easter_eggI'm searching for a software like vnc to class. Someone know something like this?02:42
alkisgGood morning08:13
highvoltagehey alkisg13:55
* alkisg really hates converting windows -edu apps to wine-based .deb packages... :-/13:56
alkisg...been doing that all day today13:56
highvoltagehow does that work? do you put that in some kind of global bottle or do you have some scripts or something that copies it to the user's home directories or do you just have the executables somewhere that runs from a launcher?14:01
alkisgUsually, I put the data in /usr/share/package, make a wrapper launcher in /usr/bin/package-executable, and make the appropriate sharedmimeinfo for the files to be able to open from within nautilus14:05
alkisg...but in some cases there are dependencies like java etc, I'm looking into them now (i.e. package a windows version of java in /usr/share/wine-java, then set the appropriate env vars before launching the edu app, and finally make the edu package depend on the wine-java package)...14:06
alkisgHere's a screenshot of the "education" menu for half of the packages we have so far: http://ts.sch.gr/repo/images/education-menu.png14:07
alkisg(all of them windows-based, unfortunately)14:07
highvoltagewell, that's all greek to me14:21
mhall119alkisg: are those FLOSS games?14:34
alkisgmhall119: no, greek windows edu apps packaged for ubuntu14:51
jc__How many thin clients should I be able to run If I have 10.4 dual 3ghz multilcore proc's and 4 gig memory server is set up with gui interface14:57
alkisgThere's a server-sizing formula at the ltsp docs: https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ltsp/index.php?title=Ltsp_LtspDocumentationUpstream14:58
alkisg...something like (256 + 192 * clients) MB RAM14:58
highvoltagejc__: depends on your network speed too and what you'll be doing and whether you'll be running some local apps. but at t thumbsuck based on those specs, about 20.14:58
alkisgOf course if they just run light apps, or if not of them are logged on simultaneously, you could boot more. And if they need multimedia apps, the network would be a bottleneck ==> even less.14:59
alkisghighvoltage: heh, (4096-256)/192 is *exactly* 20 :D15:01
jc__I have a school lab setup 12 pxeboot and seem to have issues with running out of memory when students use firefox with flash  servers are connected to 10/100/1000 switch15:03
alkisgWhat runs out of memory? the client or the server?15:03
jc__the server15:03
highvoltagejc__: what's the specifications of the clients? it might be a good idea to run firefox (or even chromium, my preference) as a local app15:03
highvoltage(I'm actually running firefox 4b as local app on my work thin client and it works quite nicely)15:04
alkisgjc__: a `ps aux` at the time of the problem would be good troubleshooting information...15:05
jc__I have been trying to figure out how to run local on client the thin clients have at least 256 meg of memory15:05
alkisgHow are you seeing the out of memory problems? /var/log? Apps crashing?15:06
jc__I did notice on the ltsp.org site that I can modify the ssh communication to only use tcp/ip15:07
jc__gui tools in ubuntu showing systems resources and some of the apps are freezing and have to be restarted15:08
jc__Im new at all of this does anyone know of some that I might contact in Huntsville Al15:12
jc__to discuss15:12
alkisg(05:07:21 PM) jc__: I did notice on the ltsp.org site that I can modify the ssh communication to only use tcp/ip ==> are you talking about LDM_DIRECTX=True? That's good for speed (vs security), but it won't affect RAM usage...15:14
jc__yes I set the LDM=true15:20
jc__alkisg I think i know enough to be dangerous15:22
annkasis there a possibility to have a ubunt server and the pupils log on with usernames and passwords on different computers, getting their own desktop, shortcuts and so on? Like in Skolelinux?22:19
annkasi think it is calle roaming profiles in MS Windows22:21
annkasis there an edubuntu server profile?22:25

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