bradmhowdy - is someone able to clear out cdimages a bit?  the servers are pretty full - alpinecurrent only has 5G free02:43
ScottKProbably slangasek or cjwatson if they are around.02:48
bradmI'm trying to see what I can do elsewhere to free up some space too02:48
nhandlerDidn't cjwatson just clear up 40G the other day there?04:23
bradmnhandler: I believe so, things are still pretty tight.04:29
slangasekI can nuke the old hardy daily dirs, we aren't doing any more point releases there; that only gains ~5GB though07:20
slangasekhmm, no, I guess there's more than that scattered about after all07:21
slangasekum... ok, someone is building hardy "mobile" images on there as of three days ago (?!)07:22
bradmslangasek: that'd be great if its not needed07:22
bradmhuh, that seems odd07:22
slangasekyes, it is07:22
slangaseker, no; only the directory timestamps have changed07:23
slangasekso that's another 7.1GB we could free, but should probably confirm with the mobile team before we nuke these since they all have codenames I'm unfamiliar with07:24
bradmslangasek: that's a great start07:26
bradmgives us a bit of breathing room anyway07:26
persiaslangasek, The hardy (really 8.06) lpia mobile images were advertised for 18 months support, no revised LTS images.  There ought be no reason they can't be dropped at this point.07:52
slangasekpersia: I'm referring to the stuff under http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mobile/hardy/, that doesn't look like moblin stuff?07:53
persiaAs far as I understood, from feisty through intrepid, most of the "mobile" stuff was based on moblin 1.0.  Then Intel did things differently, and nobody cared enough to pick up the pieces.07:54
persiaNote that this is *different* from ubuntu-moblin-remix, which was based on Moblin 2.0 (much later), and used an entirely different set of technologies, target platform, etc.07:55
persiaI *think* the "moblin" and "mobile" directories are related (one a symlink to the other), but it may be worth verifying this.07:55
persia /tocd/ and /tocd3.1/ may also be interesting candidates, if you're deleting stuff: that's all pre-Dapper07:56
bradmslangasek: antimony's getting close too if you're able to do anything about that?07:57
persiaaren't we talking about antimony, or has my mapping between hostnames and machines gone wonky?07:58
bradmpersia: antimony / alpinecurrant / chromium / beryllium07:59
* persia thought the latter three were mirrors of a subsection of the first, but has every reason to have incomplete, outdated, or incorrect data08:00
slangasekpersia: tocd/ and tocd3.1/ - yes, those have been there since before I came along, I assumed somebody who remembers what they were would remove them as appropriate :)08:00
bradmpersia: the conversation started with talking about alpinecurrant, not sure if slangasek is looking at antimony as well08:00
persiaslangasek, They are "The Open CD" for hoary/breezy : open source software you can use on your Windows install.08:00
slangasekI'll move the mobile stuff off to old-images, but that only helps once someone archives old-images off08:00
slangasekbradm: er, I'm /only/ looking at antimony, I don't have any direct access to alpinecurrant08:01
bradmslangasek: oh, ok :)08:01
slangasekand alpinecurrant mirrors from antimony, so that's where I'd be looking anyway :)08:01
bradmslangasek: thats weird, because when you were talking about removing stuff, alpinecurrant was going down, but antimony wasn't08:02
bradmslangasek: thats obviously what confused me08:02
slangasekwell, the stuff I removed was removed on antimony :)08:02
bradmslangasek: odd.08:02
bradmslangasek: it hasn't gotten any more free space yet08:03
bradmslangasek: but the others have08:03
persiaMight be an open-files issue: files dropped from directories aren't being mirrored, but still reserved until closed, or something?08:03
bradmthats possible08:04
persiaAlso, moving stuff to old-images will affect mirrors more than antimony08:05
bradmalpinecurrant's gone to 35G free from 5G08:05
bradmantimony hasn't moved08:05
bradmso that could explain it08:05
persiaMight be worth touching base with the gobuntu folks: they don't seem to have participated in a point release since 8.04.1, and might no longer need the images.08:06
persiasame for kubuntu-kde408:07
* persia wonders why kubuntu-netbook has lucid images for armel and not i386, thinking someone probably cleaned up differently than expected08:08
persiaslangasek, Is /ubuntu-mid/ a symlink, or an actual empty directory?  I think last release was intrepid, so this might be a candidate to drop (even if there were files).  There was work towards jaunty, but the result was unreleasable (IIRC)08:10
slangasekpersia: empty dir; nuked08:11
bradmslangasek: are you just moving the bulk of the data to an old-{releases,image} folder to be cleaned up later?  or deleting stuff directly?08:26
slangasekbradm: most stuff I deleted; the moblin stuff I moved to old-images08:29
bradmslangasek: ok, still trying to work out why the free space isn't going up08:30
bradmno deleted files still open from what I can see08:30
bradmheh,the backup directory has files from 200508:31
persiabradm, maybe hardlinks somewhere?08:36
ograslangasek, bug 630825 is a duplicate of a kernel bug that was fixed for beagle a while ago, intresting that it shows on gumstix now, iirc it had to do with a broken MMC driver08:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 630825 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Preinstalled Maverick netbook image won't boot on Gumstix Overo (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63082508:48
* ogra looks up the daisy chain issue08:48
ograBug 59438208:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 594382 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "Wake up daisy chain activation failed on omap3 (affects: 1) (heat: 46)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59438208:49
ograslangasek, oh, and manifest is on my TODO, buut rather low down on the list (we need to get new u-boot and x-loader for the omap4 ES2 hardware in, after that i'll have some time)08:56
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cjwatsonbradm,slangasek: there was a www.prev backup hardlink tree on antimony from beta release time; I've nuked it09:27
ogracjwatson, slangasek, does http://paste.ubuntu.com/489156/ look ok to you (to copy .manifest for preinstalled images) ?11:11
cjwatsonogra: yes11:26
* ogra commits11:27
DavieyWould a member of the release teem be able to comment on bug #631451, please?11:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 631451 in eucalyptus (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] UEC Web Portal has old logo, and css needs tweaking. (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63145111:45
persiaDoesn't the docs team usually make the call on UIFe requests?11:46
cjwatsonno, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserInterfaceFreeze11:47
Davieypersia, In honesty - this is the first UIFe i've applied for - so you may know more than i do :)11:47
cjwatsonis eucalyptus even subject to the UI freeze?11:47
Davieycjwatson, Pass!11:47
cjwatsonapproved, anyway11:47
Davieyit's a UI.. so seemed safer to :/11:47
persiaAh, approval by RT, *notification* to docs/translations.  That's a subtlety I missed before.  Thanks.11:48
Davieycjwatson, you rock!11:48
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ograhmm, publish-daily doesnt seem to have picked up the manifest :(12:33
cjwatsonwhich build?12:36
ograhmm, i dont see it in /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/ubuntu-netbook/ports_daily-preinstalled/debian-cd/armel+omap4/12:38
cjwatsonno no12:38
cjwatsonwhich ... that12:38
ograso the issue seems to be before publish-daily even12:39
cjwatsonI'll look12:39
ogra /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/ubuntu-netbook/ports_daily-preinstalled/preinstalled/ has it12:39
cjwatsonyou put your code in a target which isn't called for preinstalled images12:41
cjwatsonI've moved it to the right place12:41
cjwatsongo ahead and try a rebuild12:41
ograwill do without livefs rebuild12:42
* ogra hugs cjwatson ... all working, thanks !13:14
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stgrabercjwatson: hello, just a quick reminder for the edubuntu gfxboot logo ;)16:28
stgraberrocks, thanks!16:58
Laneycjwatson: don't suppose you could do one more sync? I forgot to do gkeyfile-sharp (experimental)21:15
Laney& to the packageset21:15

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