* apw yawns08:43
ikepanhcgood morning apw08:45
* amitk waves08:47
ikepanhc.... and amitk :)08:48
apwmorning ikepanhc 08:48
aboganimorning all08:48
* apw waves08:49
* cooloney waves at apw amitk cking 09:13
cooloneymorning guys09:13
MatsyAh, this seems to be a more suitable channel for my question. I am in need to install the kernel. I just need it to compile a certain kernel driver. How would I go and do such a thing? I'm currently doing a git sync of kernel.org, but I doubt I will be able to see the previous versions there.09:13
apwMatsy, the 4 number versions are not in linus' tree, they are in the stable trees.  we do produce unsupported builds of them however09:15
MatsyHm, okay. I can see it right there. I'm on 10.04 right now. Would I also need the -lucid package from the repository?09:17
MatsyInteresting enough, then!09:23
MatsyOh, gah. Need to resize my virtual disk first. I knew I shouldn't have picked 18GB09:26
lacostejI reported, tracked and got kernel regression https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/86820 fixed upstream. It will only appear in 2.6.36. Any change we can backport this in 10.10's kernel ? I'am tired of backporting the change in my 10.04 custom kernels... Tanks10:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 86820 in linux-source-2.6.20 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "touchpad doesn't work after suspend (affects: 2) (dups: 2) (heat: 41)" [Medium,Won't fix]10:03
ikepanhcif we need to give some parameter to one module, can we write the parameter somewhere in /etc?10:39
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apwikepanhc, yep, /etc/moprobe.d/<newfile>10:43
ikepanhcadd file for myself?10:44
ikepanhcoh, I see it, write options there10:45
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ikepanhcapw: thanks10:45
apwyeah you can make new files in there for your purpose10:52
MatsyOkay, the installation of didn't quite work. :(10:58
MatsyOr at least, it's not giving me the result I would like.10:58
MatsyApparently, it's saying: Kernel configuration is invalid, autoconf.h and auto.conf are missing. Run make olconfig && make prepare to fix it.10:59
MatsyBut, those return 'error 2'10:59
MatsySo I'm not quite sure what to do here.11:00
MatsyThe error the command make oldconfig && make prepare is giving me is as follows: make: *** No rule to make target `include/config/auto.conf', needed by `include/config/kernel.release'.  Stop.11:02
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MatsyAny ideas?11:03
MatsyOh, I managed to do it. Now, it's saying it cannot find modpost. Hm.11:09
apwMatsy, sorry not ever tried to build a module against those11:15
Matsyapw: Aw, thanks though. I'll just keep on trying.11:16
MatsyOh no.11:18
MatsyI need
MatsyFlawed information is always nice.11:19
apwat least that version is also in the archive11:19
MatsyYeah, that's true.11:21
MatsyBut, no sources available, apparently?11:21
MatsyGah, this is too complicated.11:30
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MatsyI might be doing it very much wrong.11:34
MatsyAll I want to do is download the kernel, and compile it.11:34
MatsyOh, gconfig did the job.11:45
* apw wonders why you need that specific version11:49
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dionyshaving Ubuntu 10 - I'm running a very time critical task - how can I boot into no-Xwindows and give 99% scheduling to a single task?11:56
dionysI managed to compile rt/smp and set the highest rt priority for the task but it still gets interrupted too much11:58
dionysmaybe the answer is running DOS but there must be a way to get linux into doing a single task apart from the kernel12:01
dionysbooted into recovery root console does work for now 12:17
apwdionys, how are you determining it is interrupted too much12:18
apwand what is your latency requirement ?12:18
apwthinks truly running at RT priority should be able to break the system by starving it of CPU12:19
ografor x-less boot you just need to put "text" on the kernel cmdline btw12:20
dionyssorry I was away for lunch12:49
dionysas it appears I need to have 20micro seconds12:51
dionysif a program does a sleep(x) does the kernel come back after x or after x plus the time spend in other tasks?12:52
dionysI guess after experiencing these interrupts the kernel comes back after x plus the time spend on other tasks12:57
dionysapw: I determined the interruption by causing CPU load by moving windows and then experiencing more hickups to the program I'm running  13:04
apwdionys, there is some jitter on how long later it comes back based on the scheduler, you would expect an RT process to have a lower latency there though as it is much higher priority13:05
dionysas I mentioned by running in a terminal window in recovery mode has taken away the interruptions13:09
MatsyCompiling the kernel is taking a long time. Are there any flags I can set to speed it up? I'm on a quad core system.13:10
dionysMatsy: a solution would be the break down the compiles into independent work units and give them to one workertask per core - which I don't think is implemented 13:14
MatsyWhat'd the general compilation time be of a Linux kernel?13:15
MatsyOn a Q6600 / 4GB ram13:16
dionysnot the quantity of the ram is essential here but the ram timings13:16
aboganiMatsy: -j8?13:18
dionysbut maybe there is a way to make build units run in parallel on each core13:18
MatsyHaha, thanks abogani13:20
aboganiMatsy: You are welcome.13:21
MatsyI am building a kernel module13:22
MatsyBut, when I try to load it, it can't load, saying Exec format error.13:22
MatsyI'm fairly certain that I am building it against the right kernel13:22
MatsyBut, I am not quite sure what the error means13:22
MatsyCould it be because I am compiling it on a 64 bit machine, and that it is going to run on a 32 bit machine?13:23
apwMatsy, yes you need to build it in the right environment13:31
apwoften that is a chroot with a 32 bit install in it13:31
MatsyI can't use -m32 to build it?\13:33
apwyou may be able, it wouldn't be guarenteed to be the same exact kernel as woudl be built in an chroot though13:36
apwMatsy, which kernel are you loading this module into btw ?13:36
apwas modules need to built against the kernel they are loaded into13:37
MatsyA custom kernel, it's a smartphone kernel.13:37
MatsyMakefile is pointing to the source of that one kernel.13:37
MatsyMy phone is in sync with that kernel.13:38
MatsyBut, when I try and do insmod module.ko, it presents me with that errors.13:38
apwyou often need the same compiler they used to build the kernel too 13:38
MatsySame.. compiler as well?13:39
apwyou do for an ubuntu kernel13:39
MatsyI don't know if they're included, let me see.13:39
MatsyNope, no compilers included.13:41
MatsyCan't I force load this in any way?13:41
aboganiMatsy: Don't you can ask to people have done that smartphone kernel? :-)13:43
MatsyNo one has done this before, apparently.13:43
MatsySo it's a bit tricky ;)13:43
MatsyIf I'm being a pain for asking here, please tell me, and I'll just look somewhere else.13:44
MatsyI will try #android-dev, though. Might be a bit more relevant indeed.13:45
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sorenHow do you guys prefer patches? Back in the day, I would just push a git repo to Zinc, but since my affiliations changed, that's no longer possible :)14:58
sidneihi folks, is anyone aware or working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/524281 ?15:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 524281 in linux-2.6 (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "Tens of wakes per second in "[kernel scheduler] Load balancing tick" on Core 2 Duo even with only 1 core enabled (affects: 104) (dups: 1) (heat: 638)" [Unknown,Incomplete]15:12
sidneifrom searching around mailing lists, there are some reports that it's fixed in 2.6.36, so maybe it merits a backport of whatever patch was applied upstream.15:13
aboganisoren: I suppose that they prefer git format-patch'ed...15:25
ograapw, how about a new meta upload for omap4 (so we actually get the new kernel onto the images)15:33
apwogra, can do shortly15:33
* ogra hugs apw 15:33
ograthanks a lot ... i just wasted a day trying to find out whats wrong with the new kernel ... rsalveti just pointed out that we still use the old one 15:34
* ogra thinks with over 40 you need glasses :P15:34
* rsalveti also hugs apw 15:36
apwit'll take me a bit as my main dev box just wedged on X and i am trying to figure out why15:37
apwcking, heh i can hear you it seems through my X hang15:40
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apwsoren, email in a format-patch format patch to kernel-team@17:11
apwsidnei, we are aware, though noone has had a chance to go look for that patch yet17:11
apwif you find out w17:11
apwwhich patch it is do add it to the bug17:12
sidneiapw, ok, i'll try to find it17:20
sidneiapw, added some links to patches on linus tree that seem related to the bug17:41
sidneiapw, hope that helps17:41
sidneiapw, im candidate for trying out a ppa'd package with the fixes, since i can repro on my laptop17:41
apwogra, hey ti-omap4 meta ... they already seem to be in sync ?17:46
apwoh ... hrm perhaps not ...17:48
apwogra, ahh we had a bodge in there, new one uploaded, let me know if that doesn't work for you17:58
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apwogasawara, what you doing working19:28
dupondjeNo more mainline kernels ?19:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 604122 in linux (Ubuntu) "mmc0: Got command interrupt 0x00030000 even though no command operation was in progress. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]19:45
dupondjeseem to occur again :(19:45
patman023hey guys, brand new laptop, and I can't boot any kernel above 2.6.31.x, ideas as to what to look for?21:24
nxvlhello, the latest maverick kernel wouldn't boot on my toshiba nb205 netbook, what information do you need in the bug report?22:14
nxvlit boots normaly with 2.6.35-17 boots normally, but -19 wouldn't boot22:15
apwnxvl, file a bug with the working kernel and whatever output you can get from the broken one22:55
patman023hey guys, brand new laptop, and I can't boot any kernel above 2.6.31.x, ideas as to what to look for?23:16

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