BajKI really preferr Air for netbooks over the default Air with that stupid boxes clutter00:00
James147hmm, now where was taht option, i remember seeing it once00:03
BajKi also do, but I can't find it anymore00:05
BajKit's especially annoying in games, like kpatience if you accidently miss a card, drag and then the window gets un-maximized, or in kbounce wherre you have to draw vertical/horizontal lines, and this does not work with that turned on (but that kbounce bug is fixed imho)00:05
James147BajK: changing the widget style at System settings > application appearence > style disables it  (showing its a feature of oxygen)  but I can seem to find the option to just off that feature00:09
BajKah you're right, I am using qtcurve and I cannot drag windows like that00:10
BajK(but with Alt key of course)00:10
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BajKubuntuusers.de still down -.-00:17
BajKwhy don't the folders in home dir have an icon?00:18
BajKsuch as images, movies, documents, etc00:18
BajKby default00:18
BajKI mea, even /media has its own .directory file by default making it look like a hard drive00:18
James147BajK: you mena a spical icon?00:18
elijahIn Chrome, when I download a file and then click "Show in Folder", Dolphin opens up but the window does not focus, it just blinks in the task bar. Is there a way I can set it to focus when I click "Show in Folder"?00:18
BajKthere are folder icons with an image, movie symbol, tone etc00:19
BajKbut you have to apply them manually00:19
James147BajK: not sure, never really cared about it that much :) although I will probally configure them now00:19
BajKJames147:  :D00:19
BajKGnome has it^^00:19
James147elijah: try turning down the focuse stealing prevention settings00:19
BajKI mean its just 5 .directory files.. one for Music, one for Videos, Documents, Downloads00:20
BajKDesktop has an icon (:00:20
elijahJames147: Where is that?00:20
James147elijah: system settings > Window behaviour > Window Behaviour > Focus (on kde 4.5)00:21
elijahJames147: It is set to low and click to focus00:21
elijahJames147: None works, not sure of the side effects but I guess I will find out00:23
James147elijah:  what happens if you turn it off00:23
James147elijah: you can always set it per window by alt+f3 > configure window behaviour > window rules  and adding a enw rule for chrome or dolphin00:24
elijahJames147: Wow, gtk!00:24
James147elijah:  or possibly by enabling the "accept focus" option with the above ^^00:25
James147(althpough i dont know what that does)00:25
elijahI am gonna leave it at none for now and see if I have any issues00:26
BajKJames147: is there an updated crystal project version for the newer KDE releases? Because many icons don't work as of different file names00:26
elijahI have used windows and Mac extensively and now that OpenShot is getting more robust I finally made the switch! 2-3 years of dabbling so far but this is the best experience yet!00:28
James147BajK: not sure, kde-look.org will have it if there is :)00:28
BajKthey have just the regular version00:28
BajKi don't like that oxygen icons and theme. I love crystal but it is unusable in kde 4.x00:28
elijahIs there a way I can get Krunner to index freshly installed packages sooner?00:29
elijahI have to launch it manually once before it shows, would be nice to install then Krun' it00:29
James147elijah: index?... running "kbuildsycoca4 --menutest" will rebuild the menu (with any changes) krunner should pickup on that00:30
elijahJames147: I mean, a setting that will be faster, I want to install, alt + f2, type and enter00:31
James147elijah: dont think there is :S00:31
elijahJames147: K, thx00:31
James147elijah:  you can always type the full exec name and krunner will pick on that almost stright away00:32
elijahI just installed another one and it seems there is about a 15-120 second delay, so maybe I just need to wait 10 seconds or so, testing now00:33
elijahI didn't need to launch it first this time!00:33
James147elijah:  :) yeah, there is a small delay as krunner get notified :)00:33
elijahK, over 30 seconds but typing exact name is good enough00:36
elijahBeats trying to figure out where it got put in the kmenu00:37
James147elijah:  :)00:37
elijahIt also beats installing Gnome DO! Which I was doing earlier!00:40
James147why would you want gnome do when you have krunner :)00:41
elijahNo kiddin'!00:41
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realburbHi, is there a way to enlarge the kickoff symbol?00:53
James147realburb: it should grow as the panels size grows..00:55
realburbit doesnt anymore, it once did, but that was about a year ago, I tried 4.5 4.5.1 4.4 4.3 ...00:56
realburbcan I somehow gather more information, why it doesnt?00:56
James147realburb: try creating a new user and see if ti works for them00:58
chaayaquestion: why would nautilus (from gnome) keep popping up on CD inserts in KDE?00:58
realburbenlarging the "Fensterleiste" even more, shows the whole menu within the "Fensterleiste"00:58
realburbJames147 I just installed kubuntu and deleted the old installation, both dont enlarge it00:59
James147realburb: ... it works here, but only up to a point where is jumps to being smaller again. try making the panel smaller and see what ahppens01:01
realburbyou are right!01:02
realburbsame here01:02
realburbdo I need a larger icon?01:02
James147realburb: think its a bug, you should file a bug report if there isnt one already01:02
realburbI thought the new icons were vector based graphics, so scaling would keep them sharp no matter how large you zoom them, was I wrong about that? May this bes the reason, to avoid ugly icons?01:03
James147realburb: not entirly wrong, but allot of things still use the old png icons as they are allot faster to render and use less resources... although from what i can see I think its just an issue with the widget trying to not take up as much horizontal room when the panel gets too big01:05
chaayaha. it was a setting in nautilus itself. sorry :-)01:08
chaayahowever, the prompt that comes up when a dvd is inserted is still a gnome dialog...01:08
realburbwhat product should I file the bug against?01:12
James147realburb: I would say so01:12
realburbwhat is the bar "Fensterleiste" called in english?01:19
James147realburb: .. panel? (the bar at the bottom of the screen)01:20
realburbyes, thanks01:20
BajKrealburb: Ah, jemand aus Deutschland? :P01:23
realburbBajK not asleep yet :-D01:24
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BajKrealburb: well, more or less :D I can't get my fingers of plasma-netbook :D It's sooooooo god :D01:30
BajKI want a tablet pc, NOW :D :D01:30
BajKBut I don't know which to buy01:30
BajKand when there's plasma-mobile I want a mobile with kde :P01:30
realburbI thought about getting a toshiba ac100 but I definately wont pay 380 €01:31
BajKwhat is it in particular?01:32
BajKWell I need something to take with me for university and stuff01:32
BajKwell gonna play some more freecell and klondike (:01:33
realburbme too but I need a keyboard01:33
realburbhave fun01:33
BajKwell yes a netbook or something would be nice as well but I dunno... I think Open Office with a pen isn't that much of a great experience, is it^^01:34
BajKdamn.. two drags and “This game is lost.”01:35
realburbwell, I installed maverick and also filed a bug for the first time, thanks for your help n801:39
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hangfeiyueprefrontal [~prefronta@mist.colorado.edu] entered the room.03:17
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rackITcan anyone tell me where the icons for the kweather plasmoid are stored in lucid?03:45
maplerackIT: online?03:58
rackITmaple: I found them... usr/share/icons/xXx/status03:59
rackIT8x8 doesn't have any for Oxygen04:00
maplerackIT: oh```04:00
maplerackIT: could you send me your desktop pic to me ?04:01
rackITmaple: the problem I'm having is the current condition icons don't show up in the plasmoid nor do they for the kweather in the system tray.04:03
rackITmaple: all of the icons appear to be there in the above referenced directory though04:04
cykeo666can any1 help me to get my sound working through the internet?04:04
maplerackIT: i think the kweathe should be appear in your destop04:08
maplerackIT: i think the kweathe should be appear in your desktop04:08
maplerackIT: but not in the system tray04:09
rackITmaple: you can add it as a widget to any containment. you also have the option of showing it in the system tray. The problem is the same regardless of where I view it though.04:13
maplerackIT: sorry! i don't know how to expression04:26
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cykeo666gahhhhh y wont my audio to work over the internet04:38
cykeo666hey does anyone know y i cant hear audio over the internet but i hear it fine in the amarok program?04:59
cykeo666hey does anyone know y i cant hear audio over the internet but i hear it fine in the amarok program?05:05
cykeo666grrrrr i wanna watch bleach some1 help!!!!!05:06
cykeo666plezzzzz imma newbie help me05:06
cykeo666so no1 wants to help the newbie huh05:11
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cykeo666guess not ill just go to the corner now05:14
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rackITcykeo666: open kmixer and fiddle with the sliders05:17
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cykeo666ty for all the hell u guys are awesome and down with windows FREE Computing for life!!!!05:30
v3nd3tta``why does my sytem clock the cpu down to 1000 mhz if t hasn't much cpu usage? a feature not to overheat?05:32
cykeo666u got a single core duo or quad?05:32
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v3nd3tta``single core amd05:33
v3nd3tta``CPU[-Single core AMD Athlon LE-1600 (UP) clocked at 1000.000 Mhz-]05:33
cykeo666idk could be for overheating percausion or somin could be wrong with it05:34
v3nd3tta``-.- nevermind05:35
cykeo666i got a Athlon 64 n its going strong for the most part havnt seen it go below its set 2.405:35
v3nd3tta``but the world isn't windows-free yet :/05:35
cykeo666yeh but it will be if every one moves over to linux05:36
v3nd3tta``and what is off the mac users?05:37
cykeo666mac users r arses already 4 buying an overpriced unupgradeable computer to begin with05:38
v3nd3tta``:P you see? it will never give a single system dominating. even if there would be a law about that the people would develop further05:38
v3nd3tta``yeah, that's the truth :P better throw a good linux distribution on that machine05:38
* v3nd3tta`` has to get ready for school :/ sux05:40
cykeo666yeh i made this computer about 5 years ago on newegg n the xp system builder disk wont reinstall so i said ill try ubuntu n im lovin it just like a fat kid at mcdonalds05:40
v3nd3tta``:D you knew how good i felt when i formatted my windows ntfp partitions with kubuntu?05:41
cykeo666not as good as sex i know that for sure05:42
=== rackIT_AFK is now known as rackIT
v3nd3tta``uuh idk... pure sex without love a girl (a one night stand or a whore) is bad05:44
cykeo666well i got a women i love to my very bone n that kind of sex is the best05:45
v3nd3tta``well, i guess that belongs into #kubuntu-offtopic :P05:46
macoit doesnt even belong there05:46
v3nd3tta``have a nice day, i now really have to get to school05:46
macochild-appropriate chatter only in all *buntu channels05:46
=== v3nd3tta`` is now known as v3n``school
cykeo666yeh guess so i already got slapped with a ! COC message again but not like i care ppl gotta learn i speak my mind no matter where im at guess its how i was rasied05:47
cykeo666what child has kubuntu on their computer to begin with tho?05:47
v3n``schoolwannabe geeks or super genies05:48
* v3n``school brb05:49
cykeo666well u ask me a kid thats that smart to install kubuntu deserves to know his way around a chicks nether regions.05:50
macomy 8 year old cousin uses edubuntu05:59
macoand why the heck assume a kid using linux is a guy anyway?06:01
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Guest95495kubuntu 9.10 menu editor set application short cut failed,is it a bug?06:50
Guest95495but In kubuntu 9.04 ,it's ok06:50
Chr|sHi folks, I want to try out Kubuntu, how can I try it out if I already have ubuntu installed? And if I don't like it or not is it easily removable?07:50
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RintroxI just upgraded to KDE 4.508:02
Rintroxit's great for everything, but, DAMN, konsole has changed behavior!!08:02
Rintroxtabs are ENORMOUS and of fixed size08:03
Rintroxanybody knows how to solve this problem?08:03
RintroxI've a *lot* of tabs because I need a lot of open shells08:03
Rintroxmmm it seems I'm not the only one having this problem: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16657308:11
ubottuKDE bug 166573 in general "minimum tab width is too wide" [Wishlist,New]08:11
vinnie_can someone please tell me how to move my kicker, task manager and system tray to the top of my screen?08:12
Rintroxvinnie: click on the right of the taskbar, where do you have that plasma icon08:14
Rintroxthen move the bar where you prefer08:14
vinnie_Rintrox: ok.. that worked, but now i have 2 widget tool box icons at top right. how can i move the one that is normaly at top right?08:18
jaemI'm trying to get KDE apps to trust an SSL cert used on my Jabber server.  My understanding was that I had to use Kleopatra to import it.  Is that correct?08:18
Rintroxvinnie: all movement are done when "expanding" the panel pressing the plasma icon08:18
vinnie_Rintrox: thanks... gotit08:19
cykeo666there any suggestions for a dvd burning program?08:34
Belgyk3b ?08:35
cykeo666ty 4 the newbie help08:35
Belgyno problem ;)08:36
cykeo666i wonder if every1 that uses linux is nice ive been getting so much help l8ly n its all been so help full08:37
cykeo666n free too lol08:37
jaemcykeo666: Not everyone is, but certainly lots of people are glad to help.08:40
cykeo666so with K3b you have to have the vob files well if i have a bunch of mp4 from my video camera n i want to put them on a dvd to play off my dvd player what should i use?08:40
jaemcykeo666: I've never actually done that (since I don't own a stand-alone DVD player).  Did you check if KDE Userbase has a tutorial?08:41
cykeo666never even heard of it my computer wouldnt let me reinstall xp so i tried a dell vista install disc n it worked but then when it said i had to activate i was at a loss so i installed kubuntu cuz i still had a live disc of it.08:42
jaemHeh.  I just checked, and it doesn't08:43
cykeo666well darn ill google it n see what i can come up with08:43
jaemFor future reference, KDE Userbase (userbase.kde.org) is a wiki that aims to provide user documentation and tutorials for KDE software (such as K3b)08:43
cykeo666ill definately set a bookmark for that08:44
jaemcykeo666: have you tried selecting File->New Project->New Video DVD Project?08:44
cykeo666yeh but it has the dvd set-up n when i select the videos i want on the disc it just puts them into the root directory08:46
cykeo666of the disc08:46
jaemI'm not quite sure what you mean.  Do you know how to use the Pastebin widget?08:47
cykeo666im basicly looking for a converting then burning i guess08:49
jaemcykeo666: Can you add the Pastebin widget to your desktop somewhere? (Right-click on desktop, click "Add Widget", search for "Pastebin" (not "paste"), and drag to the deskopt)08:49
jaemcykeo666: Yeah, sorry, I just can't picture what you're doing. This widget will let you send me a screenshot08:50
jaemcykeo666: If you're trying what I'm suggesting, please let me know when you're done. ;)08:53
cykeo666yeh i got the pastebin widget on my desktop08:54
jaemAlright.  Can you go to wherever you were in K3b, then press the "Print Screen" (or "Prt Scr") button on your keyboard?08:54
jaemMake sure there isn't anything private visible on the screen, as it will be snapshotting the screen.08:55
cykeo666im dragging the screen shot08:55
jaemWhen the KSnapshot window pops up, drag the thumbnail preview of the picture it just took onto the Pastebin widget08:55
jaemThen paste the link it gives you into the chat08:55
cykeo666sorry need more ram only got a gig :'(08:59
cykeo666my girlfriend is listening to you chevelle lol09:02
cykeo666no clue?09:03
jaemI'm waiting on the screenshot...09:03
* jaem slaps himself with a fish09:03
cykeo666yeh the link is in there09:03
jaemAh, I see09:03
jaemDid you try just dragging the video into the VIDEO_TS folder?09:03
jaemI really don't know how to do this myself - as I said, I've never tried09:04
jaemWhy don't you ask in #k3b ?09:04
cykeo666i have forgotten how to use irc chat to tell u the truth09:05
jaemcykeo666: "/join #k3b"09:06
Pooh22ever since I upgraded my kubuntu to 10.04 with kde 4.5.x from the backports ppa, I get full-blown system hangs10:00
Pooh22I suspect it's related to amarok10:00
Pooh22is this a known issue? google isn't finding anything for me now...10:01
Pooh22oh, perhaps it is known:10:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599660 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xserver crashes when running amarok" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:04
Pooh22this is now still a problem, but I'm running 4.5.1-isch I think10:05
rikeroff-topic, can somebody msg me about a math question? In trigonometry.10:08
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joonaHey, anyone know how to change plasma themes?10:11
joonahsr: Hi10:23
hsrHello! How to enable moodbar in Amarok10:39
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hsrWhat should firefox use foe apt content?10:47
sheytanjoona system settings->Workspace appearence->desktop theme ;)10:59
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hinkmani've got a problem when upgrading from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 on lucid. postinstall of virtuoso-opensource-6.1 locks11:13
hinkmanonly killing the command "isql-vt $DB_PORT dba dba -K &>/dev/null" helps11:14
hinkmani think it is related to updating the admin password for virtuoso dab and dav11:14
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phloogHi all, I got some troubles with dualhead X using the radeon opensource driver since kernel 2.6.32; in 2.6.31, I was able to set up my dualscreen w/ xrandr ..foo.. --left-of ...bar... without problems; now, if I do that, both screens get completely garbled (nothing readable anymore, albeit mouse pointer still visible). I googled around a bit, but found nothing resembling my sit. Has someone a hint what I could try next?12:21
phloog(I also tried the experimental gallium3d driver, same behaviour (!) )12:21
phloogand further info, clone screen works w/out problems. just not --left-of or --right-of12:22
phloogand, to whom it concerns, here my xrandr -q output:   http://paste.ubuntu.com/489187/12:24
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skramer_I have a problem with the desktop search: I can not start Strigi indexer after today Virtuoso was upgraded to 6.1.212:44
skramer_any hint how I could get the desktop search to wrok again?12:44
FlashDeluxehi i have a question, i want to have a german keyboard layout in xterm, but if i execute the command "setxkbmap de nodeadkeys" i get "error loading new keyboard description" so i try to configure it in a config file, but i don`t really know where to change it, can anybody help me please? =)12:51
BajKFlashDeluxe: why not configure using systemsettings?13:05
BajKFlashDeluxe: Immer diese Leute mit ihrer Konsole *g*13:05
FlashDeluxeBajK: Es gibt keine GUI und auch keine Möglichkeit für ne Gui ;)13:05
BajKFlashDeluxe: ah, xterm, mein Fehler :)13:06
FlashDeluxeBajk: Ja xterm...macht mich wahnsinnig^^13:06
BajKKaum ist ubuntuusers.de mal down, ist man hilflos ^^13:06
FlashDeluxeja so ist das leider^^13:07
FlashDeluxehast du denn vll ne idee was man da machen kann?13:07
BajKuff, kp, bei mir funktioniert *g*13:08
FlashDeluxeweißt du denn vll in welcher config das eingestellt wird und _wo_ die liegt?13:08
BajKuff, kp, also bei google find ich überall nur immer dassmer in der xorg.conf rumpfuschen soll13:08
FlashDeluxeja das find ich auch, aber da ist der entsprechende eintrag nicht drin13:09
BajKanlegen? (:13:09
BajKstandardmäßig is die afaik ab 9.10 leer13:09
BajKFlashDeluxe: habs dir in query geschriebne13:10
BajKund wenn die xorg verschießt, ab 10.04 hast nette failsafe-möglichkeiten, also er bietet dir dann an, die xorg wiederherzustellen, zu editieren oder sonstwas, im falle, dass der xserver net startet, dass net einfach an der konsole rauskommst13:11
FlashDeluxeja das ist mir egal, wenn ich mist baue und das ding startet nicht mehr installier ihs neu, das isn nxclient auf nem windows system13:12
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:13
FlashDeluxeups, sorry^^13:13
BajKsorry :D13:15
bazhang!cn | imom0_13:19
ubottuimom0_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:19
siahello to all13:30
skramer_under Systemsettings, I tried activating Strigi Indexer. I can apply, but when I leave the Desktop Search part of Systemsettings & go back, Strigi Indexer is unchecked again. I just lost the Desktop Search after today Virtuoso got upgraded to 6.1.2, anybody could help me get the Desktop Search back to work, please?13:32
BajKWhat's that problem with wine? Always when I launch it it says "Updating configuration ~/.wine blah", then Internet Explorer 6 pops up stating "the page cannot be displayed" and Regsvr in its address bar, after closing it, the program desired normally starts13:41
BluesKaj'Happy Labour Day' folks13:43
James147BajK: how are you launching wine?13:49
BajKJames147: wine <app name>13:50
BajKor via desktop file, but that doesnt matter where/when13:50
BajKits just the first launch (after pc restart or wineboot)13:50
James147BajK: what happens if you run "winecfg"13:51
BajKUpdating configuration of ~/.wine ......13:52
BajKinternet explorer cannot find server13:52
BajKclosing internet explorer13:52
BajKand wine-configuration dialog opens13:52
BajKnow i ran winecfg again and it instantly appeard13:52
James147BajK: what programs do you have installed in wine?13:52
BajKinternet explorer 6 :D13:53
BajKehm, .net runtime things13:53
BajKSims 313:53
BajKUT 2004, UT99,13:53
FloodBotK1BajK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:53
BajKjaja isch ja gut :D13:53
James147:S well, I would try it with a new user (or rename .wine (note that .wine is where wine installs its programs rename it back to restore them))13:54
BajKJames147: ehm, concerning netbook shell: i removed ALL the pages/newspaper thingies and how do I add a new one?13:56
James147(Note also that you can launch wine with "env WINEPREFIX=path/to/wine/prefix wine PROGRAM" to launch wine with a spific prefix (it defaults to .wine)13:56
James147BajK: fairly sure you cant remove them ALL...13:57
BajKI did?13:57
BajKthere's just "Search and run" left13:57
James147BajK: what do you have currently on the desktop?13:57
James147BajK: :) then thats not all of them :D13:57
BajKbut that additional "pages" entitled things13:57
BajKhow do I add another activity/page?13:57
James147BajK: as far as I can remember you cannot add pages form teh saerch and launch... not sure why... but if you configure it and change the activity type to another one you should be albe to readd more13:58
BajKhm that sucks^^13:58
skramer_anybody noticed that Desktop Search stopped working after Virtuoso got upraded to 6.1.2 and Soprano to 2.5.0? any "tricks" how to get it to work again?13:58
James147BajK: also, for better wine support you might want to consider joining #winehq13:59
BajKJames147: thx13:59
BajKJames147: and I cannot click any object on the control panel while it's unlocked (i always end up moving widgets), and I cannot click any object on the activity while it is unlocked..13:59
James147BajK: you should be able to click on widget while the panel is unlocked... but not when the panels settings are open (thats when you can move the widgets, and the only time you can)14:01
James147BajK: not sure about the page14:01
James147BajK: but generally I think when unlocked you are expected to configure the page not use it :)14:02
James147skramer_: you can try it on a new user, if it works for them then its probally a configuation problem inyour home directory14:03
skramer_James147: ok, I will try.14:06
BajKWhat's the difference between "normal copy" and "clone copy" in k3b?14:11
BajKI want to create an iso of a cdrom14:12
bazhangBajK, k9copy then14:12
bazhangBajK, or handbrake14:12
skramer_James147: you're right, I can start Strigi without problems under new user account14:12
BajKhm I hope they overhaul k3b's interface, so it takes advantage of knotify instead of having its own ugly overlay14:14
James147skramer_: then I would say there is a problem with your configs :)  I would start by renaming ~/.kde/share/apps/nepomuk   NOTE: this contains nepomuks database and everything you have stored in it14:14
James147BajK: not sure what the differnece is... but if i remember right k3b has an "create iso" option on the burn page (when you try to burn something)14:16
BajKJames147: yes it offers you to just copy and burn, create an temporary iso and leave that, or just create an iso14:16
=== bigjools is now known as bigjools-lunch
dan_lI've done it!  I have exercized the demons from my new laptop!14:16
skramer_James147: it works, thank you!14:17
dan_lNow, does anybody which menu will let me dump the blue glow around active windows?14:18
BajKdan_l: in oxygen?14:18
dan_lyes.  IN a default install.14:18
BajKSystemsettings -> workspace appearance -> window decoration -> configure decoration14:18
dan_lI just want to dump the blue glow and the window transparency when I move it14:19
BajKand there shadow14:19
BajKuntick that "Glow for active window"14:19
dan_lThsoe are two features effects which make me punch my computer in it's face.14:19
BluesKajdan_l, good to hear ...so what method did you use to fix things ?14:19
dan_lerrr, under which menu?14:19
BajKdan_l: I recommend you just dump that ugly oxygen and use a nicer theme (:14:19
dan_lBluesKaj:  You wouldn't believe the stuff I went through.14:19
skramer_another question: I would like to switch between the tabs in a window by just moving the mouse over next tab, no click. Is that possible & where can I set it up?14:19
BajKBajK: look in "get new decorations" and search for ambiance or aero ambiance, those look nice in kde 4.5^^14:20
BajKskramer_: don't think that is possibel14:20
BajKyou mean that window tabbing?=14:20
dan_lSkramer, yes.  I totally forgot how I did it.  Will you be around in a while?14:20
James147BajK: I quite like the new oxygen style :) at least with a few tweks:)14:20
dan_lI did it with v 7 for my daughter.14:20
dan_lI switch oxygen to the 'darker' style14:20
BajKJames147: at least that default behaviour of having two separators between close and maximize .. and it looks just baaad.. I think many people'd preferr KDE but then they see screenshots of a standard installation and just think yuck14:21
dan_l(my daughter is only 2 and a half.  She can't click yet.  But we practice with the mouse, so I found a way to let her watch her elmoz and dora on the nets14:21
dan_lthere either is or was a "hover" juxtaposed against click action.14:22
skramer_dan_l: no, I'll have to leave in a minute... do you remember how you got it to work like that?14:22
dan_lskramer:  not off the top of my head.  I'm around here quite a bit though.  Drop by and ping me.14:22
* BluesKaj likes the oxygen theme in kde4.5, but there don';t seem to be many options14:23
dan_lblueskaj:  try the darker variation.  It really is nice.14:24
James147BluesKaj: it has more then in previous versions :)14:24
James147dan_l: what do you mean by that? oxygen uses your system colours so you just need to change that14:24
BluesKajI like the norway look , but my background is sacandinavian , so I come by it honestly :)14:25
BluesKajerr scandi....14:25
* James147 has had a very nice dark oxygen windows for ages useing the default colour schemes... he uses "Obsidian Coast" and cannot find one he likes more 14:26
BluesKajwow ...too hard on  these old eyes14:26
James147BluesKaj: I find its less bright, and I read light on dark text better14:27
BluesKajI even use dark on light background in the terminal14:27
dan_lTerminal:  white on blue14:29
dan_lI'm old skool like that14:29
=== perrine is now known as drIDK
BajKJames147: Oh no, i hate light on black background. it makes my eyes hurt14:47
BajKBluesKaj: same goes here, first thing when installing kde, changing konsole's color sheme :)14:47
toxaI have installed Maverick. It is almost stable15:07
=== bigjools-lunch is now known as bigjools
mudassar_hello people plz somebody help me writing a testbench in C for vhdl using FLI15:12
Picimudassar_: Er, This is #kubuntu, a more programming specific channel would be the best place to ask.15:13
mudassar_how can I find and join some channel related to C, VHDL and FLI (layer between C and VHDL)15:14
v3nd3tta`` try ##c15:15
Picimudassar_: I'd start in ##C , but you'll need to register/identify to join15:15
v3nd3tta``but you have to have an irc freenode account15:15
Pici!register  | mudassar_15:15
ubottumudassar_: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode15:15
mudassar_but purely C people will not be knowing about my problems15:16
James147mudassar_: ##c dosnt mean pure c.. just people who use it..15:16
James147its will be at the very least a good place to start15:17
PiciBetter than #kubuntu :)15:17
=== niels_ is now known as nielsbusch
mudassar_i have clicked on join and typed #c there ....... but nothing came15:18
James147although #c should take you there, have you registered?15:18
mudassar_how to register ?15:18
mudassar_sorry I m not good in irc15:18
James147see ubottu's message15:18
mudassar_nothing happens15:20
=== mudassar_ is now known as Mudassar
James147Mudassar: when you type what?15:20
James147(something happened :) )15:21
James147Mudassar: but chaning your nick isnt registering it, see the link in ubottu's message for howto actualy register it15:21
marianoQualche Italiano?15:23
James147!it | Mudassar15:23
ubottuMudassar: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:23
James147mariano: sorry ^^15:23
v3nd3tta``Mudassar you can register about /msg NickServ register <email> <password>15:23
Mudassarwhere should I type this ?15:24
v3nd3tta``everything what begins with a "/" is interpreted as command15:24
v3nd3tta``so just type it in chat line15:24
v3nd3tta``i swapped <password> and <email>15:25
Mudassarok I have given that command with params, but no output message is shown to me15:25
v3nd3tta``   /msg NickServ REGISTER bar foo@bar.com15:25
v3nd3tta``which woulöd bar15:25
v3nd3tta``at your pawwword15:25
v3nd3tta``can't type sry15:26
v3nd3tta``if you would type that your account would be Mudassar, your password would be "bar" and your email the one you specified15:26
Mudassarsorry I m layman in it :) doing .......15:26
v3nd3tta``and then confirm the registration via email15:27
Mudassarok I have verified my email ... .now I need to join the channel vhdl15:30
Mudassarit says that you should be invited in the channel15:33
Mudassarhow to get the invitation ?15:33
PiciIts ##C not #c15:33
MudassarI am trying to join vhdl channel15:33
James147Pici: although ##c takes you to ##C15:33
Mudassaryes i have joined ##c15:34
Mudassarthank you kubuntu people .... kubuntu 10.04 is great...15:35
MudassarI wish people come to use kubuntu 10.04 and leave the virus hell (MS Windows)15:36
v3nd3tta``virus hell?15:36
v3nd3tta``it's a hell of Trojan's Worms Spyware Backdoor Trojans, simple infected System Cores15:37
v3nd3tta``and some backdoors which are programmed by ns15:37
BajKwhat is the arrow for at the "shutdown" button?15:38
BajKthere is a little arrow on the button15:38
BajKbut neither clicking it long or dragging makes a menu apear15:38
MamarokBajK: it does here, and gives you a choice to either suspend to ram or suspend to disk15:43
Mamarokinstead of shutting down15:44
Mamarokjust click on the arrow, no need to drag or click long15:44
BajKwell I clicked on that arrow and the computer shut down15:45
James147BajK: its press and hold to get the menu15:46
James147and might only appear if kde thinks your computer can sleep/hybernate15:46
BajKIf I press and hold, then the countdown just restarts and/or switches to "Shutting down in 30" instead of for example "Log off in 30 seconds"15:47
* James147 wishes the arrow on the restart would come back... that was a useful feature even though it didnt quite work :)15:47
BajKah ok, if I press and hold it offers Suspend to disk15:47
BajKit takes 12 seconds from start to fully loaded desktop :O wow15:48
James147BajK: from cold boot?15:48
BajKwhy doesn't krunner work in netbook shellß15:49
v3nd3tta``because it is about X15:49
James147:) thay have been trying to improve boot speed as much as they can in the past couple releases... shame mine is still slowish (alhtough faster then windows)15:49
noaXesssometimes a machin with latest kubuntu 10.04 don't boot exactly and i need to CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot and then alle goes ok.. any idea tip?15:49
James147BajK: it does work15:50
BajKI am not mistaken that I cannot minimize windows in netbook shell (ok there is no window bar^^)15:50
noaXesshey BajK, wasup?15:50
James147BajK: although on my netbook (running maverick) for somereason its not started15:50
BajKJames147: it seems to not be started automatically?15:50
James147BajK: and you can minimise windows as well, then alt+tab to get them back15:51
BajKwhat I noticed in Kuuntu 10.04's installer is, that when it is coyping files, that slideshow appears and you can minimize it15:51
BajKif you do15:51
BajKthe window disappears15:51
BajKif you press alt+tab it states "No windows"15:51
BajKin 10.10 we thankfully have a fllscreen installer15:51
James147BajK: the netbook shell is just a different desktop, you can do everything you can on the normal desktop15:52
James147BajK: hmm, it shouldnt do that :s15:52
BajKwhat I find really annoying, any other application theme than oxygen looks just bad on netbook shell but in oxygen you cannot disable that "move in empty area of space" which should be disabled automatically in netbook15:52
James147you sure you didnt close it?15:52
BajKJames147: yes I am, i often tested that15:53
BajKhm ah it seems that just by default in netbook shell that minimize button is removed from titlebar, you can add it back15:53
James147BajK: have you tryed every theme? I quit liked bespin for a while before switching abck to oxygen :)15:54
BajKJames147: i really like qtcurve, as you can customize it any way you like. I like that "3d looking" toolbars15:55
BajKbut I was just too lazy installing it on 10.10 for now ;)15:55
BajKand it seems plymouth is not working in 10.10 beta15:55
BajKI always get stuck with that Ubuntu 10.10 text splash15:55
BajKin alfa 3 I got the kubuntu start screen15:55
noaXesswhat's that.. the machine stops booting at the Kubuntu splash screen.. need help.. why that?15:55
BajKnoaXess: I have the same problem here sometimes15:56
James147BajK: well it is still in beta so expect something to break :) but see #ubuntu+1 for support on maverick15:56
BajKpress Alt+SysRQ+K and then Strg+Alt+F8 to get back to xserver15:56
noaXessBajK: and no solution? normally i can reboot with CTRL+ALT+DEL.. but it won't15:56
BajKnoaXess: its plymouth sometimes not giving control to the xserver15:56
BajKnoaXess: yes?15:56
BajKnoaXess: first assignment on PrintScreen key15:56
noaXesswhat is SysRQ15:57
BajKSystem request15:57
BajKprovides you with keyboard shortcuts to rescue a hanging system15:57
BajKyou might try Strg+Alt+F7 or F8 to switch to the xsever manually15:57
BajKdidn't try though15:57
noaXessBajK: ok.. your solution work.. but.. where is the fix?15:57
BajKnoaXess: symptoms are that you start kubuntu normally, and at the moment where the Xserver is normally starting (where tha flashing dots disappear) just nothing happens anymore15:57
noaXesshave pressen ALT+SYSRQ+K and the CTRL+ALT+F815:58
noaXessBajK: yes.. nothing..15:58
BajKnoaXess: in my case then it says "Ubuntu is running in low video mode", I choose "restart x server" and then it works fine15:58
BajKbut it sucks though^^15:58
=== jtheuer is now known as jt|away
BajKnoaXess: you might consider posting a bug report15:58
noaXessBajK: in my case, nothing comes up no informatio.. just kubuntu logo and the dot's15:58
BajKnoaXess: yes, it just stops and nothing happens anymore15:59
noaXessBajK: searching for en existing bug, but what to search.. it's not handy..15:59
BajKnoaXess: where are you posting? (I only post in kde bugs, but I dont know where to post kubuntu bugs)15:59
noaXessBajK: on launchpad.. normaly16:00
noaXessdo you have a nvidia card?16:00
James147BajK: you really should see #ubuntu+1 with that problem16:00
BajKah right, I just forgot my account information :D16:00
BajKnoaXess: yes16:00
BajKJames147: with which problem?16:00
noaXessBajK:  it seams be a problem with nvidia16:00
BajKthat starting problem?16:00
noaXessBajK: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=944104616:00
BajKnoaXess: might be16:00
James147BajK: any problem you ahve with maverick16:00
BajKproprietary drivers suck, I want the nuhwo (nouveau) driver to support 3d NOW :D16:01
noaXessi use the nvidia-current driver..16:01
BajKfrom nvidia.com or repos?16:01
BajKthis is why I left my mom with the open source driver, as I don't want her to encounter any trouble16:01
BajKand she just surfs the net, chatting, email16:01
noaXessBajK: so, there you use the nv driver?16:02
BajKI just didn't any changes16:02
BajKI am even not really shure which graphcis card is in her pc16:02
BajKI think an old ATI16:02
James147noaXess: the nv drivers arent really used anymore :)16:02
noaXessBajK: look at this.. just reading it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/5385216:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 53852 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "network manager doesn't play nice with madwifi" [Undecided,Fix released]16:02
James147at elast on kubuntu16:02
BajKnoaXess: ?16:03
noaXesshe wrong description for this bug.. we need to learn ubottu ;)16:03
BajKnoaXess: the link you posted leads to the topic ubottu said16:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538524 in plymouth (Ubuntu Lucid) "boot hangs on splash screen, doesn't switch to KDM" [High,Fix released]16:03
noaXessbetter.. my fault16:03
noaXesssorry.. ;)16:03
James147ubottu is never wrong :)16:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:03
BajKah ok good to know we aren't the only people facing that problem^^16:04
v3nd3tta``my amarok quits suddenly16:04
v3nd3tta``at the end of the song it quits apruptly16:04
noaXessBajK: yes.. we are nt alone on the whole earth.. galaxy ;).. /me thinking liunx is used in galaxy more then other OS's16:05
noaXesslinux ^16:05
BajKIs there a more intuitive way of configuring samba networks? If I want to share files using Samba, the checkbox for sharing is greyed out, I have to install samba and THEN it works. Can't just KDE offer me to install those packages? Also if I have not set all permissions to the folder I cannot write into it via network even though it is set to "full access". KDE should warn or ask me to set permissions16:05
noaXesswhat happends, if i set nomodeset on kernel boot?16:05
noaXessBajK: normally i configure samba shares directly in the config files..16:06
James147BajK: bah, kde has no good gui for configuing samba, its one of the things on the long todo list :)16:06
BajKman, that is the reason why people still think linux is just console working16:06
BajKI want to configure sharing just like in windows, right click, share, tick yes, full access, OK and we're done16:07
BajKand it indeed works, if you beforehand installed samba16:07
BajKthen it's just fine16:07
BajKapropos todo list, I'll look at the 4.6 todo list16:07
James147BajK: so do allot of people :) just on one has decided they are going to write a nice gui for it... its one of the problems with opensource stuff16:07
BajKI'd like but I am too stupid for that :D16:08
hadjSpeaking of gui's...just installed Kubuntu, was messing around with Plasma, and accidentally deleted my entire desktop!  Any idea how to restore the default desktop?16:08
BajKis plasma crashed?16:08
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
hadjIt did,  Rebooted16:08
James147hadj: alt+F2: plasma-desktop       if plasma crashed16:08
BajKLet's have look if KDE 4.6 has also a "welcome plasmoid" on its todolist16:08
BajKas did KDE 4.516:08
BajKand 4.4 and 4.3 and 4.2 :D16:09
BajKwhat is libtaskmanager for? it says "Support for Windows 7 like launchers"16:09
James147BajK: I take it someone thourhg tit was a good idea, but no one can bebothered to write one :)16:09
hadjjames: thx.  I am able to get the alt+F2 dialog via right-click "run command..."16:09
James147BajK: looks like a library :)16:10
hadjAll that is there is my desktop wallpaper now...I can create containers (or whatever they're called) but I have no idea how to get all the goodies back to the way they were...16:11
BajKbest todo list entry ever made: in Kde 4.3 plasma: "icon plasmoid - make it suck less" :D16:11
hadj...I guess I could just hack at it but I was hoping there was a .conf file (or something) that I could restore16:11
James147hadj: if you want to reset plamsa to its default settings rename/remove ~/.kde/share/config/plamsa*16:11
hadjjames: will try that16:12
James147(not that plasma* means all file begining with plasma)16:12
BajKhadj: ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma-desktop/activities16:12
James147note ^^16:12
BajKthere it shjould be16:12
James147then restart plasma-desktop (alt+f2: killall plasma-desktop; sleep 2; plasma-desktop)16:12
BajKIs there a reason for plasma constantly creating new activities?16:12
BajKI just want ONE actiitsy16:12
BajKnow I looked and again there are two "unnamed" unconfigured ones16:12
James147BajK: it dosnt here16:12
BajKthen you've lost all your plasmoids/settings :)16:13
hadjthx BajK will try those ideas16:13
BajKCan I remove that toolnbar from systemsettings? It is just a waste of space and configure button I don't need, quit and help neither, although back is not available trough the menu16:14
James147BajK: I would say you need to for the abck button... (also the search is on the same line... so just removing the icons would do nothing) you can make the icons smaller though16:16
James147BajK: you can also remove the text ^^16:16
James147or have it freefloating :)16:16
noaXessBajK: i think.. this can help also on your booting problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/538524/comments/4416:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538524 in plymouth (Ubuntu Lucid) "boot hangs on splash screen, doesn't switch to KDM" [High,Fix released]16:17
BajKJames147: just posted a wish that the back button shoudl be available from the menu and an option to hide the toolbar16:18
BajKyeah but switching to small icons just gives 6 more pixels of space :D16:18
James147BajK: what menu?16:18
BajKJames147: system settings menubar?16:18
James147BajK: dosnt have one16:19
BajKJames147: ok i'll give it a try16:19
BajKhuh? oh, ehm16:19
BajKbut in netbook shell it utilizes one16:19
BajKor at least features it16:19
BajKfor the menu plasmoid16:19
James147BajK: yeah... but the normal system settings dosnt have  a menu bar... that plasmoid is just finding a registered menu in system settings16:20
BajKi noticed it :D16:20
James147BajK: system setting is deskgned not to ahve a manu16:21
BajKwaaah i want to have a tablet pc :D KDE 4.5 netbook and rekonq, wow nice :) but a nice pen input area is neccessary though^^16:21
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=== iPunk is now known as Kills
FlashDeluxehi @ all, i have got the problem that my system doesnt start, so i am using knoppix to see whats wrong, but i cannot see my harddisks...how can i find&mount them?16:29
James147FlashDeluxe: sudo dfisk -l     should list your disks16:30
FlashDeluxeis sudo necessary?16:32
James147needs root, or it wont list anything16:32
FlashDeluxeok than i have to wlak down and write my user in the sudoers file^^ i forgot that16:33
FlashDeluxeJames147: Now im root but it doesnt list anything :(16:35
James147what does it say?16:36
FlashDeluxeit says nothing16:36
FlashDeluxei execute the command and then nothing happens and the command terminates without errors16:37
James147FlashDeluxe: what does "sudo blkid -c /dev/null" say?16:37
FlashDeluxeit says16:38
FlashDeluxe/dev/cloop0: LABEL="KNOPPIX_FS" TYPE="iso9660"16:38
FlashDeluxe/dev/cloop2: LABEL="KNOPPIX_FS" TYPE="iso9660"16:38
=== jtheuer is now known as jt|away
James147hmm... what about "ls /dev/sd*"?16:39
FlashDeluxei have to say that the disks are in a raid array (hardware raid) and lvm is installed on them16:39
FlashDeluxefile or directory not found :(16:39
BajKman, ark is the worst archive manager I ever encountered16:39
James147FlashDeluxe: actual hardware raid or fakeraid?16:40
James147BajK: why so?16:40
BajKyou cannot even drag multiple files out of it16:41
FlashDeluxeactual hardware raid16:41
BajKyou cant just select tem16:41
FlashDeluxeand the controller works and i see a working raid in the bios menue from the raid controller16:41
James147FlashDeluxe: well, i have no clue why the dirves arnt being listed :S could be a hardware problem (lose cable?)16:42
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
FlashDeluxeJames147: No its no hardware problem, definitl16:43
James147FlashDeluxe: well, from what I can see linux dosnt see the drives... afraid I have never see it do that before (without there being a hardware problem) and do not know what you can do at this point16:44
FlashDeluxeJames147: Damn...couldn`t it be a knoppix problem?16:46
James147FlashDeluxe: possibally... but I cannot say for sure. you could try another live cd if yo ahve one16:46
FlashDeluxemhh...ok i will get a new one, perhaps that works, can you advice me a good live cd?16:49
James147FlashDeluxe: the kubuntu one should work :)16:50
FlashDeluxeok i will try it :) thanks a lot16:50
v3nd3tta``is there a dialogue to bind aux1 and aux2 of a logitech mx518 to something?16:55
dan_lwait, nm, I fixed it lol16:56
v3nd3tta``lulz dan_I16:56
dan_lMy cdrom was showing up twice16:57
dan_land it was driving me nuts16:57
dan_land now it works16:57
dan_lknow what's a PITA?  New kubuntu install, I have to do all of my hotkeys again16:57
sriramomanhi guys, I am running Platform Version 4.5.00 (KDE 4.5.0) in a Kubuntu Lucid Lynx. The plasma folderview applet shows an ugly huge icon, instead of the actual folder contents. How do I change this behavior :(16:58
dan_lsriramoman: you mean the "desktop folder" on your default desktop?16:58
sriramomandan_l: I am using the Desktop view as my activity. I know that folder-view is supposed to show that cute transparent applet with icons of the desired folder. instead its showing an ugly icon16:59
dan_lyou can take screeny?16:59
v3nd3tta``i think he means the little folder menu right to the K menu16:59
sriramomanyes i shall take soon please:)17:00
dan_lI hated that plasmoid at first17:01
dan_lbut now I'll let it have my babies, because it's that useful.17:01
dan_lthere are some plasmoids which you should have.  That's one, RTM is one you should use or you should volunteer yourself to guantanimo bay.17:01
dan_lWeird.  Googsystray isn't in the repos.  Nor is dropbox.17:01
sriramomandan_l: insted of this:17:06
sriramomanthis is how it appears:17:06
sriramoman(Note that ugly blue icon)17:06
FloodBotK1sriramoman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:06
dan_l.....looking now.17:06
dan_loh yeah17:06
dan_lYes Sriramoman.  i think there is something wrong there.17:07
sriramomanhow do i get rid of that ugly blue icon17:07
sriramomani am very clear that i chose "folder view" and not "icon"17:07
sriramomanwhile dragging a folder on to the plasma17:07
dan_lwhat happens when you click on the icon?17:07
BajKsriramoman: did you use quicklauncher instead?17:08
BajKthere is a folder view and quicklaunch tile17:08
BajKFolder view is just a "folder icon" and Quicklaunch is a folder with a star (in the add widgets list)17:08
dan_lyeah it's the wrong widget.17:10
dan_lHey, anybody know what that gtk bootup manager is called?17:11
sriramomanhttp://img52.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img52/2425/screeny1z.jpg this is the second screeny17:16
sriramomansorry for the delay17:16
sriramomandan_l:  http://img52.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img52/2425/screeny1z.jpg this is the second screeny17:18
dan_lI think it's the wrong widet17:18
dan_lwidget, but I"m trying to do the same thing.17:18
sriramomani was also confused why Folderview looks so absurd17:19
sriramomanwhen i created another user in this same machine, folderview looks perfect17:19
James147sriramoman: I think it might just be an error with the config, remove the widget and readd it, dose it still look teh smae?17:23
James147the same ^^17:24
James147(also, wow thats a big panel O-o)17:24
kaddihi , i just accidentally split konversation top/bottom wise three times. How can I undo it and get my normal unsplit window back? (if possilbe without opening and closing)17:27
James147kaddi: should be :) I would think there is an option in the menus (probally under window or view)17:28
skramer_dan_l: hi17:29
dan_lHiya skramer_17:29
kaddiJames147: >.> <.< I checked there earlier, I swear.. just somehow didn't think "close others" would do what it does... thanks17:30
kaddiproblem resolved :D17:30
edwardhey guys, I'm trying to install Lynux on my computer (10.04), but I need a serial umber. Should I torrent one?17:31
James147edward: what is lynux?17:32
dan_lEdward:  what do you mean you 'need a serial number'?17:32
skramer_dan_l: I thought I could enable mouse-over tab-switching in system settings-> window behaviour17:32
edwardJames147: Are you serious?17:32
skramer_but it doesn't seem to be there17:32
edwarddan_l: It asks for a serial number when I log in.. I don't remember being assigned one17:32
dan_lI'm still trying to find the setting on my daughters computer.  It works, I just can't find the setting17:32
James147edward: I have no clue, i use linux here :)17:33
edwardJames147: What is "Linux"?17:33
dan_ledward:  are you talking about linux?17:33
kaddiedward: does it seriously call itself lynux, cause the real ubuntu is lynx not lynux17:33
edwarddan_l: Oh, I think I mispelled it. It's linux.17:33
James147kaddi: you mean linux :)17:34
edwardkaddi: It says Windows Linux 10.0417:34
dan_lEdward:  where did you download it from?17:34
James147edward: ... what?17:34
skramer_dan_l: in the menu, there is mouse-over for the 5 items Favourites, Programs, etc. But I can't seem to find any setting to activate the same for window tabs :-(17:34
dan_lskramer_:  I'm looking for it now.17:34
edwarddan_l: I just googled Kubuntu17:34
kaddiwow, too many highlights.. brb17:34
kaddiedward: it seems you downloaded some scam version if it asks for money or a serial.. ubuntu doesn't do that normally17:35
=== Barridus_ is now known as Barridus
edwarddan_l: I think it was the peanut bay or soemthing similarly named..17:35
edwardkaddi: But where can I purchase one?17:35
dan_lcan we boot this asshole?17:35
kaddiedward: it is free17:35
dan_lis there an unbootobotu?17:35
James147edward: I have no clue what you downloaded, but if its asking for a serial its not part of kubuntu or ubuntu so i would be VERY wary of it17:35
edwarddan_l: It's ubottu.. and that sort of comment is totally uncalled for..17:36
James147edward: get an offical version of kubuntu here http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu17:36
edwardkaddi: Oh.. then why should it ask for a serial..?17:36
dan_lEdward:  you're talking about lynux and 'the peanut bay'.  What did you expect?17:36
edwarddan_l: ?17:37
James147kaddi: that because what ever you ahve isnt kubuntu or ubuntu (its probally not even linux)17:37
kaddiedward: can you give as a screenshot of that serial17:37
James147edward: ^^ sorry17:37
edwardkaddi: My webcam is broken.17:37
kaddihow would you take a screenshot with your wbecam o.017:37
dan_lOh god.17:37
dan_lEdward, are you in windows right now?17:38
edwarddan_l: I am currently in Dell17:38
dan_lGo into a command prompt and type "format C:"17:39
edwardkaddi: Oh, like a screencap. I can do that.17:39
dan_lIt automatically gives you access to Dell premium edition.17:39
BajKdan_l: :D17:39
BajKdan_l: reminds me of sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda17:39
dan_lThis guy is the worst troll ever.17:39
dan_lHe couldn't play dead in a b western.17:39
edwardI've got a screencap here: v17:40
=== nasenbaer is now known as Guest11219
kaddidan_l: ever since I recently (and in all sincerity) was asked: Is Ubuntu only for linux or do they make a windows version too, I tend to take everybody seriously :p17:41
dan_lYes.  He has no idea what operating system he is on, he confuses a web cam and a screen shot ap, but he knows imgur.17:41
edwarddan_l: Everyone uses Imgur..17:41
dan_lKaddi:  I know.  But I smell trolls sometimes.17:41
edwardIs there like a toll number I can call for support, this is taking too long..17:42
edwardA troll-free number wold be good to.17:43
dan_lit's 888-382-348317:43
dan_lcall from your cell phone and it's free.17:43
edwarddan_l: Can I acesss into it?17:44
dan_lOf course you can.17:44
edwarddan_l: Well I'll have to put that on my list.''17:44
chevellehi people17:53
chevellei need upload jar in nextel iden i33517:53
chevelleany idea???17:54
chevelleexists Myjal 3 for kubuntu?17:54
bukcyballI am facing some unusual problem regarding z-order of windows in ubuntu 10.04, gnome environment.18:00
James147bukcyball: you might want to ask on #ubuntu then :) this channel is for kubuntu/kde18:02
bukcyballI know. I just tried here. :)18:05
chevellehelp me18:13
chevellei nned driver for motorola iDEN18:13
chevelle** i need18:14
kaddichevelle: what are you trying to do_18:22
chevelleupload my app to Nextel iDEN i33518:23
kaddiwhat is nextel iden?18:23
anditosanjoin opensuse18:23
kaddihave you tried moto4lin?18:25
BajKhttp://www.notebooksbilliger.de/lenovo+g560+core+i3+freedos+mit+nvidia would kubuntu run on that?18:25
kaddigoogle suggests that the wifi might not owrk by default18:27
kaddiotherwise... no idea.. probably yes18:27
* James147 like his eee pc :D18:27
BajKkaddi: hm wifi would be the main feature.. so if that doesnt work18:44
BajKwhy shouldn't it?18:44
chevellekaddi: moto4lin no found with motorola iDEN :s18:44
chevellenot work18:44
kaddii didn't say it wouldn't work, i just mentioned that it wouldn't work out of the box. BajK I think it will most likely work once you install the drivers.. I can't guarantee anything as I have never seen this notebook in real life, and even less tried ubuntu on it18:45
kaddichevelle: you need to install moto4lin on your ubuntu not on your phone18:45
kaddithen see if moto4lin will detect your phone18:45
chevellekaddi:  of course  xD18:45
chevellebut not work18:46
BajKkaddi: and which drivers do I need?18:46
kaddigoogle should know BajK18:47
chevellei don't that driver using this phone18:47
kaddihow are you trying to connect anyways? bluetooth? firewire? usb?18:47
BajKkaddi: hm but I don't wanna spent 500 bucks and than have to stick with shitty windows because wifi isnt working^^18:47
kaddithen check on google if people have found a working solution18:48
chevellekaddi: for USB18:48
BajKkaddi: but I cannot find where it says the bluetooth stick or anything used18:49
chevellekaddi: i search and search in google but nothing  my friend :S18:49
BajKah found it18:49
BajK"Broadcom BCM4313 (PCI code 4727]. Ubuntu 9.10 does not support this one out of the box. Works fine with Broadcom's driver from here:"18:49
kaddiBajK: well if it is only the wifi you can always by a linux compatible wifi-card or flash drive18:49
kaddiBajK: :) Well that shouldn't be a problem then18:49
James147BajK: I would try to avoid a laptop with Broadcom wilress chip :)18:49
BajKJames147: hm?18:50
kaddichevelle: I'm not finding anything else either... so maybe it's not possible. i don't know. I've never tried18:50
James147BajK: that have had a histroy of being anoying on linux... and you will be forced into using the closed drivers18:50
kaddiat least the closed drivers work18:51
kaddi*cough* intel *cough*18:51
James147BajK: mostlikly jockey-kde will get it working... but the amount of people I have hear complain about them here is outstanding so I would be wary of getting something with one :)18:51
BajKok I'm gonna find a nwe one :D18:52
BajKLinlap.com but I don't know there to start. Is there a good brand to look at? Should be not that expensive but not cheap-plastic-looking18:53
* James147 likes his asus eee pc 18:53
kaddiI've been very happy with acer, but ubuntu has problem with intel chips lately.. so you might be careful there18:53
kyanHello ! My computer won't boot.18:53
James147asus are quite well known for just working with linux :)18:54
kyan(Not the one I'm using to chat now... hehe)18:54
kyanWhen I start it, it hangs at watitng for root filesystem.18:54
kyanI just updated to the latest kernel version, but it's not displaying in the list of options.18:54
kaddithe asus I've known just died after 2 years and a week of usage...18:55
kyanIt looks similar to the http://www.debianhelp.org/node/11653 problem.18:55
James147kaddi: my netbook is still going strong :)18:55
kyanAny suggestions?18:55
kaddikyan: it says it might be a kernel bug, have you tried an older kernel?18:56
James147havnt had any issues with it, execpt every other release kubuntu seems to fix one set of media keys and break another :D although maverick they are all working18:56
James147kyan: hold shift during boot to force grub to display a list of kernals18:57
toomai_CHhi all18:57
kyanDuring what stage of bootL18:57
toomai_CHI have KDE 4.5.1 and opening Kmail it always says that nepomuk search service not is registered at D-Bus....anything I can do?18:57
kaddiJames147: what graphics chip does your eee have if it ain't intel?18:57
James147kyan: till you get a menu :)18:57
* James147 goes to check18:58
kaddioh wow, I'm behind. KDE 4.5 has been released? >.>18:58
James147kaddi: ages ago, we are on 4.5.1 now18:58
kyanWell, I enter my bios password and before I can get my hand to shift GNU GRUB version 1.98 is up with its list of options (such as 'Detect any OS', 'Detect any GRUB2 configuration file (grub.cfg),  &c...)18:58
toomai_CHkaddi: yap...;)18:59
James147kaddi: and its an intel :S 945GME... though it just works :)18:59
kyanI can just try rebooting until I get my hand to that shift key18:59
kaddiJames147: which version did you start using it with, out of curiosity? Did jaunty work for you?18:59
James147kaddi: oo, cant remember exactly :) ... might have been jaunty or the one after19:00
kaddikarmic had the issues mostly fixed... mostly :p19:00
James147kaddi: either way its been great on lucid, and even better on maverick :D19:01
kyanDo you think that's a good solution?19:01
James147kyan: nop, grub seems to not be finding what it needs to find :S19:02
kyanHmm. Where would I find it?19:02
kaddioh it's running fine for me know, too.. just jaunty taught me to be wary. lol... I haven't had time lately and haven't had a glimpse at maverick yet :(19:02
kyan(so I can modify the boot commands?)19:02
kaddieven missed the 4.5 release, obviously19:03
kyanAdmittedly I'm not very familiar with GRUB's boot commands...19:03
BajKwhat about this one? http://www.arlt.com/PCs-Notebooks/Notebooks/nach-Hersteller/Asus/Asus-K50AF-SX020V.html19:03
James147kyan: afraid I am not sure what to do... I would boot up a live cd and see if you can acess your drives, if so I would reinstall grub19:04
James147!grub2 | kyan19:04
ubottukyan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:04
toomai_CHI have KDE 4.5.1 and opening Kmail it always says that nepomuk search service not is registered at D-Bus....anything I can do?19:04
BajKAt Arlt I can tell them not to install Windows, so I will safe another 70-80 euro19:04
kyanOk. When I look at the list of kernels, my old ones show up19:04
kyanI'll use my Gutsy live cd.19:05
James147kyan: if you can see a list of kernals try selecting your old one19:05
kyanI did. that's when it hung at waitng for root fs.19:05
kyanSo I select now Linux 2.6.32-24-generic...19:06
kyanNow. it says Begin: Waiting for root file system...19:07
kyanAnd it still does....19:07
kyanAnd I don't think it will stop for a while...19:08
kyan...or ever...19:08
kaddiBajK: you will get no guarantees, no matter how long you ask. Unless you know someone who owns the exact same model, you will have to take the risk of being unable to use certain features of the laptop. Lenovo did not come with drivers for the wireless card. it seems the asus has issues with the touchpad.. bt who knows, they may have been resolved or other issues may have arised we are unaware of19:08
kyanAh here's a related thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21431219:09
BajKkaddi: ok I'll just take the train, drive there and just ask them for notebooks which are compatible for linux ^^19:09
James147BajK: take a live usb with you and ask if you can test it :)19:10
kyanI tried single-user mode and it seemed to have the same problem.19:10
BajKbut atm I haven't got enough spare money anyway.D19:10
=== ben_ is now known as MeatCurtains
kyanAh! it change.d19:13
kyanNow it's stopped at/bin/sh:can't access tty; job control turned off (initramfs)19:13
kyanThat was after ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/b04f59d6-7210-41ff-b6f7-7fb88a34d882 does not exsit. Dropping to a shell!19:15
kyanWhat could cause this errors.?19:16
kyanNow, the screen is black.19:16
kyanWhat should I do to fix it?19:17
kyanIt's still black.19:22
kyanI'll try the live cd.19:22
seicherlbobhow can i find out my Xserver version?19:22
iconmefistoseicherlbob: Xorg -version19:24
seicherlbobiconmefisto: it says 1.4.2 - shouldnt it be something like 6.8 or 7.2 or whatever?19:25
kyanokay I'm opening Gparet.d19:32
kyanI mean, Gparted.19:32
Peace-kyan: gparted?19:32
Peace-partitionmanager = kde19:32
kyanYes, because my only live cd is Ubuntu Gutsy.19:33
kyanI installed Kubuntu somehow... don't remember now. hehe19:33
kyanGparted isn't recognising any of my partitions, and is displaying only /dev/hdc and /dev/hdd.19:34
kyanThey're both listed as unallocated.19:34
eheeHi all,  I am using kbuntu with a standard def TV via S-Video and i would like the tweak my modeline settings in xorg config so that the video displayed on my TV fills the whole screen. Could someone sugest a good GUI app that will let me play with the modeline so i can get a good set of values?19:34
kyanIn the file browser, the partitions show up fine.19:35
James147kyan: welll that might explain the problems :S... what where you doing before you couldnt boot?19:35
James147kyan: can you browes the files?19:35
kyanSome of them.19:36
Peace-ehee: why systemsetting----> display doens't work ?19:37
kyanOne 20.5 gb volume says mount:: wrong fs type, bad opiton,b ad superblock on /dev//hdd8, missing codepage or helper program or other error in some cases useul info is foun d in syslog — try dmesg | tail or so19:37
kyanI think that's the ext4 volume my main installation is.19:38
kyanThere's another one giving the  same error.19:38
kyanan 894.2 mb partition.19:38
eheePeace: display works but the resolution of the tv is not exactly the same as standard res and i want to play with the settings to get the most out of the realistate on the tv.19:39
drunkncrewhello all19:40
drunkncrewI was just wondering if anyone has updated to KDE 4.5, and if they've had any issues with it?19:40
iconmefistodrunkncrew: I just upgraded. amarok wouldn't start until I renamed .kde/share/apps/amarok19:41
drunkncrewiconmefisto: I did a fresh install about a week ago and upgraded to 4.5 and then my sytem lagged really badly, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced lag with 4.519:42
drunkncrewi had to reinstall Kubuntu all together to get the extremem lag to go away, I was wondering if it was indeed KDE 4.5 or just something random19:43
James147drunkncrew: I found the opposite, 4.5 was allot more responsive for me19:45
drunkncrewjames147: thanks, I'll go ahead and update then, hopefully it was just a fluke19:46
kyanI'm using testdisk now.19:48
caribou_what irc client is everyone using?  i'm still trying to find something similar to mirc, but without having to use wine...19:49
drunkncrewcaribou_: I'm using quassel which is just the kubuntu default and i like it19:49
kyancaribou_: I'm just using webirc. http://webchat.freenode.net/19:49
BajKI want Kopete's ability to connect to IRC back19:50
James147caribou_: quassel or konversation are what most people here are probally using :) (although not all) quassel is kubuntus default one konv is allot more advanced19:50
caribou_i'm on quassel now, and it's certainly usable...  maybe a fixed-width font would make me feel at home :oP19:51
Peace-caribou_: use konversation19:51
Peace-BajK: it's a nice idea...19:51
BajKPeace-: I could connect to IRC in KDE 3.5 with kopete but this features is missing19:52
kyanTestdisk has scanned 61% of my first hard drive and it's still found no partition.19:52
Peace-BajK: i know :)19:52
Peace-BajK: i am using konversation19:52
Peace-that is what we get ... for now19:52
kyanAny ideas what the cause of that might be?19:52
Peace-kyan: no partition ? omg19:53
James147kyan: I would guess at there being something seriously wrong with your drive :(19:53
iconmefistois the problem with ext4 partitions only?19:54
=== james is now known as Guest13479
BajKhmmm.. plasma-netbook seems not to support multi screen configuration :( :D19:57
kyanOk it's finnished.19:57
kyaninconmefisto: possibly.19:58
kyanI'm using a gutsy live cdh.19:58
kyanOK testdisk found one partiiton on /dev/hdc.19:58
kyanFAT32 LBA 9447 0 1 9727 254 63 4514265 [EL-BOOT19:58
kyanIsn't that size a bit excessive?19:59
kyanFor my other hard disc, /dev/hdd, I got : D HPFS - NTFS 0  1 20591 15 63 2075667320:00
BajKwow nice, in kde 4.5 you can configure samba using systemsettings :)20:00
kyanD Linux 20591 4 1 20607 15 63 1688420:00
kyanDoes that seem right?20:00
kyanDoes that seem to need to be fixed?20:00
kyanNow I'm doing deeper searches and it's finding more.20:01
kyanOn /dev/hdc, it's found, at 6% done : Linux 0 1 1 9446 254 63 151765992.20:02
James147BajK: you can?20:03
BajKJames147: I do?20:04
* James147 looks confused20:04
BajKJames147: multi monitor support20:04
BajKthe plasma netbook shell just appeared on the primary screen20:05
BajKwhilst the secondary one had just a black background20:05
kyanIs there any software that can locate all the partitons of a hard disc and write a new partition map, and then locate all the operating systems, and write GRUB config file for it?20:05
BajKOk it's not meant for that and I was just playing but still^^20:05
James147BajK: was talking about the samba comment :)20:05
BajKJames147: ah20:05
BajKJames147: Systemsettings -> Sharing and theres the ordinary useless tab just featuring the workgroun20:05
BajKand there is another one with the fuill samba configuration20:05
BajKalthough authentication does not work, so you have to launch systemsettings with kdesudo to make it work20:06
James147BajK: hmm, only have the "default name and password" options there :(20:07
James147and no tabs20:08
BajKJames147: you have samba installed, don't you?20:12
BajKI did install another package other than just samba but ubuntuusers is down so I cannot tell20:12
kyanCan I use TestDisk to write a partition table?20:13
James147BajK: nop, i onl yhave two options, and not tabs :S and yes I have samba installed20:15
James147what "otherpackage" do you have?20:16
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=== NWSteamer is now known as DataGeorge
kyanAny programs at all that will let me create a customised partition table without actually modifying the partitions themselves?20:21
tibetan_zenhow to stop system sounds in Kubuntu 10.04?20:22
DarthFrogtibetan_zen: Use System Settings to control your system sounds.20:23
tibetan_zentrying already, and nothing20:24
DarthFrogtibetan_zen: "Manage Notifications" has a "No audio output" option.20:25
BajKJames147: i don't remember exactly, ubuntuusers.de is down so i cannot look it up20:26
James147BajK: why do you need that site to look it up?20:26
James147(and its working here)20:27
tibetan_zenchecked, but Chromium still has sounds when i hit back buton for example20:28
BajKJames147: where should I know which package exactly i did install?^^20:29
kyanI'm trying fdisk now. It says Unable to open /dev/hdd.20:32
James147BajK: do you remember part of its name?20:33
kyanAaack! something wrong with my partition tabl.20:35
kyanThe only partiton in /dev/hdc has so many blocks that fdisk can't count them?20:35
frandoHey. I just updated my 10.04 installation, accepted all available updates, restarted and now kdm starts, I enter my password, the login form goes away and - nothing happens.20:36
frandoThe 5 icons that appear normally when kde starts do not even appear20:37
frandoso I am hung on the kdm background image, I can move the mouse, but nothing happens20:37
EagleScreenfrando: are you sure all updates were applied?20:37
frandoEagleScreen: I think so, yes. I only restarted when it was all done and there were no errors.20:38
abpcplease help me20:38
James147frando: try installing kubuntu-desktop20:38
=== fred_ is now known as Guest52547
frandoJames147: OK.. can try that. but i'm pretty sure it's already installed?20:39
James147frando: worth a try :)20:39
frandoand btw, is there an easy way to connect to a WPA2 Personal encrypted WLAN from the console?20:39
EagleScreenfrando: also try a clean user enviroment (create a new user and try)20:39
frandoAs I can't get into KDE I don't know how to get online20:39
frandoEagleScreen: Hm, yeah will try that too20:40
tibetan_zenhow can be shut down Kubuntu 10.04 with keyboard shortcut?20:40
EagleScreenfrando: do you know your network card name?20:40
EagleScreeneth0, eth120:40
EagleScreentibetan_zen: Ctrl + Alt + Supr ?20:41
kyanOk, I've found one problem. I've got an iso9660 filesystem in a hard drive... wth?20:41
tibetan_zenwhat is Supr ?20:42
=== angela is now known as Guest76516
BajKwhy is ubuntuusers wiki still available?20:45
BajKJames147: ah got it20:46
BajKJames147: kdenetwork-filesharing20:46
Guest76516I am testing kubuntu for the first time and it's great.20:46
BajKJames147: i installed samba, kdenetwork and kdenetwork-filesharing20:46
Guest76516what firewall do you all recommend?20:47
Peace-Guest76516: i didn't use firewall20:47
Peace-since 3 year20:47
* James147 install "kdenetwork-filesharing"20:47
Peace-Guest76516: are yoi on the lan ?20:47
Peace-Guest76516: or you have a home connection ?20:47
Guest76516is there a good one that you guys would recommend? I am on a lan.20:47
James147Guest76516: non if your behind a router with a filewall20:48
BajK-> pizza20:48
Guest76516Yeah that should be my next step, I have a good firewall router.  haha Pizza makes a great firewall.20:48
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.20:49
Guest76516Thank you Iconmefisto and Peace!20:49
James147Guest76516: if you are on a computer that is already behind a router with a good firewall, then a firewall on the computer its self is largly pointless20:49
James147(and often just gets in the way)20:50
Guest76516doesn't it make sense to have a firewall behind a firewall for added security? I have 8 gigs of ram and quad core so speed isn't an issue.20:50
Peace-James147: Guest76516 James147 has right20:50
BajKJames147: and? working? :)20:50
James147Guest76516: its not speed, its things you want to get through being blocked by your added level of security20:51
=== markus_ is now known as hinkman
Guest76516Kubuntu rocks, ok thanks you guys.20:51
James147BajK: installing :) looked away for a sec and it asked me a question and paused there :)20:51
BajKGuest76516: would you consider giving yourself a nickname? type /nick YOURNEWNICK for a new nickname20:51
BajKJames147: yeah, that sucks^^ especially when doing dist-upgarde and there is an update for kdm it always stops and asks whether i want to keep the settings or overwrite them20:52
=== Guest76516 is now known as AngelHill
AngelHill:) thanks20:52
kyanIs it normal for an 80-gb hard drive to have 155060 cylinders?20:52
kyanThat seems like a lot.20:52
AngelHillYou guys are really helpful20:52
James147_BajK: yup have the options now :D20:52
BajKJames147: can you try starting systemsettings with kdesudo if it works? because it deos not ask for a authentication20:53
kyanAlso, is there a better place to be asking this? It seems only tangentially related to kubuntu (even though the problem appeared after updating kubuntu).20:53
AngelHillbrb gonna go look at the firewall settings you all recommended.20:54
James147__BajK: yeah, needs to be run with kdesudo :S20:55
BajKJames147__: ah kay, better than nothing :)20:55
BajKoh dear, when I remember back the days when I just formatted XP because it annoyed me soo much (ram was broken which I didn't know at that time) with BSODs and things.. how Kubuntu evolved in that short period of time, never wanna switch back to that ugly KDE 4.2 :)20:56
AngelHillDo any of you use wine on kubuntu? Or is that a dumb q? ^.^20:58
James147__AngelHill: try not to if there is an alternitive20:59
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:59
BajKAngelHill: i do use wine21:01
kyanAngelHill : I use wine21:02
AngelHillJames147 you're super helpful thank you21:02
AngelHillwhat apps do you all find you need from win that you don't have here?21:02
AngelHillCause I want to get better with linux21:02
BajKAngelHill: http://appdb.winehq.org/21:02
James147__AngelHill: Steam... but thats going to change soon :)21:02
BajKAngelHill: there are applications that do and dont run with wine21:03
BajKJames147__: steam runs better on my kubuntu thatn it used to on xp :D21:03
BajKi mean counter strike and so21:03
AngelHillsteam rocks i love hl221:04
James147__BajK: pity L4D[2] loses about 5-10 fps... placing it on the boarder of being unplayble21:04
BajKon friday i hve a lan party, and my pc does not even "know" windows :D never had it21:04
AngelHilll4d 2 is so much fun.21:04
AngelHilllan party lucky21:04
BajKJames147__: dunno, just have counter strike, half life 2 and its eps, lost coast, deathmatch and this childish airplane game21:05
BajKdepending on the amount of players I can play with up to 60 fps21:05
BajKwith 16 players21:05
BajKat 24 players it lags a bit though21:05
James147__BajK: should probally try hl2... portal worked quite well under it21:05
BajKJames147__: yes portal is nice21:05
BajKI have all effects turned on, 16x anisotropic, 4xantialias, HDRR and things21:06
kyanIs there any way to make Kubuntu boot?21:06
v3nd3tta``omg freaks21:06
v3nd3tta``what hw do you have?21:06
James147__only have a 7300 :( makes it hard to play anything at a decent speed21:06
v3nd3tta``me 221:06
v3nd3tta``can you launch cs:s ?21:07
v3nd3tta``through steam21:07
James147__dont ahve it ^^21:07
James147__so no :D21:07
v3nd3tta``what then?21:07
James147__can play portal ^^ and l4d[2] just about plays :)21:07
v3nd3tta``portal is <321:07
v3nd3tta``l4d2 idk i dont like it21:08
* James147__ hopes protal2 will be linux native 21:08
v3nd3tta``too unreal21:08
v3nd3tta``yeah i hope 2 they port it to a native linux21:08
AngelHillhow do I find out about myself as a user on irc?21:08
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AngelHillsorry if thats not related to the topic21:08
BajKit runs on mac so it isnt that big of a step to portingi it to linux21:08
James147__it could happen, steam are building a native client :)21:08
v3nd3tta``uhm /msg NickServ info <user>21:08
v3nd3tta``it would be great21:09
James147__AngelHill: atm your more ontopic then we are :)21:09
kyanI'll try asking at #ubuntu21:09
AngelHillThanks V3nd3tta and James14721:09
James147__AngelHill: what do you mean "find out about yourself"?21:09
v3nd3tta``he means more info21:09
v3nd3tta``try /whois <user>21:10
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AngelHillThanks V3nd3tta21:13
v3nd3tta``if you want to know more commands, be sure to ask in #freenode - the staff does even know 100 percent more tham me21:13
AngelHillI wish I was a hacker, I wish I was a kungfu stacker, break ryhmes like leanne, judo chop like bruce lee cause he's the man lol.21:14
AngelHillk thanks /join #freenode21:14
AngelHillnot sure how to join lol21:14
FloodBotK1AngelHill: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:14
AngelHillthere we go got it21:15
AngelHillwhy didn't I switch to linux a long time ago?21:15
James147AngelHill: :D21:16
hinkmanhi! i've a problem with nepomuk/soprano/strigi after updating from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 on lucid.21:16
James147hinkman: we cannot help if you dont tell us what the problem is21:17
hinkmanJames147: yeah ;-) i'll describe it now21:17
hinkmanat first postinstall of virtuoso-opensource-6.1 locked.21:18
hinkmani terminated some sql process that seemed to update the virtuoso dba and dav passwords21:19
hinkmanthen, strigi didnt work anymore. thus, i reinstalled virtuoso-opensource-6.1 with apt-get install --reinstall ...21:20
Ecijano23what is a spanish ubuntu chanel?21:20
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.21:21
hinkmanthen, a dialog appeared, that says i didnt chose a admin password for virtuoso (i remembered this dialog from an earlier update)21:21
hinkmanand postinstall finished.21:21
AngelHillwhat irc cliennt do you all like best?21:21
hinkmanwhen trying to start strigi manually by nepomukservicestub nepomukstrigiservice, then i get an DBus Error:ServiceUnknown - The name org.kde.nepomuk.services.nepomukstorage was not provided by any .service files21:22
Koliahinkman: what if you just start nepomuk and strigi from systemsettings?21:22
hinkmanstrigi doesnt run or says something about installationproblem21:23
Koliahinkman: I had the same problem to install virtuoso. when i finally managed to install it, nepomuk was still not working. so I cleared the nepomuk folder from .kde and everything was fine after this21:24
hinkmanthe same postinstall problem occured on my other computer, but there strigi seems to run21:24
hinkmanKolia: i know, i did this when updating from 4.3 to 4.4 because the database format was somehow corrupted.21:25
James147AngelHill: quassel and konversation are two popular choises for kde :)21:25
kyanI'm just going to back up all my data to an external hd then do a complete reinstall.21:25
kyanThanks for your help!21:25
AngelHillI like quassel so far21:25
AngelHillJames, do you know of any themey ones? I mean ones I can skin?21:26
hinkmanbut i will lose all of my nepomuk tags, wont i?21:26
James147AngelHill: I dissagree with themable programs... I prefure to set my themes globally not ahve to chose one for every program :)21:26
AngelHillJames147 that makes it easier i suppose21:27
James147AngelHill: its allot easier to change how programs look in kubuntu compaired with windows :)21:27
James147hinkman: you will... try a new user first before deleting any file :)21:28
iconmefistoAngelHill: might want to try kvirc21:28
hinkmanJames147: I will21:28
AngelHillkvirc ok thanks Iconmefisto21:29
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BajKso, /me's canna play cs now :D withwine :)21:33
jaemI installed ubuntu-desktop on top of Kubuntu Karmic, and now the KDE session is using the GNOME Window manager and disregarding the KDE "Default Applications" settings entirely.21:33
jaemAny ideas?21:33
AltrortlASorry if i use this channel ... I need a chat for Windows Vista trouble ... any tips?21:34
AltrortlAI can't find any21:35
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James147AltrortlA: #window probally21:35
iconmefistoAltrortlA: join ##windows21:35
AltrortlAthanks i'll try21:35
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jaemHmm... fixed it manually.21:38
jaemThat's still rather odd, though.21:38
AngelHillbye everyone thanks for your help :)21:38
hinkmanJames147: for a new user, strigi works21:40
James147hinkman: :( sounds like you need to delete the configs then.... or see if you cna find out why they arnt working (afraid I dont know how to do that)21:46
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Key_Gruinany kasablanca users here? wondering how to bookmark the Session A side as a local list to go with the B side, on the internet21:48
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hinkmanJames147:thats strange, strigi doesnt use virtuoso anymore, it uses poor redland22:07
hinkmanJames147:i've found the solution!22:15
hinkmanwithout deleting my database or configs22:15
hinkmani started the nepomukserver manually22:15
hinkmanwhen enabling nepomuk, it says there is a problem with the transaction log. it was generated by an old server version. i deleted the log ~/.kde/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/data/virtuosobackend/soprano-virtuoso.trx22:18
hinkmannow it works22:18
mandipI cant write to my usb stick without using sudo from  konsole? Any ideas??22:39
mandipIm on 10.04 btw22:40
Metal_FoxHi, I'm having troubles with flash (no audio) and my PCM bar is up22:51
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ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:37
inteliwaspwhat can cause extra characters to appear on the bios boot screen (ie: random letters/symbols and some rapidly changeing)23:45
inteliwaspi have already reseated my video card23:46
inteliwaspand the cpu temp is good23:47
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