aeon-ltdphychole: did you do it via System>Administration>Login Window?00:00
edbianillmortal, You have to use one or the other.  fwcutter is preferred.  It is easier.  Thing is, you have to be connected to the internet then install the package.  It downloads things from the internet.  Took me a long time to learn that.  I wish it was more clearly explained.00:00
sam898889anyone here?00:00
phycholehemm I can see login window00:00
boywonderillmortal have you checked b43?00:00
edbiansam898889, I'm here!00:00
phycholewhat mus i do00:00
on3pkbodwick, howso?00:00
BlaDe^pure_hate which log could I view to see what's wrong?00:00
illmortalwith fwcutter i should be able to download the 64-bit deb in one machine then transfer it via usb stick, right?00:00
sam898889hehe   hi guys  im using a macbook 2.1  i installed the firmware for the isight cam and it installed ok  but i cant get it working.  anyone here know how to help me out to get it working?00:00
bodwickon3pk if you put a link to eg ~/Documents/Pics into ~/Dropbox it will share the Pics folder00:01
edbianillmortal, The package downloads stuff from the internet and copies into the proper directories.  I don't know how to do that on one machine and then transfer the files.00:01
boywonderimortal i may have missed prior convo, but have you checked the b43?00:01
on3pkoh awesome00:01
bodwickon3pk so you can share anything just by making symlinks to Dropbox default dir00:01
aeon-ltdphychole: local --> then add then add your theme, for further reference --> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gdm-gnome-display-manager-theme-in-ubuntu.html00:01
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edbianillmortal, If you look at dmesg it gives a link00:01
aeon-ltdDontKnow17898: err say wut?00:02
timtubemasterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0un_5pXeCHw watch this video it's funny.00:02
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timtubemasterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0un_5pXeCHw watch this video it's funny.00:02
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phycholeok i try it00:02
lxLeehow do you download masm for ubuntu?00:02
illmortalboywonder what do you mean check b43? i have the 431800:02
sam898889hi guys  im using a macbook 2.1  i installed the firmware for the isight cam and it installed ok  but i cant get it working.  anyone here know how to help me out to get it working?00:02
edbianillmortal, b43 is the driver for any 43xx card00:03
edbianillmortal, It won't work without fwcutter doing it's thing.00:03
edbianillmortal, That's the link ^^00:03
bodwicklxLee you mean MASM assembler ?00:03
lxLeebodwick: yes00:04
illmortalthank you edbian, ill check it out00:04
edbianillmortal, yep.  Good luck!00:04
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boywonderhey its my link00:04
latagoreHow would I copy all my personal preferences if I wanted to reinstall Ubuntu?00:04
bodwicklxLee i just used the windows one with dosbox :)00:04
Godzillalatagore: it's good to just backup your whole home dir00:04
edbianlatagore, They're all stored in hidden folders inside your home directory.  The files start with a .  use view -> view hidden files to see them.00:05
bodwicklxLee worked well for me, you can also try using wine in case of problems but should be ok with dosbox00:05
walterj89_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1508944  I'm stuck on the fourth post getting a 3m touchscreen to work.00:05
lxLeebodwick: thank you00:05
bodwicklxLee no problem :)00:06
latagoreedbian: How would I copy them; I don't have permission and I tried using sudo with no success00:06
walterj89_inputattach -mtouch /dev/ttyS0 just puts the mouse in the top right when I touch the screen,  and the calibration software doesnt really work00:06
BlaDe^guys, my server isn't returning SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT and all sorts are crashing like imap server etc --- how can i see what's causing it?00:06
Dextralusisha picture of Dextralus: http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/1479/me1.jpg00:06
Dextralusishwhoops wrong channel!00:06
hmcaecho "clean" > /sys/block/md0/md/array_state   gives me echo:write error: Invalid argument !00:06
* Dextralusish shuffles off with embarassment00:06
walterj89_the calibration software doewsnt recognize the touch screen it seems....00:07
edbianlatagore, You should have permissions to your entire home folder.  chown <userName> <folderName>   to change permissions00:07
BlaDe^can anyone help please?00:07
walterj89_please + thankyou,  this touchscreen has been killing my head... for a few months actually00:08
edbianBlaDe^, Yeah, what is the problem?00:08
BlaDe^my server isn't returning SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT and all sorts of services are crashing left right and centre00:09
BlaDe^me and the other guy can't log in but fortunately I still have a session active00:09
edbianBlaDe^, dmesg is a good starting point.00:09
BlaDe^http://pastie.org/1140420 <- is the ssh log if I try to get back in00:09
boywonderillmortal what was the lspci ?00:09
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BlaDe^what shall I do with dmesg edbian  ?00:10
edbianBlaDe^, Run it and read the output.  It usually gives helpful advice as a starting point for general errors.00:10
Guest80304i want to change my nickname here, but i don't how to do so...any good doc about irc's?00:10
edbianGuest80304, /nick <newNickName>00:11
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cathoderaythanks, edbian!00:11
BlaDe^edbian:  it just says like [479485.416637] [UFW BLOCK INPUT]: IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=00:24:8c:42:4f:49:00:d0:00:c6:64:00:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=443 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=49 ID=0 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=5061 DPT=5060 LEN=42300:11
BlaDe^stuff like that00:11
edbiancathoderay, no problem00:11
FloodBot1BlaDe^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
illmortalLSPCI - 05.01.0 Network Controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)00:11
Kerrickyou put two lines and it gets mad at you for flooding?00:11
illmortalboywonder ^00:11
edbianBlaDe^, Well that is something regarding a firewall blocking some packets for some reason.00:11
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charlescrosbiewtf is this?00:12
intel64gamerI can't start Ubuntu... my monitor just goes into sleep mode after the first loading bar.I am using the 64bit Version with a 6 core processor and ati graphics...00:13
boywonderillmortal then you need to install b43!00:13
timewriterintel64gamer , ati might be the problem00:13
illmortallol that's what im tryin to do at this point now.00:13
boywonderok ill help00:13
latagoreedbian: I can't copy the folder "cannot stat "user/.gvfs": permission denied00:13
BlaDe^edbian:  my ip isn't in the logs do I don't think it's that00:14
intel64gamerThe weird thing is that the Linux mint live cd started and ran perfectly.. a single time and never again...00:14
edbianBlaDe^, ok.  I don't know what it is either.00:14
illmortalI dunno if I'm retarded but http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#device_firmware_installation  seems to be all over the place but I've only read about 11 lines lol00:14
BlaDe^can I reinstall ssh without being kicked off?00:14
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BlaDe^if my friend can get on, he's better with linux than me00:14
cagordonBlaDe^: Looks like you are trying to use credential "Blade" accourding to postie, is that the right user per sshd on xxxx?00:15
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BlaDe^cagordon:  definitely00:15
BlaDe^i'm logged into ssh i have another session active00:15
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BlaDe^my friend can't login, i can't log back in -- imap server is crashing, all sorts is just randomly crashing it sees00:16
edbianlatagore, Read up on file permissions :)00:16
rjgonzaSo i changed the conf for pulseaudio to have default of 2 channels and ubuntu is still only outputting sound on the rear channel only, any ideas?00:16
edbianlatagore, http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/filepermissions.html00:16
latagoreedbian: Thanks00:16
edbianlatagore, As I said before.  You should have full control (full permissions) on EVERYTHING in your home folder :)00:17
edbianlatagore, including .gfvs ,  no problem.  Good luck.  Have fun!00:17
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boywonderillmortall go system/administration/synapticpackagemanager00:17
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illmortalboywonder fair warning, no internet on the machine im trying to get wireless lan to work00:17
cagordonBlade^ there is 'tail /var/log/mail.info' to watch what mail is doing... check log files that have been recently written (ls -lt | head", look for syslog or daemon.log for clues00:18
illmortalim using my laptop for internet access, boywonder.00:18
boywonderillmortal what you mean your on a remote connection?00:18
histo!offline | illmortal00:19
ubottuillmortal: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD00:19
BlaDe^cagordon:  http://pastie.org/114047000:19
illmortalno, im on two different machines... my desktop which is the one that needs the driver and im on my laptop doing research online00:19
histoillmortal: is it a broadcom card by the way?00:19
edbianillmortal, Keep in mind.  That you may be able to get the fwcutter package on your machine but when you run fwcutter or whatever the command is it won't work unless that machine has internet access.00:20
boywonderhe dont need fwcutter00:20
illmortalhmm... i think i've done it before, but you could be right edbian00:20
edbianillmortal, follow boywonder He seems to be on to something :)00:20
illmortalok :D00:21
cagordonBlaDe^ note syslog and daemon.log ore top two. What's in say daemon.log (of the two)?00:21
xandI installed updates on ubuntu 9.10 (I will upgrade to a newer version soonish) but now Firefox's search box has changed from Google to Ask.com, and I can't find Google in the list of search engines to change it to; how can I change it back?00:21
boywonderi dont get what hes trying to do00:21
illmortalboywonder check it out00:22
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BlaDe^cagordon:  the entire file (if I cat it ) is about Sep  5 19:22:49 spooshi dhclient: No DHCPOFFERS received. --- and DHCPDISCOVER00:22
illmortalboywonder... on my desktop, i have a wlan card, which is by broadcom model#: 4318 when i do a LSPCI command it sees it without a problem, but apparently i need firmware/driver installed in order to enable it00:22
boywonderthe machine hes trying to instal b43 dont have an internet connection right?00:22
illmortalcorrect, boywonder00:22
boywonderbut you can pass from usb00:23
tamzin where is the crack for  Bandwidth manager from softPerfect please00:23
illmortalcorrect, boywonder00:23
illmortalok :D00:23
Pici!piracy | tamzin00:23
ubottutamzin: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o00:23
tamzinok sorry00:24
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timewriterhow do i turn on vertical sync on ubuntu 10.04 ?00:24
cagordonBlaDe^ is your box trying to fetch a dhcp address? Could it be that the machine no longer knows who it is? If so, that might explain why your inbound connect requests aren't actually going to spooni (xxxx?)00:24
BlaDe^cagordon:  i think that's correct yes00:25
tamzinOk how can you control or manage bandwidth in ubuntu linux workgroup00:25
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illmortalif i can get the .deb 64-bit of fwcutter i should be able to install it without an issue, right?00:26
cagordonBlaDe^ usually you have to have a static (or at least, not changing, ip address to be able to ssh into and for mail to be able to figure out "who I am". You need to sort out why all of the dhcp requests. Why did dhcp lease expire? Why aren't you getting a renewal? That sort of thing...00:29
LinuxGuy2009I have the base system installed along with openbox, gdm, and a few apps but openbox is not displaying the "Debian" menu that lists all the installed apps. Am I missing some additional package for that feature?00:29
wasutton3-Laptophow would i go about finding if one of my ext4 partitions has extents enabled?00:30
histoLinuxGuy2009: there is a debian menu package00:30
BlaDe^cagordon: Sep  5 17:24:45 spooshi postfix/smtpd[30611]: fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms  -- for mail00:30
histoLinuxGuy2009: trying to remember the name of it at the moment00:30
LinuxGuy2009histo: ok cool Im sure I can find it. Thank you.00:30
histoLinuxGuy2009: menu00:31
bodwickLinuxGuy2009 you've got /var/lib/openbox/debian-menu.xml ?00:31
histoLinuxGuy2009: installing the menu package will do it.00:31
lxLeebodwick: help me with one more thing, where did you learn assembly from?00:32
jxtremedoes sb know how a tutorial how to use the /sys/devices/ ?00:32
LinuxGuy2009histo: Yep your right I found it in aptitude, listed under suggests or recomends. Restarted openbox. Worked perfect. Thank you.00:33
KittyBootsHello, I'm trying to write a script.  This is  more difficult than I had anticipated. Is there anyone who can assist me with this?  Maybe a script is not the best way to accomplish the task at hand, possibly a function or a modified alias command.00:33
cagordonBlaDe^ SASL authentication is a different problem. Has to do with In postfix, this might be the mech-list in /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf00:33
hmcaanyone here with ubuntu 10.4 and raid6 ? trying to do this - echo "clean" > /sys/block/md1/md/array_state , get a echo write error: Invalid argument00:33
bodwicklxLee mostly from practise, i can give you some links to nice www in priv00:34
cathoderayKittyBoots, what do you want to accomplish?00:34
bodwicklxLee you use intel syntax not at&t, yes?00:34
lxLeebodwick: yes00:34
BlaDe^cagordon:  the sasl folder is empty00:35
KittyBootscathoderay; I have a command that I want to execute on a directory to convert the files into a different format.00:35
cagordonBlaDe^ postfix? if not, I run out ofexperience quick... sri00:35
BlaDe^this looks important-ish too Sep  5 09:56:36 spooshi dovecot: auth(default): dovecot-auth: /lib/libresolv.so.2: version `GLIBC_2.9' not found (required by /usr/lib/libkrb5.so.300:36
cathoderayKittyBoots, i think I can help you00:36
cathoderaydo you anything about bash scripting?00:36
BlaDe^cagordon:  yeah /etc/postfix/sasl exists but there's no smtpd.conf there00:36
cathoderayKittyBoots, do you know anything about bash scripting?00:36
illmortal-.- so i found the 64bit .deb of fwcutter but apparently ill need internet access... not in the mood to carry a 40lb massive desktop up stairs just for connectivity00:37
KittyBootscathoderay; I know very little, but I have a friend with me who is more knowledgable about it than me.  He is suggesting it would be necessary to make a function.00:37
histoKittyBoots: you can do it with just the command00:38
histoKittyBoots: bash is very powerful.00:38
vibedigitalhi. How to send a specific log event by email on ubuntu 10.04  ?00:38
cathoderayKittyBoots, what format changing are you specifically talking about?00:38
histovibedigital: you need a mail server installed.00:38
KittyBootscathoderay; I am using ffmpeg to convert a directory of *.mov into *.avi00:39
walterj89_i hate touchscreens.... support for the older ones is jsut soo bad.00:40
walterj89_just on linux in general00:40
histoKittyBoots: you can use for i do etc.... blah blah blah00:40
cagordonBlaDe^ following the johnny.chadda.se article on mail-server-howto-? Good level of detail, helped me...00:40
KittyBootscathoderay; Here is the command: ffmpeg -i input.mov -vcodec libxvid -b 18000k -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 320k -deinterlace -s 1440x1080 output.avi00:40
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histolastlog BlaDe^00:41
aeon-ltdtouchscreens in general are terrible, its only in the last few years they got decent00:41
titiiHello ...Its possible to register .COM domain/s( free? I am using byehost.com hosting. Thnks for little iformation00:41
BlaDe^histo:  I don't think I was hacked, but I looked there already00:41
histo!ot > titii00:41
ubottutitii, please see my private message00:41
BlaDe^cagordon: nope, but a lot of services are playing up I don't think it's specifically a mail issue00:41
histoBlaDe^: no I was trying to lookup what you were talking about.00:41
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »00:42
boywonderillmrtal half way down that page is how to extract it usunf fwcutter,i didnt realise you had no internet,also i heard that its only in repository so kinda contradicting myself,sorry edbian! also if i was going to do this id get an internet connection going00:42
cagordonBlaDe^ got to get the ip-address thing settled down. Can't be trashing about looking for a dhcp lease...00:42
th0rKittyBoots: have you looked into winff for doing those conversions?00:42
edbianillmortal, The easiest way is to install fwcutter from the repos while the machine is connected to the internet.00:43
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illmortaledbian that's the problem... i don't have internet at all =X00:43
histoanon: stop00:43
BlaDe^I'll try to look into that now cagordon  :) thansk for yuor help so far btw - much appreciated00:44
illmortalubuntu should just implement the driver00:44
illmortalmake it native to ubuntu.00:44
gh0ztanyone know of a bug with dnsmasq binding to ALL interfaces even when specific listen addresses are set?  i can't get it to listen on one specific ip or tun000:44
KittyBootsth0r; no, please tell me about it.00:44
cagordonBlaDe^ np & lots of luck |patience :)00:44
th0rKittyBoots: it is just a gui front end for ffmpeg...it is available via the repos00:44
cathoderayKittyBoots, i don't think you need to create a function to do that00:44
edbianillmortal, :(  Then IDK00:44
cathoderayKittyBoots, however it could be more elegant to do so00:45
cathoderayKittyBoots, just a moment00:45
g0bl1nI need to decrypt a file (which I don't know what kind of encryption was used). What should I use, from repos ?00:45
vibedigitali ll try postfix then00:46
histog0bl1n: how do you know its encrypted?00:46
histog0bl1n: or why do you think its encrypted00:46
billyhi folks - just tried 'date | xclip' in a terminal and nothing is in clipboard - any clues?00:46
g0bl1nhisto, it is a quiz. I made part of the quiz to build the file, now need it to be uncrypted00:47
histog0bl1n: well what'd you use to encrypt it?00:47
jribbilly: how are you checking?00:47
KittyBootscathoderay, th0r; O yeah I have looked at this gui before, it is not as dynamic as I am looking for.00:47
g0bl1nhisto, no one knows how it was encrypted00:48
nelliecan anyone recommend a good agp video card for gaming with ubuntu 10.04 ?00:48
g0bl1nhisto, so we need bruteforce00:48
vibedigitalhow is the process to use postfix for send event log by email?00:48
KittyBootscathoderay, th0r; It does work though, just not able to tailor it to my desired command.00:48
billyjrib: using gedit - wanted the date & time00:48
g0bl1nhisto, any hint ?00:48
jribbilly: are you middle clicking?00:48
histog0bl1n: most likely if its even possible00:48
bonez2046why is it I can burn a new ubuntu cdrom.. install disc and it won't boot yet an old knoppix disc boots just fine?00:48
th0rKittyBoots: yeah...if you want total config control you really should look at a bash script like cathoderay was talking about00:48
g0bl1nhisto it seems it is relatively simple to crack it00:49
cathoderayKittyBoots: this code changes the filename extensions of the files... adapt it to run with your ffmep00:49
bonez2046is there some issue with the latest .iso from ubuntu.com?00:49
cathoderayfor f in *.MP3; do mv "$f" "`basename "$f" .MP3`.mp3"; done;00:49
jribbonez2046: define "latest"?00:49
ddilingerAnyone using the ubuntu and the virtualbox debian repositories?  I originally installed it over a year ago, was going to update to 3.2 but when i try and 'apt-get update' I am told: W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://download.virtualbox.org lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 54422A4B98AB5139 Oracle Corporation (Virt00:49
billyjrib: that's it - why doesnt the menu in gedit show clipboard content available?00:49
ddilingerI know i installed the signing key back when, and i tried to reinstall the signing key using the instructions on virtualbox website but that didn't help00:49
bonez2046jrib: one I just downloaded from ubuntu.com half hour ago.. and then burned using k3b..00:49
jribbilly: because there are two clipboards, see « man clipboard »/-selection00:50
jribbonez2046: There are dozens of isos....00:50
billyjrib: thanks00:50
jribbonez2046: anyway check the md5sum00:50
jrib!verify > bonez204600:50
ubottubonez2046, please see my private message00:50
bonez2046jrib: this is for the 32 bit..00:50
jribbonez2046: there are dozens of 32bit isos...00:50
histobonez2046: you need to do a hash check on your iso then.00:51
billyjrib: no manual entry for clipboard - oh well00:51
jribbilly: sorry.  I meant « man xclip »00:51
bonez2046I looked for the hash check for the md5sum but didn't see anything on the ubuntu.com site00:51
jrib!md5sums | bonez204600:51
ubottubonez2046: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.00:51
histobonez2046: its right by the download link00:51
histobonez2046: or atleast it used to be00:52
g0bl1ni've been trying to use cifer, but don't know how00:52
cathoderayKittyBoot, do you know how a "for" works?00:52
boywonderas far as i konw the md5 hashs for ununtu 10.4 are wrong anyway!00:54
jribboywonder: erm, why do you say that?00:54
phycholein ubuntu 10.04 i can get system>>adminstration>>login window00:54
cathoderayKittyBoot, if you want, pass me your gmail contact and i'm going to help you00:54
boywonderbecause i didnt get a match!00:54
phycholewhere i can get it?00:54
bonez2046histo: ok, I ran the md5sum on my .iso and it matches perfectly with the iso on the ubuntu hashes site..00:54
Satan911Installing Ubuntu 10.04 on my new laptop - On the comp I'm using right now I used a FAT 32 file system.. Now I'm wondering what's best between NTFS or ExFAT. Any suggestions?00:54
phycholeany body help me00:54
jribboywonder: then it's more likely that your download has an issue00:54
bonez2046that's my hash..00:54
walterj89_I wouldn't use fat...00:55
bonez2046still, the disc this .iso creates won't boot00:55
boywonderi downloaded it 3 times00:55
boywonderof seperate machines00:55
Satan911I think I'm gonna use NTFS..00:55
histobonez2046: then I would suspect media or burning speed00:55
Satan911Should be fine?00:55
walterj89_for ubuntu?00:55
jribbonez2046: how are you burning it?  And you need to checksum the burnt cd00:55
bonez2046histo: I put it at 4x for the speed, the slowest..00:55
boywonderi had to reduce the burn00:55
walterj89_no sue the default the ubuntu uses00:55
boywonderthere a disk check tool on install00:56
jribboywonder: you "burned as image" right?  You didn't just make it a data cd with the .iso on it?00:56
walterj89_Satan911 i would expect you would run into problems installing ubuntu on ntfs00:56
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histobonez2046: you need to perform a checksum on the burnt disk00:56
boywonderi burnt the iso00:56
histobonez2046: I believe ubottu provided instructions for that.00:56
Satan911Why's that walterj89_ ?00:56
jdawgHow do I delete a swap partition? I'm reinstalling ubuntu...says it's protected00:56
Satan911I've been looking and I can't find what's the "ideal" file system for Ubuntu00:57
bonez2046histo: I just compared to the checksum that k3b derives from the .iso when I open it there.. all the same identical sum00:57
walterj89_becvause Ubuntu I believe doesnt recongnize it by default because it owned my MS00:57
histojdawg: it must be used right now Or did you have home directory encryption?00:57
bonez2046histo: this machine I am trying to load on.. I think is intel.. would this be an issue if the machine I want to boot is instead an amd?00:57
histobonez2046: No the actual disk itself00:57
walterj89_I think ex3 or something like that is the default for Ubuntu00:57
histobonez2046: nope00:57
walterj89_I'm not an expert on it00:57
Satan911I'm formatting my partition and the only 2 options I have are NTFS and ExFAT00:57
jdawgHisto: i'm on live CD...no home dir encryption00:58
histobonez2046: hash the disk00:58
histojdawg: ahh maybe liive cd is using swap00:58
jdawgHisto: says it's unmounted00:58
tank_good evening everyone, anyone here know anything about tablets/tablet drivers00:58
walterj89_In ubuntu?  odd00:58
histojdawg: turn swap off then try00:58
bonez2046histo: how do I hash the disc?00:58
jdawghisto: how do i turn swap off00:58
histojdawg: swapoff00:58
walterj89_Those are the only options for Windows...00:58
bonez2046wiat.. I got it..00:58
MocArgh, all my text file is have the wrong caractere set in them now because of Ubuntu Terminal Charactere Set.  It show only Unicode - UTF-8... but UTF-8 = UTF8, and Unicode = UTF-16 !00:59
histojdawg: swapoff /dev/whatever00:59
jdawghisto: says i'm not a superuser00:59
jribMoc: erm... what?00:59
histobonez2046: and does it boot to a logo screen and seem to hang?00:59
tank_anyone, anyone at all know anything about tablets00:59
tru3fatecan anyone tell how to set compiz fusion , so my cube can be see thru.00:59
tank_jdawg: use sudo00:59
histojdawg: put sudo infront of the command you are using00:59
KittyBootscathoderay; What do you mean?01:00
Mocjrib: When I write Ééàêç... it actually send it in UTF-16 instead of UTF-8.01:00
bonez2046histo: no logoo screen, just boots straight through to windows01:00
jribMoc: ok.  That makes more sense.  What you first said was strange.01:00
cagordontank_ bamboo pen ctl460 PITA need to compile driver... but it does work eventually01:01
cathoderayKittyBoots, I have your solution01:01
Mocjrib: sorry.  So In the Gnome Terminal Charactere set, it set to Unicode/UTF-8 !01:01
jdawghisto: ok, i did that...same thing, didn't let me01:01
Mocso that kinda wrong01:01
histobonez2046: I would double check your bios then and set it to bootcd first01:01
jdawghisto: command worked, cant delete swap01:01
KittyBootscathoderay; What do you suggest?01:01
tank_cagordon: right now using a tablet on a thinkpad x41, it should work for that right?01:01
histojdawg: type mount    in a terminal see if its mounted01:01
walterj89_Satan911  NTFS will not work correctly with Ubuntu,  file permisions will be kind of screwed up I believe01:01
bonez2046histo the hash to disc is exactly the same too..01:02
tank_cagordon after all, its all wacom01:02
bahadunnanyone know why usb keyboard does not work in grub?01:02
histobonez2046: then boot sequence isn't hitting the cd.01:02
jribMoc: I figured that was based on your locale01:02
walterj89_Satan911 You have to boot from cd and reformat with whatever the default patition type is01:02
cathoderayKittyBoots, I could explain to you how to get there in a more convenient way...but if you want, we can go ahead from here01:02
Mocjrib: The terminal charactere set define what is sent01:02
walterj89_Satan911 if you are dualbooting with Windows you have to shrink the Windows partition probably01:03
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boywonderbonez2046, have you also made the partition?01:03
Satan911Yea I did that01:03
Satan911I shrinked the windows partition01:03
cathoderayKittyBoot, I was just suggesting to talk in gtalk01:03
Satan911But it's "unusable" at the moment01:03
KittyBootscathoderay; I do not have gtalk.01:03
jdawghisto: it's not mounted01:03
histoSatan911: ext401:03
cathoderayKittyBoots, msn?01:04
Satan911At the moment I just shrinked my Windows partition01:04
Satan911it's unallocated01:04
KittyBootscathoderay; perhaps I should become aquanted01:04
cagordontank_ well... launchpad has articles on building wacom drivers, pointers to fixing the udev rules, and tweaking xorg.conf.d dirs. took me abt a month elapsed to put it all together so I wouldn't call wacom a walk in the park. Of course, YMMV...01:04
Satan911But I can't seem to set it to ext4 from windows01:04
[Dead][Pixel]Hi guys, I downloaded 10.04 onto a DVD at low burn speed and want to install on my PC. right now it has a blank hard drive. I am able to boot to the disc, it shows me at the bottom of the screen a keyboard and a man in a circle, but then the screen goes black with blinking underscore at top left and does nothing else.01:04
KittyBootscathoderay; yes have msn and yahoo01:04
Satan911and when I launched the live CD it said the partition I created was unusable01:04
KittyBootsim on right now01:04
tank_cagordon: much appreciated. aught to be fun.01:04
bonez2046boywonder: made the partition? I haven't even gotten the disc to boot yet.. how can I then make the partition?01:05
cathoderayso, if you want, i'm there ->  raios dot catodicos at hotmail dot com01:05
boywonderuse gparted to sort the partition01:05
bonez2046histo: I put , in BIOS, the hard drive at very bottom, and cdrom at top.. with floppy drive.. in middle, still it won't boot the disc01:05
cagordontank_ shall I give you reference to article I found? Or google away? Your choice...01:05
histojdawg: no idea then.  Are you sure you're trying to delete a swap on the actuall hdd.01:05
jdawghisto: pastebin error01:06
jdawghisto: check my error...title is can't delete swap01:06
histobonez2046: take the hdd out of the sequence all together.  Also make sure you didn't just burn the iso file to the cd and there are actaull files there.01:06
boywonderbonez2046,  have you set the boot order?01:06
jdawghisto: yes i'm sure...hdd is the only one in sequence01:06
sinmanhave a quick question about the StartUp-Manager... when I start it why come it only shows 2 out 4 tabs and not all 4 tabs?01:06
jdawgoops, wrong reply,lol01:07
bonez2046boywonder: see above.. yes, the cdrom is at the top of the boot order01:07
bonez2046histo: there are actual files there01:08
histojdawg: I have no idea perhaps someone else can help. I can pull up your link at the moment.01:08
jdawgok, thx histo...01:08
histobonez2046: Do you have another cd you can boot from to check that  your system is functioning?01:08
histobonez2046: such as windows setup disk or other distro?01:08
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timewriterjdawg , use gparted01:09
bonez2046histo: I insert an OLD knoppix disc and boots up fine every time01:09
jdawgtimewriter: gparted doesn't take into account that 4.1 gb swap partition...can't see it there01:09
histobonez2046: I don't know thats just odd if the hashes match.01:09
jdawgtimewriter: did you see my post at pastebin?01:09
Sinister|Nationor do i need to open the StartUp-Manager as root to get all 4 tabs?01:09
timewriterplease retype the link01:10
boywondereven if the hashs are wrong it would still try to boot01:10
cathoderayKittyBoot, where are u from?01:10
timewriteri can see anything in gparted01:10
tank_cagordon: any references are appreciated, but for the most part, google is my homeboy01:11
bonez2046histo: yes, windows disc works, knoppix disc works.. all fine, just not these  newly burned discs.. which I can see fine on my ubuntu machine.. .. several foldlers and files including autorun.inf md5sum.txt README.diskdefines and wubi.exe01:11
bonez2046histo: there are these folders: casper, dists, install, isolinux, pics, pool, preseed, ubuntu01:11
timewriterthanks jdawg01:12
bonez2046histo: are those folders and files supposed to be on the disc I burned?01:12
timewriteris that a primary or a secondary hdd ?01:12
jdawgtimewriter: yw01:12
boywonderbonez2046,  im stumped? try formating01:12
cagordontank_ np; same here but here is ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1321238 article that helped me with wacom tablet. GL01:12
corywhat's up01:12
bonez2046boywonder: try formatting WHAT?01:12
=== cory is now known as Guest77
boywonderthe hdd01:12
boywonderoh you can boot life01:13
bonez2046boywonder: the disc, hdd on the machine where I want to install is already formatted and runs win xp pro.. I want to install ubuntu over that.. but what should I format?01:13
bonez2046histo: any other ideas?01:13
boywonderlive, said i was stumped01:13
timewriteranything lol01:13
tank_cagordon: live long n prosper dude, ty01:13
Guest77Does anyone know why ubuntu only recognizes 1 core of my i3 processor?01:13
jdawgtimewriter: any thoughts?01:13
timewriterbonez2046 , do you have additional free space on that hdd ?01:13
bonez2046timewriter: on the machine where I want to install?01:14
timewriterjdawg , can you afford to format the entire drive ?01:14
timewriterbonez2046 , yes01:14
jdawgtimewriter: yes01:14
bonez2046timewriter: I cant' get that machine to boot the drive or recognize it, how then would I copy the disc contents to that hdd?01:14
timewriterbonez2046 , do you want to dual boot with windows xp , or to erase windows xp and install ubuntu ?01:14
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boywonderbonez2046,  when i installed mine i used gparted first to crate the new partitiion by shrinking my xp01:14
KittyBootscathoderay; are you avaliable on the msn01:15
bonez2046timewriter: I want to just install ubuntu on the machine..01:15
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=== Guest95343 is now known as duffydfack
LinuxGuy2009Is there a fairly simple way to convert a game that comes as a .run into a deb package so I can manage it within a file manager?01:15
timewriterok , bonez2046 , set the 1st boot device in bios , to CD-DVD01:15
=== duffydfack is now known as duffydack
timewriter2nd to hdd01:15
timewriterreboot , insert the ubuntu cd01:15
bonez2046boywonder: how then can I use gparted.. though, if I can't get this disc to boot up?01:15
cathoderayKittyBoots, yes01:15
boywonderi recon your burn is bad bonez204601:15
bonez2046timewriter: I have done all that01:15
boywonderboot gparted01:15
timewriterand ubuntu doesnt want to boot from your cd ?01:16
bonez2046timewriter: right01:16
cathoderayKittyBoots: raios dot catodicos at hotmail dot com01:16
timewritermedia or hardware problems01:16
timewriteryou can create a bootable usb01:16
jdawgtimewriter: won't let me format using disk utility01:16
cathoderayKittyBoot, what yours?01:16
timewriterjdawg , thats because youre using the hdd right now ?01:16
timewriterjdawg , boot the ubuntu cd , then format it using gparted01:17
jdawgtimewriter: ok, it magically worked all of a sudden, but can't delete that 4g partition01:17
jdawgi am using the ubuntu cd now01:17
timewriterright click on it , swapoff01:17
KittyBootscathoderay; felixthemagiccat01:17
Guest77LinuxGuy2009: I believe you need to chmod +x adfjklasdf.run then ./asdfjklsdf.run01:17
timewriterbonez2046 , do you have another windows machine there ?01:18
bonez2046timewriter: I even removed the hard drive as an option at boot, and now I get the No Booto device available message01:18
jdawgtimewriter: i'01:18
jdawgtimewriter: i'm using live cd, will let me format, but not edit partition01:18
timewriterjdawg , impossible01:18
LinuxGuy2009Guest77: Yes I know how to install a .run file. If you do that it installs outside a package managers scope. I was wondering if its possible to convert the .run to a .deb so the package managers can see it and manage it.01:19
jdawgtimewriter: well it's happening01:19
cathoderayKittyBoots, you are offline here01:19
boywonderbonez2046,  but it boot xp ritE?01:19
KittyBootscathoderay, I am here and on msn01:19
timewriterbonez2046 , your CD/DVD-RW is properly detected in bios ?01:19
KittyBootscathoderay; I do not seem to be able to send you a message.01:19
jdawgtimewriter: keeps refusing to delete protected swap partition...even though i'm booted up with live cd and hdd is umounted01:20
lov255how do I find out which pwd Tcl is in?01:20
Guest77LinuxGuy2009:  Probably not, if you can find an rpm of the same install you can run "alien filename.rpm" to convert to a deb file01:20
cathoderayme neither...01:20
LinuxGuy2009Guest77: Yes I know that.01:21
timewriterright click on that key , right next to that 4.1 GB partition01:21
cathoderayi'm downloading another client..just a while01:21
timewriterand choose Swapoff01:21
timewriterthen delete it01:21
NoSl|Solvedhey i just installed 10.04 lts and it keeps freezing01:21
avnithow to download games on ubuntu01:21
timewriteravnit , you can use getdeb.net01:22
jdawgtimewriter: well if it's in gparted, i can not see that swap space....i right click on the swap area, nothing in disk util01:22
lov255how do I search for the tcl.h document on my system?  10.04301:22
NoSl|Solvedwhy does it keep freezing01:22
jrib!games | avnit01:22
ubottuavnit: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php01:22
timewriterjdawg , can you make a screenshot of what you see in gparted , and host it ?01:22
cathoderayanyone here plays open arena?01:22
jriblov255: why?01:22
jdawgyes, brb01:22
timewriterlov255 . find / -name tcl.h01:22
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NoSl|Solvedcathoderay:i recommend tremulous01:22
lov255jrib: because I am trying to confiugre a program that requires Tcl01:22
lov255thanks timewriter01:23
NoSl|SolvedI just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and it keeps freezing01:23
jriblov255: I'm trying to help you.  If you are vague, I can't do that.01:23
timewriteryou have to be root , lov25501:23
lov255jrib: I am trying to set up an eggdrop01:24
timewritereggdrops are evil01:24
jriblov255: great!  You don't need to compile eggdrop as it's in the repositories01:24
cathoderayNoSl|Solved, gonna take a look at tremulous01:24
lov255jrib: repositories under what name?01:24
jrib!info eggdrop | lov25501:24
ubottulov255: eggdrop (source: eggdrop): Advanced IRC Robot. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.6.19-1.2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 425 kB, installed size 1200 kB01:24
ldurosanybody has recommendation for good linux/ubuntu podcast?01:25
JohnSQWhat is the memory limit for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux?01:25
NoSl|SolvedHow to unfreeze ubuntu without rebooting01:25
cathoderayNoSl|Solved; is it free?01:25
lov255thanks :)01:25
lov255now what did someone say eggdrops are evil?01:25
lov255what = why01:25
edward_how do i remotely connect to ldap server and query it for information? using a username and password?01:25
timewriterhell is other robots01:25
boywonderNoSl|Solved,  have you looked in the logs?01:25
JohnSQWhat is the memory limit for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux?01:26
cathoderayKittyBoots, i can't see you online in msn01:26
NoSl|Solvedis there anyway to delete old opperating systems01:26
jribJohnSQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit#Memory01:26
jribNoSl|Solved: just format the partition they are on01:27
JohnSQThat much?  lol good lord01:27
timewriteraround 1 TB01:27
boywonderNoSl|Solved, reformat the hdd01:27
m0tangot a question01:27
sinman_how can I get grub to show the boot menu when i start the computer01:27
VerminatorUSB ports are all offline, lsusb hangs indefinaitly, cant kill lsusb, lsusb task is listed as uninteruptable, and waiting cjhannel  = down, any suggestions how to fix this w/o a reboot?01:27
edward_how do i remotely connect to ldap server and query it for information? using a username and password?01:28
timewriterVerminator , is that an old machine ?01:28
jdawgtimewriter: i have the images captured, how do i use them with pastebin?01:28
krabadori need a gui for svn01:28
NoSl|SolvedCan somebody tell me the command to reformat the hdd?01:29
=== NoSl|Solved is now known as NoS|Solved
timewriterjdawg , go imageshack.us01:29
jrib!gparted | NoS|Solved01:29
ubottuNoS|Solved: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:29
timewriterupload it and paste the link01:29
Verminatortimewriter, not too old, Acer Aspire T160, AMD 3400.01:29
m0tanI have an IDE drive hooked up via USB adapter, trying to mount it to format it and it wont let me mount it! any help appreciated01:29
timewriterthanks Verminator01:29
boywonderhehe pastebin nice!01:30
lov255okay stupid question I know01:30
lov255what chmod should my eggdrop be?01:30
jriblov255: you probably shouldn't need to chmod it01:30
jdawgtimewriter: img1 of 2   http://yfrog.com/mqjdawg1p01:31
timewriterthank you jdawg01:31
KarthHey, just ran a partial upgrade on ubuntu and now my monitor goes to standby when the GUI should load, anyone know why this would be01:31
timewriterjdawg , thats not Gparted01:31
lov255jrib config file is in my personal folder - so it dose not have public config01:31
jdawgtimewriter: img from gparted http://yfrog.com/n7jdawg2p01:31
timewriterthats Disk Utility01:31
VerminatorKarth, what do mean partial upgrade?01:32
timewriterjdawg , your hdd is EMPTY01:32
krabadori need a gui for svn01:32
cathoderayKittyBoots, create a new file01:32
jdawgtimewriter, i know...but it's not showing the 4gb that is showing in disk util01:32
KarthVerminator: ubuntu asked me to upgrade and I let it, it said it was a partial upgrade01:32
jdawgi've already deleted the other partitions, just not the swap, which i can't01:32
KittyBootscathoderay; I am on google now.01:32
KarthVerminator: some 1500 packages01:32
cathoderayKittyBoots, type in the first line:"#!/bin/bash" --without the quotes01:32
timewriterjdawg , go to the Device section01:33
timewriterand Create new partition table01:33
MysteryPigUbuntu 10.04 LTS keeps freezing on me! what can i do to fix01:33
boywonderthrow it in the bin!01:33
cathoderayKittyBoots, in the second one, type:"for f in *.mov"01:33
jdawgtimewriter: which partition table does it matter?01:33
timewriterms-dos , usually01:33
cathoderayKittyBoots, I'll put in the bin01:33
VerminatorKarth, I'm not an expert by any stretch, but have never heard of a partial upgrade.  I do know that in my reading and advice from others is not to upgrade via synaptic, but get the iso image and a do a fresh install of the new version01:34
edward_how do i remotely connect to ldap server and query it for information? using a username and password?01:34
MysteryPigubuntu keeps freezing01:34
=== roman is now known as Jrom
Karthah, well it is a synaptic upgrade, I just didn't want to use another disc01:34
jdawgtimewriter: i did that, but it only shows my hd 232gb....where is that 4gb swap, lol.01:34
jdawgshould be 236 gb.01:34
timewritervery weird01:34
MysteryPigubuntu keeps freezing and i dont know how to fix01:34
cathoderayKittyBoots, can you paste here again that line that you call ffmpeg?01:35
boywonderMysteryPig, thats alot of information to go on with!01:35
timewriterjdawg , if i were you , id grab a tool from seagate`s website01:35
timewriterand do a zero fill drive01:35
VerminatorKarth, if you have a seperate hd for /home, it <<should>> keep many of your customizations, but it does NOT work all the time due to bad choices of the programmers for the individual programs01:35
jdawgtimewriter: thanks....i will01:35
KarthVerminator: its a single hard drive01:35
KittyBootscathoderay; what do you mean "I'll put in the bin"?01:35
timewriterjdawg , no01:35
timewriterdownload ultimatebootCD01:35
VerminatorKarth, yes, but u can partition it into several logical drives.01:35
cathoderayKittyBoots, i'll give you an url with the code01:36
timewriterand burn it to a cd01:36
timewriterboot from it , and go to hard disk tools01:36
KittyBootsffmpeg -i $input -vcodec libxvid -b 18000k -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 320k -deinterlace -s 1440x1080 $output01:36
timewriteruse the seagate tool01:36
KarthVerminator: its not, its partitioned into a single partition01:36
jdawgthx again timewriter01:36
VerminatorKarth, for instance, you can have SDA 6 for /, and SDA 7 for /home01:36
timewriterno problem , i hope that would fix01:36
KittyBootscathoderay; ffmpeg -i $input -vcodec libxvid -b 18000k -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 320k -deinterlace -s 1440x1080 $output01:36
VerminatorKarth, w/ this setup, if u install a new os, u will loose all customizations and personal files, unless u back up first01:37
KarthVerminator: besides I had some customizations outside of /home01:37
lov255where would the eggdrop put the file eggdrop.conf into when I install form the respository?01:37
cathoderayKittyBoots, try this -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/488996/01:37
VerminatorKarth, for future 9installs, its very good to have at least 2 partitions, one for home and one for root01:38
VerminatorKarth, i know that does not solve your immediat problem, sorry01:38
KarthVerminator: I simply installed it like I do with windows, and I hasn't partitioned that since 0301:38
zcat[1]Verminator, good trick though, resize the old install just a little and do a fresh install, then mount the old partition eg as /oldinstall, rename /home and make a link 'ls -s /oldinstall/home /home'01:38
cathoderayKittyBoots, you have to change the line 3 with your directory of mov files and make this script runnable01:39
lov255I keep getting the error - pplease make sure you edit your config file completely - when I try to run this script and I have edited it01:39
KittyBootscathoderay; how do I switch from *.MOV to *.MTS as input?01:39
Karthanyhow, is there a way to correct my current install, I don't like to format01:39
lov255anyone know where the .conf file is stored for the eggdrop that I got from the respositry01:39
zcat[1]Verminator, how to turn a one-partition install into a / and /home install without any real effort ;)01:39
cathoderaychange the line 4, where you see *.mov change to *.mts01:40
Verminatorzcat[1], good trick, thx for the tip01:40
KittyBootscathoderay; Will the script promt me for the directory?01:40
cathoderayKittyBoots, no.01:40
cathoderayKittyBoots, what directory you want to read?01:40
zcat[1]It's a little ugly but a lot quicker than backing up and reinstalling if there's a lot of data (although you should already have backups too ;)01:40
m0tanHow do I get an IDE drive to mount over USB connection?01:41
KittyBootscathoderay; The directory always changes with new videos.01:41
m0tanif i do sudo fdisk -l it does not show up01:41
hellboy316dont know if possible with ide drives but you can use a usb case for sata drives01:41
Verminatorzcat[1], r u saying this would be the way to fix Karth's current probl;em?01:41
cathoderayKittyBoots, ok, you want to be prompted for the source directory of mts files or the destiny directories of converted files? or both?01:42
m0tanhellboy316, I'm using a IDE/SATA->USB converter01:42
Karthyeah I don't backup often, the only media I have to back up with is ZIP 100 disks and 3 1/4 discs01:42
hellboy316m0tan: I have seen external usb cases for sata ... i havent used it though01:43
Karthso its not that viable01:43
m0tanhellboy316,oh ok01:43
VerminatorKarth, so do u have a lot of customizations and dta?01:43
hellboy316are you not able to install the drive in the case properly01:43
Karthits not my pc, thats the primary reason for not formatting01:43
VerminatorKarth, oh ok, that explains some...thinking01:44
cathoderayKittyBoots, if you want to be prompted, use the "read" command01:44
cathoderayKittyBoots, take a look at here -> http://www.linuxconfig.org/Bash_scripting_Tutorial01:44
VerminatorKarth, just for future ref, the ubuntu upgrader has a bad reputation01:44
boywonderok i got a question, if i want to boot from grub do i need a u3 usb disk?01:45
VerminatorKarth, uusally best to install from new iso disk01:45
KarthVerminator: I just really don't want to have to start over every new version01:45
zcat[1]Karth, use the alternative cd and do an upgrade?01:46
VerminatorKarth, oh I agree, its a pain, and I've only done it once, but most articles i read have bad experience w/ the upgrade01:46
VerminatorKarth, its why i stick w/ the LTS versions01:46
zcat[1]I've had one or two upgrades go OK, but most go bad....01:46
KarthI see, what is the LTS version01:46
VerminatorKarth, Long Term Service release01:47
VerminatorKarth, they are releaseed 1/ 2 years01:47
avnithow to find the version of ubuntu01:47
VerminatorKarth, excuse me, once every 2 years01:47
zcat[1]avis, lsb_release -a01:47
[Dead][Pixel]Hi guys, I downloaded 10.04 onto a DVD at low burn speed and want to install on my PC. right now it has a blank hard drive. I am able to boot to the disc, it shows me at the bottom of the screen a keyboard and a man in a circle, but then the screen goes black with blinking underscore at top left and does nothing else. The DVD works fine on other computers.01:47
Karthstill rather often, the pc I'm on now hasn't needed a reinstall of any sort for 6 years now01:47
VerminatorKarth, do u have any of the live CDs to use?01:48
Karthjust a 9.1 live cd01:48
zcat[1]Karth, you could give debian a shot, it has a much longer releace cycle and I think a smoother upgrade path..01:48
Karthtakes like 20 mins to boot in though due to low RAM01:48
mxe5Hi - How do I run a file from the CD-Rom as administrator - When I try to run it - I get an error saying I need to run the file as administrator ? ?01:48
VerminatorKarth, sorry, but i think this one is over my head, very sorry.01:49
zcat[1]mxe5, sudo01:49
KarthI see, I'm not too experienced with linux in general01:49
boywondersudo -s01:49
boywonderthats root01:49
zcat[1]sudo name-of-script.sh01:49
Verminatormxe5, u could use a terminal, cd to the CDrom, and use sudo to run the command/file, etc01:49
jjk9___mxe5:  sudo01:49
zcat[1]or sudo -i / sudo -s to get a root shell and then run the script01:49
Karthso there's no way to correct it at this point?01:50
zcat[1]or alt-F2 gksu nautilus to open a browser window running as root, then brose to the cd and run (doubleclick) the script..01:50
mxe5Verminator: I tried to get to the path of the CD rom but got an error.01:50
VerminatorKarth, I'm sure there is a way, but I dont know it.01:50
VerminatorKarth, sorry01:51
Verminatormxe5, is the CD mounted?01:51
mxe5Verminator: In terminal I typed < cd /media/cdrom0 > and get an error01:52
Verminatormxe5, whats the error?01:52
KarthVerminator: well thanks anyhow, dissapointing though, while I'm here I do have a second issue which no visits here have been able to fix. My 9 pin Impact printer prints at 2 characters a minute on that system but 1 page a minute on xp01:52
mxe5Verminator: Yes it is01:52
bonez2046timewriter: I took the new disc and stuck it in a macbook and it read right up, access all the files.. but on this machine, the dell desktop.. this disc is not visible.. i can't get it to read on this machine..01:52
humphreybcWhere should I report a bug that affects "Monitor Preferences" aka gnome-display-manager01:52
timewriterbonez2046 , your cd/dvd-rom might be malfunctioning01:53
zcat[1]Karth, many ways. You could use the live CD to resize your main partition without doing a full install, make a filesystem in the new partition, move everything but /home over, then fix up /etc/fstab and grub to match the new layout. I've done similar in the past..01:53
=== daddoo is now known as Guest89041
mxe5Verminator: No such file or directory - is error I get.01:53
VerminatorKarth, ask the question in general, w/o addressing it to me, someone might no, I have little exp w/ printers, also try the forum #ubuntu-beginners01:53
bahadunnanyone know why a ps2 keyboard will not work with grub01:54
zcat[1]Karth, might be easier to use something like puppy or insert for your live CD, they'll have less overhead than ubuntu and still provide mostly the same tools01:54
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zcat[1]LOL, that was a fast kill01:55
kthomas_vhhe's back again01:56
bonez2046timewriter: yeah, then why does it CONSISTENTLY boot up win xp pro and other disc like my old KNOPPIX live cd.. every time? Here's one wrinkle. for this disc that works elsewhere. this is a writeable dvd, upon which I burned this ubuntu .iso.. would that fact, that it's not a writeable cdrom but dvdw disc cause this< event hough it's no problem elsewhere?01:57
Verminatormxe5 , "cd /media"01:58
__cool__kthomas_vh: the one whose name cannot be spoken?01:58
timewritercd - unit imcompatibility01:58
Verminatormxe5 , then "ls -l"01:58
timewriterwhy dont you create a bootable usb ?01:58
mxe5Verminator: ok01:58
kthomas_vh__cool__, yep01:58
Verminatormxe5 , do u see anything about a CDrom?01:58
chris_osxwhat is this Fuhrer Spam all about?01:59
Random832chris_osx: some jerk who's mad at some irc op01:59
__cool__or mad at homeland02:00
chris_osxRandom832: omg02:00
bahadunnthis is rediculous02:00
bahadunnnot even a ps2 keyboard works in grub to select an OS02:01
bahadunnusb keyboard ps2 keyboard nothing works02:01
joshritgerI am doing a minimal install and would like to know what package to install inorder to get my linksys wireless card for my laptop working, it works on a full install out of the box02:01
bahadunnand I added an option in /etc/default/grub for GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES="ohci uhci" and now ubuntu wont load02:02
killownwhat's the best filesystem for /home?02:02
bahadunnso grub is all the computer runs because no keyboard works02:02
Verminatorbahadunn, I have used both w/ no special effort02:02
bahadunnyou would think ubuntu would work these kinds of bugs out02:03
Verminatorbahadunn, u should set up a default entry to be loaded after a set time to avoid any grub issues u might have02:03
bahadunnVerminator: that is the way it was02:03
bahadunnVerminator: but now the time limit does not count down since I added the preload modules02:04
joshritgerwhat package installs wifi drivers in the default install of ubuntu as of 10.0402:05
Verminatorbahadunn, sorry man, i know some of these things are frustrating, u may need to use a live CD to get to the grub config files, or maybe try alt F2 to get to a command line interface.02:05
Karthanyhow what do you guys suggest as the best course of action considering its not my pc and some firefox saves passwords have been forgotten by the owner, it appears that the thing is just switching to a resolution higher than the old monitor can support02:05
boywonderthe defualt driversw wont work with broadcom!!02:06
bahadunnVerminator: I know but this computer is 2000 miles away02:06
bahadunnVerminator: it's my dad's so it's a little difficult to fix from here02:07
bahadunnVerminator: I have to get a computer friend to go visit him02:07
joshritgerthe default install works, I am just doing a minimal install and need to know what is installed be default02:07
VerminatorKarth, u could try booting into safe/recovery mode and editing the xorg.conf file.02:07
bahadunnI might just tell him to use windows and forget ubuntu02:07
bahadunnI am getting sick and tired of all these weird little quirks I get out of ubuntu02:07
bahadunnmakes me want to go back to debian02:07
Verminatorbahadunn, oh thats a bummer.02:08
Verminatorbahadunn, I too have been having issues w/ ubuntu, and am considering another distro, but would never return to windows02:08
joshritgerboywonder: I am trying to do a minimal install, the default install installs the proper driver, that is what I am looking for02:08
bahadunnVerminator: yeah but this is my dad02:09
Karthverminator well how does ubuntu load into safe mode? I tried esc while it was loading but it didn't do anything but print ^[ onto the screen02:09
bahadunnI have been using linux/freebsd for over 10 years now02:09
boywonderjoshritger,  i dunno!02:09
bahadunnI aint going to switch to windows02:09
bahadunnbut my dad might have a lot less problems out of windows then ubuntu02:09
VerminatorKarth, it should be an option in a menu at bootup, if not there is a key combo which I dont know off the top of my head, will look on net for u02:09
bahadunnunfortuately that is the case02:10
etherealiteHow can I remove text formatting from the clipboard (buffer whatever)?02:10
KarthVerminator well ty, there is no menu when it loads, just a blinking _02:10
Verminatorbahadunn, what were u originally trying to do to grub, did u revcently uograde or something?02:10
VerminatorKarth, bahadunn, brb and will try to help if i can, have to leave for a few minutes02:11
bahadunnVerminator: my dad got windows to dual boot.  So we backed up his home directory and installed windows and ubuntu in a dual boot02:11
NoS|Solvedubuntu keeps freezing02:11
NoS|Solved10.04 lts02:11
bahadunnVerminator: but grub never let us switch in the menu02:11
xanguaetherealite: install a clipboadr manager, try 'parcellite' or if you like indicators try then 'pastie'02:11
bahadunnthe keyboard just freezes02:11
NoS|Solvedit doesnt freeze when i run faisafe knome02:11
NoS|Solvedno mouse and keyboard02:11
NoS|Solvedboth freeze02:11
dlp211just setup dual monitors with seperate x sessions and now my mouse is stuck on the second monitor....how do i fix?02:12
etherealitexangua ok02:12
boywonderNoS|Solved,  have you tried doing system testing?02:12
chelzetherealite, xangua: i've been using glipper for a while and it's worked great02:13
etherealitewhich is the most configurable?02:14
dlp211just setup dual monitors with seperate x sessions and now my mouse is stuck on the second monitor....how do i fix?02:14
chelzetherealite: install a few and check them out, see which you like best02:16
[Dead][Pixel]Hi guys, I downloaded 10.04 onto a DVD at low burn speed and want to install on my PC. right now it has a blank hard drive. I am able to boot to the disc, it shows me at the bottom of the screen a keyboard and a man in a circle, but then the screen goes black with blinking underscore at top left and does nothing else. The DVD works fine on other computers.02:17
boywonderhow long do you wait02:18
[Dead][Pixel]10 minutes02:18
boywonderthats too long02:18
etherealitechelz do i have to logout to get glipper working?02:18
dlp211where is xorg.conf in 10.0402:18
boywonderburn onto cd02:18
chelz[Dead][Pixel]: you might have to use the alternate installer02:18
[Dead][Pixel]i can press F2 before the black screen, and it gives me language/boot options but no matter what option it does the same thing02:18
ChogyDandlp211: you don't need one02:19
dlp211i have dual monitors and need to edit it02:19
[Dead][Pixel]chelz: I am just wondering if this could be hardware or ubuntu02:19
chelzetherealite: if you right click on a panel you can go "Add to Panel". should be in there as "clipboard manager"02:19
chelz[Dead][Pixel]: if you can boot the disc on another computer you can select "verify integrity"02:19
ChogyDandlp211: then just make one with whatever you need.  xorg.conf is no longer needed, but you can make one to override the defaults02:19
dlp211ok so when i setup dual monitors and nvidia created an xorg.conf file for me where did it save it so i can edit it and fix my mouse being stuck on the second monitor02:20
chelzdlp211: "man xorg.conf"02:21
ChogyDandlp211: should be the standard spot, /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:21
chelzalso    sudo updatedb && locate xorg.conf02:22
=== __cool__ is now known as ^james_foo^
[Dead][Pixel]how to set live cd options to boot with "safe graphics" mode?02:28
[Dead][Pixel]my graphics card is geforce 7800gt and it is proprietary drivers02:28
gfiHi All, does anyone know how to *prevent* Pidgin from showing what music is currently playing in RhythmBox? TIA!02:30
xanguagfi: disable the plugin in rhythmbox02:31
gfiThanks xangua, The IM Status plugin in RhythmBox  is disable.. .I still see the music : (02:32
edbianNobody needs help?  Is everybody watching futurama like me?02:32
lov255how do I look up the chmod on files?02:33
edbianlov255, ls -l02:33
VerminatorKarth, bahadunn, this might be of help to u02:33
mccSo... I have this ubuntu, with a copy of apache. It works. I install "libapache2-mod-python". Suddenly, as soon as apache starts, it prints into error.log "child pid 19746 exit signal Segmentation fault" once a second02:33
mccAlso apache no longer works. I notice there are two different modules listed in aptitude, "libapache2-mod-python" (marked as "i") and "libapache2-mod-python2.6" (marked as "v")02:34
mccWhat does the i/v thing? is one an alternate version of the other?02:34
edbianmcc, You have a segmentation fault which means some program is trying to write into ram which it is not allowed to and crashing.  Either that or you have bad ram.02:34
edbianmcc, Try running an older version of one or the other (or both)02:35
mccedbian: well, apache segmentation faults if i enable mod python, and stops segmentation faulting if i disable it.02:35
edbianmcc, Well it could be apache or python.02:35
Verminatorbahadunn, also check the grub wiki, keep in mind ubuntu uses the new grub202:35
[Dead][Pixel]how can i boot from livecd in safe graphics mode with vesa drivers02:35
edbianmcc, or the module itself. (not really sure of the architecture there)02:35
=== WindPower_ is now known as WindPower
VerminatorUSB ports are all offline, lsusb hangs indefinaitly, cant kill lsusb, lsusb task is listed as uninteruptable, and waiting cjhannel = down, any suggestions how to fix this w/o a reboot?02:37
edbianVerminator, kill -9 lsusb02:37
Verminatoredbian, tried that and nothing, thx though02:38
thune3[Dead][Pixel]: hit ESC (or any button) at first screen (one with two icons). Hit F6. if xforcevesa is an option choose it. if not, hit ESC and add it to the grub line after "quiet splash"02:39
Verminatoredbian, I even tried w/ adding sudo and still a no go02:40
edbianVerminator, I don't think you can do anything besides reboot.02:41
area51pilotwhat is the channel for 10.10 support?02:41
Verminatoredbian, that stinks, any idea what caused this in the first place?02:41
Verminatoredbian, that stinks, any idea what caused this in the first place?02:42
edbianVerminator, No.  Faulty hardware?  I've never seen anything like that before.02:42
ev1Lshhi all02:42
edbianev1Lsh, Hi02:44
ev1LshHi   edbian02:44
mcci ran aptitude safe-upgrade and all my problems magically disappeared02:47
edbianmcc, Well that works too :)02:47
mccall my ubuntu-related problems, i mean02:47
edbianmcc, It probably upgraded to newer packages of apache or something02:47
mccso there you are i guess02:47
edbianmcc, Let me know if you figure a command that will solve ALL of your problems.02:47
mcci'll watch out for that02:48
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:49
[Dead][Pixel]thune3: yeah thanks bro i just figured that out after some searching, but that's exactly the solution02:49
pie_timei installed gnome network manager and my ethernet network connection is working but i dont see any icon in my panel. how do you fix that?02:50
edbianpie_time, Do you have a notification area in your panel??02:52
ssaxAnybody remember the screen that said "automatically setup separate /usr...blah" on Ubuntu Server 10.04 installation? Can anyone tell me what says exactly? I can't find it because I don't remember it and now I don't see it.02:55
pie_timeI have the network manager applet installed, but its not showing up in my 'Add to Panel' menu!!!02:57
edbianpie_time, the network manager applet is part of "notification area"02:57
jribssax: you mean in the install?02:57
edbianpie_time, If the network bit isn't showing up then there is a bug.02:57
pie_timeim trying to install gnome but am getting this:02:58
pie_time Depends: swfdec-mozilla but it is not going to be installed02:58
edbianpie_time, try this: sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop02:59
pie_timei already have ubuntu desktop i believe02:59
edbianpie_time, aptitude is better at resolving dependencies and ubuntu-desktop is the proper package.02:59
edbianpie_time, Then you have gnome as well.02:59
edbianpie_time, aptitude show ubuntu-desktop02:59
fission6can someone walk me through how to check my swap space and how to set it up to be ideal with my system. everything runs rather slow due to small memory and i am trying to improve speed if possible03:00
pie_timeedbian, wanna be my pal03:00
edbianpie_time, I'm your pal.03:00
edbianpie_time, why? :)03:01
edbianfission6, free -m    (shows your current ram / swap usage)03:01
edbianfission6, How much ram do you have?03:01
jrib!swap | fission603:01
ubottufission6: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info03:01
fission6edbian, http://dpaste.com/239338/03:02
fission6...not much03:02
pie_timeedbian, just looking for someone who knows a lot about ubuntu. but i'd probably end up being a nusance after a while03:02
mccokay, here is a problem.03:02
Tweakyits strange but my swap space has always been 0 used03:02
mcci have a .tgz here. i would like to extract it.03:02
jribmcc: right click -> extract03:03
edbianfission6, 1 Gb of swap, 512Mb of swap?  You might get  slight improvement out of 2Gb instead of 1Gb of swap.  But that's pretty much it.03:03
mccunfortunately the .tgz itself is, roughly, the size of the available space left on the device.03:03
^james_foo^fission6: i think the setup is fine. if you need more speed, get more ram03:03
fission6i can't03:03
mccso the tgz is about 180 MB (would be 200 uncompressed), but there's only 96 MB left on the disk.03:03
edbianpie_time, I like Ubuntu.  I'll be your bud.03:03
fission6well apparently i can only get another 1/2 gig03:03
mccIs there some way to uncompress a tgz while at the same time deleting it?03:04
edbianpie_time, Any questions picking your brain right now?03:04
jribfission6: do it, you'll notice the difference03:04
=== Kyng|UF is now known as kyngdom
fission6edbian, is there a way to really slim down my ubunut install03:04
robbwhy does grub have trouble with ext usb hdd's??03:04
pie_timeedbian, yeah i have a couple03:04
edbianfission6, It really isn't bad.  It's probably your processor that is the bigger bottle-neck.  Try a light weight DE like xfce or lxde03:04
edbianpie_time, Such as.... ?03:04
pie_timeedbian, can i pm you03:05
edbianpie_time, yep03:05
fission6how can i tell what DE i am using? i think i installed a light weight one but not sure which a few months ago03:05
edbianfission6, Umm, generally how it looks.03:05
fission6i have fluxboc i think03:05
edbianfission6, before you log in check the session of the DE you wanna start.03:06
[Dead][Pixel]if im in ubuntu on the live cd how can i view files on that drive?03:06
jribmcc: well you can uncompress in place with gunzip... not sure about untarring...03:06
kmtheinQuestion: how can I fix slow loading of Opera (probably due to ipV6 issue)?03:06
fission6let me see03:06
sacarlsonrobb:  you might be using grub legacy with ext4, I'm not sure that's supported.  you should be able to upgrade to grub2 that does support extX03:06
fission6i think its fluxbox, could that be right03:06
mcchm.. i tried gunzip and also got a "no space left on device"... so it looks like it's not exactly doing it in-place. although in-place sounds hard03:07
robbwouldn't the 10.04 installer use grub2?03:07
jribmcc: why don't you just do it on another machine?03:07
jribmcc: or put a usb stick in it or something03:07
mccjrib, the exact thing i'm trying to do here is transfer from another machine, and i don't have physical access (it's a xen host)03:07
mccanyway thanks03:07
sacarlsonrobb: if it's a fresh install it should.  but when I installed 10.04 from having ubuntu 8.04 some how it kept grub legacy03:08
jribmcc: I don't understand the issue.  Why would transferring involve untarring at all?03:08
ev1LshPls tll how to sync my iPhone with ubuntu03:08
mccjrib: in order to transfer the files from machine a to machine b, i tgz'd them on machine a and then ftpd them over to machine b03:08
robbyea i read about the upgrade path troubles, andputting grub 2 instead03:08
jribmcc: so why don't you not do it that way :P  Do you have ssh access?03:09
mcci do03:09
robbi've tried eeebuntu, ubuntu 10.04 desktop and netbook remix. via usb stick, network install. just get hgrub rescue prompt at reboot (if anything!)03:09
mcccan you scp entire directories or something?03:10
robbfrustrating, as all previous ubuntu experience have been quite positive03:10
jribmcc: scp -r, yeah03:10
jribmcc: though even if you couldn't for some reason you could achieve what you asked with a series of pipes03:10
jribmcc: just use "scp -r" though03:11
mccI guess I don't get what that would mean when i'm moving data across a network03:11
mccshort of using ncat or something03:11
mccanyway, scp -r03:11
mcci will look at that thanks03:11
sacarlsonrobb:  did you check the grub links? http://paste.ubuntu.com/489015/03:11
jribmcc: basically you'd have tar output to stdout, pipe to ssh then have tar read from stdin on the server03:12
edbianrobb, It's likely that your hdd is partitioned in an odd way and it's tricking Ubuntu.  All of those distros likely have identical installers03:12
DatzI'm tying to output part of a log from /var/log/ through php funtion shell_exec() but webserver user apparently doesn't have permission.03:13
Datzso can someone tell me if it is a bad idea to add webserver user to admin group?03:13
jribDatz: yes, terrible idea03:13
mccjrib: Yikes. Out of curiosity, what would I use to "read" ssh at the other end? This is something I've seen done with netcat but I didn't know you could do it with the ssh tools.03:13
Datzjrib: ok.. figures.. apache2 isn't secure :P But how to go about this then?03:13
edbianDatz, It would allow a potential hacker to make the webserver do something like "destroy the entire filesystem.03:13
robbedbian: i let the installer wipe the hdd each time :)03:14
Datzedbian: ok. I see.. bad idea.. glad I didn't do it03:14
robbi'll read that pastebin thing and try it out, looks similiar to what i tried earlier03:14
edbianrobb, odd03:14
edbianDatz, yep03:14
sacarlsonrobb: from the sound of it you may have you bios set to boot something other than /dev/sda.  if you do that you need to tell the install where you want the mbr to be.03:14
Datzedbian: did you see my original problem?03:14
jribmcc: something like this should work I think:  tar czvf - foo/ | ssh example.com 'tar xzvf -'03:15
edbianDatz, Yeah, make the file writeable for the server.03:15
robbyea, the advanced button on step 8. i tried dev/sda and dev/sda1, same results03:15
jribmcc: basically you can think of ssh letting you have the pipe go to another machine, but it would work the same as if you strung together two tar commands with no ssh involved03:15
sacarlsonrobb:  what does your bios boot from?  sdb1?  sdc2?  you should check it03:16
robbi have options for usb, usb drive, network, etc03:16
mccjrib: oh, that is interesting. thank you03:16
edbiansacarlson, That makes no sense.  the bios boots from the motherboard (itself), the bios then tells some partition to boot.03:16
jribmcc: but I would use scp03:16
Datzedbian: humm, just need it readable. I don't know if I can make fail2ban.log readable to www-data easily?03:16
robbi've tried every combination of devices and order, always same grub failure03:17
mobashercan anyone help me fix my login screen issue...i was playing with login screen on 9.04 and i messed up my login screen now i can't login03:17
Datzhumm.. probably need more info than that mobasher03:18
sacarlsonedbian: that's correct it boot SOME partition that is controled by settings that can be changed at bios setup.03:18
mobasherokay i think i turned on the xdmcp or something than i started getting no server are there for me to logon to..now i changed something in the gdm.conf and it tells me no servers were defined in the config file and xdmcp was disabled03:19
Datzthink edbian is gone?03:19
jribmobasher: if you could get rid of the "something"s, it would probably be easier to help03:19
* Datz goes about another method03:19
mobasherunfortunately i didn't make the backup of the gdm.conf otherwise i wouldn't have ended up in this issue03:20
mobasheris there anyway i can reset the configuration file to a default one or something ?03:20
robbcan login as different user to a shell?03:20
boywonderi hate it when that happens03:20
jribrobb: yes, use "su - USERNAME"03:20
mobasher<rob> the gdm screen login not the shell03:21
robbjrib: not me, for mobasher03:21
mobasherhow can i reinstall the gdm ...can someone guide me to that...is it apt-get install gdm or ??03:22
rd4sudo apt-get remove gdm && sudo apt-get install gdm03:22
jribmobasher: something like the following should do it...  apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" --reinstall install PACKAGE_THAT_THE_FILE_BELONGS_TO     (though I don't remember right now if you have to delete/move the file for it to restore it)03:22
mobasherjrib>> thanks mate let me try that out..03:22
jribmobasher: I'm leaning towards: yes, you need to remove/rename the existing gdm.conf for it to work (or see « man dpkg » for a better option)03:24
mobasherjrib>> i removed the gdm package and it was asking me to remove linux headers so i did03:26
mobasherjrib>> now i'm unable to resinstall them back on03:26
mobasherapt-get install gdm03:26
rockhopperwhat does it say mobasher03:26
mobashercould not resolve us.archive.ubuntu.com03:26
mobasherso there is no internet for it to download the packge i guess03:26
jribmobasher: I didn't say to remove any package03:27
rockhopperyep you have to have internet!!03:27
rockhopperyou shud've reinstalled or done that --force-confmiss03:27
mobasheri have the CD 9.04 can i resinstall from there ?03:28
mobasherlive cd03:28
jribmobasher: no you need alternate, though you could have gotten the gdm.conf from there...03:28
glickhwy whats the channal for ubuntu beta?03:28
glickim trying to find the repos for skype and google earth and all those goodies?03:28
jrib!10.10 | glick03:28
ubottuglick: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:28
mobasherjrib>> so i can't do anything with livecd03:29
catysebsebseb_, :P03:29
jribmobasher: nope, live cd doesn't act as a repository03:29
jrib!offline | mobasher03:29
ubottumobasher: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD03:29
pie_timecan anyone help me please? i installed network manager applet but its not appearing in my system tray03:30
mobasher<jrib>> i'm confuesed...that link doesn't work03:30
mobasherError not found03:30
xanguapie_time: alt+f2 > nm-applet > enter03:30
jribmobasher: use the other option03:31
jribmobasher: or just visit packages.ubuntu.com03:31
pie_timexangua, that doesnt do anything03:31
mobashercan anyone please guide me how to install GDM with Live CD03:32
xanguapie_time: right clic in panel> add> notification area03:32
pie_timexangua, already did that03:32
xanguapie_time: did you only install networkmanager¿03:33
lov255what is the command to look up pid and apps running?03:33
xangua'network-manager' pie_time03:33
pie_timexangua, what else do i need to install?03:33
dlilov255, ps aux03:33
rockhopperdoes anyone use a netbook?03:33
pie_time!ask | rockhopper03:33
ubotturockhopper: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:33
robbrockhopper: on one, thanks03:33
mobasherlov255 ps -ef03:33
uRockrockhopper: I do, what's up?03:33
bikcmpHi, this might be a bit off topic here, but are the ubuntu FloodBot's open source?03:33
rockhopperare you using UNR?03:34
robbi am03:34
xanguapie_time: network-manager-gnome if you....well, use gnome; network-manager-kde if.......03:34
rockhoppermy brightness key doesn't do anything!!03:34
bikcmpuRock: was that directed to me?03:34
uRockI used the ubuntu-desktop03:34
rockhopperdoes your brightness key work?03:34
robbgotta hold the Fn key, but yea03:34
robbup, down, and ext vga03:35
mxe5How do I open a folder on the desktop as an administrator ? ?03:35
uRockI have never been able to get any of the specialized keys to work(though I have never tried), but ubuntu docs has a page for netbooks that may be helpful.03:35
rockhopperwell, my Fn + *^ key doesn't work03:35
mccis there anything in the ubuntu packages that will do something like track network usage on a machine over time?03:35
uRockmxe5: in a terminal enter gksu nautilus03:36
DasEimcc: local or remote machine ?03:36
rockhoppernor does the Fn + *v03:36
rockhopperuRock, does your brightness key work?03:36
mccdasei: um, remote machine i have ssh access to.03:36
robbmine worked from beginning03:36
mcci have a monthly bandwidth cap and i would like to be able to easily check "how much up/down have i used this month?"03:37
uRockmcc, there is snort, wireshark, tcpdump and many other things, but they all require heavy reading to get them set up03:37
DasEimcc: run darkstat or nagios on the remote, acces as client03:37
rockhopperrobb, did you download any special package?03:37
mccwireshark sounds pretty heavyweight03:37
robbno, just what the NBR installed03:37
DasEidasei:if you user fowarded x , could also use etherape or showtraf03:37
mccone other thing-- there's this /proc/net/dev thing. what time period are the numbers in there over? since startup?03:37
uRockrockhopper: don't have one03:37
robbhave done all updates tho03:37
tru3fatehow do i get my keyboard functions to work03:37
mccanyway i'll check those out thanks03:37
mobashercan anyone help me install gdm please :)03:38
rockhopperi get this error in dmesg when i press that key03:38
rockhopper[ 1769.200312] atkbd.c: Unknown key released (translated set 2, code 0xb9 on isa0060/serio0).03:38
rockhopper[ 1769.200321] atkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e039 <keycode>' to make it known.03:38
DasEimobasher: jour jaunty not working no more ?03:38
DasEimobasher: can you log in on terminal ?03:38
mobasherDasEi no sir...need to reinstall gdm i removed the package and now i don't have a connection to the internet..i have a live CD03:39
uRockrockhopper: is it an EeeeeePC?03:39
mobasheri'm at the root right now using recovery mode03:39
rockhopperits a lenovo s10--303:39
robbmine's a compaq mini 11003:39
rockhopperi can control the brightness from terminal by set_pci something03:39
uRockthis may still help with the Lenovo /msg NickServ identify03:39
uRockthis may still help with the Lenovo https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC03:40
tensorpuddingit's an ACPI error think I believe03:40
DasEimobasher: just because of gdm missing, won't drop your network, how do you connect (the internal), by dhcp via a router ?03:40
uRockit is better when the clipboard reads my mind03:40
mobasherDasEi >> i'm using the ndiswrapper the card is not supported now no more interent03:40
rockhopperthank your clipboard, it didn't read your pw03:40
mxe5uRock: Thanks much that should do it... Appreciate the helping hand...03:41
mobasherDasEi >> anyway i can get them from the Livd CD03:41
DasEimobasher: ic, so we got to chroot in, but I'm no good at wireless, ok, your part then , so..03:41
DasEimobasher: one hardrive only ?03:42
mobasheri got like 3 of them and 1 cd drive03:42
DasEimobasher: pastebinit sudo fdisk -l03:42
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:42
mobasheri'm on laptop i got 3 drives...what u need from fdisk ?03:42
pie_timexangua, its still not working03:43
DasEimobasher: please nick me, so message gets highlighted, we need correct partitions to mount on live03:43
mobasherDasEi>> sorry my bad03:43
mobasherDasEi> yea i can get the live cd mounted03:44
xanguapie_time: was network-manager-gnome installed or did you have to¿03:44
pie_timexangua, it was already installed03:44
DasEimobasher: you're currently not speaking fromm the live-cd ?03:44
xanguapie_time: no idea03:45
mobasherDasEi> no no i'm work laptop right now03:45
DasEimobasher: and the broken on is another machine ?03:46
mobasherDasEi> yea i'm at root on that machine cdrom is mounted now...i have acess to it03:46
DasEimobasher: I don't understand still.. you are on another hd (ubuntu) with the gdm-missing drive on the same laptop ?03:47
HabsIs there any way to force native games or applications to run in a window if they have no way to do so in the settings or configuration files of that game?03:47
mobasherDasEi> okay no no..my desktop is broken...where gdm is missing...i'm on laptop getting help from you :)03:48
mobasherDasEi> i got in the filesystem using the recovery mode and now i'm at root on that machine where i mounted the Live cd03:48
DasEimobasher: ah ok, so need to chroot in from live cd then, so your main problem is getting internet working now03:49
DasEiso no need*03:49
lluawhen using openbox some apps doesn't use the gtk+ theme is there a way to force the app to use it?03:49
DasEimobasher: no way for wired network ?03:50
HabsLike, for example in Windows I know you can do this: http://compsimgames.about.com/cs/firsttimehere/ht/gamewindowed.htm Is there an equivalent in Ubuntu?03:50
mobasherDasEi> nope the wires are in the basement and i'm on the 3rd floor :(03:50
mobasherDasEi> this ndiswrapper thing is killing me not sure how to get that to work with this03:50
DasEimobasher: as said, I'm no good at wireless, which chip is it ? or maybe a wire from lappi to desktop (patchcable is needed, unless gigabitnics or switch handy) ?03:52
[Dead][Pixel]if i have a 2tb hard drive and boot to it using LIVE CD, and i put external hard drives on the computer to xfer files to the 2tb drive, how do i do that? I don't see a location anywhere with all my other files on the drive... where is it?03:52
red2kicmobasher: I'm on 3rd floor and the router is in the basement! Just buy long cable wires. :)03:52
ssaxSorry, I missed the first guy. Anybody remember the screen that said "automatically setup separate /usr...blah" on Ubuntu Server 10.04 installation? Can anyone tell me what says exactly? I can't find it because I don't remember it and now I don't see it.03:52
red2kicmobasher: And a switch for every floor. :)03:52
mobasherDasEi> it's a maravell driver03:52
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: sudo fdisk -l shows external ?03:52
mobasherred2kic>> righttttttttt...i should move everyone else from the house cuz the PC needs to work :)03:53
DasEimobasher: can't help there really, basics :03:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:53
spazzyI have just installed ubuntu 10.04 on a old pc.  It has a Nvidia AGP geforce 5500 graphics card.  I could only get it to run from the live cd with the nomodeset xforcevesa options.  After installing the cursor would flash on a black screen.  I edited the GRUB menu with nomodeset xforcevesa and now I can get to cli but I can't get into the x server.  xinit brings up a small window that looks...03:54
spazzy...like a console but it is unresponsive.  Any suggestions on how to get the X.org window(GUI) environment working?03:54
mobasherDasEi> can't i move the packages from the livecd and use them somehow ?03:54
DasEimobasher: another solution is hang the deskbox to your lappi03:54
DasEimobasher: prbly, but I'm the wrong guy to ask03:55
Viking667quick question - how would I generate a sine wave from the commandline using the gstreamer tools? Some of the examples in the gst-launch manpage aren't working for me, telling me: Error constructing pipeline: no such element 'sinesrc'03:55
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Viking667For what it's worth, I can't seem to use the "spider" element for the same reason03:55
mobasherDasEi> no worries bro..i think i'm gong to reinstall the stupid thing...what else can i do ..no much there is to do :) thanks for the info though...i should have just renamed the gdm.conf file to begin with instead of removing gdm03:56
DasEimobasher: might be easier to boot desk by live cd, chroot in and try network conectivity, then install03:56
=== lov25555 is now known as lov2555
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: no, it's not the issue, my internet 2tb drive is what i use to boot the live cd to, and there is data on that drive, how do i find it?03:56
mobasherDasEi> naaa it's not going to work i know this old school pc....no worries i just have to reinstall weblogic on it again that's all.03:56
mobasherDasEi> which i was trying to avoid as much as i can :)03:57
trakinas[Dead][Pixel]: have you mounted your drives?03:57
DasEimobasher: so ask again with exact chipset/model of the wireless nic (hwinfo will show) and for someone enabling it from cmd-line03:58
trakinas[Dead][Pixel]: if you go to Places > Computer you will probably see all your drives/partitions03:58
mobasherDasEi> learning more and more everyday with this system...3rd month now..must have been my 9th install playing with different things :)03:58
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: you found your desired parti's in fdisk ? name ?03:58
[Dead][Pixel]trakinas: i do not see it there,03:58
mobasherDasEi> don't worry about it...gime like 10 mins it should be backup again i'll tell u chipset it doesn't work with ubuntu system..it's not supported..its wirelss card on p5ad2 asus board03:59
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: no, how would i do that in terminal03:59
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: sudo fdisk -l03:59
DasEi-l = lower L03:59
HabsWhat is the policy here for "bumping" up questions that haven't been responded to/answered yet? Should we just accept the fact that nobody knows it, or are we allowed to bring it back up only after a certain amount of time, etc? (And yes, maybe this is some sort of cheesy way to bring back up my question :P)04:00
DasEiHabs:bring some patience, use forumsearch04:00
DasEi!patience > Habs04:00
ubottuHabs, please see my private message04:00
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: i can't find it, it's a 2tb drive, it's the only internal one that i booted to the livecd from04:00
trakinas[Dead][Pixel]: pastebin what fdisk -l shows04:01
[Dead][Pixel]trakinas: i can't, the computer is next to me with no net04:01
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: did you boot live cd or did you use live cd to boot to a hd ? how many drives are connected ?04:01
[Dead][Pixel]trakinas: but the drives it shows, are external drives no larger than 250gb04:01
glickhey can anyone else verify if google repos are down?04:02
trakinasI see.04:02
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: i boot live cd, 4 drives connected, 2tb, 200gb, 200gb, 250gb04:02
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: i can not find 2tb drive, it's set as main drive on bios04:02
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: so prbly fdisk -l shows a long list of partitons..04:02
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: yes but none with over 250gb04:03
trakinas[Dead][Pixel]: try df -h and see what it outputs04:03
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: :)04:03
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: it says it is sdb, but it also says "disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table04:04
timotheusI am running Ubuntu Server 10.04 with desktop environments installed to server NX sessions. How can I remove 'Shutdown', 'Restart', 'Suspend', 'Hibernate' from the UI environments and command-line for all users?04:04
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: which fs shall it be ? what' s the os you're talking from now ?04:05
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: im on my laptop using ubuntu04:05
mobashertimotheus>> i believe that has to do with user groups permissions if i'm not wrong04:05
brandon420can anyone explain how to get the music status's on xchat?04:05
trakinas[Dead][Pixel]: is it ntfs?04:05
[Dead][Pixel]trakinas: i have no idea, it was just an external, i put it in as master, it was factory formatted, but it has data on it04:06
trakinas[Dead][Pixel]: I see.04:06
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: which filesystem shall sdb5 be ?04:06
DasEiah ^04:06
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: prbly unformated then04:07
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: yeah it doesn't say, it says there is no partition table, so no info is loaded other than the drive04:07
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: so will have to do that first04:07
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: well if it was unformatted, how come i can hook it up to this laptop with ubuntu via USB (external) and it works04:07
trakinasI have to go now.04:07
trakinascheers all!04:07
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: i don't want to format, it has data on it :p04:07
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: so hang up again to laptop and check what's up with it04:08
brandon420does anyone know how to get "now playing" option on xchat?04:08
DasEibrandon420: it's a plugin04:08
brandon420DasEi, can you be more specific?04:08
timotheusbrandon420: some web pages from 2008 and older say to remove shutdown permission from gdm.conf in /etc/ ; but that file does not exist with the new GDM. In fact, the new GDM configuration is not strait forward.04:09
DasEibrandon420: sudo apt-get install pidgin*, then can choose it from pluginview (amongst many others)04:09
brandon420for irc though?04:09
* red2kic is now playing "Spamming the channels"04:09
bsmith093if i have an avi file that should be one but is actually two files can i just join them together with something like lxsplit? will that work to play the complete file?04:09
brandon420and thanks timotheus,think you got the wrong person though.04:09
brandon420ill brb04:10
Starcraftmazterhey guys04:10
StarcraftmazterI've just hooked up 2 monitors with an ati/amd 587004:11
Starcraftmaztercan someone give me guidence on how i can get 1 monitor to equal one workspace?04:11
bsmith093so anyway joining avi file will that work or is there something else i have to do to ensure the whole file will be played04:11
Steve132So, I'm in dire need of a new laptop04:12
red2kicbsmith093: Why don't you play one file? Then play second file? Sometimes it is the simplest approach. :)04:12
Steve132and for the first time in my life I have the money to get something nice04:12
DasEi!dualhead | Starcraftmazter04:12
ubottuStarcraftmazter: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama04:12
Loshkibsmith093: you want avimerge to join the files....04:12
bsmith093k then i suppose thats fine04:12
bsmith093how long will it take04:12
Steve132My job is a graphics reseacher and programmer at a university04:13
sacarlson[Dead][Pixel]: I'm sure you looked at it with gparted?  seems what I read above you have a new 2tb disk with nothing of value on it just factory stuf.  sounds like you should just partition and format it and copy your files to it.  am I wrong?04:13
Steve132So I really want my new laptop to support DirectX11, or more specifically, OpenGL4.   In the past, I've been really loyal to nvidia, mostly because of their superior linux driver support04:13
red2kicbsmith093: I googled. Example: mencoder -ovc lavc start.avi end.avi -o complete.avi04:13
mikeruI have a 64-bit system. I only have 2GB of RAM though. Do I still get a speed boost for using the amd64 version, or does that only happen when you have more than 4GB of RAM?04:13
thune3ls -lrt04:14
Steve132mikeru: You should get a boost04:14
tensorpuddingthere isn't really a speed boost associated with 64-bit, that I know of04:14
xanguamikeru: better use 32bit with !pae kernel04:14
bsmith093red2kic: i found avi merge going to try that seems perfect04:14
[Dead][Pixel]sacarlson: DasEi i just hooked it up to this laptop it says NTFS, and there is a partition table...04:14
mikerutensorpudding, AFAIK the speed boost is that you can access more than 4GB of RAM natively with no PAE mumbo jumbo04:14
xanguawell if only 2gb !pae is not necesary04:14
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: which live cd you use ? older one ?04:15
IzinucsI'm trying to use Brassero to create an iso of a cd.. it wants to create a .toc .. how do I get it to create an .iso?04:15
tensorpuddingthat's not really a speed boost04:15
mikerutensorpudding, I heard PAE is slower than native access04:15
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: or size of drive maybe not supported by other bios ?04:15
sacarlson[Dead][Pixel]: so did a friend give it to you with files you want to copy from it or do you want to put files on it?04:15
mikerutensorpudding, and 64-bit arithmetic stuff04:15
tensorpuddingprobably true04:15
Steve132tensorpudding: I don't know if the benchmarks bear it out, but a 64-bit cpu using 32-bit instructions, especially when most of the x86 packages are compiled for a 386 or 58604:15
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: live cd 10.0404:15
StarcraftmazterDasEi: is it not possible to do on gnome then?04:15
mobasherDasEi> yipie back in action hehehe :)04:15
[Dead][Pixel]sacarlson: bios recognizes drive04:15
tensorpudding64-bit addressing should actually increase ram usage I think04:15
Steve132would theoretically be significantly slower than native 64-bit04:16
mikerutensorpudding, It does.04:16
DasEiStarcraftmazter: it is04:16
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: sacarlson the drive was external originally, perhaps it's the controller card?04:16
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gryllidaI'm on Hardy, trying to compile something, get message `This script requires a shell more modern than all the shells that I found on your system. Please install a modern shell, or manually run the script under such a shell if you do have one.'. What can I do?04:16
xanguagryllida: update your system¿04:16
tensorpuddinggryllida: what shell is this04:17
=== lov255 is now known as lov255u
Steve132Uh, anyway, what I wanted to ask was "Does ATIs linux support still suck?  Anyone run OpenGL apps under ati drivers?"04:17
=== lov2555 is now known as lov255
tensorpuddingit probably means that your version of bash or ash is so old that the shell scripts are incompatible04:17
Izinucsnvm.. I got it.. properties change to iso... doh! . you'd figure that would be the default for brassero04:17
gryllidatensorpudding: define `what shell' question, I do not understand04:17
sacarlson[Dead][Pixel]: I don't think it's a controller problem.  did you try auto mount it by going to Places>Computer and click on the device to auto mount it?04:17
gryllidaxangua: how?04:17
xanguagryllida: run update manager and upate to lucid04:18
gryllidaxangua: I have cli access only04:18
gryllidano gui04:18
tensorpuddinggryllida: what shell is it trying to use to compile whatever it is you're installing04:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade04:18
DontKnow17898ubottu has been kicked automaticly by  -No_One ScripT-04:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:18
DasEi[Dead][Pixel]: I don't think so, but look up the type in gpated, next to size could be a table problem04:18
prince_jammysgryllida: Hardy has bash 3.X, which is a pretty modern shell. That installer has a problem.04:18
[Dead][Pixel]sacarlson: i plug the drive externally into the computer and boot into ubuntu livecd and it shows up fine, so i don't know why it won't work internally04:18
gryllidaxangua: you mean ungrade to 10.04?04:18
[Dead][Pixel]DasEi: see aboe^04:18
xanguagryllida: yes04:18
Loshkigryllida: I afree with prince_jammys. So what is it that you are trying to compile?04:18
gryllidaLoshki: bopm04:19
mikerugryllida, sudo do-release-upgrade04:19
mikeruwhat the shell.04:19
tensorpuddinggryllida: what software is this you're trying to compile04:19
Datzhi, I'm tring to edit something with emacs, but I can't edit the file. It says it is locked.04:19
Datzhow can I unlock the file?04:19
tensorpuddinggryllida: you should check the requirements of this software to see what it means04:19
mobasher<Datz> what kind of file...try sudo it04:20
DasEiDatz: own it to you or least give write access04:20
Steve132mikeru: Regarding the link you posted, it seems mostly talking about proprietary software, for which most of it is compiled in 386 mode so it won't get the benefit...but if you get 64-bit ubuntu, ALL of your code can use wider data paths, more registers, and the full x86_64 architecture, including sse3 and all that04:20
spazzyI have just installed ubuntu 10.04 on a old pc.  It has a Nvidia AGP geforce 5500 graphics card.  I could only get it to run from the live cd with the nomodeset xforcevesa options.  After installing the cursor would flash on a black screen.  I edited the GRUB menu with nomodeset xforcevesa and now I can get to cli but I can't get into the x server.  xinit brings up a small window that looks...04:20
spazzy...like a console but it is unresponsive.  Any suggestions on how to get the X.org window(GUI) environment working?04:20
Datzmobasher: I've actually tried that as well, with no success.04:20
Steve132mikeru: Unless you have some compelling reason to get the 32-bit version (driver issue or proprietary software that's 32 only) then I strongly reccomend 64-bit04:21
mobasheras DasEi said try to own and then and try it04:21
Loshkigryllida: Upgrading is a last resort, IMO. Is it bopm-3.1.3.tar.gz, or a cvs version...04:21
mikeruSteve132, but doesn't it use more memory?04:21
Izinucsspazzy: do a full upgrade now.. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade .. when done sudo service gdm start04:21
DatzDasEi: I was just editing it recently04:21
DatzI created the file04:21
Steve132maybe, but its probably miniscule04:21
Steve132the memory usage will be in pointer variables04:21
mikeruLoshki, lucid is LTS and should be much better supported04:21
gryllidado-release-upgrade as root says   File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/UpdateManager/Core/MetaRelease.py", line 92, in __init__04:22
gryllida    t=thread.start_new_thread(self.download, ())04:22
mobasher<Datz> try sudo vi <name of file>04:22
gryllidathread.error: can't start new thread04:22
Steve132but most reasonably well-designed programs don't have huge blocks of memory that is only pointers04:22
Datzmobasher: humm, ok..04:22
DasEiDatz: sudo emacs, try again, no success ? ls -a someFile tells you more04:22
mikerugryllida: WEIRD. (and nextime use pastebin.ubuntu.com)04:22
prince_jammysgryllida: it's extremely unlikely that that installer requires bash newer than hardy's.04:22
Datzguess I'll have to try04:22
prince_jammysno matter what the error message says04:22
gryllidaLoshki, yes, 3.1.304:22
Loshkimikeru: it should, but it isn't. It's not particularly better than 8.04, and sometimes worse....04:22
Loshkigryllida: let me try it on my hardy system...04:23
DatzDasEi, mobasher: while I was gone I noticed this in the terminal: [1]+  Stopped                 emacs contact.php04:23
mobasherDasEi> new system is quite fast now :) now going to load the weblogic :)04:23
mikeruwait, gryllida is on 8.04??? that's OLDDD04:23
tensorpudding8.04 is the previous LTS release04:23
prince_jammysit's not *that* old.04:23
tensorpuddingso it's not that odd04:23
gryllidamikeru: ya. and as I said, the upgraade cmd you gave me doesn't succeed.04:24
mobasher<Datz> you have a lock on the file of yourself...try ps -ef | grep emacs04:24
mikerugryllida: I don't know then :(04:24
tensorpuddingthere should be instructions for upgrading from LTS to LTS04:24
Datzthanks mobasher04:24
mikeruold to me. but whatever04:24
mikeru: )04:24
tensorpuddinggryllida: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Hardy04:24
DasEitensorpudding: there is , just call update-manager04:25
Datzmobasher: datz     12988 27037  0 21:31 pts/0    00:00:00 emacs contact.php04:25
gryllidawill the upgrade save my user files ?04:25
Datzmobasher: I should kill that process?04:25
tensorpuddinggryllida: yes04:25
mobasherDatz> you can kill the process >>BUT that will leave all changes as is and kill it...maybe it may not save some of the work you ahve done04:25
Loshkigryllida: upgrading is a huge sledgehammer for this small nut. You'll be months recovering from the upgrade. Just want you to know what you might be letting yourself in for. Have you tried these directions: http://wiki.swiftirc.net/index.php?title=Installing_and_Configuring_BOPM_on_Linux04:26
Datzok, thanks mobasher04:26
mobasherDatz> np good luck :)04:26
gryllidaLoshki: of course. ./configure gives the old shell error.04:26
Loshkigryllida: I can't download bopm-3.1.3.tar.gz right now, site seems to be down :-(04:27
tensorpuddinggryllida: there is a bopm package in hardy by the way04:27
DasEigryllida: just a shot in the dark : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install build-essential && sudo apt-get -f missing     ?04:28
mikeruhey, my magic mouse stopped working in ubuntu :(04:28
Loshkitensorpudding: well spotted...!04:28
gryllidaaptitude safe upgraade cmd says FATAL -> Failed to fork.04:28
tensorpuddinggryllida: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/bopm04:28
tensorpuddingyou don't need to upgrade04:28
gryllidait's packaged04:28
DasEi!info bopm04:28
ubottubopm (source: bopm): Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.3-2 (lucid), package size 108 kB, installed size 292 kB04:28
mobashergryllida>> u're lucky it didn't replace that o with a u in fork there :)04:28
tensorpuddingit's only a minor version behind the one in lucid besides04:28
gryllidamobasher: er I don't understaand last line04:29
mobashergryllida>> no worries :) just a stupid joke :)04:29
Loshkigryllida: And anyway, don't upgrade just on a whim and just because someone in here tells you to. At the very least, you need a full backup before you attempt an upgrade...04:30
mobasherDasEi> how long have u been in the linux world ?04:30
Datzmobasher: well I can't kill the process for some reason04:30
nsGrifCan anyone help me with a problem in 10.10?04:31
DasEimobasher: about 4 years, different shapes though, but's that's ot04:31
DatzI try kill pid, sudo kill pid.. top -p pid .. .still there04:31
mobasherDatz>> do a kill -9 <process>04:31
tensorpuddingDatz: what state is the process in04:31
Datzmobasher: thanks04:31
Datztensorpudding: not sure.. but let me try the -9 option.. whatever that is04:32
Datzmobasher: by <process> that is ID number?04:32
javatexanmoin all04:32
prince_jammysDatz: yes, PID.04:32
mobasherpaste the ps -ef | grep emacs04:33
mobasherDatz> paste the ps -ef | grep emacs04:33
tensorpuddingdon't kill -9 without care04:33
javatexanI put on 10.10 beta....how to add sun jdk, jre, etc?  seems to be different than 10.0404:33
zeleftikami have a 10.04 install on a machine with very limited disk space. is there something obvious in the install that i can harmlessly delete to free up lots of space? i took off openoffice and the media player and stuff like that i could find. any ideas on slimming down?04:33
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:33
tensorpudding-9 means send SIGKILL instead of SIGTERM; it's kinda sorta like Force Quit in Windows.04:33
nsGrifThe 10.10 beta isnt installing for me.04:33
robbhouldn't there be 3?04:33
robbdoing the installer again... i see in disk utility there is only 2 partitions on the ext drive,04:33
LoshkinsGrif: javatexan: please use #ubuntu+1 for 10.10 issues04:34
mobasherDasEi> not bad...i have been in and out of the ubuntu world 3 years then kept going to windows back again...on the solaris system at work but you dont get to play with production environment too much :)04:34
Datzok, the process doesn't appear, but I still can't edit the file with emacs.04:34
DatzI love it04:34
mobasher<Dataz>> worked ?04:34
DasEiDatz: what a file is it ? just a project file ? a systemfile ?04:35
mobasherDatz>> dude use vi ...more powerfull ;)04:35
tensorpuddingyou can try using lsof to see if it is open somewhere04:35
prince_jammystell us the error message.04:36
Steve132so, does anyone have any experience with ATI under linux?  Does it still suck?  Can you run OpenGL well?04:36
tensorpuddingthere's probably a file that is created when emacs locks a file from being edited, and just killing emacs didn't remove that lockfile04:36
Datzmobasher: but the I have to learn vi04:36
tensorpuddingpossibly in /var/lock04:36
DatzDasEi: just a small unimportant php file04:36
spazzyvi is not to bad really just takes a little while to get use to04:37
mobasher<Steve132> ATI works man..but i'm on 9.04...works great for me like a charm..will get a nvida card soon then try the latest version of ubuntu...but so far it's very stable :)04:37
tensorpuddinghmm, it seems that it would be in the same folder as the file you were editing04:37
prince_jammysSteve132: if you need 3D from fglrx, support for some cards has been discontinued. The open source 'radeon' works pretty well, depending on your needs.04:37
LoshkiDatz: read the online help for emacs re: Interlocking. There's a lock file you probably need to delete..04:37
DasEiSteve132: for ubuntu, the newer ati's are better supported by the opensource-drivers, though still no fun in propitary drivers, so I prefer nvidia or others04:37
tensorpuddingso try doing ls -a in that directory04:37
DatzLoshki: I'll take a look04:37
mobasherDatz>> hahahhaa..it's not that hard mate...if i can learn it anyone in this room can trust me :) just look for cheat sheet of vi on the net :)04:37
Steve132prince_jammys: Yeah, I need the proprietary driver support, because I need OpenGL4 for my job04:38
prince_jammysSteve132: check if your card is supported.04:38
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:38
DasEiDatz: php is for acces, so consider to change it back afterwards : sudo chowm Datz some.php, change accordingly04:38
DasEiDatz: php is for acces, so consider to change it back afterwards : sudo chown Datz some.php, change accordingly ^typo04:38
Steve132Well, I haven't bought anything yet, I'm looking into a new system and I want to know if the price difference on the top-of-the line is worht it04:38
mobasherSteve132>> it's funny some of the top of the line cards sometimes give u more headache than the 100 bucks card ..which works like a blaze lol..trust me04:39
prince_jammysLook online for problems with fglrx and whatever card you're thinking of buying04:39
DasEiSteve132: depends on what you want to do with it under ubuntu04:39
Steve132An HD5870 looks awesome vs a GF480 for the price, but I need the high end GPU support and OpenGL4,04:39
Steve132I want to run and compile GL4 applications04:40
chris_osxhow are the opensource-drivers energy-wise? do they safe the same amount of energy as the proprietary ones ? (on notebooks)04:40
Datzmobasher: well.. I'll look into vi04:40
DatzDasEi: thanks, I'll try that04:40
mobasherDatz >>> no worries anytime ;-)04:40
Steve132so, its looking like I should stick with Nvidia despite the price because of the better proprietary driver support04:41
DasEiDatz: emacs is more advanced, for starting up nano,vi or (x) gedit and kate are for startup04:41
Datzwell, I've used emacs for awhile.. leaned to like it.. but worth looking into other editors04:42
prince_jammysDatz: what is the problem?04:43
DasEiSteve: sadly yes, desktop effects can be done with some ati's upper the 9200 series, but full 3 d support is still a problem,04:43
tensorpuddingDatz: did you do what i suggested?04:43
DasEiDatz: listen to tensorp, too, case file is locked by another process04:44
prince_jammys''fuser /path/to/file''04:44
Datztensorpudding: sorry, sidetracked to no end :P looking now04:44
prince_jammysor ''fuser -vki /path/to/file''04:44
delinquentmeHey all .. SO i was just having trouble w my flash player .. and i got it fixed by changing the specified driver for chrome.. NOW i cant play .movs04:44
delinquentmeanyone have any suggestions?04:45
Datztensorpudding: I've deleted all buffer files or any other from that dir. Also, I've cp and removed old then renamed, still no luck04:45
DatzI bet you apache2 is locking the file.04:46
spazzyno internet on a wireless desktop, no way to run cable either, only have CLI, any suggestions?04:46
Datzspazzy: suggestion for what?04:46
kezkankrayon@Datz might be late and irrelevant. have you seen vimtutor?04:46
DasEi!wireless | spazzy04:46
ubottuspazzy: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:46
spazzydatz: to get the internet working04:47
spazzyubottu:  will read that ty04:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:47
Datzkezkankrayon: hehem thanks.. but I'm not looking to switch editors, but rather solve the current problem of a file being locked. ;)04:47
DasEinp, spazzy, ubott.. is the channel ro-bot04:47
ijustamReally quick, does Ubuntu 10 use Python 2.6?04:47
tonsofpcsInstalled netbook on my eeepc900a earlier this week, I can't seem to get the home key to be mapped to home, it seems to be stuck as meta...04:47
spazzyDasEi: lol04:47
Datzspazzy: oh.. see that link :)04:47
DasEiijustam: yes04:48
ijustamall i needed to know, thanks04:48
prince_jammysDatz: what does ''fuser /path/to/file'' say?04:49
|Sacred|tonsofpcs settings>keyboard shortcuts, should be able to bind whatever keys you want in there04:49
Datzprince_jammys: with no quotes, there is no output04:50
tonsofpcs|Sacred|: It won't let me as it sees the physical keypress as "meta" and not "XFHome" or "WinkeyL" whatever it should be04:50
prince_jammysDatz: try with sudo.04:50
Datzprince_jammys: still nothing04:50
prince_jammysand emacs says it is locked?04:51
* Datz checks again04:51
prince_jammystry #emacs04:51
Datzapparently I am only reading a buffer04:51
prince_jammys#emacs folks might know what to do.04:52
Datzgood call, thanks04:52
pfifowhy cant use unionfs in 10.04?04:53
pfifowhy cant i even install unionfs in 10.04?04:53
mobasherpfifo> what's unionfs ?04:54
mikerumobasher, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unionfs04:54
pfifoas far as i can tell here (im on the livecd) they switched to aufs, but refuse to let me use both aufs and unionfs levaing me solutionless for merging mutiple directoreis, I say this because i cannont install utilties for aufs nor unionfs and neither will work in a mount command04:56
mobashermikeru>> thanks mate :) interesting :)04:58
van7huhello all04:58
mobashervan7hu >hey04:59
pfifoa simple test case for this can be found here http://pastebin.com/hRvDDdDZ04:59
van7huI just type sudo apt-get install stadict04:59
van7huin lucid04:59
van7huIs that stardict04:59
van7huin sourceforge04:59
mobashervan7hu >> yeap u're right05:00
white_magichey, i downloaded the latest version of firefox (the latest beta for ff4), but I'm not sure where to place the folder05:00
white_magici'd appreciate some help..05:01
van7huare you sure ?05:01
mobashervan7hu>> yea give it a shot05:01
xanguawhite_magic: just extract it05:02
DasEiwhite_magic: I suggest you to add daily build repo and have it automated05:02
mobashervan7hu>> why don't you try in the snaptics ?05:02
van7huthank you05:02
prince_jammyswhite_magic: maybe http://twitteling.com/2010/07/how-to-install-the-firefox-browser-beta-4-on-ubuntu/ is of use.05:02
DasEiwhite_magic:else can put the deb anywhere and install it05:02
prince_jammyswhite_magic: the link above is what DasEi is suggesting.05:02
prince_jammys(the first suggestion)05:02
xanguaDasEi: mozilla doesn't provide .deb and daily build sounds loke a bad idea05:02
pfifohow do i install unionfs?05:03
mobashervan7hu>> did you find it ?05:04
DasEixangua: daily build next to stable, why not ? yes, tar.gz now, missed sth. there, there where debs somewwhere05:05
pfifohow do i install unionfs?05:05
van7huI just installed it by terminal05:06
mobashervan7hu>> lol okay as long as u got what u need i guess :)05:06
tonsofpcsinstalled Ubuntu Netbook latest [10.04?] on my eeepc 900a, for some reason X is seeing the  homekey keypress as meta rather than as WinkeyL or XHome or whatever it needs to be to be used to map to  a custom shortcut and/or 'home'.... any idea how to get it to map properly?05:07
van7huIt provides me a chinese dict05:07
tonsofpcs(keycode 133)05:07
mobashervan7hu>> nice :)05:07
DasEi!repeat pfifo05:07
DasEi!repeat|  pfifo, try apt-cache search  unionfs, there is some stuff, never tried it , though05:08
ubottupfifo, try apt-cache search  unionfs, there is some stuff, never tried it , though: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com05:08
pfifoim seriously 2 seconds away from filing a bug here05:08
van7huI am trying with synaptic05:08
van7huthe 1st time05:08
mobashervan7hu>> it's quite easy to do that...you get tons of other choices as well05:09
txt23My wireless is always disabled. I just installed Wireless drivers 50 times but i cant figure out how05:09
DasEi!info mhddfs | pfifo05:10
ubottupfifo: mhddfs (source: mhddfs): file system for unifying several mount points into one. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.28-1 (lucid), package size 22 kB, installed size 92 kB05:10
pfifothanks for trying DasEi but i really need to know the answer to my exact question05:11
DasEifirst hit on google : http://myhowtosandprojects.blogspot.com/2008/07/install-and-use-unionfs-merging.html , pfifo05:12
Zaphodbeehey guys. is there a way to get the CFLAGS -j option when re-compiling the kernel in ubuntu? (i'm coming from gentoo and apparently there is no make.conf in ubuntu?)05:12
txt23Im running Dell Inspiron 1564 with broadcom drivers but Wireless is not working. Can someone please help05:13
* BigJibby hands txt23 a really long wire05:13
* DasEi waits for his lappys memory05:13
txt23What? No I want to get wireless working05:13
DasEi!broadcom | txt2305:14
ubottutxt23: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:14
=== dmex1 is now known as dmex
BigJibbyDasEi, can you show me how to use google?05:16
=== lov255u is now known as lov2555
lubuserwhy all these questions to join the channel each time?05:16
DasEiBigJibby: kidding or asking for :05:16
ubottuHi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots05:16
BigJibby!karma BigJibby05:16
BigJibbya supybot :/05:18
dmexBigJibby, Do you have an actual problem with something?05:18
txt23ubottu: Man this is so complecated and I have never installed Ubuntu before. Can you someone login into my Laptop and do it for me please?05:18
cfeddetxt23: it should not be that bad.  what has you confused?05:19
txt23Can someone remote desktop into my Ubuntu and help me fix Wireless stuff.05:19
DasEitxt23: on another day I would, but I've got a dizzy day and not setup more then two wirelesses, so I can hel you with ssh acces just05:19
Datzsure, I can " help you fix wireless stuff"05:19
rockhoppertxt23, what does sudo rfkill list say?05:20
txt23Datz: So Im running it on Dell Inspiron 156405:20
rockhoppertxt23, run sudo rfkill list05:21
rockhopperin terminal05:21
Datztxt23: I'm in.. and deleting your porn .... now05:21
rockhopperand give the output here05:21
Datztxt23: better for you to do it yourself with some help05:21
txt23rockhopper: What am I suppose to look there?05:21
Datztxt23: what is the problem?05:21
rockhopperrun it!05:22
DasEiDatz: it's a broadcom chip wants to be setup05:22
txt23rockhopper: It shows soft blocked no and hard blocked yes05:22
rockhopperis the wifi switch on?05:22
rockhopperthe physical switch that comes on the side?05:22
DatzDasEi: kk05:23
txt23rockhopper: NO physical switch05:23
rockhoppertry this05:23
rockhopper sudo rfkill unblock all05:24
rockhopperand run the sudo rfkill list and see if its hardblocked!05:24
mxe5I can not get the regular #ubuntu channel to come up - It say's #ubuntu-unregged - I registered this Nick I'm using right now - So what is the problem ? ?05:24
txt23rockhopper: Still the same05:24
rockhopperok.. its caused coz of some unsync of the switches..05:24
txt23rockhopper: hard block is still on. :(05:24
rockhopperdo you have windows?05:25
txt23rockhopper: Yes I do05:25
rockhopperit happens when the wifi's disabled in some other os..05:25
rockhoppertry booting in windows and switch wifi on!05:25
rwwmxe5: You're not identified with nickserv.05:25
txt23rockhopper: It was on though.05:25
rwwmxe5: /msg nickserv identify usernamehere passwordhere05:25
rockhoppertry it again txt2305:25
txt23Oh ok I will thank you05:26
rockhopperit must work that way!05:26
mxe5rww: So type in your second command in the top feenode area ?05:28
rwwmxe5: yes. It should open up a private message window with Nickserv and send that text top it.05:29
rwwto **05:29
mxe5rww: I did it - and got back - This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.05:31
IanWizardbut 9.04 was the last good version.  must it die?05:32
ryaxnb /join #club-ubuntu05:32
rwwryaxnb: no thanks05:32
rwwmxe5: heh. Try asking #freenode about it.05:33
ryaxnbsry, wrong post05:33
mxe5rww: So I just went back there and typed in my password and it recognized me - so does that mean the Nick I'm using is registered and valid but for some reason need to check with #freenode ?05:35
rwwmxe5: Looks like you're identified now, so whatever you did worked.05:35
OhioErichi all05:35
delinquentme<% form_for(@user) do |f| %> .... what does the |f| do?05:36
delinquentmeERM wrong channel sorry05:36
mxe5rww: Ok - who knows - that's part of using computers in general - Garbage In - Garbage Out! sometimes - :o)05:36
mxe5rww: Thanks05:36
Blue1mxe5: it's garbage in, politicians out05:37
mxe5Blue1: You are soooo right about that..05:39
Karen_mwhat's the ubuntu channel + 1 ?05:39
rwwKaren_m: #ubuntu+105:40
Blue1Karen_m: it's for the next release of ubuntu (10.10 maverick meercat) currently in beta05:40
Datzevery ubuntu (type?) get a new release?05:43
Datz-generic -pae -server etc?05:44
zilch_where do I get answer for ruby on rails setup related query ... not about development in ruby on rails ..05:46
tensorpuddingThere should be a rails channel on freenode somewhere.05:47
zilch_tensorpudding, but my question is about installing latest package on ubuntu ...05:47
white_magicrandom question, if i use the 'man myCmd' in terminal, how can i find out how many options it has w/o needing to count them?05:47
tensorpuddingThere's an ubuntu help article on rails05:48
nocturnusdoes ubuntu live come with b43 wireless driver?05:49
coleismanhaven't been on IRC in a long time05:49
nocturnusbroadcom b4305:49
coleismanwhat chipset05:49
Datzif I create a cron job to read a file, and output it to a dir every x number of min, will it replace the old file?05:50
nocturnusdoesnt work05:50
tensorpuddingI had to download the b43 driver.05:50
nocturnusand ubnut is telling me to install it05:50
nocturnustensorpudding: where from?05:50
rwwnocturnus: yes, it comes with the b43 driver. It doesn't come with b43-fwcutter installed, though.05:50
nocturnuswhy do i need fwcutter?05:50
tensorpuddingThe device manager allowed me to get the firmware.05:50
nocturnusi just wanna go on the internet05:50
PresuntoRJnocturnus: I have it working on my notebook hp dv200005:50
tensorpuddingI didn't mind too much it was proprietary.05:50
red2kicnocturnus: And I just want to compile kernels. :)05:50
nocturnuswhat's the name ofgthe pkg that the download manager downloads?05:50
tensorpuddingBut I didn't have to do anything manually, it was all automatic.05:50
nocturnusi dont have wireless in ubuntu so i can't dl it05:50
rwwnocturnus: b43 is the driver. b43-fwcutter gets the firmware for your device. a lot (all?) of bcm43xx devices need non-free firmware to actually work.05:50
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:51
PresuntoRJnocturnus: I went to my system/admin menu05:51
tensorpuddingI had to plug it into the ethernet of course.05:51
nocturnusi dont hav ether05:51
PresuntoRJnocturnus: driver hardware...05:51
PresuntoRJnocturnus: I was connect via ethernet cable for that... it had downloaded the b43 drivers...05:51
nocturnusall of u guys downloaded via ethernet05:51
nocturnusjust tell me the download location ill DL it in windows then place it on the LIVE sub05:52
IdleOnenocturnus: packages.ubuntu.com05:52
DatzDoes this look like a legitimate working crontab entry? */5 * * * * cat /var/log/fail2ban.log > /var/www/site/fail2ban.log05:52
PresuntoRJIdleOne: do you know the name of the packages he needs?05:53
JamezQIs this the right place to ask a question about bash05:54
nocturnusIdleOne: dunow pkg name05:54
JamezQOr terminal05:54
JamezQI don't know yet05:54
nocturnusconnect where is the package in ethernet but then i have to command line it05:54
PresuntoRJJamezQ: could be...05:54
JamezQalright, I shall ask.05:54
IdleOneJamezQ: #bash maybe05:54
PresuntoRJ!ask | JamezQ05:54
ubottuJamezQ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:54
IdleOnenocturnus: rww told you the name of the package already05:54
nocturnusi have to reboot brb trying something05:55
nocturnusIdleOne: what is it i dont even know it05:55
=== omgirc is now known as GeForce88
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:55
holoceneI am having an issue getting virtualbox guest additions working right on ubuntu lucid vbox 3.1.6. My issue is that I can not resize my vbox window to larger than 60% or so of host screen. How can I get a larger screen?05:55
JamezQSo I want to put each directory in a directory into it's own *.zip. But I don't know how to in terminal. Example: A B C D ---> A.zip B.zip C.zip D.zip05:56
uRockman tar05:56
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression05:56
JamezQEh, does anyone know how to do what I am saying though, I have tried reading the man05:57
PresuntoRJnocturnus: I believe u need b43-fwcutter.deb .... I have the version 1:012-1build1   on my system, working from the driver download applet05:57
boywonderhi can anyone please help out with missing mbr-helper?05:57
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prince_jammysJamezQ: for dir in */; do zip -r "${dir%/}.zip" "$dir"; done06:02
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JamezQprice, how would I use that for, example, home/james/A06:03
JamezQwhere everything is in A06:03
prince_jammysit'll zip every subdirectory in the present dir06:03
JamezQalright, thanks ^ ^06:03
nocturnusdo i need anything else except from bf-cutter ?06:03
nocturnusi just want to lecture on my hotmail emails06:04
uRockJamezQ: tar -cvf <file.name> to compress and tar -xvf <file.name> to extract06:04
JamezQso, just to be sure, the command is do "zip -r "${dir%/}.zip" "$dir"; done"06:04
MichaelSOGI've a question, why recently when I get in freenode, in ubuntu channel automatically, it redirects me to ubuntu.unreagged, or something like that06:04
MichaelSOGmy nickname is also registered06:04
JamezQit ends with done, right/06:04
prince_jammysJamezQ: no, the entire thing i said.06:04
prince_jammysfor .... done06:04
nocturnusanyone knows how much it works?06:04
uRockMichaelSOG: I have had that same problem.06:04
MichaelSOGI don't know why =/06:05
prince_jammysJamezQ: the 'for', 'do', 'done' is not english, it's the full shell loop.06:05
prince_jammysit's code06:05
JamezQThank you so much06:05
MichaelSOGand just with this channel, others doesn't make me something similar06:05
PresuntoRJnocturnus: it depends on few packages, most on default installation06:07
MichaelSOGnone can tell me why?06:07
PresuntoRJnocturnus: debconf (>= 0.5) , debconf-2.0 , libc6 (>= 2.4) , and wget06:08
red2kic!identify | MichaelSOG06:08
ubottuMichaelSOG: You can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.06:08
PresuntoRJnocturnus: it works just fine, I am typing from a b43 wifi connection right now06:09
b00m_chefI am trying to get a samba share (OSX) to mount in ubuntu, however, the permissions are f*kd...can someone help?06:09
b00m_chefIn fstab I have it setup with a credentials file and defaults06:09
PresuntoRJnocturnus: it might have some issues with a particular chipset, but the chance for it to work is good06:09
b00m_chefwhen I try to create a test directory in the mounted samba OSX share, I get this: mkdir: cannot create directory `test': Permission denied06:09
MichaelSOGkinda freak, I've put that service on my Konversation =/06:10
chazzis the code of FloodBot available?06:10
aegisHey, any idea when Drupal will work with Ubuntu 10.04?06:11
PresuntoRJnocturnus: my system runs on a BCM4311 rev 0106:11
Gneadrupal doesn't work with 10.04?06:11
chazzaegis, ..it does?06:11
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PresuntoRJaegis: there is a package for that, you could also run from their repository trunk... most likely, #ubuntu-server will be able to help you a lot06:12
aegiswell, you have to downgrade to the PHP from Karmic06:12
aegisThanks PresuntoRJ06:12
rwwchazz: no06:13
PresuntoRJaegis: remember to specify if you are trying to use drupal 5 or drupal6 , ok?06:13
chazzrww, damn. They seem quite useful06:13
okrahas anyone been able to get ubuntu working on a gateway all in one pc?06:14
aegisPresuntoRJ, will do...06:15
okraI haven't even been able to get passed the Try Ubuntu Without Installing option... hit enter.. screen goes black... never to be seen again.06:18
okrasame with Install Ubuntu option.06:19
uRockokra when the LiveCD first starts to boot, tap the space bar until you get the main menu and select to test the cd image. Also, if you have an intel gpu you may have to use the safe graphics mode06:20
okrait is indeed intel06:20
CppIsWeirdis there a utility that allows you to modify how intel's speedstep i7's work?06:23
thune3okra: see workaround A -- From the LiveCD in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes  (i'm assuming you have 8xx series chipset)06:24
codeprimehow do you rip all tracks from DVD with acidrip?06:24
codeprimeit only lets me rip one at a time06:24
zetheroo1I am trying to install a package and am getting this error: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: sun-java7-jre ( )|sun-java6-jre ( )|jre (>= 1.6.0)06:29
zetheroo1does this mean I have to install the closed source Java packages?06:29
Doylezetheroo1: are you using the synaptic package manager?06:29
zetheroo1Doyle: package installer06:30
fishcookeri've tried ubuntu liveusb...06:30
fishcookerhow to make it persistent when i tried another box?!06:30
Doylezetheroo1: it typically finds and installs all dependancies by its self. You can install them on your own, then try the app you wanted again.06:31
Doylefishcooker: here ya go   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick06:31
zetheroo1Doyle: yes, well it's not installing the dependencies this time because they are no longer present in the default Lucid repos, afaik06:31
cyberjunk502i need some help06:32
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Chr|sCyber_Akuma: have to be more descriptive06:32
valbaca!ask | cyberjunk50206:32
ubottucyberjunk502: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:32
DoubleStringhey all06:33
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Untouchab1eHi all.. quick question06:33
ldiamondhow do I suspend a server (S3) from CLI?06:34
Untouchab1eRunning Ubuntu 10.04 and wanting to try out Gnome 3 (Gnome-Shell?). Ive gathered that all that is required is a sudo apt-get install gnome-shell and then a gnome-shell-replace06:34
Untouchab1ebut what if I want to go back to Gnome 2.3?06:34
fishcookerthanks doyle 4 quick response, i read it first before asking again :D06:34
cyberjunk502i want to change my home directory to another partition is that possible with reinstalling06:35
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: I believe its: gnome-shell --replace06:35
ActionParsnipcyberjunk502: I'd just move the folder in root recovery console then symlink06:35
Doylezetheroo1:  have a look at this, it may help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146618406:36
ActionParsnipcyberjunk502: or you could copy the data then mount the partition as /home06:36
cyberjunk502i want to change my home mount point to another partition is that possible with reinstalling linux06:36
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: thanks06:36
zetheroo1Doyle: thanks, I found the command to enable the partner repository with java6 ;)06:36
Doylezetheroo1: cool06:36
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server06:36
DontKnow17898ubottu has been kicked automaticly by  -No_One ScripT-06:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:36
AlbertoPcyberjunk502: yes it is possible. a) move /home there with its content b) edit fstab to point to the new place06:37
cyberjunk502ActionParsnip: how to mount the partition as /home06:37
ActionParsnipcyberjunk502: you'll need to move the data to another place too or the data will be stored twice. Mounting only replaces the visible data06:37
okrathune3, no luck there tried. the i915.modeset=106:37
ActionParsnipcyberjunk502: you'll need a new entry in /etc/fstab for it06:37
Chr|sDontKnow17898: Not cool to play around.06:37
PresuntoRJldiamond: I believe there is a script in /etc/acpi called sleep that does the trick06:38
AlbertoPcyberjunk502: little care... pay attention to move also the hidden directories of your home06:38
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:38
Doylefishcooker: so you've gotten ubuntu to boot from usb, but it doesn't save your work to the key?06:38
shadow420I need help with an old dell poweredge 2300 I am trying to instaLL UBUNTU LINUC ON IT06:38
ActionParsnipHehe she's still here06:38
PresuntoRJldiamond: I am not sure if it depends on gnome and dbus, though06:38
shawnboyWhen you click on pic in Firefox and make it desktop background, where is that file stored?06:39
ActionParsnipshadow420: linux, not linuc06:39
fishcookeryip2 doyle06:39
cyberjunk502ActionParsnip: Its says i don't have the permission to do so even if i had open it as root06:39
cyberjunk502ActionParsnip: should i log in as root06:39
shadow420ActionParsnip sorry about that06:39
fishcookerthat's true... i've got the ubuntu run from usb06:39
ActionParsnipcyberjunk502: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab06:39
ActionParsnip!fstab | cyberjunk50206:40
ubottucyberjunk502: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:40
fishcookerthe thing i want after i apt-get install 'sth' i got it persistent on my usb06:40
ActionParsnipshadow420: what's your issue?06:40
fishcookeris there any option06:40
cyberjunk502ActionParsnip: how to copy the content of home directory06:40
Bam_BamI'm trying to start OpenVPN from terminal. I have the configuration file in /etc/openvpn and it automatically connects but I'm not able to establish any connections, whereas if I use the network-manager-openvpn GUI it connects no problem. Same certs / keys.06:41
ActionParsnipfishcooker: you need to boot to a different usb to install to another usb (or boot cd to install) if you transferred the iso then it uses a compressed file so changes don't stick06:41
fishcookerDoyle !?06:41
Bam_BamIs there something more that the GUI does?06:41
Doylefishcooker: ah, so your installs dont stick... just asec06:41
uRockthe GUI does everything06:41
ActionParsnipcyberjunk502: mount the destination as writable and copy the data over06:41
Doylethere ya go. Thanks ActionParsnip ... I was just about to over-think it06:42
shadow420I am trying to get the server see a scsi cdrom drive06:42
cyberjunk502ActionParsnip: Thanks06:42
fishcookeractionParsnip i don't get your point wold you plz explain to me again more slowly :D06:43
* uRock is getting sleep... c-ya tomorrow peoples.06:43
insignHello, i need a generic help. I want link subdomain.mysite.com to an other server out of the server of mysite.com, on dns config, ill use NS or CNAME param? So that the same files from the main site are available in the subdomain.06:43
DoyleBam_Bam: look at the log file, you'll probably see something about it not being able to load a conf or crt (i think) file.06:44
DoyleBam_Bam: try running it with sudo... that's all the suggestion I can offer. Sorry06:44
shawnboyAnyone know where mozilla keeps desktop background images?**06:44
ActionParsnipfishcooker: the packages you run are in a big tar.gz file, as they are needed they are extracted and used. When you install stuff in the live environment it only applys to the ram drive. If you install to the usb instead of transferring the iso, it will act like a platter based drive and updates will stick06:44
spyk3ok now maybe i have done this right06:45
ActionParsnipshawnboy: I believe its $HOME/Pictures but I haven't used firefox for years06:45
spyk3i have a dell inspiron 2200 when i installed ubuntu i can't get my wireless drives to work06:46
spyk3it doesn't see my network06:46
spyk3ethernet works good06:46
shawnboyActionParsnip: what do you use?06:46
ActionParsnipspyk3: what is the output of: sudo lshw -C network | grep -i product06:47
ActionParsnipshawnboy: chromium daily and arora06:47
shawnboyActionParsnip: darn. HOME/pictures isn't it.06:47
ActionParsnipspyk3: one line will identify the wireless06:47
shadow420I am trying get an old dell poweredge up and running but it's not seeing a scsi cd-rom drive06:47
ActionParsnipshawnboy: if you get the filename of the image you could search $HOME for the filename06:47
shadow420its an old scsi setup06:48
fishcookerdoyle actionparsnip thanks again... is there any pointer to do your option?!06:48
ActionParsnipshadow420: does it show in the output of: sudo lshw -C disk; sudo lshw -C drive06:48
spyk3im not sure i will have to reinstall ubuntu i just didnt know if there was an easy way or something first time linux user06:48
shawnboyActionParsnip: that's part of my problem. I don't know the filename because I came across web pic and chose "make background" now I want to know image file.06:48
ActionParsnipspyk3: well, no. If it doesn't work now. A reinstall will put you in the same place06:49
shadow420the server itself is not seeing the cd rom06:49
ActionParsnipshawnboy: could check your history for something that smells right06:49
ActionParsnipshawnboy: could also ask in the mozilla irc channel06:49
spyk3its on my laptop and im on my desktop06:49
spyk3i reinstalled windows when i couldnt get wireless to work with my laptop06:50
ActionParsnipspyk3: well its only a single line, you can read and type the chip name into websearches06:50
ActionParsnipspyk3: obv makesure the killswitch is set so the wireless chip is enabled06:50
spyk3so basically when i get ubuntu back on do i type that sudo lshw etc into terminal?06:50
spyk3complete newb at linux06:51
Doylefishcooker: just boot from CD/DVD, then install the OS to your usb key. Be careful not to select your hard drive06:51
shawnboyI think I found it by looking at HOME/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml06:51
okrathune3, ahh that link is misleading.. its not modeset=1 its modeset=0 ;)06:51
ActionParsnipspyk3: yes and you'll see the chip. If wired works i'd advise you use a wired connection and get updated. The driver may simply be offered to you06:51
ActionParsnipshawnboy: sounds likely06:52
shawnboyActionParsnip: I think it's in HOME/Firefox_wallpaper.png06:52
spyk3ActionParsnip, how do i update06:52
ActionParsnipspyk3: use software centre etc06:52
shawnboyyeah, ActionParsnip that's where it is.06:52
ActionParsnipshawnboy: cool, get it opened and see :)06:52
shawnboyActionParsnip: just a little nosing around is all it took. Thanks though for responding to my question.06:53
ActionParsnipNo problems fellah06:53
fishcookerdoyle thanks lucky there a 2 usb on my hand... ic ic your point rite now actionparsnip06:56
DoyleI can't wait to replace this laptop. I'vebeen putting it off till one with usb3 comes out that I like...06:57
DoyleUSB3 keys here I come!06:57
mccis there a quick way to get a list of all files on a system owned by a particular user?06:58
mccabout to run deluser --remove-all-files, want to mkae sure this isn't a mistake06:58
zetheroo1is there a gui for vnc?06:59
dougb_freebsdit's not "quick," but 'sudo find / -user foo' will do it06:59
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  a gui to do what?07:01
zetheroo1I am looking for an alternative to Yuuguu and Teamviewer ... anyone know of anything?07:01
thune3okra: if 0 is the option that works for you, i think you may not have 8xx graphics. please check "lspci | grep VGA"07:01
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: remote desktop access07:01
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  yes.. i know what vnc does.. what sort of gui are you really needing it for? you connect to an ip. and thats about it..07:01
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: afaik with VNC it's anything but simple07:01
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  i found it rather simple07:02
Dr_Willisyou run the vncserver in read only mode. and let others connect.07:02
Dr_Willisover the Internet however - it can be sluggish.07:02
Dr_WillisFreeNX can be much faster07:02
Dr_Willisbut freenx is also a bit more complex to setup.07:02
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: that is what I need it for ... accessing computers all over the place07:03
Dr_WillisFor best preformance - see freenx or some of the nx variants.07:03
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  personally i just ssh in to the remote box's and run what apps i need07:03
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: so there is nothing like Teamviewer that just basically "works out-of-the-box" ...07:03
Dr_Willisgnomes built in vncserver works out of the box.. but it has its own limitations.07:04
Dr_Willisssh -X remotebox    works :)07:04
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: I mean mainly working out-of-the-box for the other person07:04
ikeynot secure though Dr_Willis..07:04
Dr_WillisIve no idea what features TeamViewer has comparesd to other machines07:04
Dr_WillisShareing a Desktop that has compiz running can also cause 'issues' i recall.07:05
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: with Teamviewer you just install it and give the remote individual the pin ... he puts it in the program on his side and accesses your system ... no setup needed at either end07:05
fishcookerdr_willis zetherool visit nomachine.com07:05
fishcookerthere is varian freenx there07:05
ikeyDr_Willis, a few  X extensions cause issues with it tbh.07:05
zetheroo1Teamviewer is also for Mac, Windows and Linux ...07:05
ikeyNot just composite07:05
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  he enters the pin in what exactly?  he has to install somthing to access the teamviewer box dont he07:05
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: yes ... both sides install the app07:06
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: if I want to access your system I get your pin and put it into my app ...07:06
Dr_Willisso its getting the actual connection info from some master server?   via the pin?07:07
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: yes ... I suppose it's all running through another server somewhere07:07
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: Yuuguu is much like Skype ... but with "Screen Sharing"07:07
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: and it also is for Mac, Windows and Linux07:08
Dr_Willisthen why dont you use it? what did i miss. :)07:08
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: the reason I use these apps is because the person I am helping does not have to be tech-savvy to use them ....07:08
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: but at the same time I would rather use something free and open source if it were available07:09
zetheroo1but I am prepared to be told there is nothing quite like it ;)07:09
Dr_Willisvnc and NX are more 'general' tools - is the reason they are not 2 clicks and they are done.07:09
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: ok07:09
Dr_Willisvnc and nx can do what you want. but they will take more setup. because they have different design goals.07:10
Dr_Willisthen can also do 100x more then what you want. :)07:10
ActionParsnipMost apps have webuis so vnc often isn't needed :)07:10
ActionParsnipHi suigeneris07:10
suigenerisis there a simple way to show codec info of a video file?07:11
* suigeneris waves to ogunay 07:11
ActionParsnipsuigeneris: I believe mencoder can show that07:11
Dr_Willissuigeneris:  ffpobe can give info also.07:11
Dr_Willissuigeneris:  or right click on a video , properties and check the tabs07:11
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: but why is it sluggish over the Internet?07:12
Dr_Willisgnome file manager can give a lot of info.. but im not sure if thats a default feature. or if extra packages are needed07:12
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: I have heard that from several ppl07:12
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  vnc is a rather old protocall and shares the whole desktpp as a series of images (basically)07:12
Dr_Willisit was designed for lan ussage and quick connections. and not super complex desktops07:12
coldhaklxde appears to be forcing the default panel to be stuck to the bottom of the screen. is this a bug, or a 'feature'?07:13
coldhakany way to fix it?07:13
Dr_Williscoldhak:  You may want to ask in #lubuntu07:13
ActionParsnipcoldhak: it can be moved to the top (I believe)07:13
coldhakindeed, but there's so few in there, i doubt my question would be answered.07:13
Dr_Williscoldhak:  thers always the lxde homepage/docs  - theres so few people in here that use Lxde it may not get answered in here.07:14
coldhakActionParsnip, it has the option in the panel config menu, but it glitches back to the bottom.07:14
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: I take it the vnc protocol is gpl !?07:14
Dr_WillisSaw where Lubuntu is getting pushed back and is not going to be an 'official' variant in 10.10 either.07:14
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  yes - has been for years. befor nx or these other tools even existed07:14
Dr_WillisOne reason for its quirks. It was sort of the first.. (sort of) and the others learned from its limitions07:15
ActionParsnipcoldhak: right click panel -> panel settings -> geometry tab07:15
coldhakyes. it glitches back to the bottom.07:15
ActionParsnipcoldhak: the setting should be saved in your configs. Make sure you are the owner of you $HOME07:16
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: are there other gpl protocols? nx?07:16
vikihello ubuntu ppl07:16
coldhak...is it possible to not be the owner of $HOME?07:16
ActionParsnipcoldhak: otherwise I would log a bug07:16
coldhakhow do I check this?07:16
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  FreeNX is the gpl variant of NX i belive.07:16
=== DoubleString is now known as ZNC_DoubleString
Dr_Williscoldhak:  if you accidently run some apps as root.. you can mess up permissions in your users HOME - yes.07:17
Doylecoldhak: it's called a mortgage07:17
ActionParsnipcoldhak: you could have ran a gui app with sudo and garbaged the ownership, a few files may be affected and cause issues07:17
CppIsWeirdany utilities to control the cooling of laptops?07:17
ActionParsnipDoyle: nice :)07:17
vikiDr_Willis: NeatX is googles variant of freenx, also gpl and newer07:17
coldhakthe only gui app i've run with sudo is synaptic07:17
ActionParsnipzetheroo1: why are you using vnc? What do you do in the vnc session?07:18
Dr_Willisviki:  yep. ive gotten the nx stuff working.. but itsa a little confuseing..07:18
ActionParsnipcoldhak: don't!07:18
coldhakbut still, how do I check that?07:18
ActionParsnipcoldhak: sudo is not to be used with gui apps. Use gksudo07:18
vikibtw im wondering if anyone could help me with bash logging issues07:18
Dr_Williscoldhak:  ls -al /home/ and  ls -al in your home dir to see ownership/permissions07:18
ActionParsnipcoldhak: run: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME07:19
zetheroo1ActionParsnip: I am not using it07:19
ActionParsnipzetheroo1: ok cool07:19
zetheroo1ActionParsnip: I was looking to find an alternative to other tools I was using ...07:19
mobasherviki> what's the issue ??07:19
ActionParsnip!gksudo | coldhak07:19
ubottucoldhak: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:19
ikeyCoz you break xauthority.07:19
ActionParsnipcoldhak: if you are the owner of all of home and it still happens you should log a bug. The guys in #lubuntu may be able to help07:21
coldhakok, i'll ask them then07:21
ActionParsnipcoldhak: and maybe even in #lxde07:21
mcchello... i am having some odd problems... i am trying to install mysql-server and it keeps failing. i've purged and reinstalled several times now. i always get to a point where if i say service mysql start i get an error in daemon.log saying: "mysql pre-start process (29460) terminated with status 1"07:21
mccor some pid07:21
ActionParsnipAlthough #lxde has 14 users in07:22
mcclooking on google I see many people with similar problems but none of their fixes worked for me.07:22
mccis there any way to find some kind of log that explains where and why this "pre-start process" failed?07:22
Doylemcc: what version?07:22
coldhak#lubuntu isn't much better. I may just go back to fluxbox.07:22
DoyleI've had the issue with 5.107:23
mccUbuntu 10.04.1 LTS07:23
mccand it's mysql 5.1, yes07:23
mccdo you think it would be easier if i used mysql 4?07:23
Dr_Williscoldhak:  check  the docs at the lxde homepage. it very well could be they got the panel locked to the bottom for some reason.07:23
ikeycoldhak, Plain OpenBox is nice.. just stick your own panel in07:23
mccit appears there are a really enormous number of ways that mysql "pre-start "script can fail07:23
Dr_Williscoldhak:  the panel is handled by lxpanel program i recall.  You could roll your own desktop and use fluxvbox and lxpanel.07:24
dougb_freebsdtint2 works well with plan openbox07:24
dougb_freebsdI use that for my freebsd configuration07:24
ikeyor even bmpanel07:24
Doylemcc: does my.cnf exist for you?07:24
mccactually, this time it doesn't.07:25
Doylemcc do a "locate my.cnf" in the terminal07:25
Doyleok,  you need to put it in. It's easy... I'll give you a link07:25
mcci've purged and reinstalled about four times now... every other time /etc/my.cnf made it in, this time it didn't07:25
* mcc nods... let me handle that and come back07:26
Doylethat's the default my.cnf, save it in /etc/mysql/07:26
extraclassicdougb_freebsd: do you know how to have multiple boxes in the tint2 panel for your desktops, like in crunchbang07:26
mcci was at a point like a half hour ago though that i had that exact my.cnf file in place and it was failing for some other reason, though07:26
dougb_freebsdI don't know what crunchbang is, but tint2 is highly configurable07:26
Doylemcc: try it again to be sure. We'll run down your issue07:26
mccthanks. one minute07:27
Dr_Willisdougb_freebsd:  a ubuntu spinoff that basically just has openbox07:27
ikey9.04 anyway07:27
Dr_Willisor was it fluxbox.. or some XXXXXbox07:27
ikeyDr_Willis, OpenBox07:27
dougb_freebsdok, then why not just run crunchbang? :)07:27
ikeyDr_Willis, Latest CrunchBang uses Debian.07:27
mccby the way, just out of curiosity, how do you restart "apparmor"?07:27
DoyleOooooo, tint2 is beautiful... I love the stuff I hear about when I'm here07:28
ActionParsnipdougb_freebsd: its not supported here but you can make an equiv using ubuntu and get support here07:28
ikeyDoyle, bmpanel aint shabby either. few nice themes on deviantArt you could tweak07:28
extraclassicdougb_freebsd: crunchbang is based on ubuntu, but uses openbox...I'm using arch though for more up-to-date softwrea07:28
ActionParsnipikey: ahhh they moved to debian. Nice07:28
ikeyActionParsnip, Statler is Debian base. Last Ubuntu base was 9.0407:28
dougb_freebsdDoyle: I'm very fond of tint2, it's small but very featureful, and you can do very nifty things with it07:29
ActionParsnipikey: gotcha. Lubuntu all the way here :)07:29
* Dr_Willis looks back on all the linux variants... and the07:29
Dr_Willisgraveyard of dead disrtos...07:29
retcowhat is the flag to see the file permissions with ls?07:29
DoyleThanks ikey dougb_freebsd07:29
Dr_Willisretco:  -L or was it -l07:29
ikeyls -l07:29
retcoah thanks07:29
Dr_WillisL as in List..07:30
ikeyDoyle, np07:30
grokenif someone used mount --bind to mount the /proc dir, how can i locate the original source of the folder that is now bound to /proc?07:30
Doyleretco: if you're ever in doubt and no one's around you cna use "man ls" which will bring up the manual07:30
retcoyeah i would've guessed v as in verbose07:30
ikeygroken, check output of 'mount' by itself?07:30
retcobut that's unix for you07:30
Dr_Willisretco:  verbose is for logging type messaghes..07:30
Dr_Willisso -v makes no sence.. or  for version07:30
retcowell I went over ls --help but I couldn't see it07:30
dougb_freebsdDoyle: here is my rc file: http://dougbarton.us/tint2rc.txt07:30
ikeyDr_Willis, Its not the distro graveyard you should be looking at. Check out the newcomers :)07:31
retcoverbose is for any output to be more verbose07:31
Dr_Willisretco:  alias la='ls -al'    is a common alias07:31
retcoit makes more sense than "list" if you ask me :P07:31
ikeylist, as in "full listing"07:31
Doyledougb_freebsd: saved. That's going to save me a lot of time. Can't wait to play with it07:31
ikeybut yeah I see your point retco. list list.07:31
retcohmm, everything readable. DAMN why can't it open the files.07:32
dougb_freebsdDoyle: for the transparency to work you need something like hsetroot in order to get a background, or if you're really adventurous something like xcompmgr07:32
sinmanK i had figure out how to get the grub menu showing with a background with just one linux OS install, now I had search over and over, and came up empty handed, How do I change the ubuntu with the 5 dots from the start and shut down screen07:32
ikeysinman, that'd mean changing the plymouth theme.07:33
ikeywhich I have no clue about :)07:33
* ikey finds plymouth to be an instable technology in its infancy07:33
sinmanikey : k, then I'll do a search about plymouth themes then07:33
mccdoyle: ok... somewhat to my alarm, this time when i replaced my.cnf in /etc/mysql and ran sudo service mysql start, service just hangs07:34
Dr_WillisPlymouth really should have a trivially easy way to disable it.. :)07:34
ikeyYeah but Plymouth is too deeply rooted into Ubuntu..07:34
Doyledougb_freebsd: thanks again... i'm a trailblaizer so I'll check out xcompmgr07:34
dougb_freebsdglad to help, good luck :)07:34
ikeyDoyle, CrunchBang maintain their own fork of xcompmgr which is supposedly superior.07:35
Doylemcc: and when you kill it and try again?07:35
sinmandoes anyone else knows how i can change these in plymouth?07:35
Dr_Williseyecandy should always have an off switch. :) I can turn it off now.. but its a bit of a hack.07:35
Dr_Willissinman:  theres some alterantive plymouth themes in the repos. and other places07:35
Chr|sHow can I change the login screen? I am unable to do so. I don't care for the purple color07:35
Doyleikey: pfft, everyone says their stuff is superior... but I'll give that one a try also07:35
Dr_WillisChr|s:  if you dont like the wallpaper. find the image and change it. Or use that 'gdm2setup' proigram to tweak it.07:36
ikeyDoyle, It is pretty good tbh. xcompmgr was only intended as a demonstration composite manager.07:36
Doyleikey: linux mint says their ubuntu is more ubuntu than ubuntu... it's not07:36
ikeyDoyle, No they dont..07:36
ikeyGot it all wrong there..07:37
Chr|sDr_Willis: I have tried to change it, also tried that program. Each time I tried, it freezes on me.07:37
jhattarais there a way for a script to check if the computer needs a restart to apply updates ?07:37
mccdoyle: whenever it starts or stops i seem to be geting three lines: "main process terminated with status 1", "main process ended, respawning" and "mysql post-start process (29984) terminated with status 1". every time i start it seems to print these three lines to daemon.log endlessly07:37
mcchowever if i stop and start a lot service mysql start never exits on its own07:37
retcoawh shit it's windows paths!07:37
Dr_WillisChr|s:  editing the wallpaper is rather trivial. find the original one in /usr/share  and back it up. copy yoru new one over the old  :)07:38
retcois there a shell that can handle backslashes?07:38
rwwretco: watch your language, please07:38
DoyleI've been in their channel a few times for help with mint when I had it over the last year, but I dind't like the atmosphere07:38
sometuxI want to migrate my script from twitter basic auth to OAuth, HOW?!07:38
retcohmm sorry07:38
ikeyDoyle, LM isnt just about the underlying system, it appreciates the base and uses it to the full potential. And fwiw theres a debian version too.07:38
ikeyAlso if you'd been in the channel i'd have seen you.07:38
Chr|sDr_Willis: so basically rename the new wallpaper I want the same as the original?07:38
Doylemcc: hmmm07:39
Dr_WillisChr|s:  thats the simple way to change it.07:39
mccso this is the exact error i'm getting : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.1/+bug/613032 i should mention, when i purge and reinstall, it fails to set up the root password and prints an error about ./mysql/user.frm07:39
Dr_WillisChr|s:  ive seen scripts that set it to be whatever wallpaper the user selects automatically also07:39
Doylemcc: ok brb07:39
retcoI just tried rendering an lxs I saved under windows on linux07:39
Chr|sWished that was never changed in the newer version07:39
=== rambo3_ is now known as rambo3
Chr|sahh well, thanks :)07:39
retcoand I have the assumption that it can't find the file because the paths have backslashes in them07:39
retcoIs that correct?07:40
Dr_WillisChr|s:  the GDM theme is so critical? :) thats amuseing..07:40
Dr_Willis the original wallpaper i think is /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png   (for some odd reason)07:41
dougb_freebsdretco: if you're accessing files from unix you don't use backslashes, use forward slashes07:41
dougb_freebsdand be sure to escape any spaces07:41
Blue1Dr_Willis: is that the crap stained carpet?07:41
retcoyeah well the exporter does the paths07:41
retcowill windows handle forward slashes?07:41
Chr|sDr_Willis: To me it is, no reason to change something that has worked in the previous release. Should be able to change the login screen flawlessly instead of having to rename another picture the same as the original.07:42
retcoappears it will07:42
retcough I hate operating system07:42
mccshould the mysql user be a member of the root group?07:42
Dr_WillisChr|s:   go read up on the changes with gdm2 vs gdm1  -  gdm2  will have more features.. eventually.07:42
retcoLuxrender should handle this differently07:43
Dr_WillisChr|s:  if you really want - you can install the old gdm.07:43
sometuxDoes anyone know how to migrate a shell script from "Twitter basic auth" --> "OAuth"?07:43
retcoheck, luxblend shouldn't export backslashes07:43
Blue1retco: things break:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/56575707:43
Chr|sDr_Willis: thanks07:43
Dr_WillisI always just edit the wallpaper to a solid blue color. and thats about it for my GDM tweaking07:43
dougb_freebsdsometux: isn't that something you should be able to find on twitter's web site? Not really on topic here07:44
retcooh damn wrong channel07:44
retcoI mean07:44
retcooh snap07:44
retcough now how am I gonna fix this crap07:45
ipunkhow to unmount?07:45
Dr_Willissudo umount /media/whatever07:45
Dr_Willisipunk:  umount what exactly?07:45
ipunkand iso mounted to a directory07:45
undeadhi to all07:45
Dr_Willisipunk:  sudo umount /media/whatever07:46
roscogruenwhat is ubuntu chat channel07:46
SwedeMikeroscogruen: #ubuntu-offtopic07:47
rwwroscogruen: for non-support chat? #ubuntu-offtopic07:47
=== ZNC_DoubleString is now known as DoubleString
roscogruenkewl.  thanks SwedeMike & rww07:47
Doylemcc: just for fun, tell me what's running when you do a 'ps -e | grep sql'07:48
ipunknow how to mount ???07:48
mccdoyle: atm nothing07:48
n00bythere's a 2.5gb zip file I need to download, but my connection is not good, so with browser it will take 3 days, and I can't have my PC switched on for 3 days...so what shall I do?07:49
mcci'm right now trying to run a program called "mysql_install_db"07:50
SwedeMiken00by: wget can resume downloads if you tell it to.07:50
n00bySwedeMike: well, it's not a direct link download, I mean you have to go to that link, it asks for username and password, feed in, and then download, so it's possible with wget ?07:50
mobashern00by>> is the file available in torrent format ?07:50
SwedeMiken00by: I don't know.07:50
mccit gives me anunusual error message that stats with "examine the logs in /var/lib/mysql for more information"07:50
mccbut no such logs exist07:50
n00byno idea mobasher07:50
n00byit's a feed provided by apple for it's ipad and iphone apps07:51
mccthis a little bit makes me wonder if ther eis some kind of problem with the /var/lib/mysql dir permissions that is blocking log files and such from being created07:51
mobashern00by>> well it should say there ? check07:51
n00bymobasher: one sec07:51
mccare you trying to download the iphone sdk?07:51
Doylemcc: ok, do a tail on /var/log/daemon.log and try to start the service again while watching the tail07:51
Doylemcc: you should only see a few lines pop up07:52
n00bymobasher: NO07:52
mccdoyle: okay.. "start the service" how exactly? sudo service mysql start?07:53
ipunknow how do improve the sound qulity from my laptop because on some songs ir teally sounds very bad?07:53
SwedeMiken00by: tell the people who are hosting the file that you have this problem and ask them to split it up in smaller parts.07:53
n00bySwedeMike: it's a zip file itself07:53
mccdoes this channel have a pastebot07:53
n00byI don't think they would do it, they are APPLE INC. :P07:53
mccor can someone recommend one07:53
n00bySwedeMike: also files in them I saw are 1gb huge07:54
Sarvesh_jihi all.. i need to mount an external HDD (USB/firewire interface ) on my ubuntu 10.4 workstation07:54
n00byso no solution for this ?07:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:54
boywondercan anyone help out with usb boot for gparted?07:54
SwedeMiken00by: zip files can be split.07:54
n00bySwedeMike: well, but tell me one thing07:55
Doylemcc: ok do a 'tail -F /var/log/daemon.log' and start the service as you've been doing... I assume /etc/init.d/mysql start07:55
n00byto reach that url kget or wget would need username and password to feed in, can they do this ?07:55
Doylemcc:  yea, pastebin is good07:55
ipunknow how do improve the sound quality from my laptop because on some songs ir really sounds very bad?07:55
SwedeMiken00by: it depends on the authentication method.07:56
n00bySwedeMike: please explain07:56
SwedeMiken00by: just look at the man page, wget can do basic http authentication, the one that pops up in your browser. If it's something else, then it can't.07:56
n00byyeah, that pops in the browser heh07:57
mobashern00by>> try Aria download manager07:57
SwedeMiken00by: then just try it.07:57
n00bywget is a command line tool heh, some GUI tool ?07:57
Dr_Williswget has GUI front ends also07:57
mobashern00by>> Aria07:57
Dr_Willistheres also other download managers.07:57
n00bymobasher: is that better ?07:57
mccdoyle: http://pastebin.com/dCWbNwRs07:58
mobashern00by>> sudo apt-get install aria07:58
n00byok mobasher, installing wait07:58
Dr_Willisboywonder:  clarify your question to the channel.07:58
n00bymobasher: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Couldn't find package aria07:58
Doylemcc: ah, that's right, they want us to use the service command now... ok brb07:59
mobashern00by>> read PM07:59
n00bymobasher: you too :P07:59
mccbut service doesn't appear to do anything /etc/init doesn't.07:59
mcci'm really concerned about this user.frm problem. every time i try to install it says it failed to create user.frm.07:59
mccbut it is confusing because from looking at google there seem to be a very large number of problems that generate the same two or three error messages...08:00
Doylemcc: ok, look in '/etc/mysql/conf.d' for a link to '/home/user/my.cnf'08:01
ipunkhow to improve the sound quality from my laptop because on some songs ir really sounds very bad?08:01
Doyleipunk: plugin external speakers08:01
ipunkyeah i has a hifi pconnected to my laptop08:02
Sarvesh_jihi all.. i need to mount an external HDD (USB/firewire interface ) on my ubuntu 10.4 workstation08:02
Sarvesh_jipls help08:02
Dr_WillisSarvesh_ji:  Pluyg it in and it 'should' auto mount08:02
mccdoyle, the only thing in that folder is a file named "mysqld_safe_syslog.cnf"08:02
Dr_WillisSarvesh_ji:  if not - try mounting it by hand with the proper 'sudo mount /dev/whatever /media/PICKAPLACE' command08:03
Dr_Willis!mount | Sarvesh_ji08:03
ubottuSarvesh_ji: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:03
Doylemcc: does 'locate my.cnf' return anything other than /etc/mysql/my.cnf08:04
mccdoyle: find / -name my.cnf returns only /etc/mysql/my.cnf and a backup in my home dir08:04
Doylemcc: did you install mysql from the synaptic package manager?08:07
Sarvesh_jiDr_Willis : local mounting is not a problem ... but I want to use it from other system in my network... hence thought of nfs mount it08:07
ipunkhow to improve the sound quality from my laptop because on some songs ir really sounds very bad?08:07
mccdoyle, i installed it via "aptitude"08:09
mccand as mentioned i've tried purging / reinstalling it several times. i think what might have happened, one of the times i tried to install it i ran out of space on the disk and something got messed up that uninstalling did not fix. but i don't know.08:09
mccmy purging procedure is to purge, deluser and --delete-all-files the mysql user, then delete all files/dirs with mysql in the name08:10
Doylemcc: ok, purge it. Use synaptic package manager and search for 'mysql-server' you'll see one with the version 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6, install that. Apparently this version has resolved the issue you're experiencing08:10
mccdoyle: okay... sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is synaptic package manager?08:11
mccthis is like a gui dpkg or something?08:11
Doylemcc... I had this issue almost 2 months ago. I did everything then one dya the issue went away... they must have snuk in an update I didn't notice08:11
n00byusing kget, shows Status - Delayed, then it shows Status - Connecting... then again Status - Delayed, does that means it cannot authenticate ?08:11
Dr_WillisSarvesh_ji:  you can set up NFS or samba. you will need to set the proper permissions on the decvice when you mount it - to be able to share it.08:11
Doylemcc: teh package manager can be found under the System menu, and under Administration08:11
mccdoyle, there is no gui on this machine and i can't really get one on08:12
Doylemcc: it's a gui to allow you to search for and install software. It handles all requirements and dependancies08:12
Dr_WillisSarvesh_ji:  if the remote box is a linux machine. It could use sshfs to access the device. or winscp if its a windows box.   This may be easier to setup08:12
n00byDr_Willis: any idea ?08:12
Doylemcc: ok08:12
mccdo you suppose there's a way to get that information with the command line tools?08:12
Dr_Willis!info synaptic08:13
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component main, is optional. Version 0.63.1ubuntu7 (lucid), package size 808 kB, installed size 6276 kB08:13
kalmosxI've been searching and trying tutorials.. nothing works. ASUS UL30 webcam upside down :(08:13
kalmosxanyone have advice? cheese is right-side up, flash is upside down08:13
Dr_Williskalmosx:  upside down? :) thats.. amuseing..  I tend to turn mine upside down when i Chat.. to annoy people08:13
n00byDr_Willis: any help?08:14
n00byusing kget, shows Status - Delayed, then it shows Status - Connecting... then again Status - Delayed, does that means it cannot authenticate ?08:14
Dr_Williskalmosx:  i saw a program that works as a front end to the webcam that can to tricks and effects.. it can rotate.. but it may be a little overkill to use it to just rotate it back.08:14
Dr_Willisn00by:  i tend to just use wget from command line.08:14
kalmosxhm, well i wonder if it will work... only flash is upside down, so i don't know what's up08:14
n00byDr_Willis: and you can use resume, pause and so on from the command line itself ?08:14
mccso according to this 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6 is the version i have installed08:15
mcci got this with dpkg --list | grep mysql08:15
Dr_Willisn00by:  wget has options for those yes.08:15
mccdo you suppose if i just went with mysql 4, the problem would correct itself?08:15
Dr_Willisn00by:  IF the server supports it08:15
Doylemcc: just to confirm you're installing with 'sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.1'?08:15
n00byDr_Willis: hmm, just used kget doenst works, but thanks!08:15
mcci'm installing with sudo aptitude install libdbd-mysql-perl mysql-client mysql-server08:15
mccbut that's choosing the 5.1 package08:15
Doylemcc: have you run sudo apt-get update recently?08:15
mccyes, within the last few hours08:16
mccand everything is upgraded08:16
kalmosxperhaps i should install a lens on my webcam to flip the image...08:16
Dr_Williskalmosx:  this tool (i cant find its name)  sort of works as a middleman - it makes a 2nd fake video device  so the webcam -> program -> device -> program accessing the cam.. sees the fake cam. that can do all sorts of tricks. and even get some programs working that have issues directly accessing the web cam08:16
mast`would anyone know how to open a gnome-terminal window with more than one tab then telling each tab what process to run? directly from a command line (or a shell script)08:16
Dr_Willismast`:  ive seen that asked befor.. i think its possible. but i dont recall how it was done. check gnome-terminal --help perhaps08:17
kalmosxDr_Willis: this sounds excellent, if only i could find it...08:17
Doylemcc: ok, sorry, for aptitude update then. hmmm08:18
mcci'm gonna try 4.1. wave a dead chicken08:18
Dr_Williskalmosx:  i saw it on the 'pinguy os' ubuntu variant and was playing with it. It let me pipe videos to my webcam. :)08:18
mccit just seems so strange that these scripts are failing and the most specific error i can get is "status 1"08:18
Doylemcc: would it be ok for you to just use 'sudo tasksel'?08:19
Doyleit setup a lamp server08:19
kalmosxDr_Willis: i suppose i'll continue digging in google's archives08:19
mccdoyle: oh. well, that would work fine, though i'm not very familiar with it08:19
Doylemcc: give it a shot, it sets it up as the packages would normally be setup anyway. It's just a quicky way someone setup at some point08:20
mccdoyle: this looks like it's doing basically the same things i was doing by hand08:20
Doylethe status 1 error is junk. Programmers. Can't kill em... lol08:20
mccwell that's terrifying08:21
Doylewhat is?08:21
mccthe tasksel thing worked on the first try :O08:21
Doylebo ya!08:21
mcclike, mysqld is running fine now :O08:21
mccthank you so much!08:21
DoyleThat's now my answer for everything08:21
Dr_Williskalmosx:  yea. I recall the app was java based (wich suprised me) i dont see it in the PinguyOS listing.. proberly because it was not an app he just apt-get install'ed.. but nstalled by hand. Let me heck my bookmarks08:21
Evo11morning guys08:22
kalmosxDr_Willis: thanks a lot :)08:22
Doyleanytime mcc, that was fun08:22
Evo11does anyone know of a good program for creating ISO files of movies?08:22
* ikey would say dd but always gets flamed for it08:23
p1oooop1Evo11: yeah, but I don't think it's for linux...08:23
p1oooop1stupid windows domination.08:23
Evo11k lm looking for a linux one tyhough08:23
p1oooop1Evo11: search up dvdshrink ;)08:23
DoyleEvo11: use dd08:23
Evo11l use that on my windows machine also08:23
undifinedp1oooop1, decss was made on linux ..08:24
Evo11that is for linux Doyle?08:24
undifinedlol Doyle08:24
ikeyExample: dd if=/dev/dvd of=MY_BACKUP_LEGIT_HONEST.iso08:24
DoyleEvo11: yes, dd copies information bit for bit from the source to the destination, empty space included08:24
ikeyTechnically it should be UDF. but ohwell.08:24
undifinedEvo11, tried K3b or Brasero08:24
Dr_Williskalmosx:  i cant find the name in my bookmarks either. When i Upgraded this box. it may got removed.. I need to reboot the other box to Pinguy to find its name.. but that box is busy for the next 20 min reencoding a video. so it may be a bit. I cant even find it on google.08:25
Evo11I tried that one undifined but I got the following error: libdvdcss.so.2 (library).08:26
undifinedgot dcss ? no :p08:26
kalmosxDr_Willis: i appreciate your help, thanks08:27
Evo11no l don't have dcss, but lm installing K3b to try that one08:27
jhattaraif there any way for a script to see if apt wants to restart the system ?08:28
dougb_freebsdjhattara: if you're that worried about it, just restart08:29
jhattaradougb_freebsd, i'd like to make an automated script to restart a server in case of kernel upgrade08:30
dougb_freebsdyou shouldn't do automated kernel upgrades08:30
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
jhattaradougb_freebsd, would it be better to make a manual timed restart08:32
dougb_freebsdthat depends, what are you trying to accomplish?08:32
sinmanhow can i delete a file thru the command line?08:32
jhattarai have a webserver that needs to be restarted in the middle of the night if at all08:32
jhattaraand was just wondering is it possible to let apt control the need for restart08:33
ikoniasinman: rm08:33
sinmanikonia : thanxs08:33
dougb_freebsdupdating software on a server without human interaction is a really bad idea08:33
ikoniajhattara: are you seriously saying free bsd has a better "cron" than Linux ?08:33
dougb_freebsdbut if you choose to do it anyway, best of luck to you :)08:34
jhattarawell, i have no physical access to the server around the time the restart has to be done08:34
dougb_freebsdikonia: I don't see him saying that at all08:34
dougb_freebsdjhattara: who said anything about physical access?08:34
ikoniadougb_freebsd: no, I've just re-read, my mistake08:34
ikoniadougb_freebsd: your nick name caused confusion08:34
dougb_freebsdikonia: no worries :)08:34
dougb_freebsdsomeone else on freenode has dougb08:34
dougb_freebsdand the first time I logged on here I was looking for help on another channel, so I wanted to make it clear who I was08:35
jhattarawhat's the difference if i don't have physical access to the server whether the restart is in cron or if i do it with ssh?08:36
dougb_freebsdjhattara: I'm assuming you have some sort of remote console access since it's a server ... if you don't, you're better off doing it when you have physical access08:37
dougb_freebsdwhich is better, to have it down for 10 minutes during the day when you can fix it immediately, or to have it down for 4 hours overnight because you told cron to reboot it and it failed to come back?08:37
jhattarayeah, i got ssh08:38
Dr_WillisI have to wonder why a webserver 'needs to be restarted' daily08:38
jhattaraDr_Willis, who said anything about daily08:38
dougb_freebsdssh is not remote console access08:38
Dr_Williswhy else would you want to be automateing it..?08:39
jhattarawell, that's all the access i got to the computer08:39
Dr_Willisssh in restart it then.. and hope for the best i guess. if its a one time thing.08:39
dougb_freebsdjhattara: then don't do software upgrades OR reboots unless you have physical access08:39
* Dr_Willis agrees with dougb_freebsd08:39
dougb_freebsdDr_Willis: you missed a whole bunch of the conversation08:39
Dr_Willisdougb_freebsd:  probnerly. :) been researching info for  some other guy...08:39
Dr_WillisI need a longer history buffer on my irc client08:39
Dr_WillisIve had to many 'remote' box issues.. and the remote headless server is in the next room...08:41
jhattaradougb_freebsd, so basically you are saying that i shouldn't reboot a system at all if i don't have a primitive access to it?08:42
=== pins is now known as pinPoint
dougb_freebsdyes, that's exactly what I'm saying08:43
dougb_freebsdunless of course it's not a problem if the thing stays off line till you can get to it again08:43
Dr_Williswhy is cron involved.. cant shutdown take a time artument also..08:44
jhattaraDr_Willis, it can08:44
jhattarai was just wondering if i could do a fully automated script that would restart only if apt thinks it needs a restart08:44
jhattaraanother script i'd like to create is something that would probe the status of various server-daemons and attempt to restart them if they are not functioning properly08:47
dougb_freebsdthere are all sorts of monitoring systems available already ... nagios is probably the easiest place to start08:48
Dr_Williskalmosx:  the hard to rember name is 'webcamstudio' *doh*08:48
Blue1dougb_freebsd: I use hobbit08:48
kalmosxDr_Willis: awesome! i'm going to try it now08:48
Dr_Williskalmosx:  http://www.ws4gl.org/08:48
Dr_WillisWebcamStudio For GNU/Linux creates a virtual webcam that can mix several video sources together08:49
Dr_WillisIt has some real neat features. You can broadcast your desktop, then switch to your face. then to a movie, or other source real fast.08:49
kalmosxthis sounds like an awesome tool :D08:49
rileypno sound in firefox flashplayer help please08:50
Dr_Williskalmosx:  one main feaure i recall. it it can get webcams that flash cant 'see' to work with flash.08:50
Blue1rileyp: 32 bit or 64 bit?08:50
Dr_Williskalmosx:  the inteface is a little odd.. but not to hard to figure out08:50
rileypBlue 1 10.04 lucid 32 bit08:51
rileypBlue1 10.04 lucid 32 bit08:51
Blue1rileyp: okay let me get my netbook brb08:52
rileypBlue1 Its an asrock ion front end mythv has sound and xbmc has sound08:52
trijntjeHi all, how can I fake giving virtualbox a blank CD/DVD?08:53
rileypBlue1 and vlc has sound now Ive set it to hdmi in the vlc setings08:53
Blue1rileyp: please prepend message to me with my nick, thanks.  I am not understanding.  You have no sound at all, or you have no sound with firefox?08:53
rileypBlue1 no sound with firefox08:54
Blue1rileyp: please prepend messages with my nick or I will be unable to help you.08:55
rileypBlue1 no sound in firefox only is what I am doing wrong Blue108:55
funhis an ssh server pre installed with 10.4?08:56
jussifunh: no08:56
jussifunh: sudo apt-get install ssh08:56
Blue1rileyp: try auto-complete.  try typing in blu then hit the tab key08:56
jussifunh: the client is, but not the server08:57
rileypBlue1,  ok08:57
ipunkhow to improve the sound quality from my laptop because on some songs it really sounds very bad?08:57
Blue1ipunk: use headphones (really)08:57
kalmosxDr_Willis: this is great! works just as you said08:58
ipunkthe problem is not in the speakers my laptop is connected to a hifi08:58
Dr_Williskalmosx:  yea. You can stgream a video to your friends and chat with them at the same time08:58
Blue1rileyp: you should have a file called libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer08:58
Dr_Williskalmosx:  some of the GUI is odd. and not clear like whats a 'animation' source vs a actual video..08:58
Blue1rileyp: so let's do a reality check and make sure it's there08:59
ipunkthe problem is that the quality of the sound is very bad sometimes08:59
Dr_Williskalmosx:  heh. I am now streaming a video. with the weather report on top of it. :)08:59
kalmosxDr_Willis: dude, sweet08:59
Dr_Williskalmosx:  whats amuseing.. its a java app.. but its aparently not ported to windows09:00
rileypBlue1,  flash is installed and working just no sound  /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer: Is a directory09:00
MatsyHello! :)09:00
Dr_Williskalmosx:  i DO notice that my colors in my videos are wrong. like the red/green/blue are shifted or somthing. BUtg live cam feed is not09:00
rileypBlue1,   sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree; sudo apt-get --purge autormove; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:01
Blue1rileyp: correct let's see if the libflashplayer.so is there.09:01
Blue1rileyp: okay I'm done.09:01
sreerajcPicasa taking too much time to load why?09:01
sreerajcHow can i install a .sh file?09:02
MatsyI'm just going to ask a question right away: How do I install a different kernel on Ubuntu? I need, apparently. It seems like installing a different kernel is dangerous enough, so I really don't want to screw it up.09:02
Dr_Williskalmosx:  try using a video file as your source. and see if the colors are correct. This is the 2nd pc now ive seen the colors be wrong09:02
rileypBlue1,  flash is working just no sound I need to set my default sound output device to the hdmi port somehow09:02
kalmosxDr_Willis: will do, just a moment09:02
Dr_Willissreerajc:  what is this sh file exactly? it can depend  on what its isntalling09:02
rileypBlue1 Me thinks if i plugged in speakers to 1/4 inch jack I would have sound09:03
trijntje!kernel | Matsy09:03
ubottuMatsy: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages09:03
MatsyThanks, haha.09:04
funhjussi: thank you09:05
=== DoubleString is now known as ZNC_DoubleString
MatsyWhen reading this. I have this one question. I don't want to use the kernel. I just need it to compile something. Would this guide still apply?09:07
rileyphow can I set default audio output to hdmi09:07
=== Claudinux_ is now known as Claudinux
rileypIm using lucid and get no sound from flashplayer09:08
rileypflash works sfine other than no sound. I have sound in mythtv ,vlc and xbmc09:08
sreerajcSorry, does anyone know server for English language09:08
rileypserver is server in english09:09
sreerajcrileyp, I mean server to learn English09:11
Dr_WillisLearning English over IRC is sort of like me learning Japaneese by watching ANIME....09:12
Dr_Willissreerajc:  you may want to ask in #ubuntu-offtopic  they may have some suggestions.09:12
chris_osxrileyp: do you mean a irc server?09:12
sreerajcDr_Willis, k,thnx09:12
chris_osxsorry i mean sreerajc09:13
rwwsreerajc: try the ##english channel on this server09:13
chris_osxor learn german09:13
sreerajcChr|s, yes09:13
akioshi, is there a way to get Battlefield bad company 2 running with ubuntu?09:14
Espen-_-cant get my server to boot09:15
=== shai_ is now known as shai
Espen-_-Have runned fsck, tried different kernels09:17
JoshuaLtry setting your hardware clock?09:17
Espen-_-looked over my fstab09:18
Espen-_-JoshuaL: this is a linode. So I dont have access to the hw clock09:18
Espen-_-But I have opened a ticket with them.09:18
Espen-_-Cant even do hwclock --show. Returns nothing09:18
om26erI had nvidia on this system. today I pulled it out and now system does not start09:18
om26ernow I am in failsafe gnome09:19
ikoniaom26er: you'll need to reconfigure your xorg09:19
om26erikonia, something like dpkg-reconfigure?09:19
ikoniaom26er: what have you replaced the nvidia card with ?09:19
om26erikonia, the built in intel09:19
ikoniaom26er: ok, so you need to edit the xorg.conf file and remove the "driver nvidia" line, or better still, remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf and let X auto detect it all again09:20
AnxiousNutmorning all!09:20
* om26er reboots09:21
ezrafreeever since i've updated ubuntu my mx5000 mouse/keyboard combo has been dropping connection after a short while09:21
ezrafreeany ideas?09:21
ipunkhow to improve the sound quality from my laptop because on some songs it really sounds very bad?09:21
Dr_Willisthats a bluetooth moude ezrafree ?09:21
ezrafreeyes Dr_Willis09:22
Dr_Willisipunk:  just some? anything differnt about those? differnt format? type of muzak?09:22
ipunkno dif style of music thats all09:22
Dr_Willisezrafree:  never used a BT mouse/keyboard so i cant help.  You may want to check teh forums see if others have same issue09:22
Dr_Willisezrafree:  this was a 9.04 -> 10.04 upgrade? or just  a recent 10.04 update?09:23
ipunkme thinks this is a driver problem09:24
ipunkthe hifi is fine Im playing with the 3.5 mm audio cable its connectteed to my laptop is fine too09:25
ipunkand I certainly didin't have that bad quality on w709:25
__good_day_Hello friends, I am trying to install ubuntu as guest using vmware. I had issue with the installation, after the minimum installtion the setup reboots the guest OS(ubuntu 10.01.1) and then a purple screen appears. After that login prompt comes. What to do now ?09:26
codebrainzhi.  I've lost the ability in Nautilus to right click and open files (in a text editor for example) and also the option to choose which program the file opens with is gone.  anyone know how to get this back?09:26
codebrainz__good_day_, pick your username, enter your password and press Enter09:28
om26erikonia, now the situation changed. the system does not start directly but if I go to recovery mode sudo gdm starts gdm fine09:28
om26erwith 3d working09:28
ipunkcmon guys youre telling me that i cant listen songs with more bass on my acer with ubuntu ???09:28
ikoniaom26er: did you do what I told you to do ?09:28
om26erikonia, yes deleted /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:29
__good_day_codebrainz: login incorrect.09:29
ikoniaom26er: this is ubuntu 10.04 right ?09:29
om26erikonia, yes09:29
th0rI just installed lucid to a dell laptop. The usb mouse was working perfectly until I installed the updates. lsusb shows the mouse properly, but the mouse no longer moves the cursor. I have added 'acpi=force irqpoll' to grub per the forum post, but that didn't help.09:29
ikoniaom26er: ok, so when you start it in normal mode what happens ?09:29
om26erikonia, tty09:30
ikoniaom26er: you need to check the Xorg logs then to find out why it's not starting at boot time09:30
om26erikonia, then if I enter user name and password and then sudo gdm does not start gdm09:30
codebrainz__good_day_, did you setup a user during install?09:30
ikoniaom26er: you need to check the logs to see what it's not happy about09:31
om26erikonia, where are the logs?09:31
ikoniaom26er: also make %100 certain /etc/X11/Xorg.conf is not there09:31
om26eryes not there09:32
Jordan_Uipunk: I'm betting that the files that sound horrible only sound that way because the files are broken. Many players simply ignore gain settings that seem too absurd which is why they would sound normal in other players.09:32
ipunki tryed dling the song w\from 3 dif sources09:34
ipunkand tryed playing it with dif players09:34
sviplol, all these guides for Ubuntu on a Mac are terrible; none of them mentions how to boot from a CD on a Mac.09:34
ipunkthe song is more electro or techno is the sound quality is ....09:34
chris_osxsvip: press C09:34
pozicWhat's the name of the application that shows the network connection?09:34
ikoniasvip: `if you own a mac it should be known09:34
chris_osxon startup09:34
svipikonia: Apparently not for all.09:34
pozicI also would like to know the name of the container that contains this applet.09:35
pozicAh, I think it was nm-applet.09:35
svipchris_osx: Well, it took me a while to dig that information up.09:35
svipIt wouldn't hurt to include it in the guides; just sayin'.09:35
=== Greyscale is now known as Greysc[a]le
pozicHumans are not born with knowledge about either OSX or Ubuntu. Since Ubuntu is for human beings, it should be in the guides or there should be a reference to something which does explain it. Not that I use a Mac.09:37
Jordan_Uipunk: Could you give an example file that sounds bad?09:37
itbcn8pozic, you can't find a good install reference for a mac?09:38
=== sudokode is now known as edokodus
=== edokodus is now known as sudokode
Jordan_Uipunk: Have you tried using mp3gain?09:41
pozicitbcn8: it was not my problem.09:41
pozicitbcn8: and I didn't even search.09:41
=== sudokode is now known as mit
pozicitbcn8: I could probably find it, if I wanted it.09:42
=== mit is now known as sudokode
Tweakyanyone know how to turn on usb support? theres no icon for it in the lower right corner. some things i read suggested adding permissions to the vbox user group or something to that effect, but no group named that exists09:42
Tweakyin virtualbox sorry09:42
RCPTweaky Bios09:42
ikoniaTweaky: the open source virtual box does not have usb support09:42
itbcn8ya pozic, because they have REALLY detailed step by step instructions, for every macbook make and model09:42
ikoniaTweaky: only the full version does09:42
Jordan_Uipunk: It's a piece of software for modifying an mp3 files gain settings.09:43
Tweakyso it has to be purchased to have that function?09:43
Dr_WillisTweaky:  no - its a free download.09:43
Dr_WillisTweaky:  its just differnt then the ones in the repos.09:43
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:43
mast`Dr_Willis: for future reference, opening a new terminal with tabs & processes is done with --tab -e "process1" --tab -e "process 2" :)09:45
Tweakyso if i get it from the vbox site that one has the support for usb?09:45
Tweakynvm u just answered09:45
Jordan_Uipunk: Make a copy of one of the bad files and try running "mp3gain -a -k /path/to/song.mp3" then play the modified file.09:45
ipunkit sounds bad in youtube too09:46
ipunkthe sound just isn't clean the way it was on w709:47
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:47
ikoniaipunk: your audio controller may just have a poor kernel module09:47
ipunkit sounds just fine on w709:48
ikoniaipunk: yes but you're not using windows 7, hence why I said it may just have a poor kernel module09:48
ipunkkernel doesn't say much to me Im afraid ;(09:48
ikoniaipunk: kernel is basically the linux "driver manager"09:49
ipunkis there anyway i fix this I have acer 5738 ZG09:49
ikoniaipunk: what is your audio controller, that's the real question09:49
ipunkacer aspire 5738zg*09:49
__good_day_codebrainz: When I configure virtual machine in vmware, I entered username/pass. I tried that and it is working. Thank you. The installation process didnt ask anything performs - installing additional components, network detect, dhcp configration, settingup clock, formatting partition, installing base system.09:49
ipunkikonia:  how do I check whats my audio controller?09:50
ikoniaipunk: check your hardware specs (back in 5 minutes)09:50
__good_day_codebrainz: I got into linux prompt after login. Its command prompt, how to get graphical screen. do I need to install anything for start. Startx is not working.09:50
pie_timewhen trying to play a radio station on ubuntu i get "Please enter a valid login name and password for realm (null)". I have no idea what I'm supposed to enter. Could anyone please tell me?09:50
ipunkhow do i check what hardware i has on ubuntu???09:51
codebrainz__good_day_, which install CD did you use?09:52
codebrainzipunk, you can use the hwinfo utility09:52
=== ZNC_DoubleString is now known as DoubleString
RCPCan Someone point me to a howto install active directory on ubuntu 10.04?09:52
__good_day_codebrainz: ubuntu-10.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso, running i3 processor09:52
DoubleStringhey all09:53
ipunkcodebrainz:  please tell the exact instuction second day on ubuntu09:53
codebrainz__good_day_, did you install "command line only" system?09:53
__good_day_codebrainz: No, it didnt ask anything and install on its own. I am not sure where to do the required setting09:53
codebrainzipunk, 'apt-get install hwinfo' and then 'man hwinfo' for instructions09:54
codebrainz__good_day_, try 'apt-get install xorg ubuntu-desktop'09:55
ahoxHi, is there a way to find out how many ram modules are installed without openin the case?09:56
codebrainzipunk, there's some really good gui tools for this as well, but i can't remember any names09:56
ahox/proc/meminfo does not have this info09:56
pie_timewhen trying to play a radio station on VLC i get "Please enter a valid login name and password for realm (null)". I have no idea what I'm supposed to enter. Could anyone please tell me?09:56
ipunkcodebrainz:  thx i has the hardware listed in mah termianl now09:57
__good_day_codebrainz: it needs administrative priviliges to execute the command. I am loggin in as ubuntu@ubuntu. I havenot entered anywhere the root password while installation or configuring the virtual machine. Any way i get login as root or run su command.09:57
__good_day_codebrainz: any default root password09:58
codebrainz__good_day_, sudo apt-get install ...09:58
codebrainz__good_day_, it sounds like you're running the live system though and not the installed one, you should've been asked to setup a user09:59
th0rahox: free will show memory10:00
__good_day_codebrainz: ooh.. Yes, How to make sure I am running live system. Also your command works and I have been asked to install a lot of packages of around 2 GB.10:00
ahoxth0r, thnx, however I am interested in the number of installed modules... I just found the command lshw, maybe this one is helpfull10:00
codebrainz__good_day_, it will all be for nothing if you're running the live system10:01
ipunkikonia:                         Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller10:01
codebrainz__good_day_, probably easier just to reinstall using the Desktop CD10:01
th0rpie_time: you get that when the server does not respond....there is nothing to enter...it is a bogus prompt10:03
umcguys, if I do a tail -f /var/log/messages, I get "rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="4.2.0" x-pid="969" x-info="http://www.rsyslog.com"] rsyslogd was HUPed, type 'lightweight'". any idea what that means ? google didn't help10:03
pie_timeth0r, then how do i access this station ive accessed 5 times before with no problem?10:03
umcthat command lightweight doesn't exist10:04
__good_day_codebrainz: I got you, Instead of downloading desktop one, I have downloaded alternate iso image. Let me download the desktop and install again. Thank you a Lot..10:04
th0rpie_time: it is probably either busy or offline. Sometimes you can get in by trying several times, but sometimes the server is just offline10:04
__good_day_codebrainz: downloading http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso image now.10:05
datuneWhat's the preffered method to have a script execute on startup of a server?10:05
codebrainz__good_day_, yep, it should be much friendlier if you are kinda new10:05
codebrainzdatune, you can add a call to it in /etc/rc.local iirc10:06
datuneWhat if I write a script named FOO, which executes the real script, put that in /etc/init.d/ and then do update-rc.d FOO defaults, wouldn't that be a better option?10:08
codebrainzdatune, i guess, it depends what the script is doing and when you want it to run10:09
datunecodebrainz: It's a monitoring tool for MySQL Servers (called MONyog)10:10
codebrainzdatune, only reason i say rc.local is because it runs last afaik10:10
datunecodebrainz: Really, I just want to make sure that if the machine is rebooted, MONyog is started10:11
Naznazhi, I installed http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ubuntu+sunrise+plymouth?content=129696 but it is only in greyscales on startup, what can I do about that?10:11
datunecodebrainz: I see. Thanks a lot!10:11
akiosblubb o.O10:12
akiosIs there a way to get Battlefield bad company 2 running with Ubuntu or no chance?10:12
DjAngo23Hello everyone, i have a local server with dnsmasq on it, and it is working great with the window scomputer in my environment. But the mac and mainly the Ubuntu computer are not working via that dns:   I configured my DNS IP /etc/resolv.conf and did sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload10:12
DjAngo23If i ping a subdomain it just doesn' t work.10:12
DjAngo23On the PC' s it is working10:13
chickamadehello, has some one this this prob? My apt-* is getting stuck on this, e.g.10:13
chickamadesudo apt-get check10:13
chickamadeReading package lists... Done10:13
chickamadeBuilding dependency tree... 50%10:13
FloodBot3chickamade: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
Dr_WillisHmm, i dont recall ever using the apt-get check command...10:16
Dr_Willissomthing to add to my notes.10:16
DjAngo23Any ideas guys ?10:16
chickamadeDr_Willis, it happens for other apt-*, aptitude or GUI10:16
Dr_Willischickamade:  i wonder if thers not a currupted file in /var/cache/apt10:16
chickamadeDr_Willis, it just got stuck at 50% and going nowhere10:16
ipunkikonia:                         Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller10:17
Dr_Willischickamade:  you could clean out the files in /var/cache/apt BUT some of those are required for apt to work. so dont just delete them.10:17
Dr_Willisapt can get very mad if some of the dirs/files in /var/cache/apt are not there10:17
kalmosxDr_Willis: i can't really get webcamstudio to stream video, it just hangs10:19
kalmosxbut at least i can finally flip my video10:19
Dr_Williskalmosx:  i did see some mention of being needed to be added to a video group when i ran it the first time.10:19
kalmosxDr_Willis: so i can't test it for you, sorry :(10:19
kalmosxDr_Willis: yeah, not sure what to do about that10:20
Dr_Williskalmosx:  i just add a video file source and look at the preview is all i did10:20
Dr_Williskalmosx:  use the system admin users tool and check the groups10:20
DjAngo23Back online. Some network issues10:20
DjAngo23I have a local server with dnsmasq on it, and it is working great with the window scomputer in my environment. But the mac and mainly the Ubuntu computer are not working via that dns:   I configured my DNS IP /etc/resolv.conf and did sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload10:20
Dr_Williskalmosx:  select the user, advanced settings, theres a check box for video.10:21
Dr_Williskalmosx:  ive never actually had anyone connect to my webcam/webcamstudio. ive only watched the previews - so for all i know - it dosent work at all. :)10:22
Dr_Williskalmosx:  got to log out/back in to change the groups. Brb10:23
kalmosxDr_Willis: after adding myself, it still shows the message :/10:23
kalmosxah ok10:23
chickamadeDr_Willis, I moved pkgcache.bin to pkgcache.bin.bak, and apt-* seems happy BUT when I issue an install command it seemed to forget that coreutils, udev, and friends are installed10:23
kalmosxDr_Willis: i admire your patience and good will, goodnight :)10:24
chickamadeDr_Willis: not sure if I should continue10:24
chickamadeis there a way to tell APT to regenerate its cache?10:25
Naznazhi, I installed the splashscreen from http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ubuntu+sunrise+plymouth?content=129696 but it is only in greyscales on startup, what can I do about that?10:26
Error404NotFoundhttp://pastebin.com/AhZbfvDK is this a valid bind zone definition? specially the MX part? Upon "dig mx domain.com" it gives "domain.com. 14400 IN MX 10" which i don't think is right10:27
ikoniaError404NotFound: ask in #dbs10:28
ikoniaError404NotFound: ask in #dns10:28
Error404NotFoundikonia, tried in #bind with no luck10:29
ezrafreewhat should i do if i don't have a /etc/default/bluetooth ...should i just create one or is there something i should install?10:30
chickamadeDr_Willis, it seems /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin is corrupted, but if I moved it away, APT and dpkg would seem to lose all memory of installed pacakges10:30
Dr_Willischickamade:  yea. Not sure what to do.10:30
ikoniaError404NotFound: ok - it's still nothing to do with ubuntu10:30
Error404NotFoundikonia, may be if dns is hosted on an ubuntu box :P10:30
voob_of_doomanybody knows some app that gives graphical representation of disk usage?10:31
ikoniaError404NotFound: no10:31
Error404NotFoundikonia, i was just kidding, peace :)10:31
sometuxcan't get the youtube plugin in totem to work?10:31
diverse_izzuevoob_of_doom, baobab10:32
voob_of_doomdiverse_izzue: thanks10:32
diverse_izzuevoob_of_doom, Applications->accessories->disk usage analyzer10:32
chickamadeDr_Willis, apt-* seems happy if I moved it away, it regenerate one that is about the same size 14MB (but diff says they're not the same)10:33
DjAngo23 Hello everyone, i have a local server with dnsmasq on it, and it is working great with the window scomputer in my environment. But the mac and mainly the Ubuntu computer are not working via that dns:   I configured my DNS IP /etc/resolv.conf and did sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload10:33
sometuxTotem youtube-plugin doesn't work, why?10:35
ikoniaDjAngo23: what happens when you try to do an nslookup10:35
boywonderhi,can anyone tell me what:- unable to find a medium containing a live file system means?10:35
ikoniaboywonder: in what context10:36
boywondermy gparted wont run10:36
ezrafreehow can i tell what version of ubuntu i'm on?10:36
ikoniaboywonder: are you running from a livecd ?10:36
ikoniaezrafree: lsb_release -a10:36
boywondera usb10:36
boywonderi get a debian live error10:37
ikoniaboywonder: Hmmmm what shouldn't be a problem, but to me it suggests it' can't write to the live filesystem10:37
ikoniaboywonder: what version of ubuntu ?10:37
DjAngo23ikonia, nslookup gives my the correct IP10:37
ikoniaDjAngo23: then your dns is working on the desktop10:37
ezrafreeikonia: thanks10:37
boywonderim dual booting?10:38
ikoniaboywonder: what does that have to do with anything10:38
DjAngo23ikonia,  i know the problem10:38
sometuxI have problem playing youtube videos in Totem 2.30.2, any ideas?10:38
DjAngo23i named my server local10:38
DjAngo23Anbd that creates a conflict10:38
boywonderanyway what could it be?10:38
ikoniaboywonder: I've just suggested the problem10:39
boywonderwhere is the live file system?10:39
ikoniaboywonder: it should be on your usb10:39
deployIm looking for a network interface monitor which can tell me total data usage over a period of time (month). Any suggest one?10:40
ikoniadeploy: cacti ?10:40
* deploy looks10:40
MatsyWow, how could wubi have modified my bios settings10:40
boywonderikonia,  so it could be i havnt got the live cd in order?10:41
MatsyCompletely changed the boot sequence.10:41
tasslehoffwhere does "uname -a" take it's info from? /boot?10:41
ikoniatasslehoff: from the running ker el10:42
tasslehoffikonia: hm. does grub take the kernel from /boot?10:43
tasslehoffby default10:43
tasslehoffikonia: I installed 32-bit Ubuntu, but uname -a says x86_64. It failed installing grub and used an old /boot from my previous 64-bit install10:44
sometuxhow to make nautilus to display the location path in buttons instead of a text box?10:45
=== umc is now known as umc-work
itbcn8ctrl L10:46
ct529hi guys!10:47
ct529I have some difficultie sin setting out an alternative outgoing server on evolution. Is that even possible? I have one server that I use in the office (the main one), but when I am at home I need to use a different one.10:47
NaznazI installed a spashsreen but that is only displayed in black/white on startup. What can I do about that?10:48
ikoniatasslehoff: your running 64bit10:48
ct529I cannot access any other outgoing server from the office (the block the protocol) and I cannot access the office server at home (again, the block the protocol)10:48
ct529any help?10:48
algnodHi, I would like to help test 10.10beta and I am running into some issues, is someone here who could help?10:49
Doylect529: talk to your office tech dept10:49
ct529Doyle: and say what?10:49
Doylect529: get some vpn action going10:49
itbcn8algnod: what sort of problems10:49
ct529Doyle: nope, it slows everything down10:49
ct529Doyle: I would like to configure an alternative outgoing server10:49
Doylect529: vpn is used to assure security. A company will not allow alternate connection methods to be employed. Read the IT policy I'm sure it's mentioned in there that any attempt to breach network security has severe repercussions10:50
ct529Doyle: I need to set up an alternative outgoing server when I use the laptop from home for personal use10:51
rwwalgnod: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for Maverick questions and support, try there :)10:51
ct529Doyle: it is fine with our IT department10:52
algnodthanks rww10:52
Doylect529: all access to your corporate network will have to be handled by the companies IT dept. If there's a sever involved get themt o set it up and tell you how to establish a connection.10:52
Doylect529: if you have a more specific question than how to connect to a corporate network from home...10:53
ct529Doyle: you did not read qhat I said .... I need to set up an alternative outgoing server when I use the laptop from home for PERSONAL use .... it is perfectly FINE with my IT department (I checked with them) .... there is only one simple technical question: hwo do I set up an alternative outgoing server in evolution under ubuntu 10.04?10:57
Doylect529: ok, lets try this again. I have issues with people trying to circumnavigate network security... years of compromised networks has made me freak out at the idea of it10:58
ct529Doyle: look, it is not a security issue .... it is the fact that I cannot find the way of configuring an alternative outgoing server on evolution in ubuntu 10.04 for personal use .... in what way is that related to a security issue????10:59
Baram2anyone know anything about the latest kernel update breaking logitech wireless mouse/keybards?10:59
Doylect529: What is the connection for? Mail primarily I assuem11:00
Baram2just updated kernel (to 2.6.32-24) on 10.04, now my logitech MX wireless mouse/keyboard will not function.  Pulling the USB key and putting back makes it prompt to grant/reject access to some long string of numbers... any idea what's going on?11:02
ct529Doyle: it is just an outgoing server (smtp) on evolution to send emails, my personal, private emails, that should not go through the company outgoing smtp server11:03
Doylect529: ok lovely. you have it's public ip address?11:03
boywonderwhat would live medium path be set to for gparted on usb?11:03
ct529Doyle: of whom?11:03
Doylect529: to connect to the company server you have to have either it's IP address or its web address11:04
Doylect529: it'll look something like or http://company.com/exchange or something11:05
ct529Doyle: I am saying I do NOT want to connect to the company's address .... I want to connect to an alternative smtp server, that I can choose when I send personal emails  .... exactly as it works in other email clients, like kmail!11:05
umc-workcan I disable everything that has to do with sound ? drivers, etc ? I don't use sound on a computer, and I want to check if that's causing problem with a general protection fault11:05
Doylect529: ok, so you have the server setup already, does it have an external ip address taht you can ping at home? If you're not going to be tunneling into the company network via vpn, it has to ahve a public ip address11:07
ct529Doyle: yes I have that11:07
Dr_Willisumc-work:  you could rmmod the sound card modules.11:07
Doylect529: and you have the username and password for the mailbox that's setup on the server?11:08
DoyleBaram2: huh? mouse?11:08
ct529Doyle: yep11:08
Doylect529: ok, can you ping the ip address?11:09
Doylect529: we'll start with the basics11:09
ct529Doyle: yep11:09
Baram2yes, updated kernel from repos, now my mouse and keyboard do not work11:09
Doylect529: ok, what happens when you plug in all the settings into your amil client exactly? Are you getting an error?11:09
Baram2a few times it prompted me to grant access for them, I did, it asked again, I did... now it doesn't ask and doesn't do anything11:09
DoyleBaram2: ah fun... just a minute11:09
Baram2looks just like this: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145454911:10
umc-workDr_Willis: can that be reversed ? do you know any docs that explain how to do that ? I never dealt with stuff like this. I know the codek is Realtek ALC889A. it's an intel sound card11:10
ct529Doyle: nope, it happens that I have to set a completely new account, whilst I want to use it with the same account11:10
Baram2but their fix is talking about netbook remix and some omnibox(or something) module, neither of which I'm dealing with11:10
ct529Doyle: one account, two alternative smtp servers .... exactly as in kmail / kontatct11:11
MatsyI am having an issue while building kernel I'm doing make oldconfig && make prepare, but it's giving me the following erros:11:11
MatsyThe error the command make oldconfig && make prepare is giving me is as follows: make: *** No rule to make target `include/config/auto.conf', needed by `include/config/kernel.release'.  Stop.11:12
ct529Doyle: In the tab sending emails I only find the way on setting one smtp server for one account11:12
MatsyIt's a tad weird.11:12
sweetpict529: just add a new account without incoming server, only your alternate smtp server. then when you create mail just choose the "From" dropdown11:13
Doylect529: thats right, typically it's one account/one smtp server. You can add multiple accounts to an email client and setup folders for each, or dump all mail into one11:13
ct529Doyle: is thatv the only solution?11:13
NaznazI installed the splashscreen from http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=129696&forumpage=1 but it is only grey for me. Any idea?11:13
Doylect529: sweetpi 's suggestion is solid, if the program will accept it with empty fields11:13
sweetpict529: choose incoming server type "None"11:14
ct529Doyle: sweetpi: so evolution doe snot actually allow for alternative smtp servers in the same account? that is the reason why I did not find any documentation on google or on th evolution sever11:14
snoy_mshey all. I installed a fresh ubuntu server. now i cant use apt http://pastebin.com/BuTknewE11:14
=== DoubleString is now known as ZNC_DoubleString
snoy_mssorry its germany. At the top are my source and then the erros when using apt-get update11:15
sweetpict529: not that I know of, but I dont use it. I just opened it cause I was tired of you two arguing :p11:15
tasslehoffikonia: yep, but the issue is that the install didn't touch the /boot partition. so it loads a 64-bit kernel, but my everything in my install expects 32-bit11:15
tasslehoffI need to reinstall /boot11:15
ct529sweetpi: what do you use?11:16
DoyleBaram2: are you on 2.6.32-24?11:16
snoy_msnever saw this before.....NODATA 1 NODATA 2 signature !??!11:16
Baram2doyle yes11:16
DoyleBaram2: revert11:16
Baram2doyle: 2.6.32-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 20 14:21:58 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:16
sweetpict529: depends on what im doing.. but thunderbird on gui11:17
DoyleBaram2: revert for now, let them fix it, then update it later11:17
Baram2Doyle yeah... small problem there, ESC key on my keyboard is broken, can't get into GRUB menu11:17
DoyleBaram2: borrow a keyboard from a friend/neighbor when you have a chance11:17
Baram2doyle there's no work around on this at all?  I could just comment it out in the menu.lst11:17
ct529sweetpi: I actually did not argue, just asked a question .... does thunderbird allow for alternative smtp servers on the same account? I just migrated from KDE to GNOME becaus ethis is what everybody else was using, but I feel constrained by evolution11:18
DoyleBaram2: you can try putting in a line 'pci=noacpi' and see fi that helps11:18
snoy_msanyone can help me?11:18
Baram2doyle what's the issue?11:18
DoyleBaram2: ... your mouse doesn't work?11:19
NaznazI installed the splashscreen from http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=129696&forumpage=1 but it is only grey for me. Any idea?11:19
Doyleis this a trick question?11:19
Baram2doyle I know my mouse (and keyboard) don't work... I mean what's the problem with this kernel :P11:19
Doylesnoy_ms: wudup?11:19
mujtabaHi any one here I need to discuss an issue with USB  internet drivers11:19
snoy_msDoyle: http://pastebin.com/BuTknewE11:20
snoy_msDoyle: installed a fresh ubuntu server.11:20
DoyleBaram2: ah, the problem is that several people have had this problem and no one has a fix11:20
snoy_msDoyle: now i get errors when using apt-get update11:20
sweetpict529: yeah I understand, I didnt mean you were trying to argue. But someone took it as you were trying to get around a firewall. I knew you wasnt, but I didnt know how to do it in evolution... now I do :)11:21
snoy_msDoyle: http://pastebin.com/NdsZ3rsK11:21
Baram2doyle you would think making sure keyboards and mice work would be a basic QA check before release :P11:21
ct529sweetpi: :-D .... what about thunderbird?11:21
Baram2doyle what else will pci=noacpi effect?11:21
DoyleBaram2: lol I know how you feel but they dont' have every piece of hardware to test with in development11:21
sweetpict529: thunderbird is basically the same way, except you have a list of outgoing servers and in the accounts you choose a default one11:22
DoyleBaram2: it disables the routing of acpi information on the system bus11:22
DoyleBaram2: Can't get into it, but sometimes it works magic11:22
Baram2doyle I tried two different wireless keyboards, by two very different manufacturers so... seems to be the same bluetooth issue that always crops up in a different manner, in the past it was simple enough to just unplug and replug11:22
Doylesnoy_ms: try this http://pastebin.com/ZMh3h9wD11:24
linusoleanderIs it possible to watch a some files in a folder. If a something i change in the folder, a callback is being kicked on11:24
Baram2doyle: boot option did nothing11:25
DoyleBaram2: bluetooth, tell me one of those keyboards is a wired usb11:25
Baram2doyle: I have one old PS2 keyboard I keep around for when things just don't work, other than that I have 2 bluetooth sets, normally only one in use (synergy between the two systems)11:25
snoy_msDoyle: same problem..... "GPG error:"11:26
DoyleBaram2: ok, how about this, teh grub list should have an entry for each version kernel available on your system, just select the old one as the default by manually editing it11:26
ct529sweetpi: I like that!11:26
Doylesnoy_ms: ah ok, got ya11:27
Baram2doyle was just about to reboot it again, after commenting out the new -24, which leaves the -22 I had before11:27
Doylesnoy_ms: run these in order11:28
deployikonia: Cacti looks good, but Im lost with configuring the network device. You able to help per chance?11:28
Doylesnoy_ms: 'apt-get clean'    'cd /var/lib/apt'   'mv lists lists.old'    'mkdir -p lists/partial'    'apt-get clean'   'apt-get update'11:29
DoyleBaram2: nice11:29
JohnHeikkilaHey guys11:29
Baram2doyle guess I won't update my other computer today :P11:29
whysoseriousHey kiddos11:29
kaozk_Hi! can any one suggest  me how to change the ip address in ubuntu 10.04...11:29
JohnHeikkilaAnyone know how to fix Google-Chrome's "Profile could not be opened"11:29
whysoseriousI am asking for any help about Ethernet connection and DNS11:30
Benwakaozk_, sudo ifconfig INTERFACE NEW_IP11:30
azlonwhat is the fastest way to transfer files from one PC to another? Gigabit ethernet? Is there a way to transfer from eSATA to eSATA?11:30
redhow can I set my laptop CPU to be on full power always? it's never disconnected from power supply11:30
DoyleBaram2: better not to  lol11:30
dtcfyvgubhinjmkhow can I tell if the system I am on is 64bit or 32bit?11:30
Benwakaozk_, for example : sudo ifconfig eth0
redbut each time I login the scheme goes to "on demand"11:30
dtcfyvgubhinjmkuname -a doesn't realy help11:30
dtcfyvgubhinjmkone says  x86_64 GNU/Linux11:30
JohnHeikkilait's 6411:30
dtcfyvgubhinjmkthe other  i686 GNU/Linux11:31
red686 = 32bit11:31
dtcfyvgubhinjmkJohnHeikkila, I know. The SECOND ONE11:31
dtcfyvgubhinjmkso, camn I reliably assume the i686 is a 32bit system?11:31
kaozk_i will reply  after trying thanks in advance!!!11:31
dtcfyvgubhinjmkis there a more definitive way?11:31
snoy_msDoyle: it did it, same problem....http://pastebin.com/Ychp1xuv11:31
ct529sweetpi: thanks a lot for your help11:31
JohnHeikkilaif 686 is 32 bit, what's the difference between i686 and i386?11:31
redi386 and i486 are the names of some really old Intel processors11:32
hsrAtlast back on my fav channel!11:32
JohnHeikkiladtcfyvgubhinjmk: Is your PC a laptop?11:32
FlannelJohnHeikkila: You remember 286, 386, 486, 586, etc?11:32
sweetpict529: yw11:32
dtcfyvgubhinjmkJohnHeikkila, they are intel architectures for their chipsets, age, etc, see ubuntu having a 686 compile target, also though, see "how computers work" - what I want to know is, in WikiSpeak, WhyHasNobodyFixedThisSoICanFindOutWhatMachineThisServerIs?11:32
Baram2doyle umm... uname verifies I'm on -22, and I still get the same thing and the same error message...11:32
redthe CPUs are still compatible with the old i386 binaries still11:32
JohnHeikkilaFlannel: I don't think I'm old enough to remember11:32
dtcfyvgubhinjmkJohnHeikkila, My mac is a wall mounted clock11:32
Dr_WillisBummer. I can not get google chat/video to work with WebCamStudio :*(11:32
dtcfyvgubhinjmkwhat is a "PC" and what is a Laptop, this is chunks of silicon we are talking about11:33
redmy first PC was a 286dx :)11:33
hsrHow to record radio streams in Rhytmbox/Amarok?11:33
JohnHeikkiladtcfyvgubhinjmk: Talking about Desktop PC or Laptop11:33
Doylesnoy_ms: 'sudo aptitude -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true update'  then do  'sudo apt-get update'11:33
dtcfyvgubhinjmkthey happen to be "somethings" on the other side of "tubes" so I can't turn them up side down to "check"11:33
redbut: how can I set my laptop CPU to be on full power always? it's never disconnected from power supply? it's automaticly on demand each time i log in.11:33
DoyleBaram2: oh you're completely foobared11:33
dtcfyvgubhinjmkJohnHeikkila, You have no context, you are out of your depth, let's go bowling11:33
FlannelJohnHeikkila: Alright, well, it was basically just the next revision.  So first we had 286, etc, etc.  So, the 386 version assumes you're at least using a 386.  The 686 assumes you're using at least a 686 (686 had some more features than 386, it makes use of those, and assumes you won't be using a processor without them)11:33
dtcfyvgubhinjmkWhat command can I run?11:33
Baram2doyle wtf was in those updates...11:34
dtcfyvgubhinjmkFlannel, any conclusive command I can tap tappity tap to get the bits?11:34
DoyleBaram2: Narcotics and Jar-Jar Binks stickers11:34
JohnHeikkiladtcfyvgubhinjmk: You could try installing a 64 package and if it can't, then it's not 64bit11:35
sweetpidtcfyvgubhinjmk: grep " lm " /proc/cpuinfo11:35
snoy_msDoyle: now i get this http://pastebin.com/a08EjW4k11:35
DoyleBaram2: we may be able to assume it wasn't the kernel update, maybe something else11:35
snoy_msDoyle: also errors11:35
Baram2doyle something in the last 4 days, was gone for the weekend and just did the updates when I got back11:36
dtcfyvgubhinjmksweetpi, same output on both11:36
dtcfyvgubhinjmkI have a binary, on server A, it runs11:36
dtcfyvgubhinjmkon Server B is says "no file or folder found"11:36
JohnHeikkilaHey I need some help with google chrome's "Your profile could not be opened correctly"11:36
dtcfyvgubhinjmkso... ?!?!?!?!!!!!! how and when where what? possible? not found for wrong architecture? or is something else happening?11:36
JohnHeikkilaand this doesn't do the trick: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=134172111:36
sweetpidtcfyvgubhinjmk: if the long mode(lm) flag shows, its 64-bit cpu11:37
jribdtcfyvgubhinjmk: what file?11:37
hsrHow to record radio streams in Rhytmbox/Amarok?11:37
Baram2doyle any way to find out what updates were last installed?11:37
Doylesnoy_ms: 'sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com DCF9F87B6DFBCBAE F9A2F76A9D1A0061 A040830F7FAC5991 2EBC26B60C5A2783'11:37
JohnHeikkilasweetpi: I have a 64 bit computer but I'm running 32 bit ubuntu11:37
sweetpiJohnHeikkila: yes, i didnt say it was the running kernel. I thought he was asking about his cpu11:38
JohnHeikkilasweetpi: Ohh, sorry11:38
DoyleBaram2: yea, you can use synaptic package manager and go File > History11:38
DoyleBaram2: keyboard can do it11:38
dtcfyvgubhinjmkjrib, a.out11:39
dtcfyvgubhinjmkhow can bash return No such file or directory11:39
jribdtcfyvgubhinjmk: I don't really full like pulling teeth, can you just say the relevant information to your issue?11:39
dtcfyvgubhinjmkHOW CAN SHE SLAP?11:39
snoy_msDoyle: seems that it is a connection problem. "HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host"11:39
dtcfyvgubhinjmk:-) but seriously, HOW? It is 2010, HOW?11:39
Doylesnoy_ms: give it an hour and try again, that's all I can tell ya from here11:39
dtcfyvgubhinjmkjrib, a.out runs on serverA, not on serverB, bash just says: No such file or directory11:39
snoy_msDoyle: oki doki, thanks so far11:40
dtcfyvgubhinjmkHow is that possible. That is the issue: ./a.out: No such file or directory11:40
Doylesnoy_ms: np, good luck11:40
dtcfyvgubhinjmkprotip: ls ./a.out works11:40
dtcfyvgubhinjmk*^%&^%& BASH, HOW DOES IT WORK?11:40
Flanneldtcfyvgubhinjmk: Chill out.11:40
jribdtcfyvgubhinjmk: pastebin what you are doing and the result of the following commands on both: uname -m; apt-cache policy ia32-libs11:40
dtcfyvgubhinjmk./a.out: No such file or directory11:41
Doyledtcfyvgubhinjmk: try ls -la11:41
dtcfyvgubhinjmkthat is it, nothing to pastebin...11:41
kaozk_Hi! how can i restart my network connection on ubuntu 10.04?!...11:41
jribdtcfyvgubhinjmk: this channel is not a pastebin.11:41
boywonderhelp me man?11:41
wikiiki have just installed ubuntu in a pc, but i don't know why it doesn't get the ip address throw dhcp11:41
wikiikany idea how to force the dhcp to get the address?11:41
snoy_msDoyle: i read something about firewall problems. "fetch error" seems to be a firewall block11:42
dtcfyvgubhinjmk-rwxr-xr-x 1 lolcat lolcat 264036 2010-09-05 12:34 a.out11:42
snoy_msDoyle: http://www.serenux.com/2009/07/howto-make-use-of-ubuntu-ppa-repositories/11:42
snoy_msDoyle: mhhh, but iam not the firewall admin...haha. Ohhh noooo11:42
gschweppkaozk_:     /etc/init.d/network-manager restart  ?11:42
dtcfyvgubhinjmkjrib, I don't need to pastebin, there is nothing to pastebin, stop saying pastebin. It is simple: two binaries, one server, it works, second server, I get No such file or directory. Where is the pastebin there? In the same space to paste the pastebin url, I could paste the actual thing.11:43
jribdtcfyvgubhinjmk: no you can't because I asked you for several things.11:43
boywondercan anyone help me with my gparted live boot usb?11:43
mbrochh Hello all. Which linux commands are best suited to check if a file is empty11:43
dtcfyvgubhinjmkaaaha, result of those commands11:44
jribmbrochh: you could use du to check size I suppose11:44
dtcfyvgubhinjmkI truncated your input11:44
jribdtcfyvgubhinjmk: ok, but pastebin everything including the commands you are running each server at the same url as it's easier for me to manage multiple people that way11:44
boywonderor point me to a #?11:44
HollyRain.bzrignore file (bazaar), can be used comment lines? #11:44
jribboywonder: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)11:45
boywonderi just dont get live media?11:45
Baram2doyle only other thing, besides programs I see is some libgu and udev...11:45
jribHollyRain: try #bzr11:45
gschweppboywonder: are you looking for a live usb stick? with ubuntu on it?11:46
kaozk_huh! that did not work it displays some error msg ! is there any other way to change the ip address and restart the network connection?!11:46
boywonderno that would be nice at a later stage though, im just trying to get gparted working on it?11:46
snoy_msDoyle: is there a way to add the key thing without using the keyserver ?11:46
gschweppkaozk_: ifconfig11:46
boywonderive been at it all night to fail miserably11:47
gschweppboywonder: im sorry i have no experience with this.11:47
gschweppkaozk_: what do you want to do? man ifconfig you can give your device an ip. put it up and down11:48
boywonderdoes anyone konw how to live boot anything getting round the debian error for live media?11:49
jribboywonder: "the debian error" is too vague11:49
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
boywonderit wont live boot?11:50
boywonderdebian live media11:50
jribboywonder: this is ubuntu, try #debian if you are asking a debian question11:50
boywonderim not an expert myself thats why im here begging lol11:50
boywonderok i will thanks11:51
cathoderayhi, everyone11:51
gschweppis there a good reason why i could just compile a kernel myself? ;) i'd like to do it again ... im bit nostalgic ..11:53
jribgschwepp: meh, that's a good reason11:54
jrib!kernel > gschwepp11:54
ubottugschwepp, please see my private message11:54
ezrafreedoes anyone know how to get a Logitech MX5000 kb/mouse bluetooth combo working in ubuntu lucid11:55
gschweppjrib: thanks. yeah at all it is but .. maybe i find a 'real' reason so it is no waste of time :)11:55
ezrafreei've been trying everything but ever since my last upgrade i can't have my mx5000 working after boot11:55
ezrafreei've tried searching in the forums as well11:55
jribgschwepp: umm, you can increase the max number of arguments?11:56
jamiewanezrafree: wireless kb and mouse?11:56
jamiewandoes it show up in lsusb11:57
Dr_WillisYou should mention that its a Bluetooth device..11:57
Baram2doyle fixed it!11:59
=== michael___ is now known as strick9
Baram2for future reference, if any other people with logitech bluetooth mouse/keyboard have problems after the recent udev update, commenting out the logitech rules in /lib/udev/rules.d/70-hid2hci.rules fixes it12:02
hsrHow to record radio streams?12:02
Dr_Willishsr:  depends on how the radio is sgetting streamed12:02
=== acuster is now known as acuster_food
Dr_Willis!info streamripper12:02
ubottustreamripper (source: streamripper): download online streams into audio files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.64.6-1 (lucid), package size 90 kB, installed size 224 kB12:02
Dr_Willishsr:  theres also streamtuner, and tunapie (i recall) that are front ends to streamripper12:03
ost2lifeanyone know anything about wifi connectivity issues12:03
hsrDr_Willis: Oh.. Can't we have that option in Amarok?12:03
Dr_Willishsr:  i dont use amarok. so no idea12:04
hsrDr_Willis: Oh.. Can't we have that option in Amarok or Rhythmbox?12:04
hsrubottu: Oh.. Can't we have that option in Amarok or Rhythmbox?12:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:04
hsrubottu: Oh.. Can't we have that option in Amarok or Rhythmbox?12:04
pedro_Hola,¿alguien habla español?12:04
hsrDr_Willis: ok, then i should install streamripper first?12:05
hsr!info streamripper12:05
ubottustreamripper (source: streamripper): download online streams into audio files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.64.6-1 (lucid), package size 90 kB, installed size 224 kB12:05
bzrkpedro_: #ubuntu-es12:05
Dr_Willisits a backend used by streamtuner i recall.12:06
Dr_Willisor am i thinking Tunapie12:06
rocket16Is there any Equilizer for Rhythmbox, like that in Exaile?12:06
Dr_Willis!info tunapie12:06
ubottutunapie (source: tunapie): Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.17-1 (lucid), package size 46 kB, installed size 332 kB12:06
hsrDr_Willis: So, you don't record radio streams?12:06
Dr_Willis!info streamtuner12:06
ubottustreamtuner (source: streamtuner): A GUI audio stream directory browser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.99.99-15ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 488 kB, installed size 2112 kB12:06
Dr_Willishsr:  ive used tunapie and streamtuner to 'record' radio streams befor12:07
Dr_Willisi dont use amarok or rythembox :)12:07
julio-PEwhat is the default web browser in Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Edition? and 10.10? tnks!12:07
Dr_Willisjulio-PE:  that would be firefox.12:07
ost2lifeokay, yesterday I was in here reporting problems with my wifi. Despite everything seeming to be okay upto and including wlan0 being able to negotiate an IP address and actually connect to the network, I've been unable to access any external server at all from that PC. Since then I got frustrated and did a clean install on /, however /home was on it's own partition and i left that untouched. The problem has persisted on an ot12:07
hsrDr_Willis: What should be the application for apt contents in firefox?12:08
CppIsWeird1i want to make an image of a windows ntfs partition and save it to an external hard drive so that i can restore that partition later. is that possible?12:08
=== emc_ is now known as emc
julio-PEDr_Willis: for both Firefox is the default? i was read something about Chromium as default. it's wrong?12:09
Dr_Willishsr:  i nomrally save them , then use gdebi to install deb packages via the command line.  I think FF can assoircate deb's with gdebi also and can work12:09
sometuxI have problem playing youtube videos in Totem, please help?12:09
Dr_Willisjulio-PE:  it was firefox when i installed 10.1012:09
gschweppost2life: i wasnt there yesterday can you query me a short report?12:09
Dr_Willisjulio-PE:  they could change.. but i doubt if.12:09
hsrDr_Willis: No, i am asking about apt ?12:09
julio-PEDr_Willis: tnks!12:09
ost2lifegschwepp: sure, what do you need?12:10
Dr_Willishsr:  an apt:// type url downloads a .deb and was assouicated with gdebi last i looked12:10
hsrDr_Willis: Oh! Sorry got that :)12:10
sometuxCan anyone confirm Totem youtube plugin works in Lucid, its never worked for me?12:11
Dr_Willisin 10.10 the software center will be taking over for gdebi12:11
xevioxis it possible to get the ubuntu version in the shell12:11
ost2lifegschwepp:  I've got the ifconfig, route and cat etc/network/interfaces to hand right now12:11
tarabazomg - does anybody know why my xchat is freezing on searching through channels?12:11
gschweppost2life: your system, what and what your problem is what your goal is and a pastebin of right that you got there12:11
gschwepptarabaz: #xchat or so?12:12
Dr_Willistarabaz:  becuse theres a LOT of channels12:12
industrialHowcome there is no Create Directory option in the menu when I right click on a folder in Nautilus in the List View? this is quite annoying. I have to create a folder in the main folder and then drag it somewhere in the tree.12:13
tarabazthat was a lame question, but i'm more familiar with irsii - just testing xchat right now. and i must say - in irsii there are no such freezes - think that i back to my beloved irsii :D12:13
hsrindustrial: What directory you tried thaT?12:13
gschwepptarabaz: s/irsii/irssi12:14
industrialhsr: any directory I right click in the tree view (list view in nautilus) doesn't let me create a new directory under that one. not one.12:14
tarabaztyping to fast ;)12:14
ezrafreeBaram2: thank you ill try that12:14
hsrindustrial: Are you able to create in other modes?12:15
jayeolahey chaps. having trouble removing a package:- http://pastebin.ca/1934219 any tips?12:15
hsrindustrial: Are you able to create in other views?12:15
Dr_Willisindustrial:  you have to click on a empty part of the file listing (and its sort of hard to find a good empty place) or use the menu item. Or are you meaning right clicking ON a directory Icon?  cant say ive ever tried that..12:15
ost2lifegschwepp: Pastebin: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/inFEFcaZ The wifi is a USB edimax device that up until yesterday worked perfectly and without a hitch. Then I rebooted, and when the system loaded, the wifi connected (including assigning me an IP) to the network, however I was unable to connect to any external server, no ping or HTTP request, nothing. HOWEVER, the computer is visible on the DCHP client list and I've checked all12:15
gschweppost2life: QUERY D12:15
ost2lifequery d?12:15
jribjayeola: it's not from the official repositories?  Check its scripts in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ to see what is going wrong12:16
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:16
ezrafreeBaram2: thank you! it worked. you're a genius!12:16
industrialDr_Willis: well its where I expect it. if the menu item in the File menu does so for the main directory why can't a subdirectory right click menu do it for that subdirectory?12:16
jayeolajrib: thanks12:17
hsrDr_Willis: Yes/.. that reset panel will help12:17
industrialDr_Willis: I'd like to get somewhere with this. What's the best way to go to the creators of Nautilus? a mailing list somewhere or ticket system?12:17
Dr_Willisindustrial:  post the idea to the brainstorm site. You could make a nautilus script entry that could do it i imagine12:17
hsrindustrial: Are you able to create in other views?12:17
anezmkNeed some help?!12:17
industrialhsr: probably not12:17
Dr_WillisI got enought right click entries on my menus anyway12:17
industrialhsr: but it makes sense in a tree :)12:17
hsrindustrial: Its most likely related to permissions else reset panel is required12:18
Dr_Williswith that nautilys-pyextensions tool you could add such an entry if you wanted industrial12:18
anezmkWhen I try to install dotnet20 with winetricks I get an error everytime!12:18
hsrindustrial: Go to terminal and try 'gksudo nautilus'...are you able to create then?12:18
sometuxCan anyone confirm Totem youtube plugin works in Lucid, its never worked for me?12:19
industrialhsr: its not file permissions, its an option I expected to be there but isn't in the nautilus interface :)12:19
hsr!info nautilys-pyextensions12:19
anezmkHelp anu one?12:19
ubottuPackage nautilys-pyextensions does not exist in lucid12:19
anezmkany even12:19
hsr!info nautilus-pyextensions12:19
ubottuPackage nautilus-pyextensions does not exist in lucid12:19
headkase314!ask | anezmk12:19
ubottuanezmk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:19
anezmkdotnet20 error Note: command 'wine reg delete HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework /v InstallRoot /f' returned status 1.  Aborting.12:21
anezmk i'm typing sh winetricks dotnet20 please help?12:21
Dr_WillisI cant see much gain by a special menu item to make a subdir in a dirctory you are not in.. but whatever. :)12:21
hsrDr_Willis: Yes..12:21
fubarbundyHi boys and girls... sorry if I get any etiquette wrong in here, but I need some help with a GVFS problem...12:21
Dr_Willisanezmk:  try the winetricks homepage, and #winehq perhaps?   i dont recall using sh winetricks, just  ./winetricks whatever12:21
jribjayeola: by the way, it's usually best to figure out what's going wrong and fix it rather than just commenting or destructively editing the script12:22
fubarbundyFile associations have suddenly stopped working on GVFS mounts for non-GVFS-aware applications...12:22
zetheroo1has anyone had success with OpenMeeting in Ubuntu?12:23
anezmkDr_Willis, Thx i'll try that12:23
hsrDr_Willis: I've installed what you said regarding recording radio streams. Now what?12:23
Dr_Willishsr:  run the program? figrue it out.. you never did state what radio stream12:24
fubarbundyI am getting:12:24
fubarbundyCould not display "[file]".12:24
fubarbundyThere is no application installed for [filetype]12:24
fubarbundySelect Application/OK12:24
FloodBot1fubarbundy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:24
headkase314anezmk, here is some stuff to look through to make sure you have all the prerequisites set up correctly -> http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=375412:24
boywonderok i know ive been told to go elsewhere just im havin no luck, what is noswap in menu.lst mean?12:25
pfgfubarbundy: google file extension then google ubuntu support for it and install12:25
pfgboywonder: virtual or "real" server12:25
fubarbundypfg, thanks for your response but it's not a general association problem.12:26
anezmkheadkase314, thx..12:26
boywonderpfg,  so if its set to noswap thats virtual12:26
headkase314anezmk, welcome, hope it helps.. ;)12:26
pfgboywonder: its a hint that it may be, some VPS (as opesed to VMWare IE containers) have that12:26
fubarbundyOnly non-GFS apps (OOo, SMplayer etc.) are not 'recognised' by Nautilus12:27
fubarbundyIf I copy the file locally it opens fine.12:27
boywonderim talking about menu.lst?12:27
pfgboywonder: your system or your renting it from a provider ?12:27
fubarbundyBeen working fine up until 3 or 4 days ago.12:27
boywonderok reeboot12:28
pfgboywonder: yes, no-swap is a normal trouble shooting option but since you have been hanging around and not solved shit yet I asume thats been said so look for other options12:28
industrialDr_Willis: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25783/12:28
hsrDr_Willis: I cannot find option to add stream and not even to record..12:29
Dr_Willishsr:  streamtuner has a record button.. if you can figure out your stream/radio url12:29
Dr_Willishsr:  it just calls streamripper with the proper options12:29
mrbeanyI would like to disable all keyboard shortcuts, gnome, compiz, etc. Is there one program I can do this all from? And if not how could I go about it?12:30
Dr_Willisstreamtuner dosent seem to work right with Shoutcast any more. :(12:31
pfgmrbeany: system - prefrences - keyboard shortcuts , out of intrest why ?12:31
soreaumrbeany: If you did that, you wouldnt be able to even move, resize or focus your windows. What problem are you having exactly?12:31
mrbeanyI have kidz that dont understand shortcuts12:32
gryllidahow do I get a list of users of the os in cli?12:32
mrbeanythey are playing and game and then all of a sudden the computer starts shutting down or something12:32
pfgmrbeany: if there desktop users then just disable any real shortcuts they may screw up with and edit the main menu to remove system menu12:32
jribgryllida: depends on what exactly you want to do.  "ls /home" might be enough, if not, read /etc/passwd12:32
fubarbundymrbeany - you might need compiz-config-settings-manager to disable all of Compiz's shortcuts too...12:33
pfggryllida: type users12:33
fubarbundy(or dig around in gconf :)) )12:33
tjubalaubais there some nice X editor that has block select mode?12:33
jribtjubalauba: gvim12:33
pfgfubarbundy: ture, never disabled all keyboard shortcuts, seems excessive12:33
anezmkheadkase314, thx, it did it.. I had to run the exe file...12:33
fubarbundyAnd there will still be hard-coded stuff like the Delete key in Nautilus12:33
soreautjubalauba: geany perhaps12:34
headkase314anezmk, awesome you're welcome glad I helped! ;) =)12:34
mrbeanyI have ccsm, do  you know where I can see a list to disable them?12:34
fubarbundyAm I in the right channel to get some kind of expert help with GVFS?12:34
fubarbundymrbeany, from memory they're scattered across each plugin's keybinding tabs12:34
mrbeanyor do I have to configure each plugin seperatly?12:34
mrbeanyfubarbundy: thanks12:34
jribmrbeany: http://pastebin.com/08r39Vq2 is what I have in my ~/.gtkrc-2.0.  You could look into that (you'll have to read gtk docs).  You may be interested in gtk-enable-accels12:35
gryllidahow do I change user's password in cli?12:35
soreaumrbeany: Ubuntu made it to where you cant disable some plugins, like move, resize and decoration12:35
mrbeanyjrib: thanks will look into it12:36
headkase314gryllida, passwd command12:36
jribmrbeany: that basically disables the shortcuts you see in the menus (the underlined keys)12:36
mrbeanysoreau: I dont want to disable the plugins themselves, I just want to disable the shortcuts12:36
soreaumrbeany: then figure out whatever shortcut it is, then go to ccsm>preferences and click on the keyboard icon in the Filter box, then press the keybinding to see if its bound to anything in ccsm12:38
redwhat was the name of the KDE control panel that could be installed on gnome?12:38
AivarasKiviliusDo ubuntu 10.10 have own chanel?12:38
soreaumrbeany: note you will need sexy python installed for the keyboard icon to appear12:38
soreau! maverick | AivarasKivilius12:38
ubottuAivarasKivilius: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:38
mrbeanysoreau: thanks, I think that it what I was looking for12:39
AivarasKiviliussoreau, Thanks!12:39
soreauno problem ;)12:39
ezrafreewhat's the best way to set my time for my new timezone? it seems everytime i set it to Mountain time, next reboot it goes back to Eastern12:40
=== umc-work is now known as umc-away
mrbeanysoreau: I installed the python-sexy package but I dont see a keyboards button in ccsm?12:42
soreaumrbeany: in ccsm>Preferences, the button right above the Close button12:42
brendan-k"the beta is ready for your feedback" is written on the ubuntu homepage12:43
soreaumrbeany: err, actually it is in Advanced Search12:43
brakimHi if i want the latest "nonbeta" veriosn of ubuntu and i want the dvd version and 64bit is ubuntu-10.04-dvd-amd64.iso the one i'am looking for?12:45
mrbeanysoreau: hmm.. I cant see it, in either preferences or advanced search. So I updated all the related packages and I still cant see it12:45
headkase314brakim, you're better off downloading the cd version.  The dvd version mainly has language packs that you don't really need.  The cd image can be burnt and booted from dvd media if that is all you have.12:45
soreaumrbeany: It is a small icon in the Filter text box in advanced search12:46
mrbeanysoreau: aaahhhh yes I see, I was looking for something different. Thanks12:47
bubbles|why doesn't postfix respond to me any more if i telnet to localhost?12:47
brakimheadkase314 it just that i only have dvd's at home12:47
stealth_Hello everyone. I am having trouble with amarok. I have tried all the guides I can find on the internet at the moment but I still cant get it to play through my usb headset. Anyone got any suggestions?12:47
dr0idhow do I copy all the files from /var/www/folder1 to /var/www/folder2 ?12:48
headkase314brakim, I burnt the cd image to a dvd blank because that was all I had and it booted and installed fine.  You should be good there too?12:48
dr0idusing console ofc12:48
jrib!cli > dr0id12:48
ubottudr0id, please see my private message12:48
jribdr0id: cp -a   is usually what you want12:48
brakimheadkase314 okey so its possible to burn a cd image to a dvd ? didnt know that12:49
headkase314brakim, yes it is ok.  I don't know 100% but it worked for me.12:49
stealth_Anyone able to help?12:49
jribstealth_: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)12:49
stealth_I did jrib mate. basically my USB headset will not work with amarok even though it will pick it up in the settings and play sounds through it.12:50
jribstealth_: only amarok?12:50
stealth_I been using this fine on youtube12:50
brakimheadkase314 but ubuntu-10.04-dvd-amd64.iso is the right version12:50
jribstealth_: check its preferences for some output options?12:50
stealth_jrib, I have, the USB headset it set to first12:50
hsrDr_Willis: There?12:51
jribstealth_: I think there's a #amarok, try that12:51
brendan-kdoes anybody know how often the irc logs are updated?12:51
stealth_ok mate12:51
headkase314brakim, for the dvd yes.  For the cd you would get the 64-bit from here -> http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download12:51
brendan-ki just disconnected and i would like to see was my question answered12:51
jribbrendan-k: there's a small delay, just check what the most recent entry is for the #ubuntu log12:51
jribbrendan-k: the last thing you said here was "the beta is ready ..."12:52
headkase314brakim, how much memory is in your system?  64-bit is most suited to systems that have 4GB or more of memory.12:54
tjubalaubais there any competitor on the linux text editor scene that hasnt a GUI constructed for a computer with ADHD... that is - not vim o emacs12:55
M00BYFRadhd ?12:56
Dr_Willishsr:  hmmm?12:56
=== obscurant1st_ is now known as obscurant1st
Dr_Willistjubalauba:  no idea what half of what you said ment.. but theres dozens of text editors out. If you dont like vim or emacs. try geany or efte12:56
tarabazhi there. does anybody know some reporting software for email server (or client), that will measure response time for incoming emails and show it in some report form?12:57
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hsrDr_Willis: How to change the recorded streams directory?12:57
=== Gurty is now known as Gugu
Dr_Willishsr:  for what program?12:57
=== Gugu is now known as Gurty
hsrDr_Willis: The one you suggested.. did you forget my query?12:58
Dr_Willishsr:  i suggested several.  streamtuner and tunapie have gui settings dialogs.. and streamripper is a cli tool12:58
hsrDr_Willis: I am using streamtuner now ...12:58
Dr_Willischeck its settings12:59
hsrDr_Willis: I can surmise that well but since i'm not able to find those settings particularly, i asked you :)13:00
Dr_Willistheres a directory setting i see.. thats about all i know on the topic.  I tend to use Tunapie13:00
hsrDr_Willis: Okay.. where in Tunapie?13:01
Dr_Willisthe logically named  'path to rip directory'13:01
stealth_Dont know if anyones here or able to answer my question but could anyone refer me to a guide to get ym USB headset working with amarok. It will work in the settings but it will not work at all when I try to play music out of it. I know there is a way to do it but cant find the guide. Anyone able to help? ( I tried #amarok and nobodys spoke for the last 3 hours so yeah)13:02
Dr_WillisThats the only directory setting Tunapie seems to have. :)13:02
Dr_Willisstealth_:  perhaps twiddle with the pulse audio settings13:03
hsrDr_Willis: yeah.. got that.. Thanks. But Unfortunately, i cannot add any radio stream as with streamtuner13:03
Dr_Willishsr:  learn the streamripper tool that both are using as a backend. then you dont need tunapie or streamtuner13:04
Dr_Willisvlc can record streams also i recall13:05
elzoogHey guys, what would be causing this sort of error when I boot my computer?13:05
elzoog[   24.516473] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 813:05
elzoog[   24.517883] sr 4:0:0:0: [sr0] Result: hostbyte=DID_OK driverbyte=DRIVER_SENSE13:05
elzoog[   24.517887] sr 4:0:0:0: [sr0] Sense Key : Illegal Request [current]13:05
elzoog[   24.517890] sr 4:0:0:0: [sr0] Add. Sense: Incompatible medium installed13:05
FloodBot3elzoog: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:05
elzoog[   24.517894] sr 4:0:0:0: [sr0] CDB: Read(10): 28 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 02 0013:05
jayeoladead or dying __disk__13:05
hsrDr_Willis: Yeah.. right.How can i learn streamripper?13:05
Dr_Williselzoog:  you have a disk in teh drive13:05
glebihanhsr: hi, sorry I had to leave the other day, did you manage to set up your partitions ?13:05
Dr_Willishsr:  start with 'man streamripper' and  its homepage13:06
hsrDr_Willis: Thanks13:06
elzoogDr. What do you mean by having a disc in the drive?13:06
Dr_Williselzoog:  its saying your sr0 = Optical drive  has  ' Incompatible medium installed13:06
Dr_Williselzoog:  so DO you have a disk in teh drive?13:06
hsrelzoog: You must be having a CD inserted13:06
elzoogDr. I think I have a CD in, but why would that matter?13:07
pie_timecan anyone tell  me how to organize the software in ubuntu software centere from most popular to least popular like you used to be able to do?13:07
brendan-kjrib: by the looks of things they are updated on the hour every hour13:07
Dr_Williselzoog:  its talking abouyt your CD drive.  pop the disk out and see if you get the same error.13:07
Dr_Williselzoog:  thats why it matters13:07
jribbrendan-k: I see13:07
hsrYeah correct13:07
elzoogWouldn't sr0 mean the hard drive?13:07
brendan-kjrib: thanks for helping13:07
Dr_Williselzoog:  sr0 is my cdrom/dvd drive here13:07
Dr_WillissdXX is my hard drives13:08
elzoogDr. is it safe to ignore the message?13:08
Dr_Willis ls -l /dev/cdrom13:08
Dr_Willislrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 2010-09-06 06:12 /dev/cdrom -> sr013:08
Dr_Williselzoog:  its just a warning....  about the optical drive..13:08
elzoogDr. Okay13:08
Dr_Williselzoog:  as i said.. take the disk out.. see if it goes away13:08
hsrelzoog: ls -l /dev/cdrom13:08
Elba>is it save to ignore the message13:08
Elbait usually never is13:09
hsroh that was typed13:09
brendan-ksorry for the repetition but "the beta is ready for your feedback" is written on the ubuntu homepage13:09
brendan-kcan somebody please tell me where can one give this feedback?13:09
elzoogOk, I see the problem now.   I put a lightscribe DVD in to burn a label on the back side but never got around to it.13:09
pie_timecan anyone tell  me how to organize the software in ubuntu software centere from most popular to least popular like you used to be able to do?13:09
headkase314!maverick | brendan-k13:09
ubottubrendan-k: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:09
elzoogThanks Dr.   I was worried that it was complaining about my hard drive13:09
brendan-kheadkase314: thank you13:10
headkase314brendan-k, you're welcome! ;)13:10
pie_timeno one knows?13:11
pie_time!il | Elba13:12
ubottuElba: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:13:12
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il13:12
* Gnea is pretty sure he has no clue13:13
adminioi need all packages for install vbox on pc whitout internet.13:13
pie_timecan anyone tell  me how to organize the software in ubuntu software centere from most popular to least popular like you used to be able to do?13:13
ElbaThat's neat. I know a few places that could use that, as Arabic/Hindi/Hebrew/etc. isn't generally spoken throughout the development community13:14
dhruvasagarHi, is it possible to record audio and listen to it simultaneously via the speakers / headphones ?13:14
adminioi need all packages for install vbox on pc whitout internet. can help me?13:15
hsrdhruvasagar: That would become mike (minus the recording) :)13:15
hsrdhruvasagar: That would become mic (minus the recording) :)13:15
Elbadhruvasagar: yes13:15
dhruvasagarhsr: actually I am recording by connecting my guitar directly to the system...not using a mic, so...13:15
sniperjohas anyone heard of anybody being able to put a full distro on a linux picture frame like the HP DreamScreen 10013:16
dhruvasagarElba: how !?13:16
bazhangpie_time, not available as far as I know; perhaps you mean gnome-app-install which does have that13:16
bazhangadminio, which version of vbox? the one with usb support or not13:16
dhruvasagarin essence I want to hear exactly what is being recorded...how is that possible !?13:17
Elbadhruvasagar: I don't use Linux for stuff like that, so I dunno. My guess? You'd record it and then send it to the speakers. However, one should raise the question of why you want to do this13:17
hsrdhruvasagar: For whaT?13:17
pie_timebazhang, does gnomeappinstall have all the new programs?13:18
dhruvasagarElba: as I said, I am recording by connecting my guitar to the PC directly, so as I am recording I want to be able to hear it too..13:18
dhruvasagarhsr: what do you mean for what ?13:18
dhruvasagarwouldn't you like to hear the guitar as you play too ?13:18
hsrdhruvasagar: Got from your reply to Elba.. lemme see how i can help13:18
Elbadhruvasagar: yeah, that's why we, as humans, have evolved to have ears13:19
pie_timebazhang, does gnomeappinstall have all the new programs?13:19
dhruvasagarElba: but what I hear is different from what is being recorded...(slightly)13:19
bazhangpie_time, no idea, never use it; try it perhaps and find out?13:20
pie_timebazhang, how could i test it13:20
dhruvasagarElba: especially if I connect some pedals for distortion before I feed it to my PC13:20
bazhangpie_time, by installing it?13:20
jochenhhello! I need help, my wlan internet connection is much to slow, can someone help me?13:20
Elbajochenh: how slow is it?!13:21
pfgjochenh: pay for a faster connection ?13:21
pie_timebazhang, what software should i search for to test it13:21
jochenhabout 1mbit13:21
magnetronjochenh: probably the signal is too weak13:21
jochenhmagnetron, signal is about 25-50%13:21
simplexiojochenh: try to force link spped to higher (may or may not work)13:22
magnetronjochenh: yes13:22
dhruvasagarElba: like for example, when your recording video, isn't it better to see what's being recorded live !?, Just like that I want to hear the music I am recording live....is that really so absurd ?13:22
jochenhsimlexio, how can I do that?13:22
hsrdhruvasagar: No its not.. Just hold on13:22
Elbadhruvasagar: It could be. I play the keyboard, so everything I hear from the keyboard is the same on the piano. How is it different on your computer than in your own ears?13:23
dhruvasagarhsr: sure13:23
jochenhsimplexio, how can I do that?13:23
glebihandhruvasagar: what are you using to record ?13:23
pie_timebazhang, what software should i search for to test it13:23
dhruvasagarElba: electric guitars don't produce music by themselves, their signals are amplified and processed by amplifiers & fed to speakers, in my case, I am connecting it directly to the computer & not to an amplifier.....13:24
dhruvasagarglebihan: audacity13:24
bazhangpie_time, its called gnome-app-install13:24
simplexiojochenh: man iwconfig13:24
yakamocan anyone recommend software that would erase all my data on my computer if someone makes several failed attempts to login?13:25
pie_timebazhang, no kidding! lol bazhang im just trying to ask you, once i have it installed, what new software that only exists in 10.04 can i search for to make sure its up to date? :)13:25
dhruvasagaryakamo: wtf ?13:25
jochenhsimplexio, I tried iwconfig ra0 rate 54m13:25
sniperjoWould it be possible to flash the modded linux on a HP DreamScreen 100 and put another distro on it ?13:25
bazhangdhruvasagar, watch the language13:25
icerootyakamo: that is a very very very bad idea13:25
dhruvasagaryakamo: that's a really messed up request lol13:25
headkase314yakamo, just encrypt it.  That way if they don't know the password they'll never get it.13:25
jochenhsiimplexio, but that didnt help13:25
glebihanyakamo: why would you want to do that ???13:25
sipioryakamo: i can foresee some amusing failure modes for such a setup13:25
dhruvasagarbazhang: ok13:26
icerootyakamo: if i want i would delete all your stuff by just login with wrong password13:26
hsrdhruvasagar: Please follow proper etiquette13:26
dhruvasagarhsr: :), alright13:26
yakamoi have a laptop and i just want to ensure my data is safe13:26
erUSULyakamo: full disk encryption13:26
bazhang!encryption > yakamo13:27
yakamoerUSUL: will that take extra time for boot13:27
dhruvasagaryakamo: hardware level encryption is also an option...13:27
erUSULyakamo: security has its costs13:27
headkase314yakamo, during install where the installer asks whether you want to log on automatically or require a password there is a third option which creates an encrypted home folder.  Use that option and nobody will ever get your data if your laptop is lost/stolen.13:27
Dr_Willisa whole 5+ more sec to boot.. vs...13:27
yakamoheadkase314: ah ok i will do that, just like the idea of my data being wiped out13:28
pie_timeerUSUL, someone could just boot into his system using their own kernel13:28
hsrdhruvasagar: Sorry but as far as i recall there used to be one third party software for your specific needs which i had in my softwares,, iwas trying to recall the name. I couldn't even find it in my softwares. Someone in this channel may help you soon!13:28
dhruvasagarhsr: sure :)13:28
yakamobut curious question would that screw up my drop box data13:28
erUSULpie_time: if the disk is encrypted that "someone" needs the passphrase13:28
Dr_Willisyakamo:  would what screw it up..13:28
headkase314yakamo, that is secure enough.  Encryption cannot be cracked right now.  In another ten years or so when quantum computers come online then and only then will encryption be crackable.13:29
hsrDr_Willis: Thanks for your help... ciao13:29
Dr_Willisrot13 your data. No one will ever guess that. :)13:29
Dr_Willishsr:  have fun.. im watching Futureama on tunapie :)13:29
pie_timebazhang, no kidding! lol bazhang im just trying to ask you, once i have it installed, what new software that only exists in 10.04 can i search for to make sure its up to date? :)13:29
yakamoDr_Willis: my drop box is in the home folder13:29
dhruvasagarHi guys, when I login, windows do not have borders or title bar and they come up in the top left corner, I can't do much.13:29
hsrDr_Willis: Yeah i learnt its back... Great!13:29
yakamoso it would encrypt that data as well13:30
yakamowhich would be much use to me on another device13:30
Dr_Willisyakamo:  its also mounted/syncned. so i doubt if it will get encrypted On the dropbox storage13:30
Dr_Willisyakamo:  but the encryption guide proberly mentions this.13:30
dhruvasagarThe only sol I have found so far is, I go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effect -> Select Extra, for which it takes 3-4 seconds and after that everything is normal...13:30
pie_timeerUSUL, people in debian told me you would need a kernel kept on an external media source for the encrypted system to be safe13:31
Dr_Willisif you mount a usb to /home/username/stuff and they have an encrypted home.. does the stuff on the usb get encrypted as well.....13:31
=== acuster_food is now known as acuster
yoosefhi. ive been running ubuntu server 10.04 for a bit over month now. i use it as fileserver on my lan, its also running openssh-server. everything seems to work fine... but i think the server load averages are bit too high, for system only running samba & openssh-server. load avarages are anything between 1.00 - 1.20. most of the times its 1.00. got 4gb ram and pentium 2.8ghz installed.. any ideas what might cause that load?13:31
gezegencihi every one, i'm using ubuntu desktop 10.04 and in the panel there is a mail icon after i click mail icon i'm seeing "set mail" i want revome it from panel ?13:31
SupranoHow can I use ion3 with two monitors, configured using xrandr13:31
glebihandhruvasagar: about your audio recording, did you try checking the "Software playthrough" option in the "Recording" section of the preferences ?13:32
erUSULpie_time: i think you lost me. full disk encryption needs a separate boot that is not encrypted ( for grub). that's all13:32
Kris92any1 here??13:32
pfgKris92: no13:32
glebihan!ask | Kris9213:32
ubottuKris92: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:32
Dr_Willisgezegenci:  be carefull if you right click/remove - you will remove the whole Indiactor applet. I did see some gmail notifier that used that Mail Icon to check your gmail. if thats what you perfer.13:32
nettezzaumanahi there13:33
nettezzaumanai have serious preoblem .... my friend just deleted by accident his ~/.evolution/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db .. is there any way to restore it? something like internal safety trash or so ..13:33
gezegenciDr_Willis: i want revome set mail how can i do ?13:33
magnetronnettezzaumana: how did he delete it? by putting it in the trash can?13:33
Dr_Willisgezegenci:  some info here -> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/how-to-remove-social-network-features.html13:34
BesogonHello. I have a problem. Samba don't read CUPS printcap at boot. Help13:34
gezegenciDr_Willis: i'm reading thanks13:34
dhruvasagarglebihan: hi, you mean in audacity ? I will look it up! sounds like what I need :)13:34
glebihandhruvasagar: yes in audacity13:34
bazhangKris92, ubuntu support question?13:35
nettezzaumanamagnetron: no, by pressing some <yes> button *in evolution* because he titillated it that evolution asked inane Q: "do you want to remove your addressbook" ?13:35
dhruvasagarglebihan: yea seems nice, I will try that tonight :), I hope it works13:35
Dr_Willisgezegenci:  there used to be about 30 comments on that url also that give other neat tips.. but they aparently all got reset13:35
dhruvasagarglebihan: thanks :)13:36
glebihandhruvasagar: you're welcome13:36
gezegenciDr_Willis: i don't want remove mail icon i want remove in mail icon "Set mail" or "S"13:36
zidohi've got lucid installed, but i need the package libg2c0 (available apparently in jaunty and below).. is there a way to figure if it was moved to some other package name, in which case, what?13:36
Dr_Willisgezegenci:  no  idea then. i got the icon set to do my gmail.  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/07/gmailwatcher-another-way-to-get-gmail-alerts-in-the-ubuntu-messaging-menu/13:37
gezegenciDr_Willis: thanks13:37
glebihandhruvasagar: about your other issue, looks like your windows manager crashes at startup, are you using compiz ?13:37
atlantideHe have this message "segfault at bf093fc8 ip 00a671f5 sp bf093fcc error 6 in libc-2.11.1.so[a0b000+142000]". someone would have solved this problem and how ?13:37
dhruvasagarglebihan: yeap13:37
Dr_WillisIm not even sure what i installed to get the gmail in my Mail indicator :) i need it for some other machines13:37
dhruvasagarglebihan: actually I even have a bug filed for compiz...but no response by anyone in that13:38
glebihandhruvasagar: could you try "compiz --replace" in a terminal and see what output you get ?13:38
redbullfxhey everyone13:38
dhruvasagarglebihan: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/dhruva/.compiz/session/10f0b452f559b49b12837529358654100000018000008"13:39
hsrDr_Willis: How are you able to open MRL in tunapie?13:39
redbullfxCan anyone tell me how to change the firefox icon or rhythmbox icon on my Panel? Top Panel???13:39
icerootredbullfx: right click on it and choose propertie13:39
soreaudhruvasagar: Does dmesg show anything interesting at this point?13:39
bazhangredbullfx, right click properties, click on icon13:40
Dr_Willishsr:  i just use tunapie to watch video streams the browser finds normally.13:40
Dr_Willishsr:  then i tell it to record those.13:40
hsrDr_Willis: browser?13:40
redbullfxiceroot, I dont have Icon there13:40
glebihandhruvasagar: do you really want to use compiz or would metacity fill your needs ?13:40
redbullfxi have launcher properties13:40
Dr_Willishsr:  yes  the tunapie stream browser  thats 80% of the interface. :)13:40
dhruvasagarglebihan: I would like to use compiz...unless metacity can have the 'extra' visual effects13:41
Dr_Willistunapie just shows all the streams  thats its main feature. the rest of the work it hands off to the backend tools. audcaious, or streamripper13:41
hsrDr_Willis: yeah. But the TV interface opens vlc and vlc gives error as - Your input can't be opened:13:41
hsrVLC is unable to open the MRL ''. Check the log for details.13:41
gezegenciDr_Willis: wowow t's amazing thanks again (gmail)13:41
glebihandhruvasagar: no metacity doesn't13:41
glebihandhruvasagar: hold on, looking if I can find something to help13:42
dhruvasagarsoreau: what would be interesting? do you want to see the output !?13:42
Dr_Willisgezegenci:  theres like 3 apps that do that.. but they are really not that complex. but at least with them i dont have to keep a browser open, or run some other applets in the panel13:42
hsrDr_Willis: What should i do in that case?13:43
dhruvasagarbtw, if it helps, please have a look at this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/62511213:43
redbullfxHere is what i have. I added the rhythmbox to my panel for  one click  Launch. But i would like to change the icon.  Cant find it??13:43
glebihandhruvasagar: you may try installing fusion-icon13:43
BluesKaj'Happy Labour Day' folks13:44
glebihandhruvasagar: it solved some issues with compiz for me some time ago (I'm not using compiz anymore)13:44
dhruvasagarglebihan: was that really for me !?13:44
headkase314BluesKaj, here in Canada! ;)13:44
dhruvasagarglebihan: ok installing13:44
BluesKajheadkase314, yup , canucksville it is ! ;013:44
=== Riotta is now known as Riot777
soreaudhruvasagar: fusion-icon isnt going to help anything13:45
hsrDr_Willis: What should i do in that case?13:45
dhruvasagarglebihan: actually another interesting thing is, I use guake, and I like it to be transparent, but its not transparent anymore...I just see my wallpaper behind it, not the actual open windows etc...13:45
dhruvasagarsoreau: hmm13:45
dhruvasagarsoreau: any suggestions ?13:45
soreaudhruvasagar: Try this: Start compiz, then close all open windows and go to sys>prefs>startup>options and click remember currently running apps13:45
=== ZNC_DoubleString is now known as DoubleString
DoubleStringhey all13:46
ashwanihi this is ashwani13:46
dhruvasagarsoreau: hmmm13:46
dhruvasagarsoreau: what about completely deleting /home/dhruva/.compiz/session folder !?13:47
glebihandhruvasagar: for your settings, try using "ccsm", it should allow you to get your transparency back13:47
=== xc0ffee_ is now known as xc0ffee
Dr_Willishsr:  vlc is working fine with tunapie here for me.13:47
soreaudhruvasagar: yea, it wont hurt to delete .compiz13:47
ashwanican i get help regrading ubuntu13:47
glebihan!ask | ashwani13:47
ubottuashwani: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:47
BluesKajheadkase314, you in newfie ?13:48
bazhangashwani, ask a question13:48
headkase314BluesKaj, yup Gander.  Where you to?  Eh?  But really this conversation is beginning to head into OT.. ;)13:48
RainRainwhenever i start my email program it wants the default keyring to be unlocked - i find this a bit overkill seing as i'm the only one with access to the machine - can i override it somehow13:48
BluesKajheadkase314, near sudbury ont , here13:48
ashwaniis it necessary to download all packages13:49
hsrDr_Willis: Well its says it cannot open MRL13:49
bazhangashwani, for what purpose13:49
hsrashwani: For what?13:49
ashwaniactually i am new to ubuntu13:49
bazhang!manual | ashwani have a read13:49
ubottuashwani have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:49
ashwanifor using purpose13:49
BluesKajheadkase314, no matter , good to see fellow canucks running ubuntu ...gotta spread the word"13:49
dhruvasagarHey guys!13:49
dhruvasagarmy window transparency is back13:50
glebihanRainRain: I don't think there is any clean way to get rid of gnome-keyring13:50
dhruvasagarI deleted .compiz and again selected 'extra' visual effects13:50
Dr_Willishsr:  could be the server is down.. tr others13:50
ashwaniwhere is manual sir13:50
headkase314BluesKaj, yup!  It's all good! =)13:50
soreaudhruvasagar: Did you save the current session?13:50
glebihanashwani: http://ubuntu-manual.org13:50
RainRainglebihan: thanks - no i'm not trying to get rid of it - i just want to avoid having to put in the password every time i want to get my email13:50
ashwaniand i know how to use ubuntu little bit13:50
dhruvasagarsoreau: nope13:51
glebihanRainRain: it's asking you each, not once per session ?13:51
ashwanibut i don't how to use the commands of ubuntu13:51
glebihanRainRain: meant each time13:51
dhruvasagarsoreau: I just deleted .compiz and reselected 'extra' visual effects & things seem to be back to normal13:51
soreaudhruvasagar: well it sounds like its fixed now13:51
dhruvasagarsoreau: the only test now remains is to reboot and see if things will be normal on boot13:51
hsrashwani: http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:51
RainRainglebihan: yes i understand - but it's still a problem for me - i may restart my pc often13:51
soreaudhruvasagar: I thought you already relogged in13:51
redbullfxis there a way to add another menu next to   Applications/Places/System   in the top panel?13:52
bazhangashwani, please have a look at the manual13:52
ashwanithanx buddy13:52
dhruvasagarsoreau: well ok let me try t13:52
dhruvasagarbrb guys13:52
cambazzafter installing a fresh image to my server, what steps i must follow to update the server to recent13:52
cambazzapt-get update13:52
cambazzthen  what?13:52
o0zeapt-get upgrade13:52
hsrDr_Willis: Well all others are giving problem13:53
glebihanRainRain: well you could try the procedure describe here : http://johnny.chadda.se/article/unlock-the-gnome-keyring-upon-login/13:53
redbullfxis there a way to add another menu next to   Applications/Places/System   in the top panel?13:53
hsrDr_Willis: Well all others are giving the same problem13:53
glebihanRainRain: but it's not very safe, and I cannot guarantee you the result13:53
NoS|Solvednew ubuntu keeps freezing13:53
NoS|Solvedmy new ubuntu13:54
bazhang!cn | administrator13:54
ubottuadministrator: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:54
NoS|Solved10.04 keeps freezing13:54
=== administrator is now known as Guest72573
bazhang!enter | NoS|Solved13:54
ubottuNoS|Solved: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:54
NoS|Solvedbut not when i load in failsafe knome13:54
glebihanNos|Solved: at what stage does it freeze ?13:55
NoS|Solvedonce im allready in13:55
NoS|Solvedand using programs13:55
RainRainthanks - i will have a look at that - but can i ask - ( i am new to ubuntu from windows ) but on windows for instance there is no password to open the email program like that so how is it unsafe on ubuntu ( or are you saying it would always have been potentially unsafe on windows ) ? just wondering13:55
NoS|SolvedIt does not freeze when im using failsafe gnome13:55
bazhangNoS|Solved, dont use the enter key after just two or three words13:55
hsr!info vlc | Dr_Willis13:55
ubottuDr_Willis: vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-1ubuntu1.2 (lucid), package size 1598 kB, installed size 3792 kB13:55
yoosefhi. ive been running ubuntu server 10.04 for a bit over month now. i use it as fileserver on my lan, its also running openssh-server. everything seems to work fine... but i think the server load averages are bit too high, for system only running samba & openssh-server. load avarages are anything between 1.00 - 1.20. most of the times its 1.00. got 4gb ram and pentium 2.8ghz installed.. any ideas what might cause that load?13:56
glebihanRainRain: I'm not talking about not having a password being unsafe, but about forcing gnome-keyring to unlock, might raise some issues13:56
glebihanRainRain: by the way, I myself find this quite annoying...13:56
hsryoosef : Try on #ubuntuserver13:56
dhruvasagarHi back...13:57
amitI am installing ubuntu on windows xp13:57
RainRainglebihan: right i see ---- can i ask ---- do most ubuntu users have to put in that password  all the time even if they are the only ones with access to the machine ?13:57
amitIt got hanged at "creating virtual disks" step13:57
NoS|SolvedHello. I just installed ubuntu 10.04 and it freezes after it has completely loaded randomly. I have to reboot system everytime it happens. It does not freeze when I boot "Failsafe Gnome". I am running ubuntu allongside windows13:57
amitany solution>13:57
glebihanRainRain: as far as I know, yes...13:57
BesogonWho had a deal with samba+cups printing? Samba don't read CUPS configuration at boot time.13:57
dflkw10NO HOMELAND WITHOUT YOU FUHRER LOREZ! ALL HAIL THE AUTISTIC LORD OF FREENODE!! dflkw10 ortsvorsteher amit OpenSourcedNick1 newklear tieinv erana_ schlaftier luis__lopez Ginbuntu igneousquill NoS|Solved MrUnagi cambazz lyxx zeltak samrose bodwick cathoderay gardar SnDaa RainRain Terminator jrib slinker1 goshawk slashiter BluesKaj dk_ffk reload psalmer hsr bilalakhtar devunt cpf_ tankdriver llua sacarlson panopticon ClosetGeek zidoh spdw jhesketh AoiKage Er13:58
RainRainglebihan: wow .....13:58
BluesKajRainRain, the pw requirement a security feature on most linux OSs , and default email is one of the apps requiring it ... I got used to it and you will too13:58
NoS|SolvedHello. I just installed ubuntu 10.04 and it freezes after it has completely loaded randomly. I have to reboot system everytime it happens. It does not freeze when I boot "Failsafe Gnome". I am running ubuntu allongside windows13:58
MrUnagiwhat was that??13:58
RainRainBluesKaj: i doubt it .... windows 7 for me i think13:58
yoosefhsr: ah thanks, i thought this is for all versions of ubuntu:)13:58
jribMrUnagi: silly people with nothing better to do13:58
Ginbuntusome one do something about that bot please. it is annoying!13:58
NoS|SolvedHello. I just installed ubuntu 10.04 and it freezes after it has completely loaded randomly. I have to reboot system everytime it happens. It does not freeze when I boot "Failsafe Gnome". I am running ubuntu allongside windows13:58
RainRainBluesKaj: although it's sad because ubuntu is so close to being a contender IMHO13:59
=== amarillion is now known as amarAway
glebihanamit: do you mean you're using a virtual machine running under Windows ?13:59
amitglebihan No13:59
NoS|SolvedHello. I just installed ubuntu 10.04 and it freezes after it has completely loaded randomly. I have to reboot system everytime it happens. It does not freeze when I boot "Failsafe Gnome". I am running ubuntu allongside windows13:59
jrib!away > amarAway13:59
ubottuamarAway, please see my private message13:59
bazhangNoS|Solved, no need to repeat so quickly13:59
BluesKajRainRain, I have w7 as well, I still prefer (k)ubuntu14:00
amitI m installing it using wubi14:00
=== NoS|Solved is now known as Solved
glebihanamit: so when do you get this error with virtual disks ?14:00
BluesKajW7 networking is awful, RainRain14:00
glebihanamit: ok14:00
SolvedI am a beginner to ubuntu14:00
RainRainBluesKaj: i can imagine that you might - but i dont have time for unlocking things that i dont need unlocked ---- and also i find app installation draconian14:01
SolvedCan anybody tell me simply how to get rid of old operating systems?14:01
SolvedHello. I just installed ubuntu 10.04 and it freezes after it has completely loaded randomly. I have to reboot system everytime it happens. It does not freeze when I boot "Failsafe Gnome". I am running ubuntu allongside windows14:01
erUSULSolved: old kernel versions?14:02
LincKrakeri'd like to ask one of the oldest questions to date...... nvidia or ati?14:02
jochenhhello! I cant open http://www.ralinktech.com, can anybody?14:02
glebihanamit: virtual disks creation can take a really long time, are you sure it crashed ?14:02
RainRainBluesKaj: by the way i hadnt heard about w7 networiking - is it a prob for very simple net connection ( just to a router ) or is it with big network administaration or something14:02
BluesKajdraconian? heh, that's funny ...where in windows can you find repository with add free apps that just work ? RainRain14:02
amitglebihan.. Yes I waited for 2 hours14:02
amitIt does not move14:02
erUSULSolved: 9.04 is an ubuntu version not kernel. what are you trying to do ?14:02
SolvedI  download 9.04 a while ago and I cant get it to boot so i want to get rid of it14:02
erUSULSolved: upgrade? from 9.04 to something newer?14:03
amitwhen I cancelled and restarted the pc, Ubuntu was there in boot menu14:03
bazhangSolved, 10.04 or 9.0414:03
Solvedno i have 10.04 and 9.04 now14:03
erUSULSolved: just install a newer version on top of it.14:03
Solvedbut 9.04 doesnt work14:03
SolvedI allready have a newer version14:03
bazhangSolved, you are dual booting 9.04 and 10.04?14:03
jochenhhello! I cant open http://www.ralinktech.com, can anybody?14:03
amitI selected to boot using ubuntu, It initialized and at the point of setting partition it warn me14:03
chiky_cinhey, i am having trouble doing a pre-seed install of lucid. The preseed file syntax is fine, i checked by debconf-set-selections -c".14:03
RainRainBluesKaj: actually i think the repository is brilliant - but it's the 3 or 4 ( i havent figured it out yet ) ways of installing things, certain apps need multiple lines to be added to files - my journey to get all the apps i need working has been pretty harrowing compared to double click and run wizzard14:04
erUSULSolved: then just fomat the partitions of the older version so you can use them for storing data14:04
glebihanamit: are you installing wubi on a fat32 partition ?14:04
BluesKajRainRain, mostly windows machines all on the same network requiring W7 to comunicate..for instance vista and w7 need to belog to the same homegrouop , a pita to set up14:04
erUSULSolved: gparted can be used for that14:04
erUSUL!gparted | Solved14:04
ubottuSolved: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php14:04
sipiorjochenh: http://www.downornot.com/14:04
LincKrakerits time for me to get a new video card.. whats better supported in ubuntu? ATI or Nvidia? right now i have an ATI x130014:04
glebihanamit: in that case, you won't be able to create virtual disks bigger than 4GB14:04
glebihanamit: it's really recommne14:04
glebihanamit: it's really recommended to install on ntfs partition14:05
amitthanks glebihan14:05
glebihanamit: you're welcome14:05
amitcan I format the partition at the time of installation of Ubuntu?14:05
BluesKajRainRain, what apps are you trying to install ?14:05
llua@LincKraker, Nvidia14:05
RainRainBluesKaj: will remember that tip[ thanks - i have an xp machine that i'll be connecting to .... but actually the main problem with ubuntu for me is that my server is running xp and has a NDAS drive attached - connecting to this seems borderline impossible14:05
amitI have 27 gb space for ubuntu14:05
jochenhsipior, thanks!14:06
amitI selected to install 20 gb14:06
glebihanamit: never used wubi, but I don't think so, you should format the partition before installing ubuntu14:06
LincKrakerllua: are you sayin nvidia is better supported? or are you making a personal suggestion?14:06
llua@LincKraker, little of both.14:06
LincKrakerllua: :) nVidia it is14:06
RainRainBluesKaj: i think i;ve installed about 30 programs for work -- some were easy but the overall process seems a bit over the top sometimes - ( some of the programs were really hard to get going compared to their windows versions14:06
llua@LincKraker, just a card imo. :|14:07
jochenhsipior, its up but there is a error on the page, or not?14:07
pfgRainRain: and how much did you pay for them ?14:07
sipiorjochenh: i've no idea14:07
RainRainpfg: all free14:08
pfgRainRain: worth the time then ; )14:08
glebihanjochenh: yes there is an error on the page, but this has nothing to do with Ubuntu14:08
amitthanks glebihan you helped me a lot14:08
RainRainpfg: yes but the windows versions are also free14:08
glebihanamit: you're welcome :)14:08
klikklakhi all, I'm trying to debug this over the phone: we have a huaweiu e1820 3g modem we cannot find the device file to, how sdo I find it?14:08
pfgRainRain: ah, oh well, no adverts, spyware or other shit ?14:09
RainRainpfg:  of course windows is not itself but i'm not convinced14:09
bazhangpfg, language please14:09
BluesKajRainRain, ok so you're talking about a work environment , something aai haven't had to deal with. I think I can understand the challenges there.14:09
pfgRainRain: thats life, security alone dude14:09
jochenhglebihan, thanks14:09
RainRainpfg: no i mean for instance an opensource windows version being easier to install than it's ubuntu version ( not equivolent )14:09
pfgBlueEagle: we are all Linux Ubuntu, all 500 of us and we love this shit :D14:09
bazhangpfg, stop the cursing14:10
MrUnagianyone know of an open source way to create a virtual display?14:10
pfgbazhang: thats cursing ? you should meet my mother...14:10
bazhangpfg, keep it g-rated.14:10
chiky_cini have added pkgsel/include in the preseed file, but it is not installing those packages.14:10
headkase314I have a problem.  My wireless -> http://pastebin.com/NsCrzSdN seems to freeze every once in a while.  When I lose the connection everything becomes unresponsive and eventually the display will turn to vertical bars and I have to power cycle the computer.  Any other information I should provide?  Laptop, Acer Aspire 5100.14:10
RainRainBluesKaj: yes i think for personal ubuntu would be the king but not convinced in a complex work environment,,,,, but hey ,,,,, im still here !!!14:11
chiky_cin I am following this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/amd64/preseed-contents.html14:11
dhruvasagarwhat's the alternate to compiz !?14:11
BluesKajpfg, I'm on both gnome and kde , so I'm a believer :)14:11
pfgbazhang: ah, fair enough14:11
dhruvasagarcan I have transparency in metacity !?14:11
gardarnot without compiz14:11
pfgBlueEagle: cool as the ROI is incredible14:12
dhruvasagargardar: ok, is there any alternative to compiz ?14:12
BluesKajRainRain, one thing , ubuntu networking is superior in many ways to windows ...daughter has a mac and her printer is being used as a network printer for my 2 linuxboxes14:12
bodwickdhruvasager yes, turn it on in gconf-editor14:12
sipiorpfg: might want to check your tab-complete there...14:12
soreaudhruvasagar: Actually, you can enable metacity compositing14:12
dhruvasagarsoreau: compositing ?14:13
Oer!iptables > Oer14:13
ubottuOer, please see my private message14:13
pfgsipior: :D correct, thanks14:13
xmufixed channel mon0 : -114:13
RainRainBluesKaj: thanks - i'll def keep the networking thing in mind14:13
bazhangxmu, support question?14:13
BluesKajRainRain, all OSs have their quirks and drawbacks , it's a matter of what leaves you the least frustrated :)14:14
Dr_David_bannerHello, I have a question14:14
Dr_David_bannerI have ubuntu installed on my netbook, It only boots when I have key activity.14:15
RainRainBluesKaj: never a truer word spoken !!!14:15
chiky_cincan anyone please help me with ubuntu preseed install?14:15
soreaudhruvasagar: using gconf-editor, navigate to /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager14:15
xmuwhen i use aircrack-ng  ,   i come accross the problem _   "fixed channel mon0:  -1" on the right top    and  then  when i start aireplay , theres "the AP's channel is 9 but ..is -1""14:15
soreaudhruvasagar: this should enable metacity compositing, for basic shadows and transparency14:15
dhruvasagarsoreau: checkin14:15
bazhangxmu, try #aircrack-ng14:16
xmubazhang,  yes , i'm now using aircrack-ng14:16
bazhangxmu, that's a channel.  /join #aircrack-ng14:17
dhruvasagarsoreau: ok, how do I switch to metacity from compiz ?14:17
xmubazhang,  ok  :D  thx14:17
soreaudhruvasagar: set the visual effects to None14:17
dhruvasagarsoreau: done14:18
dhruvasagarsoreau: the guake window is transparent, so does that mean transparency in metacity is working ?14:18
soreaudhruvasagar: yea14:18
WhackaHey, trying to compile a Java program (not in repos, no .debs etc.) and ant crashes saying my "compliance level" of Java is 1.5 when I have 1.6.14:19
dhruvasagarsoreau: ok thanks a lot man, i'll reboot and confirm if things are fine at boot14:19
soreaudhruvasagar: It will only allow for programs that already have transparency support. It cant make any window transparent like compiz14:19
dhruvasagarsoreau: ok14:19
hsrDr_Willis: There?14:19
=== xmu is now known as wowoto
chiky_cincan i somehow check if preseed file is being parsed? Or debug the whole process?14:22
TaiosHey guys - im having a seriously annoying mouse problem - tried asking on forums, tried lots of google and tried asking one of my Linux friends...basically, it's wireless and keeps randomly disconnecting and wont reconnect...but this does not happen in windows!14:23
SolvedIs it possible to rename old operating systems?14:24
Solvedin the list of operating systems to boot14:24
hsrSolved: Yes14:24
glebihanSolved: yes you have to edit grub configuration files14:25
glebihanSolved: are you using grub1 or grub214:25
matrixblueSolved: edit the /boot/grub/menu.list or /boot/grub/grub.conf file14:25
hsrSolved: Its advisable to not to, but you can do that by findind grub-config files14:25
jrib!grub2 | Solved14:25
ubottuSolved: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:25
hsrSolved: It would be better to follow this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:26
philinuxSolved: also see this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527514:27
Taiosany ideas?14:27
matrixblueSolved: /boot/grub/grub.cfg*14:27
bazhangmatrixblue, you dont edit that directly, ever14:28
jribmatrixblue: read the top of that file :)14:30
headkase314Whenever my wireless internet disconnects and tries to reconnect it eventually freezes the computer with vertical bars displayed and I must power cycle.  lshw for wireless -> http://pastebin.com/NsCrzSdN thinking it is a resource conflict I just did this -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9323832&postcount=1 (added model=acer to modprobe) and this gives me an additional microphone in my sound audio setting14:30
headkase314s.  So, is there anything else I can do or do I now wait to see if it freezes again?14:30
matrixbluebazhang, jrib: Point taken14:31
Keith_hey everyone here that can help me out?14:32
bazhangKeith_, ask a question14:32
matrixblueheadkase314: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?14:33
Keith_i am doing the switch over from windows 7 to ubuntu netbook, and i tred it twice and it wont work...14:33
sipiorheadkase314: it invariably freezes when you disconnect and then reconnect the wireless network? no other time?14:33
Keith_i am using the iso and saving it to the usb drive....but when i get to the screen to intsall it dowsnt move14:33
headkase314matrixblue, Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit with ppa:xorg-edgers/drivers-only enabled (my first attempt to fix the freezing) and everything else out of the box, just installed around 3 days ago.14:34
sipiorheadkase314: the fact that the video behaves strangely would seem to point to a deeper root cause. does the machine get especially hot?14:34
Keith_windows 7 starter isnt working for me14:34
aeon-ltd!usb | Keith_14:34
ubottuKeith_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:34
Taios Hey guys - im having a seriously annoying mouse problem - tried asking on forums, tried lots of google and tried asking one of my Linux friends...basically, it's wireless and keeps randomly disconnecting and wont reconnect...but this does not happen in windows! <--- no-one any ideas?? Im doing CS at uni so really want to actually be able to use Ubuntu well!!14:34
matrixblueheadkase314: YOu should use the 32-bit edition unless you have more than 4 gigs of RAM14:34
headkase314sipior, it is dual boot with Vista and the other OS does not exhibit any issues when booted.14:34
Keith_yes i did follow them ijust and confused14:35
Arthur___i want to use eubuntu can i install the eubuntu desktop ? sudo apt-get install ????14:35
headkase314matrixblue, I know 32-bit is recommended but 64-bit gives 3-4% performance improvement at a cost of a small increase in storage requirements.14:35
sletzhi, which version of JACK is in Maverick? JACK1 or JACK2 ?14:35
jussiboth iirc14:36
bazhangArthur___, sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop14:36
bazhangsletz, try in #ubuntu+114:36
Arthur___ok its edubuntu dua thanks!14:36
matrixblueheadkase314: Understood but it could be a problem with incompatible drivers14:36
philinuxsletz: apt-cache policy jack14:36
philinux  Installed: (none)  Candidate: 3.1.1+cvs20050801-26 Version table:     3.1.1+cvs20050801-26 014:36
headkase314sipior, the freeze is always preceded by losing my wireless internet connection and then it trying to reconnect14:36
FloodBot1philinux: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:36
* philinux dont know how that happened14:37
headkase314matrixblue, the wireless drivers are built-in.  There are no drivers listed in "Hardware Drivers" and wireless works straight from install and in a live session as well.14:37
sipiorheadkase314: ah, so you're not turning off the connection. the loss of wireless is a symptom, not a cause. does anything interesting turn up in your logs that corresponds to the timing of the crashes?14:38
headkase314sipior, which log would you like me to pastebin?14:38
sipiorheadkase314: i'm not scrounging through your logs for you. have a look in /var/log/messages to start, and match the times up with when the machine was known to be behaving strangely.14:39
headkase314sipior, ok thanks.  Will look in that log now.14:39
sipiorheadkase314: also, does the machine always crash after a certain amount of time?14:40
Keith_everytime I do the universal program for the ubuntu progrss it keeps saying stuff like file invalid or what no...is it possible to hook my netbook to my desktop and just transger? my windows 7 crashed and it just loads the boot page14:40
Keith_hey u free for some assistance14:42
=== satan is now known as Guest18489
TxMattHello.. Is anyone els having the problem with your torrent client freezing, or freezing while your watching a youtube videos, or ptretty much downloading anything makes my box freeze bad now...14:43
TxMattIt started after I upgraded to 10.0414:43
headkase314sipior, I do not know what I am looking for in those logs.  I just modified my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base and added the line: "options snd-hda-intel model=acer" and that gives me an additional microphone in my sound properties.  I did this because I think it is a resource conflict.  I came across that setting in an unrelated issue and have now reapplied it and I guess I'll just have to wait and see if my laptop fr14:43
headkase314eezes again.14:43
BluesKajKeith_, dual booting ?14:44
neruhi there14:44
nerui am new to this all "ubuntu" thing14:45
TxMatthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/574152 <ive looked at that but didnt do much help14:45
nerucan any user assist me?14:45
headkase314I have an Acer Aspire 5100 and have not been able to get the built-in microphone working (that was the previous issue I came across that setting with and no-one else has succeeded in getting the internal mic working either.  So I undid the setting and now just reapplied it)14:45
boywonderdoes anyone know about unable live media image?14:45
TxMattshould i just reinstall a older version of ubuntu?14:45
philinuxneru: Ask away14:45
philinuxTxMatt: Try Deluge it's in the repo14:45
neruis macromedia flash available for this OS14:45
sipiorheadkase314: the log messages are individually timestamped. do any messages appear immediately before a time when the machine was known to be acting strangely? when did this behaviour start, by the way? (recently, i take it?)14:45
philinuxneru: Yes14:46
yowshigah keyboard interfering with mouse again14:46
TxMattI've used about 5 diff torrent clients, they all seem to freeze up for some reason..ths has never happened before while running a ubuntu os..14:46
headkase314sipior, I just installed about 2 days ago and the issue is intermittent enough that it has likely been present the entire time.14:46
TxMattidk if it was a update that caused it or what14:46
philinuxneru: Browse a site that needs it and the os will offer to install it.14:46
Keith_No i want to completely get rid of windows 714:47
neruoh ok thanks :D14:47
TxMattand ive reformated a couple times to, without added the updates..14:47
TxMattdidn't help14:47
yowshican anyone help me fix my problem with my usb keyboard preventing my usb mouse from responding\14:47
Keith_i just tried again and didnt work14:47
Dr_WillisTxMatt:  try a differnt torrent client. or throttle it down perhaps?14:48
DeathCubeKsup guys14:49
* neru o)14:49
TxMattDr_Willis: I've tried that, my connection spped is 12mbs and i knocked my download speed to only 300K/bs, still didn't help..14:49
TxMattit would freeze my whole box14:50
neruTxMatt you're a loser14:50
neruScrew ubuntu, GET A LIFE14:50
boywonderno im a loser !!14:50
smw!ops | neru14:50
ubottuneru: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!14:50
neruThat you are.14:50
Dr_WillisTxMatt:  try a differnt client. somthing seems odd..14:50
TxMattYeah it does..14:50
Dr_WillisTxMatt:  what client are you using anyway>14:51
TxMattIve used about 5 diff clients..14:51
TxMattother people on forums have been having the same problem so i'm not the only one.14:51
Dr_WillisTxMatt:  ive found its often the Upload speeds that lag my machines14:51
boywonderdoes anyone know about unable live media image?14:51
Dr_WillisTxMatt:  ive also been using the latest Deluge from PPA's thats been working very well for me14:52
headkase314sipior, thank you for the responses.  Next time it freezes I will check /var/log/messages right away.  Are there any other specific logs I should check?  If not then I'll have to consider this all the help I can receive until it happens again..14:52
TxMattI'll try it again, right now..14:53
BluesKajTxMatt, this fallacy that certain clients are faster than is just that , it's how you configure the client bandwidth and NAT that determines your speeds ..make sure your router opens the same ports in the client14:53
boywonderdum de dum what a way!14:53
DeathCubeKguys can someone please tell me how to install linux on my mac14:53
TxMattIts not only the torrents, its when i unrar, install updates, eveything that has to do with downloading..14:53
DeathCubeKicant figure it out14:53
TxMattand its not cause i have a shity box..14:53
AndyGraybealwhat is a popular or recommended way to edit a bootable iso file?14:54
Keith_when i do the universal usb drive for ubuntu..it comes up with a window that says a whole lot of things file broken14:54
Keith_any ideas14:54
smwDeathCubeK, be more specific. Is there a specific problem you are having?14:54
gryllida`make[1]: lex: Command not found' -- what package can I install to fix it?14:54
Keith_it jsut did it again14:54
TxMattSysinfo for 'sm0k3': Linux 2.6.32-24-generic running , CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ at 1000 MHz (2004 bogomips), HD: 425/1154GB, RAM: 1003/1949MB, 175 proc's, 52.12min up14:54
sipiorheadkase314: check /var/log/kern.log as well (i can't remember if those entries are copied in messages) does the machine always crash after a certain amount of time, or when you're running some specific program? without more data, it's difficult to speculate at the moment.14:54
Keith_any ideas14:55
TxMattsee,  even while downlaoding deluge from the repos it freezes..14:56
BluesKajTxMatt, then you have a networking issue14:56
TxMattmy dl is 12mbs it shouldnt take longer then 2/3 minunts to dl it..14:57
hz282hey how do i connect to another irc like irc.awesomeric.net?14:57
gschweppIs it correct, that i can just use special programs if i connect 2 computers for grid distribution?14:57
headkase314sipior, I just checked that log.  In both that and messages there appears a line: "Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -249305204 ns)" perhaps that is it?  I just changed a hardware configuration for the sound (gives me an additional microphone which is correct) so I think I should wait and see now and if it happens again check both those logs and come back?14:57
TxMattYerah, I'm about to call these tards and bitch...14:57
Keith_hey u free?14:57
Keith_i need some assistance14:57
BluesKajhz282, /server irc.server.whatever14:58
BluesKajhz282, in the server textbox14:58
sipiorheadkase314: i doubt the clock is the problem (that's only a quarter of a second delta anyway). i think you should wait until it happens again, and then pastebin the log entries immediately preceding the trouble, so we can have a look.14:59
Keith_I need HELP i have school work to do and i cant get ubuntu on my netbook...my windows 7 crashed....does anyone here have yahoo messenger so we can speak?14:59
TxMattcalling my isp right now....14:59
TxMattlets see what they have to say.14:59
headkase314sipior, ok - thank you for the help and that is what I will do.  If it happens again I will pastebin the tail of messages and kern.log.  So, again, thank you.15:00
sipiorheadkase314: best of luck, hopefully it will get sorted soon15:00
gschweppKeith_: maybe i can help you but not with yahoo messenger /quer gschwepp and tell me your problem15:00
headkase314sipior, I hope so too as I greatly prefer Ubuntu to Vista! ;)  Thanks.15:01
Keith_what the heck is there anyone here able to help?15:03
Keith_i am trying to get immediate help for my netbook i tried getting ubuntu on it 3 times and nothong15:03
bodwickKeith_ what's your problem?15:03
Keith_i tried doing the steps to put the ubuntu on my usb drive, and when it almost finishes it says there is a whole list of broken files15:03
bodwickKeith_ usb 'installation' form live cd ?15:04
=== Aaron53672 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
Keith_yes i am using the universal usb installer...i got the ubuntu to get to the screen for installation, but when i click install it wont15:05
Keith_just flashes and goes back15:05
bodwickKeith_ youre installing ubuntu on usb of from it?15:06
Keith_i am installing the ubuntu from the usb to the netbook..no cd drive...and i got to the installation screen on my computer but wont go any further15:07
Keith_i just want to have ubuntu on my netbook...no more windows15:08
Omicr0n`Keith, is it a NetBook version of Ubuntu?15:08
Keith_UNE download15:09
Omicr0n`Kieth, give us ubuntu version & netbook model15:10
Keith_10.4, and hp model15:11
bodwickKeith_ you followed these steps http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook/get-ubuntu/download ?15:11
Keith_every last one15:11
bodwickKeith_ or used Universal USB Installer?15:11
rockhopper 15:11
Keith_my windows 7 crashed so i need to use the univerasl usb installer15:12
bodwickKaith_ can you run Ubuntu form pedndrive without installing or does it also crush?15:13
Keith_wont do that either15:14
Omicr0n`Keith, HP mini ##??15:14
pkkmIs there a good Linux DVD authoring program, apart from dvdstyler and kmediafactory (both don't work on my computer)?15:15
headkase314pkkm, DeVeDe15:16
subspidermy webcam is not working15:16
headkase314!info DeVeDe15:16
ubottuPackage DeVeDe does not exist in lucid15:16
Pici!info devede | headkase31415:16
ubottuheadkase314: devede (source: devede): simple application to create Video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.16.8-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 1976 kB, installed size 4024 kB15:16
rblsti cannot use my logitech webcam with skype under ubuntu 9.10, this has been so for some of the previous releases too, although it worked fine under 8.04, is it only my impression that ubuntu is actually getting worse?15:16
Keith_hp mini 11015:16
Piciheadkase314: Package names are case-sensitive.15:16
Stefanos90hello, i have conected a windows computer to my router via wi-fi, how can i watch what he has inside via terminal?15:16
Dr_Willispkkm:  i wonder why they dont work. most are just front ends to the various backend tools15:16
headkase314Thanks Pici, thats the one! ;)15:16
bodwickrblst skype doesn't detect your cam?15:17
Dr_WillisI use DeVeDe all the time.. fairly simple. but it works well15:17
rockhopperStefanos90, you need him to share his folders15:17
rockhopperand connect through windows sharing server with his ip!15:18
Stefanos90yes he is15:18
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/15:18
=== emc_ is now known as emc
Dr_WillisStefanos90:  clarfy what you mean 'watch what he has inside'15:18
Stefanos90i need to transfer some files is it posible15:18
rblstbodwick, it does detect it, but when i test it, nothing appears and cpu goes up close to 100%15:19
Dr_WillisStefanos90:  you can access windows shares from the command line  if you mount them to a directory.15:19
Dr_WillisStefanos90:  or he could use winscp and access the linux box and transfer files over. that may be easier.15:19
rockhopperDr_Willis, as he's said that the windows pc folders're shared, i think he wants to know how to access them15:19
=== mentr_bnc is now known as mentr
Dr_WillisStefanos90:   this is on a local lan right?15:19
rockhopperStefanos90, did he share with enough permissions for you to access?15:19
pkkmDr_Willis, these backend tools crash during creating a DVD, in both cases.15:19
rblstbodwick, i have two logitech cams, both used to work okay, now i cannot use either15:19
Dr_WillisStefanos90:  you could right click on some directory (like /home/Yourusername/Public and share it.. and let him connect to you. it often works better that way15:20
Dr_Willispkkm:  thats odd.. but these other tools might use the same backend tools.15:20
rockhopperStefanos90, or you can open some folder, and click on file and connect to server15:20
pkkmDr_Willis, I'll try them and see.15:20
rockhopperthen you'll have to select windows share and enter his ip address and conenct15:21
rblstbodwick, i have tried loading libraries, changing xml con file, reverting to earlier versions, installing static version from medibuntu; no luck15:21
tom][vHi, I'm using Apache/2.2.12 with wsgi & django to write an intranet app on an "Linux 2.6.31-22-server  #63-Ubuntu SMP" box here. Problem is: the web app works fine while I happen to have an ssh window logged in, but whenever I'm not ssh'ed in apache returns 403 forbidden.15:21
Omicr0n`Keith, try "Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Karmic" instead...15:21
rockhoppertom][v, did you give enough permissons for the folders shared for others to acess?15:22
=== Riot777 is now known as Riotta
rockhopperOmicr0n`, is there any advantage or changes from UNR 9.10 to 10.415:22
rockhopperStefanos90, open some folder15:23
simplexiotom][v: do you run those apps from your homedi?15:23
rockhopperin your computer15:23
rblstanybody here who can help me using my logitech cam with skype in 10.04?15:23
rockhopperclick on file15:23
Mattheswhen I run 'jockey' it doesn't says anything about my  radepon mobility x1300  . I want to install the ati/amd drivers because the ones I currently use seem to make some progs doen't work very well15:23
rockhopperStefanos90, then click on conenct to server15:23
andrettii folled the libdvdcss instructions, but I'm still getting "Add. Sense: Read of scrambled sector without authentication" when I try to copy VIDEO_TS files off of a dvd (the dvd plays fine in totem though). Has anyone run into this before?15:24
suigenerisfrom the output of inonv -l, what is the different between ISO_8859-9 and ISO8859-9 ?15:24
Mattheshow can I install these >original< drivers?15:24
andrettii ran the install-css.sh script15:24
rockhopperOmicr0n`, Does UNR 10.4 have any advantage or significant  change from UNR 9.10?15:24
bodwickrblst does cheese detect  those webcams?15:24
historockhopper: updated packages15:24
rblstbodwick, i'll have to check15:25
historockhopper: faster boot times can be seen with 10.0415:25
historockhopper: also 10.10 will show the biggest changes to UNR with the new unity interface.15:25
rockhopperhisto, I was wondering coz, in 10.04, my brightness keys won't work...15:25
rockhopperhisto, but i can change it from the terminal!15:26
tom][vsimplexio: yes from my home dir15:26
historockhopper: you can boot to 10.04 and see if it helps with your brightness issues.  The install disk is fully bootable. Youc an even make a usb key to boot from.15:27
rblstbodwick, yes cheese can use the cam, but CPU load is 100%, so it's practically useless15:27
rockhopperhisto, I'm currently using the 10.0415:27
tom][vrockhopper: yes it's all universally readable15:27
rockhopperis that the one available?15:27
historockhopper: okay then whats the question I thought you were asking about changes from 9.1015:28
rockhopperI haven't tried the 9.1015:28
bodwickrblst which process usues most cpu when trying to use the webcam?15:28
rockhopperYeah, i wan't to give 9.10 a try if the brightness keys work in it!15:28
Mattheswhen I run 'jockey' it doesn't says anything about my  radepon mobility x1300  . I want to install the ati/amd drivers because the ones I currently use seem to make some progs doen't work very well15:28
Mattheshow can I install these >original< drivers?15:28
rockhopperif so, i can run it until 10.10's released15:28
livinglyif3How do I know what Graphics Card driver I'm using ???15:28
historockhopper: you can try the beta of 10.1015:28
historockhopper: ubuntu.com/testing15:28
rockhopperhisto, thanks!15:29
BluesKajlivinglyif3, lspci | grep VGA15:29
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tom][v"[error] [client] (13)Permission denied: access to /url/ denied, referer: http://url/"15:29
rblstbodwick, cheese uses above 90%15:29
headkase314Matthes, with Ubuntu 10.04 the X-server has changed enough that you cannot use AMD/Ati legacy drivers which is what you would need for an X1300.  So, you must use the Open-Source drivers that are built-in when you install or go back to an older version of Ubuntu.15:29
Matthesheadkase314: means there is no chance to run crashing progs? :(15:30
avinashhmhi , i am on 10.04 ubuntu, running xchat ... can we automate logging to a network and list of channels ..[every time we start xchat ]15:30
headkase314Matthes, the open-source drivers are improving but it is slow-going.  Like see what it's like in 10.10 or 11.0415:30
Mattheshmm, ok thanks15:31
PsychiChey guys ubuntu install messed up my mbr and now I cant login to my windows sys on sda1.... Ive got 2 winxp os (sda1&2) and the grub.cfg shows the second os tries to boot from hd0,1 but it will actualy start sda2 ?15:32
bodwickrblst quick google shows it could be pulse autio related15:32
rockhopperhisto, is upgrading from 10.04 better or installing the fresh 10.10 beta better?15:32
headkase314Matthes, you can also do: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/drivers-only" then "sudo apt-get update" "sudo apt-get upgrade".  But if you do this you may occasionally run into a broken driver.  That repository is bleeding-edge open-source drivers.15:32
bodwickrblst try disabling auto-respawn, kill pulse audio and test if the issue persists15:32
historockhopper: it's allt he same however I will caution that its Beta and not recomended for production machines. Discussion on 10.10 takes place in #ubuntu+1 channel.15:32
BluesKajPsychiC, sudo update-grub15:33
rblstbodwick, i wonder how video and audio is connected, but thanks, i'll do just what you suggest15:33
TxMattlol@at&t not having support for LInux.15:33
keith_i got to the ubuntu install screen and nothign happens any ideas? do i click enter on install?15:33
keith_it just flashes15:33
bodwickrblst http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-886560.html15:33
bodwickrblst check it out, maybe it'll help15:34
rblstbodwick, thanks man15:34
bodwickrblst :)15:34
tom][vok, this could be to blame? /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/g3aNUP8015:34
simplexiotom][v: are you using homedirs which are mounted only when you login in ? (crypted?)15:34
the_germanhi i try to configure my /etc/sudoers so that every user can use "chown" and "mount" ...The syntax is correct but I doesnt seem to work! Any ideas?15:35
tom][vsimplexio: yes encrypted15:35
simplexiotom][v: sounds like you need to move data to some dir which is allways mounted15:35
outer_spacehow do u make a screencast in ubuntu?15:36
PsychiCBluesKaj, I've ran the command, rebooted, choose the OS on /dev/sda1 , boots into the second one (/dev/sda2)15:36
popey!screencast | outer_space15:36
ubottuouter_space: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.15:36
histoouter_space: gtkrecordmydesktop15:36
outer_spacety folks15:36
popeyouter_space: there's a new one called kazam which works in 10.0415:36
popeyouter_space: but its broken in 10.1015:36
simplexiotom][v: /var/www/ should work15:36
histoouter_space: gtk-recordmydesktop sry.15:36
simplexiotom][v: or create /home/something which isnt crypted15:37
tom][vsimplexio: that makes sense, I'll try. thanks for now!15:39
BluesKajPsychiC, does the grub menu show your windows entry , like windows xp or 7 or?15:39
PsychiCBluesKaj, it shows both winxp on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 (which it should) , but either one will boot into /dev/sda215:40
BluesKajPsychiC, /dev/sda2 is which OS?15:41
PsychiCwinxp (2nd)15:41
BluesKajthe first is probly the rescue partition for windows15:41
PsychiCBluesKaj, negative, both are full winxp installs15:42
Diehardhey guys, do you recommend upgrade to 10.10?15:42
BluesKajPsychiC, what's your linux partition ?15:42
headkase314!maverick | Diehard15:42
ubottuDiehard: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:42
PsychiCBluesKaj, /dev/sda8 is ubuntu root15:42
BluesKajwhat about grub is it showing up listing the OSs , I don't understand why you keep referring to the the dev partitions15:44
sniperjodoes anyone know the minimum spec needed for vlc to play SD video ?15:44
PsychiCBluesKaj, grub shows all the OS'ses , ubuntu, memtest, winxp, winxp, debian15:44
BluesKajPsychiC, did you install windows after linux was installed ?15:45
PsychiCBluesKaj, no, ubuntu was last15:45
BluesKajPsychiC, you have a lot of partitions and it keeps booting windows and ignoring your choices , is that correct?15:46
TxMattat&t need to get some linux techs15:46
PsychiCBluesKaj, it only ignores which winxp I choose, it will boot ubuntu and debian. Both winxp lines will boot winxp on /dev/sda2.15:47
tom][vIn fact while I'm here: anyone know how can I fix this error: sudo apache2ctl graceful; "apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName" (thanks :-)15:48
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dotblankMy WM is completely messed up.. windows don't redraw themselve correctly, don't minimize or switch desktops15:49
ChogyDantom][v: I've had that for ages, but I don't use my webserver at all.  I suspect that it is just a minor misconfig that can be ignored15:49
dotblankalso when a new window pops up it is under existing windows15:49
Silivrenionhey there. I'm trying to ping my windows computer on the network from a neighboring ubuntu computer, and can't seem to locate the correct hostname for it15:50
ChogyDandotblank: when did this start happening?15:50
azexianhey, having problem playing a hd film on my machine, bit weird, video plays perfectly with mplayer, but no sound. On vlc I get sound, but the video is so jumpy it's unwatchable, any ideas?15:50
Silivrenionwindows -> ubuntu names work, but the other way i'm having difficulty15:50
webushi! i have a problem in boot process on ubuntu. when system startup sometimes my keyboard and mouse doesn't work. i push power button and ubuntu reboot after 60 secs.15:50
dotblankChogyDan, hard to remember.. its been going on a while now15:50
Silivrenioni've tried, for example, ping hostname, ping \\workgroup\hostname, and all come up unreachable, but pinging the IP address works15:51
dotblankChogyDan, I did install nvidia's latest with a ppa15:51
gschweppwebus: are they plugged in directly or over an kvm switch?15:51
tom][vChogyDan: ok, thanks.15:51
Silivrenionam I missing something?15:51
webus<gschwepp> directly, ps/215:51
dotblankChogyDan, I don't think that did it tho15:51
ChogyDandotblank: maybe you should disable compiz15:51
gschweppwebus: im just interested because i get sometimes the problem while using kvm switch.15:51
dotblankhmm interesting...15:51
PsychiCBluesKaj, could it be something to do with --fs-uuid ?15:51
gschweppwebus: didnt really find a answer to that question sorry15:52
dotblankChogyDan, I went to disable it and it says mutter isn't running15:52
tjubalaubasoreau, Dr_Willis: Thanx for the geany proposal... instant love!15:52
dotblankand I can't enable / disable anything15:52
BluesKajPsychiC, open /boot/grub/grub.cfg , check to see whether your first partition is listed15:52
tjubalauba...some hours late15:52
ChogyDanSilivrenion: I don't think the hostname like that is pingable15:52
webus<gschwepp> if i push num lock button in boot process everyting ok.  i think ubuntu can't see my keyboard and mouse if they inactive in boot process15:52
soreautjubalauba: tep15:52
drdozerHi - I'm having trouble with ubuntu 10.10 - which room do I ask in?15:52
ChogyDandotblank: Sys > Prefs > Appearance > Visual Affects > None  ?15:52
dotblankAlso I originally had compiz off15:53
headkase314!maverick | drdozer15:53
ubottudrdozer: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:53
BluesKajPsychiC, or /dev/sda1 equivalent15:53
dotblankChogyDan, let me get you a screen cap15:53
PsychiCBluesKaj, lemme try to post it @ pastie.org15:53
azexianhey, having problem playing a hd film on my machine, bit weird, video plays perfectly with mplayer, but no sound. On vlc I get sound, but the video is so jumpy it's unwatchable, any ideas?15:53
simplexiotom][v: that ".. servers name.." i there because your hosts file , dns server give different name than some apache config file. and i have too , dosnt cause any problems ( that im aware f)15:54
erdnaseI get an error when I try to save a .jpg file using GIMP. It says:... nevermind, I tried to save it again and it worked. >_> Weird.15:54
dotblankChogyDan, http://imgur.com/uoXdf.png15:54
erdnaseBut it tells me something about the memory and the plugin.15:54
ChogyDandotblank: is this lucid?15:54
dotblankChogyDan, yes15:55
SilivrenionChogyDan, it's pingable, because IP address pinging works15:55
ChogyDandotblank: I would try removing the nvidia stuff, myself.  Thought... I wonder what mutter is15:55
BluesKajPsychiC, brb , upgradinq to maverick requires reboot15:55
dotblankChogyDan, I needed nvidia latest to run sc2 in wine15:56
Silivrenionthe issue I have is that I don't know how ubuntu formats hostnames for a given windows network resource15:56
ChogyDanSilivrenion: maybe try smb:// or something15:56
ChogyDandotblank: well, it is easy enough to reinstall, and if removing works, at least you have narrowed down the issue15:57
dotblankChogyDan, I tried running mutter --replace15:57
Silivrenionit's not restricted to samba... this is a problem mostly for synergy2, since i need a valid hostname. I can see the windows machine in ubuntu's samba enumerator, but i just can't find the hostname >.<15:57
dotblankit seem to sorta work15:57
dotblankbut now I get Window manager warning: Missing composite extension required for compositing15:57
ChogyDandotblank: what is mutter?15:57
keith2Question: Updated some packages this morning, and my shut off button I pinned on the taskbar became unusable. I deleted and pinned it again, but I wonder what caused it, anyone know?15:58
dotblankChogyDan, no idea seems to be a WM15:58
Karen_mwith debian-archive-keyring being updated, nothing is funky eh with any repo?15:58
RandomTimeMy wireless is periodicly disconnecting after upgrading to 10.10 beta.15:58
Silivrenionnevermind, it was hostname.local. avahi-resolve-address -a did it15:58
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dotblankChogyDan, Wow that was odd16:00
Karen_mwhy would : debian-archive-keyring    be needing an upgrade?  Is there a way to read the changelog before I commit to this dist-upgrade?16:00
dotblankMy whole WM exploded16:00
ChogyDandotblank: try metacity --replace16:00
Nepheriusis lubuntu lighter then xubuntu ?16:01
PsychiCBluesKaj, http://pastie.org/114159916:01
dotblankI restarted x and everything seems to work now16:01
dotblankNow I remember! I installed gnome shell16:01
ChogyDandotblank: mmm hm, I think mutter is part of gnome-shell, a metacity replacement16:02
MaybeDrunkhi everybody16:02
matrilloxgreetings everyone16:03
MaybeDrunki have installed openssh-server on my ubuntu 10.04 for netbook, but i can't find a way to disable it ... it want to startup automatically at boot, but i wont ... what can i do ?16:04
ricdangerhi there16:04
MaybeDrunkno link to ssh seems to be created on /etc/rc?.d/ and i just try to install script and disable, but it does not work16:04
ricdangeranyone knows how to disable shutdown and restart for regular users?16:04
hawodiI have a package that I need to install but its complaining of python version greater than the required version. I have installed a lower version of pyhthon but still getting the same message. How do I specify the python to use please?16:05
MaybeDrunkricdanger: just search on google ... http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/03/20/disable-shutdown-for-normal-users/16:06
remoteCTRLhi guys!16:07
ricdangerdoesnt work16:07
ricdangeron 10.0416:07
remoteCTRLhow do i upgrade to maverick?16:07
BluesKajPsychiC, I wonder why the uuid values for both windows partitions are the same and what could have caused that...it's beyond my expertise I'm afraid :(  ...maybe someone more knowledgeable can help here ?16:07
sebsebsebremoteCTRL: its not final yet16:07
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:07
super-noobguys ive messed up16:07
sebsebseb!details | super-noob16:07
ubottusuper-noob: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:07
super-noobi was messing with the passwd file and made myself a root by changind 1000.1000 to 0.0 or something like that now my password file is locked16:08
sebsebsebricdanger: Whats the point trying to do that?  They could just turn off the computer using the power button anyway?16:08
ricdangerfreenx / remote access16:08
MaybeDrunkricdanger: you right, and also gdmsetups seems to be useless in this situation16:08
PsychiCBluesKaj, thats what I figured out so far ;)   I guess it's because I used the same winxp install for both.... i've read i might have to use labels....will try that tonight16:09
PsychiCBluesKaj, but many thanks anyway :)16:09
ricdangerI already tried policykit policies, but they are not working for restart and shutdown16:09
sebsebsebsuper-noob: not meant to enable the root account in Ubuntu16:09
super-noobsebsebseb: i know this now thats why im such a noob16:09
super-noobi hate not being in control16:09
sebsebsebsuper-noob: ah ha you don't understand what sudo is I guess? Or didn't know16:10
rblstbodwick, i've tried killing pulseaudio, the problem remains; the forum thread you sent me is not about skype video16:10
sebsebsebsuper-noob: with sudo you are in control16:10
keith1First time trying to get a webcam to work in Linux, how would I go about it?16:10
trismricdanger: are you using the correct actions? the current ones in 10.04 are org.freedesktop.consolekit.system.*16:10
sebsebseb!sudo | super-noob16:10
ubottusuper-noob: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at