RAOFintrader: Could you try a Maverick LiveCD?  We've just released the beta.00:00
JanCI guess it would also be useful to know what hardware it is00:06
RAOFIt would appear to be nvidia-something-old.00:08
RAOFMan, a full piglit run takes a good long while.00:40
RAOF(When it doesn't hang the GPU)00:40
RAOFYay!  A bug that is reproducible on hardware I own.  I love those!04:24
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RAOFAnyone around who feels like sponsoring xserver-xorg-video-ati from git?11:24
RAOFIt's just sitting there innocently in pkg-xorg git, waiting to fix an xserver crash.11:25
tseliotRAOF: sure11:27
tseliotRAOF: you prepended a "d" to xserver-xorg-video-ati in the changelog. I'll correct that and upload11:36
tseliotRAOF: also I made a diff between revision ubuntu4 and ubuntu5 and it seems a bit excessive (compared with the description in the changelog): http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/489168/11:48
tseliotany ideas?11:50
tseliot(it's not just the aclocal changes)11:50
RAOFtseliot: Hm, it's a bit late here.  Can I check that in the morning and see if I can work out why the diff is so big for you?13:22
tseliotRAOF: sure, no hurry13:22
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apwanyone see the X-server wedging on i915_gem_throttle_ioctl ?15:32
jonasfaHello guys. As Maverick supports multitouch devices, I'm willing to develop an Android app to use the device as a multitouch mouse.17:35
jonasfawhere can I find any docs to help me?17:35
jonasfawhere can I find docs on how to simulate a MT device?18:23
ScottKRAOF: How is ATI + Maverick these days?  Need to set expectations from someone who's about to try it.18:30
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RAOFScottK: Not cutting-edge cards (up to r700, which is Radeon 4xxx) should have decent 3D and 2D, and should run Unity properly once we get mesa 7.9.  The newest evergreen cards (Radeon 5xxx I believe) have modesetting support, but no acceleration in Maverick.23:51
RAOFScottK: fglrx doesn't work at the moment in Maverick, but should (AMD willing!) work by release.23:53
ajmitchRAOF: by 'decent 3D', how well does it work?23:59

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