Alanjani_: my rebuild time is about 12 hours at the moment00:00
jani_resilver makes whole array work hard00:00
Alanif i'm going to have 2 fail within 12 hours, i'm probably going to have 3 fail within 12 hours00:00
jani_it doesn't work like that :)00:00
AlanAlso, i've run out of SATA ports....00:00
jani_but yeah, it's a really good idea to make sure your disks don't come from same batch100:00
Alanwell, if RAIDZ stopped being crap....00:00
jani_oh, you can get SAS controller and i guess also SATA with port dividers00:01
jani_so how many disks you got? over 40?00:01
AlanI would absolutely use a better system if i could just say "I have £500 to spend right now on a storage solution, and it's going to stay exactly like this until i build another"00:01
Alanbut that's not my use case00:01
Alanjani_: no00:01
Alanjani_: 600:02
jani_those sata port dividers are also cheap, haven't tried00:02
Alanthey also bottleneck00:02
jani_depends on controller, though00:02
jani_sure, but disk space we're after, no? doesn't matter if it's 200MB/s or 1000 MB/s00:02
Alanyou can get about 2 disks per SATA3G channel before you IO-bottleneck....00:02
Alanjani_: i'd rather keep my disks faster than my network00:03
jani_hey, you can use one disk before you have 1Gbit ethernet bottleneck :p00:03
Alanand since i have gigabit throughout the house00:03
jani_i mean, any decent disk can saturate 1Gbit *alone*00:03
Alanbut trying to do RAID5 striped reads across 5 disks sharing a 200MB/s channel is going to suck...00:04
jani_well, a little00:04
Alanespecially because the raid5 implementation almost certainly is built to take advantage of simultaneous reads...00:04
jani_but if you have 2 channels, there's no way you'll notice00:05
AlanI have 2 options on the table for expanding00:05
jani_other than benchmarking00:05
Alanjani_: it takes long enough to decompress a 10GB multi-part RAR00:05
Alanand never mind the 10000 deletes i did today...00:05
jani_for that you need CPU power00:05
Alanjani_: no, teh CPU power is fine00:06
jani_10000 deletes? ZFS is not for you i guess00:06
Alanit's IO bottlenecked00:06
Alanjani_: i was clearing out my ubuntu mirror00:06
Alanhad everything back to intrepid mirrored00:06
Alani'm not actually running anything older than lucid00:06
jani_not so much data then00:06
jani_the structure of ZFS doesn't like too many deletes, if i remember right00:07
Alanyeah, mostly i'm writing00:07
Alanbut like i said, i'm on an as-i-need-it budget00:07
jani_btw, try lzo (lzop)00:08
Alanwhich means i need to be able to expand00:08
jani_it sure compresses worse, but it expands 1GB/s :)00:08
jani_(that's gigabyte, not gigabit :p900:08
Alanjani_: doesn't help when you're unpacking something somebody else compressed :P00:08
jani_ah, i have nzxt whisper case, really cheap00:08
jani_guess how many disks fit in?00:08
Alanmy case is a leftover from an old build00:08
jani_9 + 5 + 500:08
Alanit's lound and rattly....00:08
jani_or 9 + 4 + 4 if i worry about cooling00:09
Alanyou using multi-bay caddies?00:09
jani_Alan, true :)00:09
jani_not yet, just using those 9 bays00:09
histoanyone have netbook edition running?00:09
jani_but that's my expansion plan when i need00:09
histocan't get it to boot hangs after login screen00:09
Alanmy case could do 9 + 3 + 3 if/when i need00:09
Alani curretnly have 600:09
jani_3 + 3? you can convert 3x 5.25" bays into 4x 3.5" disk bays easily with those internal hard disk cases00:10
Alanbut i'm now out of SATA ports, i'm planning on either getting an 8-port JBOD PCI-E x4 card...00:10
jani_and 5x with bad cooling00:10
Alanor a 2-port SATA6G card and some splitters00:11
jani_whisper has 7x 5.25" bays free00:11
Alanjani_: yeah, i'm on about converting 2x5.25 to 3x3.500:11
jani_and of course those 9x 3.5" hard disk bays with noise dampening00:11
jani_ah, right00:12
jani_i didn't know such things existed (2x 5.25" -> 3x 3.5"), but then again there are a lot of things i don't know about :)00:13
Alandamn you, now i'm distracted by wanting to buy more stuff00:14
AlanI just talked myself out of upgrading my desktop case so i can make my server quieter...00:14
Alansee, my desktop is in a p18200:14
jani_my new box (when it works) will be 9TB raid6 / raidz200:14
jani_and i guess in a few years, when say, 3TB disks are common, i could add 18TB raid6 on top00:15
jani_no, 8x00:15
Alanduh :|00:15
jani_the psu and case can support it (620W)00:16
histoAlright after login unity fails to start00:16
jani_and from that point, ZFS send from small array to big one, and upgrade old array also to 18TB = totally 36TB available :p00:17
histoAnyone here having similiar issues?00:17
jani_i have DSLR that has nearly 50 Mbit/s bitrate video, that's why the "insane" array00:19
Alanjani_: explains a lot :p00:20
Alani've got about 1 out of 4TB free at the moment00:20
Alanin a 5x1TB array00:20
jani_then you need a new array soon00:21
Alanoh cool, girlfriend made blackberry+apple pies00:21
Alanjani_: why you say that?00:21
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.00:21
Alanyeah, we are a little bit aren't we?00:21
histoOkay I can start normal desktop session just not netbook session from the gdm screen.00:22
histoIs there a netbook channel?00:22
jani_Alan, wait until she's your wife... (8 years of experience)00:22
jani_histo, sorry, i would help you if i had any idea how00:22
Alanjani_: :P00:24
jani_hey, 10.10 package manager is nice :)00:24
histoAhh jesus unity doesn't load without 3d card00:25
=== ubuntu_ is now known as jani___
histolet me enable 3d on vm see if that will work00:26
jani___so, ubuntu 10.10 here00:26
Alanjani_: it is?00:26
jani___Alan, thanks for helping to get this run :p00:26
Alanyou on about the software center thing?00:26
jani___yeah, tried it, now it lets you enable software sources directly from it00:27
AlanThey removed the ability to search/install by package name, which was possible in lucid00:27
Alanit's really annoying00:27
jani___aptitude + command line?00:27
Alanthey removed aptitude00:27
Alan(from desktop, anyway)00:27
Alanso apt-get it is :P00:27
Alannow you see how my rants (if you saw them) weren't just about one issue :P00:27
jani___and apparently command line00:28
Alan"o hai, we r makin ubuntu teh dumb"00:28
jani___right, i take my first impressions back00:28
jani___then again, this system will run either opensolaris or freebsd00:28
jani___not entirely sure why i spent 3 hours trying to get ubuntu work :)00:29
Alanisn't opensolaris a bit of a risk with oracle killing everything in sight?00:29
Alanjani___: hahah00:29
jani___yeah, that's why freebsd00:29
AlanI run ubuntu-server on my server00:29
Alanbut i'm sticking with the LTS00:29
Alanbecause server reinstalls are painful00:29
Alanand upgrades are crap00:29
jani___maybe nexenta... oh well, i wish btrfs was already zfs-level00:29
Alanalways, no matter how much effort is put into the process...00:30
jani___not going to run fuse + zfs00:30
jani___i love zfs, because it's catching errors on disk caused by hardware and fixing them automatically00:31
jani___this has already helped at work00:31
Alanpretty much all of my data is music an video00:32
jani___(well, ok, you need to have cronjob for scrub, but big deal)00:32
Alanpretty resistant to bit errors00:32
jani___one bit error can cause you to lose everything until next iframe00:32
Alanoh well00:32
jani___that's 12 frames+00:32
Alanso you miss 12 frames00:32
Alanand you know you need to re-rip00:32
Alanbig deal00:32
jani___oh, in my case it's gone then00:33
Alanwe already established your use case is different :P00:33
jani___yes :)00:33
AlanI wish there was a simple way to swap out a disk in a raid5 non-risky00:34
jani___so silly... i could download ubuntu 20MB/s+ and when i burned it, 4-6MB/s00:34
jani___what's the world coming to...00:34
Alanthat's what you get for using a CD :P00:34
jani___DVD, actually00:34
jani___8x burner00:34
Alaneven so00:35
AlanI love USB drive installs because CD drives have HORRIBLE seek times...00:35
jani___USB isn't really that much faster when writing00:35
jani___at least those cheap sticks00:35
jani___but seek, yes, you have a point00:35
Alanno, they're not much faster writing, but they are much faster reading00:36
AlanI tend to keep 2 sticks hanging around, one with win7 x64 and another with latest ubuntu x6400:36
jani___i have intel 80GB SSD in all new workstations/laptops at work00:37
jani___and some old too00:37
Alanmust be nice to have a budget :p00:37
jani___it rocks, win7 boots in 15 seconds00:37
jani___ubuntu would probably boot before you touch power button, with disks that fast :p00:38
AlanIt's cheaper to have 8GB RAM and never shutdown :P00:38
Alani.e. no excuse for the kernel to bother unmapping shared libs etc.00:38
jani___oh, 12GB is what work desktops have, some 24GB (3 channel memory does those weird sizes)00:38
Alankeep as much as possible in RAM waiting to be used again...00:38
jani___but SSD is still nice00:38
Alanyou do some kind of professional digital video work or something? :P00:39
jani___especially with windows, because its IO benefits from fast access times a lot more than linux00:39
jani___i mean, try a directory with 100000 files in windows, how long it takes to delete it :)00:39
Alanyou mean that Linux does well across everything, but windows bogs down really easily?00:39
jani___then try same with linux with cheapest 5400 RPM disk00:39
jani___linux will win, regardless the disk :S00:40
jani___at least ext3/400:40
AlanWindows' IO queue is like a conveyor belt made of pensioners...00:40
* undifined just made some ramdisks for /tmp /var/tmp and /var/log00:40
Alanheavy network IO? no disk for you00:40
jani___then try copying a lot of small files on windows 7, click advanced bar down00:40
jani___and wonder why file copy speed is reported as 100kB/s00:41
jani___and cry00:41
Alanit's crap00:41
AlanI can't work on windows00:41
AlanI can play games on windows00:41
Alanbut it's not much of a multi-tasking operating system00:41
undifinedthere is an advanced bar for copying ?00:41
undifinednever knew00:41
jani___windows 7, you get to see copy speed, etc. like that00:41
Alanundifined: it's where you check "plz go faster, stop checking for DRM rape"00:42
jani___otherwise it's hidden00:42
undifinedmy daughter uses win7, but i haven't looked at it00:42
undifinedonly setup her wireless00:43
Alanwin7 is the most acceptable windows for quite a while...00:43
undifinedand i was done00:43
jani___you start to wonder when you're copying 6 MB of files, expect it to be instant and click that advanced after 30 seconds00:43
jani___win7 is rather decent, yes, other than file operation speed00:43
Alanjani___: yeah, it's obviously got a crappy long-round-trip synchronous write going on there :|00:43
Alansustained read/write is almost OK00:43
jani___Alan, I think win7 syncs after every file00:43
Alan(but it will still block other stuff from happening)00:44
Alanjani___: that would explain it :P00:44
undifinedI'd rather have everyone on linux in the house, but she needs windows for her school / dyslexia programs00:44
jani___Alan, you can't say it's not good for consistency, though00:44
jani___but for performance... heh00:44
Alanjani___: right, but Windows hasn't supported a decent filesystem like... ever?00:45
AlanI mean, ext3 manages decent filesystem performance...00:45
Alanmuch much better than NTFS00:45
jani___Alan, i hate to defend windows, but tell me any other transactional filesystem?00:45
undifinedfat 12 was ok :p00:45
Alan(also, my server is still on ext3!!!)00:45
jani___you can do several file operations and atomically commit/rollback00:45
jani___pretty cool00:45
Alanthat's not what filesystems are for00:46
Alantry getting the basic stuff right first00:46
undifinedwell then how about tux3 fs ?00:46
jani___i like fs speed, but why not?00:46
Alan"HOLY CRAP WE HAVE A FEATURE!!!!"  "Shame nothing else works..."00:46
jani___tux3 got transactions?00:47
AlanYou know what i love?00:47
Alanthe newest iPod Shuffle00:47
jani___oh great00:47
AlanSo what they really mean is "huh, nobody liked us moving all the buttons off of the device so they couldn't use their own earphones..."00:47
Alan4th gen shuffle looks just like 2nd gen shuffle00:48
Alana little smaller00:48
Alan3rd gen was an abortion00:48
Alanmaybe i should go troll in #apple00:48
Alanthat'd be fun00:48
jani___ever since my boss became iphone converted he refuses to let people get any other phones :(00:48
jani___but i want my nokia n900... :/00:48
jani___not some stinky iphone 4gs00:48
Alanjani___: how can he do that? :|00:49
* Alan <3 android :P00:49
jani___n900 = debian, 256MB mem and 768MB swap, etc. can have complete userland on it and ROOT without need for hacks00:50
jani___no jailbreak needed00:50
jani___runs firefox smoothly, multiple windows, even when you have youtube videos playing back on the background00:50
Alanand the battery doesn't last long enough to get it from home to work?00:51
jani___lasts longer than on iphone00:51
jani___and you can change it too00:51
Alanit's heavy00:51
jani___big deal?00:51
Alanother than that...00:52
jani___much lighter than any subnotebook or laptop00:52
Alanwhy would you want firefox on a phone?00:52
Alanoh god00:52
jani___to browse web?00:52
Alanare we in device merging hell?00:52
jani___and you can have ssh tunnel / vnc / rdp00:52
Alanhaha, but firefox? on a small device?00:52
jani___laugh, but it works well00:52
Alanok, i will :)00:52
Alanphone is not a subnotebook replacement00:53
jani___but it can overlap in functionality00:53
Alanmy phone is smart enough to do phone stuff plus other stuff if i need to00:53
jani___and let me tell, i hate lugging laptop around00:53
Alanmy laptop is used for doing actually laptoppy stuff...00:53
Alanhow heavy is your laptop?00:53
jani___shrug, 2.5kg + stuff00:53
Alanmy laptop gets about 7 hours and it weighs less than 2Kg00:53
Alanmy laptop's actually pretty nice, damned expensive tohugh00:54
jani___my laptop gets 30 minutes on a good day00:54
AlanLenovo X200t (tablet)00:54
jani___lenovo t61p00:54
Alan12" LED-backlit screen, 1.86GHz C2D, 4GB RAM00:54
Alan7 hours battery life00:54
Alan(yay low-voltage dual-core)00:54
Alancost about £1300 though00:55
Alanbut i wanted a light powerful tablet with good battery life00:55
jani___how much is that in real euros?00:55
Alancost is the tradeoff there00:55
Alani thought you said real00:55
jani___(you know, pound is often same as euro... in reality)00:55
jani___even though the exchange rate lets you understand something else00:55
duffydacknot if I can help it00:55
Alanjani___: you mean exchange rate * crappy economy offset == 1.0 ?00:56
jani___so many products that cost $300, 300€ and 300 £ :p00:56
Alanyes, that's true00:56
Alani'm not sure00:56
jani___i wonder why companies want to rip off uk customers so badly00:57
Alanbecause they can?00:58
Alanbecause buying foreign + import tax is more expensive than buying UK?00:58
jani___you can also buy a bit in usa, lose the packages and mail yourself the receipts00:58
jani___and not declare :>00:58
Alancustoms duty is just the economy-difference-modifier to force you to stick with what's forced on you00:59
jani___or get someone send you stuff as a present00:59
jani___very laggy window movement in 10.10 with this integrate 785G stuff (not like it matters for a server, though)01:00
jani___it feels like windows have some inertia01:01
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ssd7My machine is being hammered by mysqld after upgrading to maverick.  I think this is becuase it is running mysqlcheck and ran into some errors even though there were no indication of database errors before the upgrade.01:41
ssd7Is there anything I can do, or do I just have to wait?01:42
billybigriggerhas anyone here tried to connect to virtualbox's rdp server?01:48
Alanbillybigrigger: what's your issue?02:00
Alanthen again, if it's +1 specific, i might not be able to help :P02:00
billybigriggeri have debian setup in a vm, through vbox, and have the remote display setup...all is good in i can connect and use the vm using ubuntu's terminal server client....02:01
billybigriggerbut i'm seeing both my local machines mouse pointer, and debians mouse pointer02:01
billybigriggerjust wanted to know if this is normal or just my config or what not02:01
Alanbillybigrigger: ah, i found that happens until you install virtualbox guest additions in the guest02:04
Alan(I did the same thing the other day, had the same result - the problem disappears if you install the guest additions)02:04
AlanIf I had to guess, i'd say that usually with remote desktop you have mouse-pointer integration stuff which hides the local or remote mouse pointer, but if you don't have guest additions installed then you don't have pointer integration between the guest and the virtualbox remote desktop server02:05
tuga3dhi all, where is the xorg.conf file in 10.10?02:51
kklimondatuga3d: you have to create one yourself02:52
tuga3dkklimonda: thanks!!!02:52
micahgis the upgrade supposed to take 6-7 hrs?03:23
undifinedno micahg03:25
undifinedunless you have a slow connection03:26
micahgundifined: it was 1 hr to download and it says 6 hrs to upgrade03:26
undifinedouch  that is a long download03:26
micahglucid upgraded in 2 hrs including download03:27
undifinedtry to reduce processes03:27
undifinedones that make is sluggish03:27
undifinedtop should be able to tell you03:28
glickhey everyone03:29
undifinedhi glick03:29
glickwhats the repo for skype and google earth and all those extra goodies for 10.10?03:29
undifinedask ubuntu-tweak03:29
micahgglick: skype you can get from lucid partner03:30
glicklucid partner its not in the meerkat reps yet?03:30
micahgglick: partner repo is created close to release03:30
glickis google earth available from that repo too?03:31
glickwill that cause upgrade issues?03:31
glickif i enable the lucid repo?03:31
undifineddeb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/ stable main03:31
undifineddeb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/ stable non-free main03:31
undifinedI run my own apt-mirror :p03:32
glickdoes anyone know why i get the following error when i try to add the google signing key to my keyring03:56
glickgpg: can't open `/etc/apt/trusted.gpg'03:56
glickdl.google.com im getting Err http://dl.google.com stable/main Sources03:58
glick  404  Not Found [IP: 80]03:58
Volkodavlooks like the server is down03:58
Volkodavwhat else is new with google ?03:59
nigelbits pinging03:59
mawstWe need cdemu in meerkat.03:59
kklimondamawst: it's most likely too late for that03:59
kklimondaI'm also not convinced we need cdemu at all03:59
mawstWell there's no ppa even.03:59
glickdown eh?03:59
mawstI like it03:59
mawstPeople want a handy alcohol/daemon tools alternative.04:00
kklimondawhy would you want to mount images?04:00
kklimondawait, don't answer that04:00
kklimonda(it was a tricky question, I'm pretty sure I know the main reason)04:01
glicki guess google repos are dwon?04:01
glickanyone else verify that its indeed down or im doing it wroing?04:04
kklimonda404 is Not Found, not down04:05
kklimondamaybe you have a wrong address?04:05
glickkklimonda, im using the address from this tutorial http://www.google.com/linuxrepositories/apt.html04:06
glickdeb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/ stable non-free main04:06
kklimondawell, maybe they have moved it somewhere else and forgotten to change documentation..04:07
nsGrifMy taskbar doesnt appear when I try and boot 10.10 from a disc.04:35
javatexanmoin guys04:38
javatexan I put on 10.10 beta....how to add sun jdk, jre, etc?  seems to be different than 10.0404:38
javatexanbefore, just multiverse, right?04:39
javatexanor the partner thing anyways....what changed?04:39
kklimondapartner repo isn't yet ready for maverick04:41
javatexanthat would explain :D04:41
javatexangood way to get around that little issue?04:41
kklimondause openjdk04:41
javatexandoubt there are .deb04:41
kklimondaor install sub java packages for lucid04:42
javatexanI will try that for a while04:42
javatexanI figured that would break all kinds of stuff04:42
MTecknologyWhy can't flash work magically?05:02
MTecknologyWhat FOSS options are there that don't require nspluginwrapper ?05:03
MTecknologyI tried gnash but that was pretty sad05:05
mxe5I can not get the regular #ubuntu channel to come up - It say's #ubuntu-unregged - I registered this Nick I'm using right now - So what is the problem ? ?05:23
MTecknologymxe5: identify05:35
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DanaGGreat, KDE 4.5 (if that's what's in Maverick) blacklists fglrx.06:18
DanaGah, it's like that "bug fixed in latest latest".06:26
DanaGAh, disabling blur lets it work.06:30
DanaGOOoh, KDE is shiny, but not overly so.06:35
DanaGHmm, it seems to encounter that fglrx lag, that's not as evident on gnome.06:35
DanaGAnd why the heck does creating a window read back the contents, anyway?  It makes no sense, in a composited desktop.06:36
DanaGOn my netbook, that readback has fine performance, but makes my menu "vacuum" look horrible.06:38
DanaGInstead of having just the menu, it grabs part of the underlying window and drags it along for the ride.06:38
gogetai hope gnome shell doesent stay that ulgy07:10
Karen_mbefore I upgraded to 10.10, I used to be able to right click on the wireless icon at the top->disable wireless.   Now that option is greyed out.. why is that... Now I continually get ubuntu trying to connect to any and all networks07:25
Karen_mnice to know that all my neighbours wifi ssids being broadcasted are setup to 'connect automatically'07:26
JoshuaLI seem to have the same07:26
Karen_mthere are only 232 networks here07:26
JoshuaL@ the greyed out part07:26
JoshuaLno idea why07:26
Karen_mhaving to right click and edit everyone one, beautiful :)07:26
Blue1thanks got the link07:51
DanaGargh, stupid KDE just startled the bejezus (and I'm not religious), when it played an obnoxious sound when I closed the lid.08:42
DanaGThat's a really stupid feature -- any time you'd want to close the lid, is a time when you DON'T want sound!08:42
jussiDanaG: turn it off then? :D08:42
DanaG It shouldn't be on by default!@08:42
jussifile a bug :D08:43
DanaGThat's an absolutely idiotic default.08:43
* jussi huggles DanaG08:43
jussiDanaG: perhaps you should mention it in #kde-devel?08:43
DanaGI don't even know where to turn that misfeature off... anyway, I was trying to close the lid to go to bed, so it startled me really badly.08:44
DanaGah, it's "profile changed" in Notifications.08:45
DanaGanyway, bed now.  for real08:46
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bobthemilkmanI'm having trouble getting swfdec to work with mozilla. I tried sudo apt-get install libswfdec-0.7-1, and it also grabbed gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, but I can't get it to work in firefox.09:28
bobthemilkmanAlso, on an unrelated note, doing sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer causes it to hang behind a firewall, whereas "echo apt-get install flashplugin-installer | sudo -s -" works fine. Where should I report this bug?09:32
screen-xHI, I'm testing 10.10 with netbook/unity UI on an older eeepc, seems much slower than 10.04 unr, should I file a bug? or accept that my hardware is old (eeepc 4g).10:46
screen-xAlso, I can't see the nm-applet, although it is running. If I kill it and run it from a terminal, it appears momentarily, then disappears.10:48
tarzeauwww.ubuntu.com says want to make ubuntu 10.10 a 10 out of 10? the beta's ready for your feedback.     where to give that feedback10:50
tarzeaumy installation of last week, i did upgrade the kernel and all packages in maverick (i386), rebooted and i get only a command line login...10:51
screen-xtarzeau: ah yes, I got that too. I did sudo service gdm start10:52
tarzeauscreen-x: so did i. no x appears...10:52
tarzeauscreen-x: which video card/driver do you have?10:52
algnodHi I am some problems booting 10.1010:52
screen-xtarzeau: intel 91510:53
tarzeaualgnod: which ones?10:53
tarzeauscreen-x: i got nvidia, let me try another driver, or fall back to nouveau, or nv10:54
gnomefreaktarzeau: with nvidia install nvidia-current or upgrade it if you dont have latest10:54
gnomefreaktarzeau: the latest version is 256.53-0ubuntu110:55
tarzeaugnomefreak: i just started removing nvidia.*10:55
gnomefreakif that fails than try other options10:55
algnodwhen i boot the live cd on a ibm t30 i do not see the normal startup dialog but only a small symbol at the bottom. If during bootup i press F6 then the dialog appears and I select "try ubuntu". Booting takes place and after some flickering I see some of the bootup messages ending with "checking battery state..."10:55
gnomefreaktarzeau: why are you removing it?10:55
tarzeaugnomefreak: how do you get dkms to build it?10:55
tarzeaugnomefreak: 'cause i try with nouveau?10:55
gnomefreaktarzeau: it will build it for you10:56
gnomefreaktarzeau: you can try but that is only a work around10:56
tarzeaunouveau works10:56
tarzeauit didn't10:56
tarzeauxorg logfile says nvidia module not found....10:56
tarzeauyou know it wasn't supposed to boot into the command line10:57
tarzeaui wish they upgraded the gnustep stuff for 10.10 to what's in sid10:57
gnomefreaktarzeau: because you still have an xorg.conf after removing nvidia-current. please install nvidia-current than reboot. since nvidia has have a lot of issues with the transition to 1.9 the new package fixes a couple of them10:58
tarzeaunah, i don't need 3d at workplace10:58
tarzeaunouveau is just fine10:58
tarzeauand i wish maverick shipped 0.48 of inkscape10:58
gnomefreaki dont use it for 3d but i use it for speed10:59
tarzeauand gphoto2 is stone age in maverick too :(10:59
tarzeaugnomefreak: it's not much faster if you don't use opengl stuff10:59
gnomefreaktarzeau: i see improvements in speed using it11:00
tarzeauthat's nice for you, i don't11:00
tarzeauyuck and maverick gimp-plugin-registry is 3.2-111:01
tarzeausqueeze/sid have 3.5.111:01
tarzeauthat SUCKS11:01
tarzeau10.10 will suck for me. glad i got sid on my graphics workstations11:01
tarzeauand for gphoto2, i got my own later versions11:02
algnodis there a maverick mailing list?11:04
gnomefreakalgnod: there is a maverick-changes mailing list. it will tell you what packages that were updated installed but only from when you subscirbed to it11:06
algnodthank you, I would like to help out in testing maverick but I cannot even get it to boot11:07
gnomefreakalgnod: they are devel mailing lists and such. for more infomation please see https://lists.ubuntu.com/11:08
gnomefreakalgnod: do what i told you to try, ill be back in a few11:08
JohnHeikkilahow are you?11:38
rothchildAnyone else having issues with Spotify (linux client) in Maverick? Tips for a fix? Or do I need to go back to the WINE version for now?11:39
gnomefreakJohnHeikkila: this channel is for discusstion/support for Maverick to talk on a personal level please join #ubuntu-offtopic11:39
JohnHeikkilarothchild: You have a Spotify linux client? I thought there wasn't one for linux yer11:41
rothchildJohnHeikkila: yes, it's been out for a little while, you can only get it if you have a paid for account (apparently they haven't worked out how to stream the ads in it yet. Worked well in Lucid but I've just come up to Maverick for the last month of beta and it's crashing within a couple of seconds of coming up11:43
JohnHeikkilaoh, okau11:43
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Ddordahey guys, say, how stable is uthe beta?12:23
Ddordaif i'm not afraid of small bugs but don't want my whole system to crash you would recommend it?12:24
JoshuaLIt is stable enough for me to use as a OS on my laptop I use 24/712:25
JoshuaLbut there are of course some bugs which may annoy12:25
DdordaJoshuaL: for ex.?12:26
JoshuaLempathy has some odd bug when using the msn protocol, however you can ignore the bug reports after they show up once :p12:26
DdordaJoshuaL: oh, so i;m free of bugs as i'm not going to use empathy :P12:27
JoshuaLjust make a backup of your current system and give it a try :)12:27
JoshuaL+ then12:27
gnomefreakX still has a few bugs12:29
JoshuaLohw and xchat lags when changing channels12:30
JoshuaLno idea why :p12:30
gnomefreakthere are still alot of bugs and we dont suggest you install/upgrade your main system12:31
Ddordagnomefreak: what bugs x has?12:39
gnomefreakDdorda: ati still is crashing for some users som epeople cant install nvidia without issues ect...12:39
* gnomefreak not super man i cant remember all of them12:40
gnomefreakoh and someone this moring had intel bug, dont recall what it was12:40
Ddordagnomefreak: if you ever see superman call him over here, i need his advise :D12:41
Ddordai guess i'll just have to see how it will work with my pc12:42
brendan-khello everybody13:10
brendan-k"the beta is ready for your feedback" is written on the ubuntu homepage13:11
brendan-kcan somebody please tell me where can one give this feedback?13:11
JoshuaLhere, or on the forums, or launchpad :)13:11
JoshuaLor even the mailinglist :D13:12
brendan-kJoshuaL: ok thanks13:12
gnomefreakdepends on the feed back13:14
gnomefreakthere is a place that i cant recall atm13:14
brendan-kgnomefreak: sure ill type it here quickly13:14
gnomefreakin general13:14
brendan-kFor me there is one thing lacking in ubuntu, bluray and hd video capability13:16
brendan-know im not asking you to create massive new software, dont get me wrong13:17
brendan-khardware video acceleration is the necessary component for hd video i think13:18
brendan-kthis has been created for mplayer but the installation is not possible with the repository or a simple deb package13:19
kthhello have anybody a ati 5670 gpu successfull running under 10.10 ? i'm not able to use fglrx because of a black screen so only the non accelerated driver work currently13:19
kthnobody ?13:26
kthwell ok i'll give it the last try - hoping for success13:28
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zniavre_does your rhythmbox icon is inside indicator-app ? mine is "just" inside the notification aera14:01
sletzhi, which version of JACK is in Maverick? JACK1 or JACK2 ?14:38
charlie-tca!info jack14:40
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-26 (maverick), package size 148 kB, installed size 668 kB14:40
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=== Sary is now known as S|Away
rockhopperis there any doc for the changes of 10.10 from 10.04?15:35
historockhopper: there are some current issues with 10.10 netbook edition you may want to read about int he release notes. I noticed installing it on a virtual machine doesn't work because you need a 3d supported card for the unity interface to come up.  That's why I would suggest downloading the cd and running from there to test.15:35
historockhopper: that website I gave you ubuntu.com/testing will show the changes.  The biggest one in UNR would be Unity.15:35
rockhopperWell, I don't run the virtual machine!15:36
rockhopperDo you mean the virtual machine like in a Vserver or virtualbox?15:36
historockhopper: yeah I was testing it out on virtualbox15:37
auxbusshey ho. Latest updates today killed bluetooth here. Is this known?15:37
rockhopperOk, well, if thats the only issue, I have no problems coz i'll run UNR natively15:37
historockhopper: there may be other issues that pop up. But you could always reinstall 10.04 if you aren't worried about data loss.15:38
rockhopperhisto, I've mounted /home on other drive..15:38
auxbussBy killed bluetooth, I mean that the panel widget has disappeared, although bluetoothd is still running.15:39
rockhopperso i don't have any worries of data losses!! coz it won't be affected while reinstalling!15:39
rockhopperauxbuss, try running sudo rfkill list15:39
rockhopperand see if the bluetooth's blocked there15:39
auxbussThanks. What is rfkill? There's no man page :(15:40
auxbussOkay, found docs.15:41
auxbussOutput says no hard or soft blocks on all devices.15:41
auxbussWhen I run the "bluetooth" app, bluetooth-properties, it fails after a few secs.15:44
auxbussAny idea where bluetooth-properties writes its logs? Nothing obvious in /var/log15:45
auxbussdmesg shows bluetooth loading okay at boot. (I recently rebooted for driver test for a launchpad bug.)15:47
kklimondainteresting, I can't use my dvd burner15:52
drdozerI've been using maverick for a while now on 2 machines15:53
drdozeron one of them, apt/aptitude/dpkg have stopped working15:53
drdozerthey think there are no updates, which is clearly lies15:54
drdozerI've kind of run out of ideas for how to fix this15:55
drdozerwithout resorting to a blank install15:55
rockhopperdrdozer, try installing some new package that you don't have already!!15:55
auxbussHave you done a dist-upgrade lately?15:55
drdozerI just did - I tried cvs and it lied with:15:55
rockhopperSo, you can know if its true or something's wrong15:55
drdozerPackage cvs is not available, but is referred to by another package.15:55
drdozerThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or15:55
drdozeris only available from another source15:55
rockhopperTry  changing the source!15:56
auxbusscan you pastebin you /etc/apt/source.list15:56
drdozerdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick main restricted universe multiverse partner15:57
drdozerdeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick restricted main multiverse universe partner15:57
drdozerthey are the only 2 entries I have in it15:57
auxbussYou need maverick-updates in there somewhere, I believe15:58
drdozerI can't see an updates under: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/15:58
drdozernor partner :) can probably take that out15:59
auxbussYou need something like deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates main restricted...15:59
drdozerok, that fetched some files and then told me I had 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:00
auxbussYou need them for main restricted universe multiverse.16:01
auxbussDo you want me to pastebin my sources.list and you can try that16:02
drdozerok, that is worth a shot16:02
drdozerbut I think it's a problem with dpkg/apt/aptitude, not with the sources16:02
drdozerit's not noticing updates16:02
drdozeranyway, I will happily try your sources list16:03
auxbussYou might want to remove the last line, which is the mozilla daily builds ppa16:04
drdozerright, that's fetched nearly 8m of package stuff16:06
drdozeryay! it now wants to upgrade 477 items - you where right16:06
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:07
drdozerso perhaps i with my deb lines being on a single line rather than one for restricted, another for universe, ...16:08
remoteCTRLor maybe not...16:08
remoteCTRLhow do i upgrade to maverick?16:09
auxbussupdate-manager -d16:09
charlie-tcaYou should read the release notes though - See http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta16:10
auxbussYeah, it's still moving very rapidly, so be prepared for breakages.16:10
remoteCTRLauxbuss: thx dude16:12
rockhopperomg, I've tried updating to 10.10 UNR, packages're being downloaded in 3 minutes, but the installation's still at 2.30 hours remaining16:21
gnomefreakrockhopper: re start it using sudo dpkg --configure -a16:25
remoteCTRLgosh never let ubuntu do a filesystem check during bootime on a netbook -.-16:29
duffydackI do.. whats the problem16:32
remoteCTRLduffydack: it like takes for ever?16:32
remoteCTRL33 minutes and 91% -.-16:33
duffydacknot an issue for me.. hmm16:33
remoteCTRLduffydack: well not in general if i sit at home and do this, ok but if you are trying to show your boss something and this wants to fscheck first...16:34
BajKIs there some kind of further categorizing planned? It is quite useless, you do have categories such as games and stuff but you still get listed ALL packages. There should be some additional subcategories for the specific application and not flood the user with all the packages16:35
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kajtrying to recall the ati driver for elcheapo radeon graphics ... maverick tried to install the fglrx driver which fails16:55
kajI don't have X access so I need the ati driver name for x200m onboard16:58
kajnm ..I'll go into windows to find the name16:59
mawstIs there an ubuntu tweak for maverick?17:17
gnomefreakmawst: i have it i just cant remember where i got the .deb it works on maverick fine here17:23
=== Barridus_ is now known as Barridus
mawstgnomefreak, still have the deb?17:35
gnomefreakmawst: nope17:35
mawstCould be the lucid deb I suppose17:36
mawstIt's possible17:36
rockhopperi just upgraded from UNR 10.04 to 10.1017:53
rockhopperNow, when i try to boot from it, I can't boot it..17:54
rockhopperjust a cursor's blinking17:54
rockhopperand thats it.. Not going further17:54
rockhoppereven when i try to boot from live cd, it doesn't boot17:54
rockhopperdoes any one had a similar problem??17:56
dupondjeBluetooth still seems totally broken :(18:03
AwsoonnGmorning all, I did updates and now have a sys that hangs on boot. I'm not sure how to get to the new fangled grub menu. Help?18:15
charlie-tcahold shift as it starts18:17
AwsoonnThanks again charlie-tca18:18
charlie-tcano problem18:18
AwsoonnIt locked up @ the same spot, with the pretty spash screen with the four orange circles.18:21
AwsoonnBefore the spash screen I get what looks like a kernel message on the screen... :/18:23
AwsoonnIts too fast to read tho, any sugestions?18:24
charlie-tcaTry removing "quiet splash" from the boot line18:25
BajKIs it normal that plymouth isnt working in 10.10 Beta (it was in Alfa 3)18:26
charlie-tcaBajK: depends on the video card18:27
Awsoonncharlie-tca: and how might I do that without accessing the grub menu or being able to boot?18:30
charlie-tcahold shift while booting. The grub menu should come up18:31
charlie-tcaThen you can edit it just like you used to18:31
BajKcharlie-tca: virtualbox18:31
BajKcharlie-tca: it worked in Alfa 318:31
BajKand it is still the Ubuntu 10.10 screen in purple rather than the blue kubuntu one :)18:31
charlie-tcaThe splash screens are not all there yet. Since VBox does not use KMS, the text screen is used18:32
charlie-tcaMore than likely, Kubuntu has a good graphics plymouth screen, but does what xubuntu does. We all fall back to Ubuntu text only splash.18:32
Awsoonncharlie-tca: holding shift does not yeild the boot menu tho. I've tried a few times now18:33
charlie-tcaUm, maybe boot the livecd and edit the /etc/default/grub file to force the menu?18:34
Ddordahey guys, is there skype in ubuntu 10.10 repos?18:34
charlie-tca!info skype18:38
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in maverick18:38
Tweakyhi. having an issue updating libwebkit, and its now uninstalled, i get an error when reinstalling it, and its limiting my functionality.. even my software center disappeared. http://www.sendspace.com/file/0j6xt8 screenshot of error18:39
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charlie-tcaDdorda: that is wrong. skype does exist in main18:39
charlie-tcait is version
DdordaCardinalFang: for some reason it does't show in USC or in apt-cache :S18:41
ZykoticK9charlie-tca, Ddorda isn't skype in partner?18:42
DdordaZykoticK9: i have allowed all repo types18:43
ZykoticK9Ddorda, Skype is in partner repo in Lucid, sorry i'm not in Maverick to check18:44
Tweakyhi. having an issue updating libwebkit, and its now uninstalled, i get an error when reinstalling it, and its limiting my functionality.. even my software center disappeared. http://www.sendspace.com/file/0j6xt8 screenshot of error http://pastebin.com/rQAz8rs8 pastebin of error18:44
ZykoticK9!crosspost | Tweaky18:44
ubottuTweaky: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.18:44
charlie-tcaaccording to synaptic, skype is in main in maverick18:45
Ddordaweird... i'll try with synaptic18:46
charlie-tcapidgin-skype and python-skype are in multiverse18:46
John47hello all - just upgraded to maverick beta on my dell mini 9 and once it boots into the GUI, my wallpaper starts, but then the screen flashes to white, then flashes back to the wallpaper, etc etc.  Any ideas on how to fix this?18:47
charlie-tcaUnless something has changed in the latest installs. But then it should have gone away here too18:47
charlie-tcahttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skype shows it too18:48
ZykoticK9charlie-tca, notice the "release (partner)"18:49
charlie-tcaMay not be on your mirror yet. It just uploaded three days ago18:49
charlie-tcaI see the partner. But synaptic still shows it in main18:49
charlie-tcaIt is possible that not all the mirrors updated yet18:50
Ddordai've allowed partner repo and now i have it18:50
John47hello all - just upgraded to maverick beta on my dell mini 9 and once it boots into the GUI, my wallpaper starts, but then the screen flashes to white, then flashes back to the wallpaper, etc etc.  Any ideas on how to fix this?18:55
rockhopperis anyone there who knows the solution for my problem?18:59
rockhopperafter upgrading, the new kernel's not booting!!18:59
rockhopperdoes anyone know of the problem19:00
rockhopperi can't even boot with the live usb19:00
rockhopperits showing me a blinking cursor19:00
rockhopperand nothing's happening!!19:00
rockhopperBut i'm able to boot from the old 2.6.32 kernel!!19:00
rockhoppernot the 2.6.3519:00
Ddordarockhopper: doesn't sound like kernel bug to me19:02
John47rockhopper: I'm having some problems of my own, but it's probably a driver issue rather than a kernel issue19:02
John47rockhopper: just a guess, but I'm no expert, really.  I can't even get into the GUI after my maverick dist upgrade on my Mini 9, so don't go by me.19:03
charlie-tcarockhopper: remove quiet splash from the live cd by hitting F6; see what the error is. Many times it is a drive it is unable to mount for some reason19:03
rockhopperok i'll try19:04
undifinedrockhopper, yours is a grub issue19:04
rockhopperundifined, Is there a solution for it?19:04
undifinedreinstall grub on the disk19:04
undifinedoverwrite bootsector and check grub config19:05
rockhopperok.. shud i remove it and install it?19:05
undifinedin reverse order19:05
rockhopperinstall and remove?19:05
undifinedcheck grub config19:05
undifinedoverwrite bootsector19:06
rockhopperundifined, I'm sorry I'm a newbie.. can you tell me exactly what to do?19:06
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.19:06
undifinedJohn47, you are at a commandline now ?19:07
John47undifined: no, but I can get there - am in the recovery menu19:08
=== cwillu_at_work is now known as cwlu
John47drop to root shell prompt?19:08
=== cwlu is now known as cwillu_at_work
John47undifined: or login for cmdln access perhaps?19:08
undifinedany shell will do19:09
John47undifined: there....logged in...command line only, no X19:09
John47undifined: at the home dir19:09
undifined/etc/init.d/gdm start19:09
undifinedor sudo it19:09
John47undifined: ok, waiting.....19:10
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:10
John47undifined: yeah, same thing - the wallpaper appears, then flashes white, then flashes wallpaper endlessly19:10
undifinedno messages ?19:11
John47undifined: nope, just goes into this endless cycle.19:11
John47undifined: when I hit cntrl-alt-del, I do get the menu for shutdown, but it flashes too19:11
undifinedyeah sounds like a driver issue19:12
undifineddid you mess with xorg.conf ?19:13
John47undifined: yeah, if I could at least boot into Gnome with minimal drivers, I could fix it, but when I boot into failsafex, all i get is the wallpaper - nothing else.19:13
undifinedsee if it exists at /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:13
John47undifined: nah, I didn't mess with xorg, but surely the dist-upgrade made changes to my system19:14
John47ok, holdon19:14
John47undifined: uh, hmmm....not there19:15
John47I have xorg.conf.failsafe, but that's it19:15
John47undifined: I will look this over, thanks.  Sounds like I need to reconfigure X, but the recovery menus are not doing this for me.19:20
undifinedok have fun19:20
John47undifined: if by "fun" you mean unparalled agony, then absolutely, I will have a blast... ;)19:22
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gorukahi guys, i tried out the beta because 10.04 worked poorly for me, and it seems i can't use the nvidia driver with the xorg version that comes with 10.10 beta.. any hints?19:52
John47goruka: I'm having MAJOR issues with xorg...I did a dist upgrade on my Dell mini 9 and now I cannot boot into gnome.  Haven't been able to solve the problem19:54
gorukaJohn47, mine just says xorg is too new for nvidia driver19:55
John47goruka: Ugh, this probably means I'll have to re-install 10.04 from a USB.....Maybe I'll just try to install Unity from the PPA19:56
gnomefreakgoruka: goruka upgrade your driver version to nvidia-current 256.53-0ubuntu219:56
John47should have done that in the first place, probably.19:56
gorukagnomefreak, i'll try19:56
John47gnomefreak: how would you do that from the command line?19:56
gorukagnomefreak, i seem to only have 256.44 , not 5319:56
gnomefreakJohn47: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgade19:57
gnomefreakgoruka: 53 fixes your bug19:57
John47gnomefreak: yeah, I tried that, got no love19:57
gnomefreakyou didnt do a full upgrade if you just upgraded19:57
gnomefreakJohn47: you have a different bug than19:58
gnomefreakJohn47: file a bug report using "ubuntu-bug nvidia-current" withou the "19:59
John47gnomefreak: I need to figure out what the exact bug is though....need to find out how to get the log file here so I know what is breaking down.19:59
gnomefreakJohn47: it is in /var/log you will see a bunch of xorg files the latest one you want. apport will add the need files to bug report20:00
John47gnomefreak: ok, will see if I can manage that....newb with terminal in ubuntu20:01
gnomefreakJohn47: this file Xorg.0.log20:01
gnomefreakJohn47: use nv driver so you can at leaast get X20:02
gnomefreakxserver-xorg-video-nouveau << package20:02
John47gnomefreak: yeah, see, it boots into a terminal prompt, and then once I log in, I can type "startx" and get a desktop, but it's not the netbook interface, but standard desktop.  Oh, and tons of crash messages pop up....20:03
gnomefreaknouveau is the default driver. you can try renaming /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:03
John47gnomefreak: I actually don't have an xorg.conf file in that directory20:03
gnomefreakJohn47: as for net book in not sure but once you get X you can file the bug an nvidia-current20:04
gnomefreakJohn47: ok just making sure20:04
gorukagnomefreak, oh thanks20:05
benishorHello ! I'mgetting an error while trying to upgrade from 10.04 -> 10.10  ... "can not mark ubuntu-desktop for upgrade". Can anyone please help out with this?20:21
charlie-tcado you have more than one desktop environment installed; like Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu ?20:23
benishoryes, kde alongside gnome20:24
benishorI basically started out with kubuntu and then switched to gnome by installing the proper packages20:25
charlie-tcaYou will have to keep the one you want the most. Then you can upgrade that one and then reinstall the other one20:25
benishorneedless to say I have become addicted to gnome20:26
charlie-tcaIt won't allow you to upgrade both environments during the upgrade20:26
benishorhow would I only keep that one?20:26
charlie-tcaremove "sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop"20:26
charlie-tcause the part in quotes in a terminal20:27
charlie-tcaThen it should allow you to upgrade gnome20:27
benishorcharlie-tca: just did. let's see if the dist upgrade works20:27
charlie-tcaYou should read the release notes though - See http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta20:28
benishorHm ...I'm getting the same error:20:29
benishorcan not mark ubuntu-desktop for upgrade20:29
charlie-tcareally? did you do the sudo apt-get upgrade - sudo apt-get dist-upgrade first?20:30
benishorno. I ran update-manager -d and I clicked on upgrade version20:30
benishorcharlie-tca: any other suggestions please? I'm kind of braindead at this point20:33
charlie-tcanope, sorry. This is where I let the experts take it. There are many that know more than me.20:34
John47guys, I did the same - upgraded from within 10.04 on my netbook, and now the X server is really broken...I'm also at a loss for how to fix it20:35
John47downgrading now back to 10.04....oh well20:35
benishorJohn47: my upgrade won't even proceed20:35
charlie-tcamight be better that way?20:35
benishor:) might be, although I'm really keen on trying out maverick without really reinstalling everything20:36
ant30Have someone syntax errors  /var/lib/dpkg/status  - /var/lib/dpkg/available after update to maverick ?20:36
benishorant30: virtualbox by any chance?20:37
ant30benishor I have five pc's20:39
ant30any other have this problem,20:39
benishorant30: I wondered how do the errors sound like20:39
ant30and other four pcs, have been upgrade a month ago20:39
ant30well, I force to update after see the error on update-manage :(20:40
benishorhow did you force the update to happen?20:40
benishorI can't seem to get there20:40
ant30Well, update-manager breaks after revert my source.list20:40
ant30then, apt-get update don't run20:41
ant30and apt-get dist-upgrade show that ubuntu-desktop is break20:41
ant30then, I put the sources.list with maverick repos20:42
ant30a make a apt-get dist-upgrade, I know this is bad :)20:42
knittlhi. i'm experiencing this bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=501380 any ideas?20:44
charlie-tcabenishor: bug 60615020:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606150 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "mythbuntu 10.04 fails to upgrade" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60615020:44
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 501380 in pm-utils "pm-utils - Suspend and hibernate does not work on Fedora release 11 on an IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad T60 (32bit, Centrino Duo processor with ATI mobility X1300)" [Urgent,Assigned]20:44
charlie-tcabenishor: also bug 61792920:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 617929 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "8.04 -> 10.04 upgrade: could not calculate upgrade when both xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop are installed" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61792920:44
charlie-tcaknittl: in fedora? or in Ubuntu?20:45
knittlcharlie-tca: in ubuntu. but it's the same symptoms20:46
knittli only found the report for fedora20:46
benishorcharlie-tca: what do you suggest I try in this case?20:49
benishorI seem to have removed kubuntu-desktop from the first attempt:20:50
benishoracid@omega:/var/log/dist-upgrade$ sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop20:50
benishorReading package lists... Done20:50
benishorBuilding dependency tree20:50
benishorReading state information... Done20:50
benishorPackage kubuntu-desktop is not installed, so not removed20:50
benishor0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:50
ZykoticK9benishor, is ubuntu-desktop installed?  you probably need one or the other for a version upgrade to work successfully20:53
benishoracid@omega:/var/log/dist-upgrade$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop20:53
benishorReading package lists... Done20:53
benishorBuilding dependency tree20:53
benishorReading state information... Done20:53
benishorubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.20:53
benishorat least if there were a way to know what's going on20:54
charlie-tcaknittl: bug 305301 ?20:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305301 in linux (Ubuntu) "[RC410] Xpress 200M hangs when resuming from suspend with DRI (needs KMS)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30530120:54
ZykoticK9benishor, see !paste for pasting multi-line output - but ubuntu-desktop is installed so that's good.  Best of luck.20:54
benishorZykoticK9: 10x, but I still get the "can not mark ubuntu-desktop for upgrade" error20:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:54
knittlcharlie-tca: i have kms (afaik)20:56
knittland the problem is with nouveau20:56
knittlstandby works with nvidia20:56
lucas-argim having problems with nvidia-current and plymouth laptop sometimes doesnt even logs in and just stays in boot for hours...20:57
lucas-argand graphics are slow or laggy...20:57
charlie-tcaI reccomend filing a new bug using "ubuntu-bug linux" in a terminal, and include the fedora bug number. Of course, if yours is nvidia, it is not the same, since that was ATI mobility20:57
lucas-arggnome compiz are laggy20:58
charlie-tcait's beta20:58
lucas-argi know... just typin this here, some dev could read it20:59
charlie-tcaoaky :-)21:00
lucas-argim using it as my primary and only OS right now... so its ok so far21:00
ant30Well, I just fixed my problem by purging virtualbox-2.2  and removing virtualbox-3.1, and also mplayer package21:05
benishorant30: I asked you above if you had virtualbox installed21:05
ant30benishor sorry, I think that you told me about ubuntu in virtualbox21:06
A1B2C3hello, do someone know where to configure pwd in xchat ? it doesn not seem to use the one i gave in the preference :/21:23
coz_A1B2C3,  I am not sure  ...did you try on the #xchat   channel?21:24
A1B2C3not yet21:24
undifinedthis alsa-pulse things really annoying me :}21:27
undifinedwhy do i only get noise.wav output puzzles me21:28
TeslaTonyI just upgraded to 10.10, and now I have options for Ubuntu Desktop Edition, Netbook Edition, and Netbook Edition 2D. When I try logging into Netbook Edition, I am greeted cheerfully by my wallpaper...and nothing else. What do I do to get it to factory defaults? (desktop edition works fine, though)21:38
tracy68whas the current kernel in maverick ?21:42
charlie-tca!info linux21:43
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)21:43
tracy68why i have ubuntu lucid and it says 2.6.36-20 ?21:44
charlie-tcait shouldn't unless you installed a new kernel yourself21:44
charlie-tcalucid is using
charlie-tca!info linux lucid21:45
tracy68uname -a21:45
tracy68Linux matrix 2.6.36-20-generic #25~lucid1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 25 04:24:28 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux21:45
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)21:45
charlie-tcaoops. looks like I am an update behind21:45
charlie-tcado you have proposed enabled?21:46
guntbertcharlie-tca: no, you are not behind21:46
charlie-tcaOh, good. Thanks21:47
KE1HAsame here charlie-tca 32-24 fer lucid21:47
guntbertcharlie-tca: the .25 is not reported by uname21:48
charlie-tcaBut, back to the question asked by tracy68. the only way to the 2.6.36 kernel in lucid is proposed or purposely installing it21:49
svuwho'd be the right person to ask questions about PPC port of 10.10?21:50
charlie-tcaum, Hello, bug21:58
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo21:58
charlie-tcaNot been a good day for anything from me...21:58
guntbertBUGabundo: now you got me wondering -- the second time I see that statement from you21:58
BUGabundoguntbert: LOL eheh21:59
BUGabundojust a small word joke with the work "Boas"21:59
BUGabundoportuguese for Hi21:59
* guntbert headslaps22:00
BUGabundo"broas" is a kind of bread22:00
BUGabundonot the most accured of best photo, but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broa22:00
* BUGabundo stops offtopic22:01
=== Malkavian__ is now known as Malkavian_
flixilHello. I wanna use a newer kernel from maverik, what do I have to write instead of lucid in /etc/apt/sources.list?22:17
flixilOh shit sorry I mispelled maverik and it's maverick. Now it works :)22:34
tracy68<flixil> there is kernel 2.6.35 for lucid23:04
tracy68flixil are u still here ?23:05
stlsaintanyone have any ideas why the keyring authentication was changed?23:07
stlsaintthis is pretty annoying23:08
stlsainthaving to re-authenticate everytime i want to use my ssh key23:08
stlsaintits no longer unlocked at login nor am i given the option to allow it to be23:08
BUGabundostlsaint: change it to session23:11
stlsaintBUGabundo: yea but its still on a time limit where as before it would just unlock upon login to system23:13
lucas-arghey one question guys, ive installed linux-image-generic-pae and headers-pae it installed -19 kernels, ive checked the repos and there is a -20 kernel, shouldnt those packages install lastest kernels by default?23:41

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