crimsun_charlie-tca: I just committed a fix for your 61305417:27
crimsun_charlie-tca: I'm going to let it stew a couple hours for other devs to test it before I push it17:28
charlie-tcaThank you17:28
charlie-tcaanything I can do to help?17:29
crimsun_test it, I think?17:29
crimsun_it's a very simple change, actually, a one-liner17:29
crimsun_(flood coming)17:30
crimsun_=== modified file 'debian/udev.script'17:30
crimsun_--- debian/udev.script  2009-11-06 00:17:14 +000017:30
crimsun_+++ debian/udev.script  2010-09-05 15:55:28 +000017:30
crimsun_@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@17:30
crimsun_ (17:30
crimsun_        DEV_BASENAME="${DEVNAME##*/}"17:30
crimsun_        N="${DEV_BASENAME#controlC}"17:30
crimsun_-       exec /sbin/alsa-utils start $N17:30
crimsun_+       exec /sbin/alsactl init $N17:30
crimsun_just apply that change to /lib/udev/alsa-utils17:30
charlie-tcaI will give it go17:32
charlie-tcacrimsun_: It does not work on my maverick 386 install17:46
charlie-tcafails to unmute17:46
charlie-tcavolume drops to 2% and is muted when I boot now17:50

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