BlazentoHello. Is it common for AMS to crash regularly when adding new effects?00:05
holsteinBlazento: alsa modular synth?00:08
* holstein is not a regular user of that00:08
holsteinBlazento: ask over in #opensourcemusicians00:08
holsteinBlazento: you using JACK?00:09
holsteinyou could just JACK into rakarrack00:09
holsteinor JACK rack00:09
holsteinor something like these http://www.linuxdsp.co.uk/download/index.html00:09
Blazentocool let me check that out00:10
holsteini use rakarrack all the time00:10
holsteinwith synths00:10
holsteinor whatever00:10
holsteinits really lightweight00:10
Blazentocool. I was just learning how to program patches with AMS since I like its GUI, but the crashing is too bad00:11
holsteinive heard good things00:12
kde185hey my family is thinking of getting a new computer and putting studio on it for sound recording/mixing.  Does anyone know if M-Audio Fast Track Ultra works with it?03:22
holsteinhey kde18503:23
kde185I'm trying to look up information, but only found information on older versions of ubuntu, if this piece of equipment can't work then it might be a deal breaker for them03:23
holsteinthis is where i would look03:25
holsteinyou can ask over in #opensourcemusicians too03:25
holsteini remember someone having one of those03:25
holsteinand i dont remember03:25
persiaGenerally the folks who care for drivers tend to try extra hard to avoid regressions, so when something works with one release, it tends to keep working.03:26
persiaThis only doesn't work when folks don't file bugs if something stops working, but most folk do.03:26
kde185k thanks, hopefully this works cause my family won't be as patient as myself when trying to work with this03:26
persiaThat said, M-Audio has a great track-record of making "class-compliant" devices, so that they *don't* need special drivers, and automatically work for any OS.03:26
holsteinkde185: the software is free to try :)03:26
persiaI've never had any trouble with my M-Audio stuff, although I'll admit I don't have that particular device.03:27
holsteinyeah, maudio is generally supported pretty well03:27
holsteinand easy to get running03:27
persiaWell, credit where it's due: rather M-Audio does a good job of supporting linux :)03:27
kde185well we tried it a while ago, but it was on an old computer that didn't have usb 2.0 ports, so I'm not sure where the weak link was in that setup03:28
holsteinmore companies should03:28
persiakde185, Lack of USB2.0 ports basically means no working USB audio, regardless of the device.  There's just not enough bandwidth.03:28
kde185that's encouraging, I had hoped that the lack of information on the internet meant people weren't having problems03:28
holsteinyou can try a live CD03:29
holsteinand see if it shows up03:29
persiaFor the longest time, "USB Audio" was considered a joke because of this, and the various differences between "High Speed", "Full Speed", etc.  These days, it's mostly better (as long as you have limited channels/sampling frequency/etc.)03:29
kde185my experience with those has been kinda iffy, sometimes devices don't work quite right when the OS  is running off a cd03:29
kde185but giving a shot won't hurt03:30
persiaKernel should be the same: you might have memory or I/O speed limitations, but stuff ought work.03:30
holsteintroubleshooting audio devices from a live CD can be challenging03:30
holsteinwith permissions and what-not03:30
holsteinpop in here when you get a test case going :)03:30
kde185k, I'll probably jump in once the livecd is running03:32
Blank__one of my old cards is actually capable of half duplex 24/96 on usb 1.104:08
sletzhi, which version of JACK is in Maverick? JACK1 or JACK2 ?14:40
persiasletz, *both* :)14:46
sletzwhat is the defualt one ?14:47
sletzif any..14:47
persiaI think it's jack2, although I may be mistaken.14:51

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