* JanC is *evil*, having a 666 score at Ubuntu StackExchange... ;)01:12
Pendulumpaultag: ping02:34
nigelbdoctormo: what do you want me to do?03:31
doctormonigelb: Have a look at that list and compare it to your ip number.03:31
nigelbdoctormo: not there03:33
doctormoDon't forget it may see ranges too.03:33
nigelb122 is what my ip starts with03:33
nigelbby the second place isn't there03:34
nigelbdoctormo: is there some site that uses those blocks so I can test/03:36
doctormonigelb: I don't know :-(03:38
doctormoPerhaps India decided to block doctormo?03:38
nigelbdoctormo: if that list has ranges, I'm pretty sure I'll be blocked :/03:38
duanedesignmorning all07:18
nigelbmorning duanedesign07:25
nigelbhey there ara :)07:25
aramorning nigelb, all!07:26
* nigelb back2wrk07:27
dpmgooood morning everyone!07:50
dpmgod morning kim0!08:00
kim0dpm: hey morning :)08:01
dpmhi duanedesign ;)08:02
duanedesignhello dpm kim008:04
kim0duanedesign: hola :)08:04
dpmhow was everyone's week?08:09
kim0week end you mean :)08:10
kim0everyone is slow booting08:13
dholbachgood morning08:14
kim0dholbach: morning08:15
duanedesigndpm: really good. Had a lazy weekend though :)08:16
dpmduanedesign, lazy weekends are good!08:16
dpmhey dholbach :)08:16
dholbachhey kim0, hey dpm08:16
dholbachdpm,how was your vacation?08:16
kim0lazy weekends are good indeed :)08:17
dpmdholbach, very relaxing, thanks :) I got to do lots of things I had postponed for months08:18
dholbachdpm, excellent08:18
dholbachdpm, can I interest you in giving a session at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable?08:20
dholbachjcastro_, what do you think about a daily builds session at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable?08:21
dpmdholbach, sure, let me pick a slot08:21
* dholbach hugs dpm08:23
dpmdholbach, ok, session added08:25
* dpm hugs dholbach back08:25
* nigelb pops back in briefly to say Hi08:44
dpmhey nigelb!08:44
nigelbmorning dpm08:51
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=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
huatsmorning !09:47
dholbachhola randa09:50
dpmbonjour huats, hola randa, good morning/maidin mhaith czajkowski :)10:48
randahi dpm10:49
dholbachseems like dpm took a language course in his vacation :)10:51
czajkowskidpm: *hugs* :)11:01
* dpm hugs czajkowski11:05
nigelbgood morning dholbach and czajkowski :)11:24
nigelbdpm: well, you don't have to prove that you're translations coordinator you know  :p :p11:24
nigelbhola huats, randa :)11:24
dholbachhi nigelb11:25
nigelbdholbach: we'll miss you for 3 weeks :)11:25
huatshello nigelb11:25
dholbachnigelb: you'll survive :-)11:26
nigelbdholbach: heh :)11:26
* dpm hugs nigelb :)11:32
* nigelb hugs dpm back :)11:47
akgranerdholbach, only eight slots left to fill for App Developer Week :-)  woo hoo!!!14:36
akgranerpaultag, greg-g, and jcastro_ conference pack for UbuCon arrived on Saturday!  Thanks randa!!14:55
randacool akgraner :)14:57
AlanBellakgraner: want a ruby slot?15:07
AlanBello/ matti15:07
mattiHey AlanBell15:07
AlanBellakgraner: matti was talking about doing an intro to Ruby slot for app dev week15:08
mattiI need to check with my manager @ work.15:08
akgranermatti, awesome!15:08
mattiI might be going to Singapore for two weeks, but I have no idea of the time frame yet.15:08
mattiApologies for that.15:08
mattiIts very organic.15:08
akgranermatti, ahh ok - just let me know there are 8 open slots right now - no worries :-)15:09
mattiakgraner: Certainly. I can to this in October, that's for sure.15:09
mattiakgraner: September, I am not sure about.15:09
mattiI see that AlanBell will be talking about Python :)15:11
akgranermatti, awesome - October is Open Week :-)  so one way or another we'll get you slotted :-)15:11
mattiSo my gentle introduction to Ruby might be a nice idea, indeed :)15:11
mattiakgraner: Sure thing :)15:11
mattiakgraner: I'd love to talk about Ruby :)15:11
akgranerthen we start all over with Dev, App Dev, ubuntu user days, and open week :-)15:11
mattiakgraner: The more people join Ruby on the bandwagon and Ruby community, the merrier :)15:12
akgranermatti, thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge - just let me know the dates for open week are October 11-15, 201015:13
akgranermore info about that next week :-)15:14
mattiakgraner: Will do :)15:14
mattiakgraner: I have to figure-out September, and then I should be more than happy to help :)15:14
akgranermatti, okie dokie15:14
paultagakgraner: woo!15:17
akgranerpaultag, I won't be arriving until like 5am on Friday Morning - so I'll be making a mad dash to drop my stuff off at the hotel then start assembling stuff for the UbuCon15:18
akgranerDo I need to grab the orange bags and purple tissue paper?15:18
akgranerI'll also be bringing some Ubuntu inspired accessories to give away as well :-)15:19
paultagakgraner: I don't think Canonical is sending me anything...15:20
paultagakgraner: I put in three requests and none of them look to have panned out15:20
akgranerpaultag, I'm printing 200 of the fliers doctomo added to spreadubuntu15:21
akgranerand I'll be bringing some UW stuff as well15:21
akgraneralong with the Conference pack and trifold  - but the trifold will need to be assembled15:22
akgranerbut it's just a matter of Velcro'ing stuff where it needs to go on the posterboard tri-fold thing15:22
akgraneralso do we have a new template for business cards that reflect the new theme?15:23
* akgraner is making a staples run this afternoon to drop off all the images I need printed15:23
nhandlerakgraner: Didn't doctormo make up a few?15:30
nhandlerakgraner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BusinessCards15:31
akgranernhandler, thanks!  hadn't gotten that far but figure someone would know :-)15:31
akgranerWe need an Ubuntu Easy Button  - :-)15:32
akgranermight have to modify the Staples one for grins and giggles15:33
dholbachakgraner, it was quite a bit of work15:35
vishpaultag: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/09/synaptic-is-going-bye-bye-soon.html ;)16:07
paultagOh christ16:08
paultagI said that on reddit16:08
paultagOh jesus16:08
paultagWell that's kinda cool :)16:09
paultagthanks vish :P16:09
vishpaultag: np... luckily , you dint quote me , now wouldnt that have been a double quote :D , now if what i said was wrong you have no proof ;p16:10
akgranerpaultag, yep and it's even included in UWN this week as well :-)16:10
vishpaultag: but no worries , it has been a plan since lucid :)16:10
paultagwell real good then16:11
Pendulumpaultag: yeah, that's why I pinged you last night. to make sure you knew it was there :P16:11
paultagPendulum: I had no idea thanks :D16:11
Pendulum(before I added it to UWN)16:11
paultagthanks vish :)16:12
vishpaultag: np.. :) , thank Pendulum she mentioned it on -accessibility :)16:13
paultagthanks Pendulum :D16:13
paultagLawdy. How did you come accross this. I think this is the first time I've been quoted without being asked16:14
paultagPretty cool ( and scary )16:14
akgranerpaultag, webup8 is one of the feeds the news team monitors and Pendulum found this article for the ITB section :-)  (Go Pendulum)16:16
dpmhey ara, a quick question, are daily ubuntu isos always generated at the same time of the day?16:22
aradpm, no idea, sorry16:22
dpmno worries :)16:22
aradpm, you'd better ask cjwatson16:23
dpmok thanks!16:23
akgranerjcastro_, added the top 5 stackechange questions under Ubuntu Stats16:37
akgranerspeaking of stats are there cleansweep stats for last week?  I think I missed them someone where b/c I don't have them in UWN this week16:38
nigelbakgraner: we missed them16:39
nigelbjcastro on vacation, dholbach is getting ready for vacation, and I've been swamped with work16:39
akgranernigelb, okie dokie just double checking :-)  thanks!16:40
AlanBelljoin #ubuntu-il16:43
* AlanBell stabs the / key16:44
PendulumAlanBell: not doing well with the / key today, are you?16:46
AlanBellno. It seems to be working, I think the problem is somewhere between the keyboard and the chair16:46
nigelbAlanBell: little finger a bit stiff today? ;)16:47
* Pendulum hugs AlanBell 16:47
* AlanBell hugs Pendulum 16:47
* nigelb guhs AlanBell and Pendulum 16:48
nigelberrr hugs16:49
nigelbwhere is jfo when you're looking for him....16:56
nigelbAlanBell: quick ping re wiki17:02
nigelbhow do you stop wiki from thinking CamelCase is a link?17:02
ubot2Factoid 'CamelCase' not found17:02
dholbach !CamelCase17:02
nigelbthat does need a factoid imho17:03
paultagnigelb: not for IRC :)17:04
popeywhats the deadline for people requesting uds sponsorship?17:17
nigelb8th I think17:18
nigelbyay! http://tretkowski.de/blog/archives/439-Backports-service-becoming-official.html17:29
nigelboh my gosh! are people this crazy? http://forums.theregister.co.uk/post/85691717:37
nigelb"Why Ubuntu cannot offer an version with VB installed and configed, or crossover configured...."17:37
* nigelb facepalms17:38
AlanBellnigelb: Alan''''''Bell or <<Verbatim(AlanBell)>>17:46
dholbachor !AlanBell :)17:46
* nigelb hugs AlanBell and dholbach :)17:48
AlanBellyeah, that works too17:48
AlanBellhowever if the thing you are escaping isn't a wiki name the ! shows up17:48
dholbachany ideas what's still missing on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable?17:48
nigelbdholbach: something about how LP can help in app development?17:51
nigelbI know gc is going to be talked about, something about lp, expecially dialies would be nice17:51
nigelboh, maybe a PHP talk => there seems to be python and ruby too </sarcasm>17:51
dholbachthanks nigelb17:57
dholbachI'll see what I can line up tomorrow17:57
* dholbach calls it a day now17:57
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:57
nigelbdholbach: I'll try to talk some lp folks in the morning17:57
dholbachthat'd be n ice17:57
dholbachjust get them to sign up :)17:57
nigelbheh, jml owes us a session from udw17:58
dholbachha, yes17:58
dholbachhave a great evening!17:58
nigelbyou too!17:58
doctormoTada http://zombiwoof.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d29t6ix18:33
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czajkowskihttp://twitpic.com/2lw4zw WANT!!19:24
vishAlanBell: why are we pushing fonts for Maverick itself ? :) [just curious]19:48
* vish just curious from sladen's list and seemed like we could we wait for the font to be more complete19:48
AlanBellno idea19:48
AlanBellwell, because sabdfl would like to investigate the possibility really I guess19:49
vishAlanBell: hehe , ok , just asked since i thought you had made the last comment about having tested the fonts.. i should really sleep :D19:49
vishmight have mistaken for someone else's comment19:49
AlanBellthat was my comment19:50
AlanBellsabdfl is pushing for it to be included (as well as not signing off on the design so far)19:50
AlanBellI am just trying to help the process get resolved one way or another19:51
AlanBellso if I can prove it works, or doesn't work in hebrew, cryllic etc then they can make a decision sooner, one way or the other.19:51
vishAlanBell: could you test a font bug for me?  i have a bug with 9pt regular fonts..19:52
vishAlanBell: if i set the hinting to full or slight , the font changes drastically..19:52
vishbut not with other fonts..19:52
vishi mean , sizes..19:53
AlanBellsure, what font?19:54
AlanBelland what application?19:54
vishAlanBell: the ubuntu font , just a sec let me get you screenshots..19:54
vishAlanBell: and notice how they change in > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/603049/+attachment/1447837/+files/Hint-Full.png19:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 603049 in ubuntu-font-family "Fonts look too thin with full/medium hinting - 9pt (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Triaged]19:56
AlanBellok, will test that a bit later19:56
vishneat thanks..19:56
vishoddly only that size has the problem..19:57
vishother font sizes seem to not change so much..19:57
czajkowskijcastro_: you about ?20:14
jcastro_a bit20:43
=== jcastro_ is now known as jcastro
jcastroczajkowski: yo20:44
czajkowskihello :) and welcome back20:44
czajkowskijcastro: do you want to add a short talk to the loco health check tomorrow fo the stack exchange ?20:45
jcastroczajkowski: sure, just ping me on irc.20:53
jcastrotomorrow is my first day back in like 2 weeks, so I will be slammed, but I'll try clear some time20:53
czajkowskijcastro: great thanks20:54
jcastroczajkowski: I am subscribed to the "community" tag in the hopes that people ask community related questions20:58
jcastro"how do I get in contact with my local team?" etc.20:58
czajkowskiahh nice idea20:58
czajkowskididnt know about that20:59
jcastrosomeone asked how to run an ubuntu hour iirc20:59
jcastroit's like the only one so far20:59
czajkowskiI just replied also21:08
* jcastro +1's21:10
AlanBell"I’ve come to see Linux as an ingredient, like flour. You can’t sell flour to a person wanting to buy cakes" - doctormo23:19
kim0well put :)23:20
mattiNight night all.23:59

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