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easter_eggHi, is possible to have a ubuntu/bot/nickname cloak for the brazilian bot?04:49
easter_eggthe nick of the bot is ubottu-br04:49
persiaeaster_egg, The ubuntu/bot/nickname is fairly tightly limited to bots managed by the common bot wranglers.  This doesn't mean "no", but you may want to prepare answers to questions such as "What does that bot do differently?  Why shouldn't that bot be managed by the common wranglers?", etc.05:42
* persia is non-authoritative when it comes to bot management policies05:43
vish "bot wranglers" ! :D05:44
rwwIs that the polite term for what I'm doing when I feel like strangling ubottu?05:44
easter_eggpersia, the ubottu-br is like ubottu. But with the meetbot plugin too and for only brazilian channels05:45
easter_eggpersia, this is for not to overload the other bots05:46
persiarww, It's the term I've always used for the folks that manage bots.05:46
persiaeaster_egg, I'm not someone who can receive those answers well: you need someone authoritative about those things.05:47
easter_eggpersia, who is the one?05:47
persiaeaster_egg, I'm not sure precisely, but I believe https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bots/+members is the current list.05:49
* persia could be mistaken: that could be the list of folks that can change the code of the bots05:49
easter_eggpersia, thank you very much05:49
easter_eggi will search05:49
persiaI'd recommend waiting instead.  This time of day is not one that any of them tend to be active.  You might get a real answer sometime in the next 4-10 hours.05:50
easter_eggok =]05:54
rwwI'd wait for an IRC Councilperson, since they're the ones who can actually issue bot cloaks, so one would imagine they know about who gets them :)05:55
persiaEither way.  Waiting is best now :)05:55
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Flanneleaster_egg: You can also get the normal bot mask of unaffiliated/ownername/bot/botname (where botname is the bots nick, and ownername is the owners nick)10:45
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