Daijoubunevermind installing gnome ._.00:01
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ScottKshadeslayer: Thanks for looking at kdeedu. I suspect I failed to notice the no hard drive space left error.  I did update the symbols files.  00:35
claydohMamarok: on giovanni_re I sigh as well00:44
ScottKapachelogger: You going to ask for an FFe to put the kcm in Maverick?00:55
macoScottK: ok. i'll have to find a non-cell-phone connection to use for it01:16
maco(the 3g in my netbook is my only non-restaurant-wifi net connection)01:16
jlebenHi, If I'm not mistaken, Kate (text editor) developing files are missing in maverick. "Packages.ubuntu.com" reports no package containing pluginconfigpageinterface.h01:26
jlebenThe missing files were previously installed by kdesdk-dev package, which has vanished in maverick01:29
macoScottK: uhhh where?01:30
ScottKIn my ppa01:30
macoScottK: i see qt4-x11 and kdebase-workspace01:30
ScottKmaco: kdebase-workspace01:30
ScottK(that has kwin in it)01:30
macooh ok01:30
ScottKjleben: The relevant change is one we inherited from Debian.  The debian/changelog entry is "Remove kdesdk-dev. It is not used and we aren't actually handling the libraries as we should." from 4:4.4.2-1.01:36
ScottKmaco: Feedback should go in https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24140201:36
ubottuKDE bug 241402 in compositing "kwin freezes when changing related settings in systemsettings while compositing is active" [Normal,New]01:36
jlebenScottK: so how does that look. any optimism it's gonna come back?01:37
ScottKWell it would be good to discuss it with svorela in #debian-qt-kde on OFTC (since it was his change to drop it).01:39
ScottKWe could put it back, but I'd want to understand better what he thought was wrong with it.01:40
DarkwingDuckinteresting problem...01:40
jlebenI've actually just spoken about that problem on #kde-devel01:41
DarkwingDuckin KNR 10.04.1, updaated to 10.10 then it hits with this01:42
jlebenall I got was to confirm that the missing headers are actually still valid within kde01:42
jlebenbut no reply about a solution to it01:42
DarkwingDuckWarning cannot open ConsoleKit session unable to open session the permission of the setuid helper is not correct01:43
ScottKjleben: It's a packaging question, not an upstream question, so since Debian dropped it, I'd take it up with them first.01:43
DarkwingDuckhey ScottK long time no see01:43
ScottKDarkwingDuck: I'd talk to JontheEchidna about that.  I think he understands that part of the system best.01:43
ScottKHello DarkwingDuck.  How goes it?01:44
DarkwingDuckyeah i figured01:44
DarkwingDuckScottK: it goes. still looking for work01:44
DarkwingDuckJontheEchidna: ping01:44
JontheEchidnaI don't know anything about ConsoleKit (So many kits around though...)01:44
JontheEchidnaDarkwingDuck: pong01:44
ScottKOh.  I thought you ended up staying in.  I guess I lost track.01:44
CIA-116[libqapt] jmthomas * 1171997 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/ (9 files in 4 dirs) (log message trimmed)01:45
CIA-116I really, really don't want to break API this soon after the first stable01:45
CIA-116release... I think that for now we should be OK with "downloadProgress"01:45
DarkwingDuckgarf.... 01:45
JontheEchidnaI know a lot about PolicyKit though01:45
DarkwingDuckScottK: no they ended up kicking me01:45
ScottKI think it's related.01:45
ScottKDarkwingDuck: Ouch.01:46
DarkwingDuckits on login01:46
DarkwingDuckScottK: yeah... butt im somewhat stable so im gonna push the bug reports for docs01:46
ScottKOK.  Great.01:47
ScottKnixternal has accomplished his usual amount on docs, so they need work.01:47
DarkwingDucknixternal: ping01:47
DarkwingDucklol i have commit rights so ill get with nixternal and jjesse and see where we are at01:48
DarkwingDuckive been messing with my droid here lately lol01:48
DarkwingDuckjjesse-netbook: Greetings05:43
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nixternalquit calling my name when I am afk06:11
nixternalScottK: I doubt I will do docs anymore....tired of the bullshit and flack....i think maverick is a break for me, as I don't see any importance of having me around....obvious that without me everything gets done06:18
nixternaland on that note, I am going to bed...early bike ride in the morning06:18
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nigelb\lastlog nixternal 07:25
nigelbwhat fail ;)07:25
Tm_Tnigelb: K'day!08:11
nigelbTm_T: G'day :)08:44
TheKroI'm trying to generate a crash report.  automatic installation of debug symbols failed, and the tutorial page at http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/How_to_create_useful_crash_reports#Preparing_your_KDE_packages tells me to look at the stacktrace.  but my stacktrace has just one line: "Application: Run Command Interface (kdeinit4), signal: Segmentation fault".  anyone got a suggestion, or should I give up?08:53
trijntjeHi all, is the plasma widged "Device notifier" (k)ubuntu specific or does it come from KDE?09:07
ulyssestrijntje: it comes from KDE upstream, it is plasma_applet_devicenotifier in kdebase09:09
trijntjeulysses, thanks, do you happen to know what it is called in ubuntu? Searching for plasma-widget in LP gives many hits, but device notifier is not one of them09:16
CIA-116[muon] gmartres * 1172024 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/ (muon/MainWindow.cpp updater/UpdaterWindow.cpp) Reverse r1171942: API break is delayed (cf: libqapt r1171997)09:35
ulyssestrijntje: plasma-applet-devicenotifier package09:39
trijntjeulysses: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+search?text=plasma-applet-devicenotifier09:40
ulyssesIt seems that plasma-applet-devicenotifier is in kdebase-workspace09:41
trijntjeulysses, thanks a lot, I would never have found that, but my problem still isnt solved09:47
trijntjeIn the dutch translation there is a typo the text that say's there is an empty disk in the drive, and I want to correct that09:48
ulyssesAh, I can link that, a moment09:48
trijntjeulysses, I had found that, but strangely that string is not present there09:50
ulyssesKDE's translation is chatoic for me sometimes09:53
trijntjefor me too, i'll try asking in kde-i18n to see if anyone knows where that string lives09:54
ulyssesThe Dutch KDE translators can help surely, Lokalize can find strings in the translation memory if someone middle-click on a string09:55
trijntjeulysses, I will send them an email to ask where that string lives. Thanks again for all your help10:00
ulyssesyou're welcome10:00
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freeflyingRiddell: ping11:36
Riddellhi freeflying 11:39
Nightrosecan anyone help me figure out why my pc suddenly freezes again when starting x? http://pastebin.com/HpcenejZ12:39
* Nightrose is getting a bit fed up with this :/12:41
RiddellNightrose: I /msged our X maintainer but he's in australia so probably asleep12:44
Nightrosethx Riddell12:44
shadeslayerapachelogger: ah.. seems your problem might have been fixed in git, the last commit has something about cookies13:40
* dantti would like to know why ppl keep adding information on fixed bugs...13:55
JontheEchidnaneat: bug 63141314:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 631413 in cluster-glue (Ubuntu) "[MIR] cluster-glue" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63141314:26
jussi!info cluster-glue14:28
ubottucluster-glue (source: cluster-glue): The reusable cluster components for Linux HA. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.5-1 (lucid), package size 267 kB, installed size 1264 kB14:28
sheytanHey guys14:36
sheytanthe ubuntu installer offers  wifi conection when you want to install flash and codecs while installing the system. Kubuntu installer doesn't. Will you add this little nice feature?14:36
Riddellsheytan: it's a low priority for this release compared to other installer issues14:47
Riddellyou can connect through the network plasmoid 14:47
sheytanRiddell yes, i know, but i first must 'try kubuntu' ;(14:48
sheytan:) *14:48
Mamarokclaydoh: if giovanni_re contiunes, I am all for putting him on moderation again. If you do not do how he wants it, you are wrong anyway.15:48
Mamaroknow he expects us to feed him with mailing lists, while he could really find this on his own15:49
Mamarokthat guy is so weird...15:49
sheytandantti: http://i.imgur.com/cKyd9.jpg16:06
sheytandantti: you can even put additional 'install' button below the description16:06
danttisheytan: that'a is part of the problem it a bit hard to make it get bigger the right way16:15
sheytandantti: i hate when something is not possible with qt/kde apps ;/16:16
danttisheytan: it is possible, but not so easy16:16
* sheytan is connected to too many channels :D16:17
sheytandantti: well, you can always try :)16:17
danttisheytan: also it has the problem that if you click on an item that is at the botton of the list if will got to the top and this movement will be strange16:21
sheytandantti: then make it the same as category view. You c hoose an app, the it takes you to the description and shot page. You come back to the list with the 'back' button16:22
danttiafter it's working I think you'll like it :P16:23
lex79dantti: if I switch from single-click to double-click in mouse settings and then go to kpk, click on Accessories or Mulitmedia or whatever grop, it doesn't work16:24
lex79it offers to rename the grop label instead of go into the group16:24
danttilex79: renaming the group in kpk ?16:24
lex79yes :)16:24
lex79like if you push F2 in dolphin16:25
danttithat's very weird... it shouldn't allow editing...16:25
CIA-116[libqapt] jmthomas * 1172155 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/ (8 files in 2 dirs) (log message trimmed)16:26
CIA-116Several improvements for per-package info reporting: - Replace the16:26
CIA-116downloadMessage signal, and deprecate it - Report the URI and size of each16:26
danttilol you are right :P16:26
lex79funny eh?16:26
danttiyep, let me try to fix16:26
shadeslayerhttp://www.engadget.com/2010/09/06/samsung-n350-throws-lte-and-hspa-into-an-intriguing-new-netbook/ << Look at that beauty16:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: send me one of those ^16:27
shadeslayerfor testing kwin ...16:27
danttilex79: great I tought dolphin had froozen again but now I have to double click on every thing :P16:28
lex79ahah :D16:28
lex79poor dolphin16:28
danttilex79: thanks, fixed :)16:30
shadeslayereh.. the bezel is too much16:31
lex79dantti: no problem, can you give me the patch? I can upload it16:31
danttilex79: can you try http://pastebin.com/RtPrYgr5  double clicking/single click on the pending changes tab?16:35
danttilex79: I changed the code too much here so I can't test on 0.6.1 :P16:35
danttiit might have broken deselecting items on that tab..16:36
lex79Ok I will try16:36
Riddelltxwikinger2: you ordered CDs through the shipit website?16:37
DarkwingDuckAnyone else notice that the Firefox Installer it misspelled? it's Insta;ler instead of Installer in 10.1016:40
shadeslayerDarkwingDuck: seems fine to me16:41
DarkwingDuckHmmm, Oh yeah, I have to log that bug I found.16:42
ubottuHi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots16:52
ScottKnixternal: There's plenty of stuff that isn't getting done.16:57
mgraesslinScottK: ping16:59
shadeslayerwas the kate 3rd party plugin thingy solved?16:59
ScottKHello mgraesslin.16:59
mgraesslinI wanted to ask about your testing success :-)16:59
ScottKshadeslayer: Not really.  Someone needs to talk to the kate devs and see if they intend to maintain ABI.17:00
ScottKmgraesslin: OK.  I have about 10 minutes before I need to go run some errands.  Then I'll be back in about 90 minutes.17:00
mgraesslinok so in 90 minutes17:00
shadeslayerScottK: hmm.. ok will talk to kate devs, do they have #kate ?17:00
DarkwingDuckScottK: What isn't getting done via the documentation?17:01
mgraesslinI will do a complete diff of kwin between 4.4.0 and 4.5.0 in the hope to find other code that might be related to the regression17:01
ScottKshadeslayer: No idea.17:01
ScottKDarkwingDuck: No idea.  I was thinking more generally.17:01
shadeslayerScottK: ABI for 3rd party plugins right?17:01
ScottKmgraesslin: Cool.  I'm glad to try and test.  I think your patch from yesterday is definitely progress.17:01
ScottKshadeslayer: Yes.17:02
DarkwingDuckScottK: ahhh. Unfortunetly my working knowladge is limited to XML and PHP17:02
ScottKI'm sure there's plenty to do on docs, I just don't know what it is.17:02
lex79dantti: it works :)17:03
shadeslayerScottK: kate devs say theve been doing it for the past x years, even since kde3 ... i guess its time to package!17:05
mgraesslinScottK: btw after reading the comments on the phoronix forum it looks like that mesa developers consider announcing broken extensions as supported as a feature :-(17:05
ScottKshadeslayer: Talk to svuorela aon #debian-qt-kde (OFTC).  He's the one that dropped it.17:06
ScottKmgraesslin: Ouch.17:06
shadeslayeroh.. ok 17:06
mgraesslinfor 4.6 I'm going to add a new option "use advanced graphics capabilities" with default on for proprietary drivers and default off for free drivers17:06
mgraesslinit's a pity17:07
danttilex79: great thanks, I'll commit it then :)17:07
lex79shadeslayer: if he says wants reintroduce the package, it's ready here (libkateinterfaces-dev)17:07
lex79dantti: no problem, I'm uploading it to the archive :)17:07
shadeslayerlex79: great! :D17:08
ScottKmgraesslin: This issue now has high level attention in Canonical, so maybe they can help communication and get us to a better result (don't stop adding the option though).17:09
mgraesslinthat's nice to hear17:09
mgraesslinit looks again like you first have to break the things badly (which was not my intension) to get it fixed17:10
ScottKIt would be nice if it didn't need it.  It somewhat reminds me of the situation when Ubuntu switched to pulseaudio.17:11
ScottKWe (Kubuntu) have just switched this cycle (two years later) and haven't had much trouble thanks to them exposing driver issues first.17:12
ScottKBack later.17:18
shadeslayerapachelogger: pokes.. around?17:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: are there any kate plugins for which we need to package the ABI ?17:34
shadeslayerare they needed? :P17:34
glaucousIs there a GLEW 1.5.5 available to backport? I'd gladly compile/package and submit build log17:45
apparlehow exactly do I compile a package after installing pbuilder?17:47
Riddellglaucous: what for?  libraries are generally not a good idea for backports17:49
koso_sudo pbuilder --build package.dsc17:49
Riddellsudo pbuilder create; sudo pbuilder build *dsc17:49
glaucousRiddell: Oh, was not aware17:49
glaucousRiddell: Why exactly?17:50
apparlethat will compile the tar.gz. How to compile a folder?17:51
Riddellglaucous: heard to test all the applications that use it for regressions17:51
apparleor how to apply patch to a tar.gz17:51
glaucousRiddell: Ah I see, so when do you add a library?17:52
Riddellglaucous: add to what?17:52
glaucousRiddell: never mind, I did not think that question through :)17:52
Riddellapparle: what sort of patch to what sort of .tar.gz ?17:53
koso_you can create source package using dpkg-buildpackage -S and use pbuilder17:53
apparleRiddell: I want to compile rekonq. I have modified some files after downloading it using apt-get source17:54
Riddellapparle: run  debuild17:58
apparleRiddell: basically I want to see if due to the changes to the source, are there any dependency changes? Any simple to check just that?17:59
apparleRiddell: I added some libraries to cmakelists17:59
Riddellapparle: since you changed the source I presume you'd know :)17:59
Riddellbut you can build a source package and build it in pbuilder to be sure17:59
Riddelldebuild -S   to build a source package18:00
Riddellsudo pbuilder create (if you haven't already) 18:00
Riddellsudo pbuilder build  foo.dsc18:00
apparleRiddell: ok thanks18:00
Riddellthe changes will be magically put into a file named like debian/patches/debian-changes-0.5.80-0ubuntu1  if you're interested in the details18:00
* shadeslayer sees possible minion in apparle18:06
apparleshadeslayer: and what is a minion?18:06
shadeslayerhehehehe :P18:07
Riddella useful person18:07
Riddellwe need a useful person to do a SRU for rekonq 18:08
shadeslayerand that would be you 18:08
apparle:) I'll be useful after finishing my last exam ... tomorrow :D18:08
shadeslayerRiddell: there are problems with choqok... we cant SRU it till we can figure out some of the stuff wrt its consumer key18:09
shadeslayerand mtux isnt around either 18:09
apparlesee ya guys... I suppose I want to learn debain packaging after exams..18:09
shadeslayerapparle: cya18:09
koso_hello, is it posibble to changes this strange scrollbar colors? http://yfrog.com/59desktop2op18:11
* shadeslayer goes on bug hunting18:11
shadeslayerRiddell: can you set bug 613636 to some milestone?18:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 613636 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu Maveric ISOs show purple "Ubuntu 10.10" boot splash instead of the blue Kubuntu one." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61363618:12
shadeslayeri should really apply to bugsquad18:13
ScottKmgraesslin: I'm back.18:17
mgraesslinScottK: ok, so you tried the patch + revert + login as a new user, right?18:18
ScottKmgraesslin: I didn't use a new user, but a deleted .kde for the existing user.18:18
ScottK(and restarted the session)18:19
mgraesslinhmm it might be that kwin saved the settings on shutdown18:19
ScottKOK.  I can login as a different user and make sure it's clean.18:21
mgraesslinthat would be nice18:21
mgraesslinfrom what I think reverting the commit should ensure that direct rendering does not get enabled18:21
mgraesslinand my patch should ensure that blur & co are not loaded when direct rendering is not enabled18:21
ScottKDue to a separate issue (unrelated to kwin) I currently get an X crash on logout, so I know X is getting restarted.18:22
mgraesslinI am currently trying to get an Ati card working on my new system (debian testing)18:23
mgraesslinI'm currently on the state: X does not start at all18:23
ScottKNope.  Still has blur enabled on first start (and "Desktop effects are temporatily suspended")18:26
ScottKEnable direct rendering is checked as well.18:27
mgraesslinI'll do the complete diff18:27
ScottKOK.  I'll be around on and off all day.18:28
mgraesslinbut first I should get my new system working - probably it's best to try a maverick live cd18:29
mgraesslinif that one works I just ditch debian in favour of Kubuntu again18:29
shadeslayerlex79: can you bless my BugControl application ? :D18:40
Riddellmgraesslin: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/maverick/ (incase you haven't already found it)18:41
mgraesslinalready downloading18:41
mgraesslinit's quite easy to find: gg kubuntu daily18:42
Riddellwell that's beta from last week I pointed you at, dailies may be broken (although there's no reason why they should be today but you never know)18:42
ScottKIf it works, the daily will have 4.5.1 instead of 4.5.0, so that would definitely reduce the post-install updates needed.18:44
ScottKSpeaking of which, we are one kdeplasma-addons build on armel away from being done on all archs.18:45
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ScottKI assume we'll want http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/432018:51
shadeslayerScottK: Riddell can either of you +1 my bug control application? ( i just applied )18:54
ScottKshadeslayer: Not right now.  Ping me tomorrow if you still need it.18:54
shadeslayeralright :D18:54
Riddellshadeslayer: where isit?18:55
shadeslayerRiddell: ubuntu-bugcontrol@lists.launchpad.net 18:56
mgraesslinok activating desktop effects results in X restart in maverick on my Ati card19:00
lex79shadeslayer: I can do, I need to find your mail before :)19:00
ScottKGetting any X at all is progress, right?19:01
shadeslayerlex79: its @ ubuntu-bugcontrol@lists.launchpad.net 19:01
mgraesslinit's progress, but does still not yet meet the requirements for kwin development :-)19:01
mgraesslinI bought that card two years ago for testing kwin on Ati and it seems it's still not supported by free drivers *sigh*19:03
mgraesslinand fglrx really sucks19:03
* shadeslayer hugs his nvidia 8600 M GT19:04
lex79shadeslayer: strange, when you sent the email?19:04
shadeslayerabout 5 mins ago19:04
shadeslayermaybe its awaiting moderator approval?19:04
lex79I think so19:04
shadeslayer( more like 11 mins ago )19:05
lex79it's arrived now19:06
Riddellyay, maverick to natty upgrade works, you guys should upgrade, this is so much better than maverick, it's a whole letter beter19:11
shadeslayernatty? :P19:12
shadeslayeris that even out?19:12
Riddelldantti: your aptcc distro upgrade works well19:12
Riddellshadeslayer: no, I had to make it first19:12
shadeslayerofcourse.. but are the repos up?19:12
shadeslayerheheh 19:13
shadeslayerRiddell: imo we should follow what suse does19:13
shadeslayerthey have a factory release which is a rolling release and then they make 11.x 12.x out of that rolling release19:14
mgraesslinScottK: I just found some lines of code which might be an idea to revert:19:15
mgraesslinScottK: http://pastebin.com/BchJEJZf19:16
mgraesslinthat's in main.cpp19:16
mgraesslinmaybe even worth a try together with the patch and the other revert...19:20
ScottKI don't seem to have that exact line.19:21
ScottKWhat I have is http://pastebin.com/W3dQ61yY19:22
mgraesslinyes the code was removed19:22
mgraesslinand that's why I stumbled on it - if it was required before why not now?19:23
ScottKOh, I see.  Add it back.19:23
ScottKWhere should I put it?19:23
mgraesslinit's svn rev http://pastebin.com/BchJEJZf19:24
mgraesslinsigh 109655419:24
mgraesslingiven the commit message it seems to be related19:25
danttiRiddell: it does? that's good :P19:28
ScottKOK.  I'm trying that.  It will take a while to build it.19:28
danttiRiddell: the new PackageKit release (of today, probably fixes some kpk crashes), http://www.packagekit.org/releases/19:29
ScottKdantti: I have to say I'm finding the kpk experience MUCH improved in Maverick.19:30
danttiScottK: thanks :) for the AppGet version I'm trying to add some fancy things -> http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktoplp375719:31
danttiScottK: and it is smarter now -> http://simplest-image-hosting.net/jpg-0-plasma-desktopxw3757 :P19:31
smarterJontheEchidna: hey19:34
lex79dantti: the second one is very nice and usefull19:38
JontheEchidnasmarter: hi19:39
smartersorry about that API break :p19:39
* sheytan is looking for the global menu bar dude19:39
JontheEchidnaoh, yeah. nothign to worry about. just please don't break api ;P19:39
smarterI guess we should put somewhere in the README file that the API shouldn't be b0rked for now19:39
smarteranyway, I've got a mostly working DownloadModel :)19:40
JontheEchidnayeah... up until now I've been the only serious hacker on libqapt19:40
JontheEchidnaa README would be beneficial19:40
JontheEchidnasmarter: btw, did you see my commit this morning expanding packageDownloadProgress?19:40
smarterah nop, I don't think so19:40
smarterexcept for the "apt-get update" part, apparently apt-pkg only returns Release or Release.gpg as ShortDesc so that's the only items in the downloadwidget when updating, I'll try to find a way to detect in qaptworker if we're doing an update and fix that19:42
ScottKsheytan: That's agateau.19:46
smarterJontheEchidna: oh nice, that's exactly what I needed :)19:47
CIA-116[libqapt] jmthomas * 1172222 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/HACKING Add a HACKING file with notes to hackers19:48
smarterwhy the -1 percentage though? Isn't 0 appropriate?19:51
smarterJontheEchidna: ^19:51
JontheEchidnatechnically those operations don't really have a percentage19:51
JontheEchidnaand 0 could be a valid percentage, so it's easier to check for -119:52
JontheEchidnathough I suppose you could just check for FetchType19:52
JontheEchidnasee my comment on line 155 where 0 instead of -1 caused a lot of pain :P19:53
smarterJontheEchidna: instead of the Iter->TotalSize > 0 wouldn't it be more comprehensible to check that 100 >= percentage >= 0 ?19:53
JontheEchidnasmarter: I just copied that bit from synaptic, truthfully :P19:53
smarterah, I'll change that :p19:54
smarterbut shouldn't the percentage be 0 when we can't determine it instead of 100?19:54
shadeslayernight everyone19:59
smarterJontheEchidna: in your commit you say you handle parallel downloading, but how can that be the case if you didn't remove the break from the loop?20:18
JontheEchidnasmarter: oh, forgot to remove that20:19
smarterthat's what I thought too (:20:19
JontheEchidnabut otherwise that should do parallel20:19
JontheEchidnaI tested synaptic and somehow got a parallel download this morning20:20
JontheEchidnaand our approach is quite similar, logically20:20
apacheloggerScottK: wasnt planing on doing it, but probably sensible20:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: package the abi?20:21
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1172235 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/TODO Remove a done todo item as well as one that I've rethought.20:22
JontheEchidnabtw, here's an example of what packageDownloadProgress outputs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/489407/ (disregard the scientific notation for the bigger sizes, qDebug did that)20:24
smarterokay, I'll commit my (rough) DownloadModel in a few minute and work on polishing it/making it useful for apt-get update tomorrow :)20:25
JontheEchidnasmarter: btw, are you running maverick yet? I'd like to fix some deprecation warnings that require libapt-pkg from maverick, but if you're developing on lucid I don't want to short-straw you20:26
smarterI am20:26
JontheEchidnaok, cool20:26
smarterdamn, even with MorePulses enable, apt-pkg doesn't seem to send a Pulse when the package is totally downloaded20:31
CIA-116[libqapt] gmartres * 1172240 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/worker/workeracquire.cpp WorkerAcquire: enable morePulses so that "Pulse() will be called every time that a download item starts downloading, finishes downloading, or terminates with an error."20:33
EagleScreendid you know this paclage manager? http://jontheechidna.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/qaptmuon-1-0-released/20:33
JontheEchidnaI wrote it :)20:33
EagleScreenwell done20:34
JontheEchidnathank you20:35
CIA-116[muon] gmartres * 1172244 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/ (10 files in 4 dirs) Added a DownloadModel to keep track of the download percentage of each individual package20:36
smarterJontheEchidna: ^ here you go, I'm not completely satisfied with the code, it doesn't handle well updates, and it never reaches 100% because of apt-pkg, but I'm not in the mood to hack on that right now :p20:37
smarteralso, I need to look into the delegate paint() function in more details, I pretty much copied what I found elsewhere and hoped it worked :p20:41
CIA-116[libqapt] jmthomas * 1172246 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/src/package.cpp Fix a deprecation warning from libapt-pkg. LibQApt now requires libapt-pkg 0.8.0 or higher20:43
JontheEchidnasmarter: we could store items in the packageList by their URI's20:46
JontheEchidnabut display the names to the enduser20:46
apacheloggerthe beauty of painting :D20:47
smarterapachelogger: it always seemed like black magic to me :p20:47
apacheloggerit is :P20:47
JontheEchidnaI'll hack on it a bit ;)20:47
apacheloggeryou just make yourself believe that it is not20:47
smarterJontheEchidna: yep, since ShortDesc isn't unique when you do an update20:47
JontheEchidnabbiab, then I'll get to hacking20:48
smartersee ya20:48
smarterbut I'm more annoyed by apt-pkg refusing to send me pulses when a download is complete :p20:48
apacheloggersmarter: use the source :P20:50
apacheloggersmarter: and make sure you use other formatting the lines around the lines you add, otherwise you are not complying to their code style20:50
* apachelogger likes a good make-it-look-silly-code-style20:50
smarteryou've had previous encouters with apt-pkg? :p20:51
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apacheloggersmarter: I browsed through the source when I was looking into c++ifying software-properties ;)20:52
apacheloggerI decided that jt would be better suited :P20:52
smarter[smarter@deep-thought ~/KDE/apt-pkg/apt-0.8.0ubuntu3/apt-pkg]% ack why|wc -l20:53
smarterso much questions, so few answers :p20:53
apacheloggerit is like phonon-vlc20:53
apacheloggerI think in every file there was a "why is this necessary?"20:54
smarteris it still maintained?20:54
apacheloggersmarter: again20:54
apacheloggerand being pushed towards becoming supreme backend20:54
smarteroh? xine doesn't seem to be too bad20:55
apacheloggersmarter: internally20:55
apacheloggercurrently you could not even use it for qtwebkit's html5 video thing20:56
apacheloggercurrently is probably the wrong word ... it just aint possible unless qtwebkit gives up control over painting which would be silly for various reasons20:57
ScottKapachelogger: You planning on pushing your graphicssystem kcm into the archive?21:01
apacheloggerI did not until you asked21:01
smarterheh, I think I've been stealing code from packagekit apt backend which was stolen from synaptic code which was stolen from aptitude code21:02
ScottKSeems it might be useful.21:02
smarterapparently the aptitude author is the only one who can makes sense of libapt-pkg21:02
apacheloggersmarter: I hope they all retained copyright notices :D21:02
* apachelogger likes source that got a billion copyrights21:02
apacheloggervery flossy :D21:02
smarternot for a small for loop :p21:03
apacheloggerwell if the loop is s sophisticated it is worth retaining copyright notice 21:03
smarternot really, it justs does a division21:04
smarterat least I changed the iterator name from "I" to "iter", they won't be able to catch me this way!21:04
apacheloggerI is a nice name21:04
apacheloggerdoesnt apt-pkg also have that sort of silly naming?21:05
apacheloggerlocal vars start upcase or so21:05
smarteryou're right, didn't notice that21:05
smarterso maybe it was copied from some example code, or from apt-get21:05
smarterthis is all insane, let's rewrite everything in python, or haskell, or something21:06
apacheloggerit probably was in apt-pkg, then moved to apt-get, then copied to aptitude, then copied to synaptic, then copied to aptcc and now qapt :D21:06
claydohMamarok: i agree i am already done responding to him anyway, i ahve said what is needed21:14
claydoherr where is my caps, dang vnc  can't get quassel-windows to get around my office's firewall 21:15
claydohMamarok: anyway, any more and i will put him back on mod. status myself21:15
txwikingerRiddell:  yes I did21:16
txwikingerwell. via e-mail21:16
sheytanHey guys21:25
sheytansomething is chagning my general font21:25
sheytaniso from today21:25
apacheloggerwgrant: any estimate on when soyuz will accept lzma tarballs, I recon dpkg-source now does21:26
sheytanit changes to Bitstream Charter.21:26
sheytanis this a know bug?21:26
Riddellnot to me21:33
neversfeldemhh, I heard about such a problem yesterday with lucid + 4.5.121:40
apacheloggercookies working again in rekonq \o/21:40
neversfelde4.5.0 so I cannot test anything :)21:41
* apachelogger reports next bug21:41
neversfeldeapachelogger: I'm not up to date, do we still plan to ship Maverick with rekonq? My last info was, that we will think about it.21:41
apacheloggerI dunno21:43
apacheloggerit beings to work for me21:43
apacheloggerI still do not find the UI very attracting21:43
apacheloggeralso IMHO it is slower for a lot of sites21:44
Riddellit's still working good for me21:47
NightroseRiddell: btw apachelogger gave me the tip to boot into an older kernel - that fixed it21:48
Nightrosetrying to report a kernel bug atm but launchpad doesn't let me21:49
RiddellNightrose: hmm, I've heard a couple rumours of fauly lucid kernel upgrades recently21:49
Riddellwhat's up with launchpad?21:49
Nightrosegives me "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server." when submitting the bug report21:49
Nightrosealready asked in #launchpad21:49
Nightroseno-one there so far21:49
apacheloggeryou could always write a good old "dear maintainer" mail ^^21:51
* apachelogger did that the other day too21:51
Nightrose"dear maintainer, you screwed up, love L."21:52
Nightroselike that?21:52
apacheloggerbut yes, that is the basic concept ^^21:52
Nightroseneed food before thinking of something like that21:53
* Nightrose vanishes21:53
apacheloggerbefore that you mention what is wrong21:54
apacheloggerafter that you send love and kisses21:54
apacheloggerwhat is with bug 616199 ?21:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616199 in kdesdk (Ubuntu) "kate: icon for unmodified files missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61619921:55
apacheloggerseems a bit ewww21:55
Nightroseapachelogger: but i don't want my mama21:56
Nightrosewhat now?21:56
apacheloggerand is duplicated with bug 62513321:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 625133 in kdesdk (Ubuntu) "Icons in Kate appear to be missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62513321:56
apacheloggerNightrose: not sure if teddy works as well21:56
Nightrosetoo bad21:56
* apachelogger speaks it out aloud21:57
apacheloggerNightrose: could work with an english accent 21:57
apacheloggerI would use the mama wanting in a south US kinda accent btw21:57
apacheloggermaybe something mississippi21:58
apacheloggeror louisiana21:58
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, when get sponsorings announced?21:58
apacheloggerfor UDS21:58
Riddellapachelogger: dunno, sometime after the closing date Iguess21:59
RiddellI wonder when the closing date is21:59
apacheloggerRiddell: 8th is deadline22:00
Riddelldantti: I set ScanDesktopFiles=true locally but I don't get icons for installed apps in kpackagekit22:07
apacheloggeroh my22:08
apacheloggerrevu is a mess22:08
danttiRiddell: go to the updates dialog, and click check for new updates that will probably start the scanning22:08
danttiRiddell: tought hopefully we will have a better option on app-install v222:09
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: bug 631953 for -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kcm-qt-graphicssystem22:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 631953 in Ubuntu "FFe for kcm-qt-graphicssystem" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63195322:14
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ^ got a minute for revu?22:14
JontheEchidnain a bit22:14
Riddelldantti: ooh that's more pretty22:21
danttiRiddell: what is more pretty?22:22
Riddelldantti: having icons for installed applications22:22
danttisure it is :P22:23
Riddelldantti: packagekit 0.6.8 uploaded with ScanDesktopFiles set to true22:23
nixternalmy server is getting a lil warm...keeps ramping the fans up to a really annoying level22:24
danttiRiddell: thanks, if the thing with app-install goes well we set it to false again :P22:25
wgrantapachelogger: We deliberately don't support lzma source packages, because Debian doesn't.22:53
wgrantapachelogger: We will probably support xz once they do, though.22:53
wgrant(that probably won't be until after squeeze, though)22:54
=== dequire_ is now known as dequire
ScottKapachelogger: Approved.23:47

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