei thought it went hardy/karmic/lucid...03:25
Viking667lnewlfe: hell, no. Alphabetic sequence after Breezy Badger03:25
delinquentmehiexpo, yeah ive used pidgin .. but i was looking for empathy .. the native one on ubuntu :D03:26
ipatrolpicard1400: because windows computers can do COM calls on each other03:26
ipatrolyou need Wine to emulate that03:26
lnewlfesorry i have 9.1003:26
hiexpodelinquentme, good luck with that one03:26
lnewlfekarmic koala03:26
lnewlfeaccording to package source software03:26
delinquentmehah is empathy crappy??03:26
picard1400ipatrol ok.,.. so is there omething im missing a guide? something ot install03:27
picard1400RNDIS something or whatnot for 10.0403:27
lnewlfe...with no sound, tho it detects audio software.03:27
ipatroldelinquentme: tell us something we don't know03:27
ipatrolpicard1400: google, the help button at the top03:28
delinquentmesudo apt-get pidgin??03:28
picard1400iptraol what?03:28
ipatrolsudo apt-get install pidgin03:28
timewriteri like pidgin03:29
ipatrolsudo apt-get purge empathy03:29
Viking667feisty, Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic, Lucid03:29
timewriteri can annoy my friends with pidgin-musictracker03:29
Viking667... and Mental Marvin.03:29
rwwMaverick Meerkat, Natty Narwhal03:29
hiexpothan you need the pidgin facebook deb03:29
ilovefairuzlnewlfe: try the lucid live cd03:29
ipatrolwhat happens when we get to Zeebra?03:30
rwwAwesome Aardvark03:30
bazhangipatrol, please take chat elsewhere03:30
lnewlfelucid dosnt work on my comp03:30
lnewlfealready tried03:31
papul93What will happen when you reach Z?03:31
rwwAwesome Aardvark03:31
bazhangpapul93, did you have a support question03:31
edbianrww, That is possibly the coolest name suggestion ever.03:32
edbianrww, But I think it would have to be arrogant, awesome aardvark03:32
hiexpodelinquentme, you will need pidgin-facebookchat-1.64.deb google it03:32
rwwnah, just one adjective03:32
papul93Don't think so :P03:32
bazhanghiexpo, thats in the repos03:33
chrometigerhow do i write the degree symbol in ubuntu      "im trying to goto a location in google earth"03:33
hiexpobazhang, not thatversion i don't think unless its been added lately03:33
rww!info pidgin-facebookchat lucid03:33
ubottupidgin-facebookchat (source: pidgin-facebookchat): Facebook Chat plugin for Pidgin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.64-1 (lucid), package size 36 kB, installed size 152 kB03:33
bazhanghiexpo, telling people to google for outside versions is not the supported method, so please dont.03:34
hiexpook bazhang i didn't know it was in lucid its not in karmic03:35
bazhanghiexpo, please /msg ubottu info package in the future to find out before answering then03:35
delinquentmehiexpo, so i should check the repos?03:36
bazhangdelinquentme, correct03:36
hiexpodelinquentme, yes03:36
sergiusensOut of curioisity, why would you want pidgin-facebookchat when facebook supports jabber?03:37
hiexpodelinquentme, sudo apt-get instal pidginfacebookchat03:37
zkriesse_you guys are doing security questions too now?03:37
chrometigerhow do i write the degree symbol in ubuntu      "im trying to goto a location in google earth"03:38
bazhanghiexpo, thats not the package name03:38
hiexpodelinquentme, or open synamptic and serch there03:38
arkaxowgood night all. I found a less busy chat room for help. Thanks !03:38
delinquentmedling :D thanks guys03:38
jpdssergiusens: It integrates better than XMPP.03:38
jpdszkriesse_: Potentially.03:39
gfiHi all, anyone know why Nautilus-Elementary is slow to open up folders (delay of 10 seconds before folder shows up)?03:39
zkriesse_jpds: Hmmm..not a bad idea03:39
hiexpodelinquentme, open synaptic and type facebook and you will see it03:40
bazhangWren0440, stop that03:40
delinquentmei sudo apt-get'd it03:40
zkriesse_jpds: personally im surprised its not been done before this03:40
hiexpokool delinquentme03:40
jpdsWren0440: Please stop doing that.03:41
jpdsbazhang: Aww.03:42
bazhangChr|s, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=543667903:43
Chr|sbazhang: thanks03:43
kalle_howto create a new root account in mysql ? i tryed to change some settings and deleted it03:43
darwinhello guys I have a realtek wless card r8169 i have downloaded and compiled the driver from the rt  page still I can get wless to work, what do you suggest03:44
hiexpodarwin, give me a minute03:44
picard1400anyone help with the tethering on ubuntu03:45
bazhangdarwin, thats an ethernet nic03:45
hiexpodarwin, what brand and is that the chipset?03:46
bazhangdarwin, paste.ubuntu.com with the outputs from lsusb and lspci please03:46
hiexpodarwin, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53844803:48
Viking6678169's gigabit, isn't it?03:49
delinquentmeso its not up and in my appications .. so im assuming i need to install regular pidgin as well?03:49
Viking667uh, yes.03:49
hiexpodelinquentme, yes03:49
Viking667delinquentme: pidgin plugin's not much good without Pidgin in03:49
sergiusensjpds: ty, I'll check it out again then03:49
* Viking667 disappears03:50
SunderphonCan't seem to update java, the current version isn't 103:50
SunderphonCan't seem to update java, the current version isn't 1.5.0 is it?*03:50
Viking667Sunderphon: no.03:51
Viking667More like 1.7.x03:51
Viking667... though the mainline seems to be
SunderphonHow do I update?03:51
Viking667Sunderphon: which version of Ubuntu are you on?03:52
Viking667let me see ...03:52
=== zkriesse__ is now known as zkriesse_
Viking667That's the whole jdk... if you just need the jre, I'd use apt-cache search and look for java603:53
Sunderphonstill returns version 1.5.003:53
=== erana_ is now known as erana
Viking667Sunderphon: hm. You at a commandline? (terminal, konsole)?03:54
hiexpoViking667, how it goes03:54
Viking667apt-cache search | grep java603:54
darwinhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/ny0CaQF4 bazhang Please take a look03:54
bazhangdarwin, checking03:54
Viking667hiexpo: bit shaken, but not too bad.03:54
darwinhiexpo, reading03:54
SunderphonE: you must give exactly one pattern03:55
hiexpoViking667, shaken ?03:55
Colloguyis there an http proxy out there that lets you rewrite headers like useragent, to arbitrary values you specify?03:55
SunderphonViking667: That returned an error, about having to give exactly one pattern. What do I do now?03:57
darwinhiexpo, hmm the windows workaround seems handy but my linux install broke w7 installation03:58
adamkexany alternative to open office witer?03:59
darwinI´ll have to reinstall from recovery tool :/03:59
Viking667Sunderphon: apt-cache search java6 | less03:59
Viking667actually, you can remove the |less03:59
bazhangsudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source darwin03:59
bazhangadamkex, abiword?04:00
SunderphonWhat am I looking for Viking667?04:00
adamkexmistake, any alternative to openoffice impress?04:00
binaryMy computer is partitioned with Ubuntu and Windows Vista. How do I view windows file system and alter files while on ubuntu?04:00
adamkexbazhang: sorry i was mistaken04:00
Viking667well, what do you actually want java for?04:00
Viking667ANd do you need a full jdk (i.e. for OpenOffice) or just a jre?04:00
bazhangSunderphon, you have the partner repo enabled for java?04:00
SunderphonRunning java applications, I don't need it for developing04:00
darwinbazhang, already installed and up2date04:00
bazhangdarwin, and what does ifconfig show04:01
Sunderphonbazhang: Not sure04:01
bazhang!partner | Sunderphon04:01
ubottuSunderphon: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:01
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
Viking667Sunderphon: if you're needing it for OpenOffice.Org, then you'll likely want a full jdk. (Not sure why, they just suggest them)04:02
darwinbazhang, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/4AXzDC6M04:02
Viking667but jdk comes with a jre anyhow.04:02
bazhangdarwin, it seems to think your wlan0 is eth104:03
bazhangdarwin, try sudo dhclient eth104:03
SunderphonI've installed the partner repo, and tried installing the newest java and it returns that there's no updates available. (I updated apt first)04:03
=== zz_slidinghorn is now known as slidinghorn
bazhangSunderphon, you want a more recent version than is in the repos? is that the issue?04:04
darwinbazhang, I did it previously it fails04:04
bazhangSunderphon, if so, any particular reason?04:04
SunderphonNo, I need a slightly newer version than 1.5.0 and I'm not sure how to go about that04:04
SunderphonI have some applications I run that rely on newer versions of java (I had a newer version installed, but I reinstalled ubuntu recently). Running them on 1.5.0 causes them to hang and die within a few minutes04:06
kalle_where is mysql_install_db.sh ?04:07
elijahWould there be any reasonable hope I could get my Ricoh SD/MMC memory card reader built into my HP Pavillion DV 2700 laptop working?04:07
* darwin shutsdown and unplugs hosts to test04:09
picard1400anyone know the tethering04:10
coz_elijah,   I am checking now04:11
elijahcoz_: Whoops, I meant DV6700 HP Pavillion :)04:11
coz_elijah,  well I am looking for any driver for the ricoh sd mmc reader04:12
hiexpopure_hate,  hola04:13
elijahcoz_: Do you know how I can find that model number of the Ricoh device? Is there a command I can run?04:13
dustin_most of those readers run as media drives04:13
coz_elijah,  maybe   lspci | grep Ricoh04:13
dustin_have you tried just popping a card in to see if it automounts?04:14
elijahdustin_: Yeah, nothing comes up04:14
elijahThe card was jammed04:15
elijahPARTY TIME!04:15
dustin_did it pop up this time?04:15
coz_elijah,  so it is working now?04:15
elijahFunny, it won't work in Windows, but it does in Kubuntu!04:15
elijahYeah, sorry for my bother.04:15
dustin_fyi it is probably seen by the OS as a usb hub untill you insert a card04:16
dustin_no bother04:16
coz_elijah,  no problem  next time someone asks the same question I will tell him to check if the card is jammed :)04:16
dustin_lol yup04:16
SunderphonI got it fixed by doing a manual java install from the site04:16
coz_Sunderphon,  sun java?04:16
coz_Sunderphon,  it is in the repositories04:17
dustin_if the result works dont kick the method04:17
rafterdarwin the jave version is 1.6.0_2104:17
SunderphonIt refused to update past 1.5.0 with the repos04:17
dustin_Sunderphon what version of buntu are you running?04:18
rafterjava has a tarball04:18
Viking667Sunderphon: apt-get install sun-java6-jdk04:18
Viking667sheesh, dude.04:18
mrvdvis there a antivirus program for ubuntu ?04:18
Viking667mrvdv: several. But why?04:18
dustin_mrvdv you shoulnt need one04:18
bazhangmrvdv, clamav04:18
CopyWriterhello everyone04:18
CopyWriteri'm trying to remember a command that loads a menu like that of the network remix on the desktop version of ubuntu04:19
SunderphonViking667: I did that several times and it always told me there was no version higher than 1.5.004:19
CopyWriteri can't remember the package name tho04:19
Viking667hm. Then it's telling you a load of bunkum.04:19
Viking667Didy ou do the usual "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade" bit?04:20
Sunderphonyeah, I did04:20
dustin_Sunderphon which release of ubuntu are you running?04:20
dustin_that is wieerd04:20
oraclebest one04:20
dustin_I havent had a single problem getting java for mine04:21
JoeSomebodywhat is the best way to run xp under ubuntu? virtualbox?04:21
SunderphonJava is an on-off problem for me04:21
dustin_I like virtualbox-ose04:22
dustin_sorry to hear that Sunderphon04:22
bitreaderHi, I'm ready to install Ubuntu, I was wondering if you people would reocmmend me to (since it's already one month left to the final release) install Ubuntu 10.10.04:22
dustin_sudo apt-get virtualbox-ose04:23
doctorZeusOn my 775 rig rig I have stability issues with both virtual box and vmplayer but vmplayer is a bit more stable, on my 1156 rig they're both stable but virtualbox seems to be a bit quicker and more responsive04:23
hikubitreader: I'd wait until it's out of beta04:23
dustin_bitreader if you want stable use 10.0404:23
dustin_and if you like hulu use 32 bit04:23
bitreaderYeh, but then I'll have to update the whole operating system from one version to another, which is a lot more risky? (or not?)04:23
=== erana_ is now known as erana
hikudoctorZeus: so, what's your question04:24
dustin_bitreader it is best to stay with the LTS(Long Term Support) releases if you want stable04:24
hikuhold that though...brb04:24
dustin_bitreader those are released every 2 years04:25
bitreaderWhen it's the next one due to launch? And which's the one last launched?04:25
linux_opwhats this stuff about 11.04?.04:26
doctorZeushiku i was commenting on JoeSomebody's question..should have addressed him04:26
dustin_bitreader the latest LTS is 10,.0404:26
SunderphonThat's a good question actually, what are my chances of breaking everything, if I try to update from 10.04 to 10.10?04:26
linux_opsunderphon: not to high04:26
dustin_very slim chance of major breaks04:26
linux_opsunderphon: don't do it since its only beta atm04:27
dustin_my worst breaks were from 8.04 to 8.1004:27
SunderphonI installed via wubi, does that change anything?04:27
doctorZeusSunderphon: breaking everything slim to none.. odd quirks that you'll be sorting through until the next LTS -- very good :)04:27
dustin_I killed KDE04:27
linux_opI hope the next release will have more hardware support04:27
dustin_linux_op what hardware do you need supported?04:27
adamkexif i move a .tar.gz file to a fat filesystem will the permissions inside the file be ruined?04:28
usr13linux_op: What are you finding that is not supported?04:28
linux_opdustin_: from what I see ubuntu lacks wifi support on laptops and netbooks04:28
linux_opsince most of them use the function key04:28
linux_opoww and the fans, and sensors04:28
bitreader"64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage"? Really?04:28
dustin_linux_op what kind of laptop are you running adn are you using 64 bit or 32 bit04:29
linux_opbitreader: they should encourage 64bit...04:29
dustin_I do not reccomend 64 bit for anyone who likes hulu/fancast04:29
linux_opdustin_: im not using ubuntu atm and I ony experienced it on my last hp netbook with kubuntu live04:29
usr13bitreader: actually 64bit is ok for desktop usage.  It's just that there a few applications that are not available in 64bit04:29
=== slidinghorn is now known as zz_slidinghorn
SunderphonWhen I get my HP Mini 311 I'll be installing ubuntu on it, but it wont be the netbook remix nor will it be 64 bit :P04:29
linux_opfan, sensors, and te toggle key were missing04:29
linux_opsunderphon: use netbook remix04:30
dustin_linux_op the 32bit ubuntu with Gnome desktop has great wifi support04:30
usr13bitreader: Everything works nicely and is very resource friendly, ESPECIALLY compared to Windows7-64bit which is a super hog.04:30
dustin_my acer aspire came with win7 that never booted    :D04:31
Sunderphonlinux_op: I tried out netbook remix with a friend, before I first tried out ubuntu on my desktop and it was really off putting04:31
usr13linux_op: I don't really like the netbook remix.  It's too limited04:31
dustin_first boot was with ubuntu 9.10 disk in drive04:31
bitreaderusr13, Thanks for the vote of confidence towards that decision. I was already downloading 64 bit but I feel quite more comfortable now. I thought so though... that warning is just a way for developers to be able to launch "I told you so" if things go wrong.04:31
edbianusr13, It has a terminal.  What else do you need?04:31
linux_opsunderphon: well the way I see it the netbook remix gets you to what you want faster04:31
Sunderphondustin_ if you never booted that Win7 you can call MS and have it returned04:31
linux_opsunderphon: since a netbook is smaller to operate in04:32
dustin_Sunderphon do you suppose that they will give my the $200 for the OS that came with my $2654 laptop :D04:32
* Viking667 sighs04:33
bitreaderIs it possible to install ubuntu from Windows without actually having to reboot?, I mean, having the installer copying all the files into a selected partition (Not one created inside Windows's) and then restart and boot like a charm?04:33
ipatrolthey charged you?04:33
linux_opI wana buy this: http://laptops.toshiba.com/laptops/satellite/M500/M505D-S497004:33
dustin_bitreader not realy unless you are running it in an emulator04:33
* Viking667 disconnects04:33
linux_opbut I can't find it anywere new04:33
bitreaderI mean, without having to reboot, and boot the cd, or whatever media installation you have.04:33
Sunderphondustin_: As long as you never booted it, you can call microsoft and have the money returned04:33
ipatrol!wubi | bitreader04:33
ubottubitreader: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.04:33
dustin_Sunderphon I never knew that04:34
SunderphonIf you boot into it, you accept the EULA and therefore can't return it04:34
usr13bitreader: There are only a few apps that do not come in 64bit.  i.e. wine and virtualbox04:34
edbianbitreader, No.  You have to edit the root windows partition which you can't edit if you have it mounted.04:34
Sunderphonbut seeing as you only really bought the hardware, you can get the license returned. As long as you never booted into it, and therefore used the serial key.04:34
weexthinking of buying a sony vaio vpc-f121gx... does anyone else have this or have a site to recommend to check compatibility?04:34
linux_opyou can't edit a partition if its mounted04:34
usr13bitreader: But you can still get those 32bit applications to run on your 64bit system anyway.04:34
bitreaderusr13, Oh virtualbox... :(04:35
bitreaderOh I can get virtualbox 32 bit to run?04:35
azlon1how can i create a script in my context menu of nautilus to move a file into a folder (create new folder) with the same name as the file?04:35
bitreaderThen everything's cool :), what's the big problem then. If I can still run 32 bit, there's no way to lose.04:35
usr13bitreader: You'll need to install package ia32-libs and getlibs,("getlibs automatically solves dependencies for binaries")04:36
usr13bitreader: See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47479004:37
bitreaderOk, brb.04:37
dustin_well I am off guys and will return tomorow04:39
raftercrashed :(04:39
usr13dustin_: Enjoy your sleeptime.04:39
gh0ztanyone familiar with openvpn ethernet bridging ubuntu on rackspace or other public servers?04:40
usr13rafter: What did you crash?04:40
usr13gh0zt: ask your question(s)04:41
mobashermust be the beer affect crashed :)04:41
=== TEHZONE is now known as INTEHZ0NE
linux_opdoes anyone game on linux here.04:42
usr13mobasher: beer has had a lot to do with many of my crashes.04:42
linux_op*ubuntu inparticular, using wine04:42
bryan886I have a Broadcom BCM 4303 wireless mini-pci card and i'm having trouble getting it to work with ndiswrapper04:42
usr13bryan886: Yea, that one is a problem.04:42
rafterrunning live session off usb stick04:42
OhioErichi all04:42
gh0zti have a rs cloud server running ubuntu 10.04 - eth0 is my public ip eth1 is an internal 10.x.x.x network and i want to bridge my home 192.x.x.x network to it, not sure which interface to bridge to or if it works at all on ubuntu04:42
bryan886great.  has anyone gotten one to work or should i troll ebay for a replacement04:43
gh0zti tried using a tunnel but couldn't get that working so now trying bridging04:43
mobasherbryan886 >> did you load the windows inf in ndiswrapper ?04:43
bryan886i tried04:43
bryan886i got the driver from my xp driver store04:43
mobasherdid the drivers even load ?04:44
bryan886i also deactivated all the bcm legacy in blacklist.conf04:44
pupihello everyone04:44
bryan886it seems to have04:44
bryan886ndis says it's installed and hardware is 'installed'04:44
usr13bryan886: This looks interesting: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#supporte04:44
usr13bryan886: You should download the latest driver.  (What is the "xp driver store"?)04:45
bryan886yes that does04:45
bryan886so it says it uses the b43legacy04:45
bryan886so should i undo the ndis driver and load the legacy driver04:46
usr13You may need to try different ones.04:46
usr13bryan886: Different versions.04:46
bryan886the trouble might be on the router to04:46
bryan886is the MAC attached to the wireless card or the OS04:47
usr13bryan886: The NIC04:47
geoffmcchave u tried b43-fwcutter04:47
bryan886that's what i thought04:47
usr13bryan886: It's on the wireless card.04:47
bryan886i'm not sure04:47
bryan886i say it referenced somewhere but wasn't sure what that was04:48
malcolmhi there04:48
geoffmccthat how i prev set mine up - done in seconds with wifi good to go04:48
=== malcolm is now known as Guest78696
geoffmccmon mode avble too if that what u lookin for04:48
usr13bryan886: You have encryption turned off on the router.  Right?04:48
Guest78696were would i go for ubuntu help?04:48
=== Guest78696 is now known as Malcolm26
wildemWhere does this command download the files to? scp -r user@host:/home/user/directory /04:49
mobasherbryan886>> what is the version of your drivers and what ubuntu version are u using ?04:50
wildemNote the space before the last slash04:50
Malcolm26Hey umm any one use lightspark beta?04:50
bryan886i'm on 10.0404:50
geoffmccmobasher to /04:50
geoffmccsorry i mean wildem04:50
bryan886i just disabled mac filtering and its unsecured04:50
wildemgeoffmcc:  I cannot fint he files in / :S04:50
wildemnm sorry04:51
usr13wildem: To your root directory.04:51
wildemgeoffmcc: i was tricked04:51
wildemgeoffmcc: I thought i downloaded them out of the folder04:51
linux_opget it04:51
usr13Guest37232: http://www.ubuntu.com/support04:51
wildemgeoffmcc: but of course i got the folder, thanks :)04:51
geoffmccwildem so u got it now04:51
wildemgeoffmcc: got it04:51
usr13Malcolm26: http://www.ubuntu.com/support04:52
wildemgeoffmcc: Thought I had filled my / with tons of junk04:52
Malcolm26any one know how to get flash working  in 64bit ubuntu04:53
usr13Malcolm26: That is a problem04:53
usr13Malcolm26: It is pretty much broken.  Your best bet is to install firefox 32bit and flash 32bit04:54
Malcolm26what happened to the flash64 alpha04:54
usr13Malcolm26: It's pretty much broken.04:54
mobasherbryan886>> was this hardware working before or just started to have problems ?04:55
geoffmcchave u tried http://blog.mattrudge.net/2010/05/03/installing-flash-player-on-ubuntu-10-04-64-bit/04:55
usr13Malcolm26: See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47479004:55
bryan886mobasher>> I'm using 10.04 and there's no encryption on the router, the driver i have on ndis is bcmwl5a04:56
omid771hi there, does anybody know where i can find the equivalent for 'inittab' in ubuntu 10.04?04:56
bryan886yeah i swapped in a formatted hd to install ubuntu on, the other one has xp pro and it runs the wireless just fine04:56
bryan886it just suddenly woke  up and found the wifi04:57
LicuadoraI want Ubuntu 10.1004:57
bryan886i think the filtering on the router screwed it up somehow04:57
Malcolm2610,10 is beta now right?04:57
Malcolm26i just swiched from 32 bit to 404:57
Malcolm26every thing is good exept webrowsing04:58
Malcolm26and by that its only flash player04:58
pupiis 10.10 promising_04:58
pupii dunno whether to upgrade yet04:58
pupieach upgrade can be a pain sometimes04:58
cfeddewait for it to be released unless you want to help debug.04:58
pupiso i'll wait : )04:58
LicuadoraI am going to sleep04:58
mobasherbryan886>> can't be the router ...if the ndiswrapper is not working...than nothing to do with router04:59
cfeddehelping debug is also fun.04:59
bryan886mobasher>> it just started working04:59
pupigood night Licuadora04:59
pupihave nice dreams man04:59
mobasherbryan886>> lol..okay what happened ??04:59
bryan886mobasher>>lol...i think it was the router filtering or who knows04:59
cfeddeeven after a verson is released you still get to help debug. :-)04:59
usr13Malcolm26: This is the way it stands right now:  http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/64bit.html05:00
LicuadoraGood night everybody!!05:00
mobasherbryan886>> that's kind of wierd ..cuz ndiswrapper is just a windows driver installer...and then u load windows drivers and off u go..now the networking and all other stuff comes in..well good for u05:00
bryan886mobasher>>my laptop has a wireless disabling feature that might have been the issue05:00
guiritteranyone knows how to make integrals appear bigger in OpenOffice Math?05:00
mobasherbryan886>> we all learn something everyday :)05:01
kraetzjaif i have a comp that cant get online, and im transfering a bunch of .debs over via external HD, where can i dump the .debs so apt-get finds them?05:01
jorechphello guys i install ubuntu 10.04 on one pc, but when try use "apt-get update" can update but dont resolve nothing when use firefox only google work and another page not any can help me05:02
bryan886mobasher>>yeah..for something so logical computers are rarely rational05:03
usr13omid771: Ubuntu quit using inittab some time ago...05:03
bryan886mobasher>>thanks for the help, i might be back if it can't connect to the internet though05:03
mobasherbryan886>> np :)05:04
timewriterthis xchat-gnome is weird05:04
omid771usr13: so what should i use instead?05:04
geoffmccbryan next time try the fwcutter. script downloads the driver and does all the work for u05:04
usr13omid771: It's a new system called upstart05:06
mobasherjorechp>>check PM05:06
jorechpcheking now!05:06
=== cerber0s is now known as cerberos
usr13omid771: You might find a file "README.Debian.gz" somewhere...05:06
omid771usr13: thanks05:07
bazhang!upstart | omid77105:07
ubottuomid771: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:07
pupiyoure welcome my son05:07
usr13omid771: /usr/share/doc/upstart/README.Debian.gz    I think...05:08
usr13omid771: Is it on your system?05:09
usr13Oh, I see that ubottu has current info.05:10
usr13tnx bazhang05:10
omid771usr13: yes it is05:10
usr13omid771: Well, there you go...05:10
omid771usr13: Thank you so much05:11
dlarmeir@Bauldrick - What proptped Ubuntu to try to fix something that wasn't broken?05:12
creepy_ballerina /quit05:12
quentusrexdlarmeir, what was 'fixed' ?05:13
dlarmeirMoving from init to upstart.05:13
usr13dlarmeir: Are you talking about inittab?05:13
dlarmeirInit scripts in general really.05:14
quentusrexdlarmeir, init is awesome as a simple startup and shutdown system. upstart is designed to be able to be crafted more intelligently05:14
usr13dlarmeir: Well, they just thought that it was time to start doing things a different way. It works ok I think.05:14
quentusrexsuch as on specific events(system events like file creation, deletion, etc) on a schedule(such as in 30 seconds), etc.05:14
dlarmeirI love Ubuntu, don't get me wrong but I think deviating from the standard makes me a bit nervous.05:15
quentusrexdlarmeir, there is cause to be nervous. Moving from a tried and true system like inittab can be dangerous.05:16
usr13dlarmeir: I think what is great about Linux is it's innovative nature.05:16
quentusrexBut so far I have seen good things with upstart.05:16
ezzieyguywufI am running a really old (8.04) ubuntu live cd. I want a newer version of gparted on it. one that hase ext4 on it. how can I accomplish this?05:16
dlarmeiruentusrex - agreed05:17
quentusrexI hear a lot of linux old timers grumble about the removal of inittab, but after they actually dig into what upstart is trying to do, I hear cautious support.05:17
o0zeezzieyguywuf: getdeb.net or ubuntu backports05:17
quentusrexCautious support along the lines of: " I won't run it on my system yet, but I will definitely watch to see others switch"05:18
ezzieyguywufo0ze: and what is a backport?05:18
o0zeezzieyguywuf: google05:18
dlarmeirusr13 - Linux is awesome and innovative, but switching to something that deviateds from the standard on a LTS stable distro makes me feel nervous.05:18
o0zeezzieyguywuf: also mentioned on getdeb.net05:18
ezzieyguywufok thanks05:18
usr13dlarmeir: I hear ya...05:18
quentusrexdlarmeir, personally I don't think they should have switched Lucid to upstart. But now that they have, I have seen nothing wrong with the switch.05:19
quentusrexexcept for the fact that it is different, and if you are not aware of the switch it can be 'dangerous'.05:19
usr13But it's been quite some time now... and I don't see a lot of problems, or ... haven't heard...05:19
dlarmeirquentusrex - that is the exact thing that happened to me. I was troubleshooting a downed mysql server on 10.04 and could not figure out why the init script would not work. That was my first experience with it haha.05:20
quentusrexI deal with a bunch of different production networks, and I have yet to see any issues with the ones that are now using upstart.05:20
ja660khey all, what format should i save application icons as? i made it in photoshop as a .png with transperancy turned on, but it still draws a background when i make it an icon :(05:20
usr13What has it been now... couple years?05:21
quentusrexdlarmeir, I found out about the switch during beta testing. Since I was looking to upgrade some production machines to Lucid from Hardy.05:21
quentusrexdlarmeir, the best thing is to read up on it: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:21
dlarmeirBookmarked - thanks quentusrex!05:22
ezzieyguywufI can't find gparted on getdeb05:22
quentusrexwelcome dlarmeir05:22
guest0001i have a wired connection with ubuntu 10.4 and i cant get my wireless internet to work...someone told me how to fix it the other day sorry i kkeep bothering you guys....i updated somehting in the command line05:23
kyle_ 05:23
kyle_ 05:23
kyle_ 05:23
kyle_ 05:23
kyle_ 05:23
FloodBot1kyle_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:23
guest0001and then i went to drivers and they were there05:23
usr13guest0001: iwconfig05:23
o0zeezzieyguywuf: did u add the repos ?05:24
ezzieyguywufo0ze: I did.05:24
guest0001ok i did iwconfig05:24
guest0001there's some type of command that updates the system05:25
guest0001that's how you guys fixed it before05:25
usr13guest0001: I was just trying to jog your memory, but try: sudo iwlist <interface-name-here> scanning05:25
o0zeezzieyguywuf: sorry playing poker now but it should be there or try backports05:25
usr13guest0001: Does that work for you?05:26
ezzieyguywufw/e I'll just format to ext305:26
guest0001i typed sudo iwlist05:26
linux_opisn't it about time that a campagn be made to make infomercials about ubuntu on youtube or something like that?.05:26
guest0001sudo apt-get update or something is what i typed before05:27
usr13guest0001: What is the interface name?  (You should have seen it in the output of iwconfig)05:27
guest0001i don't know what you mean sorry05:27
usr13guest0001: Do you see the network-manager anywhere on the screen?05:27
usr13guest0001: Open a terminal window and type:  iwconfig05:28
usr13and hit enter05:28
usr13guest0001: Do  you see the interface name there?05:29
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »05:29
usr13guest0001: Tell us what the interface name is.05:29
guest0001is it wlan0?05:29
guest0001is that what you mean?05:29
usr13guest0001: Yes.05:29
usr13guest0001: Now do this: sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning05:29
guest0001ok done05:30
usr13guest0001: er... did the output of iwlist show an essid name?05:30
usr13guest0001: iwconfig05:30
usr13guest0001: er... did the output of iwconfig show an essid name?05:31
guest0001it says off/any05:31
usr13guest0001: what did it say when you gave the command: sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning05:31
usr13guest0001: did it say that wlan0 does not support scanning?  Or what?05:32
guest0001interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down05:32
usr13guest0001: Ok, what is the essid of your Wireless router?05:32
guest0001can't i just type sudo apt-get upgrade or something?05:33
usr13guest0001: iwconfig wlan0 essid linksys  #Where linksys is the essid of your wireless router.05:33
jamescarr_guest0001, sudo apt-get install theworld05:33
usr13guest0001: What is the essid of your Wireless router?05:33
guest0001i don't know05:33
MaRk-I!list > rosa05:34
ubotturosa, please see my private message05:34
usr13guest0001: What kind of router is it?  Linksys or Dlink or...?05:34
usr13guest0001: netgear? or...?05:34
eboyjrCan I turn off middle click for my touchpad? Sometimes when I'm coding it pastes the clipboard in unusual places and sometimes I don't know so I waste time debugging.... :/05:35
guest0001could someone please just tell how to get my system up to date by typing something like "sudo apt-get upgrade"05:36
Flynsarmywhat's the terminal command to include files & folders starting with a . in the zip? i tried a zip -r zipname * but it didnt include them05:36
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager05:36
Ashthorguest0001 use sudo aptitude full-update05:37
usr13guest0001:  sudo apt-get install networkmanager05:37
Hoverwhat is the command to restart x?05:37
usr13or  ^^^05:37
guest0001thank you trying it now05:37
usr13Hover: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace05:38
ljsoftnethow do i launch kbasic? after extracting it?05:38
Hoverthat is not command05:38
usagihow do I simply undelete a file?05:38
usagiall I get when I look online are complex programs that don't do what I need05:39
usr13Hover: service gdm restart05:39
Hoverok. thanks.05:39
usr13usagi: rm file-mame05:39
usagiusr13, that deletes it05:39
usr13usagi: Yes05:40
usagiI want to undelete it05:40
usr13usagi: Can't help you there.05:40
usagiwhy is it there is never anyone helpful in IRC anymore05:40
usr13usr13: We've all become stupid.05:40
isaac_hello to all05:40
linux_ophello isaac_05:40
eboyjrusr13: nice nick completion05:40
crohakonAnd... your asking for help at 1am est...05:40
usr13haha yea...05:41
isaac_im a newbie but loving it05:41
linux_opI wonder if chatzilla has nick completion05:41
ice2may be05:41
fanso many people here05:41
linux_opisaac_: ever1 once was05:41
isaac_that is true05:41
linux_opor a plugin that does that05:41
ice2does everyone use Ubuntu?05:42
superhawk90210okay, I have a (I think) quick problem that I need solving.  I don't know how to update my wireless adapter's drivers05:42
linux_opsuperhawk90210: whats the need to update them?.05:43
linux_opif they work thee is no need05:43
superhawk90210I went the chipset manufacturer's website and got the .bz2 file for them and extracted all the stuff on to the desktop05:43
eboyjrCan I disable the middle click? I don't want it; it's causing me trouble.05:43
superhawk90210but now I just don't know what to do with it05:43
Ashthorfor that "undelete" question: "Many new users of Linux are surprised to learn that no "undelete" application is part of a distribution"05:44
usr13eboyjr: I'05:44
superhawk90210the problem is that the adapter can't seem to connect to our verizon router since we updated it05:44
linux_opsuperhawk90210: ok05:44
usr13eboyjr: I'd rather dissable the scroll function05:44
linux_opsuperhawk90210: this is what you do, find a file called install, installing05:44
linux_opit should have instructions on how to do it05:44
usr13eboyjr: The middle click is very useful.05:44
linux_opnormally you just go to that folder in terminal, and type ./configure05:44
linux_opthen make05:45
Flynsarmywhat's the terminal command to include files & folders starting with a . in the zip? i tried a zip -r zipname * but it didnt include them05:45
fanwho has setup a softether VPN in ubuntu?05:45
linux_opsuerphawk90210: if you can, send me the install file05:45
eboyjrusr13: Well for me I think it's pasting the clipboard and my touchpad appently clicks the middle button every x seconds randomly when I'm not looking05:45
usr13fan ls -a05:45
Ashthoruse .*05:45
superhawk90210lemme see if I can find it05:45
linux_opsuerphawk90210: I can read over it for you, just use your irc client to send it05:45
FlynsarmyAshthor: will give it a shot05:46
usr13flasheeur: Sorry, wrong answer....05:46
LeempI've got a game that takes both monitors when using full screen mode. The result is that the middle of the screen is split between the monitors. Any idea how i can deal with this?05:46
Ashthorby default, files/folders that start with . are ignored..... so .* explicitly calls them in05:46
usr13Flynsarmy: Not sure what you're trying to do.05:46
zopiacI am trying to run the Dolphin Emulator but I get an error that it can't open libCg.so, and I can't figure out how to install it05:47
linux_opif a file or dicrecory begins with a '.' its hidden05:47
Flynsarmyusr13: trying to back up my entire home folder05:47
zopiacit is apparently bundles with the nvidia-cg-toolkit package, but that is up-to-date05:47
usr13Flynsarmy: try -S05:47
usr13Flynsarmy: Why not use tar?05:48
Flynsarmyusr13: dont know how. zip is easier :)05:48
linux_opuse bzip205:48
fanusr123 can you help me05:48
superhawk90210okay I think I got it05:49
AshthorFlynsarmy, sorry, .* will ONLY include the dotted files/folders ;)05:49
superhawk90210there was a makefile in the folder but no config05:49
superhawk90210so I just navigated there and then hit the make05:49
superhawk90210so let's see05:49
FlynsarmyAshthor: maybe zip -r * .* then :P05:50
usr13Flynsarmy: tar -czf backup.tgz .05:50
Flynsarmyerr, zip -r zipname * .*05:50
usr13I think... let me see05:50
linux_opsuperhawk90210: you got to be carefull and do exaclty as said in the readme05:50
Ashthorthough I've had issues with like that05:50
linux_opbeacuse your dealing with drivers05:50
Flynsarmyusr13: what're the advantages of using tar with the more difficult commands over zip? (note: its a backup so i'm wanting it compressed aswell)05:51
Ashthorbut they were with running zip via .sh script and dealing with errors when .* doesn't exist........ heh, nothing you'll deal with05:51
guiritteranyone knows how to make integrals appear bigger in OpenOffice Math?05:51
matrixblueFlynsarmy: tar compresses when you use the z option with it05:52
WinstonSmithguiritter, !openoffice05:53
guest0001why is it taking so long to get updated is it installing 10.10?05:53
alazyworkaholicI want to convert a video file so it will play on my ipod touch. A couple years ago I used winff/ffmpeg. The winff gui had "ipod" as an option in "convert to", but it's not there anymore. Does anyone know how to get that back?05:53
WinstonSmithguiritter, !openoffice05:53
WinstonSmithguiritter | !openoffice05:53
guiritterstill doesn't understand05:53
WinstonSmithguiritter, try to join #openoffice05:54
oblu_guiritter: dont use openoffice, ha, ha its lame.05:54
red2kicalazyworkaholic: Try ogmrip + ogmrip-profiles05:54
guiritteryeah, ms's equation editor is so good...05:55
WinstonSmithoblu_, your point being...?05:55
oblu_guiritter: latex ftw05:55
=== crow is now known as Guest82304
Viking667quick question. How do I convert a mp3 back into a wav file using sox? Or do I have to use another tool?05:55
guiritteroblu_, i had heard that ms's uses a slight different syntax, didn't knew it was latex...05:56
Hoverhow to restart x in xubuntu?05:56
guiritterbtw, no one in #openoffice...05:56
WinstonSmithHover, try sudo service xdm restart05:57
Ashthorhover:: service gdm restart05:57
Ashthorhover:: service gdm restart05:57
Ashthorhover:: service gdm restart05:57
FloodBot1Ashthor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:57
matrixblueHover: sudo killall X05:57
WinstonSmithAshthor, gdm is for gnome05:57
WinstonSmithkdm is for kde05:57
WinstonSmithViking667, install sound converter05:58
HoverWinstonSmith, xdm unknown service. :D05:58
usr13Flynsarmy: tar -czf home-backup.tgz /home05:58
Ashthornot xdm05:58
HoverAshthor, that works.. actually. gdm05:58
WinstonSmithHover, i am not sure of its name never used xubuntu05:58
Flynsarmyusr13: seems alot more complex than simply using zip....are there any advantages at all?05:58
usr13Flynsarmy: tar -czf home-backup.tgz .05:58
usr13Flynsarmy: Yes05:59
WinstonSmithdo a ls /etc/init.d/*dm05:59
Hoverbut i want to make a shortcut. i made a shortuct for ctrl+alt+bkspc. It works in terminal but not from shortcut05:59
usr13tar is more reliable05:59
Flynsarmyusr13: never had an issue with zip before...anything else?05:59
oblu_usr13: lie!05:59
usr13Flynsarmy: I don't see that it is any more complicated.   (It does pick up the . [hidden files] as well)06:00
usr13oblu_: Is a bit missguided.... so06:00
Flynsarmyusr13: oh well, your nagging has won me over, i'll give it a shot :)06:01
usr13oblu_: But what is your opinion on the matter?06:01
ljsoftnethow do i install Kbasic after extracting it?06:01
WinstonSmithHover, what exactly are you trying to accomplish?06:02
Ashthor<Hover> but i want to make a shortcut. i made a shortuct for ctrl+alt+bkspc. It works in terminal but not from shortcut06:02
Ashthorhe wants a shortcut to restart the gui06:02
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »06:02
WinstonSmithgoto system > preferences > keyboard > layouts > options . there you have the :shortcut to restart x-server06:03
WinstonSmithHover, goto system > preferences > keyboard > layouts > options . there you have the :shortcut to restart x-server06:03
MaRk-I!dontzap | Ashthor06:03
ubottuAshthor: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap06:03
MadRobotHi all.06:04
WinstonSmithMaRk-I, my solution is simpler no editing of xorg.conf06:04
xfceyourfacevideo driver problems any1 want to help06:04
WinstonSmithxfceyourface, | !ask06:04
linux_opis there anyway to completely reset the wifi drivers in ubuntu 10.04 ?06:04
linux_opas if they were on fresh install?06:05
MaRk-IWinstonSmith: looks the same to me, just didnt want to type the whole thing06:05
ZykoticK9WinstonSmith, the dontzap factoid starts off by explaining the System->Preferences->Keyboard way ;)  same answer06:05
WinstonSmithRSI anyone?06:05
matrixbluelinux_op: Use Synaptic to search for the driver and purge them06:06
WinstonSmithZykoticK9, ok ive never read it just know the dontzap in xorg06:06
* Viking667 doesn't think he has RSI... but then he's not on the keyboard for a day job.06:06
Flynsarmyusr13: is there a way to skip specific folders? like the .gvfs folder?06:06
Viking667WinstonSmith: by the way, thank you for the link on soundconverter... wasn't aware it existed06:06
ZykoticK9WinstonSmith, ya it's not referring to the old-school dontzap really06:06
WinstonSmithViking667, yw06:06
xfceyourfacethe adobe flash player also doesnt work06:07
WinstonSmithZykoticK9, ok already learned something for the day :P06:07
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
MadRobotWhen I play an MP3 file in any player, the file somehow gets "streamed" instead of "played". And the progress bar won't move either. Anyone knows why?06:08
squigyanyone familier with ebox, more specifically, samba managed by ebox?06:08
usr13linux_op: modprobe -r  <driver-name> and then modprobe <driver-name>06:09
usr13linux_op: Oh, well, you can re-install them too, but why?06:09
usr13linux_op: What would be the point?06:09
usr13(modprobe will only dissable and re-enable the same module)06:09
FloodBot1usr13: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:09
WinstonSmithsquigy, use webmin myself06:10
ZykoticK9!webmin > WinstonSmith06:10
ubottuWinstonSmith, please see my private message06:10
AlbertoPfinally some peace :)06:10
Tobarjacan someone suggest where i can look to figure out why one of my user accounts has a different TERMINFO than another account? (one acts wierd in screen and the other works)06:10
matrixblueTobarja: ~/.bash_profile06:11
WinstonSmithZykoticK9, didnt have any adverse effect on my server until now and ebox is way worse then webmin. for example you cant create your own commands06:11
squigyhaving trouble getting basic samba going in server 10.0406:11
usr13Flynsarmy:  -X, --exclude-from FILE06:11
theshadowAlright, so I had to reinstall my laptop and did so with 10.04 I'm setting up apache/mysql problem is that even though the entire path structure from / to the path of the files is read to all apache is complainging about "(13)Permission denied:"06:11
WinstonSmithlooks slick though06:11
usr13Flynsarmy: ...will exclude files listed in FILE06:12
ZykoticK9WinstonSmith, i don't advocate ebox myself (never used it), but please don't recommend webmin as it's not supported06:12
usr13Flynsarmy: See man tar06:12
squigycan anyone help a noob with some basic samba stuff?06:12
WinstonSmithZykoticK9, ok np. do you have any idea which config files webmin is supposed to mangle?06:13
usr13Flynsarmy:  -X left-out.txt06:13
ZykoticK9WinstonSmith, no idea sorry06:13
WinstonSmithsquigy, what exactly is your problem with samba?06:13
xfceyourfacevideo driver needs updating how do i do it. im really new to xbuntu06:14
squigydaemon running, just can't access shares in nautilus06:14
Flynsarmyusr13: that works for files but when i try it on the .gvfs folder it errors '.gvfs/ is a directory'. Command i used: tar -czf home-backup.tgz . -X .gvfs06:14
WinstonSmithsquigy, what error msg?06:14
WinstonSmithi need more info06:14
Tobarjamatrixblue: the working user has no .bash_profile. I just rm'ed the other out of the way, relogged and they still are different06:14
airtonixa "nice" value of -11 means it has extreme low priority on cpu cycles right ?06:15
matrixblueFlynsarmy: usr13 or use --exclude and set the pattern to .?*g06:15
squigyno message, no domain or server showing in network fo,der06:15
xfceyourfacecan anyone help me?06:15
Phr3ak_hi there !!06:15
matrixblueTobarja: look for a .profile or .bash_login06:15
WinstonSmithsquigy, pastbin you smb.conf plz06:15
guest0001someone have me a link earlier explaining how to make your gmail account work with alpine can someone please resend the link?06:15
Flynsarmymatrixblue: wont' that exclude other stuff besides just the .gvfs folder?06:16
plunderdoes anyone know of some good documentation on the output of 'nmblookup'06:16
squigysorry Im simple, what is pastbin06:16
matrixblueFlynsarmy: only if the folder begins with .g06:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:16
Phr3ak_hi there !!06:17
Phr3ak_ohw, iam repeating my self :\06:17
matrixblueFlynsarmy: You can set the pattern as you like --exclude=".gvfx"06:17
ratdogwhats with having paid software section in software center for 10.00  meekcat?  *revolt*06:18
ratdogback to debian06:18
plunderanyone know a bit about samba or windows shares that can help me with nmblookup?06:18
ZykoticK9!ot | ratdog06:18
ubotturatdog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:18
ratdogi can do that too06:18
ratdogbad as Novell06:18
AlbertoPratdog: Oo06:19
jjk9plunder:  what do u want to know?06:19
Flannelratdog: Your discussion is well suited for #ubuntu-offtopic, please help keep this channel useful.  Thanks.06:19
guest0001does anyone have the link to the ubuntu documentation that tells how to put code into alpines pine file so it can use gmail06:19
plunderjjk9: im trying to understand it's output, why there are so many entries when I thought I'm retrieving netbios name06:20
* ratdog rolls eyes with ph33r...06:20
plunderjjk9: i figured out ..__MSBROWSE__., but for instances a computer on my network has 3 <WORKGROUP> and 2 <PCNAME> entries06:20
squigywinston, i cant find smb.conf, not at /etc/smb/smb.conf06:20
jjk9plunder:  what guide r u using to config samba + nmb06:20
* AlbertoP pulls ratdog in the -offtopic channel so we can chat06:20
guest0001i just want to use alpine in terminal to check my mail06:21
Kebert_Xelacan i log myself off, while i have scp moving files from my ubuntu box via and to the fedora box?06:21
squigyit has been configed by ebox06:21
jjk9squigy:  maye /etc/samba/smb.conf06:21
Kebert_Xelaor must the user im using the scp/ssh through stay logged on?06:21
plunderjjk9: im using no guide, i have a working windows share, im trying to write a perl script to autofind and mount windows shares but I need to understand the nmblookup output, but i cannot find good docs06:21
WinstonSmithsquigy, /etc/samba/smb.conf ?06:22
FliplipID Mopangga06:22
WinstonSmithKebert_Xela, use screen06:22
jjk9plunder: get back to u in a couple06:22
plunderjjk9: ok thanks06:22
Kebert_XelaWinstonSmith, i dont even know what that means06:23
squigyfound it06:23
mawstAnyone got an lg VX4400/VX6000 working over usb for file transfer?06:23
airtonixKebert_Xela, http://www.rackaid.com/resources/linux-screen-tutorial-and-how-to/ && http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/5644306:23
squigyi dont even know how to copy and paste from nano under terminal06:24
WinstonSmithKebert_Xela, "screen" is a program which will let you start a process/program then log out and the process continues look here :http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/05/04/command-line-multitasking-with-screen/06:24
jjk9plunder: have you looked in a termina at man nmblookup?06:24
airtonixKebert_Xela, more here : http://www.google.com.au/search?q=linux+screen06:24
plunderjjk9: yeah, it doesnt explain the output though, just usage06:24
ZykoticK9squigy, try highlighting the text in your nano terminal window, then using mouse wheel click in the other window (might work?)06:24
Kebert_Xelaso i would need that even though im wanting to log off of the remote computer06:24
Flannelguest0001: If you follow this guide on setting up alpine: http://support.cs.utah.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49&Itemid=80  you can gather the required gmail specific information here: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78799  and you need to enable imap in gmail too, which is available here: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=7769506:24
jjk9plunder:  ok let me look some more06:25
f23can anyone tell me why deluge cannot open?06:25
WinstonSmithsquigy, apt-get install pastebinit. then pastebinit /etc/samba/smb.conf06:25
ZykoticK9f23, did you ever run it with the sudo command?06:25
ee99eeHello, I'm trying to load a new PHP module (json.so) and I'm getting a strange error: kernel: type=1400 audit(1283664030.998:62): avc:  denied  { read } for  pid=11905 comm="httpd" name="json.so" dev=sda1 ino=500317 scontext=root:system_r:httpd_t:s0 tcontext=root:object_r:tmp_t:s0 tclass=file06:25
WinstonSmithsquigy, gives you back the url where it pasted06:25
ee99eethe permissions are correct -- global write06:26
ee99eeglobal read I mean06:26
f23ZykoticK9,  yes the samething06:26
ee99eeeven when chmod 777, I get this error... other modules in the same directory work fine06:26
Kebert_Xelameh, ill just leave it on06:26
Kebert_Xelaill look into screen later though06:26
Kebert_Xelalooks useful thanks WinstonSmith and airtonix06:26
MadRobotHi all.06:27
matrixblueee99ee: Is this an NTFS drive?06:27
WinstonSmithKebert_Xela, np06:27
MadRobotHow do I fix this error: http://python.pastebin.com/rYq0vHHQ (NOTE: Tried using Pocoo pastebin but it's down)06:27
ZykoticK9f23, i ask because i've seen that break things before with torrent programs.  use gksu for any GUI apps, it's really important, as you might be about to find out.  i don't have a solution i'm affraid, especially if you have torrents you want to continue!  best of luck man.06:28
matrixbluef23; I would try reinstalling deluge06:28
squigythats a neat app06:28
matrixblueee99ee: if its a separate drive it could be mounted read only06:29
ratdoghttp://www.fsf.org/ Free Software Foundation06:29
WinstonSmithsquigy, that is empty. you gave pastebinit the right path/to/file ?06:29
f23ZykoticK9,  what i have to type for gksu?06:30
f23matrixblue,  i did it :(06:30
CppIsWeirdwas trying to install flash plugin, but i keep getting "adobe-flash plugin is virtual"06:30
squigyhttp://pastebin.com/68evbSYs im looking at it now, sorry if I mistyped06:30
matrixbluef23: try sudo apt-get purge deluge06:30
ZykoticK9f23, if at some time you ran "sudo deluge" or whatever the command is it can create some permission issues with your user account for deluge06:31
meatbuni tried to change passwd06:31
meatbun1) too simple06:31
meatbun2) too similar to old one06:31
meatbunhow to fix?06:31
FloodBot1meatbun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:31
matrixbluemeatbun: use a more complex password06:31
Shishireok, what am I doing wrong here? http://pastebin.com/4Qrj45Cj  I get this on every site I try, from every system I try (different geo-loc, and different ips)06:31
meatbunmatrixblue, no06:31
f23matrixblue,  ok done purging..06:31
squigydoes the domain "ebox" have to be created on the network somehow, or should that be done automatically by ebox when the share is created?06:32
matrixbluef23: now re-install06:32
meatbunthere should be a 'are u sure' question, and i say yes. and be done with it06:32
WinstonSmithsquigy, it is binding to these addresses only : interfaces = lo,tap0,tap2 is that on purpose?06:32
squigyis tap a vpn interface?06:32
WinstonSmithsquigy, yes06:32
squigyshould be etho06:32
bobbybobjust had a friend ask me a good question, thought I would ask experts....if VNC uses jpeg, where are they saved?06:33
HoverWinstonSmith, hey.. its xubuntu.. and it doesnt have system>pref>keyboard. :( but i can get to the keyboard settings... but there is nothing like restart x-server06:33
WinstonSmithsquigy, exactly eth0 ro eth1 or so if you want it in your home network06:33
WinstonSmithHover, then read !dontzap06:33
f23matrixblue,  it still on applicaions - internet -deluge bittorrent client06:33
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap06:33
squigyif etho, then vpn should show it to any virtual interfaces?06:33
squigyor does each vpn int have to be configured manually to it?06:34
WinstonSmithsquigy, explain better. your setup and what you are trying to do06:34
matrixbluef23 run ps aux | grep deluge06:34
squigyone nic on server. need samba shares accessible on actual lan and by vpn06:35
f23matrixblue, hendaus  10266  2.2  4.8 178168 72948 ?        Sl   Sep04  28:02 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/deluge-gtk06:35
f23hendaus  29960  0.0  0.0   3328   864 pts/0    S+   01:05   0:00 grep --color=auto deluge06:35
squigyhave open vpn installed right now06:35
squigyjust trying to get in on the lan first though06:35
matrixbluef23 sudo killall -9 deluge-gtk06:36
=== jess is now known as Guest14723
f23matrixblue, deluge-gtk: no process found06:36
matrixbluef23 then killall -9 python ..... this may close some other programs you have running though06:36
f23matrixblue,  ok done06:37
WinstonSmithsquigy, try changing the line : interfaces = lo,tap0,tap2 to interfaces = lo,tap0,tap2,eth006:37
WinstonSmithsquigy, do the shares show up?06:37
matrixbluef23: sudo apt-get purge deluge && sudo apt-get install deluge06:38
bobbybobany ideas?06:38
f23matrixblue,  is it matter coz i have ktorrent installed and transmission or not?06:38
matrixbluef23 no it shouldn't matter06:38
f23matrixblue,  ok done06:39
matrixbluef23: try running deluge now06:39
f23matrixblue,  no :(06:40
squigynot under network folder still06:40
matrixbluef23: run deluge from a terminal and pastebin any errors06:40
f23matrixblue,  it says to autoremove on terminal06:40
brandonludoes anyone know how to disable "alt + arrow key" console switching06:40
fujiosanhi guys06:40
brandonlujust wondering...06:40
fujiosanhi brandonlu06:40
fujiosanare you good in kungfu?06:40
brandonluhello fujiosan06:41
matrixbluef23: run sudo apt-get autoremove06:41
fujiosanthis channel is amazing06:41
brandonluI am good at pinpointing the death points ;)06:41
fujiosanso many comrades :)06:41
fujiosani want the USSR edition of Ubuntu does it exist already?06:41
brandonlugimme a nice AA turret ;)06:41
f23matrixblue,  ok done and thesame thing :(06:42
IdleOne!ot | fujiosan brandonlu06:42
ubottufujiosan brandonlu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:42
brandonluso, anyone have an answer to my query?06:42
matrixbluef23: type deluge in terminal and pastebin any error messages06:42
brandonlu"(10:39:29 PM) brandonlu: does anyone know how to disable "alt + arrow key" console switching"06:42
f23matrixblue, i did it and it didnot show anything06:43
fujiosanIdleOne can you help me please i want to install ubuntu on my ipod touch?06:43
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:43
ExziHi guys, I just installed lubuntu and I was wondering if there was an easy way to get youtube videos to work?06:43
matrixbluef23: cat /var/log/messages | grep deluge06:44
WinstonSmithExzi, | !flash06:44
brandonluExzi: hmm... does it have the standard repositories?06:44
ilmenitenow what do i do to install emerald themes? E: Package emerald-themes has no installation candidate06:44
squigyif i restart filesharing in ebox, i loose config change. sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart says samba not a command06:44
brandonluif yes, download adobe-flashplugin06:44
f23matrixblue, hendaus@hendaus-desktop:~$ sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep deluge06:44
brandonlusudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin06:44
ExziIt has Chromium instead of firefox...06:45
brandonluunless that isn't your problem 0.o06:45
brandonluExzi: what's wrong with chrome?06:45
brandonluit has flash embedded usually, if I'm not mistaken...06:45
IdleOneExzi: the flashplugin will work with chromium06:45
brandonluI remember running it with no issues...06:45
brandonluIdleOne: nowonder... haha!06:45
Exzik, I'll try it again. :o06:46
brandonluI guess the linux version doesn't have adobe-flashplugin built in06:46
WinstonSmithsquigy, not sudo /etc/init.d/samba but sudo /etc/init.d/smbd restart06:46
matrixbluef23: Have you tried restarting?06:46
fujiosanIdleOne can you help me please i want to install ubuntu on my ipod touch?06:46
fujiosanIdleOne !ot06:46
brandonlufujiosan: 0.o06:46
f23matrixblue,  no06:46
ilmeniteanyone has emerald themes installed in lucid?06:46
fujiosanIdleOne you cant help me06:46
brandonlufujiosan: jailbreak it.06:46
fujiosanall you do is tell me i cant talk offtopic06:46
IdleOnefujiosan: why are you directing your question to me? did I give you any reason to believe I know about installing Ubuntu on an Ipod06:47
brandonlusimple as that. no need to install ubuntu 0.o06:47
matrixbluef23: Restarting is your best bet at this point06:47
Flannelfujiosan: Please stop.  No, you cannot install Ubuntu on an ipod touch.06:47
brandonlualso, ubuntu does not support multi-touch screens, if I'm not mistaken06:47
squigycommand not found06:47
fujiosanIdleOne because you only watch to see how you can approach people in a negative way06:47
IdleOnefujiosan: only those who don't follow channel policy06:47
fujiosanwill there be a ubuntu version for mobiles?06:47
brandonlufujiosan: nope. go google search mobilin ;)06:48
brandonlu!google mobilin06:48
ilmenitefujiosan: run openmoko if your interested06:48
fujiosanok ty guys06:48
ExziHaha, it worked this time.06:48
brandonluI forgot ubottu is not fully "supybot"06:48
ExziThanks guys.06:48
brandonluExzi: no prob ;)06:48
f23matrixblue,  yes it opens now :)06:48
matrixbluef23 well done06:48
fujiosanmay i ask my next question?06:49
brandonlufujiosan: fire away, I'm up for something amusing :)06:49
f23matrixblue,  but is it shows another time the same problem?06:49
WinstonSmithf23, any reason you cant use transmission?06:50
matrixbluef23 I believe that deluge would not open because there was an old process of it in memory that refused to be killed06:50
fujiosanI have an Intel mac normally i would use wubi to install the ext3/4 filesystem of ubuntu in ntfs5 on win7, but on the intel Mac unlike on the PC this doesnt seem to work, is there another way of installing Ubuntu on the intelMac that avoids having to use grub?06:50
* brandonlu likes transmission06:50
brandonludoes it run in "terminal mode?"06:50
f23matrixblue,  ok thanx :)06:51
WinstonSmithbrandonlu who are you talking to?06:51
matrixbluef23: you're welcome06:51
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P06:51
brandonluWinstonSmith: ubottu.06:51
f23WinstonSmith,  yes i use tranmision also but deluge works fast on mine :)06:51
fujiosanwhat can i do when my questions gets flooded away here ?06:51
IdleOnebrandonlu: please msg the bot to avoid adding scroll to the channel06:51
brandonlu!hi | WinstonSmith06:51
ubottuWinstonSmith: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:51
WinstonSmithbrandonlu, : <brandonlu> does it run in "terminal mode?"06:51
f23matrixblue,  why fb doesnot work on gwibber?06:52
fujiosani dont even see my question anymore text scrolls so fast here06:52
WinstonSmithwho where you talking to?06:52
brandonluIdleOne: I apologise for the inconvenience06:52
chris_osxfujiosan: have you had a look at refit?06:52
IdleOneWinstonSmith: doesn't matter...06:52
brandonluWinstonSmith: I dunno, whoever wanted to chime in and help...06:52
fujiosanchris_osx nope what is it?06:52
matrixbluef23: I've never used gwibber06:53
WinstonSmithbrandonlu, when you address somebody here use the name. makes reading easier06:53
chris_osxfujiosan: the software that lets you triple boot mac os x , linux and win06:53
chris_osxfujiosan: google refit06:53
fujiosanoh ok ty chris_osx06:53
brandonluWinstonSmith: alright...06:53
chris_osxfujiosan: you can also dual boot macosx/win or macosx/linux06:53
=== brandonlu is now known as p1oooop
p1oooophehe :)06:53
chris_osxchris_osx: if you don't need triple06:54
ExziWINSTON SMITH?! I LOVE 1984!06:54
WinstonSmithExzi, you are the 1st to recognize the name :P06:54
WinstonSmithExzi, but its agreat book!06:54
ExziIt's one of my favorite books ever.06:54
* p1oooop wasn't born at that time06:54
fujiosanchris_osx yeah im already dual booting osx/win06:54
* WinstonSmith concurs with Exzi06:55
chris_osxWinstonSmith: interesingly enough, today's (laptop) screens often have a camera built in^^06:55
FlannelPlease take the non-support chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks :)06:55
wizzleis comet bird available for ubuntu?06:55
f23who have gwibber here?06:55
guest0001flannel i got it working thanks but it's telling me that my return address on the mail i send won't be right06:55
fujiosanchris_osx how can i dualboot osx/ubuntu without refit?06:55
fujiosanbootcamp with linux?06:56
Flannelguest0001: You'll need to set that in alpine06:56
guest0001in setup probably i know06:56
chris_osxfujiosan: i think that will not work properly06:56
fujiosanoh ok06:56
chris_osxfujiosan: go with refit06:56
wizzlewhere is people?06:56
fujiosanok ty chris_osx06:56
chris_osxfujiosan: np. refit is really the way to go for mac users06:57
guest0001what should i set in alpine flannel?06:57
chris_osxfujiosan: not just my personal view06:57
fujiosanok i see :)06:57
fujiosan(°ᴗƪ) Mr.Fujisan now has to go back to the land of the shiny objects, and grey windows.. bu bye chris_osx and other curious inhabitants of Ubuntuland06:58
wizzleis comet bird available for ubuntu?06:58
squiggywinston, still cant see shares06:58
Flannelguest0001: I'm looking.  I've never used alpine (because it didn't exist until not too long ago).  Search this page for "setting up the from field": http://staff.washington.edu/chappa/alpine/alpine-info/roles/07:00
WinstonSmithsquiggy, did you change your smb.conf ? restarted /etc/init.d/smbd ? are you in the same network as the server?07:00
WinstonSmithsquiggy, is the network card of the server eth0?07:00
WinstonSmithto all questions?07:01
squiggyunless ebox is causing the shares to be on the vpn network address07:01
WinstonSmithsquiggy, do you have a firewall on your server?07:01
squiggyyes, all tcp and udp allowed for all services07:02
WinstonSmithsquiggy, but you changed that no? with the interfaces= line?07:02
squiggyyes, i dont understand why ebox changes the config back if I restart file sharing services in ebox though07:03
WinstonSmithsquiggy, ok then look in ebox for a line like : bind to interfaces or bind to address and disable that. teh restart file sharing07:04
Suit_Of_Sableshey gang! I've installed uzbl-git. but when I try and run uzbl-tabbed I get a strange permissions error. here is my output on running 'uzbl-tabbed -v': http://pastebin.com/CVcsDuDb would anyone mind taking a look at that?07:06
=== prof_bnc is now known as Prof_BiG_BanG
CppIsWeirdi just installed ubuntu but i couldnt figure out how to install on an encrypted lvm from the CD, is there a process i can perform to take my current ubuntu install and transform it into an encrypted lvm or am i going to have to start over?07:08
SwedeMikeCppIsWeird: you have to use the install image called "alternate".07:10
SwedeMikeCppIsWeird: and yes, you have to start over.07:10
=== nso95 is now known as bopm
CppIsWeird*sighs* i just got it all set up like i wanted it too. :(07:11
=== bopm is now known as Nso95
cuddlefishCppIsWeird: Unless you want to make a new encrypted partition for /home07:11
CppIsWeirdscrew that, see ya.07:11
CppIsWeirdoh, and ah, thanks. :P07:11
zcat[1]Encrypted home directories is the next best thing.. at least that protects all the personal stuff..07:12
cuddlefishzcat[1]: yeah, also faster boot07:12
zcat[1]it should also be possible to archive the current setup, do an encrypted basic install and then unarchive the backup to the encrypted root, minus whatever changes were made to grub and fstab, etc...07:13
zcat[1]although this is something I've never attempted07:13
bdogghow do you enable accelerated composting on chrome in ubuntu?07:14
CppIsWeirdjust to make sure, this is the one i want? http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.1/ubuntu-10.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso.torrent07:14
p1oooopbdogg: accelerated compositing?07:14
cuddlefishCppIsWeird: For a 64-bit CPU07:15
bdoggyeah its available for the newest chrome dev07:15
cuddlefishCppIsWeird: For 64-bit, yes07:15
jjk9!hi | JohnHeikkila107:19
ubottuJohnHeikkila1: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:19
=== f23 is now known as fusefusae
JohnHeikkila1I'll check that out.07:19
bdoggdont listen to it!07:19
woodong50____me too07:20
JohnHeikkila1Ohh, I've seen the IRC rules.07:20
woodong50____./nick woodong5007:20
CppIsWeirdone more thing, what app can i use to burn iso's?07:20
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto07:21
zcat[1]CppIsWeird, basically right-click and choose 'burn to disk' -- it's pretty-much built in07:21
woodong50____ih auto bot good!!!!!07:21
ExziI forgot what iso burner I use..07:22
infidsay i want to ssh port forward traffic from computer A to computer B's port 14444, do i have to open port 14444 on B's firewall, or just port 22?07:22
WinstonSmithinfid, port 14444407:23
WinstonSmithport 22 on As FW07:23
rwwinfid: as in "ssh -L someport:localhost:14444 user@hostname"? just port 22.07:23
zcat[1]infid, just port 22, the connection will be tunneled and come from 'localhost' on the end machine07:23
rwwassuming that your firewall doesn't filter loopback connections, which it probably doesn't, because that would be silly07:24
WinstonSmithinfid, yes ignore what i sad : i just read port forwarding ssh port :(07:24
FredFlinstoneis there a channel for themes and that stuff? can anyone recommend a good dark backgrounds gnome / lucid theme?07:25
Nikehello need some help...07:26
NikeAnyone there ?07:26
jjk9Nike:  yes?07:26
WinstonSmith!ask | nike07:26
ubottunike: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:26
infidok thanks guys07:26
NikeHow do we open .vsd files in ubuntu 10.04 ?07:26
reggiyou're welcome infid07:26
Nikeofcourse edit as well(.vsd files)..07:27
john38can somebody help me07:27
john38i have a problem setting up launcher07:27
FredFlinstonebefore my board died i had some good ones, one began with m, cant remember, dark themes anyone?07:27
john38i enter in name: Command and Comment07:28
john38doesnt work07:28
Nike@jjk9 - Hope u got my question !07:28
jjk9nike: yes but don't have answer...07:29
=== nick is now known as RunaSnax
RunaSnaxHey, can anyone give me a hand real fast?07:29
SwedeMike!ask | RunaSnax07:29
john38Anyone help??07:29
ubottuRunaSnax: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:29
WinstonSmithnike thas microsoft visio files... i dont think OO supports that07:29
SubCoolhey, how do you fix/"configure" your video from CLI?07:29
SubCooli just upgraded my motherboard, and now my video is shot07:30
SubCooldpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesnt work07:30
john38i have a problem setting up launcher07:30
john38i enter in name: Command and Comment07:30
john38doesnt work07:30
Nike@WinstonSmith - Any application which can help me view n edit the files ?07:30
SwedeMike!enter | john3807:30
ubottujohn38: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:30
john38SwedeMike, to setup internet launcher07:31
WinstonSmith!repeat | john3807:31
ubottujohn38: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com07:31
RunaSnaxI gotta change some port forwarding on my router, but the only access I have is via CLI in my SSH connection. So I can use 'links2' to get to the router(linksys WRT310N) initial page, but can't get to the port forwarding page. Anyone know the exact URL used? (ex:
john38WindPower, are you not familiar with desktop launcher07:31
john38WinstonSmith, are you not familiar with desktop launcher07:32
WinstonSmithrunasax use ssh port forwarding. like this you can use a proper browser07:32
xanguajohn38: internet launcher¿ just drag your favorite web browser from the app menu to the desktop07:32
john38WinstonSmith, im trying to setup up automatic launcher07:32
SwedeMikejohn38: please stop harassing individuals on the channel.07:33
john38xangua, i entered name command and comment doesnt take me there07:33
* WinstonSmith tells john38 to chill a little07:33
SwedeMikejohn38: people can read you even without you hilighting them, they're not answering you, probably becase they don't know.07:33
john38i thought this was ubuntu07:34
SwedeMikejohn38: it is, and people are volunteers and you're not paying. so chill.07:34
xanguajohn38: automatic launcher¿ you want ypur browser to open when you log in¿07:34
john38xangua, yeah07:34
AlbertoPadd it to the settion john3807:34
masshuuI am missing the postgres script in /etc/init.d/   Is there a way to restore this?07:35
john38xangua, thing is i put a name in name: field then i typed firefox for Command then website address for Comment07:35
xanguajohn38: and what's wrong¿ what did you put in the command section¿07:35
rwwyour punctuation fell over :(07:36
john38xangua, Mozilla opens up but not on the address i put in07:36
fircHi, I have ubuntu 9.04 and things were fine, until yesterday when I tried to play a game via wine. It changed my resolution to 800x600 which i changed back using the display properties. But ever since then, it ages too long to boot up, and when it does boot up, i get a bunch of gnome errors ( mostly applets not showing up).07:36
xanguajohn38: of course no, you didn't tell it to open an adress07:36
john38xangua, what should i type in exactly07:37
john38xangua, i typed in website address in the Comment: field07:37
fircWhat should i do to "restore" my system to the state it was previously07:37
WinstonSmithjohn38, comment ! website07:37
john38xangua, firefox in the Command: field then a name for the name: field07:38
WinstonSmithjohn38, try firefox http://some.site.com07:38
infidwhat's the easiest port to forward to another computer to test if it works, eg not mail and not a dynamic socks forward?07:38
john38WinstonSmith, in the comment field?07:38
WinstonSmithjohn38, no in the program field07:38
SubCoolplease- i wanna goto bed07:39
xanguajohn38: in the command field you put : firefox URL (obviousl you put the url you want to open)07:39
sajishhi, how to make mplayer to play .wma files ??07:39
Nikehellloooo ! can anyone plz help me with an application through which i can view n edit the visio files (.vsd) and save them back into windows compatible file ?07:39
dooglusSubCool: "doesn't work"?  clarify?07:40
Dr_Willissajish:  install the proper w32codecs pack from medibuntu and it should be able to play them. but it will depend on the exact codec07:40
Dr_Willis!medibuntu | sajish07:40
ubottusajish: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:40
SubCooldooglus, does nothing-07:40
john38ok that worked but the firefox icon is not visible07:40
dooglusSubCool: just immediately gives you another shell prompt?07:40
SubCooldooglus, yes07:40
dooglusSubCool: you tried putting 'sudo' in front?07:41
SubCoolonly tried sudo07:41
sajishso wat to do ?07:41
john38xangua, how do i get icon back?07:42
SubCoolits a new video card, i get i have to setup it up-. i just dont now how.07:42
=== edu_bcn is now known as loedu
SubCoolwell, it use to be a video card, now its onboard.07:42
pie_timedo you need a special dual layer dvd burner to burn dual layer dvd's ?07:42
dooglusSubCool: does the same for me too07:42
sajishwhich is the best audio player that supports all type of files and sounds great !!!07:42
Dr_Willispie_time:  yes you would.07:43
xanguajohn38: check in alacarte where is the fx icon directory07:43
chris_osxpie_time: yes your burner has got to be capable of burning double layer. but atm most burners can handle dual layer07:43
Dr_Willissajish:  most of them have the same support and sound about the same.. its al about the other features you may perfer.07:44
john38xangua, alarcarte??07:44
Dr_Willis!info alacarte07:44
ubottualacarte (source: alacarte): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 0.13.1-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 56 kB, installed size 1356 kB07:44
xanguajohn38: yes, right clic in the menu> edit07:44
xanguamain menu*07:45
SubCoolanyone? please-07:45
john38xangua, you mean web browser menu07:46
SubCoolnot supposed to be hard07:46
Dr_WillisSubCool:  and whats your video card chipset now? what was it befor?07:47
xmumon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 1     /////  why ?/07:48
xmuhow can i set the wlan0 to channel  607:48
john38xangua, i dont understand07:49
NikeApparently, there is noone who has any idea about using .vsd files in ubuntu..:)07:49
WinstonSmithnike that are microsoft visio files... i dont think OO supports that07:50
Dr_WillisNike:  cant say ive ever seen one.  You have checked the ubuntu forums>07:50
AlbertoPplanner has (very) partial support07:50
NikeYep ! did..07:50
SubCoolDr_Willis, the card was a deditcated HIS.. uh.. idk- old. Now it is a new on board one.07:50
SubCoolDr_Willis, i know vague- but it went from legacy to brand new.07:51
ExziNight guys, don't let Big Brother catch you Winston! :o07:51
Dr_WillisSubCool:  doesnt matter if its onboard or not.. the critical part of info is what Chipset its using.  you have ran the 'hardware-drivers' tool and see if it suggests any drivers?07:51
=== xmu is now known as wowoto
Nike@Dr_Willis - tell me if you know any application/plugin which can do the needful ?07:51
john38Dr_Willis, can you help me out07:52
john38Dr_Willis, i think you did before07:52
Dr_WillisNike:  ive never seen or used a file with that extension.. so i have no idea of any apps that support it.07:52
Dr_Willisjohn38:  state the problem in clear concise terms and see what happens. :)07:52
mneptokNike: just FYI, "do the needful" is a nonsensical phrase in English.07:52
=== ServerTechPro is now known as ServerTech
john38Dr_Willis, what do i type in the creating launcher fields for direct click to a website07:53
mneptokNike: i *instantly* know English is your second language, and you are from the Indian subcontinent.07:53
SeanInSeattleHey all.  Does anyone know of some good video tutorials on subversion?07:53
fircmneptok hah. "do the needful" :D07:54
Dr_Willisjohn38:  you are mak9ing a launcher that opens firefox to sa specific web site?07:55
john38Dr_Willis, yeah07:55
SubCoolDr_Willis, no-. ill run it now..07:55
SubCoolunless that is something that can only be done via GUI..07:55
denysoniqueSeanInSeattle, use Git instead of subversion07:55
fircNike: what is that file supposed to be? vsd?07:55
SubCoolthe chipsset now is Ati 89007:55
SubCoolor AMD 890gx?07:55
Dr_Willisjohn38:  'firefox http://www.google.com' in a launcher filed dont work? If not you could make a 2 line script that does it.. then have the launcher launch that script07:55
john38Dr_Willis, that worked but the firefox icon is gone07:56
headkase314Nike, http://filext.com/file-extension/VSD <- vsd files are Microsoft Visio?07:56
CkhiKuzaddo you mean the launcher john38? or just the icon?07:57
john38CkhiKuzad, icon07:57
CkhiKuzadalright, you should be able to find it in /usr/share/pixmaps07:57
Dr_Willisjohn38:  so what? Set the icon to be whatever you want.07:57
CkhiKuzadi think that's the directory, not absolutely sure07:57
Dr_Willisjohn38:  right click on the launcher, properties, click the box at the top left where the icon is normally shown.. browse for an icon and select one07:58
Dr_Willisthe big 'icon' box is a button you click to change the icon07:58
* CkhiKuzad would have said that, but Dr_Willis was faster07:58
john38where is the firefox icon07:58
john38what directory07:58
CkhiKuzadand it's possible to find most of the icons in /usr/share/pixmaps07:58
CkhiKuzadi think.07:58
Dr_Willisjohn38:  no idea.     /usr/share somewhere...07:59
sometuxWhy totem youtube plugin doesn't work in lucid?07:59
* Dr_Willis has a few gb of his own icons he alwyas uses for custome things07:59
CkhiKuzadalright, confirmed. it's pixmaps john38.07:59
HimanshuIs there a Monochrome icon for dropbox on Ambiance theme?07:59
CkhiKuzadyou should be able to scroll down and eventually find it07:59
john38ok thanks for the help08:00
Dr_WillisHimanshu:  ive seen the omgubuntu  site often mention 'monochrome' icons for alternative applications.08:00
CkhiKuzadis Dropbox any better than U1?08:01
Dr_WillisI have to wonder why the move back to monochrome..08:01
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  try them both and decide for yourself. :)08:01
Dr_WillisUbuntu One - lets me sync my tomboy notes automatically. thats a big + for me08:01
CkhiKuzaddoing so right now. i can't get ubuntu one working in 10.04-- :D GitS is on!08:01
headkase314Himanshu, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/dropbox-monochrome-elementary.html08:01
sometuxI have this error when trying to play a youtube video in Totem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/488620/08:02
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  every so often the UbuntuOne servers have issues.. theres the #ubuntuone channel that may be able to help08:03
john38One more question08:03
john38what if i want to change the icon for another website08:03
Dr_Willisjohn38:  change what icon?  You want to make a new launcher with a different icon?08:04
CkhiKuzadsometux: it seems that youtube might have  changed their video junk (sorry, can not think of a better word) so people who were downloading videos would be stopped, and it negatively affected totem08:04
john38like amazon08:04
Dr_Willisjohn38:  you allready know how to change the launchers icon... so copy it, right click, properties, click on the icon,. pck a new icon08:04
john38mozilla saves the icons in history08:05
john38where is that?08:05
HimanshuDr_Willis: that was for elementry theme only08:05
Jeffersondoes anyone know if its possible to install custom login windows in ubuntu lucid08:05
Himanshuheadkase314: let me see, thanks08:05
Dr_Willismake up some icons for each site you like. keep them in your ~/Documents/Icons  or somewhere loigical08:05
CkhiKuzadJefferson, it is.08:05
headkase314Himanshu, you're welcome, hope they suit your taste08:05
SubCoolDr_Willis, I dont have access to hardware-drivers08:05
Dr_WillisJefferson:  you can tweak some settings of GDM2 like the wallpaper and so forth, There are alternative GDM themes also (but not a lot)08:05
Jeffersonhow, I use to use 8.10 and i just had to go into system08:05
CkhiKuzadJefferson, System>Administration>Login Window08:05
CkhiKuzadThen drag the tar archive of the GDM theme you downloaded into the "Local" tab08:06
Dr_WillisSubCool:  You are the admin of that box. you can run 'gksudo jockey-gtk' ? why dont you have 'access' ? clarify what you mean08:06
Jeffersonwhen I open it up then login window then it doesnt bring up the old window that 8.10 use to have08:06
Dr_WillisCkhiKuzad:  theres not a lot of themes for GDM2.. and the gdm1 themes wont work.08:06
CkhiKuzadDr_Willis, oh.08:06
Himanshuheadkase314: thanks, that link worked...08:06
Dr_WillisJefferson:  thats because of the change to 'gdm2'  its not as themeable as the old GDM. (at this time)08:07
Jeffersonall i can do is just change the session from08:07
john38anybody know where the history or favorites folder is08:07
Jeffersonlike gnome08:07
headkase314Himanshu, ;)08:07
Dr_WillisJefferson:  you want to change the 'default session' from gnome to kde?  or what exactly>?08:07
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
SubCoolDr_Willis, i dont have gui-- only CLI08:07
Dr_Willisjohn38:  your firefox directories are under the .mozilla directory08:08
Jeffersonjust change the login screen to a different picture then the default08:08
Dr_WillisSubCool: Jefferson  changing the wallpaper is easy.  theres tool sout to do that. or yopu can just edit the proper file thats on the system08:08
Dr_WillisJefferson:  gdm2setup is one such tool08:09
john38usr/share/mozilla ?08:09
SubCoolDr_Willis, error on gksudo jockey-gtk 'can not open display'08:09
loopidityhow to create a new user??????08:09
Dr_WillisSubCool:  you need to determine your video card chipset if you cant even get into X. and install the proper drivers from the console, and perhapss remove/edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file if it exists08:09
Dr_WillisSubCool:  so you have no X display at all eh?08:09
Jeffersonalso I tried installing 8.10 software on lucid and i kept getting an internal error which i never got before switching, I want to install ubuntu tweak to customize it a little like setting icons of my computer and home directory on my desktop, but it doesnt bring up ubuntu tweak when I search for it in my add or remove programs, so I was just wondering if i installed my copy for 8.10 if it'll work08:09
Dr_Willisloopidity:  sudo adduser billgates08:09
handjobHi. I am using ubuntu netbook edition and I want to turn off power saving feature (i assume) that makes the screen lose brightnes after ~2min of not doing anything.08:10
SubCooli have an 890 chipset.. Dr_Willis08:10
JeffersonAlright I'll try installing gdm2setup08:10
SubCoolDr_Willis, ya- said that.08:10
* CkhiKuzad can honestly say that IHO, U1 is much better than dropbox.08:10
Dr_WillisSubCool:  890 what? Intel, ati? nvidia?08:10
SubCooli can just remove xorg.conf- if that is the file i need to.08:11
SubCool..... ati-08:11
Dr_WillisSubCool:  if you chanbged video cards.. try renameing xorg.conf and restart x (if it exists)08:11
Dr_WillisSubCool:  most systems dont have a xorg.conf these days08:11
SubCoollol- awesome08:11
headkase314loopidity, replace billgates with the user name you want08:11
loopidityand how to delete a user??08:13
_Ray_Hey. I'm interested in downloading gdb-7.2, but the default ubuntu repos only have until gdb-7.1-ubuntu. What would be the recommended path to install gdb-7.2 on my system?08:13
SubCoolDr_Willis, there is like nothing in the xorg.conf- what do systems use now? ubuntu has gone through like 3 that i have known of so far.08:13
Dr_Willisloopidity:  'deluser'08:13
Jeffersonjust curious when I installed software from 8.10 on the version of ubuntu 10.4, then it gave me an internal error code which pretty made so i could install anymore software, i looked it up and it said something like interdependency error, does certain packages only work on certain versions08:14
Dr_WillisSubCool:  i dont use ati at all. theres the ati wiki pagtes that may suggest what to install.08:14
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:14
JeffersonI assumed that since 10.4 was newer then it'd work but it didnt08:14
itsux2buwhats deluser?  delete a user?08:14
CkhiKuzadyes itsux2bu08:14
headkase314itsux2bu, yes08:14
Dr_WillisJefferson:  you installed 8.10 packages on a 10.04 machine?08:14
JeffersonI want to install ubuntu tweak but only have the package for 8.10 would it work for 10.408:15
WinstonSmith!version | Jefferson08:15
Dr_WillisJefferson:  why not get the newer version?08:15
ubottuJefferson: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »08:15
CkhiKuzadJefferson, you would need the one for 10.04, then it would work08:15
ravenffmpeg how to select an audio-stream from two?08:15
Himanshuheadkase314: yeah... just loaded them. and looks great......  :D08:15
CkhiKuzad!hi | bashi08:15
ubottubashi: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:15
bashi_i m new here08:15
headkase314Jefferson, http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ <- get a version compatible with 10.04 here08:15
Jeffersonya i did before, which i ended up having to reinstall it again cause it broke my system to where i couldnt install anything and it gave me an internal error code08:16
headkase314Himanshu, good, glad you like them!08:16
airtonixDr_Willis, CkhiKuzad actually gdm2 themes are just standard GTK themes08:16
JeffersonAlright I'll check that site out, cause ya i've tried looking for it in my software center and couldn't find it08:17
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airtonixDr_Willis, CkhiKuzad so if you wanted to for example redesign the actual login form you start with the glade gui designer and find the glade file that gdm2 uses to render the login form08:17
ravenffmpeg how to select an audio-stream from two?08:17
Dr_Willisairtonix:  i mean the different layout/fancy theme features that peopl;e are used to for GDM1.  Ive changed my gdm2 screen to use different gtk 'theme' parts.  but people expect the gdm1 customizeability08:17
headkase314Jefferson, thats the official site and I have it installed no problems in 10.0408:17
airtonixDr_Willis, its much more customisable this way. you can even in theory use python scripts08:18
Dr_Willisairtonix:  seen a guide on that anywhere? docs on gdm2 were lacking last i checked (this was a few mo back)08:18
Dr_WillisIm actually amazed ive not seen more   gdm2 'leet theme anouncements' on OMGubuntu or other sites :)08:18
itsux2bumy brother and i have been trying to SSH from his OSX macbook to my Ubuntu Server with little luck.. if you can help please private me!08:19
SubCoolDr_Willis, i deleted xorg.conf- and then startx --- now im in gnome. lol08:19
rwwumm. aren't we up to gdm3 now?08:19
airtonixDr_Willis, if you understand the priniciples of making a stylesheet for css based on elements that have an ID then making a "stylesheet' for a GTK gui is based on the elements widget name (which you can define in glade when makign a glade form)08:19
Dr_Willisairtonix:  that leaves me out then. :)08:19
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WinstonSmith!PM | itsux2bu08:19
ubottuitsux2bu: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:19
Jeffersonheadkase314: alright I'll give it try. Thanks08:19
Dr_WillisSubCool:  logical eh. :)08:20
headkase314Jefferson, that is the official source so it should work.08:20
sometuxHas anyone succeeded writing a shell script to authenticate to Twitter using OAuth?08:20
airtonixDr_Willis, /usr/share/gdm/gdm-greeter-login-window.ui08:20
itsux2bumy brother and i have been trying to SSH from his OSX macbook to my Ubuntu Server with little luck.. if you can help please help me!08:20
slidinghornitsux2bu, what error(s) are you getting?08:21
ravenffmpeg how to select an audio-stream from two?08:21
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:   You did install ssh  server on the ubuntu box? can it ssh to itself? 'ssh localhost' ?08:21
nilsmaneed tips: ubuntu 10.04, my mouse-button navigation in nautilus has disappeared (keyboard shortcuts still work), m-button navigation workds on other users on same box08:21
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, you have to give more info08:21
itsux2bui don't know.. bro didn't tell me exact errors..08:22
slidinghornitsux2bu, then we don't know what the problem is08:22
Dr_Willisraven:  you have checked the ffmpeg faq/tutorials?  theres proberly some option, and i dont rember what it is.. i would have to go read the faq/docs to look it up.08:22
itsux2bui have ubuntu server with LAMP/OpenSSH/Samba running in a vbox08:22
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  ssh also supports the -v and -vv and -vvv options to give more verbose error messages.08:23
F|ENDhi. does anybody know if ubuntu 10.10 will support toshiba laptops (with the overheating problem) ?08:23
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  you can ssh to the  service from other pcs on the lan?08:23
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, with NAT or bridged connection?08:23
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
itsux2buhe gets connected but can authorize08:23
itsux2bumy vbox is bridged08:23
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, which user is he using?08:23
itsux2bumy windows host can putty into it08:24
ravenffmpeg how to select ONE audio-stream from two?08:24
headkase314F|END, you mean the *recalled* toshiba laptops? ;)  Send it back before it catches on fire!08:24
nilsmaneed tips: ubuntu 10.04, my mouse-button navigation in nautilus has disappeared (keyboard hotkeys still work), m-button navigation works on other users on same box08:25
gcpadmanhey any one know the better channel for cloud computing topic08:25
ravenffmpeg how to select GERMAN from an ARTE stream?08:26
headkase314F|END, http://www.thirdage.com/news/toshiba-recall-burn-hazard-t-series-notebooks_9-4-201 <- theres a BIOS update but that will only shut down the power supply if it happens, the solution is to send it back to Toshiba08:26
Dr_Willisheadkase314:  page not found.08:27
itsux2bumy brother's macbook was using the ssh client that came with it08:27
headkase314Dr_Willis, F|END, Sorry : http://www.thirdage.com/news/toshiba-recall-burn-hazard-t-series-notebooks_9-4-201008:27
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, what is the exact command your brother uses?08:28
slidinghornraven, i am usually against RTFM responses, but judging from your succession of several different questions without waiting at all for a response that you haven't read anything about ffmpeg.  I suggest you do some reading: Open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type   man ffmpeg08:28
Dr_Willisheadkase314:  i got a X 505 :)08:28
* WinstonSmith concurs with slidinghorn08:28
headkase314Dr_Willis, I'm on my Acer lappy ;)\08:28
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itsux2bushh <myportforwardedubuntuservervboxipaddress>08:31
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  perhaps he shold be uncluding a users name    ssh billgates@remoteboxip:portnumber08:32
itsux2bui have my bro's macbook.. anyone here have ubuntu server with OpenSSH?08:32
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surgyhola, como estas?08:33
slidinghorn!es | surgy08:33
ubottusurgy: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:33
gcpadmani have openssh08:33
surgyslidinghorn: cool, im just learning spanish, but thanks for being confused, its an honor :)08:33
F|ENDheadkase314> I don't have that laptop model08:33
itsux2buhow do i create a user account for him on my ubuntu server?08:34
headkase314F|END, what overheating problem are you having?08:34
F|ENDheadkase314> mine only stays at 52-56 degrees in idle, compared to windows which stays at 4408:34
F|ENDeverything else works just fine08:34
ravenffmpeg how to select GERMAN from an ARTE stream?08:34
headkase314F|END, that sounds like power management.  Windows may be idling the processor and Ubuntu may not.  I don't know, see what others say too.08:35
F|ENDheadkase314> I've heard something about faulty DSDT tables, and managed to get mine compiled, but I can't seem to be able to implement them correctly (using WUBI, do you think that might be the problem? )08:35
surgyF|END: try getting an industrial sized 60 cfm blower and apply that to the intake airport08:36
itsux2bui have my bro's macbook.. anyone here have ubuntu server with OpenSSH?08:36
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, ssh -l hisusernameonserver ip-from-server08:36
F|ENDsurgy: lol08:36
surgyF|END: i mean that would solve the issue08:36
headkase314F|END, I honestly have no idea.   I don't have experience with Wubi.08:37
F|ENDsurgy: no kiddin' it's a bit extreme08:37
surgy!offtopic | surgy08:37
ubottusurgy, please see my private message08:37
loganlhphello, does anyone know how to find my machine's INTERNET IP address under the command line? the kind of result you would get going to http://www.whatismyip.com/,08:37
surgyloganlhp: try: ifconfig08:38
itsux2buWinstonSmith, i assume the ip address my ISP gave my computer.. the address outside the router08:38
EimannWhere can I find powerpc netboot-packages for 10.04 or 10.10? I can only find ISO Images for ppc08:38
sajish_my firefox icons got corrupted08:38
sajish_like home button,reload button08:38
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, yes your outside ip address08:38
Eimannloganlhp: curl my.ip.fi or wget --quiet -O - my.ip.fi08:39
WinstonSmithloganlhp, try : wget -q -O - http://whatismyip.org/ | tail08:39
sajishcan anybody help08:39
itsux2buso now i need to create him a user account.. i was just letting him use mine for the quick test..08:39
nilsmaubuntu 10.04, audio, is it possible to start a playlist on user1, switch to a user2, and have the same music when logged in on user 2?08:40
itsux2bui haven't created a user account yet08:40
intraderI am experiencing very slow UI in ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome, or no Gnome). Clicks require multiple tries, all apps. Scrollbar sticky, etc.08:40
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, he should be able to use your user but you have to specify it with ssh -l username08:40
chalcedonyintrader, been there, ouch .. try top and see what is using ram?08:40
van7huHello everyone08:43
sajishhow to reinstall firefox08:43
ravenffmpeg how to select GERMAN from an ARTE stream?08:43
intraderchalcedony, I have 1Gb with 270000 free, no swap used. Xorg is using 4% xchat 2%08:43
Himanshusajish: may from Software centre08:43
WinstonSmithsajish, sudo apt-get remove firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox -y08:43
WinstonSmith!repeat | raven08:44
ubotturaven: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com08:44
chalcedonymy husband has kubuntu 8.04 .. i didnt realize he had downgraded so far. i tried to upgrae his flash and broke it. is there something that will tell me how 1. to back up his stuff to another box/ drive  2. do whatever to prepare his drive. 3. get 10.04 and 4. get his stuff back on it?08:44
van7huI use usb_modeswicth08:44
_-Caleb-_hi all :)08:44
van7huWhat does error "No driiver found " mean?08:44
headkase314WinstonSmith, sajish don't forget to delete ~/.mozilla if you are having firefox launching problems.08:45
red2kic!home | chalcedony08:45
ubottuchalcedony: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome08:45
chalcedonyintrader, check your hardware, (darned if i know what to check, but that ain't right.. is all your ram seated ok? )08:45
red2kicchalcedony: You should back up ~/ and /etc -- That's it.08:45
chalcedonyred2kic, ty08:45
WinstonSmithheadkase314, it lauches but the icon are corrupted08:45
intraderchalcedony, as I have gone that route, save /home, and install 10.04 retaining /home, only format /08:46
itsux2bui have my bro's macbook.. anyone here have ubuntu server with OpenSSH willing to let me connect?08:46
chalcedonyintrader, hmm so you think that's 10.04 messing up?08:46
intraderchalcedony, I am running this on an Dell Inspiron 8200 that still boots and runs Windows XP OK, The driver for NVIDIA is version 96.08:47
Himanshuhow do i connect to windows pc using ssh08:47
Dr_WillisHimanshu:  you have to install some sort of SSH server on the windows box08:48
itsux2buok.. once my bro connects.. how can i see his connection?08:48
Dr_WillisHimanshu:  and then, im not sure what you would even be able to do.08:48
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  check the 'who' command.  perhaps.08:48
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  ifyou wanted to share a connection to see what each other is doing. screen can be used for that08:48
* WinstonSmith says Dr_Willis is right08:48
HimanshuDr_Willis: ok08:49
Dr_WillisHimanshu:  for transfering files back/forth from a windows -> linux machine. winscp is very handy.08:49
Dr_WillisHimanshu:  but i dont think that lets you do much from the linux side.08:49
intraderchalcedony, I think it is something related to the latest kernel - I had 9.04: snappy UI (without Skype), installed 9.10: had UI problems, reinstalled 9.04: had UI porblems once the ubuntu update finished,installed 10.04: bad UI (have Skype now)08:50
chalcedonyintrader, Dr_Willis might be able to help you, it's beyond my skill level (so sorry)08:50
ravenffmpeg how to select GERMAN from an ARTE stream?08:50
intraderchalcedony, thanks08:50
HimanshuDr_Willis: winscp? ok let me try that. thanks08:51
CkhiKuzad!hi serverv08:51
CkhiKuzad!hi | serverv08:51
ubottuserverv: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:52
* CkhiKuzad was DOING IT WRONG08:52
chalcedonyintrader, i also doubt you're the first to have problems with upgrading, we all run different hardware, miracle is that most of us get it to work .. if not the 1st try the 50th ;)08:52
Dr_WillisHimanshu:  for a mixed lan system of windows/linux box's winscp on every windows box is a 'must' :)08:52
WinstonSmithDr_Willis, winscp and putty FTW!08:53
uniquetransmission-cli: Depends: transmission-common (= 1.93-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) but 1.92-0ubuntu2 is to be installed"08:53
uniqueim trying to install transmissioncli and im keep getting this " transmission-cli: Depends: transmission-common (= 1.93-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) but 1.92-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:53
=== serverv is now known as emperium
WinstonSmithunique, install transmission-common then08:53
uniquei did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade08:53
emperiumHello once again, now with the real nick :D08:54
WinstonSmithunique, sudo apt-get install transmission-common08:54
intraderchalcedony, yes, it is amazing. Something that was done to the kernel or Xorg to make multi-gesture works messed up the UI.08:54
uniquei installed -common and i get " transmission-cli: Depends: transmission-common (= 1.93-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) but 1.92-0ubuntu2 is to be installed"08:54
emperiumthere's any app like adobe lightroom for ubuntu?08:54
WinstonSmithunique, why dont you just apt-get install transmission08:55
Osahow to update firefox from 3.6 to 3.8 please????08:55
intraderchalcedony, how do I get Dr_Willis to help?08:55
chalcedonyintrader, you might see if you can talk to the team that does that .. file a bug report08:55
chalcedonyi've had a wonderful time following bugs i reproted, people do really work on them08:55
uniqueWinstonSmith: transmission: Depends: transmission-cli (>= 1.93-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) but it is not going to be installed ||| Depends: transmission-gtk (>= 1.93-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) but it is not going to be installed ||| Depends: transmission-common (= 1.93-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) but 1.92-0ubuntu2 is to be installed08:56
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WinstonSmithunique, remove transmission completly and reinstall it . you have mixed versions there08:56
Linuxsapiencould someone remind me how to run a process in the background please08:56
WinstonSmithLinuxsapien, with screen08:56
Linuxsapiencmd is?08:57
chalcedonyWinstonSmith, could you, or Dr_Willis or someone see if they can help my new friend, intrader with his failed upgrade problem?08:57
WinstonSmithor CTRL+z then bg08:57
intraderchalcedony, how would I go about talking to the 'team that does that'08:57
WinstonSmithLinuxsapien, http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/05/04/command-line-multitasking-with-screen/08:57
CkhiKuzadgod i need to turn the brightness down on my monitor08:57
Osahow to update firefox from 3.6 to 3.8 please????,, I downloads the files form the website "download firefox 3.8 for Ubuntu linux"08:57
Linuxsapienthank you WinstonSmith08:57
uniqueWinstonSmith: i apt-get --purge remove transmission-common couze thats the only one i have08:57
WinstonSmithLinuxsapien, welcome08:58
uniqueor how can i search to see if any other transmission- are installed08:58
WinstonSmithunique, yes08:58
CkhiKuzadthere, that's better. now my monitor doesn't hurt my eyes08:58
Dr_Willischalcedony:  i rarely upgrade.  and if i ever have any issues with a upgrade. i normally do a clean reinstall - easier then troubleshooting a failed upgrade08:58
CkhiKuzadgah, sorry. i didn't see that this wasnt OT. *goes there now*08:58
uniqueWinstonSmith: and when i try to install again tells me the same errors08:58
red2kicChell: "xset dpms force off" should relieve your eyes?08:58
LinuxsapienWinstonSmith:  im sure the command wasnt screen though?08:58
Dr_WillisLinuxsapien:  command &, then 'exit' or ctrl-z then 'bg' then 'exit' if you want to close the terminal. See 'bash job controll' in the bash tutorials for more info08:59
Dr_WillisLinuxsapien:  it depends on what you ar wanting to do exactly08:59
WinstonSmithLinuxsapien, yes it was08:59
Linuxsapienwhile since I sent a process to the back :)08:59
red2kicCkhiKuzad: Err, that message few lines above was for you. :P09:00
Dr_WillisLinuxsapien:  ctrlz, works with 'bg' and 'fg'09:00
WinstonSmithunique, did you sudo apt-get update & apt-get upgrade ? try apt-get autoremove && apt-get install -f09:00
WinstonSmithLinuxsapien, try fg09:00
Linuxsapienits just for a silly bot, what is fg?09:00
intraderchalcedony, thanks, hopefully either of them will get involved. And by the way, the first time that I tried 10.04 via upgrade it did not work at all. I then installed 10.04 clean after trying 9.04 again and noticing that after the ubuntu recommended update, I had the UI problems of 10.04 in 9.0409:00
red2kicLinuxsapien: That's for bash. fg bring the job up.09:01
CkhiKuzadred2kic, what exactly was "that message a few likes above"09:01
Linuxsapienrighto :)09:01
WinstonSmithLinuxsapien, ForeGround and BackGround = fg and bg to send processes to the background and to the foreground again09:01
CkhiKuzadoh, nevermind red2kic09:01
red2kicCkhiKuzad: "xset dpms force off" should help your eyes. Too bright. :)09:01
CkhiKuzadi just lowered the brightness on my monitor.09:01
=== jquiterio_ is now known as jquiterio
aswinif i dont use my linux os for a long time everything gets messed up...the nvidia drivers get corrupted or something and i have t install it again..everytime i dont use my system for a long time the same thing happens09:02
CkhiKuzadi kinda want to figure out how to put a solar panel from a calculator on my monitor to dim it a bit when the room gets dark, and let it be bright when the room is bright09:02
chidaswin, there doesn't seem to be a good explaination for this unless you updated your system, either the software/hardware09:02
chidor changed the configuration09:03
headkase314aswin, does it happen after you run update manager?  Like getting a kernel update?09:03
intraderaswin, do you reboot between tries, or is this long term running. In the long term running case you may have a memory leak in the driver.09:03
uniqueWinstonSmith: i did update and upgrade... and apt-get autoremove && apt-get install -f transmission gives me the same error09:03
natschilHello. I installed ubuntu studio on my computer on a separate partition, and grub can see there are two ubuntu installations. However, selecting either of them boots into the ubuntu that I ran grub-install from.... any suggestions as to how to fix this?09:04
rodeoHi all!09:04
An_Ony_Mooseis there a console command that will suspend the computer to RAM?09:05
gamalwhat is ubuntu09:05
An_Ony_Moose(and/or to disk)09:05
WinstonSmithunique, try dpkg -r --force transmission or dpkg -r --force transmission-common09:05
aswinnope no updates..i have dual boot system and i dont use linux continously...yesterday i tried using linux..wen the login screen came i entered my password but instead of logging in it said some process is running..r u sure u wanna logout????i did tht and system hanged and thn again i tried the same thing happened and thn nvidia driver got corrupted and after installing nvidia driver again it worked properly09:05
emperiumis there  any app like lightroom ?09:05
uniqueWinstonSmith: Options marked [*] produce a lot of output - pipe it through `less' or `more' !09:06
emperiumsorry but my laptops bat died suddently09:06
WinstonSmithunique, ?09:06
chalcedonyintrader, google your problem, look for most likely and file a bug report .. someone here can explain 'bug report' better than i can09:06
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:06
uniqueWinstonSmith: this is my sources.list: http://pastebin.com/4xRhpeee09:07
WinstonSmithunique, did you try this? : try dpkg -r --force transmission or dpkg -r --force transmission-common09:08
magnetronemperium: there are no apps that are exactly like lightroom except lightroom, but F-Spot is a pretty good photo organizer. it's installed by default in Ubuntu09:08
intraderchalcedony, I have posted in the general ubuntu forum, with some responsed (suggestions), but no solution yet09:08
karthik1890how to change keyboard input language to sanskrit?09:08
uniqueWinstonSmith: this is whats telling me when i try those commands: http://pastebin.com/68Zy9peq09:09
magnetronkarthik1890: go to System > Preferences > Keyboard09:09
chalcedonyintrader, you got magnetron's ubottu 's message?09:09
emperiummegnetron thanks09:09
WinstonSmithunique, ok sry my bad : try dpkg -P transmission or dpkg -P transmission-common09:10
papegaaijhi all09:10
uniquedpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove transmission which isn't installed. ||| dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove transmission-common which isn't installed.09:10
papegaaiji'm trying to install the 10.10 beta, but i'm having trouble with my Silicon Image 3114 SATA controller09:11
papegaaijthe sata_sil driver is loaded, but none of the harddisks are detected09:11
magnetronpapegaaij: support for beta software in #ubuntu+1 please09:11
papegaaijmagnetron: ah, ok thanks09:11
intraderchalcedony, I did not see it - by the way the forum entry is titled 'Re: Seriously defective UI in ubuntu 10.04I' ( I had two spelling errors - in 'Re: Seriusly deffective UI in ubuntu 10.04I')09:12
karthik1890magnetron: i still dont get it. am able to change only the layout.09:13
magnetronkarthik1890: oh sorry, my mistake09:13
Cairo_does anyone know how to access a USB from TTY?09:14
uniqueWinstonSmith: dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove transmission which isn't installed. ||| dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove transmission-common which isn't installed.09:14
=== root is now known as Guest88519
chalcedonyintrader, please read: <ubottu> If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:15
pie_timecan anyone recommend some good newsgroup programs09:16
magnetronunique: what happens if you run "sudo aptitude update" and then try again?09:16
Guest88519how can run linux in viratcul box09:16
Dr_WillisGuest88519:  install virtualbox.. download a ubuntu iso.. boot vbox tell it to use the iso.09:17
=== Guest88519 is now known as SQLShell
WinstonSmithunique, do a dpkg --get-selections | grep transmission please09:18
=== eric is now known as Guest25828
intraderchalcedony, I will do that after reading on how to report bugs09:18
=== ZNC_DoubleString is now known as DoubleString
DoubleStringhey all09:19
SQLShellDr_Willis  i doing this new inter from this  but i do restart insall  new09:19
Dr_WillisSQLShell:  that statement made no sence  to me.09:20
* WinstonSmith concurs09:20
magnetronpie_time: i can recommend pan and sabnzbdplus. the former is general and the latter is for binary news09:20
Dr_Willisand  i will BRB09:20
pie_timemagnetron, how is thunderbird09:20
fancypantsI have a question.. how do you test a merge via junit/spring/hibernate setup? I am currently extending AbstractTransactionalJUnit38SpringContextTests, http://www.mysticpaste.com/view/3087 for the test, I am not able to get the record back out of the database after the merge09:21
Cairo_does anyone know how to access a USB from TTY?09:21
magnetronpie_time: if you try it and like it, i suggest you go ahead and use it09:21
natschilHello. I installed ubuntu studio on my computer on a separate partition, and grub can see there are two ubuntu installations. However, selecting either of them boots into the ubuntu that I ran grub-install from.... any suggestions as to how to fix this?09:21
Adoniswhat is best version of ubuntu to download? i got the latest version off the website but it runs extremely slow!!! show i try to find a previous version???09:22
loworderbitRevive /dev/ttyUSB0?09:22
itsux2bui was able to reproduce my brothers error message.. The authenticity of host can't be established. RSA key fingerprinter is <big long hex number i don't want to type here>. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?  he said yes.. then got  'broken pipe'  and it did connect..09:23
loworderbitSorry....iPad auto correction...09:23
Adoniswhat is best version of ubuntu to download? i got the latest version off the website but it runs extremely slow!!! show i try to find a previous version???09:23
OpenSourceCodeit's the fastest...09:24
JulieeeeeeeeHi! I have a problem with skype (xubuntu 9.10) - no incoming video; my card is radeon, I do not own a webcam, the weirdest thing is that it worked fine; something happened, and the video wouldn't show; I did a re-install of the system, the problem persists, what should I do? please help.09:24
Adonisthats what i got but its runs so slow?? even the mouse freezes while moviing??09:24
SQLShellDr_Willis> i new inter from viratcul box but all time do restart from system i need reinstall system09:24
slidinghornAdonis, what are your system specs?09:24
OpenSourceCodedid you installed graphics?09:24
loworderbitCairo, what are you trying to do?09:24
OpenSourceCodeBecause you shouldn't09:24
itsux2buWinstonSmith you here?09:24
SQLShellback track09:24
lorenzosuHi all. I want to upgrade ubuntu. I have a separate partition for /home . Which is the best way to go?09:25
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, so it did connect after that?09:25
Adonisim running backtrack 4 r1 now09:25
itsux2busry.. typo..  didn't09:25
slidinghornbacktrack isn't supported here09:25
Julieeeeeeeeany suggestions?09:25
SQLShellwhat doinf new :( ?09:25
slidinghorn!backtrack | Adonis09:25
ubottuAdonis: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:25
SQLShelldoing *09:26
Adonisim running dell intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drinve09:26
Adonisyea i dont want to be running back track!!!09:26
Adonisi downloaded ubuntu 10.04 and it hards runs on my system!!!!09:26
SQLShellmy la ram 3 core 2 duo09:26
WinstonSmithunique, did he get "write failed : broken pipe" ?09:26
itsux2bumy brother and i are trying to ssh from his macbook pro to my ubuntu server with openssh server..  i was able to reproduce my brothers error message.. The authenticity of host can't be established. RSA key fingerprinter is <big long hex number i don't want to type here>. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?  he said yes.. then got  'broken pipe'  and it didn't connect..09:27
SQLShellhard 120 g09:27
itsux2bujust 'broken pip'09:27
itsux2bujust 'broken pipe'09:27
slidinghornAdonis, sorry i misunderstood...you've got more than enough to run without issues -- have you run through dmesg to see if anything sticks out?09:27
SQLShellDr_Willis> Are you here ?09:28
Adonisits cool i wasnt that clear with my question :)09:28
itsux2buWinstonSmith, remember bro has OSX.. you ever used OSX?09:28
Adonisim a absolute newb to linux so i donk know what dmesg is09:28
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, ok gimme a minute09:28
Adonisi was running it off USB stick, but i also run backtrack off a usb and it runs fine!09:28
=== erana_ is now known as erana
Adonisbut when i try to boot ubuntu it take like atleast 10mins to load and then i runs sooo slow!!!09:29
itsux2bui tried with putty and putty connects to my ubuntu server just fine09:29
OpenSourceCodeadonis, specs of your computer?09:29
Adonisintel core 2 duo 2.0ghz, 4gb ram, 500gb HDD09:30
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, pastebin the output of ssh -v -l user ip-from-server from the MAC please09:30
Adonisits a dell laptop!09:30
OpenSourceCodeadonis, you should install netbook version09:31
OpenSourceCodedid you installed netbook version?09:31
slidinghornOpenSourceCode, Adonis not necessarily09:31
Adonisill just check brb09:31
SQLShellDr_Willis> welcome09:31
itsux2buWinstonSmith, sry.. i have a correction to make..09:31
whosjosewhat is a good alternative to windows visual studios?09:32
Dr_WillisHaving a look at 10.10 :)09:32
SQLShellDr_Willis>i new inter from viratcul box but all time do restart from system i need reinstall system09:32
itsux2buin putty i used ubuntu's vm ip address..09:32
SQLShelluse back track 409:32
slidinghornAdonis, are you just running the livecd right now?09:33
itsux2bunot my outside ip address09:33
Dr_WillisSQLShell:  Clarify what you just said.09:33
Adonisim running back track 4 thru Vm09:33
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, what is the ip of : your computer and the server?09:33
Dr_WillisSQLShell:  you have went to the vbirtualbox homepage. and read its manual?09:33
ServerTechIn future, would it be possible to upgrade ubuntu?? Without reinstalling?09:34
Dr_WillisSQLShell:  then i suggest you do so.09:34
itsux2buWinstonSmith, not want to publish this stuff in public.. can we go private?09:34
Dr_WillisServerTech:  thats a main feature of the package manager system09:34
ginbuntuI am running ubuntu 10.10 beta, can I install kubuntu-desktop on it and use the latest version of KDE?09:34
Cairo_does anyone know how to access a USB from TTY?09:34
ServerTechDr_Willis, Thank You09:34
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, i mean the LAN ip not your WAN ip09:34
ServerTechDr_Willis, Just was making sure09:34
Dr_WillisCairo_:  access what 'usb' device exactly?09:35
AdonisShould i maybe load ubuntu thru VM and see how it runs?09:35
itsux2busry.. to be dumb..  inside or outside router.. that how i think of it.. my ISP assigned IP?09:35
Adonisill try that n come back n let ya know how it goes!09:35
Adonisbye :)09:35
Cairo_a usb flash memory stick09:35
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  wan -> router -> lan      the router has an ip for both sides.09:36
Dr_WillisCairo_:  mount it, cd to the mount point, access it as you would any other directory09:36
Dr_Willis!mount | Cairo_09:36
ubottuCairo_: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount09:36
itsux2buwan IP is from ISP?09:36
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  yes09:37
itsux2buand thats what you want?09:38
Dr_Williswan - Wide Area network - The Internetz09:38
no--namenot happy with 33% (too small) or 50% (too big) in nautilus list view. can i change the font size to be between these?09:38
Dr_Willisyou would ssh/connect to that ip. and the router forwards the connection to the internal LAN pc that you need.09:38
itsux2buthats from whatsmyip.org09:39
Dr_Willisso thats your 'networks' external IP.09:39
Dr_Willisif you run ifconfig on a pc inside the lan.. it should differ09:40
itsux2bu98.231.151.23  <<--09:40
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, sry thats not what i meant : when you connect through putty which ip do you?09:40
Dr_Willisunless the pc is connected directly to the ISP09:40
Dr_Willisthen there wouldent be a router, :)09:40
itsux2bu192.168.0.194 <<--  this is what my router gave my ubuntu server..09:41
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  thats your lan's ip range then. every pc on teh lan should be in the 192.168.0.XXX range09:41
Dr_WillisTHe router is proberly
itsux2buso now i've given everything a hacker needs to access my computer a format all my dad09:42
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, so when you connect with putty you use yes?09:42
slidinghornitsux2bu, we can see your ip anyway without you posting it...it's kinda how IRC works :)09:42
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  if you are on the local lan. you can ssh , if you were OUTSIDE the lan, (on the internetz) you ssh to the  other ip. and the router has to port forward  the connection To
itsux2buslidinghorn, but you see the ip thats inside the router..09:43
WinstonSmithDr_Willis, but the outside box finds the ssh server but then gives an error09:43
slidinghornitsux2bu, nope...the one you posted...we can also see that you're somewhere near (or in) Maryland and have comcast cable09:44
WinstonSmithso i assume port forwarding is ok09:44
* Dr_Willis puts on his tinfoil hat09:44
* WinstonSmith lolz 09:45
slidinghornDr_Willis, we. know. all.09:45
itsux2buport 22 on is port forwarded09:45
Dr_WillisI dont even klnwo what the original problem is/was. :)09:45
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, did you change any configs regarding ssh?09:45
no--namenot happy with 33% (too small) or 50% (too big) in nautilus list view. can i change the font size to be between these?09:45
OBSD^ubuntu is bloated shiny insecure crap that resembles windows more and more everyday09:45
OBSD^yay !09:45
itsux2bussh mods09:45
rwwOBSD^: Awesome. Do you have an Ubuntu support question?09:45
* WinstonSmith tells OBSD^ to breath deeply09:45
Dr_WillisOBSD^:  demand a refund in #ubuntu-offtopic then09:45
OBSD^OpenBSD blackhole.hvc.rr.com 4.7 puffy-kernel#0 i38609:46
* slidinghorn lols @ Dr_Willis 09:46
OBSD^linux is for dumb bitches09:46
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, ssh mods?09:46
itsux2bui didn't change anything to do with ssh anywhere09:46
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  so can linux machines ssh in? and this os-x box cant? was that the issue?09:47
itsux2buopenssh server is at its default settings09:47
itsux2buslow down.. i'm an old man..09:47
* Dr_Willis t y p e s s l o o w e r....09:48
yellabsi need an html what you see it what you get editor, what would be the top three choices for proffesional use ?09:50
itsux2bui been using putty with, which is the router asssigned ip for my ubuntu server with ssh.. i realize now i was using my internal ip address..09:50
WinstonSmithcan you pastbein your /etc/ssh/sshd_config09:50
luwyou need an html?09:50
itsux2buit for some reason doesn't error out with the RSA message09:50
luwwhat the f is that supposed to mean?09:51
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  yes. Networking 101 :)   Internal lan pc's use that ip. external access  to the other ip.09:51
slidinghornyellabs, not sure of any actual WYSIWYG editors -- bluefish is probably the most commonly used editor though09:51
WinstonSmithDr_Willis, itsux2bu problem looks like this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133775509:51
yellabsi see09:51
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/09:52
slidinghornyellabs, it does have syntax highlighting09:52
itsux2buinternal IPs (from router) don't require RSA keys but exernal IPs (from ISP) do?09:52
yellabsi use gedit at the moment09:52
luwhe needs a hypertext markup language?09:52
=== dmex is now known as dmex01
yellabsbut i need to have an more visual one,09:53
yellabsfirebug does help a lot, but still not perfect in total09:53
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, since the MAC connects to the server the question with internal and external ips doenst matter here09:53
yellabsi will look into iceape09:53
luwyou mean a css deal or just html?09:53
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  baack up a moment.. the MAc is on the Internal LAN also?09:54
itsux2buwhen  i ssh with internal ip, no RSA Key needed,  but when i putty or my brother ssh using external ip we get that RSA key error message09:55
yellabsi use css as well as html09:55
slidinghorn!cn | liukai09:55
ubottuliukai: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:55
yellabswordpress templates etc09:55
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, try sudo apt-get remove --purge openssh-server && sudo apt-get install openssh-server09:56
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, you said putty works ok???09:56
itsux2buthe openssh-server is installed fine..09:56
luwso have been using chrome for about a month now with pretty much no problems.  all the sudden now it takes longer than normal to resolve websites.  several seconds.  i fear that maybe something has pointed my computer to a proxy for all internet traffic.  is there a way to see this other than wireshark?09:57
itsux2buputty works if i use internal router assigned ip address09:57
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, yes but remove and purge it the reinstall . the msg about rsa is not an error msg. it appears only the 1st time you connect09:57
WinstonSmith*then reinstall09:57
luwubuntu 9.04, and i think this is a os problem, not a chrome problem09:57
itsux2buno.. not first time.. everytime i use external ip address09:58
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, look here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1337755 same problem fixed by reinstalling09:58
wikorAnybody using google chrome 6 with ubuntu?09:58
luwno freaking way i just asked that09:58
luwyes i am09:59
luwdo you have a problem with it?09:59
luwresolving host?09:59
slidinghorn!anyone | wikor09:59
ubottuwikor: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:59
slidinghorn!enter | luw09:59
ubottuluw: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:59
itsux2buputty from windows host os to vbox ubuntu server with openssh using internal ip address worked.. but when i use external ip address i get a big rsa ket error message.. so does my brother from mac OSX using ssh10:00
itsux2buany clearer?10:00
wikorslidinghom: Please stop using that bot10:00
wikorOr at least type the message yourself10:00
luwlol hes just doing his job or something10:00
slidinghornwikor, it's there for a reason...now what is your actual question?10:00
yellabshmm seems that amaya has progressed a lot10:00
wikorslidinghom: Well, its weird when you use a bot10:01
yellabsi will give it a try for html css editor10:01
luwanyway,  yes please tell us wikor.  are you having a problem with resolving hosts?10:01
wikorAnyways, I just upgraded to Google Chrome 6 and I am having problems10:01
wikorThe buttons are appearing on left side10:01
wikorAnd of the 2 buttons which used to appear on right, I can't find them now10:02
wikorEverything seems missing10:02
wikorI mean the buttons10:02
luwcontrol and customize?10:02
slidinghornwhich buttons are you talking about?  Minimize/Maximize/Close?10:02
yellabscross my fingers .. amaya install10:02
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, you said earlies the errormsg your brother got was broken pipe?????10:02
wikorslidinghorn: yes10:02
wikorluw : How?10:02
itsux2bui got my windows host os, ubuntu server with openssh, and my brothers macbook pro  all connected to my router.. i can do whatever you want..10:03
itsux2buhold on..10:03
luwnot the buttons in the top right, but almost top right?  one is a page and one is a wrench right?10:03
slidinghornwikor, there should be a setting in the preferences (click the button with the wrench in the icon) and look around for an option to use the OSs theme -- not sure exactly where it is10:03
itsux2buThe authenticity of host can't be established. RSA key fingerprinter is <big long hex number i don't want to type here>. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?  he typed yes.. then he got  'broken pipe' and it didn't connect..10:04
wikorslidinghorn: well, its not there10:04
wikorluw: The page button is also missing10:04
luwwrench > options > personal > appearance10:05
luwwikor: right click around the top bar or other areas up there10:05
slidinghornwikor, is chrome the only application you have this issue with?10:05
itsux2buwhen i use putty with my external ip address i get similar error message10:05
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, thats what i said : its not an error msg its an info msg but sibce he cant successfully connect his client does not save the rsa key so next time it asks again10:05
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, so did you read the link?10:06
ShapeShifter499does a theme have to be netbook friendly to be able to work in netbook remix?  there is this gnome theme I got up in my 64 bit debian squeeze system and I like it and think it would be great on my acer netbook with ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix10:06
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
slidinghornShapeShifter499, only thing I can really think of that would be an issue is possibly the wallpaper10:07
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, look here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1337755 same problem fixed by reinstalling10:07
wikorslidinghorn: yes10:07
wikorluw: I now have the default theme10:07
ShapeShifter499slidinghorn, there is no wallpaper, you can set your own10:07
slidinghornwikor, so all other applications have the control buttons on the right?10:07
wikorslidinghorn: yes10:07
wikorthey all look fine10:07
luwwikor: and do you have the buttons?10:08
wikorluw: No10:08
slidinghornShapeShifter499, try it...if it doesn't work, just switch back to defaults10:08
wikorluw: Are you using the Google Chrome 6?10:08
ShapeShifter499slidinghorn, which leads me to ask ubuntu netbook remix allows for wallpaper right? I haven't checked or used ubuntu netbook that much before to find out10:08
itsux2busry.. your absolutely right.. second login attempt works on macbook..10:08
luwno 5.010:08
slidinghornShapeShifter499, yes it does10:09
wikorluw, slidinghorn : This occurred when I updated to the new stable version10:09
itsux2busry.. i didn't think second try would change anything10:09
luwwikor: they might have put that page in the wrench if you know what i mean10:09
wikorluw: But its quite anooying :(10:09
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  the netbook interface is undergoing big changes for 10.10  also. so what you get used to now., may not apply in the next release.10:09
itsux2bui'm used to computers that do the same thing each time you use it..10:09
wikoreverything looks weird to me10:09
ShapeShifter499slidinghorn, ok thanks10:09
itsux2bumac and putty both go in with external ip address10:10
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis: what kind of changes? is there a change log somewhere?10:10
itsux2buwith 2nd try10:10
luwwikor: an option might be available to change it to have the page out front like before10:10
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  in the netbook interface.. radical changes.  google for 'unity' screenshot/videos10:10
luwi honestly dont have chrome 6 to test and tell you though...and now dont want to upgrade because i dont want your problems lol10:11
slidinghornShapeShifter499, understand that there's no real requirement to upgrade to 10.10 -- it's not an LTS release...10.04 will be supported for a long time10:11
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, good for you ! well i am going to eat something.. have a nice day10:11
* WinstonSmith goes hunting for some food10:11
itsux2buSORRY i wasted your time by not trying a 2nd time10:12
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  heh.. so you always just tried once.. then gave up? :)10:12
ShapeShifter499oh ya btw when I start to run alot of apps together on my netbook my system freezes/crashes  even though the applications don't take up all the ram and I have to hard reboot it anyone know why ?10:12
luwWinstonSmith: i keep reading your name and thinking smith and wesson10:12
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  you learned some networking fundamentals in the process at least.10:12
no--namenot happy with 33% (too small) or 50% (too big) in nautilus list view. can i change the font size to be between these?10:13
WinstonSmithitsux2bu, all ok no harm done!10:13
digim0nkShapeShifter499: could be u dont have enough swap10:13
ShapeShifter499digim0nk, I thought that too but I checked and my usb install(installed to computer mem from usb) partitioned in 3 gigs of swap10:14
itsux2buDr_Willis. no.. never i try things multiple times..  but i'm also used to getting same results each time.. i guess i got jaded by every program giving an error message.. and the fact i had it working between windows host os and ubuntu guest os from first try.. also threw my off..10:15
digim0nkShapeShifter499: strange .. 3gigs shoud be more than enough .. updated your kernel .. try booting off the earlier one10:16
ShapeShifter499digim0nk, but when I have system monitor up it shows that right before crashing I'm only using about 300mb of a gig of ram10:17
ShapeShifter499it did this on the newest version and the one the system came installed with10:17
digim0nkShapeShifter499: are using multiple firefox windows10:18
ShapeShifter499its scares me when it does that10:18
britta_Hello. I seem to have forgotten which key combination allows me to move my window freely without being restricted by the top bar. I'm on a netbook and can't access the bottom buttons of my window. It's Alt + something + left mousebutton, right? Thanks :)10:19
ShapeShifter499and if it crashes while playing music it will repeat the last few seconds like a vinyl does when it skips10:19
digim0nkShapeShifter499: ubuntu version ?10:19
ShapeShifter499newest stable version of ubuntu netbook remix 10.0410:20
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  im still not sure why it failed the first time. Could very well be somthing odd in how OS-X's ssh works10:20
no--nameDoes anybody know how to remove fonts from the font menu? I removed them from /usr/share/fonts but they are still there10:21
Dr_Willisno--name:  did you restart the X server?10:21
no--nameDr_Willis: how do I do that, again?10:22
itsux2buapparently ssh keeps track of computers that don't have rsa keys and puts them in a OK list10:22
Dr_Willisno--name:  one way.. reboot.. other way logout and at console do 'sudo service gdm restart'10:22
digim0nk<ShapeShifter499: are you using a 3D screensaver10:22
no--nameok thanks10:22
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  theres proberly a way to generate an rsa key on OS-X also10:22
itsux2buputty and osx showed same results10:23
ShapeShifter499digim0nk, no I don't use one10:23
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  theres proberly a way to generate an rsa key on putty  :)10:23
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  for ubuntu i use 'ssh-keygen' command10:23
ShapeShifter499digim0nk, and it freezes sometimes while I'm actively using it10:23
itsux2buyea.. lesson for another day10:23
facelessloseri cant un zip anything in ubuntu 10.04 keeps coming up with error 110:24
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  not muych to it.. run  ssh-keygen, hit enter a few times.. then i can 'ssh-copy-id' to a ssh server and enter password once.. after that i can login with no password. :) very handy10:24
WinstonSmithbritta_, ALT + leftmouse10:24
erUSULfacelessloser: plain zip files?10:24
Dr_Willisfacelessloser:  try extractinbg it from the terminal with the unzip command?10:24
facelessloseryeah just plain zip files10:25
facelessloseri can un zip rar files10:25
Dr_Willistechnically you un-rar rar files. :)10:25
facelessloseryeah sorry10:25
Dr_Willis!info unzip10:25
ubottuunzip (source: unzip): De-archiver for .zip files. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0-1build1 (lucid), package size 173 kB, installed size 388 kB10:25
Dr_Williscould be the unzip/zip binaries are not installed.10:25
britta_WinstonSmith, thanks, but tried that. doesn't do the trick.10:26
Hounddoghi, i am trying to use clonezilla to do a backup of a system... i assigned 500gb in the virtualbox and the system to backup has 250gb... i am allways getting that the harddisk is full... i am clueless on what to do ...10:26
ShapeShifter499digim0nk, and I use this for school and stuff and even though it hasen't happened I'm worried that it will messing up my workflow and costing me time to reboot. also I'm worried of loosing files10:26
itsux2buDr_Willis, where do i ssh-keygen?  ssh client or ssh server?10:27
digim0nkShapeShifter499: maybe this will help to keep u sane till u find the issue .. backintime.le-web .o r g10:27
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  on your clients., each one generates a key that  you upload to the server via the ssh-copy-id command10:28
itsux2buDr_Willis, ok.. after i gen key.. i run ssh-copy-id on client?  it copies to server?10:29
Adonishello im back!10:30
Adonisi got ubuntu running thru VM fine!10:30
magnetronAdonis: congrats!10:30
sudipta_is ubuntu 10.10 going to have gnome 3.0?10:30
Adonisim running it now and its running smooth!10:30
ShapeShifter499digim0nk, ok thanks, I figure it out later I'm currently on another comp10:30
deepak2Iam using 8.10 ubuntu intrepid10:30
deepak2and I want to upgrade it to 9.0410:30
deepak2I have the CD10:30
deepak2I want to do the ugrade without losing any of my existing data10:31
dogmatic69hi all10:31
digim0nkShapeShifter499: sorry could not help ... BackInTIme will at least save your data10:31
magnetrondeepak2: do you have the Alternate CD?10:32
ShapeShifter499ya its ok thanks for trying10:32
deepak2Can someone help me with ubuntu upgrade,,10:32
Adoniswhats the best way to run ubuntu from usb stick with persistence?10:32
Dr_WillisAdonis:  the usb-disk-creator tool can make a usb stick with persistantce save file10:32
itsux2buDr_Willis, ok.. after i keygen.. i run ssh-copy-id on client?  it copies to server?10:32
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  yes10:33
Adoniswhere can i get the usb-disk creator?10:33
Dr_WillisAdonis:  its in the system menus.10:33
itsux2bui wonder if OSX uses same commands10:33
Adonislol ok im new to this "D10:33
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  Ive no idea what ssh  implemtation OS-X uses10:33
facelessloseri ve tryed unziping from the command line but it still wont work here is the outcome http://paste.ubuntu.com/488670/10:34
Adonisstartup disk creator?10:34
Adonisis that it10:34
Dr_Willisfacelessloser:  its a currupted zip file it seems10:34
Dr_WillisAdonis:  yes10:34
facelessloseroh right i see10:34
Adonisthanks :D10:34
itsux2buso someone was telling me i can watch users connected to my ubuntu server with  screen?10:34
facelessloseri will try another some now10:34
itsux2buhows that work?10:35
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  2 users can 'share' a shell via screen if you want to watch/show the user how to do things10:35
Dr_Willis!screen | itsux2bu10:35
ubottuitsux2bu: Screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen10:35
NoianoI am running ubuntu 10.04 and I cannot blacklist nouveau kernel module, even if it's blacklisted on modprobe.conf...any ideas???10:35
HounddogDr_Willis that is something i was looking for the other day!10:35
* jemark is away: Away10:36
ShredMasterhow do i set permission from MAIN USER to use the harddisk?10:36
* jemark is back (gone 00:00:27)10:36
Dr_WillisShredMaster:  clarify what you are doing.10:36
MichealH!away > jemark10:37
ubottujemark, please see my private message10:37
Adonisis there a way to view existing files from my HDD when running uvuntu thru VM so i can created bootable usb?10:37
itsux2buso just the ubuntu side has to support screen.. its not something the client side needs to support?10:37
ShredMasterWillis: I made new user. I can't access the hard-drive because it askes Password of the MAIN USER.10:38
Dr_WillisAdonis:  You want to use virtualbox to access the 'real hard drive'  - thats doable. but not reccomended.10:38
Dr_WillisShredMaster:  what hard drive?10:38
ShredMasterWillis: I mean c: , d: drives10:38
sudipta_will gnome 3.0 support compiz?10:38
Dr_WillisShredMaster:  if you mean a extenal usb ntfs or similer drive. You can try running the ntfs-config command (as root) and  check the boxs to allow all users access10:38
Adonisits in c:\ when in windows! i just want to locate the ubuntu.iso so i can run the bootable usb prog thru ubuntu10:38
soreausudipta_: not likely10:39
ShredMasterok i will try10:39
Dr_WillisAdonis:  so you are running virtualbox on windows.. running UBUNTU, and you want the Guest Ubuntu In VBOX to access teh ISO file on C: to generate a bootable USB flash drive with persistant save.10:39
Adonisexactly :D10:40
sudipta_<soreau>then how it will support various effects?10:40
Adonisis that possible?10:40
Dr_WillisAdonis:  the pendrivelinux  websit has tools and scripts and instructions on making a bootable usb flash drive  - within windows. No virtualbox needed10:40
Dr_WillisAdonis:  its possible.. but a bit comples. when pendrivelinux web site has tools to do it directly10:40
Adonisexcellent thanks :D10:41
soreausudipta_: gnome 3 uses mutter which is metacity+clutter, their version of their effects. Compiz is completely separate (and can run without and DE as a matter of fact)10:41
Dr_WillisAdonis:  theres dozens of tools out under windows to generate bootable flash drives10:41
Dr_WillisAdonis:  'unetbootin' 'lili' and proberly a dozen more ive never heard of. :)10:42
Adonisi downloaded one about a week ago! created bootable usb with this exact iso and it ran mega slow for somereason??? but through vmware its running fine10:42
Dr_WillisAdonis:  if you have a large enough flash drive you could do a 'normal' install to the flash drive.    a Live-setup is slower then a normal install10:43
Adonisso im gonna try remake a new bootable usb stick.. hopefully this time it wont run like a dog10:43
Adonisits 8gb10:43
lousygaruaAdonis, this also has some information about creating usb boot things, there's a section about creating it from windows. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick10:43
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sudipta_how to run itunes under ubuntu?10:44
erUSUL!wine > sudipta_10:44
ubottusudipta_, please see my private message10:44
Dr_WillisAdonis:  this one looks Cool --> http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/10:44
soreau! hi10:45
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:45
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kk9822how to install JRE 1.6.0 and above in ubuntu10:47
soreau! java10:47
kk9822in terminal10:47
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.10:47
sprockets2000does ubuntu have a round robin type load balancing similar to what MS added in Windows 7?10:47
adonis12Dr_Willis thanks for ya help mate10:47
erUSULkk9822: sudo aptitude install default-jre10:47
facelessloserdr_willis: i think that zip files was corrupted10:47
LjLsprockets2000: load balancing of what, network? (i don't know, i'm just curious about the Windows 7 thing)10:48
sudipta_i have a 2 gb ipod shuffle.How to sync it in ubuntu 10.04?i Hva gtkpod installed but whenever i connect it some error message pops up(related to itunes.db).Now what to do?10:48
chalcedonyis there a command to tell me in plain speak which version of ubuntu i'm in? i'm suspicious that i'm in the old drive and not the new one.10:48
erUSUL!version | chalcedony10:48
LjLchalcedony: lsb_release -a10:48
ubottuchalcedony: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »10:48
sprockets2000ljl well i can sim use 2 connections to download mutli ip downloads10:48
sprockets2000like torrents or usenet10:48
LjLsprockets2000: hm, i'm pretty sure Ubuntu doesn't have that10:48
ShredMasterI want to register to chat in #PHP. Just give me the starting point.10:49
chalcedonyerUSUL, ty but not the one i'm on here :)10:49
chalcedonyLjL, thans10:49
LjL!register > ShredMaster10:49
ubottuShredMaster, please see my private message10:49
kk9822hi erusul how to know it is installed10:49
erUSULsprockets2000: you can try to understand how to use tc to achieve it ...10:49
erUSULkk9822: java -version10:49
chilli0I need some help pretty please. I have just installed windows 7 and the grub2 bootloader is gone. I have used a Grub2 CD so I can boot into ubuntu. So I'm currently on my linux partion , so how can I reinstall grub from here? Thanks.10:50
kk9822thanks erusul it is done10:50
gryllidaHello! How do I change user's password in command line?10:51
kk9822ailed to fetch http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists/edgy/Release  Unable to find expected entry  mai/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)10:51
kk9822Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 80]10:51
kk9822when i update normally it gives this message10:51
erUSULgryllida: passwd user10:51
ServerTechgryllida : passwd10:51
kk9822how do i clear this10:52
gryllidaerUSUL: ServerTech: Thanks!10:52
erUSUL!eol | kk982210:52
ubottukk9822: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:52
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kk9822i am not able to update any thing for 47 days10:52
kk9822pl help me10:53
lorenzosuIf I have 2 ppas and both contain the same package how can I tell the update manager which to use for *that* package?10:53
erUSULkk9822: your version is too old. updates stopped a long time ago10:53
erUSUL!pinning | lorenzosu10:53
ubottulorenzosu: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto10:53
sudipta_hey anyone help with my ipod!!!!!!!!!!!1110:53
gryllidahow do I add user AND create his home dir? I added user, logged in with it, it says /home/user/ not found10:53
kk9822yes pl help me how to solve this10:53
gryllida!patience | sudipta_10:54
ubottusudipta_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com10:54
magnetronchilli0: type "sudo grub-install" in a terminal10:54
ShredMasterLjL: is there a website to register?10:54
slidinghorn!upgrade | kk982210:54
ubottukk9822: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:54
KatsukiAnyone having problems with applications uninstalling on reboot, when running maverick10:54
chalcedonyi have two drives in whitestar, one is 8.04, the other new one is 10.04 (i think), when i checked on it, it said kernel panic, and now booted into the 8.04 drive, what do i need to do to see if the other drive is ok?10:54
magnetronKatsuki: we do not discuss maverick here, go to #ubuntu+110:54
Get_A_Fixkk9822: you could however use a command like; sudo sed -e 's/\us.archive/old-releases/g' -i /etc/apt/sources.list10:54
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:55
chilli0magnetron, That comes up with a lot of options , I don't want to be screwing with this , I want some one to tell me how to do it. I can't ruin my system. I have tried this before and I lost everything.10:55
Get_A_Fixand then try another apt-get update10:55
lorenzosuerUSUL, thanks a lot10:55
gryllidahow do I add user AND create his home dir? I added user, logged in with it, it says /home/user/ not found -- it can't cd to ~10:55
Get_A_Fixkk9822: i've just upgraded from 6.10 edgy to 8.04 hardy, and i'm doing upgrade to intrepid now10:56
kk9822yes pl help me how to solve this10:56
ServerTechgryllida, weird.... It does auto create, maybe someone else can answer.....10:56
erUSULlorenzosu: no problem10:56
ShredMastergerllida: use adduser command10:57
Get_A_Fixgryllida: it should do that, but if it doesn't, maybe check /etc/adduser.conf10:57
erUSULkk9822: folow the instructions ubottu told you to upgrade10:57
erUSUL!eol | kk982210:57
ubottukk9822: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:57
magnetronchilli0: oh right, which hard drive do you want to install GRUB to? usually you will have to type something like "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" or similar10:57
chalcedonygood to see you RudyValencia :)10:57
gryllidaShredMaster: I used useradd user && passwd user && tried to login , it doesn't see ~10:57
ShredMastergerllida: sudo adduser username -force --badname10:57
th0rShredMaster: check the man page, I think you need to add a -m to useradd10:58
ShredMasterth0r: i made this user today with same command10:58
Get_A_Fixuseradd = old - adduser is better10:58
chalcedonyhellboy316, try /quit10:58
hellboy316ohh yaa10:59
chilli0magnetron, Oh , I'm not sure what one to install it to? Does it matter.10:59
magnetronchilli0: yes it matters10:59
magnetronchilli0: please give as many details as possible about your hard drives10:59
ShredMastergetafix: how do I change user within TERMINAL ?11:00
gryllidaShredMaster: thanks.11:00
ShredMastergryllida: WELcom11:00
RudyValenciahey chalcedony11:00
th0rShredMaster: su to change users11:00
chilli0magnetron, How do I know what one to pick?11:00
ServerTechShredmaster : That is for frocing the capitals and other limitations in the username right11:00
chilli0magnetron, I know that ubuntu \11:00
magnetronchilli0: there is a tool in System → Administration that will give you info about hard drives11:00
ShredMasterservertech: I dont know friend11:01
adonis12alright got my multiboot usb started :D cant wait to try this out!11:01
ServerTechShredMaster : I mean adduser -force --adname11:01
ServerTech*badname sorry11:01
chilli0magnetron, Will that say what one to install grub on?11:01
ShredMasterServerTech: If you don't use BADNAME, then you cannot create a new user. You can create a new user that was created in the past and deldted.11:02
rekhi i created a usb startup   disk with ubuntu i try to boot it  with my packardbell but  i see hard disk fail what does that mean?what can i do a nework install? lan pxe?'11:02
natschilHello. I'm trying to install grub so that I can have two separate ubuntu partitions. I am in one of the ubuntu partitions now. Can anyone tell me how to setup grub2 or grub-legacy to do this? (Grub-legacy somehow doesn't seem to detect the partition signature, so probably grub2 is easiest)11:02
no--name hi. i have a mac keyboard and i want to be able to use the f keys instead of esc+<number>. anyone know how to change it?11:02
ServerTechShreadmaster : but usernames cannot be made with caps in it, doing that command lets it bypass those limitations:\11:03
ShredMasterth0r: after su , whose password do I enter??11:03
Dr_Willisthat would be the new users password11:03
th0rtthe user yo uwant to become11:03
Dr_WillisYou only got 2 to logically try. :)11:03
gryllidahow do I install a C compiler to be able to run `make'?11:04
Dr_Willisgryllida:  install teh build-essentials package.11:04
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:04
Dr_Willis!info build-essentials11:04
ubottuPackage build-essentials does not exist in lucid11:04
dogmatic69if i create a symlink in php and the server is restarted will it still be there?11:04
natschilHowever, I would prefer grub-legacy in the sense that I understand how it's configuration files work, as grub2 somehow repaces the good ol' menu.list with something more complex11:04
Dr_Willisoh wait no s :)11:04
Dr_Willis!info build-essential11:04
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.4build1 (lucid), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB11:04
rekDr_Willis: how can i install my os? if i try to boot using usb i read...hard disk fail11:04
kk9822 6.06 LTS to 8.04 LTS pl give the command in terminal to upgrade11:05
Dr_Willisrek:  is your Hard disk failing? or are you saying the usb  dosent even boot?11:05
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:05
gryllidaDr_Willis: E: Couldn't find package build-essentials11:05
Dr_Willisgryllida:  no s11:05
rekDr_Willis: i can boot windows i read that if i set usb mass storage boot in the bios yes...11:06
Dr_Williswhich dosent make sence to me. :) but thats computers for you11:06
gryllidaDr_Willis: E: Couldn't find package build-essential11:06
Dr_Willisgryllida:  you are running what release of ubuntu?11:06
gryllidaDr_Willis: how do I find out?11:06
Dr_Willisgryllida:  what did you install? lsb_release -a  to see11:06
gryllidaDescription:Ubuntu 8.04.211:06
Dr_Willisrek:  and how did you make this bootable usb flash>11:06
gryllidaDr_Willis, it's a vps -- how do I update the OS then?11:07
rekusing ubuntu live cd11:07
Dr_Willisgryllida:  when in doubt 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' and try again11:07
reksystem create usb disk11:07
Dr_Willisgryllida:  no idea on a VPS11:07
rekathlon 2600+ is a x86 pc11:07
rekthe dvd drive is broken11:07
chilli0magnetron, Hello?11:07
Dr_Willisrek:  thats odd.. You may wan tto try  the unetbootin tool  , ive  had the usb disk creator tool fail in the past when installing the bootloader11:07
no--name hi. i have a mac keyboard and i want to be able to use the f keys instead of esc+<number>. any ideas?11:08
no--namein gnome terminal11:08
rekDr_Willis:  what? how can i do that11:08
adonis12what command do i use in terminal to list directories/? "sorry about newb question"11:08
gryllidaadonis12: ls11:08
adonis12thanks :D11:08
gryllidayou're welcome.. welcome to linux!11:09
Dr_Willisrek:  install unetbootin, try using it to make a bootable flash drive.11:09
erUSULadonis12: ls */11:09
adonis12and then how do i open the direcotry11:09
ServerTechcd directory11:09
Dr_Willis!bash | adonis1211:09
ubottuadonis12: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal11:09
adonis12oh like dos?11:09
Dr_Willisadonis12:  bash is like dos , in the same way  the spaceshuttle is like a paper airplane.11:10
gryllidaadonis12: cd directorynamehere11:10
rekDr_Willis:  disk creator just did it... why shold i try this? how can i do a net install11:10
adonis12thanks guys :D11:10
Dr_Willisrek:  if the disk-creator failed.. unetbootin may work.  try it and see.. I dont do net installs.11:10
Dr_Willis!install | rek11:10
ubotturek: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:10
Dr_Willisrek:  ive also had some pc's be VERY picky about what flash drives they boot  or wont boot. I had to try several on one of m older machines befor i found one that worked.11:11
adonis12ok im off my USB multiboot is installed :D thanks for ya help today guys!11:12
chalcedonyadonis12, congratulations11:13
jb__hello, is there a procedure to upgrade the the latest ubuntu version?11:13
erUSUL!upgrade | jb__11:13
ubottujb__: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:13
Dr_WillisI wonder how many disrtos one can fit on a 16gb flash drive. :)11:13
chalcedonyDr_Willis, i have two drives, the primary seems to have stopped, it booted into the secondary drive. primary didn't show on fsck, what do i need to do?11:14
jb__i have xubuntu 9.10 there, and I would like to upgrade to latest stable *kernel* (apparently 2.6.35-4) but in synaptics it says latest its 2.6.31 something ??11:14
Dr_Willischalcedony:  check sudo fdisk -l output, check if the bios sees it.. if neither do. check the cables..11:14
Dr_Willischalcedony:  and hope you made backups11:14
jb__thx erUSUL i'm looking11:14
gryllidaHello there! I get this message. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:11:14
gryllidaLANGUAGE = (unset),11:14
gryllida.. how do I set language in cli?11:15
erUSULjb__: last ubuntu version 10.04 uses 2.6.3211:15
chalcedonyDr_Willis, new drive, not much on it.. i was hoping to get to installing a few things tonight..11:15
FriarI have 10.04 installed on my laptop. I have a server with openssh. When I want to upgrade to 10.10 I like to do a complete install. How can I get my key onto the new install so that my ssh connection doesn't go down?11:15
Dr_Willischalcedony:   ive had new drives fail very quickly..   check sudo fdisk -l, see if its seen.11:16
jb__erUSUL, okay, is there a way to install a more recent kernel using the package managers? or I must do it manually?11:16
Dr_Willischalcedony:  also make sure fdisk -l, is reporting what  the drive actually is. (size wize)11:16
erUSULjb__: i think there is ppa with mainline ( vanilla ) kernels.11:16
erUSUL!ppa | jb__11:16
ubottujb__: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.11:16
erUSULjb__: or you can compile it yourself11:16
mysteryguyHello, I have an external harddrive connected thru USB and it's corrupted, it has no important data at all on it, so I don't mind trashing it up, it's on /dev/sdd and I would like to make it work again fine11:17
Dr_WillisFriar:  its proberly best to upgrade while you are sitting at the machine.  the upgrade shouldent affect the users home dir or settings. but the ssh service may get reset.restarted as part of the upgrade11:17
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  repartition/reformat it.  You may want to 'zero' it via dd befor hand . if you want to go hardcore on it.11:17
itsux2buhow do i create a user account in ubuntu server?11:18
erUSULmysteryguy: create a new partition table and partitions on it ?11:18
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  sudo adduser pickausername11:18
mysteryguyI formatted it and did that a few mins ago11:18
FriarDr_Willis, the server is running a different install. I am going to upgrade my laptop. I also want to do a fresh install when 10.10 gets released.11:18
itsux2buand password?11:18
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  and its currupted again a few min later>11:18
mysteryguyno, it never got uncorrupted11:18
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  sudo passwd username11:18
jb__can I expect problems if I use a vanilla kernel with my current ubuntu install? anything I should take care about?11:18
chalcedonyDr_Willis, my son's mailserver does not like my access level in this drive it says it will report me! ;)  i shall look at the cables... anything else to try while i'm in there with it working?11:18
erUSULFriar: your keys should be in your home folder ~/.ssh/ ? make a backup of your home11:19
Dr_Willischalcedony:  clean out the dust bunnies.11:19
mysteryguyI tried fscking it, and "The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext211:19
mysteryguyfilesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext211:19
mysteryguyfilesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock11:19
mysteryguyis corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:11:19
mysteryguy    e2fsck -b 8193 <device>11:19
FloodBot1mysteryguy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  it is a ext2/3/4 filesystem?11:19
erUSULjb__: some drivers that ubuntu adds may not be present in vanilla kernel11:19
mysteryguyI formatted it to ext211:19
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FriarerUSUL, that is indeed where my keys are located. so If I just make a copy of ~/.ssh and replace the default one it should be ok?11:19
erUSULFriar: should be11:19
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  so in the last 10 min or so.. you reformated, then fscked an empty drive and gotr an error mesage?11:20
slidinghornDr_Willis, he could have a 50mb hdd :)11:20
mysteryguyIt's 160Gb btw :311:20
Dr_Willissounds like it may be ready for the trash also11:20
mysteryguyempty though.11:20
FriarerUSUL, thanks. I think I'll make the server accept passwords before I upgrade as well just to be on the safe side...I don't have physical access to my server at the moment. I'm in europe for 6 months for work, and the server is at my parents house back in the states.11:20
incorrecti am sure there was a quick way to copy over the partition table layout from one disk to another11:21
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  check dmesg command for any error messages. could be the drive is failing11:21
KatsukiUbuntu+1 is dead >.<11:21
mysteryguy"[130730.843506]  sdd: unknown partition table"11:21
WinstonSmithincorrect, layout or data?11:21
incorrectWindowFixer202, layout11:21
mysteryguyI used Gparted to give it a msdos partition table11:21
erUSULFriar: ok;: good luck11:21
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  you did reboot after repartioning ?11:22
erUSUL!weekend | Katsuki11:22
ubottuKatsuki: It's a weekend. Often on weekends the paid developers and a lot of the community may not be around to answer your question. Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would or try again during the working week.11:22
Friarthanks again. I appreciate it.11:22
chilli0Hi I ran sudo update-grub and it came up saying all of the updates and stuffs. And then said it worked. But when I restart still no Grub loader? Goes straight into ubuntu.11:22
mysteryguyShould I reboot Ubuntu?11:22
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  you may want to.. some times thye kernel can use the old layout/tables and that causes issues11:22
mysteryguywill try fsck again and if problem continues will come back (after reboot of course)11:22
erUSULmysteryguy: if it is a usb drive just eject it and plug it again11:22
mysteryguyoh kk :)11:23
mysteryguyno apparent error messages now11:23
mysteryguywill try fsck11:23
=== slidinghorn is now known as zz_slidinghorn
mysteryguydoesnt work11:23
otswimhi, i have a trojan/virus on windows and i can't even boot on it because i get a BSOD every time i try; can i fix it from my kubuntu dual boot?11:24
Dr_Willisotswim:  install/try clamav and its gui front ends..11:24
mysteryguywhen I try to fsck I get11:24
mysteryguye2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdd11:24
Dr_Willisotswim:  i would definatly be backing up stuff from that windows install somewhere safe...11:24
mysteryguy(same for fsck, tried what it said in that long message I posted before)11:25
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  this is a exteranal usb hard drive correct?11:25
otswimDr_Willis: just the clamav package?11:25
Get_A_Fixchilli0: sounds like you have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst - setting the timeout to something higher than 0-111:25
mysteryguyyes, it is11:25
mysteryguyno data at all, so you can do anything with it11:25
chilli0Get_A_Fix, Would you be able to tell me where that line is?11:26
otswimDr_Willis: i've installed the clamav package, how can i use it to scan windows now?11:26
Get_A_Fixopen a terminal - type; sudo nano -w /boot/grub/menu.lst11:27
malvubuntu didn't detect windows, how do I run the grub detection script?11:27
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  you could go hardcore and 'sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd bs=2048' (DONT MAKE A TYPO)  and zerio the drive to total zero-ness :) then reparttion, and reformat11:27
Get_A_Fixthen at the top is the default and then timeout11:27
kalle_howto create a mysql root account ?11:27
dlimalv, sudo update-grub11:27
Dr_Willisotswim:  install one of the front ends for it.. and run the front end11:27
mysteryguyI tried that too Dr_Willis :)11:27
chilli0Get_A_Fix, I don't have that file. I have grub211:27
malvdli: ok, it worked. thanks11:27
mysteryguydidn't use the bs=2048 part though, is it important?11:27
gryllidahow do I set OS locale in cli?11:27
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  time to open it up.. take out the platters and hang them from the ceiling for disco light effects.. and put the magnets on the fridge to hold the pizza cupons.11:28
chilli0Get_A_Fix, I may have found it, brb restarting.11:28
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  bs= makes it go faster11:28
mysteryguyI will try again anyway11:28
mysteryguyelse I will do some disk-hulk-smash :)11:28
Dr_Willismysteryguy:  thers some other HD tools out ther eint he repos you can try. but I wouldent trust the HD.11:28
WinstonSmithhi ppl :) i have a udev-rule to execute a script when i plug in my backup usb hdd but it doesnt work : ACTION=="add"; SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", SYSFS{idProduct}=="1d00", SYSFS{idVendor}=="13fe", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/mount.tera", SYMLINK+="terabyte_toshiba". any ideas? thx11:29
Dr_WillisThose Magnets in hard drives are amazingly strong.11:29
otswimDr_Willis: should i scan my whole windows partition, or just C:\Windows\System32?11:29
WinstonSmithDr_Willis, neodymium i think11:29
Dr_Willisotswim:  why do things part way...11:29
Dr_Willisotswim:  scan EVERYTHING11:29
otswim:D because it's taking hours just to calculate scan time :)11:30
kalle_howto create a mysql root account ?11:30
Dr_Willisotswim:  You got other things to do? :)11:30
rekDR:Dr_Willis can i install ubuntu x86 if i'm running kubuntu amd64 ..i mean net install11:30
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:30
Dr_Willisotswim:  of course it may remove the virus. but not fix the system to be bootable...11:30
gryllidahow do I set OS locale in cli? like the language seaaing and such11:30
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning11:30
Dr_Willisrek:  a 64bit cpu can run the 32bit OS.11:31
gryllidaplease ping me when replying it's very active here I can't read this all11:31
otswimDr_Willis: no actually it is bootable, but on boot, if i don't end the processus very quickly, the virus takes control, creates a lot of processes, and causes a BSOD11:31
Dr_Willisgryllida:  export locale='somthing'11:31
KatsukiBoot in safe mode, most viruses dont get executed in safe mode, you can run your virus scan from there, or manually remove files11:32
Dr_Willisor is it LOCALE..11:32
rekDr_Willis: i must install ubuntu x86 in my laptop with the net but on my pc i have kubuntu amd64 can i install x86 using net install how can i specifiy the version i want to go in my laptop11:32
wieshkai have a really stupid question - for what stands "console-kit-daemon"11:32
incorrectits a shame that the software raid doesn't have a tool to help you rebuild your array11:32
wieshkai have ~60 running processes11:32
wieshkanamed console-kit-daemon11:32
Dr_Willisrek:  ive never done net installs.. so no idea if you can host a 32bit install  from a 64bit machine. proberly can.11:32
=== AlHafoudh_ is now known as AlHafoudh
wieshkalooks like they ar just incorrectly showed up11:33
nordlehello.  Reading http://www.ubuntugeek.com/kernel-2-6-35-officially-available-for-ubuntu-10-04.html it says "This kernel is now available in the git repository of Ubuntu 10.04"  and  "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".  If its a dist-upgrade, isn't that 10.10 beta?  I don't understand how it can remain 10.04 but with kernel.  Can anyone help me understand this please?  Thanks.11:33
=== mo_bledhoz is now known as mo_bledhoz|buber
Dr_Willisnordle:  a dist-upgrade does not always upgrade to the next release.11:34
Dr_WillisI often have to do a dist-upgrade to make it upgrade some held back packages11:34
Dr_Willisalways seems to be trivial things held back also..11:35
Dr_WillisOR very imporntant things - like thje kernel.11:35
itsux2buDr_Willis, you were telling me about ssh-keygen.. i'm running it now.. you said you didn't need passwords by using a key, right?11:35
nordleDr_Willis: wow, ok, mmm.  I need to re-learn some stuff by the looks of it :)  Thanks for the information!11:36
jb__ok will upgrading ubuntu version upgrade the kernel too?11:36
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  i do not need to use a password to ssh to my other linux box's after setting up sshkeygen and ssh-copy-id..11:36
Dr_Willisjb__:  yes - it should11:36
jb__Dr_Willis, can I upgrade while I have applications running?11:37
majeszkoHi I'm runing ubuntu 10 4 1 and trying to install tom tom sat nav software, I can't get to the installerdata by terminal, I become a root, then command <cd /media/INTERNAL/TomTom HOME Install.app/Contents> and answer <bash: cd: /media/INTERNAL/TomTom: No such file or directory> I'd really stuck exactly on the start, help11:37
Dr_Willisnordle:  i never have figured out the logic to what gets held back11:37
Dr_Willisjb__:  I did earlier today. :)11:37
Dr_Willisjb__:  prioberly not the best idea.. but im brave and stupid.11:37
jb__ah.. you went from 9.10 to 10.4?11:37
itsux2bussh-keygen asking for a passphrase..  is this a one time thing.. or will my brother have to enter it everytime he connects via ssh?11:37
BattlePoperandom web server question: I have two websites with their own domains sitting on the same box. How do I go to dir_a/ if I input a.com, and dir_b/ if I input b.com? I've got the A record set in my domain registrar to my server's IP, but I can't figure how to separate the sites without using a redirect :)11:37
Dr_Willismajeszko:  spaces in path names are your issue.. use the TAB key to complete the names.. of just copy the files over to your HOME so you dont have as big a path to use.. and install from HOME11:38
Dr_Willismajeszko:  cd '/path/dir with spaces/stuff'11:38
Dr_Willismajeszko:  cd /media/INTERNAL/Tom<TABKEY>    may also work11:39
jb__BattlePope, hm.. maybe a http server option for thaT?11:39
majeszkothx Dr Willis11:39
jgbwhich dock do you guys prefer? i'm trying cairo-dock atm, and I've got a few issues11:39
=== otswim is now known as babalu
JoshuaLi like avant-window-navigator11:39
jb__like.. change root depending on request url's domain11:39
itsux2buDr_Willis, ssh-keygen asking for a passphrase..  is this a one time thing.. or will my brother have to enter it everytime he connects via ssh?11:39
BattlePopehmmm... yeah I reckon that might be the way to do it, but it seems like it must be a common thing, there must be a tool or easy script to do it11:40
jgbJoshuaL: thx, will try it now11:40
=== tjs is now known as Guest10199
DilbertoPetition to pressure Kevin Rose to eat uncured pork bacon live on streaming video and drink COLD BEER with it. Have him prove that simple greed and or incompetence was the reason behind this and not something else, if you get my drift!11:41
DilbertoSign the petition here:11:41
=== mkaay_ is now known as mkaay
FloodBot1Dilberto: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:41
zagabarI think I have done something bad to my server. I tried to update libc6 to version 2.11 by using a deb package but then it started to complain on dependencies and now I get this message when installing stuff: http://pastebin.com/3yn1qDAt  If I try the -f thingy, it tries to remove like 10000 packages, telling me that I should abort it if I really don't know what I am doing. It would free 1.5 GB of space.11:41
jb__BattlePope, yea it must be common, it's common to redirect subdomains like bleh.waza.com to ~bleh/public_html11:42
jb__so it shouldnt be too hard to redirect different domains also11:42
BattlePopethat's what I thought, but all my googling has not returned an answer :)11:43
jb__you're using apache?11:43
jb__hehe.. I've always been too lazy to go through the whole config file11:44
jb__its probably there somewhere though11:44
mike9055any idea what my symbolic links in mpds music folder arent working?11:45
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  i dont set a passphrase11:45
Dr_Willis!ssh | itsux2bu11:45
ubottuitsux2bu: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)11:45
itsux2buok.. i'm looking at ssh tutorial now11:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:46
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  theres entire books written on ssh and all the neat ssh tricks one can do11:46
Dr_WillisGuess e24s dident need help...11:46
babaluhow can i install wine1.2 on ubuntu?11:47
Dr_Willisbabalu:  via the packagte manager. and enable any newer ppa's for it if needed11:47
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:47
magnetronbabalu: use a package manager (synaptic or similar) to install the package named wine1.211:48
jb__BattlePope, http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/vhosts/examples.html11:48
=== obadiah is now known as Vivek
babaluthanks it's ok now11:49
BattlePopecheers jb__11:49
magnetronDr_Willis: wine1.2 is already included in the official ubuntu repository11:49
Dr_WillisI dont keep up with version #'s :)11:49
magnetronDr_Willis: key but the package is named "wine1.2"11:50
Dr_Williswines one of the few apps that i always stay with the latest version11:50
jgbJoshuaL: thx, it is great11:52
JoshuaLjgb, nice :)11:52
schoolschoolhello. i have a problem with my cdrom.11:56
schoolschoolwhen i double click the cdrom icon i nthe computer folder11:57
Aijsejoin #mythbuntu11:57
schoolschooli get mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist11:57
teagehow do i turn off the desktop switcher. i do not want my mouse scroll switching desktops for me? im using kubuntu 9.1011:57
alexandrпривет всем11:57
Dr_Willisteage:  you may want to ask in #kubuntu11:57
schoolschooldmesg | grep cdr11:57
Dr_Willisteage:  theres a setting somewhere i imagine.. i just dont know where its at11:58
schoolschoolor dmesg | grep dvd11:58
schoolschoolreturns nothing11:58
teagekubuntu is ubuntu isnt it11:58
schoolschoolcdrom -scanbus returns mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist11:58
Dr_Willisteage:  the interfaces are different.. so we may not know where the settings at in here.. kubuntu guys will proberly know faster11:58
schoolschooland when i try modprobe sr_mod i get FATAL: Module sr_mod not found.11:58
Dr_Willisteage:  so ask in there and get posibally a faster answer.. or wait in here....11:58
teagei will check for a kubuntu room,11:58
teagethanks anyways guys11:59
Dr_Willisteage:  its #kubuntu :)11:59
Dr_WillisI keep trying  the latest kde.. but end up back in gnome11:59
schoolschooland lsscsi returns only the hdd11:59
gryllidahttp://ssh.shellium.org/~gryllida/pastebin.txt ::: How do I fix it? I tried `export LANGUAGE="en_AU"` but it didn't satisfy the system. I get this message in the pastebin every time I try to install nano via `apt-get install nano`.12:00
Dr_Willisgryllida:  thats just a warning.. it shouldnet keep the system from installing nano12:01
reki like nano12:02
Hounddogi need to run fsck on one partition but i am unable to unmount it... device is busy if i check with fuser there is nothing on there12:02
rekanyone able to do netwrok installs?12:02
ttmrichter_Is there any way to get the Gwibber social networking client to use a proxy?12:03
gryllidaDr_Willis: Yes. Nano installation succeeds. However I want to fix locale in the system. I ge same messages about locales every time I install anythng.12:03
Dr_Willisschoolschool:  my cdrom is /dev/sr012:03
Dr_Willisls -l /dev/cdrom12:04
Dr_Willislrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 2010-09-05 04:23 /dev/cdrom -> sr012:04
schoolschoolls: /dev/cdrom nu poate fi accesat: No such file or directory12:04
Dr_Willisschoolschool:  is there a sr0 ?12:04
schoolschoolactually, i have no cdr or dvd in a grep dmesg12:05
rekwhere can i find the network install in italian12:05
schoolschoolso i guess it is a driver problem12:05
gryllidaDr_Willis: Any idea on how to set the proper locale?12:06
oCean_schoolschool: find out if the system sees the device: sudo lshw -C disk12:07
Dr_Willisgryllida:  Never really worried about it - if its just warnings.. I recall  some forum threads on the topic.   Theres may be some package you need to reconfigure12:07
schoolschooloCean_ it lists only the hdd12:08
schoolschooloCean_ no cdrom in there12:08
majeszkoHI, I copied Installer data for sat nav tom tom, I made it executable(checked with <ls -l>) now for command <root@ubuntu:/home/majeszko/programs# ./Installer.data> answer <bash: ./Installer.data: cannot execute binary file>12:08
* ankur says hi12:09
oCean_schoolschool: but you did use the cdrom device for installing ubuntu?12:09
Dr_Willismajeszko:  this is a windows binary>? or what exactly?12:09
schoolschoolit used to work12:09
schoolschooloCean_ after the installation, it worked for a time, and then somebody did something and now it is not working12:10
majeszkoThis is for Tom Tom satelite navigation12:10
Dr_Willismajeszko:  so.. IS this a windows binary/program you are trying to run on linux? or has tomtom made native linux binaries?12:11
oCean_schoolschool: the fact that it does not recognize the hardware might be something to worry about12:11
majeszkoIt worked in windows, so it must be for windows12:12
oCean_schoolschool: your hdd is/are scsi?12:12
schoolschooloCean_ , the hdd appears in the lsscsi listing12:13
th_what is the best way to draw a grid in Linux?12:13
majeszkoIt won't work on ubuntu then?12:13
oCean_schoolschool: ok, so the required scsi drivers are loaded. In that case, it seems toe me it's an hardware issue12:13
lousygaruath_ openoffice?12:13
oCean_th_: draw a grid?12:13
Dr_Willismajeszko:  you use wine to run windows appliocations on linux. theres no guarentees it will work12:14
rekanyonee able to do net installs?12:14
Dr_Willis!wine | majeszko12:14
ubottumajeszko: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:14
th_oCean_, you know. time and distance etc12:14
HexidecimalTitle: Wine - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)12:14
th_lousygarua, hmm wich part?12:14
oCean_th_: I don't see how that is an ubuntu issue12:14
th_oCean_, well its linux issue12:14
schoolschooloCean_ why do I then get the Cannot open SCSI driver! for the cdrecord -scanbus command12:14
lousygaruath_ you want a table of time and distances?12:14
ankurhi , i just wanted to know some basic things about apport bug reporting . Does we need to add any specifipport c hook to our application or does apport always intercept any crash signal?12:14
Dr_Willisth_:  theres ploting tools in the repos.12:15
schoolschooloCean_ and there is no sr_mod module in the modprobe -l listing12:15
th_lousygarua, yes12:15
Dr_Willisth_:  oocalc can also do graphs i recall12:15
oCean_th_: well, the topic of this channel is ubuntu technical support, not general questions12:15
lousygaruath_, yeah, try ubuntu calc, it's like excel on windows12:15
th_lousygarua, ok12:15
oCean_schoolschool: I don't have sr listed, but I can use my scsi dvd12:15
jonas__anybody else whos display backlight stopped working after the first time the computer woke from sleep?:/12:15
lousygaruath_: "openoffice spreadsheet", that's how it appears in me menu12:15
majeszkoAll right I'll try, beer from fridge then wine from computer thanks12:15
AijseMy keyboard does not seem to be fully supported as some keys are not bindable. eg if I press them when I want to set short cut nothing happens. Is there a file where I canedit the input from my keyboard? Or somewhere I can d-load defaults?12:15
wezzSince nobody in irc://irc.freenode.net/#mongodb reacts, I give it a try in here. Does anybody know, when trying to install mongodb on ubuntu 10.04 it wants to install all kinds of x11 libraries. Since i run a CLI-only server this sounds unnecessary to me. Is there a way to do a 'minimal' install without these X-libs?12:15
th_lousygarua, well if thats the tool12:16
schoolschoolI see. I'll try a bootable cd and see if that's working and then check for the hardware12:16
Dr_WillisAijse:  what keys are not bindable?12:16
oCean_schoolschool: good idea12:16
AijseLike a zoom in and zoom out key for example12:16
Dr_WillisAijse:  Your keyboard has an actual zoom in/out keys? thats odd..  wonder what they were designed for. :)12:17
schoolschooloCean_ thank you very much . have a good day.12:17
Dr_WillisAijse:  some keyboards special keys can take some work to get working properly.12:17
AijseDr_Willis, I also use Lirc and it took some time to figure all commands for the keys out but it was possible12:17
Dr_WillisAijse:  if you hit the keys a few tmes then check 'dmesg' output it may give some info on the key12:18
AijseDr_Willis, Isnt there some config file for the keyboard?12:18
Dr_WillisAijse:  yep. same setup/tricks may be needed fot the keyboard. ive never noticed a single config for thekeyboard.12:18
jb42i think you can setup some stuff with xmodmap12:18
Dr_WillisAijse:  i spent part of a day getting the media/special keys going on an IBM keyboard. (old)  it was a pain. :)12:18
magnetronwezz: seems like mongodb depends on xulrunner, as if mongodb had a XUL based UI.12:19
chalcedonyDr_Willis, my husband's computer can see this drive. whitestar cannot. cleaning contacts on the drive didn't help. ideas?12:19
Dr_Willischalcedony:  this is a IDE hard drive> sata? what exactly?12:19
chalcedonyDr_Willis, eide drive yes12:19
cyberonede quoi on parle ici12:19
bazhang!fr | cyberone12:20
Dr_Willischalcedony:  ive seen hard drives so flakey that just moving them got them working for a while. or mounting them in a differnt orientation worked.. for a time12:20
ubottucyberone: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:20
chalcedonyDr_Willis, western digital 500 gb and it DID work and it's set to master.12:20
Dr_Williscould be the ide slot/controller is going bad on that one pc.12:20
chalcedonyit's nearly new12:20
jb42Dr_Willis: haha12:20
AijseDr_Willis, Yes most of my media keys work out of the box wich made me a bit spoiled I guess. Now I want all keys to work12:20
Dr_Willishard drives can die at ANY time. :)  new old, now, 20 sec from now.12:20
Dr_WillisReal fun when they die while you are using them.....12:21
Aijse20 sec from now!? all back up fast12:21
chalcedonyoh i know .. glares at 5 years of work sitting on top of the monitor.12:21
jb42I heard it's best to let them spin all the time12:21
jb42rather than spin down/up often12:21
chalcedonyjb42, i turned it on, made sure it stayed as cool as i could.. and it did that kernel panic thing and now it won't see it12:22
Dr_Willisjb42:  ive heard opposite.. but it depends on the disk ussage.12:22
Dr_Willisjb42:  i got some tha tsmart says have 2+ yrs of spinning time. :) others get used once a day for 10 min.. then spindown for 23 hrs.....12:22
FriarI just made an update to my /etc/hosts file. Do I need to restart anything to make it take effect? I tried to do ssh user@server and I get a cannot resolve hostame server.12:23
Dr_Willis!hostname | Friar12:23
ubottuFriar: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.12:23
itsux2buDr_Willis, your right.. i found a book in pdf on ssh12:24
itsux2bu400+ pages12:24
bazhang!it | mario_12:24
ubottumario_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:24
Dr_Willisitsux2bu:  ive seen  many books on ssh.. :)12:24
dt_hi, I had an odd problem that was solved with a reboot. whenever I typed anything/anywhere it would act as if I had some other key pressed (like control or something) and I couldn't really do anything12:24
dt_and when I did ctrl+alt+f1 to switch workspaces, anything i typed would show up with a ^ or a [12:24
itsux2buthis is a 'definitive guide'12:24
FriarDr_Willis, I'm not quite sure what that means...I looked at hostname and all it has in it is lappy, the name of my computer.12:25
dt_so if I typed a dot it would show up as [.12:25
th_how i can make windows file types as defaults to whole system?12:25
dt_any idea what could've happened?12:25
jribdt_: did you try running « reset »?12:25
Dr_WillisFriar:  you edit /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname and  a be sure they are correct.. then use the hostname command12:25
dt_jrib, no12:25
FriarDr_Willis, I added the line neezer96.poweredbyclear.com      server to my /etc/hosts...do I need to add the same thing to /etc/hostname?12:26
Dr_WillisFriar:  i recall the ubuntu-tweak tool has a tool to change the hostname also12:26
Dr_Willis Friar  my /etc/hosts just has the sort name of my pc. not the full name like you got.12:26
FriarDr_Willis, I'm not sure we're on the same page. I just want to type ssh root@server in command line instead of ssh root@neezer96.poweredbyclear.com12:27
dt_jrib, would that've fixed it?12:27
jribdt_: maybe12:27
Dr_WillisFriar:  if you are just wanting to save typing.. make an alias.12:27
FriarDr_Willis, sounds great...thanks12:27
Dr_WillisFriar:  Friar  less dangerous also12:28
Dr_WillisFriar:  you could edit your /etc/hosts also to make  'server' point to the ip# of the long.named.server12:28
FriarDr_Willis, that is what I was trying to do, but it wasn't working I don't think.12:29
StaleHello, does anybody know how to resolve a atheros wireless driver prob w/ ubuntu?12:30
adhordenhi, where is the best place to ask information on Indecator Display Objects, https://launchpad.net/ido working on a bug just after some advice12:30
HexidecimalTitle: Indicator Display Objects in Launchpad (at launchpad.net)12:30
Dr_WillisFriar:  you edit the hosts on the client to make them see the short name.. not the servers hosts ;)12:30
Dr_WillisFriar:  ie: i got a hosts entry for 'printer' on every machine on the lan. with the ip of the printer i got.. that way i can rember 'http://printer' to get to its gui/web interface12:31
FriarDr_Willis, thanks a bunch. I am going to give it a try.12:31
Taravelhello; can anyone help me to install the linux driver for a wifi pen drive? the page where i found the driver is this: http://www.atlantisland.it/ita/download.php?articolo=A02-UP1-WN&tipologia=DRIVER12:31
HexidecimalTitle: Atlantis Land (at www.atlantisland.it)12:31
StaleI need it as an offline package, ready to 'install'; and no 'ethernet' assistance.12:31
StaleTaravel: I wish I can help, but I am having the same problem as well.12:32
Dr_WillisTaravel:  you did try the hardware-driver tool first? plug it in and system -> admin -> hardwaredrivers  (or whatever its called)12:32
TaravelMy friend is under xubuntu12:33
vampirI'm from Russia12:33
bodwickStale you can download the packages with all dependencies as deb, copy to pendrive and install then12:33
Stalehello. I heard that http://madwifi-project.org/wiki is the problem solver.12:33
HexidecimalTitle: madwifi-project.org - Trac (at madwifi-project.org)12:33
Kartagisbazhang are you there?12:34
Staleor I have to read the instructions from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88584712:34
Dr_WillisTaravel:  the bianry for the tool is 'jockey-gtk' No idwa where the icon is on xubuntu12:34
HexidecimalTitle: [all variants] Comprehensive ndiswrapper troubleshooting guide - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)12:34
HexidecimalTitle: HOW TO: A Beginners Guide to Setting up Conky - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)12:35
bazhangStale, your bot?12:35
Staleno, it's probably the channel bot12:36
msogo ubuntu12:36
msowindows or ubuntu?12:37
ankurhi , i wanted to know that can we launch apport to report bugs even if the application haven't crashed .How can i report bugs to launchpad using apport which are not crash related?12:37
StaleI guess nobody really seen the atheros problem yet, or even the busybox dual-boot probs.12:37
jb42im upgrading to lucid lynx12:37
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)12:37
Stalemso: I would still stick to windows for backup.12:38
jb42what is the difference between desktop and server? are those separate distribs?12:38
msohey Stale  wats up12:38
Stalemso: I'm trying to get the wireless to work on a ubuntu
msostill running 9.10 karmic...having problems with 10.04 lts12:39
Stalejb42, the server is supposed to be a degraded PC/desktop.12:39
gryllidahow o I go to line 10 in my file, which I'm editing in nano, otherwise than manually?12:39
msoonce its installed screen goes blank...??help12:39
jb42mso... thanks now i feel very confident in my upgrade hehe12:40
StaleI guess that new/change isn't always a good thing *becomes enlightens by lightning bolt*.12:40
msojb42,  true12:40
msoi cant get it right..dont know why..12:40
Aijsetell that to Obama?12:40
=== zhang is now known as Guest90523
gryllidahow do I go to a line with a specific number in nano?12:40
jb42is Obama a muslim?12:40
Stalemso: I think there's a heavier requirement for the later releases.12:41
bazhangjb42, what?12:41
Dr_Willisjb42:  try the offtopic channel12:41
Stalesorry, gryllida, I don't know that nano thing.12:41
gryllidaStale: it's ok. we aare all to help eachother. and to lern from others too. :)12:41
msogeez what sort of requirement..dang12:41
Hounddogi started a system from a live cd and wanted to check the disk... i am not able to unmount the partition to be checked :(12:42
Dr_Willisgryllida:  learn a better editor.. or hid the down arrow 10 times..12:42
Aijsegryllida, I always use the ctrl w option ... its used to search12:42
Stalemso: I think its 320 RAM for 10.0412:42
Dr_Willisin vi i can think of like 10  ways to go to a specific line # :)12:43
msoStale, everything goes well until i reboot then it goes to screen then blank12:43
gryllidaDr_Willis: Aijse: the actual number is more than 100. I don't know what to search. I only know line number.12:43
Hounddogfuser -m /dev/sda1 does not show anything12:43
gryllidawin 212:43
jb42i think ih vae only 256 :(12:43
msoi got 6gig is that enough???12:43
Stalemso: Does the screen mentions "BusyBox" or you happened to try adjusting the monitor settings?12:43
Dr_Willisgryllida:  hit ctrl-h and check the nano help perhaps.12:44
msoeverything loads up fine till i get to log on..then nothing12:44
Stalemso: I believe that 6GB of RAM should more than suffice in the RAM requirement.12:44
jb42wow.. installing upgrades says 2 hours 20 remaining.. is this normal?12:45
Stalemso: What moniter are you using by the way? (here comes a story from me)12:45
red2kicgryllida: Where Is --> Go To Line --> 1012:45
msoi dont what is missing in 10.04lts that 9.10 had12:45
Aijsegryllida:  What about : nano [OPTION]... [[+LINE] FILE]12:45
jamiewan_mso: so you get a grub menu at start up and all normal until oog in prompt?12:45
msoiam running ubuntu 9.10 karmic now..12:46
msoi have np with karmic12:46
gryllidaAijse: red2kic: Dr_Willis: I hit ^G for nano help, then ^C for cursor position, fixed12:46
jb42its the karmic koala12:46
Dr_Willisgryllida:  it pays to read the docs :)12:46
msoyeah but karmic works fine jb4212:47
msotill i upgrade to 10.04 lts12:47
jb42maybe its a driver12:47
jb42it you say its screen12:47
jamiewan_mso: did u upgrade thru update or use a live cd?12:47
msoive tried both ways jamiewan_12:47
matrixbluemso: What's the problem?12:48
jb42screen goes blank.. maybe its the Xorg update then12:48
jb42if the rest works fine12:48
msoscreen goes blank when i get to log on..12:48
msopretty frustrating after ive tried 3 times12:49
Stalemso, you can try that 'safe graphics' mode and see if the sys holds up.12:49
meisHey there. Could anyone direct me to a tutorial telling me how to get conky to display my network stats as it is not picking them up, and I cant find a good tutorial to help me12:49
Tweakymso: boot in safe graphics mode and choose to reconfigure x12:49
Stale*holds up after computer processing*12:49
msoohh ok...didnt try that12:49
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5436679 meis this?12:49
Dr_Willismeis:  try different configs til you see one that works? ive never had to fight to get it to show the stats (but wht stats are you refering to exactly?)12:50
=== unknow is now known as elee
msoTweaky, ill try that c what happens12:51
meisbazhang: I think thats hte sort of thing I want. Dr_Willis my config displays them but it is stuck on 0kb Download 0Kb Upload12:51
Dr_Willismeis:  could be your network card is some device the cojfigs are overlooking.  ive had to tweak a few configs to use eth1 instead of eth0 (for example)12:51
msothx guys12:51
bazhangmeis, there are some sample configs in there as well12:51
Stalemso: The problem with safe graphics mode is that the graphics are not really great. I also tried logging in a 'generic gnome setting' and I think that worked for me during my 8.04.1 experience.12:51
EmryI have a question... Are there any Twitter clients that currently work, and is there a patch in the works for Gwibber? (Since Twitter changed the way they handle logins, Gwibber doesn't like to log in right,12:51
meisbazhang: I have a nice config at the moment, its just the wireless wont work12:51
Emryand I haven't seen any updates to it recently. O.o;;12:51
Dr_Willismeis:  i also have seen some conky-config helper tools in the last few months. some make nice custome ubuntu-themed configs you can tewek12:51
msothat funny its a pretty new graphics card Stale12:52
Dr_Willisconky hacking seems to gotten really popular the last few months.12:52
meisAHh right Dr_Willis, I may look at them if I can't get bahangs link to work12:52
Stalemso: Then I am stumped.12:53
jamiewan_meis: private message?12:53
msodid the updated ati radeon drivers as well linux Stale12:53
Tweakymso: did you install the proprietary ati driver12:54
jb42now it says 1 hour 23 .. remainint time estimation is flakey in update-manager lol12:54
bazhangjb42, no need for the offtopic updates12:54
msono Tweaky the one from ati site12:54
Dr_Willisjb42:  or the kids stoppee watching videos  from Hulu...12:54
Tweakymso: yes thats the propriatary one12:54
Tweakymso: i recently had the exact same issue12:55
Dr_Willisjb42:  its all just estimates based on server download rates. it will never be real accurate12:55
msoand how did u resolve it Tweaky ???12:55
jb42itsnot downloads but install Dr_Willis12:55
majeszkoHi it may be a stupid question, I tried to install windows application (software for sat nav tomtom) on ubuntu 10 4 1, for <majeszko@ubuntu:~/programs$ wine Installer.data> as I've been advised on ubuntu page - answer<wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\home\majeszko\programs\Installer.data> Question is - am I doing something wrong or it just would not work??12:55
Dr_Willisjb42:  if it pops up a dialog.. let it sit and watch the time soar..12:55
bazhangmajeszko, check the appdb and join #winehq12:56
bazhang!appdb | majeszko12:56
ubottumajeszko: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:56
KuehlschrankIs there any way to rename "Windows" to "Ubuntu" in Boot Camp's (MacOsX)  bootloader ?12:56
Staleok, I g2g and see my atheros problem.....12:56
msolater Stale12:56
vinokhey mso, is the problem fix?12:57
msono not yet12:57
Tweakymso: yeah. ok well firstly you will want to boot up into safe gfx mode, go into synaptic, type in ati, re-install your installed packages, and completely remove fglrx. then restart and you should be ok. dont use the ati stuff from them, use the repository drivers12:57
majeszkook thx bazhang12:58
msoTweaky, thansk ill try that12:59
Tweakymso: ok let me know12:59
Kartagisbazhang are you there?13:01
Kartagisdo you know what codec my mp4 file uses?13:06
Kartagisdo you know how what codec I can show my mp4 file uses?13:07
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:07
Kartagisdo you know how I can show what codec my mp4 file uses? there you go13:07
ljsoftnethow do i see the previous packages i just installed, through Terminal?13:07
NewaKartagis: play it with vlc and then choose tools / codec information13:08
Kartagisljsoftnet cat /var/log/apt.log13:08
ljsoftnetKartagis: it  says no file or directory13:09
Kartagisljsoftnet sudo cat /var/log/apt/term.log13:09
ActionParsnipKartagis: also add the medibuntu ppa and install gnome-mplayer and you will be able to play most things13:09
Dr_WillisKartagis:  ffprobe can also show it.  or right click on file, and select properties.. gnome file manager has some tabs with info13:10
Dr_WillisKartagis:  depending on what sort of info you want and need. :) any of the above can work13:10
ActionParsnipKartagis: weird how users can't read the log file huh :(13:10
KartagisActionParsnip what I'm looking is to encode to mp4 that nokia 5800 can read. handbrake can do what I want (mass convert and mass subtitle embed) but only converts to m2v13:11
ljsoftnetKartagis: i see it thanks13:12
KartagisDr_Willis there are two types of mp4 files13:12
ActionParsnipKartagis: you can use a bash scipt to blast through the files and run mencoder / ffmpeg on them all13:12
ActionParsnipKartagis: something like this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/bash-script-to-convert-all-mp3-files-to-aac-768678/13:13
Dr_WillisKartagis:  theres proberly more then 2 codecs they can use..13:13
KartagisActionParsnip on ubuntu forums I see a one liner but bazhang told me those options were removed because of legal issues13:13
Dr_WillisKartagis:  theres the various tool sin the mediabuntu and other repositories/ppa's that may have whatever features you are needing13:14
Dr_WillisKartagis:  what are yoy trying to do exactly anyway?13:14
ljsoftnetKartagis: thanks man13:14
ActionParsnipKartagis: wow, not heard that before. freaky13:15
fajfhi guys, im having a problem with VMWARE, it wont recognize my network card13:15
Kartagisljsoftnet np13:15
ActionParsnipfajf: i'd ask in #vmware too13:15
Dr_Willisfajf:  vmwarew emulates its own  virtual nic i thought.13:15
fajfi' ve been told on other chat to ask here ;o13:16
Dr_Willisfajf:  it would appear as a networked machine (at least thats how virtualbox works)13:16
KartagisDr_Willis what I'm trying to do is, mass convert and mass subtitle embed to mp4 files that nokia 5800 can read13:16
Dr_Willis!vmware | fajf13:16
ubottufajf: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware13:16
Dr_WillisKartagis:  thats a phone? or somthing else?13:16
KartagisDr_Willis format factory can do what I what I want with the exception of mass subtitle embedding13:17
KartagisDr_Willis phone13:17
Dr_WillisKartagis:  my phones just do 3gp :(   heh..13:17
Dr_WillisKartagis:  i recall the ffmpeg faq having some info on subtitles. ive never used the feature.13:17
KartagisActionParsnip http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1125181 is one-liner I found13:17
Dr_WillisKartagis:  once ya learn how to make ffmpeg do it for one..  - the bulk conversion is easy13:17
KartagisDr_Willis http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1125181 is the one-liner I found but bazhang told me some options were removed from ffmpeg because of legal issues and suggested that I use handbrake instead, but that converts to m2v only13:19
Dr_WillisI made a dirty Nautilus Script. so i can convert vbideos to cell phone format with a right click. (for my phone) heres the pastebin of it -->13:19
Dr_Willis pastebinit  Video_To_Cellphone13:19
Dr_WillisKartagis:  you can get ffmpeg from other sources.. or recompile the latest with all features13:19
ActionParsnipKartagis: looks good, use a script with that and you can do whole bunches of files while you sleep13:20
KartagisDr_Willis what source do you recommend?13:21
tracy69how to get motherboard info under ubuntu ??? in bios it doesnt show13:21
Tweakyanyone had success using blackberry with ubuntu? i've read all forums etc but still nothing close to the BDM (blackberry desktop manager) for windows. cant get it to run through wine. anyone had success?13:21
tracy69Tweaky,  i had13:21
Dr_WillisKartagis:  i saw some scripts on various ubuntu news/blog sites that automated the whole 'compile latest ffmpeg'  process.. but medibuntu may have  the allready13:21
tracy69but under windows13:22
Dr_WillisKartagis:  the issue may be the aac audio codec. You may be able to just use mp3  and have it work.13:22
Tweakytracy69: install a program from repository called sysinfo13:22
KartagisDr_Willis it complained about libxvid too13:22
Dr_WillisKartagis:  xvid is video codec. that example command i saw was using the h264  not xvid.13:23
zagabarI think I have done something bad to my server. I tried to update libc6 to version 2.11 by using a deb package but then it started to complain on dependencies and now I get this message when installing stuff: http://pastebin.com/3yn1qDAt  If I try the -f thingy, it tries to remove like 10000 packages, telling me that I should abort it if I really don't know what I am doing. It would free 1.5 GB of space.13:23
jophishHowdy all. A disk in a raid5 array just failed. http://pastebin.com/arDmuPjE I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what to do13:24
Dr_WillisUnknown encoder 'libfaac'13:24
jribzagabar: install the old version of libc...13:24
Dr_Willisseems faac is the problem child. :)13:24
ActionParsnipzagabar: then you need to satisfy the deps13:24
jribzagabar: the one from the repositories13:24
jribjophish: sorry I can't help you, but I love the way you phrased that13:25
jophishjrib: It's exciting13:25
jribjophish: I'm even adding it to my ubuntu_quotes file13:25
kakihi world13:25
jophishhi kaki13:26
Kartagiscan ffmpeg convert from mkv?13:26
rekinvoke-rc.d: initscript dhcp3-server, action "start" failed           why ?13:26
duffydackthe last time I tried ffmpeg from the repo with medibuntu extras it suppoted libfaac.  I use compiled version tho.13:26
max__hi i want to restrict folder access in ubuntu. how i can do that?13:26
Dr_WillisKartagis:  should be able to convert from/to most anything witht he right commands13:26
ActionParsnipmax__: look into chown to change ownership and chmod to restrict access to the groups and the owner to be appropriate for your needs13:27
shauny /server /server irc.crypticlarity.net +669713:27
Tweakyright click on folder, properties, permissions13:27
Dr_Willisyou can spend sevarl days learning about ffmpeg and all the things to watch out for. :)13:28
=== tracy68 is now known as tracy69
Dr_Willis http://rob.opendot.cl/index.php/useful-stuff/ffmpeg-x264-encoding-guide/      has some neat info13:28
kakior sudo chmod 0777 the folder path13:28
tracy69people i tried to run lshw and my screen freeze anyone know why? lshw started scan and i stopped at framebuffer than screen freeze13:29
ActionParsnipkaki: 777 on folders isreally silly13:29
kakiyeah really13:29
KartagisDr_Willis if medibuntu repo and another repo have what I want, how can I make sure that I get it from the right repo?13:29
jribActionParsnip: it's binary permissions, everyone has permissions or no one does, duh13:29
st__linux permissions are useless13:30
ActionParsnipjrib: true, or you can make a group and have those folks have access and the owner too but no other13:30
ActionParsnipst__: how so?13:30
duffydackKartagis, if you can copy paste commands then its as easy as http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78609513:30
max__i tired using chown -R but i shows lock icon on folder but does not ask for password to access13:31
st__any sudoer can delete/reassign any file on the system13:31
ActionParsnipmax__: then you will need to add sudo to the command as it is not your users13:31
vinokchown  yourusername:yourusergroup13:31
ActionParsnipst__: tru but if you dont have everyone as admin you can have control13:31
rekPrepare your dhcp-server13:32
rekOn what network interfaces should the DHCP server (dhcpd) serve DHCP requests?  i must write my network card  right? wlan0 ?13:32
ActionParsnipst__: same can be said in windows, difference is that all users are admin by default in windows wheras they are users in linux13:32
vinoksudo chown13:32
max__this is what i wrote "sudo chown -R root:blaze ~/Desktop/Practice". Is this command correct13:32
st__no, in windows you can assign privileges to any group and allow the groups filesystem access, like Powerusers13:33
ActionParsnipmax__: looks fine, root will be the outright owner but the users in the blaze group will also have the access granted to the group13:33
ActionParsnipst__: yes, you can do that in linux using chown and chmod, its synonymous13:33
ActionParsnipst__: and any admin can remove any permissions set, just like sudoers can get access to stuff in linux13:34
max__thanks i got what's the problem13:34
st__you have to give users sudo access for working with trivial stuff like /usr/share/fonts and /usr/share/wallpapers13:35
ActionParsnipmax__: you will need to chmod too to give the owners and group members the access you want, you may only want the blaze group to have read access but root to have full access etc13:36
touch-eHi everybody ...13:36
confoociousHello. I'm on a Sony Vaio; My webcam doesn't work (R5U870); I've installed (tried both apt-get as well as compile) the R5U87X driver, but the camera doesn't seem to get detected in gstreamer-properties. Also there is no /dev/video* .. How do i get my cam to work?13:36
touch-ei need to get help about tomcat server, but i cannot join irc://irc.freenode.net/ubuntu-server channel.13:36
ActionParsnipst__: not if you give them sufficient access with groups, normal users should have access to those, you should log a bug if your normal users do not and you havent modified your accesses13:36
touch-esomeone can help :s13:37
ActionParsniptouch-e: i believe if you register you will be able to join13:37
touch-ehaaa oky :)13:37
touch-eoky thx for the advice13:38
st__ActionParsnip, everything in /usr is owned by root:root, you tell it's a bug?13:40
tracy69what tool can i use to diagnostic everything thats in my laptop ?13:41
ActionParsnipst__: what access does the world have though, thats only 2 3rds of the access puzzle13:42
vinokguys, is there a way for me to remove the notifications in xChat. its annoying when someone joins and leaves the channel13:43
ActionParsnipst__: you will see the last octet of access, is R-X which means the world and it's dog can READ and EXECUTE the files therin, sufficient access is given13:43
kakihere tracy69 http://linux-diag.sourceforge.net/Sysdiag.html13:43
phaedravinok, right click the channel tab and select to hide the messages13:43
ActionParsnipst__: also means that users do NOT need complete system access to get what they need13:43
phaedravinok, under settings....13:44
wildc4rdstupid question, just upgraded to 10.04, how do I get the window buttons back to the right side of the top bars?13:45
ActionParsnipst__: in reply to your question, no root:root is not a bug and is expected13:45
jrib!controls | wildc4rd13:45
ubottuwildc4rd: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side13:45
ActionParsnip!controls | wildc4rd13:45
Himanshuis there a way i can hide wally from the notification area but still keep it running for wallpaper change. Its notification icon is green and doesn't look good with all the monochrome icons. thanks13:46
l3dxI have some trouble installing the latest nvidia drivers from nvidia.com - does anyone know of a guide, or perhaps a ppa for a newer nvidia-latest?13:46
vinokphaedra, sorry for being a noob where is it exactly, im using xchat 2.8.613:47
phaedravinok, right click on the channel name in either the tree view or tab view.13:48
wildc4rdthanks jrib, sorted13:48
phaedravinok, then go to settings > hide join/part messages13:49
jb42anyone has a wifi card with ralink chipset?13:49
ActionParsnipl3dx: http://www.sucka.net/2010/06/how-to-install-nvidia-256-35-display-drivers-in-ubuntu-from-a-ppa-repository/13:49
jb42cant get it to work with rt2500pci13:49
l3dxActionParsnip: thanks a lot! :)13:49
ActionParsnip!anyone | jb4213:49
ubottujb42: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?13:49
jb42how to get ralink card to work?13:50
rekhi,what does this mean? # path of the bootloader file, relative to tftpd's root13:52
hacked_kernelhow to capture ipcamera stream in Ubuntu?13:52
LinuxFetusHey I have an HP tx 1320 us with a fresh 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04 install.  I don't think that Ubuntu is detecting the WiFi hardware.  Can someone help me? Thanks.13:53
st__rek, where the bootloader code is stored on your netboot server13:54
magnetronLinuxFetus: try running the tool called "hardware drivers" and tell us if it lists any inactive drivers13:54
rekst__: that path of pxe.0 ?13:54
magnetronhacked_kernel: depends, what format is the stream in and how is it delivered?13:55
jemarkLinuxFetus, did you try to see the output of lspci?13:55
cba123I'm getting (seemingly) random lockups.  Mainly when doing something with Nautilus.  I've fscked all my drives, so I'm not sure what else to do.  Any ideas?13:55
rekst__: can pxe.0 be anywhere? should i get only that little file? 14kb ?13:55
st__rek, have no idea, never worked with net boot13:55
rekso what does "relative to the tftpd's root mean ?13:55
hacked_kernelmagentar, mpeg4  and i can get it through UDP port13:56
LinuxFetusmagnetron: Yeah, I think it said that Broadcom PTA Wireless Driver was inactivated.13:56
LinuxFetusjemark: I'll try that, too.13:56
magnetronLinuxFetus: try selecting that driver and click "activate"13:56