Pendulumakgraner: I've dumped what I've found (pending one thing I want to confirm with paultag before I put it in) for ITB, but there's not much. I'll do summaries in the morning, i'm just crashed out now.02:37
MTecknologynhandler: Happy birthday!02:46
highvoltagewow how did it become almost monday again so fast!?03:44
highvoltagenhandler: ooh, happy birthday! hope you'll have a great year!03:44
nhandlerThank you MTecknology and highvoltage04:03
akgranerGood Morning!!13:29
Pendulumhiya akgraner :)13:30
akgranerThanks everyone for working on stuff this weekend!!!! :-)  internalkernel hope you are feeling better  :-)13:30
akgranerPendulum, hey!13:30
akgranerPendulum, you and issy got Leann's interview right?13:30
akgranerI forgot to ask you all sooner :-/13:30
Pendulumyep :) it's all to FCM and everything :)13:30
akgraner:-)  You all rock13:34
internalkernelakgraner: thanks... Im doing much better today...13:46
akgranergood - I was concerned about ya13:47
PendulumI have one last question before I say I'm done with ITB13:52
PendulumI saw a couple posts by various people about Fluendo being added as the first pay-for application in the software center. Should I be adding that to ITB or is there somewhere else that it would be better?13:53
Pendulum(I couldn't decide if it was ITB or more appropriate for something that actually had "news" in the section title)13:54
akgranerYou can add it to ITB as long as it's a Blog and not from a "news" Commercial site14:08
akgranerUbuntu One and the pay for services seem to stir emotion no matter what section we put the information into14:09
akgranernigelb, where did you put the summary of the Global Jam events you were working on?14:09
akgraneryep found it ;-)14:10
Pendulumakgraner: do you have a problem with my updating the etherpad links in the google doc?14:13
Pendulum(to the new pads)14:13
akgranerahh crap I missed changing them there14:13
akgranernope go for it :-)14:14
Pendulumthat's all fixed now :)14:16
akgranerThanks!  appreciate it14:17
* popey waves14:39
akgranerpopey, hey!14:41
popeyjust to let you know I'm working on the drupal->wp migration14:41
popeyfurther update tomorrow :)14:41
akgranerpopey, awesome!  you rock!!14:43
Pendulumakgraner: ITB is done :)14:50
akgranerPendulum, thank you!!!14:51
Pendulumakgraner: feel free to poke me at any point if you need help with anything else. I should be around most of the day :)14:52
akgranerI sure will  - I'll probably poke you in a couple to proof it one more time :-)14:55
nhandlerakgraner: Is it too late to add one last team report (only a couple of lines)15:25
akgranernhandler, go for it15:27
akgranerI'm out of the wiki right this second :-)15:27
nhandlerakgraner: It is added15:29
akgranerPendulum, (and whomever else wants to help) can you proof this issue - I need to go back through the mailings lists as there are just a couple more things to be included but for the most part it's done16:31
akgranernhandler, if you have a couple minutes can you look through the upcoming events and meetings one more time for me please16:32
nhandlerakgraner: In about 5 minutes I can16:32
akgranerthanks :-)16:33
Pendulumakgraner: is there no launchpad news or Ubuntu forums news?16:39
akgranerso I pulled those sections16:40
Pendulumakgraner: are you in the wiki?16:45
akgranernope not now16:46
nhandlerakgraner: Ubuntu Women Team meeting is missing. So is the Kernel Summit stuff.16:49
nhandlerShould I add them?16:49
Pendulumakgraner: I've put my minor proofreading changes in, just waiting for the wiki to save in that slow manner that it tends to use...16:50
akgranerno worries thanks a million!16:50
akgranerI am just going back through some unread feeds to see if I missed anything now16:51
nigelbakgraner: in the lubuntu article16:58
nigelb"still being developed" instead of "be"16:58
nigelbor "still to be"16:59
akgraneryes but is it a direct quote  - I haven't looked yet17:00
akgranerI'm not in the wiki right now feel free to change it17:00
akgranerI just don't like getting in the habit of changing people's original posts - but if it is simple and and easy fix and doesn't change the meaning or spirit of the post the fix it you see it :-)17:01
nigelbWhy do we have ??? for Duncan McGreggor?17:02
Pendulumnigelb: still being developed is fine17:10
Pendulum(it's not a direct quote)17:10
nigelbPendulum: done :)17:11
nigelbWhen we have CamelCase, do we correct it or leave it as such?17:11
akgranerI'm working on the CamelCases now17:46
akgranerwe take them out :-)17:46
* holstein forgot how to do that :/17:46
holsteini was going to do some of them saturday nite17:47
holsteinAH yes17:47
akgranerthis way they don't show up as hot links17:47
akgranerI'm in the wiki now should be finished in juts a few - I added a few more stories17:47
holsteinhard thing to google for17:47
akgranercrap I need Ducan's title17:51
akgranerThat's why I left the ??? in there17:51
holsteini saw that17:52
nigelbakgraner: want me to hunt for it?17:53
akgranerI just put Canonical Engineering Manager17:54
akgranerthat's generic enough to not be wronf17:54
akgranerI think Duncan is still on vacation17:55
akgranerI pinged to ask him last week and I don't see him in the kernel channel right now  - so we'll just go with that17:56
akgranerok I think I have all the camelcases removed18:02
akgranernhandler,  were the events and meetings ok18:03
nhandler1283788161 10:49:21 < nhandler> akgraner: Ubuntu Women Team meeting is missing. So is the Kernel Summit stuff.18:03
nhandler1283788194 10:49:54 < nhandler> Should I add them?18:03
akgranernhandler, please18:03
akgranerI removed the LoCo team meeting18:04
akgranerb/c we can't put the all in18:04
akgranerand we need to start moving people to the LoCo Calendar18:04
akgranerI have had some heated discussions about the fact I tell people not to add LoCo team meetings to the Fridge and the fact that we reported some LoCo team meetings and not all of them18:05
nhandlerakgraner: Wait, what LoCo meeting did you remove? The LoCo health check or the DC LoCo?18:05
akgranerDC LoCo team18:05
nhandlerAh, ok. I thought you were talking about the Health Check ;)18:05
nhandlerakgraner: For the Kernel summit, should I just do one event for the summit or list each individual session?18:08
akgranerjust one event18:09
akgranercan't we do and agenda link that they can click on to get the full schedule?18:10
nhandlerakgraner: If you have a link, then yes. I just put the individual session names as the agend for the time being18:11
akgranernhandler, thanks!!!18:12
akgranerIf someone has time to clean this post up that would be great - http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/212518:14
nhandlerakgraner: Did you write it from scratch?18:15
nhandlerAh, ok (missing citation)18:15
nhandlerLet me look at it18:15
akgranernhandler, it's missing a lot of stuff18:15
nhandlerI'll look it over18:15
akgranerI just put it there but I need to work on UWN :-)  he needs the link refs etc18:16
akgranernhandler, thanks18:16
nhandlerakgraner: FYI, if you copy the HTML source, you get the links added for you ;)18:16
akgranerit was only sent to the mailing list18:16
akgranerno html source to copy over18:17
nhandlerakgraner: The source is on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2010-September/001167.html18:17
akgranerI didn't look at it there..18:17
akgranerbut thanks18:17
akgraneror should I say copy it from there  - I copied it from my email :-)18:18
akgranerbut I know what you mean :-)18:19
nhandlerakgraner: Published http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/212518:20
akgranernhandler, thanks!18:21
akgranerthe wiki is moving slower than molasses in the winter today :-/18:31
akgranerThanks everyone!!!!18:59
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:18:59
akgranerahhh how did I not catch a post form 2006 and how did it make it into my RSS feed - grrrrrrr19:09
akgranerbanging my head on my keyboard19:09
akgranerAnother awesome week you all!  Issue 209 has been published the -news mailing lists and the announcement that it is available has been sent to various mailing lists, posted in the various IRC channels, as well as The Fridge, The Planet, and The Forums and we are ready for a new week in Ubuntu News - Thanks agian!19:45
akgranerIssue 210 will cover September 4th-11th 201019:45
akgranerHere are the links for working on next weeks issue:19:45
akgraner* etherpad for adding summaries -  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN19:45
akgraner* etherpad for adding links and titles only - http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN-Ideas19:45
akgraner* googledoc - https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdKZelXU8Y2LZGNrcHRkYmhfODlkODNxNnRnZA&hl=en19:45
akgraner* wiki page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue21019:45
akgranerreminders sent to each of you who volunteered for a section - I have to run for a while  - I have to finish some slides before EOD - bbiab20:00
nhandlerakgraner: On the LinkSuggestions page, why is the link at the bottom for the planet pointing to planet.ubuntu-uk.org instead of planet.ubuntu.com ?20:50
akgranerI don't know... I haven't had a change to even look over the page yet20:52
akgranerit's still a work in progress - if something silly like that needs to be fixed why as why  - why not just fix it?20:52
nhandlerakgraner: I fixed some things, I wasn't sure if that was intentional or not20:55
akgranerthank you!  no not intentional20:56
akgranerwell wait was this listed in the blogoshere section20:56
akgranersorry too many conversations at once20:56
nhandlerakgraner: Yep:  * I look for posts on here that haven't made it on the planet. - http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org20:57
akgraneryes - b/c some people who post to http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org aren't on the planet ubuntu20:57
akgranerbut their posts are still good and need to be included in UWN20:58
akgranerbut they can't go to the Planet section b/c well they are posted on Ubuntu Planet for whatever reasaon20:58
akgranerbut they are a blog post so they would go in ITB20:58
akgranerand not the planet20:58
nhandlerakgraner: Alright. Let me rephrase that line then (it sounded like they were saying "I look at the above list of sites to catch posts that are not on planet.ubuntu-uk.org"20:59
akgranerwell that was my original thought process :-)20:59
akgranerb/c if they aren't on the planet (which is where I look 1st)20:59
akgranerthen I know they need to go somewhere else20:59
akgraneryou can rephrase it21:00
akgranerbasically you have to double check ubuntu.uk against the planet21:00
akgranerb/c if a post it on the planet it doesn't go in ITB21:00
akgranerand if it's not on the planet but is valid to go in UWN then it would go in ITB21:01
akgranerunless it is not related to Ubuntu but more about Canonical or something else then it would go into In Other News21:01
akgraneror something (so however they needs to be rephrased to make more sense)21:02
akgranerthose were just some of my notes I copied and pasted over  - I haven't had a change to clean any of it up yet - sorry21:02
popey\o/ planet ubuntu-uk :)21:04
nhandlerakgraner: I modified it. I changed the order and replaced a few pronounds to make it more clear (imo)21:09
akgranerI don't think I think like anyone else :-)21:10
akgranerso what makes sense to me  - probably doesn't to other people ;-D21:10

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