pooliehi all00:42
spivGood morning.01:00
Jerubah, found the button to upgrade the branch on lp01:03
pooliehi spiv01:23
bialixhi all08:15
bialixvbonjour vila08:15
vilabialix: hey !08:15
bialixno, I mean just bonjour08:16
vilaoh, too bad, I thought it was a special bonjour just for me ;-)08:16
bialixvila: do you by any chance know does 2.2.1 will be released this week as https://launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.2.1 page says?08:16
bialixI need to prepare new qbzr release then08:17
vilabialix: not that I know of :-/08:17
bialixok, will try to catch poolie tomorrow08:19
vilabialix: or jam, AIUI he is the 2.2 RM (but IMBW, this occurred during my vacations and I may have missed something)08:22
spivGood evening bialix, vila08:34
spivbialix: poolie probably won't be around tomorrow, it's igc's funeral :(08:35
vilaspiv: good evening08:35
vilaspiv: can you confirm who is the RM for 2.2 ?08:35
spivvila: not sure off the top of my head!08:35
spivI'd have to search my email...08:36
spivWe should put it in the /topic08:36
vilaspiv: indeed08:36
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lifelessIIRC, I'm moderately sure08:37
bialixyou again have killed Kenny :-(08:37
vilabialix: Is that your poney ?08:37
bialixspiv: evening08:37
bialixspiv: I see08:38
bialixvila: win32 compatibility: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/63135008:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 631350 in Bazaar "bzr 2.2 @ win32: print non-ascii characters to console made in user_encoding() instead of terminal_encoding() (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Critical,Confirmed]08:38
bialixI'm very very very unhappy08:39
bialixhave to fix it now08:39
spivbialix: :(08:39
vilabialix: and no report prior to yours ? Had nobody tested 2.2 on windows with any beta ?08:40
bialixwith non-ascii characters?08:40
vilabialix: or all they all US... yeah08:40
bialixI'm reading almost all bug reports now, I don't remember any08:40
spivRight :/08:40
bialixI suspect this bug caused by poolie's refactoring of ui08:41
vilabialix: one more reason to make windows tests run on babune (it uses a french localized xp and should catch such regressions if there are the right tests for them)08:41
bialixwill try to look at the reasons tonight08:41
vilabialix: thanks08:41
bialixit's incredibly hard to write proper test for such things08:41
vilabialix: then we have to fix it, this shouldn't be hard (not implying it's easy today)08:42
bialixbecause it depends on difference between user_encoding() and terminal_encoding() and not all characters could be shown in french locale vs russian locale, and...08:42
vilabialix: but your report doesn't mention a crash right ? So it's a ui thing and should be (hopefully) shallow08:43
bialixit's not a crash, but this is very irritating08:43
bialixand this is definitely regression08:43
* bialix just installed 2.2 final this morning08:44
vilathe weird thing is (without knowing the actual cause) that we are aware of the trap, so it's weird we don't have at least one tests tripping up...08:44
bialixI understand what you mean08:45
vilahehe, 'one tests', cute freudian slip :)08:45
bialixyep :-)08:45
bialixvila: I'm sure we have non-ascii black box tests, but they don't check the exact output, because of encodings differences between machines08:47
bialixit should be possible to change, it's just not very trivial and very time consuming08:48
vila"not very trivial and very time consuming" that's the bug08:49
bialixbut I might try to change this, cause I don't like when Kenny has been killed08:49
bialixI have no time to work on this right now, but I will catch you in next few days vila and ask you for your mind about specific tests08:50
vilabialix: ack08:50
* bialix bbl08:52
pooliehi vila09:37
vilahey poolie, sry was otp09:42
pooliejust saying hi, how are you?09:42
vilafine, I've tweaked babune a bit this week-end so that some failed runs are restarted automatically, even less work there ;)09:43
vilaand I should soon propose to some of us to run a subset of the test suite on all platforms for a given branch09:45
vilaI can use it right now, I just have to find how to propose it to others09:45
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pooliehm, i seem to have a clone09:53
poolievila, one of us should do the announcement09:53
vilapoolie: I haven't closely followed the various installers builds, checking lp09:56
pooliei think we're all up to date09:57
pooliewe should check09:57
pooliei got sidetracked by working out why the web site wasn't updating09:57
poolienow i'm up in brisbane09:57
poolieat ianb's house09:57
GaryvdMHi poolie, vila.10:00
GaryvdMpoolie, vila: The following installers are done: Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu ppas.10:01
vilapoolie: should the Release notes text be used as is for the announcement, it sounds fine as is10:08
vilapoolie: at https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.2.010:08
pooliegood with me10:09
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vilapoolie: mail sent and announcement done on lp10:23
vilapoolie: wikipedia already up-to-date...10:23
poolievila, see my pm?10:57
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HollyRainhi! in .bzrignore file, can be used comment lines? #11:46
HollyRaincomments in lines (which start with character #)11:47
Odd_BlokeI have a repository which I just removed a lot of branches from.12:33
Odd_BlokeIs there any way I can remove the now unreferenced revisions from it?12:33
Odd_Blokes/repository/shared repository/12:33
maxbOnly by branching each branch you want to keep into a new empty shared repository, AFAIK12:37
MichealHCan someone tell me how to login to Launchpad via #bzr12:45
maxbWhat do you mean? Set your launchpad username to allow bzr+ssh access to branches?12:48
maxbIf so, 'bzr launchpad-login your-lp-id'12:48
MichealHI need a ssh key?12:48
maxbfor that, yes12:49
MichealHHow do I make one?12:49
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HollyRainhi! in .bzrignore file, can be used comment lines?13:04
HollyRaincomments in lines (which start with character #)13:04
bialixHollyRain: yes, o'course13:07
HollyRainbialix:  ok, I'd been looking for it in doc. but I din't find nothing13:08
bialixlemme check13:09
HollyRainat least here, no13:10
bialixHollyRain: yes, I think you're right.  I can't find this either. Can you file a bug report, please?13:10
HollyRainI'll file the bug report13:11
bialixthank you13:12
maxbHollyRain: You know that's a very very old version of that document?13:18
bialixmaxb: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.2/en/user-reference/ignore-help.html there is nothing about comments; http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.2/en/user-reference/patterns-help.html there is nothing as well13:23
maxbSure, I just didn't want HollyRain relying on potentially other out of date info13:23
* bialix nods13:24
HollyRainThis was looking at http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.2/en/user-guide/index.html but nothing13:25
HollyRainanyway the bug has been reported13:25
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bialixvila: thanks15:04
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mgz<vila> the weird thing is (without knowing the actual cause) that we are aware of the trap, so it's weird we don't have at least one tests tripping up...15:23
mgzit has been rather hard to write proper tests ticking this kind of thing as they tended to make the whole test suite fall over if they failed15:23
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vilamgz: I don't get it. If you write a single test to reproduce the problem, there is no reason for it to... ohhhhh15:31
vilamgz: but with all your fixes, that should a thing of the past !15:32
mgzyup, there's now no reason not to.15:32
vilamgz: right, at least that's a reasonable explanation (bialix ? Saw that ?)15:32
vilabialix: mgz more or less said that unicode-related failing tests had the tendency to break the whole test suite. That may be why we don't have enough of them to catch the problem you reported earlier15:34
bialixyou guys read the mind of each other, I forgot my mind reader at home15:34
bialixvila: hmm, I don't think so15:34
bialixor maybe mgz means testtools quirks?15:34
vilabialix: mgz fixed a couple/bunch of issues regarding tests where the *log* contained unicode, yeah, testtools, subunit, pyjunitxml15:35
bialixyep, it bit me couple of times. glad it's  fixed now15:36
bialixbut the problem with unicode output is not new, it was there long before testtools and other zoo15:36
mgzyeah, there have been a bunch of issues, and I may still have to hunt a few more down.15:37
mgzbut I have my trusty bug spear!15:37
vilabialix: you said it's a regression, that sounds like something not covered by a test. And there may be a good reason for that15:37
bialixthe reason is in the fact that different windows machines have different oem codepage, so we have to create expected result non-ascii string. it could be a bit boring15:39
mgzwe can fake that a little too though, alexander, run_bzr takes an encoding parameter for the streams, so we could make a test that fails on nix as well.15:40
bialixactually it's a stab in the dark right now. I think at least status should check exact string. unless we force utf-8 in the tests :-/15:41
mgz(ie, the output should be in the stream encoding, not utf-8 as the user encoding will still be)15:41
bialixmgz: the crucial point is to have get_user_encoding() and get_terminal_encoding() return different values15:41
mgzbut that might not be needed to make a test that will fail if the wrong one is used, was my point. anyway, I'll have a look at the bug in more detail.15:42
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vilabialix: we know how to force get_user_encoding() and get_terminal_encoding() for a given test15:48
bialixmgz: I'm not quite understand your point, honestly. that bug is all about using wrong encoding (ansi instead of oem)15:48
bialixvila: yes15:48
bialixwe have private hook points in osutils to do so15:49
vilayup, so we should be able to reproduce your bug15:49
bialixI can reproduce it even without this (joking joking)15:50
mgz...I'm not having any luck on that front at the moment...15:51
mgzI've got a cp437 terminal on a cp932 system, and bzr 2.2 r508215:51
vilamgz: use astral chars ?15:52
* vila wonders what astral chars are....15:52
vilaklingon ?15:52
mgzehe, they're ones that get encoded as \uXXXX\uXXXX in utf-16 :)15:52
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mgzyup, with surrogates.15:53
bialixcp932??? http://msdn.microsoft.com/ru-ru/goglobal/cc305152(en-us).aspx15:55
GaryvdMmgz: Any chance I can put uncode in the log, and have it printed as uncode, and not as a \uXXXX string?15:55
* bialix waves hello on GaryvdM15:56
jelmerGaryvdM: please tell me more about this new "uncode" character set :-P15:56
mgzbialix, yup, that's what my system uses... I'll try a russian terminal codepage and c/p your example15:56
* jelmer also waves15:56
GaryvdMmgz: The reason is, for my qlog tests, I can print a much more informative picture if I can use unicode.15:57
GaryvdMHi bialix15:57
bialixcp866 is russian oem,15:57
GaryvdM:-P -> jelmer15:57
bialixmgz: try any accented character15:57
mgzgaryvdm: should Just Work now15:57
mgzbut you'll want new versions of several things possibly.15:57
* GaryvdM installs the latest testtools15:57
mgz...bialix, why is bzr init 5 in your example creating a 1.9 format tree? I get a 2a one with 2.215:59
bialixmgz: because I have special plugin to enforce this16:00
bialixtry look for format1 plugin in ml year or so ago16:00
mgzso, no luck: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/489284/16:03
mgzthere must be some other factor involved than just the osutils functions16:03
bialixmgz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/631350/comments/316:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 631350 in Bazaar "bzr 2.2 @ win32: print non-ascii characters to console made in user_encoding() instead of terminal_encoding() (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Critical,Confirmed]16:04
GaryvdMmgz: Sweet - it works: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/489285/16:04
* bialix pulls latest changes from lp:bzr/2.216:05
bialixGaryvdM: I suspect we need to rebuild 2.2 installere16:05
mgzone note of caution gary: you need to be actually using unicode objects not utf-8 strs if you want it to work elsewhere, and still may print funny on terminals of limited ability16:06
GaryvdMbialix: Do we need to do that before 2.2.1?16:06
mgzah, good idea bialix, I'll grab the 2.2 installer and try that16:06
bialixGaryvdM: it depends on the date of 2.2.116:07
GaryvdMmgz: Yes - my next question is how can I detect If I can safely use unicode, or if I should rather output ascii?16:07
mgzcheck the terminal encoding! :)16:08
GaryvdMbialix: What reason for 2.2.0-2 ?16:08
bialixmgz: ha! 2.2 branch is not broken!16:08
mgzwe're trying to track down an encoding bug gary16:08
GaryvdMmgz: How can I check for testtools support?16:08
bialixmgz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/489290/16:09
mgz__version__ greater than 0.9.5, but I think we'll want to be enforcing that soon anyway16:09
bialixGaryvdM: waut, why you said 2.2.0-2?16:09
bialixGaryvdM: wait, why you said 2.2.0-2?16:09
mgz+or equal to16:10
bialixGaryvdM: https://launchpad.net/bzr/2.2/2.2.0 has only 2.2.0 without -1 or -016:10
bialixwhat I'm missing? *blinks*16:10
GaryvdMbialix: I just meant a new ver of the 2.2.0 installer.16:11
vilabialix: x.y.z-n 'n' if for installers if something goes wrong but doesn't require a change in x.y.z16:11
bialixGaryvdM: what's new docs bug16:11
bialixGaryvdM: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-windows-installers/+bug/63147016:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 631470 in Bazaar Windows Installers "Core Documentation in bzr 2.2.0 setup.exe has warning (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed]16:12
bialixand I'm not sure yet what's wrong with encodings16:12
mgzoaky, yup, the installer is borked16:12
mgzC:\Program Files\Bazaar2.2>bzr.exe mkdir b:\alex2\Тест16:12
mgzadded b:\alex2\'?aa16:12
mgzI'll pdb in an poke around, see if I can work out what's up.16:13
mgzuser and terminal encoding are right...16:14
bialixusing pdb on bzr.exe is...16:14
bialixcan't find the word16:15
bialixa bit maso16:15
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vilabialix: you're talking to mgz you know...16:19
* bialix have to go now, hopefully bbl tonight16:19
bialixvila: err?16:19
vilabialix: joke :)16:19
bialixI suspect that16:19
mgzse you later bialix, I'll see if I can make some progress on this.16:19
bialixI know mgz is fearless16:19
mgzokay, this is kinda funky.16:37
mgzthe bazaar ui object contains a codecs wrapper, contains stdout16:40
mgzthe codecs wrapper and stdout both have the encoding cp866 set16:40
mgzand the wrapper correctly encodes the unicode russian to a cp866 bytestring, and writes it to the python file16:41
mgz...which somehow is coming out mangled as-if it's being decoded as... something random latin-ish then encoded as mbcs or similar16:41
mgzsys.version is 2.6.4 ... can we build an installer with something else?16:42
mgz...not that I can find any likely upstream bug16:50
GaryvdMmgz: The 2.1 installers have python 2.5 - I don't know if that help?16:54
mgzI'll try one, pretty sure this isn't related to bzrlib code changes16:54
mgzpy2exe seems most likely, to be honest16:56
mgz(Pdb) ctypes.cdll.msvcrt.printf("\x92\xa5\xe1\xe2")16:59
mgz(Pdb) os.write(sys.stdout.fileno(), "\x92\xa5\xe1\xe2")16:59
mgzso, certainly a build problem, printing through msvcr90.dll is borked, and worked through msvcrt.dll both of which are linked17:05
mgzunfortunately that means I'm not entirely sure what the right fix is.17:07
maxbSounds a bit wrong to have 2 CRTs linked17:10
mgzit's not as wrong as it sounds from nix perspective, but it's possibly indicative of something17:11
mgzas I understand it, starting with 2.6 you have to ship some vc 9 dlls with python17:12
mgzthe older threaded runtime is from my system.17:12
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docoptixhi. does anyone know of a way to limit the bandwidth bzr uses on commit?18:41
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MuscovyIf I've made edits to an older revision of a branch, is there a way to automatically merge my changes with the new version?19:24
beunoMuscovy, sure, bzr merge should do that for you19:28
beunoor do you *just* want to cherrypick that change?19:28
Muscovymerge is probably what I'm looking for.19:29
MuscovyI don't have an issue right now, but I've manually merged things a few times now.19:30
MuscovyI figured it was time to learn the proper way. :P19:30
mgzare your changes committed or uncommitted?19:31
mgzif uncommitted, just `bzr update` and resolve the conflicts19:31
Muscovybzr update wouldn't overwrite my edits?19:32
mgzno, it's nice like that.19:32
MuscovyOk, thanks.19:33
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maxbjelmer: Hi. Are you around? I wanted to bring bug 397526 to your attention.20:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 397526 in Bazaar GTK+ Frontends "0.96.0, 0.99.0 tarball does not contain credits.pickle (affected: 3, heat: 22)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39752620:57
bialixjam: ping21:08
jelmermaxb: Yeah, I've seen it21:08
jelmermaxb: Haven21:09
jelmer't had time to roll a new tarball yet21:09
bialixvila: are you still here?21:09
maxbOk - as it was an old bug which got reopened, I just wanted to check it had been noticed21:09
jelmermaxb: Unfortunately bzr-gtk is severely lacking developers at the moment21:12
maxbI pretty much only use it for bzr-notify :-/21:13
jelmermaxb, what about bzr viz?21:13
* jelmer would still like to make the nautilus integration really rock at some point21:14
maxbqlog is too good not to use :-)21:14
maxbIn fact, that's pretty much the sole reason I even have Qt installed at all :-)21:15
* jelmer has qt installed for mumble, skype and twinkle21:16
jelmerfor some reason proper VOIP apps only come in Qt form21:16
mac9416How can I remove a file from version controlling without deleting it.21:19
mgzbzr remove --keep21:20
mac9416mgz, thanks.21:21
bialixmgz: thanks for your analysis21:27
mgzI'm a bit stuck on how to fix it though unfortunately...21:27
mgzwell, apart from big things like "go back to Python 2.5"21:28
bialixmgz: I'm going to check py2exe faq21:29
bialixand I'd like to look on the build machine, at least on build product before it get packed into installer. but for this I need either Garyvdm or jam21:30
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dorinsHi. Any qbzr devs around?23:48
dorinsI made some improvements to qdiff UI in this branch: lp:~dorins/qbzr/qdiff-changes . How do I go about requesting that it be merged into main branch?23:51
lifelessclick on 'propose for merge' in the web ui23:52
dorinsDo I leave the default merge target- lp:qbzr? Or should I set a specific version branch as merge target?23:55
lifelessthe default is the main branch23:55
dorinsThat was easy. Thanks lifeless!23:58
lifelessno problem23:58

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