histouhm.... ubuntu.com/support/paid is 404 who should I tell?00:44
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hooberhello i would like to be unbanned from off-topic. i have given myself administrative punishment a shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzVovlAY_bE03:28
bikcmpHi, is there a way I could get the ubuntu flood bot's source code?03:36
bikcmpi'd be curious to see it :)03:36
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IdleOnebikcmp: see #ubuntu-bots-team04:21
IdleOne!idle | hoober kaishaedo bikcmp04:22
ubottuhoober kaishaedo bikcmp: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.04:22
bikcmpso many channels04:22
bikcmpIdleOne: thanks04:22
IdleOnehoober: seriously dude that video is not going to get you unbanned. Please part the channel.04:23
IdleOnenhandler: could you please remove hoober04:27
IdleOnethank you04:29
ubottuIn #ubuntu, txt23 said: ubottu: Man this is so complecated and I have never installed Ubuntu before. Can you someone login into my Laptop and do it for me please?05:18
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 472 bans)06:00
macough ugh ugh06:08
macowatch for cykeo66606:08
macoi put a mark in the bt but jeez06:09
macokept talking about sex in #kubuntu and i told him to stop, have to be child-appropriate, and the response was that any kid smart enough to install kubuntu should know his way around a woman's nether regions. gahhhh!!!06:09
maco(he quit right after)06:27
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Tm_Tmaco: will try to see if he pops in somewhere09:02
Tm_T..currently in channel09:05
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jribhow long has +r been on?  I'll be active for a bit if it's been a while11:15
FlannelSeven hours and twenty minutes11:15
jribFlannel: log? script? some way I'm not aware of?11:16
Flannel`/lastlog +r`11:16
FlannelNo problem11:16
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gryllidaFusion is having connection issues, join/part flood in #ubuntu12:33
Flannelgryllida: thanks12:34
* gnomefreak looking but dont seem to ind him/her12:34
gnomefreakwhat is wrong with the bots?12:36
Flannelgnomefreak: what do you mean?12:38
gnomefreakFlannel: ljl was playing with them<floodbots> in #u12:39
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jribgood call Floodbot113:59
ubottusmw called the ops in #ubuntu (neru)14:50
jribdo the floodbots automatically -i #ubuntu-unregged after they empty the channel?16:59
jribindeed it does...17:00
jribwhy is skynet rejoining -unregged -_-17:00
jussijrib: is there any evidence that he is on quassel? (it auto joins joined chans when you restart)17:01
jribjussi: nope, xchat17:02
ikoniahello Professor_G18:14
Professor_Gikonia,  hi18:14
ikoniaProfessor_G: I notice from your last trip to this channel you tried to play dumb about why you where banned and even to the point that you dodn't know who I was18:15
Professor_Gikonia,  sorry about that18:16
ikoniaI don't believe you18:16
ikoniaor you wouldn't have wasted other operators time making stupid lies up18:16
Professor_Gthat was my brother18:17
ikoniayour previous behaviour in the ubuntu channels is a disgrace, you've been given a lot of chances and you still lie and try to ban dodge, so I suggest you take a long break from #ubuntu channels and decide if you can really behave18:17
ikoniaProfessor_G: it wasn't your brother, don't lie more18:17
ikoniaProfessor_G: at this time you won't be unbanned so I suggest you take a long break and think about how and if you can behave18:17
Professor_Gikonia,  already done that. no more lies form me guaranteed18:18
ikoniaProfessor_G: you just lied 30 seconds ago18:18
ikoniaProfessor_G: please leave the channel, and come back in 3 months, we can discuss your ban then if you are still wwanting access18:19
Professor_G3 months thats a little long18:19
ikoniano - it's not18:19
ikoniait's not open for discussion18:19
* Professor_G is in a bad mood thanks ikonia. joke. 18:20
ikoniaProfessor_G: ok, I think you've had the situation explained now, so we'll see you in 3 months if you still want access to ubuntu18:21
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops Professor_G long term issue user, put on a 3 month ban - do not review before that without good reason. Short bans don't work with this guy18:22
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:22
jpdsSo tell us about his childhood.18:22
ikoniadrags back a joke comment that could be inappropriate18:23
ikoniaeyeballs on ServerTechPro joining #ubuntu18:25
ikoniastop trying to ban dodge18:47
ikoniawatch out for a new bb.sky.com address trying to join #ubuntu18:48
knomeis #ubuntu-artwork a channel that should be family-friendly?18:54
knomeeg. does guidelines apply for it as well?18:56
IdleOneknome: guidelines apply in all ubuntu channels19:02
knomesomebody should probably monitor it then19:03
IdleOneI don't have access there :/19:03
knomejust monitoring would be better than 'leave it be'19:04
jribknome: tried contacting the channel's ops?19:07
knomejrib, don't know who the ops are19:08
knomewhere would i find that out?19:08
jrib/msg chanserv access #ubuntu-artwork list19:08
IdleOneknome: /msg chanserv access #channel list19:08
knomethanks jrib and IdleOne19:08
jribknome: if you don't sort it out, feel free to come back19:09
knomei'll continue idling here as per jussi's request ;]19:09
jribah, missed the + somehow :)19:09
knomenp :)19:09
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ubottukomputes called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:09
PiciI'm in the car... and lagging.20:09
KnewTotally did not require a ban.20:41
KnewCan we talk about this? I think the context was misunderstood.20:42
KnewSorry about joining #ubuntu, the client joins before I identify20:45
* marienz sighs20:47
Knewmarienz, I need to be unbanned because I wasn't trolling.20:49
Knewmarienz: Due to a Cartesian evil genius, the channel was mislead into believing I was trolling :\20:51
marienzKnew: I believe you were linked to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess20:53
Knewmarienz, ok20:53
Knewmarienz, steps 1-2 failed20:54
marienzthen you should probably just wait in here until an op can talk to you.20:55
KnewI will wait here for someone understanding of the situation to unban me.20:55
Knewmarienz, yes.20:55
IdleOnewaiting here is not an option. Please send jrib a msg (he set the ban) and wait patiently to reply20:56
IdleOneKnew: Please part the channel until jrib replies to your message.20:56
KnewIdleOne, thank you for your reply; unfortunately, I shant wait that long as I need expediency.20:57
IdleOneKnew: unfortunately the amount of time that you will have to wait is up to jrib.20:57
KnewIdleOne, I shant part the channel without proper resolution, I'm sorry.20:57
IdleOnebecause he set the ban20:57
KnewIdleOne, the appeal process says another op can take a look.20:58
IdleOneKnew: Please part the channel, there is a no idling rule here20:58
KnewIdleOne, you'll have to kick me.20:58
IdleOneKnew: I have taken a look and came to the conclusion that you will have to wait for jrib20:58
KnewIdleOne, okay I should be more patient.21:00
IdleOneKnew: you were given the link to the appeals process, step 1 was to come here if that does not come to a resolution you agree with then you are welcome to continue to step 2 of the appeals.21:00
KnewThat's true.21:00
IdleOneKnew: I appreciate you understanding the need for patience. Now please part this channel21:01
KnewOkay, good day IdleOne. Sorry if my tone had any barbarity in it.21:01
* marienz sighs again21:02
marienzI'm assuming your bantracker found his previous bans?21:02
IdleOneI didn't even look at the ban tracker, his insistence to resolve this right away was enough for me to want to wait a few more hours at least or let jrib handle it when he decides he is ready21:03
* marienz nods21:04
FlannelIdleOne: You're aware that there's no "moderating operator needs to do the talking" policy, right?21:04
marienzyou probably should look at the tracker (or jrib should)21:04
marienzI'm fairly certain this isn't the first time you run across Knew/DuctTapeCoder/madonna guy21:04
IdleOneFlannel: yes21:05
FlannelGood, good.21:05
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ikoniaubuntu now +r22:59
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (popbob)23:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu, mark__ said: ubottu this is on board sound23:59

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