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kklimondahmm.. LP died?04:02
kklimondaah, it's back again04:02
lifelesskklimonda: what happened ?04:10
kklimondalifeless: hmm.. something like "Couldn't connect to Launchpad, please wait and try again"04:12
lifelessplease file a bug04:12
lifelessthat was an edge update, which is meant to be zero-downtime.04:12
kklimondalifeless: hmm, "a zero-downtime update wasn't zero-downtime"? :)04:13
lifelesskklimonda: 'got error page when using edge during an edge update'04:14
kklimondalifeless: k, done04:16
kklimondabug 63126204:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 631262 in Launchpad itself "Got error page in edge server during an edge update (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63126204:16
lifelesskklimonda: thanks04:16
LaibschIs there anything wrong with the targets http://paste.debian.net/88062/ in ~/.dput.cf?  Whenever I upload a particular package to them it is refused with "The source apt-cacher-ng - 0.5.4-1 is already accepted in ubuntu/lucid and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution."04:21
Laibschthat's strange for two reasons.  1) I'm uploading to maverick 2) even the lucid source in that ppa has been deleted a couple of days ago04:21
Laibsch0.5.4-1 is in none of the official releases, yet.04:21
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madomanHi all ... I noticed that update "linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic" for 10.04 from update manager  makes my Dell E6510 boot to the "black" screen. I suppose this is a know bug? With "linux-image-2.6.32-23-generic" it works just fine. Seems that "black" screen boot is some know issue. But should this be reported as a new bug? Because it was delivered by the update manager.09:45
statikhi voidspace10:01
voidspaceattempting to add a new email to my launchpad account fails - is this a known issue?10:01
voidspacestatik: hi10:01
voidspace(Error ID: OOPS-1710E559)10:01
lifelessvoidspace: hi.10:05
voidspacelifeless: hey - hi10:05
voidspacelifeless: which team are you on?10:05
lifelessvoidspace: all of them :P10:06
voidspacelifeless: ha :-)10:06
voidspacelifeless: I just joined ISD10:06
lifelessvoidspace: (it feels like that sometimes - I get /lots/ of mail - and my account (due to a bug) triggered 330 DB lookups on bug pages :P)10:06
lifelessvoidspace: I'm the technical architect for launchpad at the moment10:06
voidspaceah right, cool10:06
lifelessvoidspace: I started in the roll, oh, 3 months back.10:07
lifelessvoidspace: remember when I said 'thats nice, I promise I'll look but -boy- am I busy right now' ?10:07
lifelessthat was ~ half way through week 110:07
voidspaceso now you're three times as busy...10:07
lifelessactually, if things like up right for this release10:07
lifelesswe'll have vastly improved data in our OOPSes; won't be proxying massive files via the zope appservers...10:08
lifelessI should be able to sit back and look at the landscape a bit more.10:08
voidspaceas in "the landscape"10:08
lifelessyes, not 'landscape' the product10:08
lifeless Module lp.registry.browser.person, line 4631, in validate_action_add_email10:09
lifeless    owner_name = urllib.quote(owner.name)10:09
lifelessAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'10:09
voidspaceso launchpad thinks I am a nobody, a None10:09
voidspacethat makes me sad :-(10:09
lifelesstry on edge10:09
lifelessvoidspace: oh, and welcome :)10:10
voidspaceI got an interesting email from Ubuntu One on Saturday - I setup the iPhone integration and got an email with the repr of a Python object as my username :-)10:10
voidspacethankfully I also got *another* email with my real username10:10
voidspacewhat do you mean by "try on edge"?10:10
lifelessvoidspace: join this team10:10
lifelessvoidspace: edge is a thing we're about to delete :) - its 'get the latest changes and unreleased features' for launchpad10:12
voidspacelifeless: ah, cool - joined10:12
lifelessvoidspace: we're moving to a single version deployed model, but we'll keep the latest-changes and unreleased features thing10:13
lifelessjust via code switches instead.10:13
voidspace(Error ID: OOPS-1710EA751)10:13
voidspace(that's on edge.launchpad.net)10:13
lifelessvoidspace: #launchpad-dev is a channel you might like10:17
voidspacelifeless: freenode?10:17
lifelesswhile in ISD you'll be on different stuff, the lp development channel is pretty active & we use many of the same toolchain10:17
voidspaceok - thanks10:18
voidspaceI'm going through the new starter guys for Canonical / ISD team at the moment10:18
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voidspacelifeless: sorry - computer issues...10:25
lifelessrunning Ubuntu yet ?10:25
voidspacelifeless: no :-) but hardware issues I think - or a video driver issue, not sure10:26
voidspacelifeless: once every few days I get hard crashes10:26
voidspacelifeless: I installed Ubuntu into a VM over the weekend and played with it10:26
voidspacelifeless: impressed :-)10:26
noodles775voidspace: fwiw, I've added a comment on bug 576757 for the registry guys.10:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 576757 in Launchpad Registry "user oopsing when attempting to add an email address belonging to a never activated account (affected: 1, heat: 2)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57675710:34
lucidfoxHow does the release pattern work?10:39
lucidfoxI've just moved a project from Google Code to Launchpad - what would be the easiest way to import its old release tarballs?10:40
voidspacenoodles775: thanks10:45
voidspacenoodles775: would it be possible for an admin to delete the unused account - or should I do it?10:45
noodles775voidspace: yeah, it should be possible. Best way would be to create a question similar to the following, and reference that one (as the launchpad administrators solved it there): https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10989110:50
voidspacenoodles775: thanks - I'll do that11:04
voidspacenoodles775: For the record: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/12429711:08
noodles775voidspace: great, I've just assigned it to the losas (Launchpad admins)11:17
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AlanBellhi all12:18
AlanBellis it possible to do a kind of read-only link to a launchpad bug?12:18
AlanBellso a bug could be referenced in a news publication as something interesting, but there would be an extra step for readers to jump through if they wanted to comment on the bug itself and would prevent accidental status changes etc.12:20
voidspaceissue with setting location on launchpad (and edge.launchpad): "The google maps API server rejected your request. THe "client" parameter specified in the request is invalid"12:27
lucidfoxHow do I give someone else commit access to my project's bzr brunch?12:27
nigelblucidfox: what is your branch named as?12:27
nigelbi.e. if its lp:~lucidfox, only you have access12:28
nigelbif you make it lp:~teamfoo-dev, everyone will have access12:28
nigelberr. everyone in the team12:29
lucidfoxWell, for example, here is one of my projects: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~sikon/qink/trunk12:29
lucidfoxits primary branch, that is12:29
lucidfoxIf I click "Set branch reviewer" and change it to a team, will it give the entire team commit rights?12:29
nigelb~sikon/qink/trunk => the first bit says who has commit acces12:30
ricotzplease, could someone restart https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+build/1945560 which is stuck!12:30
nigelbgenerally most folks on lp create a team to administer commit access12:30
lucidfoxor will I need to manually create a branch for the team and import it?12:30
nigelblucidfox: just rename? isn't it possible to rename the branch?12:30
maxblucidfox: No, that only affects who does reviews. You need "Change branch details", and change the owner to a team12:30
bigjoolsricotz: noted12:30
nigelbvoidspace: known issue12:30
lucidfoxmaxb> Rightio! Thanks12:31
voidspacenigelb: cool12:31
ricotzbigjools, thanks12:31
lucidfoxI've just migrated that project from Google Code, what would be the fastest way to import its old downloads?12:31
lucidfoxthere are 5 releases left to import, each with a .tar.gz and a .tar.bz212:32
lucidfoxOkay, guess I'll just upload them manually12:36
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MichealHHello Can someone tell me how I log into launchpad for bzr12:46
nigelbMichealH: can you clarify further?12:47
MichealHHow do I make my whoami correct so I can login to lauchpad on bzr12:48
bilalakhtarMichealH: bzr whoami Micheal Harker <e-mail>12:49
bilalakhtarMichealH: and also bzr launchpad-login michealh12:49
MichealHOkay bilalakhtar12:50
MichealHI got told to pust to branches I needed a SSH key?12:50
nigelbgah, he left12:58
nigelbwgrant: Is this possible currently? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/12430912:59
nigelb(getting a url that shows the bug and comments, but no box to add comments)12:59
wgrantNot at the moment, no.12:59
nigelbhm, thanks :)13:00
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LaibschIs there anything wrong with the targets http://paste.debian.net/88062/ in ~/.dput.cf?  Whenever I upload a particular package to them it is refused with "The source apt-cacher-ng - 0.5.4-1 is already accepted in ubuntu/lucid and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution."14:13
Laibschthat's strange for two reasons.  1) I'm uploading to maverick 2) even the lucid source in that ppa has been deleted a couple of days ago.  FWIW, 0.5.4-1 is in none of the official releases, yet.14:13
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bigjoolsLaibsch: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+faq/99014:15
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Laibschbigjools-lunch: thank you.  but please read my question more carefully.  I know generally how LP and uploading works.14:17
Laibschif it's any help, I am official Debian maintainer of a number of packages.14:17
LaibschI think LP is misbehaving here.14:17
Laibschbut I just want to see if I am doing something stupid.14:17
Laibschagain, I am specifically uploading to maverick, yet get a rejection message for lucid.  and even there the source has been deleted days ago.14:18
sorenLaibsch: Does that PPA depend on your "stable" ppa?14:24
Laibschlemme check14:24
sorenLaibsch: If it does, that explains why it's rejected. Not so much why it says lucid, but..14:25
Laibschbut that certainly was a good guess14:25
sorenLaibsch: Does it have any dependencies?14:26
Laibschnone at all14:26
Laibschonly ubuntu default dependencies14:27
LaibschI guess maybe I should open a ticket against soyuz and let the devs sort out what is happening here.14:37
maxbLaibsch: apt-cacher-ng - 0.5.4-1    (changes file)   2010-09-03  Deleted  Lucid  Net   All builds were built successfully.14:44
maxbIt's already there, you can't upload it again14:44
Laibschthat's three days ago14:44
Laibschwhy is it still there?14:44
Laibschthat's the first question14:44
Laibschsecond question is why the upload goes to lucid14:44
Laibschalthough I upload to maverick14:45
maxbWell, first question, it's functioning as designed. You can delete packages, but not the metadata that records they once existed.14:45
Laibschso far I was always able to reupload a deleted package with the same version number14:47
Laibschand again, why the problem with the lucid/maverick mixup14:47
maxbHuh. Really? I thought that was impossible14:47
Laibschdoesn't look lik "functioning as designed" to me14:47
Laibschsure, did that a couple of times already14:47
tgm4883Can you specify the release (maverick) when you upload a source package? I thought you had to do it in the changelog?14:47
Laibschusually it takes about 15-30 minutes for the cronjob to delete the files14:48
Laibschtgm4883: you can force the upload to a particular release14:48
tgm4883hmm, neat14:48
persiaIt's *supposed* to be impossible to upload the same version number to the same PPA (regardless of target).  Any case of it working was accidental exploitation of a bug, and the bug was probably fixed.14:48
Laibschpersia: even if that file was removed?14:48
maxbYes, even if.14:48
Laibschsorry, but that would be terribly stupid14:49
maxbNo, it's terribly sensible14:49
Laibschand IMO that would be a real bug14:49
tgm4883why would you want to?14:49
Laibschhow do I upload the original debian version, then?14:49
tgm4883that would surely cause issues for upgrades14:49
persiaIt is designed to allow PPAs to be first-class archives for distribution.  This makes them somewhere between painful and useless for learning, or staging stuff.14:49
Laibschtgm4883: ^^^ for example14:50
persiaThe two alternatives were discussed at length in several bugs, and the decision was to support distribution over staging.14:50
Laibschso the feature of allowing unchanged sources was deliberately broken, then14:50
LaibschCause I don't see how to upload that package to my PPA now14:51
Laibschwithouth creating a new PPA14:51
Laibschand to request a sync I need to show a build log14:51
Laibschwhich I haven't been able to produce for almost a week now14:51
Laibschsorry, I stand by my word that this is stupid14:51
LaibschI don't see the benefit14:51
Laibscha deleted source and binary should be deleted for good14:51
persia`apt-get install sbuild ubuntu-dev-tools; mk-sbuild --arch=i386 maverick; sbuild -A -d maverick-i386 foo.dsc` will generate a build log.14:53
Laibschtgm4883: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions14:53
Laibschthat's where that forced release is documented14:53
persialaunchpad PPAs have been adjusted to not usefully support what you seek to accomplish, intentionally.  I happen to agree that it would be nice to use them for that, but it's not how it works today.14:53
Laibschpersia: I already see a dev asking me for a buildlog from a PPA at some time in the future14:54
Laibschbecause they will be my comfortable than me uploading a build log14:54
Laibschplus now I need to set up a maverick pbuilder14:54
persiasend them here.  The decision was made a couple years ago, and isn't likely to be revisited.14:54
Laibschcouple of years?14:55
tgm4883Laibsch, ah I see now, however there is still "Important: Version numbers must be unique. This has implications if you want to provide packages for multiple Ubuntu series at once:", which is usually why I append +ppa# on the end14:55
Laibschdoubt that14:55
Laibschrather a couple of months14:55
tgm4883that way I can bump a build number in LP14:55
LaibschI've still been using that feature or bug depending on where you stand recently14:55
Laibschtgm4883: I don't think you fully understand what I am doing14:55
LaibschI'm intentionally not fiddling with changelog14:56
tgm4883Laibsch, I probably don't. But i'm not a LP person, so I can't do much to help you anyway14:56
wgrantLaibsch: You can still use the series override.15:00
wgrantLaibsch: You just can't upload it multiple times.15:00
Laibschwgrant: what is the series override?15:00
wgrant23:53:41 < Laibsch> that's where that forced release is documented15:00
Laibschwasn't sure that's what you meant15:00
Laibschwell, trust me, I'm stuck with this one15:00
LaibschI incorrectly uploaded this one to lucid first15:01
Laibschthat PPA is now forever dead for this package 0.5.4-115:01
LaibschIMHO that's not good15:01
wgrantIt's as it should be.15:01
wgrantPPAs are not test build platforms.15:01
Laibschask the bugs-people15:02
LaibschI think they would disagree15:02
Laibscha buildlog from a PPA is a common request15:02
wgrantThat is odd.15:02
Laibschfor a sync request15:02
Laibschand possibly others15:02
tgm4883Laibsch, just because the bugs people are using the PPA as a staging area doesn't mean that is what it is for15:02
wgrantBut what's stopping you from doing a no-change rebuild?15:03
maxbhuh? I don't even provide logs usually for sync requests, I just say I did it15:03
Laibschtgm4883: I'm just trying to achieve whatever I feel is important for Ubuntu.15:03
wgrantmaxb: FFEs require build logs15:03
LaibschI don't care how that is done15:03
wgrantOr did back in my day.15:03
Laibschbut some consistency and common sense would be nice15:03
wgrantLaibsch: Why can't you upload with a different version number, then sync?15:03
wgrantThat is, submit a build log for a slightly different version.15:03
wgrantBut still sync the original.15:03
Laibschwhy should I upload with a different version number?15:03
Laibschwgrant: just a sec15:03
wgrantBecause it's going to have different binaries.15:03
tgm4883because you can't use the same version :)15:04
wgrantAnd using the same version number for two different sets of packages is insane.15:04
LaibschI only want one set of packages15:04
wgrantBut you asked for two.15:04
Laibschbut even deleting all packages, I can't do that anymore now15:04
LaibschI didn't15:05
wgrantYou uploaded to Lucid.15:05
wgrantThen you tried to upload to Maverick.15:05
Laibschwgrant: http://oss.leggewie.org/dsc-upload-hardy is the reason15:05
tgm4883I stand by my statement of appending +ppa# on the end. That should show that it is still the same version number, but the build number was bumped.15:05
wgranttgm4883: Exactly.15:05
tgm4883I'm assuming you need to rebuild it for a packaging issue15:05
LaibschI can upload an unmodified dsc from anywhere with a single command15:05
Laibschtgm4883: and I stand by my statement that you don't understand what I'm doing, OK?15:05
wgrantLaibsch: And that's not necessarily a good thing.15:06
wgrantPPAs are not, primarily, a test build platform.15:06
Laibschyour opinion15:06
wgrantThey are designed to behave like a sane distribution archive.15:06
tgm4883Laibsch, you are trying to produce build logs for a sync request to get a newer version of apt-cacher-ng into maverick from debian?15:06
wgrantAnd sane distribution archives do not reuse versions.15:06
* Laibsch suggest for wgrant to read https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions15:07
wgrantI'm well aware of it.15:07
LaibschI'm just doing what's intentionally supported there15:07
Laibschfor years15:07
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wgrantLaibsch: that hasn't changed for a very long time.15:07
wgrantWhich bit are you referring to?15:07
Laibschthe "unchanged" bit15:08
Laibschthat obviously includes the changelog15:08
wgrantYou can upload it.15:08
wgrantJust not multiple times.15:08
tgm4883wgrant, I would have to agree that it would be nice to have the same version number on multiple releases. As it stands now, we have to add hte ppa# if we build for more than 1 release15:08
wgranttgm4883: Oh yes, that would certainly be nice.15:08
wgrantBut Debian repositories (and indeed package managers) don't work that way.15:09
Laibschthanks for helping me understand what the issue was15:13
Laibschlet's agree to disagree on the sensibility of completely disallowing from now uploading the unmodified source to my PPA15:13
LaibschI'm barred from that for life now15:14
LaibschIMHO not sensible15:14
wgrantGiven how archives work, it is quite sensible.15:14
wgrantIt's not sensible for a test build platform, however.15:14
wgrantWhich is what some use PPAs for.15:14
tgm4883Sounds like the PPA team and the bug team need to have a chat15:15
bigjoolsLaibsch: you are not barred from anything, you can do a simple no-change version bump.  All the other PPA users do this.  Ubuntu uploaders do this.15:16
tgm4883It would seem however that you aren't allowed to upload packages that haven't been changed from the version that is in debian or ubuntu15:17
bigjoolswith respect, PPAs are not a package build testing service, they are a package publishing service15:17
tgm4883from https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading15:17
bigjoolstgm4883: yes, you can upload them with no change, provided you've not already uploaded them to the same PPA15:17
tgm4883bigjools, well technically you can, i was just reading the help pages15:18
wgrantThe rule has been there from day 1.15:18
wgrantIt's never been enforced.15:18
tgm4883Note: We will not accept uploads of packages that are unmodified from their original source in Ubuntu or Debian, only packages that include your own changes.15:18
tgm4883wgrant, yea, I figured15:18
wgrantI'm not sure it actually has any purpose.15:18
bigjoolstgm4883: that's a policy, not a rule15:18
tgm4883wgrant, sounds like they don't want to over burden the build servers. No need to duplicate work15:19
tgm4883but yea, never enforced15:19
tgm4883On a different note, is it possible to have publishing dependencies on other packages in the same PPA? eg. I have a package that depends on another package (not build depends). If that first package fails to build, and the second package publishes, then users get broken software15:19
Laibschbigjools: how many times do I have to repeat myself?  "unchanged" is the keyword, OK?15:20
bigjoolsLaibsch: I'm trying to catch up the backscroll so sorry if I missed anything.  I'm happy to listen to you and explain why the service works as it does.15:20
maxbLaibsch: If 0.5.4-1 built successfully in maverick, the resulting binaries would not be "unchanged" from the binaries formerly built in lucid15:20
Laibschmaxb: the first build was for lucid, it failed15:21
Laibschand now I can't retry for maverick15:21
maxbLaibsch: that is not true, it succeeded15:22
bigjoolsand you can also copy the package internally to maverick15:22
bigjools(provided you don't need a rebuild specifically for maverick)15:22
tgm4883bigjools, he needs a build log for it15:22
bigjoolsfor maverick specifically?15:23
maxbbigjools: Laibsch does - the use case is using a PPA as a sync request build-tester15:23
bitdancerOK, how do I log in to launchpad.net?  I get 'Invalid OpenID transaction'.  I've googled. I've cleared my cache and cookies.  I've made sure javascript is enabled for launchpad.net.  I still get that error and can't log in.15:23
tgm4883bigjools, apparently because the bug team told him he needed a PPA build log15:23
bigjoolsLaibsch: append ~ppa1 to your version, upload to Maverick and profit.15:24
Laibschbigjools: please read what I already wrote15:24
LaibschI don't want to state my position 10 times15:24
LaibschI already said "agree to disagree"15:24
bigjoolsLaibsch: please repeat it, there's over a hundred lines of backscroll and I have no idea what you're referring toi15:24
tgm4883he wants it completly unchanged.15:24
bigjoolsLaibsch: the bottom line is that PPAs are not a build testing service.  If you want to build repeatedly then you need to upload newer versions.  It has been like that for 3 years.15:25
tgm4883but IMHO, it's a build version bump, so it's still unchanged. But I might just think that because of how i've built things on a PPA before15:25
Laibschwhich I think is clearly the intention of allowing something like https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions15:25
Laibschwhy else would you even need that15:26
Laibschif you force people to touch changelog?15:26
tgm4883"You may be able to use your PPA to build sources from other distributions that use .deb packages"15:26
Laibschor if supposedly you are not allowed to upload unchanged sources as some have been saying is not supported15:26
bigjoolsI really don't see the big deal about a version bump - it takes 10 seconds to do and re-upload.15:26
tgm4883Important: Version numbers must be unique. This has implications if you want to provide packages for multiple Ubuntu series at once:15:27
Laibschbigjools: I've until very recently never had a problem deleting a package and reuploading that shortly afterwards15:27
bigjoolsLaibsch: sorry that is not true15:27
Laibschbut I understand the #launchpad position15:27
bigjoolswe've *never* allowed that15:27
Laibschno need to go in circles15:27
Laibschbigjools: nonsense15:27
bigjoolsand you are free to look through the code history15:27
LaibschI know it was possible15:27
bigjoolsno, it was not15:27
tgm4883Laibsch, seems that page lets you know you can pull it from another another source (ie. a debian repo) and build it for another disto (ie. maverick) without changing the sources15:27
Laibschbigjools: you believe whatever you believe15:28
LaibschI know what I know15:28
tgm4883Laibsch, it does not say (in fact, it specifically says you cannot) have the same version numbers in the same PPA15:28
bigjoolsLaibsch: I am the lead developer on Soyuz, I've been there since day one of PPAs.  I *know*.15:28
bitdancerno one has a clue, eh?15:28
* bigjools gives up trying to help15:29
bitdancerDoesn't look like I can even file a bug report.15:29
bigjoolsplease, ask someone else15:29
tgm4883bitdancer, sorry, my question got lost in this other issue as well15:29
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tgm4883bigjools, I'll redirect at you, can you set publishing dependencies? I have a package that depends on another package (not build depends). If that first package fails to build, and the second package publishes, then uses get broken software.15:31
tgm4883and we use the PPA's to get newer builds to users every day :)15:31
wgrantThere's no way to do that automatically.15:32
bigjoolstgm4883: yeah that's a known issue around PPAs, because the old version gets superseded15:32
wgrantYour best bet may be to set up a staging PPA.15:32
bigjoolswhat he said15:32
wgrantAnd use an API script to watch for successful builds, then copy both across to the proper PPA.15:32
bigjoolstgm4883: but ideally you'd test the build locally first ;)15:32
tgm4883hmm, API might be the way to go15:32
tgm4883bigjools, we literally build every day for both trunk and from a fixes branch15:32
tgm4883pulling from upstream sources15:33
bigjoolstgm4883: is it a daily build?15:33
tgm4883I don't think we will be doing local builds first, although yea, that would be ideal15:33
tgm4883bigjools, yep15:33
bigjoolshave you tried recipes yet?15:33
tgm48832 daily builds actually, one for trunk, one for fixes15:33
tgm4883we haven't yet, but have talked about it15:33
bigjoolsit won't solve you problem but I thought I'd ask :)15:33
tgm4883we have it set up on a build server right now15:33
tgm4883builds only if there are changes upstream15:34
tgm4883which for trunk, usually means every day15:34
tgm4883I'll look into the API, see if we can't do something with that15:34
bigjoolstgm4883: the other way of doing it is to include the version in the package name. That's a little horrbile though :(15:35
tgm4883oh yea, thats not fun times15:35
tgm4883I've thought about setting hard dependencies on the version number, but that can get problematic15:36
bigjoolsthere's a bug somewhere about supporting configurable numbers of concurrent versions15:36
tgm4883yea, theres a few bugs I have found that would be helpful to have15:36
tgm4883apparently you are supposed to be able to have multiple releases in the changlog and build for all15:37
tgm4883ie, maverick, lucid, jaunty15:37
tgm4883all for the same entry15:37
wgrantSort of.15:37
wgrantThe changelog format supports it.15:37
wgrantBut no archive tools that I know of do.15:37
tgm4883yea, apparently debian doesn't support that either :/15:38
bigjoolswe might be implementing that in the near-ish future15:38
tgm4883ohh nice15:38
bigjoolsit's needed for Bin NMUs15:38
wgrantIt may have been implemented in Debian before package pools.15:38
wgrantBut they were introduced nearly a decade ago, which makes it impossible without mangling binary versions.15:38
tgm4883cause our build script builds 3 packages for all ubuntu supported distros from 2 branches15:38
tgm4883usually that means around 18 uploads?15:39
wgrantDo you need to build separately for each?15:39
bigjoolswhich package(s) are you working on?15:39
wgrantOr do the eg. Hardy binaries work all the way up to Maverick?15:39
wgrantIf so, you can copy the binaries from Hardy upwards.15:39
tgm4883wgrant, nope, hardy doesn't work on maverick15:39
tgm4883technically we don't build for hardy anymore though15:40
tgm4883bigjools, mythtv15:40
tgm4883bigjools, and mythplugins and myththemes15:40
bigjoolsah cool, I am a myth user15:40
tgm4883bigjools, sweet deal15:40
tgm4883we build 2 packages for each ubuntu release15:41
tgm4883whatever was shipped with that version, and +115:41
tgm4883so hardy doesn't get builds anymore because there are no upstream changes for 0.21 anymore15:41
tgm4883current version is 0.2315:41
tgm4883well, 0.23.115:42
tgm4883karmic will stop getting builds soon tool15:42
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bigjoolsI would have thought that daily builds only really make sense on the most recent LTS, non-LTS and dev version15:43
tgm4883bigjools, that is usually how it ends up based on the upstream release schedule15:44
tgm4883but with mythtv, users tend to try and stick with what works15:44
tgm4883and update from the fixes branch15:44
tgm4883karmic will stop getting builds once 0.24 gets released, probably in about a month15:44
tgm4883karmic was released with 0.22, and also gets builds for 0.23 (per our policy of building 2 mythtv releases for each ubuntu release)15:45
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tgm4883so if upstream doesn't release 0.24 for 18 months, we will build keep the karmic builds going until either karmic isn't supported anymore, or 0.24 gets released15:46
tgm4883but this is all way off topic. I'll go check out the LP API and see if we can do what we need. bigjools if you have any mythtv questions, stop by #ubuntu-mythtv15:47
boracasliCan I use google translate in launchpad translations?15:47
bigjoolstgm4883: sure thing - I've been using it for ~6 years now and stuff still confuses me :)15:48
vagraleHi! How can i rename project in launchpad?15:48
boracasliLaunchpad Translations prefer only to translate in their mother tongue to users?15:48
bigjoolsjtv ^15:48
boracasliLaunchpad Translations prefer only to translate in their mother tongue to users?15:49
jtvboracasli: I'm not sure what it is you want to do15:49
dpmhi boracasli, as we told you when you asked using the answers system, there is no integration between Launchpad and Google Translate. We also recommend only to translate in the languages the translator knows15:49
jtvGoogle Translate is definitely _not_ good enough to produce translations…15:49
jtvMaybe this is about translating the user interface?15:49
boracasliDavid Planella, auto-translated strings are deleted?15:50
boracasliin Ubuntu etc.15:50
jtvThey should not be approved.15:50
boracasliDavid Planella (dpm), auto-translated strings are deleted?15:50
jtvThere are two reasons:15:50
jtvboracasli: I just answered you15:50
boracasliwhat reasons15:50
dpmboracasli, jtv is already answering the question15:50
jtvBecause Google Translate is not good enough, as I already said, and has no knowledge of a project's or translation team's translation guidelines.15:51
jtvIt's also not very consistent.15:51
dpmboracasli, furthermore, you need to join a translation team to submit translations to Ubuntu. I don't think any translation team would allow you to join them if you are not fluent in their language15:52
boracasliAre the strings translated with automatic translators such as Google Translate in ubuntu will be deleted? And I joint to any translation team.15:53
boracasliAre the strings translated with automatic translators such as Google Translate in ubuntu will be deleted? And I joint to any translation team. please answer15:54
dpmboracasli, we have already answered that question, please read it.15:54
jtvboracasli: stop shouting please15:54
boracasliIs Google Translate banned?15:55
jtvboracasli: please do not submit any google translate translations.15:55
tgm4883google isn't exactly a little known operation. I think it's safe to say that if google translate worked well enough for ubuntu translations, that canonical would already be using it on a mass scale15:55
boracasliWill you say "Stop doing this."?15:55
boracasliIf yes, say "Stop doing this."15:56
jtvboracasli: we're already saying that, and you're just not listening15:56
boracasliI'm submitting google translations15:56
* tgm4883 smacks head15:56
boracasliWill you say "Stop doing this."?If yes, say "Stop doing this."15:56
* dpm ignores further comments15:56
tgm4883"Stop doing this."15:56
boracasliLaunchpad accounts can banned?15:57
jtvboracasli: if you don't speak enough english to understand our answers, you probably shouldn't be translating15:57
boracasliI can speak enough.15:58
boracasliIs Launchpad has got a twitter?15:58
boracaslior canonical15:58
jtvokay, that was a good joke—who are you really?15:58
boracasliIs Launchpad or Canonical has got a Twitter account?15:59
boracasliIn Soviet Russia, Launchpad buys Canonical!15:59
tgm4883Ubuntu çeviriler için google çevirmen kullanmayın15:59
bigjoolsboracasli: launchpadstatus is the twitter accont15:59
bigjoolsaccount, even15:59
tgm4883yes, I realize the irony in my above translated statement :)16:00
boracasliniye ubuntu çevirileri için google translate kullanmamı istemiyorsunuz16:00
boracasliI'm translated Moovida to Georgian with Google Translate16:01
tgm4883yeterli Ubuntu çeviriler için iyi değil çünkü. Ayrıca Ubuntu politikasına karşı kullanmaktır.16:02
boracaslitgm4883? Türk müsün16:02
boracasliwhere are you from?16:02
boracaslireally do you know turkish?16:03
tgm4883no, ironically, I was using google translate16:03
boracasliyeterli Ubuntu çeviriler için iyi değil çünkü. Ayrıca Ubuntu politikasına karşı kullanmaktır. please translate to english16:03
boracaslibut no gtranslate16:03
tgm4883But this is why you shouldn't use google translator  ( Türk müsün ==   Do Turkey  )16:03
tgm4883so ^^ was ( because it is not good enough for Ubuntu translations. It is also against Ubuntu policy16:04
tgm4883I think this proves why not to use google translations for ubuntu16:05
boracasliÇünkü o, Ubuntu çevirileri için yeterince iyi değildir. Ayrıca Ubuntu ilkesine de aykırıdır.16:05
boracaslimy translation16:05
boracaslino gtranslate16:05
boracaslibut "canonical" is Canonical Ltd.16:07
tgm4883true, which is probably translated incorrectly16:07
tgm4883then there is also subtle differences. ie. trash isn't even universal between US english and UK english16:08
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boracaslimy georgian moovida16:23
waltoni have a question about building packages with launchpad: if i have a bzr branch with a debian directory and a watch file, can i make launchpad automatically use the watch file to build new upstream releases?16:41
idnarhmm, I proposed a branch for review 17 minutes ago, and it's still "updating diff..."16:43
idnarare there delays in branch scanning or something?16:43
idnar(it's a private branch, if that matters)16:43
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nhandlerI know there was some interest in this script the last time I mentioned it. Here is a small python script that will subscribe a team/person to a specified list of packages. A couple of Debian pkg-* teams are using it to monitor bugs for their packages in Ubuntu: http://www.43-1.org/tmp/lp-mass-subscribe16:56
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dholbachCould anyone imagine giving a session about using code review/bzr/launchpad at Ubuntu App Developer Week? :)17:38
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estevehi guys18:18
estevewe bought a subscription and our bzr repos are private now18:18
estevehowever, I can't seem to make bug reports private by default18:18
esteveis there an option for doing so or do I have to post a question on launchpad answers?18:19
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salgadobac, can you help esteve?18:33
estevesalgado bac: thanks, I posted a question on launchpad bugs https://answers.launchpad.net/malone/+question/12434318:34
estevebut I don't know if that's the right place18:35
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salgadoesteve, don't need to worry about that; someone will get to it soon18:45
estevesalgado: thanks!18:45
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lvhis it normal that the branding icon isn't used as a favicon21:03
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Nightroselaunchpad is giving me an error telling me to try again when submitting a bug report21:42
Nightrose"Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server."21:42
Nightrosecan someone help?21:43
* Nightrose waves at mneptok21:43
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thumperNightrose: what project were you trying to file a bug report on?22:30
Nightrosethumper: linux22:30
Nightroseusing the command line tool22:31
thumperNightrose: ubuntu-bug22:31
thumperdid it work a subsequent time?22:31
Nightrosei got redirected to the website to fill out the rest of the info and submitted it then got the error22:32
Nightrosetried reloading with resubmitting the data multiple times22:32
Nightrosesame error22:32
Nightrosedidn't try going through ubuntu-bug again22:32
thumperNightrose: so the error was from the webbrowser after adding more info?22:34
Nightrosefinal step22:35
Nightrosewell error text was from launchpad22:35
thumperNightrose: was it on edge?22:35
thumperNightrose: it is possible that you hit the daily edge update...22:35
thumperwould you care to try it again?22:36
Nightrosecan do after i had food yes22:36
thumperif you are still getting an error we should file a bug22:36
Snorlaxanyone alive here?22:47
thumperSnorlax: yes22:47
thumperneed more coffee though22:47
SnorlaxHa, I can understand that.22:47
SnorlaxThe website sent me here. I'm setting up a private launchpad machine and ran into an unusual error.22:49
thumperwhat do you mean a private launchpad machine?22:49
SnorlaxI'm testing launchpad, deployed on an internal machine.22:50
lifeless#launchpad-dev would be a better channel for this22:50
SnorlaxI see...22:52
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Nightrosethumper: getting the same error again23:02
lifelessNightrose: do you get an OOPS code?23:05
ubot5An OOPS is a system error in launchpad, please see https://help.launchpad.net/Oops23:05
Nightroselifeless: no23:05
lifelesscan you pastebin the error text / take a screen shot please23:05
Nightroselifeless: http://lydiapintscher.de/tmp/launchpad.png23:07
lifelessNightrose: do you get that immediately23:08
lifelessor after filling in the summary ?23:08
Nightrosei filled in the summary and then get to the page where it asks me if it is a dupe of some others or if i want to really file it any fill in more details23:09
Nightrosei say it's not a dupe and fill in the next page23:09
Nightrosethen click submit again to finish filing it23:09
Nightrosethen get that error23:09
lifelessNightrose: thats very strange23:10
lifelesstry hitting refresh23:10
lifelessyour browser may prompt to resubmit23:11
lifeless- say yes23:11
Nightrosesame error - also happened when i first tried filing the bug before23:11
lifelessNightrose: try retrying - sorry.23:19
lifelessNightrose: really not sure whats up - that page indicates a down appserver, which isn't meant to happen23:19
lifelesslosa ping23:19
Nightroselifeless: reloaded - same :(23:20
lifelessNightrose: take the url, take edge out of it, and then hit enter23:20
Nightrosetakes me back to the summary part of the wizard23:21
* Nightrose fills in again23:21
Nightroselifeless: same23:22
Nightroseoh no wait23:23
Nightrosei'm redirected to edge again23:23
lifelessthere is alink on the bottom right of the page23:23
lifeless'disable edge' - click it23:23
lifelessnow try23:23
Nightroselifeless: success23:25
lifelessI'll try to get a handle on the issue when a sysadmin is around23:25
Nightroselifeless: not sure if that is something for you to look into too but i said it was a graphics related bug in ubuntu-bug and it got tagged with resume suspend23:27
lifelessthats done by some distro tools not launchpad itself23:27
lifeless#ubuntu-bugs may be able to give some information23:28

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