alkisg!info bash karmic07:47
ubottubash (source: bash): The GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is required. Version 4.0-5ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 642 kB, installed size 3072 kB07:47
alkisg!info bash jaunty07:47
ubottubash (source: bash): The GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is required. Version 3.2-5ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 565 kB, installed size 1236 kB07:47
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vmlintuquiet day, it seems like..18:52
sebsebsebHi stgraber  just read your comment here and such http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/preview-proposed-edubuntu-installation-slideshow/19:16
sebsebsebNice installer slideshow they link to from Johnathon,  sadly it updates itself to quickly, so can't easilly read the text on the screens.19:17
stgrabersebsebseb: yeah, the one that's used in the installer has a 25s delay instead of the 5s that we have on people.ubuntu.com20:24
sebsebsebstgraber: ah right20:24
stgraberthe 5s delay was used so we could look at it without spending 5 minutes every time we did a change ;)20:24
sebsebsebstgraber: oh so the images on the site will get  updated, when there is a change for the installer?20:25
sebsebsebstgraber: well it looks nicer than the Ubuntu slide show :) and maybe a bit more useful  even20:25
stgraberhighvoltage usually updates it on people.ubuntu.com so we can show it to people without having them run the actual installer, it's usually quite up to date20:26
highvoltagevmlintu: yeah it's a public holiday in US/CAnada20:27
sebsebsebstgraber: as for new themes, when I installed edubuntu-desktop into 10.04,  I wasn't keen on it, but I had seen 9.10 and such in the past, and liked that more20:27
highvoltagesebsebseb: http://jonathancarter.org/how-to-spell-jonathan/20:27
sebsebsebstgraber: and yeah I haven't tried Edubuntu 10.10 in a vm just yet20:27
highvoltagethe one in the installer has a 75s delay, so it should be quite readable :)20:28
sebsebsebhighvoltage: yeah I had a typo or spelling mistake earlier when mentioning him20:28
stgraberhighvoltage == Jonathan Carter20:28
sebsebsebstgraber: oh20:28
vmlintuhighvoltage: that explains.. only the hard working one online..20:28
sebsebsebnow I see when I hover over the highvoltage name in my client20:28
highvoltageheh :)20:29
sebsebsebI looked through the name list earlier,  when I was going to type something, but  I didn't know what name you used on here20:29
sebsebsebso  I was looking for a j name, but nope,   no j name for you :D20:29
* highvoltage increases the timeout for people who might want to read more on people.ubuntu.com...20:29
sebsebsebhighvoltage: sounds good to me20:30
sebsebsebI wanted to read the screens, but  way to quick20:30
alkisgHeh, good one highvoltage :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU70qAfQAo820:31
highvoltagealkisg: Janatawala!20:32
alkisgjsonathalinoulaki :D20:32
sebsebsebhighvoltage: heh in a way, your webpage about spelling your name20:36
sebsebsebhighvoltage: plus the way you typed it :D20:36
highvoltagesebsebseb: I had to make that page for a manager I once had who spelt my name wrong in a different way at least a few times a day, and then it just grew from there :)20:38
sebsebseboh :D20:38
sebsebsebSo what you guys think of OMGUbuntu?  highvoltage stgraber  and anyone else that might want to answer this that is here20:40
highvoltagesebsebseb: I've doubled the time on the slides, I don't want to make it too long because what I uploaded was meant to show the slide designs more than the content itself, but it should be more readbale now :)20:40
highvoltagesebsebseb: stgraber and I talked about that just this morning20:41
highvoltagesebsebseb: omgubuntu has some nice posts, I follow it in my rss reader20:41
sebsebsebhighvoltage: Still got to read it reasoanbly quick, but thats much better :)20:45
sebsebsebhighvoltage: hrm you mention gbrainy in the installer,  I have had that open a few times, but not so sure how to use it20:46
sebsebsebas for omgubuntu there is a lot of fanboyism and ignorance on the site from commenters,  but yeah there are some pretty good blog enteries on there, its a good site to follow, to have an idea whats going on with Ubuntu20:47
sebsebsebas well as for finding out about loads of add on apps, that can be used with Ubuntu, which I am not really that intersted in, but will still read about that20:48
sebsebsebhighvoltage: thats nice though that Edubuntu is being mentioned on there, for a change20:49
highvoltagesebsebseb: I quite enjoy the stuff about add-on apps, it's nice to know what's out there :)20:50
sebsebsebhighvoltage: well yeah exactly its nice to know what is out there20:51
sebsebsebeven if not going to use it personally20:51
highvoltagesebsebseb: well it's nice to have you here. welcome to #edubuntu :)20:54
highvoltagesebsebseb: *nod*20:54
sebsebsebhighvoltage: However they mention a lot of Mono stuff, which gets at certian people.  What do you think about Mono?  Is it a threat of possible patent sueing from Microsoft for example,  for Edubuntu and other distros that have it?  Personally I like Banshee and F-Spot, but would prefer that they were programmed with something more Desktop Linux friendly.20:54
sebsebsebhighvoltage: oh I have been here a few times before in the past20:54
highvoltageand I agree with you about the commenters20:54
highvoltagesebsebseb: ah, probably just quiet :)20:54
sebsebsebhighvoltage: nah last time I was here,  was uhmm20:55
sebsebsebnot sure exactly20:55
highvoltagesebsebseb: a kid can barely do homework these days without infringing on a patent. almost everything is patented, Microsoft even tried to patent the double-click in 2008. I'm over worrying about patents, I'm certainly not going to waste any brain cycles worrying about patents in mono20:56
sebsebsebhighvoltage: is mainly a US thing luckily, but even so, it will effect the rest of the world as well20:57
sebsebsebhighvoltage: I guess if they try to patent sue when it comes to Mono, distros can remove the programs,  and when loads of the users find out,  they will dislike/hate Microsoft even more20:58
sebsebsebhowever distros such as Fedora are playing safe, by not including it20:59
sebsebsebhighvoltage: Open Week coming up again soon :)  will there be another session for Edubuntu?21:01
sebsebsebhighvoltage: I guess so, well look forward to that :)21:03
highvoltagesebsebseb: I'm not sure, it depends on whether there'll be interest21:03
sebsebsebinterest from whom?21:04
highvoltagepeople who'd want to attend :)21:49
highvoltagelast time there was some more interest than with the previous sessions, and that was nice, but having a classroom session when only 3 or so people are listening in isn't all that fun21:51
sebsebsebhighvoltage: right, but quite a lot of people take part in Open Week, or at least idle in the channel22:51
highvoltagesebsebseb: and that's why I probably wouldn't do another one if people just want to read. they could just read the old logs then if it's just going to be me blabbering for an hour.23:01
highvoltageI won't stop anyone else from doing it though, it's just that I think I can spend my time better on ubuntu or edubuntu otherwise23:02
sebsebsebhighvoltage: ah right I see23:04
sebsebsebhighvoltage: and  well yeah the old logs are still up  and quite relivent23:04

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