kklimondaScottK: subscribe ubuntu-release along with ubuntu-sponsors or can you take a look at bug 626704 now?00:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 626704 in shutter (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Shutter 0.86.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62670400:27
ScottKkklimonda: Please subscribe the release team.00:27
kamaloops -- I accidentally let requestsync subscribe ubuntu-sponsors on bug #631190 ... would a kindly ubuntu-sponsor please unsubscribe that for me please?00:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 631190 in hamlib (Ubuntu) "[FFE] Sync hamlib 1.2.12-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63119000:52
kamalty Laney :-)00:53
kamaloops again!  my FFe was approved (ridiculously quickly!) so now I'll re-subscribe ubuntu-sponsors ... doh!00:54
kamalScottK: ^ or alternately, should I let you do that?00:55
ScottKkamal: No.  You can.00:55
kamalok, thanks!00:55
* ScottK saw it was there already when he approved the FFe.00:55
* ScottK will strive to be less ridiculously quick in the future.00:55
kamalScottK: yeah, what up with that!?  ;-)   thanks Scott!00:56
kklimondatumbleweed: wrt to gnome-python-desktop is anyone working on rebuilding it or should I prepare a no-change rebuild? Also hamster-applet hasn't failed in my local chroot so I haven't noticed it :/01:02
tumbleweedkklimonda: I'll file a debdiff for it, but I'm not a core dev01:11
tumbleweedkklimonda: bug 63120401:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 631204 in gnome-python-desktop (Ubuntu) "New upstream version brasero requires a rebuild" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63120401:16
micahgtumbleweed: I'll have to submit the lintian changes as patches to debian, I don't want to increase our diff because of them01:48
tumbleweedmicahg: I agree, I was just commenting on the amount of them...01:54
micahgtumbleweed: yeah, I'll try to pay more attention to those02:02
tumbleweedonly the debian maintainer can ever really deal with them. sponsoring packages in ubuntu, you get used to ignoring things that really should be dealt with. I used to pay more attention to them when sponsoring than I do now02:05
micahgtumbleweed: well, I'm proposing the merge, so I should pay more attention :)02:06
tumbleweedyeah, try not to feel too guilty :)02:07
* tumbleweed goes to bed. Why am I awake?02:09
Laibschanybody here using pbuilder together with custom hooks?  I'm trying to use the $BUILDRESULT variable in one of my hooks, but for some reason the variable is empty or not set to any value.  The script itself is called just fine.  /usr/lib/pbuilder/hooks/B10-test: http://paste.debian.net/87862/04:17
LaibschOutput of that script from a pbuilder run is just "BUILDRESULT is set to ", so the variable seems to be not set to any value.  I thought it was one of the "official" variables that I could use freely?04:18
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* lucidfox sighs06:55
* Rhonda sighs06:55
lucidfoxthis project I'm working on is exactly what's wrong with Java06:55
lucidfoxThe Java philosophy: instead of the cleanest possible implementation, use whichever technology has the coolest sounding name, even if you can't find legitimate ways to squeeze it into the program.06:56
DktrKranzAlanBell: wrt blogtk, it's not a "real" blocker. I just wanted to have a tarball including a full text of apache license07:55
didrocksLaney: I wasn't able to connect yesterday. Backlogging… apparently, it was epic :}07:58
AlanBellDktrKranz: thanks, I think I will try to contact the author08:05
AlanBellDktrKranz: so it is OK in the bzr repo, just needs a new tarball release right? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jayreding/blogtk/devel/annotate/head:/LICENSE08:07
DktrKranzAlanBell: it's just me who is picky, it should be fine packaging 2.0 as well08:08
AlanBellok, so what are the next steps, anything I can do?08:11
* AlanBell is not a motu or DD08:11
dholbachgood morning08:14
Laneydidrocks: was rather, but I believe all the pieces are ~ready, depending on what you want to do08:52
didrocksLaney: I don't see the gtk-bean binding08:52
didrocksLaney: in any case, first is to get everything ready in universe08:52
Laneyit's depwait08:52
didrocksLaney: and banshee? depwait too, needs merging?08:53
Laneyfirst we need to upload libgpod to main08:53
Laneythat's only available in git08:53
* didrocks looks for rdepends08:54
didrocksLaney: can we move the discussion in ~1h about libgpod to #ubuntu-desktop? (need seb128 to ack the update or not)08:55
didrocksas it rdepends on both amarok and rhythmbox-plugins08:55
Laneyok then08:55
didrocksthanks :)08:56
Laneyin the meantime if you could get gudev and gio binary NEWed that will let beans build08:56
didrocksLaney: right now, only seb128 is available and I prefer to not disturb him before we talk about libgpod (hundreds of emails on Monday morning to catch up) and I didn't find any other aa09:00
persiaThe primary archive-admin-of-the-day for today is in UTC-7, which means a bit of a wait for "Monday morning", unfortuantely for those needing AA action.09:03
micahgpersia: US is a holiday today09:04
persiaOh, even better :)09:04
bilalakhtarThanks tumbleweed for the upload!09:09
Rhondatumbleweed? The one from today's xkcd?09:12
bilalakhtarRhonda: tumbleweed -> Stefano Rivera's nickname, over here09:15
* bilalakhtar notices that some tumbleweed it lying outside his door09:15
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didrocksLaney: gio is already synced, right?09:16
didrocksLaney: do you have a bug number for gudev09:16
didrocksLaney: gudev is done too, in fact09:17
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bilalakhtarHow does one get a nick 'Disconnected by services'?09:18
bilalakhtarBuon giorno, BlackZ !10:16
BlackZhi bilalakhtar10:18
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OwaisLhello friends. Yesterday, I uploaded my app to REVU. Got some errors and took care of them as RainCT told me to. Now only one warning remains that's Standards-Version.11:32
OwaisLRainCT told me to use Standards-Version: 3.9.1 and I did.11:32
OwaisLbut lintian is not happy about it. Can it be ignored or what11:33
Rhonda\o/ cjwatson11:41
OwaisLOk. it's done. Waiting for review now. Anyone got time? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gmailwatcher11:46
nigelbOwaisL: lintian version on revu is a bit old, so don't worry about it11:48
nigelbif you can run a lintian check locally, that would be great11:48
nigelbI would highly encourage you to first push the package to debian and then sync to ubuntu11:49
OwaisLnigelb: OK. What should I put in the control file11:49
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OwaisLnigelb: It is ubuntu specific. Uses Messaging-Menu etc.11:50
nigelbOwaisL: Ah!11:50
nigelbIn that case you just need review and ack from motu :)11:50
nigelbmotu et al11:50
OwaisLnigelb: cool.11:50
OwaisLnigelb: BTW you are from Bangaloru. right?11:51
OwaisLnigelb: I'm from Srinagar/Pune.11:51
nigelbwhoo, cool11:51
OwaisLnigelb: from srinagar. studying in pune.11:51
OwaisLso nigelb, should I put 3.8.4 or 3.9.1 in debian/control11:53
nigelbnewer would be preferred11:53
micahgOwaisL: you need to make sure the package is at whatever standards version you put in debian/control11:54
nigelbOwaisL: why aren't you using debhelper 7 awesomeness yet?11:54
OwaisLnigelb: I don't actually know any of this yet. haven't packaged anything. Actually the app is built using quickly. I just edited the files to make it good for REVU.11:55
persiaWith newer enhancements in python integration with dh7, someone probably ought either port quickly to py-stdeb, or port python-distutils-extra to use dh711:56
nigelbAt least worthy of a bug in quickly if it isn't already there.11:56
OwaisLwill file it.11:57
persianigelb, It's not quickly, really.11:59
persiaOne needs to make sure that the underlying tools do the right thing.  Then either quickly gets it automatically, *OR* one can file a bug against quickly to switch tools.12:00
nigelbpersia: Oh.  I was under the mistaken assumption that quickly made the packaging.  Didn't realize that quickly just used the tools already available.12:01
nigelbOwaisL: If you want to try dh7, http://wiki.debian.org/Projects/DebSrc3.012:01
* nigelb hopes that was the right link12:01
persianigelb, Nope.  Uses python-distutils-extra right now.12:01
micahgnigelb: dh7 and source format 3 are 2 different things12:01
nigelbmicahg: aha, I was having that sinking feeling12:02
nigelbmicahg: dh7 is detailed on the new maintainer guide?12:03
micahgnigelb: idk offhand12:03
persiamaco recently had a great blog post including a quick guide to a dh7 package12:03
Laney"No, if you have a good upstream and you are just packaging an application"12:05
nigelbLaney: She answered that :)12:06
nigelbVCS packaging though becomes marginally tougher12:06
* nigelb spent 1 day figuring out why I got build failure until somone told me bzr commit :D12:07
OwaisLSo can anyone explain to me how this REVU actually works?12:16
persiaOwaisL: Lots of people upload stuff, some people review it.  If a package gets reviewed by a couple MOTU, one of them usually uploads it.12:39
persiaWe generally trend towards a policy of peer-review, so that we like to have two developers approve a new package.12:40
bilalakhtarpersia: around?14:09
bilalakhtarno need then , leave it14:15
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* persia again considers installing a vocal contentless ping script14:27
Laibschanybody here using pbuilder together with custom hooks?  I'm trying to use the $BUILDRESULT variable in one of my hooks, but for some reason the variable is empty or not set to any value.  The script itself is called just fine.  /usr/lib/pbuilder/hooks/B10-test: http://paste.debian.net/87862/15:49
LaibschOutput of that script from a pbuilder run is just "BUILDRESULT is set to ", so the variable seems to be not set to any value.  I thought it was one of the "official" variables that I could use freely? Actually, I have specified my what BUILDRESULT should be in /etc/pbuilderrc and that's where the resulting debs are indeed put.15:49
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highvoltagetumbleweed: you've probably already seen this: http://xkcd.com/789/16:36
nigelbhighvoltage: hahahah16:45
geserLaibsch: I'd have to look at the pbuilder code to be sure, but my guess is that the hooks are run after the chroot (inside the pbuilder) while BUILDRESULT is only defined outside16:46
Laibschgeser: do you have an idea how I can cd to the $BUILDRESULT directory and run dpkg-scanpackages?  That is what I'm trying to do.16:47
Laibschwithout hardwiring the position of $BUILDRESULT into the script16:47
Laibsch(which is what I am currently doing)16:47
gesersorry no idea, only an ugly one: create your own wrapper around pbuilder(-dist) which regenerates the hook with the correct value and then calls the original pbuilder(-dist)16:56
olopezhello , i read that ubuntu work with sun4v in ldom over solaris 10 and SPARC with coolthreads T217:10
olopezwe are trying to boot it and it doesnt detect vdisk17:12
olopezanyone have experience with this kind of experience17:13
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shadeslayerolopez: maybe #ubuntu+1 will answer you better ( if on maverick ) or #ubuntu for lucid support17:30
shadeslayeror if this is a server question, #ubuntu-sever17:30
olopezshadeslayer: ok thanks :)17:30
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funkyHatCan someone review https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-tools/+bug/630615 ? (it's in main). It's a no change rebuild.20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630615 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "gnome-system-tools FTBFS requires rebuild" [Undecided,New]20:05
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