vibedigitalhi. How to send a specific log event by email on ubuntu server 10.04  ?00:38
hmcaanyone here with ubuntu 10.4 and raid6 ? trying to do this - echo "clean" > /sys/block/md1/md/array_state , get a echo write error: Invalid argument00:38
hmcatrying to recover a 10tb raid600:39
hmcaanyone here ?  trying to do this - echo "clean" > /sys/block/md1/md/array_state , get a echo write error: Invalid argument00:47
jjk9___hmca:  here but don't know00:48
hmcadesperatly trying to get a 10tb raid6 up again00:49
jjk9___hmca:  i can try something similar here and see what it does if you can wait a few mins00:50
hmcajjk9___: thanks, i have seen this as a way out to my problem but ubuntu people get this error Invalid argument00:51
jjk9___hmca:  so I don't know what this all is.. I have a 2tb raid1 on md1 and  ls -l /sys/block/md1/md/array_state gives -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4096 2010-08-13 10:10 /sys/block/md1/md/array_state  is there a man page for this stuff?00:55
hmcajjk9___: following this hoping it can help, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1538137 , take a look00:57
jjk9___hmca: k00:57
hmcamine is raid6 10 1.5TB disks00:57
jjk9___jjk9___:  reading ...00:59
jjk9___hmca:  that looks to deep for my tiny mind :( sorry dont think i can be of any help01:02
hmcajjk9___: thanks01:03
jjk9___hmca: what does cat /sys/block/md1/md/array_state return?01:04
jjk9___hmca: for me it returns clean01:05
hmcajjk9___: inactive01:06
hmcai have a failed device , faulty removed01:08
jjk9___hmca:  is there anything that might be done using mdadm?01:08
hmcai have active devices 9 , working devices 9 and failed devices 101:08
hmcai'am assumning , faulty removed using mdadm -E /dev/sdi , means the mdadm is managing the raid, but why is it not runung , active, raid6 is dual redundancy, so i assumed i could just lost a disk01:09
jjk9___hmca:  I'm not to up on raid 6 can it run with one bad drive? or do you need to put a new one in and use like mdadm to add it to the raid?01:10
hmcai was assuming it would still run with 1 broken disk01:10
hmcaDisk util on gnome says State: not running, partially asssemble01:11
jjk9___hmca:  like I say I not so up on raid6 would need to go read about it and that could take forever01:11
hmcapeople start working here in arround 8 hours01:11
jjk9___hmca:  maybe you need to tell the raid to go on without the bad drive?01:12
jjk9___hmca:  u can do a lot in 8 hrs01:12
jjk9___hmca: ok I just read wiki on raid6 and they say you can lose 2 drives and still run01:14
hmcai only have one faulty, so do i need to manualy tell mdadm to remove it from md0?01:15
hmcalets see how to do01:15
jjk9___hmca:  i'm searching for docs on that01:16
hmcahttp://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/mdadm-raid-5-single-drive-failure-644325/ , maybe what i am failing 2 understand is that failling a disk as to be replaced, i thouth it could be ok to workl01:24
jjk9___hmca:  im reading this basic one http://www.review-ninja.com/2009/05/software-raid-raid-arrays-mdadm-on.html01:25
jjk9___hmca:  I agree it seems like it should keep working however I don't know the behavior when you reboot with a failed rive in the array...01:26
jjk9___hmca:  what does cat /proc/mdstat tell01:30
jjk9___hmca: so did u reboot into this or did the drive fail while the raid was working. I guess I'm asking if this is from reboot or while working. It looks from the link you gave as if you need to use mdadm to logically remove the failed drive from the array.  I need to try out fail modes on my raid1 for when it happens for real so I know how to handle it01:33
hmcathe system totaly crash while rebilding , i have a 45 drive bays system , only with 10 now , i had to power down the machive , mdadm says the drive as been removed from array , mybe i need to actualy remove it from the system ? is that it ?01:35
jjk9___hmca: maybe you need to tell mdadm what the new array is . like when you make the array from scratch...01:36
jjk9___hmca:  I don't think that physical removal makes a diff if ma=dadm already thinks the failed on is gone01:37
hmca--create / assemble , they have all refused to activate the array , yes but i still removed it , waiting for the machine to come up01:37
hmcamy backplanes are all hotswapable , but i told the os to reboot01:38
jjk9___hmca: good luck!01:38
jjk9___hmca:  there might be someone over on #ubuntu who knows about raid6 etc01:39
hmcajjk9___: i still not beliving but it worked, let me check01:40
jjk9___hmca:  woohoo!01:41
hmcait is sayin on proc , reshape + 80,2 %01:41
jjk9___hmca:  when I replace with raid1 it takes for ever to resync01:41
hmcanow i just need to see if iscsitarget piks the md0 , a see if my hfsplus+ part from mac os x is there01:42
jjk9___hmca:  so what did the trick?01:42
hmcai know how to improve speed , give me a sec01:42
hmcafisicaly removing the disk01:42
jjk9___hmca:  that really surpriss me but maybe due to startup scripts01:43
jjk9___hmca:  md startup might have been looking for all and bawking on the bad or something01:43
hmcai will discuss more on this i u give me a sec/few minuts, need to goo to the mac station to see if the big disk shows up in iscsi01:43
hmcajjk9___: back back, feel happy..., md0 running iscsitarget runing, mac station mounting iscsitarge , violume seems ok/not corrupted01:51
hmcanow for speeding up the rebuilds01:51
hmcai have the info somewhere, w801:52
jjk9___hmca:  glad 2 hear u r out of trouble01:52
hmcait took a week for a guy in the office to upload almost 8TB into this , very slow process, i didnt wanna him or me to do it again , time is money01:53
echosystmhi guys01:53
echosystmive just installed apache - what is the best way to make the www directory writeable by my user?01:53
jjk9___echosystm:  hi01:53
echosystmshould i symlink it to a folder in home?01:53
echosystmshould i modify the permissions on /var/www?01:54
echosystmor should i just change the config to point to a folder in home?01:54
jjk9___echosystm:  on my web server (disclaimer: im no expert) I have the folder owned by the user and apache is a member of the group that can write to that01:56
jjk9___echosystm:  that way user and apache can write to user folder but user can't write to other folders01:58
fluvvellechosystem, rather than change apache01:59
fluvvellive made the user a member of the www-data group01:59
echosystmis that all you needed to do fluvvell ?02:00
echosystmdir /var/www/ is owned by root:root02:00
fluvvellechosystm, as long as the folders where the www files are going to be have group read/write permissions02:00
fluvvellyes, but html under that ?02:00
jjk9___fluvvell:  doesn't that mean that the users can access each others  folders if they all belong to www-data?02:01
echosystmi might just change the apache config to point to somewhere in home, all good02:01
fluvvelljjk9___, yes but he implied one user02:01
jjk9___fluvvell:  then np02:02
fluvvellechosystm, where we had implemented the changes to apache, it came to greif much later when we did upgrades and updates to apache02:02
fluvvellmuch better off to keep it closer to the installed standard.02:03
fluvvellclearly there are configs you *will* change02:03
fluvvellechosystm, how did you install apache ?02:05
echosystmapt-get install apache202:05
fluvvelland whats your output of    ps aux |grep apache02:06
fluvvellare the apache processes running as root as well ?02:07
echosystmone is02:07
echosystm4 arent02:07
echosystm*3 arent02:07
fluvvellso what user are the other ones running as ?02:07
echosystm3 are www-data02:07
fluvvellyep, I have 1 as root, 5 as www-data02:08
fluvvellonce you set up your virtual hosts, I think the files you create will need to be www-data owned.  I'd not consider myself an expert, but thats been my experience over about 5 or six apache servers we run.02:09
echosystmthe actual www-data folder will be owned by root though02:09
echosystmso even if i am in www-data myself, i cannot write to that folder02:09
echosystmim just going to change the document root, its easiest02:10
echosystmeasy to change back if i need to02:10
fluvvellno but add yourself to the www-data group.02:10
fluvvellof course the good thing about ubuntu/linux is experimenting :-)02:10
fluvvellthe conventions that are adopted are just there to make things easier and more consistent.02:11
fluvvelland I guess secure.02:11
echosystmalrighty, thanks for your help02:12
yabooany raid guru's about03:56
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:02
jjk9MTecknology:  ask again  i just swung by04:04
MTecknologyjjk9: that was for yaboo asking if anyone is around04:05
yaboook got a raid 5 unit with three disks, rebooted the array, and getting mount: you must specify the filesystem type when I try to mount it04:10
yaboook, seems no-one knows anything about mdadm and howto recover the disks04:26
jjk9yaboo:  wot does cat /proc/mdstat  say04:28
yaboojjk9, nothing, looks normal till I try to mount the device, and errors with no filesystem04:28
jjk9yaboo:  if cat /proc/mdstat  returns nothing that's not normal04:29
jjk9yaboo:  how r u mounting the device?04:30
yaboojjk9 cat proc shows there's md0, three disks there etc, nothing out of the ordinary04:30
yaboojjk9, mount /dev/md0 /home/storage04:30
yaboook get a lot of superblock errors04:32
jjk9yaboo:  when do u get the superblk errors?04:34
yabootrying fsck -b 8193 /dev/md004:34
jjk9yaboo:  what fs do u expect on there?04:35
yabooformated it ext304:35
jjk9yaboo:  have u tried  -t ext3 when mounting?04:36
yaboojjk9, just tried and states wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/md004:39
jjk9yaboo:  try fsck.ext3 /dev/md004:41
jjk9yaboo:  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/debian-raid-5-rebuild-457098/04:43
yaboofsck.ext3: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...04:44
yaboofsck.ext3: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/md004:44
yaboo jjk904:44
jjk9yaboo:  u have plumbed the depth of my meager knowledge. I'm all out 4 now. :(04:47
yaboojjk9, THANKS04:48
jjk9yaboo: yw I didn't help much.   btw lots of hits on search  "Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open"04:51
yaboojjk9, something to do with superblock invalid04:57
jjk9yaboo: best of luck04:57
yaboojjk9, thanks04:58
twbI have a lucid router.  I'm trying to add a USB wifi dongle to it, to turn it into a wifi AP./05:00
twbOn Debian, it says I need firmware-ralink (http://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/rt73), but this isn't in Ubuntu (per rmadison).05:00
ajmitchtwb: ralink drivers are generally awful, but you may find that linux-firmware has what you need05:01
twbWhich package is the binary blob in?05:01
twbOK, looking05:01
twbI already have linux-firmware installed (presumably its in main, not restricted), so I'll install hostapd and wpa_supplicant and see if it Just Works05:02
ajmitchwhich usb dongle do you have?05:02
twbajmitch: 148f:257305:03
ajmitchquite different from the linksys one that I have then05:03
ajmitchwhich is 1737:0078, hopefully you have better luck with it than I've seen05:04
twbI actually asked the boss to just go buy half a dozen different manufacturers' devices, hoping to get at least one with a "good" chipset05:06
twbBut what happened was he took his old one from home :-/05:06
yabooif I format over partition can I recover the data beforehand05:20
twbyaboo: well, yeah, just back it up before you format it05:21
yabootwb seems I have superblock errors and no matter how much I fsck etc, it seems not able to fix the disk05:21
twbTry sticking in the freezer for an hour (wrapped in cloth)05:22
twbOf course, it WILL be a complete farce unless Kanno does the soundtrack05:26
twbOops, wrong channel.05:26
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uvirtbotNew bug: #631200 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (dup-of: 563039)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63120006:11
aegisHas anyone else had trouble installing Drupal 6 from the package?  It does not create any of the directories/files in /var/www/  ...06:14
twbIt's a packaging violation to place files in /var/www.06:18
twbSorry, make that "discouraged" rather than "disallowed" (ยง11.5.4)06:20
PresuntoRJaegis: have you read the "official" community documentation? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Drupal06:20
PresuntoRJaegis: it worked fine the last time I have tried it :D06:21
PresuntoRJaegis: of course, if it does not work anymore, you could try to comment in a bug report06:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #631307 in openldap (main) "package slapd 2.4.21-0ubuntu5.3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63130706:21
PresuntoRJaegis: there is also one at the drupal site: http://drupal.org/node/62640406:22
PresuntoRJaegis: the files might not live where you would expect them to be, but it should work06:23
PresuntoRJaegis: and it should get symliked to the /var/www anyway06:24
PresuntoRJaegis: does it help?06:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #631324 in ntp (main) "package ntp 1:4.2.4p8+dfsg-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63132407:42
yabooformated a disk, if I have not written new data on the disk, can I recover the old data on the disk?07:54
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twbWhere is lucid's equivalent of /lib/udev/net.agent?10:38
twbYou know, the thing that makes allow-hotplug entries in /etc/network/interfaces *actually work*10:38
twbUnfortunately there's not debian-to-ubuntu diff on http://packages.qa.debian.org/u/udev.html, because lucid's udev is built from a git snapshot10:39
\shtwb, regarding some release notes and working with ifenslave-2.6. which had debian wise the "allow-hotplug" format, someone said, we don't have allow-hotplug that's why we are using "auto"10:40
twbWell, auto is not the same thing10:40
\shi know :)10:41
twbSee, there is this bug10:41
twbWhen I unplug the SERIAL cable, it removes and readds the USB wifi device10:41
twbWhich results in me not having an AP anymore10:41
twb(The wifi device is configured as an AP with hostapd.)10:42
\shyou mean "serial cable" as in "serial cable" and not as in "usb2serial" ... because why should something remove the usb device when unplugging a serial cable10:43
twbSo you would THINK that simply changing "auto wifi0" to "allow-hotplug wifi0" would DTRT, but no, it causes wifi0 to never ever ever be raised, probably because the udev maintainer assumed everyone was using laptops running NM.  ARGH ARGH ARGH.10:43
twb\sh: yes, it has a real serial port.10:43
twbAdmittedly, I'm then plugging a USB-to-serial bridge into its 9-pin serial port, and the plugging the USB end into my laptop10:44
twbI'd be amazed if linux can see that it's a USB-to-serial bridge from the serial side10:45
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twb(Sorry about losing my temper; I was expect it to Just Work, like Debian.)10:49
twbI'll stop working on that now so I don't have to call a glazier10:49
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Error404NotFoundI don't know if this is the right place, but againt my script i get "Please enable following functions in your php.ini: filter_var" even though phpinfo() in same directory reveals no disabled functions.11:59
DigitalDeviantanyone available to answer a question12:53
DigitalDevianti installed ispconfig3 on my ubuntu server and created the website, uploaded my website but its not working.12:56
kaushali get Cannot join to channel #ubuntu-virt (You must be invited)12:56
twbDigitalDeviant: that package is not part of Ubuntu12:56
twbDigitalDeviant: you will have to talk to whoever supplied it.12:57
twbkaushal: try #virt (or #libvirt?)12:57
twb!ops #ubuntu-virt is invite-only12:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:57
kaushaltwb: ok13:01
kaushaltwb: can someone allow me in there :)13:01
sorenkaushal: It's been discontinued.13:05
sorenkaushal: People attempting to connect to it are redirected here.13:06
sorenkaushal: Since you're already here, you get odd results.13:06
twbsoren: thanks13:06
twbMight be worth poking #freenode about it in case there's a way to avoid the "odd results"13:07
sorenkim0: Can you take care this? ^^ (I'm assuming you're the one who made the changes based on your comment on the mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2010-August/004512.html )13:11
kim0My understanding the problem is, when you join #ubuntu-virt while already joined to #ubunt-server, you simply get "invite only channel"13:13
kim0if so, I already talked to the irc council folks13:13
kim0and they said, this is a weird Freenode thing that they can't do anything about13:13
twbProbably they don't want to patch their funky ircd13:14
twb*patch it any more13:14
yoosefhi. ive been running ubuntu server 10.04 for a bit over month now. i use it as fileserver on my lan, its also running openssh-server. everything seems to work fine... but i think the server load averages are bit too high, for system only running samba & openssh-server. load avarages are anything between 1.00 - 1.20. most of the times its 1.00. got 4gb ram and pentium 2.8ghz installed.. any ideas what might cause that load?14:01
AndyGraybealhey guys, i'd like to install 'lightning' for all my users.. i can install it to my 'user' folder.. and i don't want to do single installs for all my users.. is there an easy way to accomplish this?14:13
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tgywaDo anyone know if ksplice is stable enough for critical production enviroments?14:18
sorenAndyGraybeal: What's lightning?14:18
twbyoosef: no.  Ask top(1).14:26
twbAndyGraybeal: apt-get install sunbird?14:27
twbAndyGraybeal: or does it have to be the plugin version?14:27
twbIt may be called "iceowl" instead of "sunbird"; the latter is trademark-encumbered.14:28
twbAndyGraybeal: other than that, you can always just drop it into the appropriate magical folder somewhere in /usr -- the one thunderbird looks in for plugins.  I don't know much about that.14:29
AndyGraybealthank you twb14:29
yooseftwb: ive used top -command, but nothing seems to use any significant amount of cpu or mem..14:29
AndyGraybealsoren, lightning is the new sunbird14:29
twbsoren: it's basically sunbird (read: mozilla calendar) as a thunderbird package.14:29
sorenAndyGraybeal: then this is the wrong channel :)14:29
twbAndyGraybeal: really?  I thought sunbird was newer14:29
AndyGraybealtwb, i don't know but mozilla recommends moving to lightning from sunbird.  i'm not sure why.14:51
twbBecause they're goats and rabid space-donkeys14:52
twbI mean, they're up there with schily and tuomov14:54
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kaushalany help document to setup KVM on Ubuntu Server 10.04 ?16:12
kaushalalso when i install Ubuntu 10.04 Server what does one means by Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud ?16:13
kaushalwhile installation16:14
sherrkaushal: there are docs on the Ubuntu site e.g.16:16
sherr+ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC16:17
DatzHi, I'm trying to enable cron logging. I'm folling a tutorial: Edit /etc/syslog.conf and uncomment the line starting with cron.*   However, there is no /etc/syslog.conf16:47
Datzalso reading that restarting sysklogd would create such a file. But I don't see "/etc/init.d/sysklogd" although I know that there used to be such a file in my previous desktop install16:48
DatzOk, looks like it logs within syslog?16:49
DatzDoes it do the same verbose of logging?16:49
dennishey experts... so we upgraded a server from 8.04 -> 10.04 and now the lvm volumes cant be found e.g the system wont reboot16:56
dennisI've tried booting from live-cd and chrooting into the root running dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-kernel16:56
denniswithout any luck16:56
kaushalis VM means Virtual Machine ?16:59
stlsaintdennis: does your fstab show correct uuid for drives?16:59
dennisstlsaint, yes but we just changed it to use logical named instead of UID17:02
stlsaintdennis: well you may want to review your fstab, more than likely that is where your problem is17:02
dennisok thanks.. I'll have one more close look17:03
dennisI fail to understand how an upgrade could change the uuid if my disks tho17:04
kaushalcan i seek help regarding kvm setup on Ubuntu 10.04 Server ?17:16
kaushalI am actually reading it17:16
kaushalalso what is the difference between UEC and KVM ?17:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #631737 in samba (main) "gvfsd-smb uses all cpu when trying to connect to samba share" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63173717:46
olopezhello anyone have experience with ubuntu and solaris ldoms ?18:12
Datzhello, well I think I have some information on why my cronjob isn't working. in syslog I get:  postfix/sendmail[19238]: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory18:35
Datzcan someone help me with this error?18:36
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jjk9Datz:  I came in late... wots yr cronjob trying to do?18:39
Datz*/5 * * * cat /var/log/fail2ban.log > /var/www/site/fail2ban.log18:40
Datzthe command works fine, but in cron, nothing happens. I noticed that message in syslog every five min18:41
jjk9Datz:  that is cron trying to send you an email18:41
Datzno, just create a new file18:42
jjk9Datz:  sounds like you don't have postfix configured correctly18:42
DatzI see18:42
jjk9Datz:  when you run a cron with any output it tries to send email to te cron user18:42
Datzoutput as in cat in this case?18:43
jjk9Datz:  any output from the cronjob18:43
DatzOk, just trying to understand.. I have other cron jobs.. and this message only appears in the system log at the interval my failed cron job is running18:44
jjk9Datz:  if cronjob has no output then no mail from it. If this one fails cron trying to tell cron user that is case18:45
DatzI see18:45
Datzso if I were to set up postfix/sendmail. I would get a message indicating what went wrong?18:46
Datzshould I run /etc/postfix/post-install?18:47
jjk9Datz:  if something went wrong wit the cronjob yes. If you just want to see the error you might try piping errors to a file  by putting something like 2>myerrorlogfile18:48
Datzat end of failing cronjob?18:48
jjk9Datz:  at the end of the line on cron that you think is failing18:49
Datz*/5 * * * cat /var/log/fail2ban.log > /var/www/site/fail2ban.log 2| ~/error.log  ?18:49
jjk9Datz: 2 > ...18:49
Datzsorry, thanks. I'll try it18:50
* Datz waits for it to appear18:52
jjk9Datz:  do **** on cron line for testing...18:52
DatzI actually did, with spaces18:54
Datz* * * * *  cat /var/log/fail2ban.log > /var/www/site/fail2ban.log 2> ~/error.log18:55
Datzer.. space before 2?18:55
jjk9Datz:  I just skipped spaces :( sorry , yes 2 is stdout and 3 is stderr so18:55
Datzok, spaced :)18:56
* Datz is waiting.. :p18:56
Datznot seeing anything. THis is exact entry * * * * *  cat /var/log/fail2ban.log > /var/www/site/fail2ban.log 2 > ~/error.log18:58
jjk9Datz:  ok let me try here wait one18:59
RoyKDatz: no space after 218:59
RoyKDatz: also, make sure /var/log/fail2ban.log is readable for the user running the cron job19:00
Datzthe command works outside of cron19:00
RoyKfor that user?19:00
Datznothing in ~ yet19:01
RoyKok, I think I've seen something like that earlier - try to create a script doing cat ... > log etc and run that script19:01
RoyKfrom cron19:01
Datzhumm, ok good idea19:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #631383 in samba (main) "Samba: Slow file open & Incomplete multibyte sequence error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63138319:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #631489 in samba (main) "Browsing through Folders via samba is very slow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63148919:04
RoyKDatz: or even better - setup fail2ban to log to a named pipe (or fifo) and read from that, copying the info to separate files19:05
Datzok, well I created the script, and ran it. It works19:06
Datzmade a cronjob for it "* * * * *  ~/test" <- is that correct19:06
DatzRoyK: that last option sounds too complex for me currently19:07
jjk9Datz:  maybe pipe stdout (&2) and stderr(&3) to the log 3>&2 2>~/error.log19:07
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RoyKjjk9: stdout is file 1 and stderr is file 219:08
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RoyKstdin is 019:08
jjk9RoyK:  err 1 is stdin19:09
Datz* * * * *  cat /var/log/fail2ban.log > /var/www/site/fail2ban.log 3>&2 2>~/error.log  <- ?19:09
RoyKDatz: change the crontab to use the log, and beleive me, 0 is stdin, 1 is stdout, 2 is stderr19:09
jjk9Datz:  so when I try * * * * * echoo "boo" > /root/tt 3>&2 2>tterr3  i   I get errors echoo not found in tterr319:10
RoyKechooo asdf > output 2> errors19:10
RoyKDatz: but run the script, not the script's contents from cron19:11
jjk9RoyK: my bad u are right19:11
RoyKsomething > output == something 1> output19:11
* Datz is slightly confused19:12
* Datz re-reads19:12
qman__Datz, I see one problem, your original cron is missing a parameter, "*/5 * * *" is only four19:12
* Datz checks on this19:13
RoyKDatz: http://pastebin.com/TMwW380D19:13
RoyKget it?19:14
qman__also, you don't specify a user19:14
qman__one job in my /etc/cron.d/, for example19:14
RoyKqman__: no need to do that with a normal cron job - only the ones in /etc/cron* needs that19:14
DatzRoyK: got it19:14
RoyKif adding it with crontab -e, it's run under the current user19:15
qman__13 * * * * root [script]19:15
RoyKif in /etc/cron.d, you need a user19:15
Datz! it's working19:15
Datzha.. I triggered ubottu19:16
Datzit's almost like it started magically working..19:17
DatzI checked on what qman__ said about 4 time entries, there were 5 at that moment in time, I uncommitted entry and it works..19:19
Datzwell, thanks guys :)19:19
jjk9Datz:  also if it fails now and u don't have mail setup then you won't know til next tome u login19:19
alektohow could a shell initialization file in a home directory that is group writable be a security risk?19:40
RoyKalekto: some member of the group can add the line 'rm -rf $HOME' at the end - that won't be much fun19:50
alektoah, I see.. letting other users be able to delete home dir is not a good idea ;)19:54
alektoso what about executable files in /usr/sbin that is world writable? could this really harm the system?19:56
RoyKdon't do that19:57
RoyKexecutables in system path should _NEVER_ be world-writable19:58
alektooh, okay.. what could this result in? everybody shutting down the system?20:00
qman__that's just asking for an infection20:04
qman__drop some malicious code into something root uses, wait until root uses it, game over20:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #631837 in puppet (main) "Sync puppet 2.6.1~rc3-1 (main) from Debian experimental (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63183720:06
alektohehe, oh shit!20:07
silentwater77i installed apparmor with apt-get on a fresh lucid minimal. apparmor_status said command not found. /etc/init.d/apparmor start gives me just a new prompt. what do i have to do to make it even start ?20:12
RoyKsilentwater77: apparmor is installed by default iirc20:13
silentwater77i have a fresh 10.04 minimal...apt-get install apparmor just installed it.20:14
RoyKthat should be enough20:15
silentwater77apparmor_status says command not found20:15
silentwater77lsmod  is empty20:15
RoyKsilentwater77: apparmor-utils perhaps20:16
dominicdinadahow to flush user mail i let my cron logs get to big20:17
RoyKthey should be flushed automatically, in realtime20:17
silentwater77thanks royk...my desktop gives me the same messages20:17
RoyKwhat mta are you using?20:17
silentwater77on my vps i get:     root@dice:/var/log# aa-status20:18
silentwater77apparmor module is not loaded.20:18
dominicdinadaebox and webmin show 20,000 msgs from the cron, ebox jobs20:18
silentwater77should i better go for selinux ?20:18
RoyKI really don't know - I haven't used the minimal setup for some time - regular works well20:19
RoyKdominicdinada: which mta are you using?20:19
RoyKubottu: explain mta20:19
ubottuA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA20:20
dominicdinadaoh just the system mail20:20
RoyKpostfix? exim? sendmail?20:20
dominicdinadasendmail i believe is where the logs are20:20
qman__yeah, ubuntu doesn't have a local mta installed by default, you have to pick one20:20
RoyKdominicdinada: try postfix20:21
dominicdinadaok ?20:21
RoyKbest mta there is imho20:21
qman__I won't disagree20:21
dominicdinadait is in the postfix mail20:22
dominicdinadahow to flush such high msgs crashes browser tab lol20:22
RoyKif so, 'postfix flush' will flush the queue20:22
RoyK# postfix flush20:22
RoyKbut with 20k emails in the queue, something is probably quite bad20:23
dominicdinadaRoyK: No it is just how ebox set things to notify... running the flush did nothinh20:24
dominicdinadanothing* even20:24
RoyKcan you pastebin parts of mailq output?20:24
RoyK# mailq20:24
dominicdinadaeach crontab, logged to a user20:24
dominicdinadais empty20:24
dominicdinadais not under this username20:25
RoyKif mailq is empty, the postfix mail queue is empty20:25
dominicdinadawell duh20:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #631740 in samba (main) "Dbus error when clicking network icon in nautilus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63174020:25
RoyKif the email is distributed to the local accounts under /var/mail, that's where it is20:25
dominicdinadait is under nobody20:25
silentwater77fresh ubuntu 10.04 minimal has in daemon log:    init: cron main process (87) killed by TERM signal. is this normal ?20:26
RoyKdominicdinada: change the email address or add a ~/.forward file in which you set the email address to where the email is to be forwarded20:26
RoyKsilentwater77: not really - check dmesg - perhaps something bad, like an OOM happened20:27
qman__silentwater77, all that means is init killed cron at some point in time20:27
dominicdinadab rb looking into it20:27
RoyKqman__: should init kill cron?20:27
qman__when shutting down, shouldn't it?20:28
RoyKwell, yes :)20:28
silentwater77dmesg is empty...i rebooted20:28
RoyKsilentwater77: was this kill in conjunction with a reboot?20:28
silentwater77yes, message cam just before reboot20:29
qman__now, if init killed cron when you weren't shutting down, then something's messed up20:29
* RoyK hands qman__ a beer20:30
silentwater77if i get u right its normal right before shutting down20:30
qman__yes, by TERM, at shutdown, is normal20:31
silentwater77thanks, i wondered because i had trouble with packages (mountall, upstart) beeing on hold right after install20:31
RoyKsilentwater77: before a shutdown, all processes are killed, first an attempt is made with SIGTERM and then they are forcibly killed with SIGKILL20:31
silentwater77ah, i understand, thanks20:33
silentwater77but i guess its not normal that 2 packages are on hold (mountall, upstart) right after fresh install on a openvz vps20:35
qman__probably not20:36
qman__but I've never done a minimal install20:36
silentwater77im asking because now mysql wont start automatically after reboot20:36
RoyKsilentwater77: Can you try with the standard server install?20:36
silentwater77standart server is available but not offcial supported by my provider20:38
RoyKsilentwater77: eh - they support the minimal, but not standard??20:38
RoyKsilentwater77: sounds very strange to me, since the standard install is the most commonly used, and disk space required isn't really a lot20:39
silentwater77yes, they make their on localized template based on ubuntu minimal....20:39
RoyKtheir own?20:40
dominicdinadaok how to delete mail from a system account?20:41
RoyKimho it would be better if they released the translations instead of keeping them local.....20:41
RoyKdominicdinada: /var/mail20:41
silentwater77yes, they have someone who is the "template master". he is in charge for building the templates20:41
silentwater77i could install all openvz wiki templates like : "ubuntu-10.04-lamp_10.04_i386"20:41
silentwater77maybe i better go for that20:41
silentwater77lamp is what i need20:42
RoyKapt-get install \*20:42
dominicdinada-rw-rw----  1 nobody   mail 30891684 2010-09-06 14:07 nobody20:42
dominicdinadacron,ldf,csf all putting events there lol20:42
dominicdinadaif i just del the file that will mess things up right20:43
silentwater77i just installed the official ubuntu minimal and ran into the same mountall, upstart issue20:45
RoyKdominicdinada: yes, but check first - there's probably fixes to be made in cron etc to stop those emails20:45
RoyKsilentwater77: which version?20:45
dominicdinadaRoyK: those mail are fine but not the ebox i was wrong there is 29,000 cron mails for ebox events :O20:46
silentwater7710.04 minimal i338620:46
dominicdinadacant narrow it and del in smaller sets20:46
RoyKdominicdinada: can't you just install standard server?20:47
dominicdinadaRoyK:  plz stop answerin g questions with more questions i am trying to clean this mail this moment20:47
RoyKdominicdinada: that was for silentwater7720:48
RoyKsilentwater77: can't you just install standard server?20:48
dominicdinadai have dovecot but i am trying to cleasn 29k system mails20:48
silentwater77no i cant. i have to choose a template for openvz vps20:49
silentwater77something to choose of : http://wiki.openvz.org/Download/template/precreated20:49
RoyKsilentwater77: I guess you'll have to ask your ISP, then20:50
RoyKsilentwater77: if they support it, they should know20:50
silentwater77i give it a try with ubuntu-10.04-lamp_10.04_i38620:51
silentwater77if thats struggling with the same issue i will ask for support then. anyway thank you !20:51
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jeiworthhmm strange, do i have to change anything in a config file to connect to qemu/libvirt on a remoite machine with virt-manager?21:27
RoyKjeiworth: iirc qemu only listens to localhost21:36
RoyKby default, that is21:37
jeiworthhmmm well i found an entry in /etc/libvirt/libvirt.conf: listen_address that was commented out, i set it to the ip of the server but its running some producition systems so i can't restart the service...21:37
RoyKcan't you just start virt-manager on the host?21:39
RoyKssh X forwarding and so on21:40
incognitoI am running a server on an hp d530S. It won't boot. I researched the problem and I believe that I need to change a parameter to FRAMEBUFFER=y in my /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash file, but the file is not in the directory. What should I do?21:41
incognitoCan I copy the file from a desktop instance?21:41
RoyKincognito: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer21:43
jeiworth<RoyK> can't you just start virt-manager on the host? <-- yeah, no problem there21:54
jeiworthbut i dont think you need x forwarding21:54
jeiworthor you mean starting virt-manager through an existing ssh connection?21:55
incognitoRoyK: It looks like I need to disable the frame buffer by uncommenting the following line: # defoptions=quiet nosplash nofb in menu.lst and then update grub. Am I correct?21:56
jeiworthdoesn't help me here, i want to try to migrate one vm from the local machine to another server21:56
jeiworth...using virt-managers migration function21:57
incognitoRoyK: P.S. since I don't know what the color depth is21:58
incognitoI installed xorg xterm gdm icewm menu firefox gksu and synaptic on my server, and it froze up on the login page. Does any one have a suggestion? Should I use a different desktop manager?22:03
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RoyK 22:27
tanathosHello RoyK, need help?22:29
RoyKjust ask22:30
=== lhavelun1 is now known as lhavelund
tanathosRoyK, I meant if you need help :) I am the guy that helped you to change the sql root password a few days ago22:31
RoyKthat wasn't me22:32
tanathosoh sorry you were the one with deny hosts22:32
RoyKI was22:34
RoyKthat works well, btw22:34
RoyKexcept a bug in some installs22:34
tanathoshappy to hear that, today they upgraded the internet connection so I am :)))22:35
oryxtechi all22:41
oryxteci hve question... i m new to kvm and i m install kvm on my server22:42
oryxtecplease can come one tell me wht is this command vmbuilder kvm ubuntu -c vm2.cfg22:42
linux-xhello,can some one help me,  i insalled ubuntu-server already, and configure DNS server and every thing working well, just i want now how setting mail server in simple steps,23:11
vladcan anyone help with a 10.04 LTS 64-bit install problem?23:22
vladinstall doesn't mount dvd.  changing bios to 'ide' for sata does nothing23:23
vladis there anybody IN here?23:24
vladjust nod if you can hear me23:24
vladis there anyone at home?23:24
KurtKrautvlad, if you need a quicker assistance, please, post your problem in a web forum with richful detail. www.ubuntuforums.org23:24
* _Techie_ nods23:24
vladi am first just trying to make a connection, my friend23:26
vladin a chat room, one expects....well....chatting, not silence23:26
ajmitchone expects patience from people as well23:28
_Techie_well this isnt a chat room23:28
vladreally?  xchat is NOT a chat client that connects to chat rooms?23:28
vladwhat have i connected to, buddy?23:28
_Techie_im not having a go at you23:28
_Techie_im just saying that some people dont like offtopic chat23:29
vladi have no "off topic" chat23:29
lifelessin a technical sense it is; in a social sense there are many people who are logged in but not paying active attention to the channel23:29
vladit is on topic23:29
vladi can't install 64-bit 10.04 server, and haven't found info on the net about it23:29
vladwas directed here by a ubuntu.com pg23:30
vladi am absolutely AMAZED by your lack of social grace and desire to be at least minimally helpful23:32
vladhave fun hanging out in a chat room, whining at people who try to chat.23:32
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