boywonderif i want to boot from grub do i need a u3 type usb drive?01:48
aveilleuxboywonder: GRUB has nothing to do with u3.01:52
boywonderwhats grub then?01:54
aveilleuxboywonder: GRUB is the bootloader that Linux uses. U3 is an applications base for portable devices. They're completely unrelated.01:55
boywonderok thanks i was just wondering because of the launch pad hid01:57
boywonderhi nvox02:12
nvoxwow people in here on sunday night, that is dedication02:12
aveilleuxnvox, you say that like Sunday night is any different from a normal night02:13
nvoxwell it is a holiday weekend I meant02:13
zkriessenvox: People are always here02:13
nvoxI came in because I tried to activate a proprietary nvidia driver and I got this02:14
nvoxSystemError: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers/nvidia-current_256.44-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:14
nvoxI'm using 10.10 amd64 beta desktop02:14
nvoxand I can ping that IP so I know it isn't down02:14
nvoxI'm assuming the answer is I just have to wait02:15
aveilleuxnvox: It's there (in the repo), so I'm not sure why you're getting that error. Try running sudo apt-cache clean && sudo apt-get update, then trying again02:15
nvoxIs it perhaps relevant that I'm running it from "try ubuntu" mode02:17
aveilleuxnvox: The LiveCD? That shouldn't be entirely relevant, but I haven't run the LiveCD in somewhere around two years so I don't know02:18
nvoxyeah I wanted to install when 10.04 came out, but there were problems running it on my dell e6510, so I am trying it again now, was all video stuff02:19
aveilleuxnvox: What video card?02:19
nvoxseems to be much improved02:19
nvoxnvidia nvs 3100m02:19
nvoxthe nouveau driver is much better now too02:20
boywonderim looking to install gcc c++ only the install from ubuntu is not the latest shall i take a dive and go for the latest?02:21
aveilleuxboywonder: Unless there's something that you absolutely need in the latest version, the version that's in the repositories should be sufficient for end-users (you)02:22
nvoxyour advice worked, it is downloading, albeit very slowly02:25
boywonderyer im an end user lol02:25
nvoxhowever apt-cache tells me it does not have a clean command for some reason02:25
nvoxsudo apt-get update worked02:25
aveilleuxnvox: I lied, the command is apt-get clean. I don't use apt-get, though, si I'm unfamiliar with its intricacies.02:27
nvoxhrm they fixed the brightness problem too, this is really great02:38
ZeRoDeAtH50435has anyone in every used 7-zip before02:39
nvoxI use it all the time on windows02:39
ZeRoDeAtH50435I have a file in 7z format that will not open and I have tried everything I can think of to get it to open and have had no luck02:40
nvoxDoes it give you any sort of error message02:41
ZeRoDeAtH50435yeah one sec02:41
nvoxalso how large is it roughly, you may have had a bit flipped when you downloaded it02:41
nvoxyou might want to md5 it02:41
ZeRoDeAtH50435can not open file 'location of file' as archive02:42
nvoxsounds to me like either its a newer format or a corrupt file02:43
ZeRoDeAtH50435ok so how do I check which02:43
nvoxI've had some issues with tar.gzs in 7s02:43
* boywonder off for a coffee burst brb02:43
nvoxWell what OS are you in atm02:43
nvoxsec lemme look up the command02:44
nvoxAre you comfortable with powershell02:44
ZeRoDeAtH50435never used it02:45
ZeRoDeAtH50435but I learn fast02:45
nvoxOK well I'd suggest you put the 7z file in a folder to mark it as the original, download it again02:45
nvoxand see if you get the same error02:45
ZeRoDeAtH50435I did that already same thing02:45
nvoxthen my only advice is try the newest version of 7z02:46
ZeRoDeAtH50435got that too02:46
nvoxI don't know of anything else that can handle its archives02:46
ZeRoDeAtH50435and the old version02:46
nvoxI have had it balk at files before like that =(02:46
ZeRoDeAtH50435yeah I have been at this one for hours02:47
nvoxperhaps you can get the contents of the file some other way02:47
ZeRoDeAtH50435does it help that its a very large file02:47
nvoxyes makes bit flip muchmore likely02:48
ZeRoDeAtH50435how because I have tried every program that will open 7z format and get the samething every time02:48
nvoxwell every extra bit is another chance for an error02:48
ZeRoDeAtH50435yeah that it true and the file is 4.76GB02:49
nvoxId suggest you compare MD5 hashes02:49
ZeRoDeAtH50435how do I do it02:49
nvoxthe way I do it is pretty overly complex02:51
nvoxI'll just find something for you to download02:51
ZeRoDeAtH50435haha ok that works to02:51
nvoxthis is a windows utility that will make a new tab when you right click on the file icon02:53
nvoxallowing you to see different hashes for the file, like md5, sha102:53
nvoxhowever you need some way to find the hash for the original file from the source in order to compare them02:53
nvoxI cannot help with that part02:54
nvoxbut if you compare to the two strings, youll be able to tell if something is going wrong02:54
JoeMaverickSetthow do i turn off the updates for kernel version; 2.6.32-25, as i'm now using kernel version; 2.6.35-19 from ppa:https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa on lucid 10.0402:54
ZeRoDeAtH50435the file was broke up in parts could I use that02:54
nvoxI don't know.02:55
nvoxYou might want to just e-mail whoever provides the file if you can't generate md5s for the pieces02:55
ZeRoDeAtH50435ok ill give it a try, thanks for your help02:55
mxe5How do I open a folder on the desktop as an administrator ? ?03:34
aveilleuxmxe5: Open Terminal, type gksudo nautilus ~/Desktop/<foldername>03:35
aveilleuxmxe5: Case-sensitive03:35
mxe5aveilleux: Thank you....03:36
aveilleuxmxe5: You're welcome03:36
aveilleuxmxe5: In Linux terminology, you're opening the folder ans "root"03:36
mxe5aveilleux: Ok - I knew that part - just needed a little nudge it the right direction.03:38
aveilleuxmxe5: gksudo is used to launch graphical applications as root, and nautilus is the file manager for GNOME03:38
aveilleuxmxe5: So there you go03:38
ju1c3how would one install hfsprogs for gparted from a laptop with internet to a desktop with no internet (usb stick, both running 10.04)04:14
aveilleuxju1c3: You could download the .deb files one at a time...04:15
aveilleuxju1c3: Alternately, you could share the Internet connection (if something like that is possible)04:16
ju1c3i think .deb is what i wanna do but where would i find a .deb for hfsprogs?04:16
ju1c3aveilleux: i think .deb is what i wanna do but where would i find a .deb for hfsprogs?04:19
aveilleuxju1c3: Is the target system graphical?04:20
aveilleuxju1c3: By that I mean, is it a windows-type environment?04:22
ju1c3aveilleux: i believe its a plugin for the gparted GUI04:23
aveilleuxju1c3: That04:23
aveilleux's not what I asked (stupid return key), but you answered my question anyway04:23
aveilleuxju1c3: Can you open Synaptic for me and search (Installed files only) and see if you have libc6 installed?04:24
ju1c3aveilleux: is there a terminal command for that?04:24
aveilleuxju1c3: apt-cache search, but it's unreliable04:24
ju1c3aveilleux: ic04:25
ju1c3aveilleux: one sec04:25
ju1c3aveilleux: checkinstall is still running at 65%, could be a while04:28
ju1c3aveilleux: yes i have libc604:47
aveilleuxju1c3: How about libssl?04:47
ju1c3aveilleux: on both comps04:48
=== ApOgEE__ is now known as ApOgEE
ju1c3aveilleux: yes04:57
aveilleuxhow about libssd?04:57
aveilleuxlibbsd, I mean04:57
ju1c3libbsd0 ?04:59
aveilleuxYou have all the dependencies05:00
mxe5I can not get the regular #ubuntu channel to come up - It say's #ubuntu-unregged - I registered this Nick I'm using right now - So what is the problem ? ?05:22
seidosmxe5, did you identify to nickserv?  /msg nickserv identify <password>05:24
mxe5seidos: Yes as far as I know I did - it was a little confusing at first but kept searching google on how to register my Nick - I received a confirmation email etc.05:26
seidosmxe5, registering and identifying aren't the same thing.  identifying is like "authenticating" to nickserv, so that it is in fact "you".05:27
nUboon2Agephillw: today i reinstalled and made a separate /home installation.  Thanks for all your links.  I made good use of them. before reinstalling i experimented with several of the other options, but made a mistake that deleted some important things so i decided just to reinstall.07:28
boywonderhow can i extract an iso to a usb stick?07:59
aveilleuxboywonder: What are you trying to do that with? Because you can mount ISO files natively in Ubuntu.08:00
boywonderim trying to boot gparted live from a grub boot menu?08:01
boywonderon a usb stick08:01
aveilleuxboywonder: Two things.... One, the GParted LiveCD is really heavy (it uses Debian), so I don't recommend it (More on that later)08:02
aveilleuxboywonder: Two, USB sticks don't get boot to from GRUB, but your BIOS's boot menu08:02
boywonderi dont understand the later?08:03
aveilleuxboywonder: If you want to have a bootable USB stick with GParted on it, I would highly recommend RiP Linux http://www.tux.org/pub/people/kent-robotti/looplinux/rip/08:03
boywonderi want multible boots08:03
boywonderie gpart ubcd etc08:04
aveilleuxboywonder: You want to install GRUB onto your USB stick? I don't think USB sticks even have master boot records.08:04
boywonderwell i have a boot screen for that usb stick08:05
aveilleuxboywonder: Well you've outdone me, then. Interesting. In any case, what you'd want to do is partition your USB stick (one partition for each recovery boot disc, plus one swap for the Linux ones) and then install each to the stick using UnetBootN08:08
boywonderok thats for another day, if i format to fat 32 do i loose the mbr?08:14
aveilleuxboywonder: I don't think so, but I'm not sure how your stick is set up08:19
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boywonderhey i know this is off topic but ive disappeared the menu for xchat anyone know how to get it back?14:27
philinuxWhich menu?14:31
boywonderhow the freak do i get the menu back??14:34
ZeRoDeAtH50435does anyone know how to fix a integer overflow error message on a archived file14:35
philinuxDo you mean the menu items like View server Settings in xchat itself14:35
boywonderyes its gone and i cant access anything14:35
boywondercan you help lol14:37
boywonderim in a mess14:37
philinuxboywonder: sudo apt-get purge xchat then reinstall it.14:38
philinuxboywonder: Is this the only app like this?14:38
boywonderctrl f914:39
philinuxSo it is.14:44
aveilleuxGood morning, team16:23
paultaghey aveilleux16:26
aveilleuxBeing lazy and iPodding to the channel from my bed, paultag16:27
paultagas the kids today say16:27
Puck`hi everyone (:16:27
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aveilleuxOh hey, -team is below #ub. Normally -team is above.16:28
aveilleuxSilly Colloquy.16:28
Daniel0108can someone help me with my Ubuntu?16:35
stlsaintDaniel0108: sup16:37
Daniel0108you can help me?16:38
stlsaintDaniel0108: well i dont know because you havent stated what your problem is16:38
Daniel0108okay, fine, i will start ;)16:39
Daniel0108i have a button on my laptop, to disable my touchpad16:39
Daniel0108i pressed it16:39
Daniel0108then my keyboard, touchpad and my panels freezed16:39
Daniel0108so i restarted my laptop, through the power-button16:40
Daniel0108and now16:40
Daniel0108my touchpad doesnt work anymore  :(16:40
Daniel0108and my mouse is very worse, so i can't use it for long time :(16:40
stlsaintDaniel0108: have you tried restarting system again16:42
Daniel0108you know this problem?16:42
Daniel0108i restarted it very often16:42
Daniel0108and i also started the failsafe gnome16:42
Daniel0108and the ubuntu recovery, nothing worked16:43
stlsaintsounds like a bug but i doubt i cant be recontructed again...what are the specs of your system?16:44
Daniel0108but i never had problems with my touchpad before16:45
Daniel0108if i logout16:45
Daniel0108my touchpad works16:46
Daniel0108but if i login again16:46
Daniel0108it doesnt work anymore :(16:46
stlsaintoh, well that probably means something in your desktop environment has some messed up setting16:46
Daniel0108but WHICH setting is that? :)16:46
stlsaintDaniel0108: have you looking in: System>Pref>Mouse16:48
Daniel0108i tried much settings16:48
Daniel0108but none of these worked16:48
stlsaintDaniel0108: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad16:49
Daniel0108i already installed this touchpad app16:50
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=== nothing is now known as bgs100
stlsaintDaniel0108: this is not an app16:52
stlsaintDaniel0108: it is a very informative guide for starting out with the touchpad16:52
stlsaintDaniel0108: in a terminal run this command: xinput list16:53
Daniel0108i just read the first paragraph ;)16:53
stlsaintDaniel0108: from that command you should see your touchpad16:53
Daniel0108i see it16:53
Daniel0108SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad16:53
Daniel0108slave pointer (2)16:54
stlsaintDaniel0108: alright that means that ubuntu is detecting your touchpad and you probably just need to reset it,16:55
Daniel0108i already resetted it16:55
stlsaintbut i must prepare to leave but im pretty sure that link i sent you has the solution to your problem16:55
Daniel0108through tpconfig16:55
stlsaintDaniel0108: hrm, have you touched your xorg at all?16:55
Daniel0108i just pressed the button16:56
stlsaintDaniel0108: please via that link and if nothing helps you can try and post a help thread on the ubuntuforums, it may be a bug but i doubt it16:57
Daniel0108thanks for your help :D16:57
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sleeppy777I installed open office but only Draw in the menus17:31
sleeppy777i can only find Office Draw in the menus17:32
aveilleuxsleeppy777: Write, Calc and etc. should be under Office17:33
sleeppy777no office menu, but i do see Office Drawing under "graphics"17:35
aveilleuxsleeppy777: Try something for me: Open Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and run the command openoffice.org-writer17:36
sleeppy777command not found17:37
aveilleuxsleeppy777: It would appear that OpenOffice.org is not installed. What method did you use to install it?17:38
sleeppy777add/remove package manager17:38
aveilleuxsleeppy777: You're in 9.04/9.10?17:39
aveilleuxsleeppy777: Try something else for me. In Terminal again, run the command oofice -writer (that's oofice <SPACE> -writer)17:40
aveilleuxooffice -writer17:40
aveilleuxTwo Fs17:40
sleeppy777lemme see17:40
sleeppy777command not found17:41
sleeppy777im using backtrack17:41
aveilleuxsleeppy777: The security analyzing derivative of Ubuntu?17:42
sleeppy777i think i will delete this partition and try a more user friendly version of Unbuntu17:43
aveilleuxsleeppy777: Weird. Try this: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org17:44
aveilleuxIn Terminal17:44
sleeppy777wow, its doing something17:45
sleeppy777it said setting up...17:46
sleeppy777it appears to be done, no change to menus, perhaps i should reboot17:48
aveilleuxsleeppy777: I think the menus are disabled. Go to System > Preferences > Main Menu and see if Office is checked17:49
Mohan_chmlaveilleux: hi. I was typing that :D17:50
aveilleuxMohan_chml: Good morning to you too :P17:50
Mohan_chmlaveilleux: its 20:25 here :P17:51
Mohan_chmlerr 22:2517:51
aveilleuxMohan_chml: NO TIME ZONE EXISTS EXCEPT MY OWN >:V17:51
Mohan_chmlsleeppy777: you got any clue?17:53
sleeppy777no, the menus arent set up sys>preferences>main menu, but still looking thanx17:54
Mohan_chmlgoto the "office" at your left column and you will find it there sleeppy77717:54
sleeppy777thank for the help, later18:02
aveilleuxGood luck, sleeppy77718:02
aveilleuxAw :(18:02
Mohan_chmlawgood luck :P18:03
Mohan_chmlargh! tab/spell fail :/18:03
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: for cases like boywonder i've done well wih multiboot.http://liveusb.info/dotclear/18:41
aveilleuxFor future reference, nUboon2Age, it's really helpful to have a space after the preceding punctuation mark when you post a URL. That way my client automatically picks up that it's a link.18:42
nUboon2Ageits extremely light because its really just bash scripts using a light gui (don't recall now which one)18:42
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: Not to single you out or anything; it's just happened to me like four times in the past day18:42
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: good point18:42
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: This is very helpful, thank you18:42
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: Good thing I speak French :P18:43
nUboon2Ageits an awesome program18:43
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: i don't speak french, but on my FF browser the google translate thing pops up so no prob.  but w/ your nick i figured you might speak French18:44
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: Actually my name is unrelated to my lineage... I'm not French :P18:44
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: that's cool, but since you chose it a figured you might speak french.18:45
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: Hehe, I didn't. Veilleux is my actual last name.18:45
nUboon2Ageaveilleux: you helped me before this nick when your nick started with a c.  i noted and appreciated your help and noticed when you changed over18:46
aveilleuxnUboon2Age: Chesamo was just a name out of a generator, with an apostrophe removed and one letter changed.18:47
nUboon2Agebtw, if you want practice on french, the Ubuntu French help forum where Multiboot is supported is good aveilleux18:48
nUboon2Agethe author is very responsive and nice in my experience.18:48
nUboon2Agethe program includes the awesome ability to drag and drop iso's to test them using virtualbox with zero configuration.18:49
uchobbyHaving trouble getting my printer to work with ubuntu. Its a Lexmark 5300, has a built in scanner, but I dont care to make that work, just want to print. Do I need to buy a new printer?21:03
aveilleuxuchobby: If it's a Lexmark, it's unlikely Ubuntu supports it.21:04
Mohan_chmluchobby: Is that showing up some errors?21:04
uchobbyThere is not a driver for it, when I try the other drivers, kind of at random, nothing happens21:05
uchobbyIts a network printer, served by a windows server box21:05
sebsebsebuchobby: Lexmark are known for really bad Linux support, well its more like what support?  However with recent printers,  I read that they are supporting LInux, even got Tux the Linux penguin on the box.21:09
aveilleuxuchobby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters/LexmarkPrinters21:09
uchobbyThanks, looks like I need to get a new printer, something from that list maybe, since Lexmark is trying to support Linux now21:11
aveilleuxuchobby: Your best bet is an HP printer though; they have the best support21:12
* uchobby nods, then HP21:12
st33medUgh, is anyone having trouble with flash on Firefox? If I go to a non-embedded video, it freezes after two seconds21:15
boboxIs this an OK place to ask for some help with resizing some partitions for a Lucid upgrade?21:17
uchobbyI dont see HP listed on the supported printer page21:18
Mohan_chmlbobox: ask your query and If anyone knows, surely we will respond21:19
aveilleuxuchobby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HPPrinterInstallation or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HpAllInOne21:20
aveilleuxuchobby: Almost all HPs are supported out of the box though21:21
boboxOK, thanks: I've a /usr partition with just 1.99GB unused; the Lucid installer aborts because it needs 2.104GB in /usr. The preceeding21:21
uchobbythanks aveilleux21:22
boboxoops. preceeding partition is root, with just 0.764GB of 5.22GB used. Can I shrink root down and 'slide' /usr into the space21:23
aveilleuxbobox: Yes.21:25
boboxThanks aveilleux: would GParted be a good tool?21:27
bobox? and how much space shuould I leave for root?21:27
aveilleuxbobox: GParted is good, yes, and shrink it down so /usr has 2.25GB (just some extra room)21:28
boboxaveilleux: and should both root and /usr be backed up somewhere first, or can GParted be trusted?21:32
aveilleuxbobox: GParted nondestructively resizes, so you're generally safe21:34
boboxBut given that the start of the /usr partition has to be moved, this means the entire contents of the partition have to be moved, yes? which was kindof what was worrying me ... I'll see if i can't figure out some way of backing them up and then goiving it a go. Thanks for your help!21:37
uchobbyHow would I make a FTDI USB Serial port work on Ubuntu?22:14
uchobbyI dont see the /dev/ttyUSB#22:14
ju1c3aveilleux: you there?22:20
aveilleuxju1c3: I am22:20
ju1c3aveilleux: so i got hfsprogs up and running and formatted my drive but now i can't mount it22:21
aveilleuxju1c3: Does it have journaling?22:22
ju1c3aveilleux: how would i know that?22:24
aveilleuxju1c3: How did you format the partition again? With GParted?22:25
ju1c3aveilleux: yea22:25
aveilleuxju1ce: Have you tried sudo mount -t hfs /dev/<devicename> ?22:26
ju1c3aveilleux: k one sec22:26
ju1c3aveilleux: just tried, it gives me the help page22:28
aveilleuxju1c3: Did you fill in the device name, or actually type "<devicename>"?22:29
ju1c3aveilleux: i used /dev/sdd22:29
ju1c3or would i have to use the partition /dev/sdd122:29
aveilleuxju1c2: It'd have to be /dev/sdd122:29
ju1c3one sec22:30
ju1c3aveilleux: it does the same thing, help page22:39
aveilleuxju1c3: try hfsplus22:39
ju1c3aveilleux: hfsprogs?22:40
aveilleuxju1c3: No, hfsplus instead of hfs in the mount command22:40
ju1c3as type, ic22:40
ju1c3i think its working. would i mount it to /mnt or ?22:45
aveilleuxju1c3: Oh, right, duh. I forgot the mount point. Make a new directory in /media called hfs (sudo mkdir /media/hfs) and run the command sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdd1 /media/hfs22:47
ju1c3so i have two mac drives to copy, where would i mount the other one?22:47
ju1c3my goal is to dd one to the other22:47
aveilleuxju1c3: You can just dd /dev/sdd /dev/sdX....22:48
ju1c3upgrayde! :D22:48
ju1c3the command i'm using "sudo dd if=/dev/sdd of=/dev/sde"22:49
ju1c3and i heard its faster if u use a bit number22:49
ju1c3but i forget the modifier22:49
stlsaintaveilleux: thats wrong syntax :P22:49
aveilleuxstlsaint: Yeah, blah22:49
stlsaintaveilleux: 409622:50
stlsaintju1c3: 409622:50
stlsainttab fail22:50
ju1c3what would be the full dd command with the bit number?22:50
stlsaintju1c3: dd if=/dev/rdsk/cXtXdXs2 of=/dev/rdsk/cYtYdYs2 bs=blocksize22:51
stlsaintju1c3: well thats a bit extreme you can remove the last entry in both syntaxs22:52
stlsaintju1c3: so: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=4096 (for example)22:52
ju1c3kewl, thanks dudes22:54
ju1c3let u know when its done/if it worked22:54
stlsaintju1c3: make sure they are the same size22:55
ju1c3stlsaint: the new drive is bigger, 150GB -> 260GB23:00
stlsaintju1c3: you may run into problems23:06
stlsaintoh wait you said the new drive is bigger23:06
stlsaintyea you should just have excess space left over23:07
ju1c3will the extra space include itself in the 'storage' part of the partitions or will it stay unformatted23:09
stlsaintju1c3: it will remain unallocated space until you do somethign with it23:10
ju1c3can i expand an hfs+ partition?23:10
ju1c3or would i have to do it within the mac laptop?23:11
stlsaintju1c3: you are doing this on a mac?23:12
ju1c3im on ubuntu 10.04 desktop cloning mac drives23:13
ju1c3but the desktop has no interwebs23:14
ju1c3so im on my ubuntu laptop :P23:14
ju1c3is there a way to get live feedback from dd?23:19
ju1c3even a loading bar would be helpful23:20

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