brettaltondaker: not yet, but soon with django/contact form00:03
brettaltondaker: do you know what the link is for 'download'?00:03
brettaltonI can't find a Live CD link anywhere00:03
dakerthis is the old quickshot page00:04
flanNote: I did not write the copy.00:05
flanOr most of the client.00:05
* flan avoids blame.00:05
MuscovyI've never heard of proactive blame avoidance.00:06
flanWe should talk more.00:06
brettaltondaker: thanks!00:07
brettaltonI noticed that there is no "Using Quickshot" on the new site. Think that should go on the homepage?00:07
MuscovyI'm updating the Wikipedia page on the manual, it's a few months old.00:11
dakerbrettalton, no there isn't00:13
Muscovyhttp://ubuntu-manual.org/images/header.png is the official logo, right?00:22
dakerMuscovy, yes00:26
MuscovyIn case anyone here has upload permissions on Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_manual needs updated images.00:30
brettaltondaker: I get a [Errno 111] Connection refused error when using /contact00:39
brettaltonis that because no SMTP settings are set?00:39
dakerhave you pushed the "send" button ?00:40
dakerdo not push it00:41
dakerbecause the contact function is not coded correctly00:41
brettaltondaker: do you want to do that? I looked at it and made some fixed but I'm not familiar with django00:42
dakeri'll do it tomorrow00:42
brettaltondaker: no rush, was just curious00:43
brettaltonalso curious as to why none of my changes are showing up in launchpad...00:43
dakeryou need to push them00:44
dakerah i forgot00:44
dakeri need to add you to the quickshot team00:44
dakerbrettalton, you are already in00:46
brettaltondaker: I'm apart of the team, but I did something wrong.. it's under my own branch...00:46
brettaltonlet's merge my branch with the proper branch and I'll redownload to do it right00:46
dakeri'll do it00:47
brettaltonI just submit a merge request00:48
brettaltonI guess I can accept it myself...00:48
dakerfood time00:48
dakeri'll review it when i come back00:48
brettaltonfood time sounds good. let me know when/how you merged it. I thought I just merged it but apparently not. I'm a bit confused on how to merge via lp00:51
brettaltonapparently you have to use bzr on the cli.. that's silly01:00
daker_brandonj, i know01:05
daker_brettalton, i know01:05
daker_it's seems to be merged01:05
brettaltonstill shows rev 3 when my branch is rev 601:06
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/3 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 301:06
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/6 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 601:06
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dakerbrettalton, oki merged01:19
brettaltondaker: did you have to do anything special?01:20
brettaltonor that I should know about?01:20
brettaltondaker: can you delete that branch for me?01:28
brettaltonsorry, new to bzr/launchpad01:28
brettaltondaker: nvm, shouldn't do that as it destroys the merge01:29
brettaltonhumphreybc: I got all the html/css done like I said. daker is going to finish the django/contact page stuff and we're golden01:58
humphreybcgreat :D01:58
humphreybcwe've already got quickshot.org01:58
humphreybcit's on godbyk's server01:58
MuscovyCould any proofreaders let me know if I'm missing some Software Center changes?02:12
vishhumphreybc: re: the fixes for bzr commits , its " --fixes lp:1234 lp:5678" , i havent tried nigelb's way though03:11
humphreybcah okay03:13
humphreybccool thanks vish03:13
flanCan someone help me test something in Quickshot?03:58
flanRequirements: python-gtk2, python-gobject, python-apport, python-wnck04:00
humphreybcflan: I would but I have to go to work now sorry04:38
thorwilflan: https://code.launchpad.net/~t-w-/+junk/quickshot_art  the export folder contains quickshot_logo_bright.png for use in the app12:14
flanThanks, thorwil. I'll leave inserting it to jenkins, though.17:19
thorwilflan: alright, you just happen to have higher availability ;)17:20
flanIf he hasn't done it by tomorrow, I'll handle it.17:20
flanI'm just kinda hoping to finish the core functionality today and then take a break.17:20
thorwilhi jenkins! export dir in https://code.launchpad.net/~t-w-/+junk/quickshot_art  contains a quickshot_logo_bright.png for use in the app19:02
jenkinsthanks thorwil i am just pulling to have a look19:03
jenkinslooks ace thorwil, thanks very much for all your hard work in getting us sorted with logos and icons19:07
thorwiljenkins: you're welcome :)19:08
jenkinsbrettalton: I need to give you some information to put on a get involved page for the quickshot website, I will try and do it on the weekend19:26
brettaltonjenkins: no prob, just e-mail me or catch me on IRC19:27
jenkinscool great to see you working on it :)19:28
flanI made Lucid crash!19:29
jenkinslol flan how did you do it19:29
flanThe 'Other' panel on the login screen is glitchy.19:30
flanI recommend against trying to run Quickshot until I've finished the user account stuff.19:30
flanIt'll probably only take about another half hour.19:30
flanThen the client will be functionally complete.19:30
jenkinsk https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/631647 right?19:30
manualbotLaunchpad bug 631647 in quickshot "GTK warnings issued when changing state properties on graphics_confirm_window" [Low,Confirmed]19:30
flanAnd I can finally take a break.19:30
flanNo, that's unrelated.19:31
flanThat's just there so nobody else reports it.19:31
flanOr so someone can fix it for me.19:31
jenkinsok sorry only scanned it19:31
flanEnjoy your functionally complete Quickshot client.20:05
flanI'll start commenting and restructuring code tonight/tomorrow.20:06
flanAnd I'll look further into the GTK warnings, 'cause those are really bothering me.20:06
flanBut, for now, everything should work.20:06
flanIf you find any problems, report a bug.20:07
flanFeel free to add stuff to the project definition on the server to test the client.20:07
flanI'll do a full database reset on the 9th so we can start populating it with new screenshot rules.20:07
jenkinsthanks flan! your ace I will have a play when I finish the scout stuff i am doing20:08
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