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mikhasheya - just a quick question: can I configure upstart dependencies so that if service A needs a restart, service B is restarted, too?18:25
ionB: start on started A, stop on stopping A18:29
mikhashm, will that  also work if A crashes?18:32
mikhascool, thanks!18:33
mshadlenow that a lot of services are being setup to run via upstart, simple rc.d symlink management like S -> K to stop a service isn't an option. so what -is- the best way to say, not have vsftpd start on boot (without just rm /etc/init/vsftpd.conf or manually editing the file?)21:16
mbieblmshadle: there is currently no better way than to either remove the file or comment out the "start on" lines21:56
mbieblthis is supposed to be fixed in 0.1021:56
mshadlehow's the change going to be done?21:59
mshadlethe other thing is to tell people "hey if you want to use upstart, you need an /etc/default/$daemon file, with $daemon_ENABLED="no" etc.21:59
mbieblmshadle: afaik the plan is to use "override" files22:10
mbieblKeybuk can tell you more, when he's around22:11
JanCwell, you can make the /etc/default/* option work now22:59
ionWell, there’s really not much of a difference between changing a value in /etc/init/foo.conf and changing a value in /etc/default/foo, except that the latter just splits stuff to two files for no reason.23:11
mbieblion: the reasoning behind separate "override" files is, that you can manipulate with say a run level editor23:49
mbiebland your next package update will not cause a dpkg prompt23:49
ionYeah, but we were talking about /etc/default/foo with foo_enabled="no", which sounds like /etc/init/foo.conf sourcing /etc/default/foo.23:50
JanCion: which splits often used options from the main script...  ;)23:51
JanCediting or rewriting a script is fine for those who understand them, for others editing a simple config file is safer (and they are safer to edit by GUI tools too)23:52
mbieblion: well, yeah, I hate those /etc/default/foo files with foo_enabled=.. 23:55
mbieblfor sysv we already have a perfectly working mechanism to enable/disable scripts from being started on boot23:56

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