jussiHrm, had an idea (might be crazy, but yeah) - I know it would be nasty on the maintainers, but perhaps we could make the default username/ident reflect the version of ubuntu, making it easier to identify which version they are running and less lines used in asking that?14:41
jussiBtw, this type of questions and thoughts are more than welcome in here - "how we can make things rock/ not suck" is very ontopic for here.14:44
charlie-tcaand if they run two or three systems with different versions?14:44
jussicharlie-tca: it wont be 100% accurate, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt do it14:44
jussi I think it would be possible to write a little script that pulls the version, so the maintainers wont have to think about it each release14:45
charlie-tcaWould that make it more confusing, then, if it is not accurate. People will be giving answers based on the reported version instead of asking?14:45
jussinot really, because usually people on a second system will say so, but a  newbie on his new system wont say anything14:50
charlie-tcaSeems like one more step of "you should assume we know everything needed, so don't bother telling us. We can help anyway."14:52
jussiHrm, I dont think so, its more one more step of "hey, we have some extra information that enables us to give better help"14:55
jussicharlie-tca: btw, what is xubuntu's default irc client?14:55
charlie-tcaand that is not xchat-gnome14:56
charlie-tcaWe also install pidgin by default, just to confuse things ;-)14:58

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