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ShadowfirOk.  I have a Sony WEGA 36" with S-Video and Component (480i).  I use to be able from 6.10 thru 9.10 with no or minor tweaking could get Component 480i to work with out problems. But I am now trying to upgrade to 10.4 (64bit) for some reason I have only been able to get the video to show up half screen with the top being scrambled.  Can any one help me to get the 480i for component or s-video working?01:53
Shadow__Xare you using nvidia config that should get it working02:02
Shadow__Xthat is if you are using a nvidia gpu02:02
ShadowfirWell that is the interesting thing...02:06
ShadowfirIt will not start the accelerated drivers.. even though they are loaded..02:06
ShadowfirI have tried xorg.conf changes... xrandr and so on..02:07
ShadowfirI am using a Galaxy 9500 GT  512MB with 2 DVI and 1 Svideo/Component02:07
ShadowfirI have tried nvidia-settings.. but nothing comes up..  let me load it up and vnc on it..02:09
Shadow__Xsounds like a driver issue might want to work on that02:14
fluvvellhave you run nvidia-xconfig in a text termina ?02:15
fluvvellI've had trouble with the nvidia-settings in a 480i screen, its just too big :-(02:15
ShadowfirI tried envyng-core... still not dice02:16
fluvvellI think envyng is just going to stuff you up.02:16
Shadowfirso... let me  put up what it says when it gets to the screen... before I get a desktop and use low-graphic mode...02:17
fluvvellIn all cases where I've resorted to envyng, I've always gone back later and removed it.  But I guess if you cant get anything else working, it could be worth it.02:17
ShadowfirIt gives me these errors -  "NVIDIA (GPU-0): Unable to constuct hardware mode timings for conservative", "NVIDIA (GPU-0): defualt "nvidia-auto-select" mode.", "NVIDA (GPU-0): Unable to add "nvidia-auto-select" mode to ModePool", and finally it sez "(EE_ )Screen(s): found, but none have a usable configuration."02:20
ShadowfirI normally only use envyng if the other is not co-operating and I mean only..02:21
fluvvellYuckkk   : Whats your graphics card ?02:21
fluvvellsorry, saw that02:21
fluvvellGalaxy 9500GT02:21
ShadowfirI will say that envyng has saved me a time or two for someone elses video woes... so I won't say it's crappy///02:22
Shadowfirit has it's uses02:22
fluvvellno, not at all. But you're saying its not allowing you to configure the graphics in 10.04 ?02:22
ShadowfirYes.. agreed02:22
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fluvvellIts all about downloading and linking the binary from nVidia, and then installing it.02:24
ShadowfirI haven't done that.. but I just might02:25
Shadowfiron lspci i get 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G96 [GeForce 9500 GT] (rev a1)02:26
Shadow__Xi have not had a good experience with envy02:29
Shadow__Xespecially since getting ubuntu to install the driver is easy and for me ahas been reliable02:29
Shadow__Xand on the oddchance that doesnt work using the official binaries have fixed things upp02:29
ShadowfirWell if I was using a monitor it would not be a problem.. but this is a TV I am trying to connect.. and it's an older one that doesn't work like new LCD or LEDS since it is an older CRT TV.02:34
fluvvellstill, the trick is have you got the nvidia driver installed ? Have you first removed the old one, and any envy-ng stuff before installing nvidia-current ?02:37
fluvvelllspci shows that the hardware is in and that it replies with the make and model. but  id go dpkg -l |grep nvidia     and show us the output of that.02:39
ShadowfirWhen I do a nvidia-xconfig I get this: Using X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".   /    VALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.      /      Undefined Device "Device[0]" referenced by Screen "Screen[0]".       /       sh: pkg-config: not found          /       ERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.02:45
Shadowfiractually it is:02:45
ShadowfirUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".02:45
fluvvellthats sudo nvidia-xconfig, and you did it from a tty terminal, yes ?02:45
fluvvellnot from the desktop02:45
ShadowfirI did it on the box on desktop in terminal mode.  Do I need to shut down x? and then run it?02:46
fluvvellCTRL+ALT+F1   or F2        will switch to a terminal.  I'd also suggest that you sudo service gdm stop   before running nvidia-xconfig02:47
fluvvellyou have to log in too.02:47
fluvvellon a tv, its likely to be a bit difficult to read02:48
Shadowfirok.. I did the sudo service gdm stop  and then the sudo nvidia-xconfig02:56
ShadowfirI let it reboot - sudo reboot -d02:57
Shadowfirsorry - I let it reboot - sudo reboot -f02:57
Shadowfirand now it is giving me less errors02:57
fluvvellsounds an improvement02:57
Shadowfirlet me write those down since I can't vnc in right now...02:57
Shadowfirand I will see what you think02:57
Shadowfirok.. sorry === had to do a short family time and tuck in the kids.. they were still up...03:15
ShadowfirThe errors now are:03:15
Shadowfir(EE) NVIDIA (0) No display devices found for this x screen.03:16
Shadowfir(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.03:16
Shadowfirokay... okay... SWEET.. major improvement...03:24
ShadowfirI placed in some settings for a copy xorg.. and now they screen is full on the screen.. and not cut in half...03:24
ShadowfirBut it is still in low graphic mode...03:25
Shadowfirwoohoo.. almost there...03:25
ShadowfirLet me get some notes of the existing errors and I will come back and put them up.. brb03:25
ShadowfirThe latest errors:03:33
Shadowfir(EE) Problem parsing the config file03:33
Shadowfir(EE) Error parsing the config file.03:34
ShadowfirOkay... it seems that is working if I get to the desktop after these errors.. but04:07
ShadowfirWhen 10.4 is loading up.. the loading screen comes up .. but stops with all the circles underneath ubuntu being orange... and then I have to press CTRL-ALT-DEL to get anywhere.. as you know it reboots.. and then it is either through the same load up or goes to error then desktop...04:09
Shadowfirany ideas how to get it through the load up screen pass the stopping of the boot process?04:09
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James10hey guys12:39
James10how do i make mythbutn automount a raid array on boot?12:40
James10ive got the array setup, and modified mdadm.conf12:40
James10ive put the line in fstab, and run update-initrd12:40
James10but at boot it just sits there saying /dev/md0 isnt ready yet12:40
qwebirc97299I just installed mythbuntu and configured the backend. what needs to be configured in order to remove commercials from recordings? I was able to record something but the mythcommflag command doesn't work.17:02
tgm4883qwebirc53791, what do you mean it doesn't work? The backend should flag it automatically by default17:02
tgm4883you might have to turn it on in the frontend though (the skipping part, not the commflagging)17:03
qwebirc97299awhile ago I had this working on a different install and I used to record programs, manually run mythcommflag --gencutlist -f filename and then run mythtranscode to create a file without commercials17:04
qwebirc97299is there another way of doing that?17:05
tgm4883and mythcommflag doesn't work anymore?17:05
tgm4883did you run mythtranscode from the command line as well?17:06
qwebirc97299I get things like DBManager0 is still in use17:07
qwebirc97299I haven't tried that yet17:07
qwebirc97299I was wondering if I had to configure the database in some way before initial use17:08
tgm4883you shouldn't need to17:08
tgm4883I haven't used mythtranscode in a long time. but when I did I didn't have to do anything from the command line. Just pulled up the cutlist in the internal editor and worked that way17:10
tgm4883I was probably using mytharchive at that point17:10
qwebirc97299I'll try running the mythtranscode right now and see what happens17:11
qwebirc97299what does mpeg_decode_postinit() failure mean?17:13
* tgm4883 shrugs17:13
qwebirc97299it seems to be creating a file since it mentions a mux rate17:14
qwebirc97299yep. 3gb file was created17:14
qwebirc97299the original file was 4.9gb17:14
qwebirc97299I'll test it using vlc17:16
qwebirc97299how do people normally remove commercials?17:16
qwebirc97299my basic set up is running mythbuntu with a hdhomerun17:17
tgm4883qwebirc53791, not sure. I don't think most people export the recordings to non-mythtv devices17:17
tgm4883you are exporting to other devices right?17:18
qwebirc97299I have a popcorn hour that I use for all of my movies and want OTA stuff to be recorded with the mythtv backend17:18
qwebirc97299it seems like it should be possible17:19
tgm4883qwebirc53791, I would ask in #mythtv-users  There are more people there + mythtv devs, they might have a better idea as to what is going on, and what that error message means17:19
qwebirc97299ok. thanks.17:19
qwebirc97299so far this file seems to be working okay17:20
qwebirc972994 minutes into it and no commercials so far17:20
qwebirc97299if it works, I would just need to create some sort of job that transcodes it and names it with the show name plus date17:21
tgm4883there is a script that makes a symlink for the last part I think17:22
tgm4883and you can set it to auto-commflag and auto-transcode17:22
qwebirc97299when it auto transcode, does it create a file without the commercials?17:23
tgm4883i believe that is all set up in mythtv-setup, although it also might be in the actual recording schedule17:23
tgm4883qwebirc53791, hmm17:23
tgm4883maybe, not sure17:23
qwebirc97299basically runs mythtranscode -c chan -s time -m -l -o filename17:24
qwebirc97299I'll have to play with that portion17:26
qwebirc97299thanks for the help17:26
tgm4883qwebirc53791, maybe look at this too  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Removing_Commercials17:26
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Removing Commercials - MythTV17:26
tgm4883talks about the transcoding jobs17:27
qwebirc97299cool. thanks17:27
CyberKnetI need to change the drive that contains my root, boot, swap, etc - the current drive is having issues. Does anyone know what the easiest way for me to do this is?21:49
CyberKnetnote: the new drive is smaller than the current drive:21:50
fluvvellits a pity its smaller, but clonezilla is very good at cloning your drive21:58
fluvvellhow much smaller21:59
fluvvellCyberKnet: how much smaller?22:00
dewmanIs there a way to play an .iso from mythbuntu 10.04?22:54
CyberKnetsurry fluvvell - I got taken away for some time.23:23
CyberKnetsorry, rather23:23
CyberKnetfrom a 350G to a 250G23:24
CyberKnetthough in truth, only about 14G of the 350G is used.23:25
CyberKnetTo use clonezilla I think I would have to have a way to shrink the root partition before cloning.23:29
fluvvellor shrink the emptiest partition23:30
fluvvellbut clonezilla can do that, if not your partition disk utility can23:31
fluvvellso the root partition is 350G ?23:31
fluvvelldewman, "play" an .iso ?   do you mean mount the files from an .iso image ?23:32
CyberKnetit is 291G with 13G used.23:32
fluvvellCyberKnet, kick me if I'm wrong, but if you put the second drive inside the cabinet, boot clonezilla and say you want to clone from one drive to the other, I'm sure beginner mode will just try to do it intelligently for you!23:33
CyberKnetOh. well that wouldn't be so bad.23:34
fluvvellexpecially if you have doubts about the original23:34
CyberKnetI'll download clonezilla then... I'd been rather nervous about the way to best accommodate this.23:35
fluvvellI just cloned a failing drive, which had an ntfs partition I didn't need23:35
fluvvellso i started the clone, let it fail on the ntfs copy then went back and cloned just the partitions I wanted. The procedure had made all the right partitions on the destination drive (which was bigger) and the rest was easy23:36
CyberKnetI actually think there's nothing wrong with the 320G drive - I think it is just the SATA controller it is sitting on.23:37
CyberKnetbut I couldn't move the 320G directly to the RAID controller without losing the data... and nowhere to stash it first.23:37
CyberKnet(3ware 9500S-4LP)23:37
CyberKnetadding the drive to a new array (even if it is the only drive) will kill the data on the drive.23:38
CyberKnetreally rather avoid that. :)23:38
CyberKnetso I'll move the system to a mirror 250G array... since it was only using 13G no biggie.23:38
dewmanfluvvell, yes, I have several rips that I have made and was hoping there was a simple way to mount and then play the .iso without much user fumbling...IE wife23:53

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