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elkyAlanBell, http://browsershots.org/screenshots/154ef7c8af2a55841b72d57ced13f39c vs http://browsershots.org/screenshots/137dba994c781edf7b2cfd8522945970 \o/14:53
AlanBellgosh, how retro!14:55
elkyheh. ie's less than 8 need to go find a volcano crater.14:56
elkyi eventually remembered that i had something that resembles ie6 in the wince partition of the craptastic smartq tablet.14:57
AlanBellI will learn to type / one day15:01
AlanBelljust looking for the meeting date15:01
elkyyeah, i know, another one already15:02
elkyat iirc, bus-o-clock for me15:02
AlanBellhttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/September2010/Agenda put it on the agenda anyhow15:05
elkygoing to be a quick meeting at this rate15:07
elkyah, no, it's at 6am. even less likely than bus-o-clock.15:09
nigelbAlanBell: heh, retro indeed16:38
nigelbafter using ubuntu for so long, IE looks ugly16:38
Pendulumnigelb: you did not need the modifying statement there16:41
PendulumIE looks ugly would have been enough :P16:41
nigelblol, true16:41
Pendulumerm... why is the next meeting on a wednesday rather than a thursday? did I miss something said at the last meeting?16:41
nigelbLol, the meeting that was friendly to my tz I missed, but made it for the one that was at 3 am.  I'm awesome.16:42
Pendulumnigelb: that's because your sleep cycles is so messed up it impresses even me16:42
nigelbI'm not sure mine's a circle, more like a square :p16:43
macoi was once asked what timezone i'm in and what timezone my body thinks i'm in17:16
macoeastern us, hawaii  <-- my answer17:16
nigelbmaco: hahaha17:18
pleia2Pendulum: meetings these days are wednesday at 20:00 and thursday at 10:00 (announced in the beginning of august based on doodle results)17:59
pleia2"Ubuntu Women Project Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 20:00 UTC and on the 4th Thursday of each month at 10:00 UTC."18:00
pleia2that's the blurb I was looking for :)18:00
Pendulumpleia2: ah, okay. I think I knew that, but then it was differeng on some page I looked at so I got confused18:23
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