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maple_leafyofel: regardless of who made the mistake, it's a serious problem to have already frustrated users getting an error page when they pursue the paid support option.00:34
micahgmaple_leaf: please file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website00:35
maple_leafthank you micahg, consider it filed00:43
micahgmaple_leaf: thank you :)00:44
maple_leafcharlie-tca: that's been moved to some other server01:00
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lanoxxwarning, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 55963 package 'virtualbox-3.0':04:14
lanoxx error in Config-Version string '3.0.8-53138_Ubuntu_jaunty': invalid character in revision number04:14
lanoxxi am getting this currently during an update (im on maverick, doing the latest updates as of today)04:14
kklimondait's not ubuntu package afaics04:25
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candreaHi all. Why are private bug notifications going to a public mailing list? https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugcontrol/14:07
charlie-tcaThe mailing may be public, but the bugs are not. You can see the title, but you can not read the bug report unless you are a member of ubuntu-bugcontrol14:10
charlie-tcabugcontrol can read the report and make a decision whether to keep the bug private or make it public14:11
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candreacharlie-tca: actually now all private bugs notifications are going to the mailing list, and such notifications contains not just the title, but the entire summary, tags and status changes: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bugcontrol/msg02552.html14:23
candreacharlie-tca: am I missing something?14:23
charlie-tcaI did not get the entire message, it seems. The bugcontrol mailing list is only getting the bug number. This one is a launchpad itself. Might notify them in #launchpad14:26
charlie-tcaor maybe bdmurray14:26
charlie-tcalet's try for him, anyway14:27
charlie-tcabdmurray: ^ ^14:27
candreaI see that apport is manually subscribing ubuntu-bugcontrol to private bugs, which is not necessary (-bugcontrol is the bug supervisor for Ubuntu)14:30
candreabugcontrol has its mailing list as contact address, so all private bugs notifications goes to the ML14:30
candreathis looks to me like a problem in apport, isn't it?14:31
charlie-tcaI don't know, myself14:31
charlie-tcaI have to wonder, since it just started happening today, what has changed in the last couple of hours?14:42
kklimondacandrea: apport subscribes bugcontrol to hot bugs14:45
kklimondaif you notice the last comment by Apport is that the "bugpattern-needed" tag has been added to the report14:45
candreakklimonda: oh, now I understand14:47
kklimondacandrea: also the content of those emails isn't really confidential - we get only the last line of the stacktrace with some safe data about user's system14:47
charlie-tcahmm, then the auto-script being used to add that is failing. It should not be allowing the report to be displayed if it is a private report14:47
kklimondaach, it's this time of the year again when we, -bugcontrol members, are getting dozens of those mails every day..14:49
kklimondasubtle nudge to write bugpatterns ;)14:50
charlie-tcaOh, goody :-(14:50
drizzlei really dont think empathy is better than pidgin14:50
drizzlegiving it a go though14:50
candreakklimonda: yeah, such mails don't contain sensible information (as long as commenters don't post such information), but however I don't think that apport should subscribe the team: isn't the tag enough?14:50
kklimondacandrea: the subscribtion is also a message - "hey, this bug is getting lots of duplicates. Could you take a look a it and write a pattern?"14:52
charlie-tcaYes, and we subscribe to the mailing list just to get notices like that, sometimes.14:54
kklimondanice, 6 messages and counting :)14:54
charlie-tcaI guess I forgot about those again.14:55
candreawell... most of the hot bugs don't need to be private, so I no longer think this is a bad idea -- thanks kklimonda and charlie-tca for the clarifications14:57
charlie-tcano problem14:58
charlie-tcaIt is good to keep things in view14:58
drizzlecan someone mark 631553 as wishlist pleasE/15:00
charlie-tcabug 63155315:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 631553 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[10.10 beta] New Welcome screen pictures bring confusion (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63155315:05
charlie-tcaHello, drizzle15:06
tbsdy_liveshey folks... I finally got around to logging a bug about provide a dbgsym package for uno-libs315:45
tbsdy_livesbug 62675515:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 626755 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "Opened .docx I downloaded from Microsoft, and soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in SwXTextRange::~SwXTextRange() (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62675515:46
tbsdy_livesooops, wrong one - bug 63164115:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 631641 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "Cannot install all debug symbols for OpenOffice.org (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63164115:47
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dattaI cannot report any bug, seems like apport is not working16:33
ashamshi all16:40
ashamscan someone help?16:40
nigelblooks like apport retracter is back up :/16:41
nigelb!ask | ashams16:41
ubot2ashams: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:41
ashamsnigelb: well some bug reporter failed to run the evtest command, he said that he have a NBR verision, what is NBR and can this make a differance?16:43
nigelbI don't know what NBR is, but if you could say which package, maybe I could look (even better if you can give bug#)16:44
nigelbAlso, please ask generally :)16:45
ashamsBug #57378616:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 573786 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "10.04 Synaptics touchpad horizontal scroll doesnt work (10.04) (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57378616:46
ashamsnigelb: You may just check the last lines in the last comment16:48
nigelbashams: NetBook Remix16:49
nigelbthat should have come instinctively, I sort of forgot about it16:50
ashamsnigelb: would that mean that it might not include the evtest tool?16:50
nigelbashams: it only has a different launcher16:51
nigelbbut the repos, etc should be the same16:51
ashamsnigelb: he said thet when he tried to run "sudo evtest /dev/input/event8 > ~/evtest" he got a Command Not Found Message.16:52
ashamsnigelb: well, thank you nigelb.16:53
nigelbhrm, woonder which package has that binary16:53
nigelbashams: evtest is in universe, he needs to isntall it first16:54
ashamsnigelb: thank you16:55
* nigelb kicks appport retracter17:21
vishhmm , maybe we need to blacklist the you have been subscribed to private bug mails landing in BC list?17:39
nigelbbut what if somone who sees it knw a fix?17:40
vishits for crashers , if its a known bug , the bugs need to be duped by the retracer17:40
nigelbhrm, hiding the you've been subscribed sees fair, so we'd not be missing the comments /after/ that...true17:41
vishyeah , its a new lp "feature" , where we get notified when being subscribed..17:43
nigelbhow helpful17:44
nigelbvish: lol, recently I went into panic mode thinking there ws a bug assigned to me and I didnt get to it and I couldn't even remember what it was about17:45
nigelbthen it hit me, it was the cheese bug :)17:45
vishnigelb: yeah , you are just lazy ;p17:45
vishnigelb: kermiac did an awesome job there.. i was lucky he had patience :D17:48
vishtook me a bit of time to explain properly !17:49
nigelbvish: I feel like an idiot, because I finished doing it except for a small bug17:49
nigelbonly it was on the laptop that has a broken motherboard right now17:49
vishbah , someone stop the BC mails! :(17:52
* vish looks at higher powers! pedro_ hggdh charlie-tca :)17:53
charlie-tcaI don't know how17:53
bilalakhtarAnyone here to renew my BC membership? 4 days to go!17:53
charlie-tcapedro_ hggdh :  we need your expertise!17:54
bilalakhtarBTW, it appears pitti ran the retracer after so many days!17:54
nigelbbilalakhtar: it was broken for some time17:54
vishbilalakhtar: no , retracers had a bug and were stck on provate mails;)17:54
bilalakhtarSo many 'You have been subscribed' messages in the BC list17:55
nigelbheh, vish and I were just complaining about that :p17:55
pedro_vish, stop what?17:55
* bilalakhtar reads the log17:55
charlie-tcaI was able to get all my complaints in early today17:55
vishbilalakhtar: yeah , thats what i'm whining about too ..  but charlie-tca doesnt want to help ;p17:55
nigelbvish: I don't think its possible :/17:56
vishpedro_:  'You have been subscribed to private bug by apport'17:56
bilalakhtarstill no one to renew my membership :( Looks like I will have to wait until I become MTU17:56
pedro_vish, the auto dup for python crashes is the one catching up there17:56
* nigelb doesn't see any option in one of the lists.launchpad.net lists he's admin17:56
pedro_vish, the retracer is still broken17:56
pedro_create a filter? ;-)17:56
nigelbprocmail ftw17:57
vishthekorn somehow broke into canonical servers and tested the fix  :D  !17:57
pedro_i keep those in a separate folder to avoid such issues17:57
vishpedro_: well , i can create a filter , but can we block them hitting the list too?  everyone needs to filter those.. :)17:58
bilalakhtarBTW, why does the retracer assign BC to bugs? Why not ubuntu-crashes-* ?17:58
thekornvish: I'm a hacker, you know ;)17:59
micahgbilalakhtar: only bugs with 10 or more dups so a BC member can write a bug pattern17:59
pedro_vish, those are the ones marked as "bugpattern-needed", not all the bugs in the world :-P17:59
pedro_vish, so yes, there's a filter already17:59
vishah ,  patter-needed!18:01
* bilalakhtar guesses vish may be having 30 hilights a minute18:01
vishbilalakhtar: plus pms! sometimes i forget what i say where! ;)18:02
vishPMs not pms!18:02
charlie-tcathat I did not WANT to help, rather that I am unable to help. Besides, I got the answer early today, which is the same as Pedro's18:04
vishcharlie-tca: was just kidding :)18:05
* charlie-tca would like to add that he was not real happy with that answer, either18:05
nigelbvish: hahahahaahahah PMs vs pms18:05
vishcharlie-tca: yeah , not sure why we need the bug pattern mails! :)18:05
nigelband you had to point it out!18:06
charlie-tcaI did not think I needed them :-)18:06
micahgvish: bug control is supposed to write the bug patters18:06
charlie-tcaWe are?18:06
vishmicahg: but for all the packages? or do the concerned people only write them?18:06
nigelbnow that I remember it, we are18:06
micahgcharlie-tca: yes, you don't think we get spammed for no reason, right? :)18:07
charlie-tcaWell, that explains it then :-)18:07
micahgvish: in theory all the packages :), but people do what they can18:07
charlie-tcaummm, about the spam... I can't really answer that now18:07
micahgvish: keep in mind, bug control includes all Ubuntu devs18:07
nigelbnow I know why we get spammed18:08
nigelbso we get motivated enough to write a pattern - ingenious!18:08
nigelbpedro_: is it the same source bug we're all getting mails for?18:10
* nigelb can't make out a pattern18:10
charlie-tcaOh, it seems to be many bugs18:12
shadeslayeri was wondering since there is this huge backlog of proposed people for ubuntu-bugcontrol, will my application get looked at?18:19
micahgshadeslayer: I thought you were going for kubuntu-dev?18:19
shadeslayeri am, but i want to also join bug control18:19
shadeslayerkubuntu-dev is a bit far away currently :P18:20
micahgshadeslayer: it's implicit in kubuntu-dev membership18:20
shadeslayer( maybe ill apply in december after neon gets working )18:20
nigelbdid you apply?18:20
nigelbi.e. send mail to the list?18:20
shadeslayernigelb: apply to what?18:20
shadeslayerim doing that right noq18:20
nigelbthere isn't per se a packlog18:21
nigelbonce you apply you'll get +/-1'd18:21
nigelbif you get enough +1s, you get in18:21
shadeslayerum question, suppose ive closed bugs, not actually triaged them per se, since they were upstream bugs, they still count right?18:21
nigelbHow would you suggest importance for them and the reasoning?18:22
shadeslayernigelb: the status is invalid since they need to be fixed by KDE and are not actually packaging bugs18:23
nigelbshadeslayer: well, in that case, the bug isn't invalid18:23
shadeslayernor are they bugs caused by our packaging18:23
shadeslayernigelb: how come?18:24
nigelbthe bug just needs an upstream task added18:24
vishnigelb: kde follows different rules ;)18:24
vishnigelb: they close their bugs , if its not due to our changes18:24
nigelbvish: gah18:24
shadeslayernigelb: the important ones were of course forwarded18:24
shadeslayerfor eg. there was a k3b bug that caused k3b to crash on opening the settings18:24
nigelbshadeslayer: ubuntu per se works on different principle18:24
nigelbthat bug would be triaged in according to bug squad rules18:25
shadeslayernigelb: ill be just targetting the kubuntu packaging bugs18:25
micahgnigelb: project timelord has different bug rules18:25
nigelbmicahg: should we have an exception for those folks in the application then?18:25
nigelbmicahg: project timelord?18:25
shadeslayernigelb: http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/Timelord/ << some docs :)18:25
micahgnigelb: well, he should show bugs that he needs to set importance for (i.e. stuff not invalid for kubuntu)18:26
nigelbshadeslayer: ^^ not counted then :p18:26
micahgshadeslayer: otherwise, no need for bug control18:26
nigelbBC is about being able to set "triaged" status and importance18:27
vishmicahg: well , i wouldnt say not counted.. shadeslayer  knows where the bug is , maybe he can just mention what importance he would assign for those?18:27
nigelbkubuntu seems to be using Invalid where we tend to use Triaged18:27
vishif they were ubuntu bugs..18:27
micahgvish: importance is irrelevant if the bug is invalid in our tracker18:27
shadeslayermicahg: but for the ones that ARE valid18:28
nigelbvish: Ideally, I'd rather have kubuntu folks +1'ing that us discussing18:28
micahgshadeslayer: exactly, pull 5 of those :)18:28
vishmicahg: otherwise , kde people would have to triage a huge load of bugs more than a Ubuntu person..18:28
shadeslayerbug 596926 is one of them for eg18:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 596926 in kde4libs (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "k3b crashes on clicking Settings > Configure k3b (affects: 9) (dups: 2) (heat: 92)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59692618:28
micahgvish: and?18:29
nigelbvish: um, btw, when you reply to somone's reply to bc application, reply to the whole mail please than correcting mistakes by reviewer18:29
nigelbnot saying you always did it, but the one time I did notice, it was you :)18:29
vishnigelb: huh?18:29
micahgvish: it's not about quantity of bugs triaged, but about trusted ability + necessity to set importance/triaged18:30
vishnigelb: you gotta be more specific , i dont know what you mean..18:30
vishmicahg: well , seemed a bit too much to triage.. just because they have to wade a much larger number of bugs.. just for BC :)18:31
nigelbvish: lol, I'll just pm :)18:31
micahgvish: they might not need BC membership then, that's the point18:31
shadeslayerim pretty tired of asking people to set the importance of bugs for me18:36
shadeslayerthats why im applying18:36
micahgshadeslayer: so you should have 5 bugs then :)18:37
shadeslayeryep :)18:37
* shadeslayer will also get a kubuntu dev to bless the application18:37
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nigelbshadeslayer: good idea :)18:39
* micahg will most likely give a +1, but wants to see the bugs :)18:39
* nigelb would hate to be in a class micahg is teaching18:40
njinpedro_: around ?18:46
shadeslayermail sent18:53
shadeslayermicahg: 4 bugs + 1 i reported and fixed my self :P18:54
vishshadeslayer: you are prolly the first kubuntu application i have seen on th BC list  ;)18:57
shadeslayerhehe :P18:57
shadeslayervish: i got Riddell to bless it \o/19:01
shadeslayerseems its awaiting moderator approval, anyone have the powa to approve it?19:05
* micahg will bbiab19:05
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pedro_shadeslayer, if you are Rohan Garg, i think i've approved that email a few seconds ago19:09
shadeslayerpedro_: yes :)19:09
pedro_shadeslayer, you're welcome19:09
shadeslayerim off to sleep.. cya later19:59
micahgshadeslayer: I'll reply to your application a little later tonight20:00
shadeslayermicahg: sure no problem, ill only be able to reply tommorow night20:01
shadeslayerthanks :)20:01
micahgshadeslayer: np20:01
shadeslayermicahg: btw you will be CC'ing me as well right?20:02
micahgshadeslayer: yes20:02
shadeslayerok ..20:02
vishcharlie-tca: does SiDI still help with xubuntu?  been a while since we saw him in -artwork..21:04
charlie-tcaNot very much. His is working exaile upstream, I think21:05
charlie-tcaWe see him very seldom21:05
vish /join #xubuntu21:07
* vish removes space!21:07
charlie-tcaI didn't think it worked that way :-)21:07
micahghggdh: enjoying your day off?21:31
hggdhmicahg: oh yes, just back from Corpus Christi :-)21:32
hggdh(or however is it the city's name is written)21:32

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