meebeykenvandine: do you know if there is a PPA for libindicate 0.4 somewhere?01:08
meebeykenvandine: fir lucid01:08
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meebeykenvandine: nvm, I just found a libindicate 0.4 backport in the canonical-dx-team PPA10:55
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wcgary83Hi guys! I just wanted to comment (plead) for the case of having the application indicators minimize/maximize with left click, and bring up a menu with the right click... This is the only way that makes sense to me! Please at least give us the option to configure it that way, it really drives me nuts!16:55
wcgary83When it changed I honestly thought it was a bug!16:56
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bratschewcgary83: irc isn't really good for this type of discussion, you should post on the mailing lists.20:15
wcgary83bratsche: ok thanks!21:44

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