lex79Riddell: Debian has qtcreator with QML support, if we want that, you can sync it00:06
ScottKRiddell: I think they'd be a lot happier if we'd just ship their language packs directly.   I also think making a POT in kde4libs for Ubuntu unique strings might be a good idea.  Then that could just go into Rosetta.00:10
ScottKapachelogger: You're all about pink and fluffy.  Klingons are not.00:11
DarkwingDuckanyone seen nixternal?01:24
DarkwingDuckjjesse: I'm finishing up my bugs. You have any outstanding bugs for the docs?01:42
jjesselots of changes i need to make01:50
jjessewhen is freeze?01:50
DarkwingDucktomorrow jjesse 01:51
DarkwingDuckI was in the middle of a move and we've lost nixternal01:51
DarkwingDuckSo, it's you and I lol01:51
jjessehrmm i don't have any i will get to tonight01:51
jjessebut there were need to be a lot of fixes post string01:51
DarkwingDuckI'm getting major ones tonight because I will ahve time.01:52
DarkwingDuckI'll be in fort wayne in about a month :D01:52
jjesseok sry about that01:52
DarkwingDuckNaww, it's ok, I was reminded today01:53
DarkwingDuckRL messed me up bad01:53
jjesseyeah me 2 this release01:53
jjessebeen focused on work01:54
jjesseoh well, we will just have to figure out how to do a bug release01:54
* jjesse grumbles01:54
jjessejust saw mdke's email01:55
jjessewas there a lot of work done on ubuntu-docs this time?01:56
jjessedidn't seem a lot of commits01:56
DarkwingDuckI don't think so02:00
DarkwingDuckKubuntu side there is a lot... I guess most of it will have to be done for Maverick +102:00
DarkwingDuckthe upgrade to 4.5 took me on...02:01
DarkwingDuckThere is quite a bit of change.02:01
jjesseyes there is a ton02:01
jjessedon't kill youself02:01
DarkwingDuckLooks like another re-write for 11.0402:01
jjessewe will just have to make a bunch of changes and figure out how to do a release02:01
DarkwingDuckYeah, I don't know if we will have nix for 11.04 either02:02
jjesseseems most of the love for documentation has been changed to the ubuntu manual02:02
jjesseyou never know these days w/ nixternal02:02
DarkwingDuckYeah I know... You know how to package?02:02
DarkwingDuckOkay, I'll learn that... We are going to have a TON of work for 11.0402:03
DarkwingDuckwith 4.5+ 02:03
ScottKdebfx: From #debian-qt-kde - <idis> in the try-to-avoid-past-mistakes-dept, i would postpone attica work until you guys need it...02:55
ScottKSo it sounds like it's not ready.02:55
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ScottKryanakca: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kolabd/2.2.4-20100624-1ubuntu1 Have fun.  Let me know what needs fixing.04:49
nixternalok, who shut off my server when I wasn't looking?04:58
nixternalguess nobody. guess i will go look at a wall or something. peace out homeskillets!05:06
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Mamarokshadeslayer: any news on the kdepim build?09:17
RiddellMamarok: launchpad is down today so I guess no builds of anything :(09:49
Mamarokright, shadeslayer had problems to get kdepim to build on launchpad yesterday, I was wondering if he had asked for help with that. Or was this a launchpad problem anyway?09:50
persiaLP has onlly been down an hour so far, and will be up in two more (or so)09:52
RiddellMamarok: he didn't get it built yesterday and I ran out of time to look at it09:55
Riddellwill do when launchpad reappears09:55
MamarokRiddell: thanks a lot :)09:57
MamarokI will be immensely grateful so I can get rid of that horrible beta1 version here :)09:58
debfxScottK: what about attica?09:59
Riddelldebfx: lex79 put it into the experimental PPA10:02
dpmRiddell, thanks for the reply on the e-mail re: kdgantt. I'll leave the kdepim kdgantt and kdgantt1 as they are, but should I approve the kdgantt template in _koffice_?10:20
Riddelldpm: no, it's the same translations for the same code10:21
dpmRiddell, ok, thanks, then I'll delete kdgantt for koffice in the imports queue10:33
apacheloggerScottK, Riddell: at least suse has a own-changes-pot10:41
apacheloggerwhich makes things a lot simpler and improves runtime performance since they have everything in one mo file IIRC10:42
Riddellhow can it improve performance to add another translation file?11:00
Riddellooh, shiny new launchpad11:05
jussibut stil.. the search is at the bottom...11:20
sheytanapachelogger hi :)11:21
sheytanremeber i mentioned to replace quick access plasmoid with folder view?11:22
Riddellfolder view suffers from using the same icon as "show the desktop"11:23
Riddellbut mostly, we're past UI freeze11:23
RiddellDarkwingDuck: how did you get on with the docs?11:24
sheytanRiddell damn. I want to ask if someone could refresh the quick access to use the slide animation and use plasma scrollbars :)11:26
Nightroselaunchpad fails at telling new users what it actually is on the first page :/11:27
Nightroseahno it does when you're not logged in11:28
apacheloggersheytan: you will have to talk to JT about that, he is the maintaiiner after all11:58
apacheloggerRiddell: we are adding multiple translations file, suse adds one11:59
apacheloggerfor desktop files that makes a difference11:59
apacheloggerRiddell: ad catalog loading in kded ... generally it loads the global catalogs as per klocale and IIRC loads its own catalog .... modules will add new catalogs either manually or by constructing their own kaboutdata and using it for their component12:01
sheytanapachelogger is 'JT' his nick name?12:02
apacheloggerRiddell: also, it will not show up in your strace unless you manually start the module via systemsettings ... I do not think knh gets autostarted at kded4 start12:02
apacheloggersheytan: no, his name ... jonathan thomas :P12:02
apacheloggersheytan: JontheEchidna12:02
sheytanapachelogger, oh, ok, thanks :)12:03
sheytanJontheEchidna so, my idea is to port quick access plasmoid to use slide animation and plasma scrollbars. :)12:04
JontheEchidnathat would require a rewrite of the whole thing, for the most part12:04
JontheEchidnafor plasma scrollbars, at least12:05
sheytanJontheEchidna well, but it is worth :)12:06
* apachelogger thinks quickaccess by default is not very useful anyway12:07
* apachelogger is wondering where to go eating to today12:08
sheytanapchelogger if it by default be setup as downloads or documents, it is :)12:08
apacheloggerbut it isnt12:08
apacheloggeralso for that I personally think it needed another icon12:09
apacheloggeralso I do not think downloads makes much sense12:09
apacheloggerespecially since rekonq apparently does not download to downloads12:09
apacheloggerand downloads on you bun too == Desktop12:09
apacheloggeror has that changed?12:09
smarter_JontheEchidna: I've found a new game, I call it "click on every thing that's clickable in Muon until it crashes" :P12:10
sheytanapachelogger i personaly use it as downloads, and couldn't live without it12:10
apacheloggersmarter_: lol12:10
smarter_('morning all)12:10
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: btw, I noticed that there is quite a delay between clicking the 'look for updates' button (or whatever it is called in english) and it actually displaying anything12:11
JontheEchidnasmarter_: found anything?12:11
smarter_JontheEchidna: I fixed a few crashes yesterday but this one seems tricky: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490462/ (and I haven't been able to reproduce it)12:11
apacheloggersheytan: I doubt users give much about downloads folders and neither does rekonq that ol' vampire12:12
apacheloggerpersonal documents makes sense12:12
apacheloggerit would have the same problem as folderview right now ... being empty12:12
smarter_are we really going with rekonq for this release?12:13
apacheloggerlooks like it12:14
apacheloggerpeople did not complain12:14
apacheloggerI asked on identica and twitter just to be sure :P12:14
apacheloggerI only got praise in reply12:14
JontheEchidnasmarter_: usually that crash means that the QApt::Package is invalid or something12:15
smarter_yep, I guess the distUpgrade did something that invalidated it? Maybe it's a timing problem?12:16
JontheEchidnabut the package pointer isn't null in this case...12:16
JontheEchidnaah, I have a similar crash in muon-updater12:16
smarter_no, what's null is one of the pointer at line 53512:16
smarter_yes, muon-updater crash on start here, but I haven't investigated12:16
JontheEchidnaon start? O_o12:17
JontheEchidnait only crashes when I unmark a package here12:17
smarter_the m_backend seems to never be set to anything but null12:17
JontheEchidnaBut m_backend should be set in the MuonMainWindow baseclass...12:19
JontheEchidnasmarter_: that's weird too12:19
dpmRiddell, plasma-applet-application-menu and plasma-applet-menubarapplet are the same in https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/plasma-widget-menubar - is that intended, or shall I disable one of them?12:21
dpmAlso, could someone perhaps confirm bug 630147 and add a task for the relevant kubuntu package?12:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630147 in Ubuntu Translations ""Downloads" folder in Kubuntu in non-English installation never have localized name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63014712:23
smarter_actually m_backend is probably set to something, it's filtersAcceptRow that does something wrong, or that gets garbage as input12:24
Riddelldpm: plasma_applet_application_menu has been renamed to plasma_applet_menubarapplet  please copy over translations12:25
Riddellbug 63344612:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 633446 in plasma-widget-menubar "wrong translation template generated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63344612:25
Riddelldpm: also similarly for plasma_applet_message_indicator.pot renamed to plasma_applet_message-indicator.pot  bug 63343212:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 633432 in Plasma Widget Message Indicator "wrong translation domain generated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63343212:25
Riddelldpm: by the way you said that $LANGUAGE didn't work on a couple of items in https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Translations but it worked fine for me, I think maybe you had KDE's language settings too which will override $LANGUAGE12:28
dpmRiddell, I added the comment because you had mentioned they didn't work for you. I didn't have any problem, as my LANG and LANGUAGE matched :)12:29
Riddelldpm: my problem was having  $LANGUAGE set when I didn't remember I had it set12:30
dpmok. Right plasma_* templates sorted12:32
dpmRiddell, any clues to which kubuntu package could be causing bug 630147?12:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630147 in Ubuntu Translations ""Downloads" folder in Kubuntu in non-English installation never have localized name" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63014712:33
Riddelldpm: hmm, let me try and remember12:34
Riddelldpm: they're made by /usr/bin/xdg-user-dirs-update which gets run by /etc/X11/Xsession.d/60xdg-user-dirs-update12:36
Riddelland it should just pick up the system locale on first run12:36
apacheloggerif I manually remove mine and invoke the update binary I get a translated download dir at least12:37
dpmyeah, but I think that was a new installation. Let me check on mine12:38
apacheloggerwell, I do not see why the others would be translated but downloads not12:38
Riddellmaybe he doesn't have the language pack installed12:41
Riddellthat's more likely12:41
apacheloggerI think we best do a new install ^^12:42
apacheloggerRiddell: shouldnt the dirs be updated to conform with new locale?12:43
dpmapachelogger, Riddell, I can actually confirm it on a new install: all xdg-user-dirs are translated except Dwonloads12:43
apacheloggervery odd12:43
Riddellah hah http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=xdg-user-dirs.mo&mode=exactfilename&suite=lucid&arch=any12:43
Riddellthe translations are in the gnome language packs12:43
dpmright, so perhaps I'll add a task for langpack-o-matic to put it in the non-gnome-non-kde language pack, but there is still the bug that gnome translations are not installed in kubuntu and the other way round12:46
apacheloggerdpm: why should they?12:48
apacheloggerI mean, other than when you have an app that requires them12:48
Riddellactually, the translations are in the xdg-user-dirs package12:48
apacheloggerin which case silly qt-language-selector should throw a notification12:48
Riddellcuriouser and curiouser12:48
apacheloggerRiddell: maybe incomplete in the package?12:48
dpmapachelogger, that's what I meant, I seem to remember there is a bug whereby when installing a GNOME app in kubuntu, it doesn't pull the gnome language packs12:49
apacheloggerdpm: well, I imagine that difficult to do (pulling it in), what needs to happen is that qt-language-selector either gets a package hook or checks on login (and then periodically) whether new language packs are needed12:50
apacheloggerbut ... qt-language-selector ... :S12:50
apacheloggerdpm: how is this done in gnome?12:51
dpmapachelogger, I think the same problem is present, but there is a bug about it mentioning a possible solution involving aptdaemon IIRC, give me a few mins to dig out the bug...12:51
apacheloggerwell, aptdaemon could hook into this12:52
apacheloggersame could be done with packagekit for kubuntu12:52
apacheloggerthe problem I have with this approach is that it does not apply global12:52
glatzordpm, apachelogger, I added a plugin mechanism to aptdaemon for language selector12:52
apacheloggeri.e. if you install something with apt-get you would still end up without translations12:52
glatzordpm, apachelogger but it has never been used by language-selector12:52
CIA-116[muon] gmartres * 1173450 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/libmuon/PackageModel/PackageModel.cpp PackageModel::setPackages: use {begin,end}ResetModel() instead of {begin,end}InsertRows() with incorrect parameters, prevent muon-updater from crashing on launch12:53
dpmawesome to have glatzor watching here :)12:53
apacheloggerglatzor: did you tell arne?12:53
apacheloggerIIRC he is maintaining language-selector nowadays12:53
Riddellnot any more12:53
glatzordpm, apachelogger, In the end you would need also a kind of plugin mechanism for the packagekit backends. I could port them to the apt backend, but it is non-trivial with the aptcc backend12:53
apacheloggerRiddell: is it unmaintained?12:54
Riddellapachelogger: maybe dpm will maintain it :)12:54
* Riddell learns the German for Downloads is Downloads12:54
apacheloggerglatzor: dantti will surely make us something for aptcc ... but I really think we need a functionallity in place to cover all other package managers too12:55
apacheloggerRiddell: in KDE german it would be Heruntergeladenes I am sure12:55
dpmRiddell, I'd be glad to if I had Ubuntu developer superpowers, but afaik it will be left unmaintained at least for this cycle12:55
apacheloggerIIRC they do not use the term Download in KDE german12:55
* lex79 thinks trash plasmoid by default instead quickaccess is better for average users12:55
apacheloggerdpm: I am sure Kubuntu could take over maintainership of the backend and implement it in a sane language :P12:56
apacheloggerlex79: I agree12:56
apacheloggershould be evaluated for 11.04 very much 12:56
lex79we can make happy some users12:56
apacheloggerIIRC I even reported a bug about trash not being visible enough in 10.0412:57
apacheloggerdid forget to revisit the issue though12:57
apacheloggerbug 55406712:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 554067 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "is the trash not visible enough?" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55406712:58
lex79oh I remember now12:58
apacheloggerbug 372379 pretty much is resolved btw12:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 372379 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Konqueror ships ancient EasyList blocklist" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37237912:59
apacheloggerkhtml 4.5 features autodownload I think12:59
apacheloggeron that note we probably should ditch the list in kds12:59
apacheloggerRiddell: I think to get LANG and LANGUAGE going the kcm just needs to ditch them in .profile13:07
Riddellor /home/jr/.kde/env/13:08
Riddellthere might be other things in .profile and it's probably not a great idea to edit it13:09
apacheloggerRiddell: .profile is cross-desktopy13:09
apacheloggerand I think gnome uses it for per-session language13:10
apacheloggeror maybe that was .dmrc13:10
apacheloggerone of those anyway13:10
Riddellwhat tool does gnome use to set per-session language?13:10
Riddelldpm: ^^13:10
* apachelogger tries to remember where he read about those two13:10
apacheloggeroh, language-selector maybe13:11
Riddellthat doesn't do it per session13:11
Riddellmaybe they just expect people to use GDM13:12
lex79Riddell: can you sync qtcreator from debian when you have time?13:12
Riddelllex79: unstable?13:12
lex79qtcreator with QML support13:12
Riddelllex79: ubuntu changes can be dropped?13:14
apacheloggerRiddell: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/language-selector/ubuntu/annotate/head:/LanguageSelector/LocaleInfo.py#L21713:14
lex79Riddell: yes13:14
* apachelogger still doesnt know what to get for lunch13:15
* Mamarok eats "Kartoffelstock mit Röstzwiebeln"13:16
Riddellapachelogger: maybe I'm wrong.  does it have a setUserLanguage?13:16
apacheloggerdont see one13:16
apachelogger    def writeUserLangSetting(self, userLang):13:17
apacheloggerin languageselector.py13:17
apacheloggerRiddell: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/language-selector/ubuntu/annotate/head:/LanguageSelector/LanguageSelector.py#L18713:17
Riddellah hah, so .profile it is13:18
dpmRiddell, gdm upon login, or gnome-language-selector to change it afterwards13:18
apacheloggeralso it has a dbus interface now, so we could probably polkitify the Qt ui13:18
apacheloggerif python's dbus implementation is anything like Qt's then language-selector does horribly inefficient things13:19
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JontheEchidnasmarter_: so, the crash I had been talking about in muon-updater is where unmarking any package causes a crash13:23
smarter_JontheEchidna: and I just fixed mine13:23
smarter_but now I haven't any package to upgrade so I can't try to reproduce yours :p13:24
* smarter_ enables some random PPA13:24
apacheloggerdpm: well, my offer stands - qtcore depdent c++ implementation of language-selector backend to which frontends would attach via dbus ;)13:24
apacheloggersmarter_: you could enable the akunambol ppa and try akunambol :P13:24
smarter_apachelogger: that's probably something I'll use once I'll have a smartphone :p13:25
dpmapachelogger, I'd love to have language-selector maintained, but unfortunately I've got no say in that :)13:25
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: that name sounds like some akonadi love child name :P13:25
smarter_it's akonadi + funambol13:25
apacheloggerit makes akonadi have babies with any syncml server13:25
apacheloggerdpm: who has?13:25
dpmapachelogger, I'm in the community team, not in desktop, Riddell might be able to tell more13:26
* apachelogger makes a list of things to take off today13:26
smarter_JontheEchidna: nasty, and it doesn't happen when unmarking stuff with muon13:27
apacheloggerRiddell: ^ somewhere up there13:27
JontheEchidnathe UpdaterWidget is most similar to the ReviewWidget13:27
apacheloggerJontheEchidna, smarter_, Riddell: since you are here ... if you had a library that does not have soname (presumably because it is a VCS snapshot, whereas previous stable releases had a soname) ... how would you name that package?13:28
JontheEchidnaand really it should work in the same way, I'm just asking QApt to mark things for dist-upgrade, then adding changed packages13:28
apacheloggerin particular the lib is named libfoo-1.1.1.so13:28
apacheloggerso I was thinking either libfoo or libfoo-1.1.113:28
apacheloggerthat is PPA only13:28
smarter_apachelogger: 1.1.1+gitAAMMDD ?13:29
smarter_(or svn, bzr, ...)13:29
apacheloggersmarter_: libfoo-1.1.1+git224?13:29
smarter_YYMMDD actually13:29
apacheloggerthat seems overly oggy since I think upstream bumps the name suffix with incompatible changes13:29
apacheloggerit is just that they maintain no proper soversion :S13:30
smarter_ask them to bump it :p13:30
smarter_then 1.1.2~gitYYMMDD13:30
smarter_JontheEchidna: we could create a base class shared by both13:32
JontheEchidnacould work, just would need a setHeaderText() method so that each could have their custom header text, and such13:34
smarter_yep, we need more DRY in muon :p13:34
persiaI'd recommend forcing SONAME when not previously defined. "${pkg}.${ver}.so.0u" is often a useful place to start.13:34
smarter_Don't Repeat Yourself13:35
smarter_JontheEchidna: commented out m_detailsWidget->clear() in refresh() (one of the only difference with ReviewWidget), no more crash :)13:35
JontheEchidnaI think I added that for a reason. Can't remember what atm13:36
smarter_well, once you unmark the detailswidget is still there for the package, and you can remove it or stuff like that13:37
smarter_should probably be hide()13:37
JontheEchidnayeah. I've also been meaning to add a way to hide the detailsWidget manually13:37
JontheEchidnamaybe clicking an already-selected package again should hide it?13:38
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
smarter_JontheEchidna: that's inconsistent with the way listview work usually13:38
smarter_maybe a little close button13:39
JontheEchidnaI know why I added that m_detailsWidget->clear() now13:39
JontheEchidnatry refreshing the cache from muon-updater13:39
smarter_I see :p13:40
smarter_but just hiding it should be enough13:40
JontheEchidnaI think that it doesn't do that for ReviewWidget, because ReviewWidget gets deleted after a worker operation13:40
JontheEchidnahide() fixed it :)13:42
smarter_actually I get a crash with hide() after a refresh13:42
JontheEchidnawhere did you stick your hide() call?13:43
smarter_where the clear() was13:43
JontheEchidnasame here13:43
smarter_just trying to refresh is enough for crashing13:43
JontheEchidnathat's the same crash as with clear()13:44
* Riddell wonders what makes plasma-mobile crash on the live CD but not on his installed system http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/Jy2ggRe213:46
smarter_JontheEchidna: I think I know what's wrong13:47
ScottKRiddell: dbus running?13:48
RiddellScottK: yes, other KDE apps including plasma-desktop run fine13:49
ScottKHmmm.  No idea.13:50
persiaDoes maybe casper need some hint?13:53
Riddellpersia: well that's a separate issue, we need to work out how to get KDM to run the right session13:54
Riddellbut first issue is getting a working plasma-mobile running at all13:54
* Riddell runs watch -n 30 "w3m ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qt/source -dump | grep everywhere"13:56
smarter_JontheEchidna: when you unmark, a packageChanged() signal is emitted (by setKeep), this signal causes UpdaterWidget to refresh() and DetailsTabs to refreshTabs(), except that refreshTabs assume that the tabs haven't been clear()ed13:59
smarter_kubotu: !!14:01
JontheEchidna~order cookies14:01
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to JontheEchidna.14:01
smarter_apachelogger: that's a nice irc cloak :p14:02
yofelkubotu: wb :)14:08
smarter_JontheEchidna: okay, I've got a simple fix, simply don't call refreshTabs() when packageChanged() is emitted and use hide(), we don't care about the state of the DetailsWidget when it's hidden anyway14:15
JontheEchidnathis would only work for the UpdaterWidget, though. Might complicate making a base class14:15
JontheEchidnabetter than a crash, though14:16
smarter_the base class could let the subclass handle when the detailswidget should be shown/hidden14:16
CIA-116[muon] gmartres * 1173471 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/updater/UpdaterWidget.cpp UpdaterWidget: fix crash when unmarking packages14:24
* shadeslayer checks builds14:30
dantti_workapachelogger: what were you talking about aptcc and translations? I couldn't follow the backlog14:30
shadeslayeri checked them @ college, just before lp went down, they were FTBFS14:30
shadeslayerbah :   kdepim-runtime: Depends: kdebase-runtime but it is not going to be installed14:31
ScottKshadeslayer: Log into your pbuilder chroot and try it locally then you can see why.14:32
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1173472 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/installer/ (ApplicationWindow.cpp main.cpp) Use Muon branding here14:32
shadeslayerScottK: it built fine on my lucid pbuilder with the backports PPA..im guessing i missed copying a package14:33
ScottKright and if you try to do it locally, then you can find out which14:34
Riddellshadeslayer: it misses libutemper14:38
shadeslayerRiddell: but thats in the archive 14:42
ScottKIn sufficient version?14:43
shadeslayerid say yes14:43
shadeslayerhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libutempter <14:43
shadeslayerjust a new package from debian with same version14:43
lex79ScottK: can you retry this? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-cwp/1.2.1-1/+build/195033014:47
ScottKlex79: Done.14:48
Riddell  kdebase-runtime: Depends: oxygen-icon-theme (>= 4:4.5) but it is not going to be installed14:49
Riddellshadeslayer: missing new oxygen-icon-theme14:49
shadeslayeri actually thought of copying that :P14:49
lex79ScottK: kdeedu is ftbs on armel14:49
ScottKI'll have a look.14:50
shadeslayerbut ninja dep graph didnt say anything :D14:50
ScottKlex79: No: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeedu/4:4.5.1-0ubuntu214:50
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1173477 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/TODO Update TODO with some things I want to get accomplished for 1.114:51
CIA-116[libqapt] jmthomas * 1173479 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/libqapt/TODO TODO++14:53
ScottKRiddell: I'm noticing on #ubuntu-installer some discussion about a new autogenerated hostname in ubiquity.  Thought I should mention it in case we need to change something (no idea) - looks like they are going to add it back.14:56
lex79ScottK: ok, I've saw 0ubuntu1 instead of 2 :)14:57
lex79uhm maybe "I've seen" :)14:58
* lex79 giggles14:58
RiddellScottK: I expect it's the same as currently <username>-laptop or <username>-desktop15:00
ScottKRiddell: "the autogenerated hostname will be username-model where model is grabbed from dmidecode, if set, otherwise it's  username-desktop/laptop or username-ubuntu"15:01
smarter_Riddell: apparently we don't have an installer for libdvdcss pops up when a dvd is read anymore, is that deliberate?15:28
Riddellwe never did, it was illegal in the US15:31
smarter_I seem to be remember a script launched by kaffeine15:33
Riddellmaybe briefly, but it was illegal in the US15:34
Riddellsmarter_: however, that might be about to change15:34
Riddellsmarter_: rumour has it the installer might install it15:35
txwikingerRiddell: I think it is not illegal anymoe15:35
txwikingerRiddell: I think it is not illegal anymore15:35
smarter_and how is that less illegal?15:36
Riddellmaybe they asked a different lawyer15:36
txwikingerRiddell: No.. there was a judgment recently in a Federal District Court15:36
txwikingerThat is better than asking a lawyer15:36
* txwikinger hides his law credentials15:37
Riddelltxwikinger: I'm impressed :)15:38
smarter_txwikinger: that's great, any link?15:38
txwikingersmarter_: I can search it15:39
smarter_that's the kind of stuff groklaw should cover15:39
txwikingerthey do sometimes15:39
ScottKtxwikinger: Actually I think it was the Library of Congress defining interoperability as a legitimate reason to work around DMCA restrictions.15:40
ScottKThey did cover this one, I'm pretty sure.15:40
ScottKIANAL and all that.15:40
txwikingerScottK: Yes they did something too, but there was also a judgment by a Federal District Court in the direction15:40
txwikingerbascially saying when you circumvent DRM for a legitimate purpose it is not illegal.. but I have not studied the judgment in all details15:41
ScottKRiddell: Did you get a chance to test the new mesa from sarvatt's PPA?15:41
smarter_http://www.groklaw.net/articlebasic.php?story=2010072612452020 says that dvdcss is still illegal, thanks to the MPAA and friends15:41
ScottKI guess we'll be able to buy it via software center soon.15:42
txwikingerDidn't Canonical get some licence for dvdcss? or was that something else?15:43
txwikingerI mean for the underlying patent15:43
apacheloggersmarter_: I think stalcup made that superb cloak15:43
Riddelltxwikinger: your legal credentials are letting you down, it's not a patent15:44
RiddellScottK: no drawing problems so far15:44
apacheloggerdantti_work: in kubuntu we have a tallk called qt-language-selector which goes all crazy on the language packs and can find out if the user is missing some lang pack for a special app15:44
Riddelltxwikinger: you can buy fluendo's DVD playing from canonical if you want15:44
apacheloggerdantti_work: so say the user has evolution installed, then qt-language-selector will recommend the user to install the i18n stuff for evo15:44
ScottKRiddell: Would you please comment in the FFe bug with whatever lspci says you have.15:45
apacheloggerdantti_work: glatzor somehow hooked up aptdaemon with that tool so that aptdaemon can immediately tell the user about that I suppose15:45
txwikingerRiddell: what do you mean, it is not a patent?15:46
Riddelltxwikinger: there's nothing patented about CSS, it's restricted by a different and unrelated law15:46
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: did I already ask when gdebi is going away?15:47
smarter_apachelogger: I thought it died poor and alone a long time ago15:48
apacheloggerstill there15:48
apacheloggerunmaintained probably, but there15:48
apacheloggernot integrated, but there15:48
txwikingerRiddell: The issue in the US is the DMCA which is copyright law.. but potential patent issues have not been cleared15:48
apacheloggernot using polkit, but there15:48
apacheloggernot localized, but there15:49
apacheloggerapparently also still on duty in ubuntu http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/gdebi15:50
Riddelltxwikinger: I've never heard of any parent issues with CSS, it's just an encryption, nothing novel.  there are patents with MPEG video used by DVDs15:50
* apachelogger is wondering where the name comes from15:50
txwikingerWell.. several encryption methods are patented15:50
Riddellapachelogger: we still need gdebi because packagekit with aptcc can't install .deb files I believe15:50
txwikingerHow far they could be enforced is another issue15:51
txwikingerbut true.. the bigger issue is DRM15:51
apacheloggerRiddell: yeah, I actually though that qapt foo should replace it15:51
apacheloggerkpk would do too ^^15:51
smarter_isn't qapt-batch the default for everything?15:52
txwikingerAlso.. mpeg is patented15:52
apacheloggersmarter_: I doubt qapt-batch can install debs either15:52
smarter_oh right15:52
Riddellqapt-batch uses apt, it doesn't deal with .debs15:52
apacheloggerbesides, gdebi provides useful information that I would expect to have15:52
smarter_so, we need a libqdpkg? :p15:53
apacheloggeryou did not just say that15:54
apacheloggerapt-pkg is not scary15:54
apacheloggertrust me15:54
apacheloggerapt-pkg is a beauty15:54
apacheloggerapt-pkg is to libdpkg what Qt to GTK+15:55
apacheloggerbesides, libdpkg is incomplete IIRC15:55
Riddellagateau: palapeli patch doesn't seem to help http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/tmp/palapeli.png15:55
apacheloggerlike you cannot stuff in a deb and get a list of content out of it15:55
smarter_apachelogger: so, how does gdebi works? system() calls?15:55
apacheloggeryou will have to implement that sort of stuff yourself (not that it would be too difficult)15:56
Riddellagateau: unless it needs your qt4 patch from today?15:56
apacheloggersmarter_: dunno, maybe, more likely python-apt implements that stuff15:56
agateauRiddell: it does15:56
apacheloggerpython-apt is like the most important asset of canonical ^^15:56
agateauRiddell: I just noticed I introduced a bug in menu title in dbusmenu-qt 0.6.2 :/, title do not have borders anymore15:57
apachelogger"KCM Qt Graphics System included in the Softpedia Linux software database"15:57
agateauRiddell: will fix in 0.6.315:57
apacheloggernow do they think I care...15:57
smarter_apachelogger: you're right: return os.spawnlp(os.P_WAIT, "dpkg", "dpkg", "-i", self.filename)15:57
smarter_awesome :p15:57
apacheloggerwell, I imagine binary file reading in python is a bit of a PITA :P15:57
apacheloggerbut really, getting into the ar is not that difficult, doing things with data.tar.* is what I imagine tricky15:58
apacheloggersince you'd essentially need to have a way to work with gzip, bzip2 and lzma15:58
apacheloggerand I do not think there are QIODevices for tar.gz tar.bz2 and tar.lzma :S15:59
smarter_there's Ark15:59
smarter_but really, is the dpkg lib that bad?15:59
apacheloggersmarter_: it really doesnt do much16:00
txwikingerRiddell: Here is the css licence http://www.dvdcca.org/css/16:00
apacheloggeror maybe that changed meanwhile *shrug*16:01
ScottKtxwikinger: I don't see how that's relevant to an unrelated implementation.16:02
ScottKIt doesn't assert any patent rights that I saw and a separate implementation would not have any copyright issues.16:03
Riddelltxwikinger: licence to do what?16:03
txwikingerI agree, but hey are suing in court for it16:04
txwikingerI don't think they have won though16:04
persiaAren't there still jurisdictions where one can get in trouble for decoding something improperly?16:04
txwikingerpersia: Yes Canada if Bill C-32 passes16:04
persiaThat's what I thought.  Thanks for specifics.16:04
macoand the US16:05
persiaScottK, The license would let one get around that sort of bill.16:05
ScottKpersia: Perhaps, but interoperability is now a legitimate reason to bypasss content restrictions under dmca.16:05
RiddellScottK: hmm, drawing problems are back after using it for a wee bit16:05
ScottKmaco: No so much.16:05
persiaScottK, That's true in one jurisdiction, yes.16:05
macoassuming "improperly" = "without paying for a license to specific non-decss decoders"16:05
ScottKmaco: Not anymore.16:05
persia(or rather, ~58, but that's an academic distinction)16:05
persiamaco, "improperly" usually means not unlicensed, but in collection of data not belonging to one.16:06
macoScottK: see after the court ruling about "breaking for non-piracy reasons is ok" i said "oh oh yay that means we can use decss" and then a bunch of people slapped me because the judge didnt *explicitly* mention linux16:06
ScottKmaco: Not what I'm talking about.16:06
macooh? something new?16:06
macoor do you mean the original "interoperability" exception in dmca is being interpretted more broadly now?16:07
ScottKmaco: Under dmca the Library of Congress has the responsibility to determine what purposes are acceptable to break content restrictions.  Interoperability is now one.16:07
persiaAnyway, if the content providers really cared, they'd use any of the many better content control mechanisms that can be implemented on DVD players, most of which aren't supported by our software anyway (and interoperability would only force us to emulate more of the hardware devices, then supporting the content control systems)16:07
ScottKYes.  LoC changed there rules.16:07
macoah ok16:07
macopersia: like sony's arcos?16:08
glatzorapachelogger, dantti, I only added a plugin system to aptdaemon, which should have then be used by language selector. but the language-selector part has never been implemented16:08
Riddellagateau: so i shouldn't package dbusmenu-qt 0.6.2 ?16:08
persiamaco, No.  Basically menu software that requires activation to proceed to cells with protected content.  That's just a wrapper layer.16:09
agateauRiddell: I think you should as it fixes memleaks and crashes16:09
ScottKRiddell: Would it be evil to run jockey-text -a during live session startup?16:09
agateauRiddell: I can provide a distro patch if you want16:09
agateauRiddell: or just do another release today16:09
ScottKRiddell: If I run that I have working wifi in the live sesion on my netbook.16:09
Riddellagateau: either is fine16:10
RiddellScottK: is there much advantage to doing that at startup over during the installer?16:10
macoRiddell: "live session"16:10
ScottKRiddell: When people try it out they have networking.16:10
smarter_that reminds me, it's great that the installer can install things over the network, but not so great that when you start it directly without launching KDE you have no way to configure your network16:12
smarter_can't we launch the networkmanager applet in a separate window?16:12
smarter_with plasma-windowed16:13
ScottKsmarter_: Ubuntu just yesterday added something like that for nm.16:13
agateauRiddell: one-line patch: http://gitorious.org/dbusmenu/dbusmenu-qt/commit/71851809ef7e109f02635877ead1dbac48a2e64e16:15
shadeslayerMamarok: you can haz kdepim beta 3 ( tho it says beta 1 in about dialog, its been fixed upstream )16:21
shadeslayerand if you have a 32 bit system16:22
Riddellshadeslayer: yay :)16:27
* shadeslayer hugs Riddell16:28
Riddellshadeslayer: final freeze is a week today, can you find out if there's anything from rekonq we should pick up before then?16:28
Riddelllex79: I did a fake sync on qtcreator, .orig files differ16:29
shadeslayerRiddell: actually adjam is prepping for a release16:29
* shadeslayer thinks its on 11 or 12th16:29
Riddelloh lovely16:29
shadeslayerhes in #rekonq right now16:30
Riddellhi nixternal 17:13
smarter_I've added two patches to kdegraphics: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdegraphics/ubuntu is it worth uploading it to the archive or are we going to update to 4.5.2 soon anyway?17:15
=== agateau_ is now known as agateau
ScottKsmarter_: 4.5.2 will come too late, so patch away17:17
lex79it will be released on october 5th17:17
smarter_I just need to remember how to use dput :p17:18
EagleScreen_easy to remember17:18
smarter_easy to screw up and upload in the wrong repo too :p17:18
ScottKsmarter_: Set the default dput target to something non-existent.  That helps17:20
smarter_will do17:20
smarter_hmm, what option should I use with debuild so that it doesn't reupload the orig?17:21
lex79debuild -S -sd17:22
Mamarokshadeslayer: I have a 64bit system...17:22
smarter_lex79: thanks :)17:23
nixternalhi Riddell 17:24
Riddellnixternal: docs freeze today, are you able to package up the changes DarkwingDuck did yesterday?17:24
RiddellMamarok: amd64 package is done too now17:25
nixternalRiddell: I will take a look in a bit17:25
MamarokRiddell: I don't see those here17:25
Riddellcrimsun_: what does gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio do and do we want it in Kubuntu?17:26
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
EagleScreen_when I logout to KDM with Desktop Effects enabled, X server crash17:40
EagleScreen_intel graphics17:40
ScottKKnown issue. Will be fixed soon.17:42
EagleScreen_nice to know17:43
koso_any idea what am I missing when kmix shows only one channel called "internal audio analog stereo"?  Few days ago, there were also other channels like mic ...17:50
koso_never mind :) killed kmix and restarted it, now it shows also capture device ...17:55
DarkwingDuckRiddell: I got some bugs kicked but, with the change to 4.5 The docs are going to be a mess till 11.0418:00
DarkwingDuckRiddell: I was talking to jjesse and right after UDS we are going to go through everything because of all of the shanges *sigh* they *will* be 100% for the 11.04 release.18:01
shadeslayerMamarok: amd64 packages published, id say that you should have apt poking you to upgrade your system18:02
DarkwingDuckRiddell: with my exit from US Military and moving I wasn't paying attention like I should have been.18:03
rbelemhey Riddell18:10
rbelemRiddell, i'm backporting some qtwebkit 2.1 patches to qtwebkit 2.0. that's the problem with plasma-mobile crash18:17
* ScottK boggles a little bit at the installer slideshow listing WordPerfect before Microsoft Office on the list of stuff OOo works with.18:18
DarkwingDuckScottK: yeah, I noticed that too18:19
Mamarokshadeslayer: yes, now it does18:24
Mamarokshadeslayer, Riddell: thanks a lot :)18:25
smarter_JontheEchidna: You're a core dev right? Would you mind uploading https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdegraphics/ubuntu please? :)18:31
JontheEchidnasmarter_: sure18:31
=== kubotu_ is now known as kubotu
ScottKJontheEchidna: It'll probably FTBFS due to archive skew on everything but i386 until qt4-x11 gets done.  No need to wait, but be prepared for some retries.18:39
=== kozz_ is now known as kozz
=== kubotu_ is now known as kubotu
ari-tczewRiddell: around?19:09
shadeslayerari-tczew: i dont think so... hes off for the week19:10
ari-tczewshadeslayer: he wrote on the channel ~2 hours ago19:10
shadeslayeryes.. but heres something from #rekonq : <Riddell> shadeslayer: actually I'm away for much of next week so don't wait for me to package it19:11
ScottKari-tczew: What can we help you with?19:12
ari-tczewScottK: my konversation doesn't work well. konversation sends information to indicator-applet, but baloon in tray doesn't go to red color, when someone highlight me.19:12
ScottKari-tczew: You probably want to talk to agateau about that (also not here now unfortunately).  It does change color for me in Quassel, so I think the indicator works correctly.19:14
ari-tczewScottK: I would ask Riddell because he said that I don't have active highlighting, but it's set on.19:15
CIA-116[ubuntu] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20100909181529-a54jeo6azltawng9 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu219:15
ScottKOK.  Well agateau developed both the appindicator and the konversation patches.19:16
shadeslayerbye guys.. off to sleep 19:17
smarter_JontheEchidna: how did you get the CIA-116 bot to publish your commits to bzr branches?19:31
JontheEchidnasmarter_: install cia-clients, then do "bzr cia-project kubuntu" in your local bzr branch19:33
smarter_cool, thanks :)19:33
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nixternal 20:54
DarkwingDucknixternal: ping21:01
nixternalDarkwingDuck: pong21:01
DarkwingDucknixternal: yay! hows life mate?21:02
nixternalboring and busy :)21:02
nixternalhow about you?21:02
ScottKHeya nixternal.  Your powerpc server helped me figure out doko had broken the archive with a new gcc hitting on Friday afternoon for both powerpc and armel.  Thanks again.21:03
DarkwingDucknixternal: I've been better... 21:03
nixternalScottK: no problem. I am starting to think this thing would be better off at your house :)21:04
ScottKnixternal: You'll need it to keep you warm come winter.21:04
nixternali have an insanely large server now that does that for me21:05
DarkwingDucknixternal: no unemployment yet, finally caught up on school and I came back to the world of Kubuntu to find us 3 weeks behind :/21:05
nixternalyeah, I am sure my lack of motivation hasn't helped, but it could have...who knows. my motivation level is low enough that they used it to stop the flow of oil in the gulf21:07
DarkwingDucknixternal: lol well, I finally sat down and upgraded to 10.10 and found we have a major doc issue21:07
nixternali wouldn't doubt it21:08
DarkwingDuck4.5 introduced a *ton* of changes21:08
DarkwingDucknixternal: I talked to jjesse last night. we are getting a plan to have a new set of docs *again* for 11.04 starting after UDS21:09
DarkwingDuckalso, do the docs have to be packaged before going to the translators?21:09
nixternalyou can upload them manually, but doing it via the package keeps everything sync'd nicely21:10
* DarkwingDuck doesn't know how to package21:10
DarkwingDuckand the doc freeze is today21:10
nixternalI am not in the packaging spirit. i am not in the spirit to do much right now, but if i have to i guess i could try to get enough spirit to do it21:11
DarkwingDuck:D 21:12
DarkwingDuckI'll learn brfore 11.04 I promise21:12
neversfeldeI guess translators are probably not very motivated to translate the docs again, did the german translation of it ever make it to LTS?21:17
neversfeldeI am just interested, I know it is very hard to maintain documentation21:18
DarkwingDuckI'm not sure... I have not checked.21:20
Riddellnot according to https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-docs/+changelog21:21
DarkwingDuck*sigh* 21:22
DarkwingDuckRiddell: sorry for dropping the ball on this.21:22
Riddellrbelem: hmm, so if it needs backports from qtwebkit 2.1 I wonder why it doesn't crash when I run plasma-mobile locally21:23
RiddellDarkwingDuck, nixternal: are we going to get a new package tonight?21:24
DarkwingDuckRiddell: I'm not a packager *yet* the problem with the docs this cycle is they are not up to date with KDE 4.5. :/ 21:25
rbelemRiddell, it is failing here using plasma-mobile --nodesktop21:26
RiddellDarkwingDuck: what's the bzr command to checkout the docs?21:32
Riddellrbelem: still working here, I guess I'm just lucky :)21:32
rbelemeheh :-)21:32
Riddellrbelem: final freeze is a week today, so we need to get it working by then21:33
Riddellrbelem: is the samba stuff likely to be done by then?  I presume not21:33
rbelemRiddell, try remove some plasma-mobile related files from `find ~/.kde -name "*mobile*"`21:35
rbelemRiddell, yep, i'm working to get both done21:36
Riddellrbelem: now it crashes!  21:36
RiddellI'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing :)21:36
rbelemRiddell, i already have a simple patch to disable the webkit related stuff21:38
rbelemRiddell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/491220/21:38
rbelemRiddell, but I think that backport the qtwebkit2.1 qml patches to qtwebkit2.0 is the best option21:40
DarkwingDuckRiddell: bzr branch lp:kubuntu-docs21:41
nixternalRiddell: getting a docs package done tonight will be a bit difficult for me. i am leaving in just over and hour for my bike ride then after that the team is meeting up for dinner and drinks afterwards21:43
Riddelllet me look at it, how hard can it be?21:44
rbelemRiddell, qt4.7 was not released yet, maybe the final will be released with the qtwebkit2.121:44
RiddellDarkwingDuck, nixternal: looks like everything is in the bzr branch?  I just update the changelog and it should be done no?21:45
ScottKRiddell: nixternal has some dark voodo to pass over it too, IIRC.21:46
DarkwingDuckRiddell: I'm not 100% sure the process... Like I told nixternal I'm going to learn it so another one of us knows. jjesse doesn't know either.21:47
* DarkwingDuck is a XML PHP guy21:48
* ScottK shield his eyes. XML and PHP together.21:48
DarkwingDuckHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, XML better? :P21:49
ScottKWell you used the "M" word too.  No.21:49
* DarkwingDuck snickers21:50
Riddellyes that all builds and installs fine21:50
Riddellso just a few references to 10.04 and KDE 4.4 to change and we should be acceptable to upload21:50
DarkwingDuckRiddell: we'll have a good set of docs to reflect 4.5 for 11.0421:52
RiddellDarkwingDuck: of course by then we'll be using 4.6 :)21:52
DarkwingDuckbut of course.21:52
DarkwingDuck:) 21:53
DarkwingDuck*sigh* I miss my desktop21:53
DarkwingDuckRiddell: then they will reflect 4.621:53
Riddellah, the .pot files need updating21:56
RiddellI wonder how to do that21:56
Riddellnixternal: any clues?21:56
ScottKI think that's the voodo.21:56
smarter_What happened to the plasma "welcome" applet? Currently, the kubuntu docs can be too easily overlooked21:59
rbelemRiddell, i just talked to the release manager of the qtwebkit2.1 and he said that qt4.7 will use qtwebkit2.0 :(22:00
Riddellrbelem: well yes, that's why you're doing the backporting isn't it?22:00
ScottKrbelem: That's what we were expecting.22:00
rbelemRiddell, yep22:01
Riddellrbelem: if the backporting turns out to be too much hassle we can just apply that patch22:01
rbelemScottK, I was expecting with qtwebkit2.1 :'(22:01
rbelemRiddell, did you try that patch?22:02
Riddellrbelem: yes, it does stop the crash22:03
* rbelem is running to get the factory' free snack22:06
Riddellright, .pot files updated, this docs package is good to go22:45
DarkwingDuckRiddell: I really got to learn how to do that LOL22:52
RiddellDarkwingDuck: turns out to be pretty easy22:55
Riddellxml2po index/C/index.xml > index/po/index.pot 22:55
Riddelljust like that22:55
DarkwingDuckOh sheesh22:55
Riddellalthough I'm doing something different because it's missing out the headers22:55
Riddellso I'm adding those back in manually22:55
Riddellthat's the gnome tool which seems to expant all the entities22:55
Riddellxml2pot is the KDE one which doesn't, but no point doing a big change like that for now22:56
DarkwingDuckRiddell: :D22:58
Riddellhumph, kubuntu-docs failed to build23:06
Riddellapparle: did you get anywhere with the Qt SRU?23:11
apparleRiddell: no I wasted all day playing video games :P23:11
Riddellapparle: think of the SRU as a game, debdiff is the first stage, getting it into -updates is the final stage :)23:15
apparleRiddell: actually I was rather nostalgic.... finished whole Super Mario Bros. and Battle City on NES simulator... will look into it tomorrow.23:16
apparleRiddell: problem is hostel admin disconnect internet in morning (dunno why) so I can't work daytime :(23:17
apparleRiddell: how to compile qtwebkit... is anything different than "cmake .. & make" or "./configure & make"?23:19
Riddellapparle: it's the whole of qt that needs compiled23:19
Riddelland it's not cmake23:19
Riddellyou need to build the package with   debuild23:19
Riddellvery complex qmake23:19
apparleok... and then pbuilder?23:19
Riddellif you have a lucid pbuilder yes23:19
Riddellso add patch to debian/patches and edit debian/patches/series23:20
Riddelldch -i   to add changelog entry23:20
Riddelldebuild -S  to make source package23:20
Riddellsudo pbuilder build foo.dsc  to build it23:20
apparleI understood that debuild process last time itself... :) 23:22
apparlewill I have to build any other package than libqt4-webkit?23:22
Riddellit'll build all the qt packagse23:23
apparlethen its a lot to build :D23:23
apparleand if I mess... then I could break my system 23:23
Riddellyes, it'll take a few hours depending on the speed of your hard disk (and CPU)23:23
Riddellit won't break anything unless you install broken packages23:24
Riddellbuilding in pbuilder certainly won't break anything23:24
apparle:D if I mess..... and I have lot of potential to mess. Anyways will attempt it tomorrow23:24
apparleRiddell: has rekonq moved to kwebkit in newer versions.. or is it still qtwebkit?23:26
Riddellstill qtwebkit 23:27
Riddelland kdewebkit is just qtwebkit with various non-rendering bits overloaded of course23:27
Riddellwhich is what rekonq does anyway23:27
Riddellok second time lucky for kubuntu-docs23:28
macoanyone else's touchpad going into "moves but wont click" mode in mav?23:29
macowont scroll either23:29
Riddellrbelem: I think I'll just upload plasma-mobile with that patch, may as well have it working so we can test it23:29
Riddellrbelem: we need to work out how to get KDM to default to the mobile login session23:29
macosput's alt+arrow trick lets me navigate through channels, but when i alt+left/right to change to other chan/pm lists, but then i cant scroll through the items in whatever list it is if its not just the default channel list23:30
macoRiddell: is it possible to use the search & launch page of plasma-netbook without mouse?23:32
macothe search box does not have default keyboard focus and tabbing doesnt seem to do anything23:33
=== Darkwing1uck is now known as DarkwingDuck
Riddellmaco: I don't know23:35
Riddellrbelem: thinking about it, the KDEDIR is set correctly on the kubuntu-mobile image when I start it up so maybe it just needs plasma-desktop autostart removed23:41
Riddellrbelem: I've uploaded kubuntu-mobile-default-settings with plasma-desktop.desktop autostart file with hidden set to true to stop Plasma Desktop starting23:45
Riddellrbelem: so tomorrow we should have kubuntu-mobile images that load up into plasma-mobile!23:45
=== Squt is now known as Sput
rbelemRiddell, cool! I did know how to do that. I notice once that plasma-desktop was loading too, but after setting plasma-mobile --fullscreen I thought  it was overriding the plasma-desktop23:49
rbelemRiddell, and how to set the plasma-mobile as default session in kdm?23:52
Riddellrbelem: it is doing that, $KDEDIRS gets set correctly, so somehow it happens :)23:53
rbelemah! cool! :-)23:54

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