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dipankarlfaraone, hi, around?15:06
lfaraonedipankar: for a short while. what;s up?15:12
dfarningdipankar, how are you coming? any questions?15:22
dipankardfarning, good. working on ticket #2289.15:25
dfarningdipankar, did you see you got a couple of reviews and suggestions on sugar-devel15:26
dipankardfarning, looking at it :)15:28
manusheelankur__: Hi Ankur.15:35
manusheelankur__: Are you still working on Neeraj's machine?15:35
ankur__hi manusheel sir15:35
dipankarlfaraone, I need your help a bit in changing my account preferences at  :http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel15:35
ankur__yes sir15:35
manusheelankur__: Ok.15:36
dipankarlfaraone, I want to change mailing type from 'batch' to 'mail per post'. Would be great if you could help me out15:36
dipankardfarning, here : http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/228915:38
dipankardfarning, Sascha commented"15:40
dfarningdipankar, looking15:40
dipankarif all we're doing in TimeoutServerProxy is adding a parameter and we only have one trivial caller, why add a new class at all?15:40
dipankar+    def make_connection(self, host):15:40
dipankar+        host, extra_headers, x509 = self.get_host_info(host)15:40
dipankar+        conn = TimeoutHTTP(host, timeout=self.timeout)15:40
dipankar+        return conn15:40
dipankarPlease combine the last two lines."15:40
dipankardfarning, wish if you could provide a solution for this ^^15:40
dfarningdipankar,  return TimeoutHTTP(host, timeout=self.timeout)15:41
dipankardfarning, that part is done :)15:41
dipankardfarning, about removing classes15:41
dfarningdipankar, the first solution is just making a local variable which is not used.15:41
dipankardfarning, how can we remove the classes when they are derived from base classes on purpose?15:42
dfarningdipankar, see http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel to modify your ML subscription15:43
dipankardfarning, I through with that. Thanks :)15:45
dipankardfarning, about replacing classes with functions? I can't get any solution to that part15:47
dfarningdipankar, I suggest talking to silbe on #sugar about that.  He might not have a good answer.... but can explain his thinking.  BTW asking specif questions is important..  Please give me pointers about .....? puts the preassure on the other person to solve your problem.  I think you will have more luck asking a specific question like, "how should I remove remore the class if it inherits from a parent class?"15:50
dipankardfarning, ok.15:51
dfarningdipankar, please see http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html it is the stand for communication on opensource projects.16:00
ankur__alsroot,  hi :)16:11
alsrootankur__: hi16:11
ankur__i have worked on adding report bug button in  control panel  . till now we have added a reportbug folder in cpsection defining the icon name , class name and title in __init__ file. and in view.py file i have added these two lines to call apport bug reporting :16:13
ankur__from subprocess import call16:13
ankur__call(['ubuntu-bug', '-p','sugar-emulator-0.88'])16:13
ankur__can i procees with this ?16:14
alsrootankur__: why not, call should work16:15
ankur__now clicking on reportbug button in CP triggers apport , but it also shows the accept and cancel toolbar , which is not needed. i have tried to make amends but i was not successful. i tried making changes in gui.py files16:17
* alsroot looks16:17
ankur__but i was able to achieve what i would have wanted . Can you suggest the part of code to target :)16:17
ankur__what i have tried to make is that clicking on reportbug button just triggers apport but does not show any option menu.It should just keep showing the main view of CP . we tried to add conditions using16:19
ankur__if option == reportbug : at various places .It seems that placement was not right .16:19
alsrootankur__: I think right way would be add do-not-open-cp-frame feature, e.g. if view class wasn't setup, frameless mode will be enabled16:27
alsroothmm.. we have only one CLASS in __init__, /me looks16:28
alsrootankur__: if "action.py" is present in CP directory, it will be imported and initiated (somehow) instead of trying to import view.py and mmodel.py16:30
alsrootankur__: see sugar/src/git/sugar/src/jarabe/gui.py:show_section_view16:31
lfaraonedipankar: did you figure out how to fix your mailing list problem?16:33
dipankarlfaraone, yes, thanks16:33
lfaraonedfarning: Mozillateam told me that I need to contact Mozilla for trademark clarification. While we're at it, should we fix the stylesheets + download manager intergr. extension, so I don't have to re-request permissions if we fix them in the future?16:34
alsrootankur__: btw do you really not need component frame? I mean you can place there explanation text about bug reporting and one button to launch ubuntu-bug16:34
dfarninglfaraone, yes please.16:35
dfarningdipankar, ping17:02
dipankardfarning, here17:02
dfarningdipankar, just wondering if you have any general sugar development of develoment process questions?17:12
dipankardfarning, didn't get you :). development of development17:13
dipankardfarning, The patch creation is a bit tougher than I thought :P17:14
dipankardfarning, how do we add description in patch btw?17:15
dipankardfarning, sascha said here: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2289#comment:317:15
dipankar* description is missing17:15
dfarningdevelopment _or_ development process questions.17:16
dfarningdipankar,  to add a discription to a patch you need to include the description in the commit message.17:17
dfarningdipankar, the normal format for a commit message is one line summary, blank line, paragraph description.17:18
dipankardfarning, thanks. on it17:20
dfarningdipankar, did i explain the difference between and review and an ack?17:21
dipankardfarning, I don't think so. ack? I don't remember having any idea of it17:22
dfarningdipankar, ok the peer review process in sugar, as with most open source projects, is a best practice for writing good code.17:25
dfarningdipankar, on the other hand, to keep things sane most modules have one or at most two maintainers.  The maintains have the final desions to commit a patch.  So it is really their opinion that you _need_ to get.17:26
dipankardfarning, I agree. :) Took those review in healthy sense. Also I didn't know the exact format of a patch. Thanks to sascha now I know that too.17:27
dfarningdipankar, only maintainers can 'ack' a patch.  see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Talk:Development_Team/Code_Review17:27
dipankardfarning, :). Went through that. manusheel sent the link to me :)17:28
dfarningdipankar, +1 the list of module maintainers is at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Development_Team/Release/Modules17:28
dipankardfarning, I somewhat feel that they have some control over the patching :)17:30
dipankardfarning, after all they will be responsible for the working of the core module17:31
dfarningdipankar, so reviews are alot about the judgement and trust of the reviewer and the submitter.  If marco, tomeu, simon, or alsroot suggest something it is a good idea to listen.... If i suggest something please feel free to ignore me:)17:31
dfarningdipankar, +1 only a module maintainer can make the final decision to commit a path to the upstream git repository.17:32
dipankardfarning, your opinions also matter.17:34
dipankardfarning, btw, I have remade the patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/489324/17:34
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dipankarI hope sascha accepts it now17:34
dfarningdipankar, looks good.17:36
dipankardfarning, thanks17:36
dipankardfarning, its getting past dinner time here, and I haven't had dinner :(17:36
* dipankar is off to dinner17:37
dfarningok is you later.17:37
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manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.18:13
manusheelkandarpk: Did you receive the steps on testing the code change in jhbuild?18:13
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hello sir18:13
kandarpkmanusheel sir: yes sir.18:14
manusheelkandarpk: Please check shell.log for finding the syntax error.18:14
kandarpkmanusheel sir: ok18:15
manusheelkandarpk: ~/.sugar/default/logs/shell.log, sugar shell logs to this file18:15
dfarningkandarpk, how are you coming? any questions?18:21
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manusheeldfarning: Kandarp will be back in a minute. His Ubuntu 10.10 is hanging badly.18:34
dfarningkandarpk, are you back?  network trouble?18:40
kandarpkdfarning: 10.10 doesn't work properly on my system :(18:40
kandarpkit just hangs18:40
manusheelkandarpk: Ubuntu 10.10 is under development, it seems.18:40
dfarningkandarpk, where does it hang?18:40
dfarningkandarpk, manusheel yep 10.10 will be release on oct 1018:41
kandarpkdfarning: the windows manager takes around 3-4 seconds to show folders18:41
dfarningkandarpk, did you just do a fresh install of 10.1018:42
kandarpkdfarning: yes18:42
dfarningkandarpk, try going to synaptic and making sure all of the development and testing repos are enabled and then tty to update the system.18:45
kandarpkdfarning: sure.18:45
dfarningkandarpk, when running 10.10 you will want to run 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade' every day18:46
dfarningkandarpk, is it still updating?18:54
kandarpkdfarning: working from Debian now.18:54
dfarningkandarpk, ahh.  I just waht to check to see if you have any general questions.18:55
kandarpkdfarning: ok18:55
kandarpkdfarning: installing jhbuild on Debian18:55
kandarpkwill update 10.10 after that18:56
dfarningkandarpk, +118:56
dfarningmanusheel, I was wondering if we should add kandarpk to our daily status discussion?  We might need to reschedule it:)18:57
manusheeldfarning: Yes. We'll do that sometime. Right now, that would add too much work on Kandarp's side.19:11
manusheeldfarning: Would like him to focus on development work at this juncture.19:11
dfarningmanusheel, +119:13
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.19:28
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hi19:28
kandarpkdfarning, lfaraone : sugar-jhbuild depends on libsqlite3-dev19:56
kandarpktrying sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev gives19:57
kandarpkErr http://http.us.debian.org unstable/main libsqlite3-0
kandarpk  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:57
kandarpkErr http://http.us.debian.org unstable/main libsqlite3-dev
kandarpk  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:57
kandarpkFailed to fetch http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/sqlite3/libsqlite3-0_3.7.0.1-1_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:57
kandarpkFailed to fetch http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/sqlite3/libsqlite3-dev_3.7.0.1-1_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:57
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